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values i don't think it's something to take lightly but i also don't think it's an insurmountable issue so on that note you of course founded wikipedia the hugely popular online encyclopedia that allows anyone theoretically to write and edit entries which makes it a pretty obvious target i would say for spreading disinformation or trying to spread disinformation hoax stories can you say for a fact today jimmy wales that the russians didn't infiltrate the wikipedia editing community to in some shape or form during the last election yeah i can say that i mean i'm sure somebody tried i'm sure you can find the minimus things around the edges but the point is that wiki pedia community is a very robust community they take their responsibility very seriously and they're really good at vetting a news story so if somebody creates a fake news site that says pope and or says trump well that might spread virally on facebook because it's going to spread from people who. i don't think we should be condescending not everybody needs to be an expert on the news but people
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aren't an expert others may say oh wow that's amazing and they pass and pass it to the friends who pass it and pass and pass it on on the wiki p.d. and wait a second that seems unlikely let's see if we can verify that first and then they have a debate about the quality of the sourcing and so on and so forth so it's very difficult when you really bring together a group of thoughtful people to pull the wool over their eyes is it one of the real problems for all of you guys trying to tackle this issue the huge problem is that people read what they want to read mostly just to confirm their own beliefs and biases these days they live in their own information bubbles cocoon silos and when they do see news that contradicts their identity or their narrative or their ideology they just dismiss it as fake and move on somewhere else how is wiki tribune going to solve that problem. well i mean i think human nature is human nature and nothing is really changed about it certainly nothing is changed by human nature in the last two years i mean human nature doesn't move that quickly and so we've always had the problem of people wanting to confirm their own biases but i
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also find that there's a very deep undercurrent of people who say actually i want to be a challenge i want to hear something that i disagree with but that is high quality that's actually interesting to a lot of people and the evidence for this in my view is that wiki pedia is more popular than any of the top newspapers of the world combined that people do have a hunger for just very basic very straight presented facts or maybe a little bit tired of coming to read a news story and getting something that's fifty percent an opinion piece and fifty percent a news story i think people really do say actually i want facts i want something serious but there is growing feeling this unease that companies tech giants like facebook and google have become so big that they're now more powerful influential the nation states the national governments some countries if you're an appointed ambassador i believe to deal specifically with these companies mark zuckerberg the facebook c.e.o. is now rumored to be thinking of running for president in twenty twenty in the u.s. do you believe that facebook and google have accumulated too much power they're too
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big. no no i don't i mean i think a lot of these kinds of things are really overblown i mean people talk about the sort of thing people sometimes forget that apple's profit is still slightly higher than facebook's revenues. you know there's a lot of different things going on in the world. i think the internet is still a very dynamic place. you know media owners of all kinds of always been quite powerful. if i have to trust the world to. donald trump or mark zuckerberg i know which way i'm going well i know would you vote for me come twenty twenty. i think question i might do i never thought of running for office yourself i hope he doesn't run. not for more than about five seconds it sounds like a horrific sort of way to engage is being in the public eye at all is always slightly weird and awkward i wouldn't want to invite that abuse to me well thanks
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for joining me on the front. great thank you. has been dubbed the palestinian garny a prominent human rights activist in the occupied west bank has been recognized by both the e.u. and the un he's been a tireless advocate for nonviolent resistance you might think he would have been welcomed with open arms by both the palestinian and the israeli government but you'd be wrong his own palestinian authority recently locked him out for almost a week over a facebook post and now israel is putting on trial in a military court for a series of charges dismissed by international rights groups as baseless joins me now you're a well known award winning palestinian activist and despite your nonviolent activism you've been arrested by israel quote more times than you can count your most recent imprisonment however was by the palestinian authority for comments you made on facebook what is the palestinian authority cracking down on palestinian human rights activist i fortunately the ability authority burst
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a little called cyber crime middle and it relates the palestinian people privacy and the palestinian people's freedom of expression. in your thirty's trying to shut off anyone who's criticizing the misconduct of misbehavior of many organizations or many institutions or many leaders that was wrong i think the law was passed without. real consultation with the palestinian civil society or with the palestinian political leaders i hope that they drop that law as soon as possible so there's no doubt that the main enemy of the palestinians is the israeli occupation but in terms of the actual everyday problems facing palestinian society today the latest opinion polls palestinian public opinion show that the public their ranks things like poverty unemployment corruption above the israeli occupation and the settlement activities of problems in everyday life shouldn't
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rights activists on the ground like yourself be focusing your end. g.'s first and foremost therefore in your own government and your own problems at home before tackling the outside problems. i think that madden in the u. and said it's clear that we are thirty without an authority. is affecting all what you said they could be seen as affecting the palestinian unemployment rate they could be seen as affecting everything but they commission is trying to skip and put us. in the leaders to be corrupt that is it could option is wrong everywhere. in a way or another to give them incentives you know the their way or another they commissioned is giving some leaders we ips the emcees businessman card so they can bishan is the mean source of opposition and the more the main source of corruption and even you know crackdown on the blood of your liberation force the palace authority to arrest you in our other no but you know it's connected ok well let's turn to israel and
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the occupation you're a prominent advocate for nonviolent protest how effective has nonviolent protests been in the occupied territories do you think from your own experiences. but things have very long experience with the nonviolence resistance and i think that civil disobedience is the only method to end they could be in these days in israel is afraid of that we are in the ground we managed to do a lot to us that fastness in front of the israelis. in justice we do a lot of protesting we managed to in a way or another to highlight the sickly. policies that discrimination in west bank and. jerusalem this is what how we can manage to stop that sentiment expansion and stop all the attacks on the palestinian people and what do you say to israelis who see you talking nonviolence in this very eloquent way but then see other
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palestinians advocating violence. they witnessed this so-called stumbling into fodder with the israeli family for example stabbed to death during dinner thirteen year old israeli girl stabbed to death while she slept in a bedroom in fact the israeli favor of one hundred eighty four stabbing attacks and one hundred twenty nine attempted stabbings against israeli since twenty fifteen do you see that disconnect in the contrary the majority of the palestinian resistance is a nonviolent resistance and we all saw how the palestinian movement against metal detectors outside a mosque in jerusalem thousands and thousands of palestinians were praying in the streets and they practiced. nonviolence resistance at it is according to the international consensus. let's see sometimes they have individual act and i think the majority of the children were killed out of law and it's extrajudicial executions how the soldiers killed and fifteen years old but often young girl or
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boy. friend being israeli occupying forces i must really see you speaking about nonviolence they also wonder well does this guy condemn all of the stabbing attacks that we've seen happen many stabbing attacks you would deny them do you condemn those attacks for sure i am against any kind of violence and they condemn them for a many reasons we should highlight a cube asian we should hide i like about attire discrimination and highlight the palestinian community resistance against a cubit is it true that you talk down one young palestinian who is planning an attack of this man i convinced him to use nonviolence resistance and to work against a commission for a long term i don't want him to do one act then he loses his life that is very wrong we should protect our children from the israeli operation and from the israeli fanatic and extreme soldiers who kill fifteen years old child for having a knife and sometimes without and i feel when many people will listen to you and
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say fine but palestinians do have a legal right. to resist violently is guaranteed under international law you're up against a violent occupying army you yourself have been beaten assaulted by israeli troops surely you can understand why so many of your fellow palestinians over the years who have been assaulted shot are imprisoned had their houses demolished lived on the illegal occupation for fifty years might want to fight back and not just have a peaceful city not just to civil disobedience no one justifying any attacks on civilians of course but if a palestinian under occupation wants to fight back against an israeli soldier illegally occupying their land what's wrong with that in your view it's not about what is wrong it's not about resistance nonviolence resistance you know in the contrary it's. in the distance is allowed according to the international law to resist. but it's about tactics and what is possible and what you when you will when seen as practiced without resistance in the first intifada and it went very well
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and we were achieving a lot and we all submitted in that resistance to the second intifada which i was identified defined by suicide terror attacks in the eyes of the west we lost a lot from that intifada and the price was very very high so it's about tactics and strategies and use what type of resistance. make you stronger and nowadays we are completely seized way we are living almost a big deal in the west bank so none violence as a tactic now is the biggest tool to end they could actually be clear you're not objecting to the moral or legal right of palestinians to fight back you're saying from a pragmatic point of view it doesn't work this way is a better way in terms that lead this is a better way and this is something we can use and when with it now i think civil disobedience will make the cost of the. how we can make the cost of the commission higher we can make it through our nonviolence tactics and our nonviolent this methodology after numerous arrests you're currently facing
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a military trial. in israel on charges that the un believed to be unjustified which was denounced by amnesty international martyrs as baseless politically motivated you've also been beaten by israeli soldiers harassed by israeli settlers outside your home right wing some right wing is on his website to even suggest you should be executed for your crimes against israel so-called do you worry that if you're convicted and sent to prison and just for the sake of our international audience the israeli military court system has something like a nine hundred ninety nine percent conviction rate. do you worry that if you are convicted as looks likely it will discourage other palestinians from adopting the nonviolent approach that you have. out first of all it's not it's not court the military courts it's a show it's a military judge accepts what the military investigator ask him to do so the military courts are exist to stinton they could patient and prolong they could patient and attack anyone who visits they could be so i don't think that i will get
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fired or it will be justice in that court and the conviction rate is the best it is a bill of. can't escape from the military court at all because why turn up for the trial even though you're going to be can i hold that you know that the palestinians will have a consensus among the most in society to boycott the israeli military court but i come to me alone you know to do that and i want to advocate how israel is attacking but i'm hearing in week out of court if they send you to prison you can boycott are you willing to go to prison i will go to prison and i will not go to the court and i will have the fuse to go to court but they will take me to prison and they can. take me against my will to the court nor money but as to an individual did that but the they had a sentence or it till now it's not. you're saying it very casually almost you're sitting here right now in the studio outside of the west bank outside of israel a free man effectively in the sense that you can walk out of here any time you like
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but you're saying normally go back. i'm going to take part in this show trial i'm going to go to prison and you're fine with that i'm not i know you i'm not you get into our minds i'm not fond of that i don't want to go to prison and i don't think we have any palestinian wants to go to prison in the country we want freedom and we want justice but it's part of my struggle but part of my struggle to teach the international community who is asking us day and night to do nonviolence resistance tell them who is the accusation how they attack you might as offenders how they take me to trial with eighteen military charges and at the end of the day they will take me to jail for a few years for practicing only nonviolent resistance i want to give out a message that it's not a democracy it's a country which the center respect. any kind of international treaties doesn't respect human rights defenders or any human as you're going to present them for the message to be heard that there is right or change without
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a price. and you know and sacrifice you know a lot of israelis have said over the years where is the palestinian gandee partly as a way of deflecting international criticism of their occupation they say with no one to talk they're all they're all violent they're all hamas they're all suicide bombers that's the frame from the israelis there's no there's no palestinian gun that you've been dubbed the palestinian gandhi you're a nonviolent terrorist to think that's why you're being targeted by the israelis because the israelis don't want an actual palestinian gandhi who they have to sit down and talk to one of the general of the general said to the media that they can't play gandhi you know they they can't go and fight candy and this is why they attack me as a palestinian nonviolence activist and this is why they attack many palestinians you want as offenders and nonviolence activists all over palestine and i'm not the only one who always attack me but i have more opportunities to speak about what is happening to me but i have friends of mine who is a human rights lawyer and we are both in the same trial i have many other friends who are aware in jail for practicing nonviolence is the way it is trying to prevent
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any revolution and the one who will go and become the in the palestinian land they don't want the international community to see that but of the ins are using nonviolent resistance to use the same excuses of of security because everything for israel's security. and they have a tight system and they have discrimination so we are taking of the security excuse from them when you use nonviolence to distance. thanks for joining us from thank you very much that's our show up from will be back next week.
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on counting the cost of a scandal made in japan kobe steel admits that it fakes data on components used by the world's biggest makers of planes trains and automobiles plus bubble trouble why the i.m.f. is signaling danger ahead for the global economy even as growth takes counting the cost of this time on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies of quakes and that was it but not so how can people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go five and a half months up to one education system that was introduced to. latin america to zero has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. right
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. china is holding what appears to be its most significant communist party congress in decades with president xi jinping keen to consolidate his power what does that mean for this country and indeed the rest of the world join me adrian brown for live coverage and analysis here on the.
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hello there i'm getting word analysts here in london our top stories currently on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran he didn't pull out the u.s. from the nuclear deal struck in july twenty fifteen but he's decided not to so as if iran is being in compliance with the accord wants congress to toughen u.s. policy towards iran and if it can't reach an agreement trump says it will terminate the deal we cannot and will not make this certification we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws so that the iranian regime can never threaten the world with
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nuclear weapons well the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said there we can go in a who was a key think a negotiating that agreement says the u.s. can't terminate it this clearly is not in the hands of any president of any country in the world. to terminate an agreement of this sort because this is a un security council resolution this is a plan of action that sets things to be done commitments nuclear related commitments and only nuclear related commitments and that is been implemented so the presence of united states as many powers not this one well the ones president hassan rouhani has been responding to the president's comments same buzz ravi has more now from tehran. she began by saying that the president was in need of a history lesson and then proceeded to give him away he said he reminded people of the nine hundred fifty three a cia backed democratically elected government of iran here so reminded people of
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the. iran iranian airliner a passenger aircraft by u.s. warships and he also said that in the eighty's. iran came under attack by saddam hussein's government of iran iraq with was backed by the united states he also said that the united states is responsible for using two nuclear weapons and threatening to use another one now against north korea. should not be a player that that has a say in whether or not i. don't proliferate treaty or agreement is the right thing so. strong words from the president and also from was in defense of his own country the turkish army says it started setting up observation posts in syria is the province turkey's deployed its troops as part of a deescalation deal with iran and russia it was announced that the soldiers would be advancing science but there are reports they are heading east close to areas
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controlled by kurdish forces. or kurdish forces in iraq and evacuated a number of villages to the south of could and the fears of an attack by iraqi government troops and militia fights as is believed that iraq forces have now moved into these areas which kurdish forces have controlled since twenty fourteen cards have accused iraq of getting ready to launch an offensive to seize kurdish held oil fields around the city or baghdad denies such claims. at least two protesters have been shot at in kenya to more demonstrations against the electoral commission this used tear gas to disperse opposition protests in the country's three main cities where protests have been banned kenyans are due to vote in two weeks time you know we won of all this presidential election which was an old by the supreme court. at these fifty four people have been killed in severe flooding in northern and central vietnam more than three hundred homes of collapse in floodwaters and landslides this week more than thirty four thousand houses have been flooded officials say
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it's one of the deadliest weather disasters to hit the country in years. francis county that has been named as you know new direct to general zinni the french former culture minister was up against cuts us how much of an adult. he was previously his own country's culture minister and the winning candidate will take over from i would say go and boss it was a cold. you're up to date those are your headlines stay with us pricing the planet is coming up.
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a look at the problem of global warming what is getting past our thinking and i'll be saying that we're ready for the want to see massive street earth as we know it today will cease to exist if you information that you. nature is the eldorado of the twenty first century. a new economic sector with promises of huge potential investors banks finance corporation and state are attracted into the. firing wells gates for talking landscapes accumulating their
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landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. endangered species in place to treat it like financial products. can market succeed where politics of so far failed. but it won't break. that will prove we're not accounting for the losses because we're not accounting for the income the assets and those of the same problem economic invisibility of nature i wanted to be free may tell us bad people we were in this to learn how to protect it and that should not have to do something on. the j.p. morgan chase is the merrill lynch's and bank of america all of these major banks they are the institutions that invest in the businesses that are doing the projects that are having an effect on biodiversity positive or negative. so that is who is
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behind the ecosystem marketplace who was interested in these markets in their potential and who sits on their boards and committees. and. well say. twenty years ago we still feel that nations and politics could save the planet one hundred heads of state attended the summit in rio the world's largest gathering just a handful of corporations will present. at the time the idea of business companies helping protect the environment occurred to no one back in one thousand nine hundred two in that there are summit there were mainly representatives from governments and a few from civil society and they actually all thought that business was the reason for all our problems business was bad business was damaging the environment or
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whatever other negative implications there would be. there were business council first thing that will develop a group of some two hundred corporations many of them. very bad record on environmental issues like. creating one thousand two with the goal of implementing their regional. in two decades multinational corporations have fashioned an effective lobby group. i think we're slowly but certainly moving to a state where it will become equal partners in the discussion i mean maybe i'm expressing a hope more than a reality today but it's certainly a trend that i see happen only if we get business and governments as equal partners in this debate will we find the solutions and this to the solutions that the world
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needs. the better is paid off at the last summit the united nations rolled out the red carpet for the private companies. all these corporations met in a luxury hotel in rio oil chemical steel giants. themselves regularly accused of practices harmful to the environment. we do have to do with good management change explore risks and opportunities we have to understand our ecosystem. just to bring that of life a little bit this is the first great commitment you know deforestation thing we were the first major company to make this kind of commitment. and it was pretty
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clear to us the area that we really needed to thank about was biodiversity and eco system. i think. it'll be for your. company i can i go. to my farm. exposed you know. bhopal in india is where a factory exploded in one thousand nine hundred four releasing forty tons of chemicals killing ten thousand and causing sickness to another three hundred thousand. the same companies that belong to this group in the real daily activities in their words government. being for exactly the opposite i
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love him for. that benefit their commercial interests that don't affect their activities that they don't need to make any structural changes that they can keep on having devastating impact on communities and the environment. it only took twenty years for the banker. the politician. and the businessman the symbolic trinity to begin speaking in harmony about the environment. for economic history has been a waste. at the time because it's seen the emergence of a multinational corporation but part of that emergence and part of that success has been through. deregulation and the innovations in trade and capital markets so basically i do believe that i'm not talking about environmental interests and i'm talking about you industrial. so it's actually not
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about. thank you. so i do trust. i said economy come in. limited a little fast. because you me and thirteen only meet us in limited is like capacity that they're looking at us human after planet. yeah mostly dell. came in that is to fix your particular necessary. but kill momentum we'll call it capital because he did not put his crusader mass in capital. in that. you need a clean more progressive kind of
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a green economy an economy that is good for people business and the planet has been at the forefront of a community of economists development experts environmental experts social science that the united nations was converted to to a point that it's representative of the environment named. as its ambassador today it's a banker who embodies environmental protection in the name of all the nations of the world. let us unison either cynicism to the system. and most prominent voters will invest in a plan it is to encounter the isidro fundamental amend the start this has really done in america to let us unison either in oregon i say which is indigenous peoples organization we're very concerned about this green economy.
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label we first thought well that sounds good that the economists of the world are starting to. you know the greenness of the world green economy are sound good but as we started to look at it we started to see that it was all about privatizing of nature. so the un business corporations bankers and politicians all in bed together. is there an international plot against nature. and what if this alliance was the only means of saving the planet. environmentalists like the nature conservancy are working with companies like dow chemical and many other companies sometimes people say to me mark why would you work with companies that have such a big environmental footprint and i say that's exactly why we should work with the
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. ecological n.g.o.s. because protecting nature is expensive and donations are not enough. some have joined forces with multinationals and signed partnership deals. they now have board members coming straight from the business sector many also recruited former employees of environmental n.g.o.s. but in this game. is influencing. now if you're in the business that coca-cola is and it's pretty easy to help them understand that they should care about nature's ability to produce the clean water they need and of course they get it. they said what kinds of
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investments in forests will yield the biggest returns in terms of clean water now from an old fashioned environmental perspective you might think well that's kind of a crass question but if your goal is to mobilize industrial players like people in the beverage industry to invest more in nature it's very important to have answers to those questions i don't think there's a conflict there to me that's when will. they lend their name. their contacts they lend their expertise. to the development of a market. but many of them also know. will not bring benefits to communities.
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we would however like to believe in this brave new world. believe that the bank and the business corporations have changed. and. believe that they have face of natural capital and are committed to protecting nature. so what if banks and corporations really have woken up to the impact on dependence on ecological investment. is it a metamorphoses. greenwash. you know i'm just gaius you may have noticed i think we can do this change the rules of
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the game so i'm really looking forward to the next ten years because it will completely transform the way we run our economy we will strike a balance between finance for economical success natural environmental and social success and if we can do that then the vision before nine billion people all living well was in the boundaries of the planet will become a reality because that's how we measure the way our economy performs. the promise of additional profits coupled with a desire to improve that image has certainly encourage some businesses to commit themselves to preserving the environment valet is a mining giant and a member of. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be
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treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. the travel is a right. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together. navigating dangerous rapids from the time with the time we finished scared to the fish and i'm dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go i can't think my family needs the man who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe i'm risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera.
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i am announcing today that we cannot and will not.


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