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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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the billion. dollar debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the. real. news has never been more of a liberal it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is a simplistic. rational. crazy and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions the us president threatens the nuclear deal with terror but the iranian leader says he'll
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stand by the agreement. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. at the subsequent rape of my wife. by. the trauma of a family held hostage by groups in pakistan for five years. opposition protesters defy a ban on demonstrations in kenya two people are shot dead by police in the west of the country. returned to ages biggest film festival after a political scandal most threatened its future. u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran he says he wants certified tehran's compliance with the twenty fifty nuclear deal and is
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calling on congress to put more pressure on iran's missile program can be held at reports from washington d.c. . he's often threatened to tear up the landmark deal with iran but in the end u.s. president donald trump stopped short of pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen agreement to limit its nuclear program for now and even though his own administration has twice certify that iran is complying with the deal he now says he won't do it again i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress for months trump has accused his
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predecessor barack obama of being myopic in negotiations with iran focusing only on iran's nuclear program but not the financing of groups trump says are causing instability in the region the president has directed the u.s. congress to potentially revamp u.s. law to set up tough new standards. if iran by a late arbitrary trigger point lifted sanctions could be put back in place senate republicans are already drafting legislation supported by top democrats who have always viewed the twenty fifteen deal as somewhat imperfect we're saying if they're not in compliance we're all with together on this where i am the administration also has its sights on another ronnie and target the country's revolutionary guard new u.s. treasury sanctions are being imposed which donald trump says are long overdue critics say these actions put international relations at risk and could spell the
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end of the deal painstakingly negotiated over more than a decade this deal was working it was delivering the iranians were living up to it the i.a.e.a. certified eight times in iran was at hearing today a deal trump took a perfectly working deal and transformed it into a crisis with the decision that he made today donald trump has shifted u.s. iran policy and he's not entirely ruling out with drawing from the agreement all together and make sure that the deal is terrible but for all his tough talk against iran donald trump has for now taken little action ceding that responsibility to the u.s. congress to take the next steps or none at all kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington . when iran's president says his country will commit to the nuclear deal as long as it's in terrazas interest to do so hassan rouhani added the trump speech was full of insults and fake accusations chaumont s.
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what are you worried about iranian missiles what about those weapons you give every day to aggressor countries i know targeting of the oppressed people of yemen with planes and bombs that you built yourself you don't have any protest about those weapons and that's aggression and you targeted our oil platforms you are always the aggressor in this region our weapons our missiles of defending ourselves we have always been determined and today we are more determined to defend ourselves. decision is raising international concerns about the future of the nuclear deal as it was my kind of reports from the united nations. the security council went about its daily business discussing me and mine a closed session but the abrasive speech by president certainly resonated in this building please raise the iran deal was codify did a security council resolution back in two thousand and fifteen at a time the u.s. and the u.n. had different leaders of what has been agreed. if you like to state and european
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union or certainly when you write you must be fully implemented it is so very important to you i'm sorry to see what you see now happening diplomats of today are sorry to be are concerned by some of the implications of this statement because we stand by the joint conference of plan of action we judge it to be a good deal which helps improve international security and we want to see it continue to remain in force. others argue the u.s. cannot unilaterally amend a security council resolution and it is not a bilateral agreement it does not belong to any single country and it is not up to any single country to terminate it it is a multilateral agreement which was unanimously endorsed by the united nations security council resolution twenty two thirty one and the leaders in germany france
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and the united kingdom added their concern for the deal formally known as a joint comprehensive plan of action they say preserving the j.c. p.o.a.'s in our shared national security interest the nuclear deal was a culmination of thirteen years of diplomacy and was a major step towards ensuring that iran's nuclear program is not diverted for military purposes the leaders added that they were worried and willing to act over iran's ballistic missile program and what they described as its regional activities iran has sent a formal letter of protest to the un secretary general it says the islamic republic of iran will not be the first to withdraw from the deal but if its rights and interests in the deal are not respected it will stop implementing all its commitments and will resume its peaceful nuclear program without any restrictions the greatest concern that iran itself withdraws from the deal shifting what was an
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internationally monitored and restrained nuclear process back into the darkness mike hanna al-jazeera united nations a father's revealed what his family and jew had while held hostage in pakistan for five years joshua born on his american wife caitlin coleman had just returned to canada they were seized by the taliban linked to carney group while hiking in afghanistan the couple had three children while in captivity. i was in afghanistan helping the most neglected minority group in the world those ordinary villagers who live deep inside taliban controlled afghanistan where no ngo no aid worker and no government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary help. the stupidity and the evil of the haqqani network kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife engaged in helping ordinary villagers in
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taliban controlled regions of afghanistan was eclipsed only by the stupidity and evil of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter martyr boil as retaliation for my repeated refusal to accept an offer that the criminal miscreants of the haqqani network. had made. to me the parents of coleman i've also spoken of their relief at her return it was incredible i've been waiting to hear that voice for so long and didn't hear her voice. and have it sound exactly like the last time i talked to her you know taking your pregnant wife to a very dangerous place to me and and the kind of person that i am unconscionable a former un chief is calling on me and ma to ensure a hinge on refugees can return to their homes not camps well that half a million have fled rakhine state to neighboring bangladesh since august kofi annan
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who heads a commission on the crisis has presented his report to the un security council. international community is prepared to engage me on me and work on a common road map. used in the reported there are kinds take commission as a basis and to go for move forward together and gave them on all the range of issues we have recommended and try and stabilize the situation because if we don't we are going to have a long term history and problem not be in the region we can be very serious down the line at least two people have been shot dead during protests against kenya's electoral commission rallies have taken place despite a government that police in nairobi to disperse protesters using tear gas station supporters took to the streets ahead of a planned presidential election rerun in two weeks' time to meet the miller has more from the capital nairobi. small scale protests have continued in different
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parts of kenya and that's despite a ban on protests taking place in the central business district of three main cities the opposition says banning these protests is unconstitutional and they want to continue the morning electoral changes from the electoral body now we understand that at least two people were killed in the bondo town in the western part of kenya when a group of demonstrators tried to storm a police station and that's when police opened fire now the concern is that there could be excessive force by the police in these demonstrations if we look back to demonstrations in the week immediately after the august eighth elections a human rights bodies released a report saying at least thirty seven people were killed at that time and it's only all of these cases besides that police report indicates
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a police use excessive force we expect to see. more demonstration in the coming days as the electoral commission prepares for a rerun of the presidential vote on the twenty sixth of october venezuelans will vote in regional elections on sunday opposition parties are predicted to win most of the seats after months of violence down to government protests the polls being seen as a test of president maduro his popularity too is about a report from caracas. opposition leaders in venezuela are crying foul they've just been told that more than two hundred voting stations for sunday's local elections have just been. there closing many voting centers around twelve percent of the people in this state have to go somewhere else and they were only just notified the center was open until last night the voting machines were here. now it's closed. and they believes this is part of
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a strategy to discourage people in the state of. what has traditionally voted for the opposition to head to the fold on sunday. these elections are long overdue they should have taken place in december last year. for your position has been taken to the streets to demand elections accusing the government of dismantling venezuelan institutions to hold on to power. government rejects the accusations it's told international observers that everything is on track for the vote. relocating voting centers it's completely constitutional nobody is breaking the law it was announced by the electoral council decided is that in the places where there were incidents in the past. and that is legal precedent has said that the governor selected on sunday will have to be sworn in and subordinate themselves to the constitutional assembly a five hundred member legislative body that was elected almost three months ago he
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also said that those who are face to acknowledge it could face dismissal but the opposition say that the constitutional assembly is illegal because it's election with field with a regularities. for the opposition. are a chance to win some governorships and test the ground. scheduled for next year. the government is aware the world will be watching. their using them to wash their face and. well that to venezuela where there are elections this is not a dictatorship and there is no hunger here when all that isn't true. the government insists the election will be free and fair. the opposition will be hoping for some big wins any doubts over the way they vote is run and demonstrators will likely take to the streets again.
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a change of heart of the top of the un's cultural body unesco challenges lie ahead plus. i'm how to. find out why some people in the town of cub way feel like they've been poisoned. hello again as we take a look at weather conditions across western parts of asia and the levant is gerri looking fine at the moment people there in afghanistan twenty five fine around the caspian sea we've lost the showers across the caucuses eastern side of the mediterranean generally looking fine with temperatures there beirut up to twenty six degrees on sunday but notice some rain coming into the southern side of the black sea so let's head down into saudi arabia where temperature wise we're looking
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at temperatures still around the forty mark for mecca and medina not a great deal of change ahead on through into sunday on the other side of the potential well we've got winds picking up now and that certainly reducing the humidity still pretty warm thirty seven degrees but it feels really nice now as that humidity is starting to drop across into southern portions of africa the weather is fine he got to get all the way up into angola and across towards d.r. congo before you start to pick up and he shall write to vittie so fine conditions for cape town that eighteen degrees heading on through into sunday fine for johannesburg twenty seven as a nice one and then into central africa must really pick up those rain so once again some heavy rain across central for public towards cameroon and southward towards gabon and a few showers life across parts of west africa micro pick up wanted to but it should be largely dry in bamako in mali. china's property. fields become city. water.
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forests. mostly empty. of a thriving metropolis and the many. dream. witness documentary at this time. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has decided not to certify iran is complying with the nuclear deal struck in twenty fifteen but he stopped short of putting his country
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out of the accord iran says the move goes against the spirit of the agreement. boyle has revealed his daughter was killed and his wife raped while they were kept hostage for five years the family of five just returned from pakistan boil and his pregnant wife was seized by the taliban khan a group of hiking in afghanistan. have shot and killed at least two people during protests against the electoral commission supporters defied the demonstrations calling for reforms to prevent fraud in the rerun of the presidential poll in two weeks. now the new head again asco is france's former culture minister she's been elected as the un's cultural agency faces uncertain times with the united states and israel saying that pulling out the reports. she didn't start out as the favorite but at the end of a tense week of voting for audrey as les emerged as the winner. unesco's
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executive board picked the french former culture minister as its new director general replacing bell guerin area. as later takes over at a turbulent time for the organization the u.s. and israel say they're pulling out accusing it of anti israel bias. at this time of crisis i think it's more important than ever to invest in unesco supported seek to reinforce or reformers and not to lay her. at forty five as a way will be the youngest head of unesco she was a cultural advisor to former french president and before becoming culture minister her father is an advisor to the king of morocco she beat katter's hammered by only two votes her selection has disappointed those who said that after decades of european and north american heads it was the arab world's turn i think this is a disappointment for many many citizens. i mean.
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but anyway. the. action. begins her term in office she will face some tough challenges she takes. the critics say is in desperate need of reform. to try and heal the divisions. image is central funding the u.s. stopped is eighty million dollar a year contributions in two thousand and eleven of the us gave palestinians full membership israel followed suit and japan also cut funds last year after a different. politicize. it could do better than it has and. divisions that lead to some countries abandoning it. and leaving it without funding and without
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a consensus you know sco was created in the aftermath of world war two to promote peace through international co-operation in education science and culture some say doesn't have enough experience to resolve its problems others say how youth bring a fresh approach and a much needed change the al-jazeera. austria's anti immigrant freedom party has ended its election campaign with a rally in vienna immigration has been a major issue in the summer's vote the party's leader. accused the governing coalition of trying to swap out people for muslims elections being held a year early after the breakup of the coalition government the social democrats and the people's party. new attempts are being made to secure a political settlement in libya twenty fifteen un backed peace deal has failed to unite the warring factions talks aimed at finding an agreement. on saturday. looks
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at how people have been affected by the deadlock. it's maybe supplies medical equipment he had high hopes for his business when the bag agreement was signed by a rival politicians in december two thousand and fifteen but the deal never got over the ground. because of not implementing this agreement banks have stopped giving us credit we've become unable to do transactions and consequently unable to meet the demands of the market also prices have gone up and a libyan has lost value. this weekend committees from libya's house of representatives and the high state council will meet in tunisia in a bid to find common ground and a revised agreement that politicians could accept but on the streets there's not a great deal of optimism of a breakthrough the clothes because the people in front of the banks every morning
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it's so crowded you know hopeful it's even worse than before he really knows what whatever amendments they will do to the agreement will not get us anywhere because the politicians are striving not to improve people's living conditions but to guarantee their own political gains and interests. libya remains deeply divided and internationally recognized a government in tripoli and a self declared one in the east each backed by coalitions of former rebels people here say it's the politicians who are responsible for the economic and security problems in libya but for the past eighteen months the politicians themselves have been blaming others for derailing this. there is disagreement over who decides on appointments to high ranking military posts with the house of representatives wanting to be able to endorse you know when nations. like. the house of representatives is demanding is really where according to the agreement the high
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ranking saffron past should be endorsed by the house of representatives and the high state council high ranking military and security paris should be appointed by the presidency council so the house of representatives should blackmail the presidency council. these latest talks will include every command dition to select and your prime minister charged with forming a new government but until that is actually a change in the political landscape people. are unlikely to regain their trust in politicians. tripoli provisional results in liberia's election and show the former football star george weah in the lead at least a third of votes from five thousand three hundred polling stations have been counted we are almost forty percent on his challenger vice president joseph walk a is on thirty one percent is likely to be a runoff next month as fifty percent of voters needed the victory now zambia's
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economy was built on mining but more than a century later children are feeling the after effects of years of toxins polluting the environment they often ingest lead where they are playing reports to cut way. in the notice of sunshine meyer looked a little small for his age after blood tests were done a nurse at the clinic gave her the bad news he's suffering from lead poisoning. his condition hasn't changed he sometimes vomits has diarrhea and he's often tired the clinic doesn't have the right drugs last time i got medication for him was in january flared is a new a toxin that's particularly dangerous to children they often ingest the poison dust while playing or doing chores a study done by the world back in twenty eleven found that in a fifty communities here lead in the soil was about ten times a u.s. safety limit some children haven't been tested so they are no official figures of how many are sick but community leaders say they know decades of mining lead and
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zinc have left a toxic legacy. very stringent for instance. that school is quite poor and. there is really hard to believe. the children are using. the warning signs don't seem to scare away the poor and desperate is still a valuable commodity used around the world the locals call the spit black mountain they can dig for hours looking for lead to sell they say there is no other work when the mine close in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their jobs gavin doing is awesome make ends meet even if it's dangerous work. angels are working with the government to communities since twenty fifteen more than one hundred homes that had contaminated soil replaced with clean soil they get. put in the ground put some gravel and then they get. put on top and plant grass
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so that they remember only allows the order to go downwards and upwards and then there's no dust environmental health experts say after more than a century of mining it will never be allayed freetown is too late for that but getting as many people as possible away from the exposure could help make this a former mining town a little bit safer for future generations. cowboy zambia more than thirty people have been killed as wildfires continue to sweep through the u.s. state of california is the deadliest series of blazes in the state's history thousands of homes have been destroyed including a mobile home park where emergency personnel are searching for survivors many people are unaccounted for and rescue workers believe the number of dead will rise now tens of thousands of penguin chicks have starved to death in antarctica it's the second bad season in five years for a colony of a daily penguins all but two of the chicks died experts say it's caused by
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unusually high amounts of ice late in the season forcing the adult deniz to travel further for food asia's biggest film festival has opened in south korea year after a political scandal most threatened its future the former president park geun hye had blacklisted artists that were critical of her government and some filmmakers boycotted last year's event in protest well now with park impeached out of office the stars are returning to the red carpet. bride reports from busan. on the red carpet there were stars and glitz in abundance but the opening was still a little time oh yeah this is the first busan film festival since the full extent of the so-called blacklist controversy was revealed. movie makers are still coming to terms with it. i believe no matter what happens the freedom of expression should
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not be controlled late last year it emerged then president park geun hay was operating a blacklist against artists she saw as hostile to her government a number of them in the film industry they were allegedly denied public funding and showing their work was discouraged. an investigation of the scandal has led to ministers and senior officials being prosecuted while parker's self is behind bars . the control of the arts was a historical regression that impacted the creative real of the filmmakers and undermined artistic freedom. one of the highest profile victims was this documentary about the saywell ferry tragedy that killed more than three hundred passengers most of them schoolchildren in twenty fourteen the film laid a lot of the blame on government negligence supporters of president try to stop the
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documentary being shown here when. it's playing the festival budget was the punishment. filmmakers to this event they say with government think the pay of. the festival has begun to recover helped by a new government in power and like any good plot the organizers see this as a life changing episode which makes it strong. the festival itself its difficulties but in overcoming them we can take pride from not succumbing to political oppression we have pulled the festival together and move forward. hoping to emerge the hero and the happy ending macbride al jazeera busan south korea.
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remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has laid out an aggressive new strategy on iran he didn't pull us out of the nuclear deal struck in july twenty fifteen but he decided not to certify iran's compliance iran says the move was against the spirit of the deal. are you worried about iranian missiles what about those weapons you give every day to aggressor countries i know targeting of the oppressed people of yemen with planes and bombs that you built yourself you don't have any protest about those weapons and that's aggression and you targeted our oil platforms you are always the aggressor in this region our weapons our missiles of defending ourselves we have always been determined and today we are more determined to defend ourselves police in kenya have shot and killed at least two people during protests against the electoral commission opposition supporters defied a ban on demonstrations calling for reforms to prevent fraud in the rerun of the presidential vote in two weeks' time. canadian joshua boyle has unveiled his daughter was killed and his wife raped while they were kept hostage for five years
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family of five just returned home from pakistan boil and his then pregnant wife was seized by the taliban linked group while hiking in afghanistan former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has called on me and refugees safe return to their homes more than half a million are in neighboring bangladesh to escape a military crackdown in northern rakhine state france's former culture minister. has been named as you know you second the general she succeeds bulgaria covert a turbulent time with the united states and israel saying they're withdrawing from the un's cultural body venezuelans are pairing to vote in sunday's regional elections for twenty three governorships the opposition parties with most of the seats as nick has been to his presidency is embroiled in political and economic crises. and provisional results in liberia's election showed the former football star george weah in the lead at least a third of votes from five thousand polling stations have been counted almost forty
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percent as well as challenge vice president joseph is on thirty one it's likely they'll be a runoff next month fifty percent of voters needed a victory well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the techno. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife for the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. of the rain forest of the sea prize for their p.t. and resources the well they. say one of the earth's most fundamental ecosystems threat to climate change and no place better symbolizes their importance and their plight than australia's great.


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