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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. from the showings of the red sea storage of the more tactical and home management and major battles but enjoyed this. change to the peaks of the himalayas where water conservation looks like. solutions to save the world's most precious resource and the next episode of rights we look at what is being done to stem what's prices. at this time. i still confined to a few city blocks and rocca u.s. banks syrian forces say they're waging their final battle group the group.
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on low i'm sammy's a than this is al jazeera live from the house so coming up. i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions world powers criticized trumps attempt to change the landmark nuclear deal plus. i'm howard reporting from find out why some people in the town of cub way feel like they're being slowly poisoned. i. and the stars returned to its biggest film festival but the scandal threatened its future. u.s. backed syrian forces say they've launched
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a final push to drive eisel from the group's self-proclaimed capital rock the u.s. led coalition says one hundred iso fighters of surrender to. the past day foreign fighters not being allowed to leave fighting to recapture the city began in june the armed group has now been confined to a small area and this is we go straight to who's following developments from pattaya near the turkey syria border first of all let's not forget the civilians trapped in the rocket what is becoming of them. so it's a very difficult situation thousands of people have been caught in the fighting in different parts of the country and. those who managed to flee themselves and. conditioners those who couldn't flee or stay at home were not safer to. have killed hundreds of people in different parts of the country so
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we're talking about a very delicate situation for thousands of civilians face now in the eastern part of the country. and there's been clashes now breaking in take us through what's going on since the turkish operation there. so maybe just update you on a new development which is basically now the syrian army saying very you have. this city or by the mayor dean in duels of this is a major development is also a major setback for the i.c. of fighters in is this because the moment they started losing ground. they started moving pulling our troops routing south to words. but now the syrian army has been besieged. hundreds of fighters have moved. there they have lost their mayor the others porter to how to word the city of all the
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border with iraq so we're talking about i say losing significant ground in the eastern part of the country now as far as the quiet in the northern part of the country the syrian the turkish military is positioned in areas. particularly in what is starting now to implement those surveillance. there's a presence of the free syrian army and also to have u.s. fighters but the potential for a confrontation pitting the turkish military against the kurds is very high kurdish factions particularly. significant presence on those areas of the turkish military has been saying that it would never allow those fighters to further expand in their west western part of the country so all in all certainly we're talking about a very changing reality on the ground turkish military moving towards the city but at the same time civilians in the eastern part of syria face more uncertainty.
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civilians have been waiting for years they are being evacuated from fighting in iraq staying home wasn't safe strikes have killed hundreds. in neighboring dales or thousands of syrians flee their homes as fighting intensifies i still fighters have regrouped in a mayor dean a city on the border with iraq before an expected push by syrian kurdish factions known as the s.d.f. took up each other city. north of rock was built to accommodate the internally displaced it's struggling with a growing number of refugees who have nowhere to go such as. well has just arrived from the us. we left home because of the farting in there
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it was a long journey before we got to the camp we spent a long sleepless nights and many days with nothing to eat and they're buried and my daughter is sick and she needs treatment we have been suffering since the start of war in syria kurdish factions control the. very few aid organizations manage to reach the area the camp lacks basic infrastructure services. a situation that is likely to worsen during the winter. time and. look at the tents they gave me in this camp i have nothing no cover nothing imo and i cannot look after my children on my own they told us go to the camp and you will get help i got nothing from them. many here have lost hope they'll ever be able to return home to their villages. the battles to recapture rock and dealers or have destroyed entire areas defeating i sill may not be the end of war in syria as the s.d.f.
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advances the syrian army is on the move both competing to control more territory the syrian government is determined to recapture areas it lost or i sell the rebels and the kurds a confrontation between the kurds and the syrian army may trigger an exodus of thousands of people towards the border with turkey has. the time. to be a worldwide criticism of a decision by the us president to decertify a deal on iran's nuclear program don trump says tehran hasn't lived up to the two thousand and fifteen agreement which restricts iran's nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions iran's president hassan rouhani has responded to trump speech he called it a pile of delusional allegations and the leaders of france germany and britain are warning the u.s. against undermining the accord well in
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a moment we'll have more reaction from there on but first here's our report by white house correspondent kimberly hulk it he's often threatened to tear out the landmark deal with iran but in the end u.s. president donald trump stopped short of pulling out of the twenty fifteen agreement to limit its nuclear program for now and even though his own administration has twice certify that iran is complying with the deal he now says he won't do it again i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress for months trump has accused his
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predecessor barack obama of being myopic in negotiations with iran focusing only on iran's nuclear program but not the financing of groups trump says are causing instability in the region the president has directed the u.s. congress to potentially revamp u.s. law to set up tough new standards. if iran by a late arbitrary trigger point lifted sanctions could be put back in place senate republicans are already drafting legislation supported by top democrats who have always viewed the twenty fifteen deal as somewhat imperfect we're saying if they're not in compliance we're all with together on this where am the administration also has its sights on another ronnie and target the country's revolutionary guard new u.s. treasury sections are being imposed which donald trump says are long overdue critics say these actions put international relations at risk and could spell the end of
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the deal painstakingly negotiated over more than a decade this deal was working it was delivering the iranians were living up to it the i.a.e.a. certified eight times in iran was at hearing today a deal trump took a perfectly working deal and transformed it into a crisis with the decision that he made today donald trump has shifted u.s. iran policy and he's not entirely ruling out withdrawing from the agreement altogether i make sure that the deal is terrible but for all his tough talk against iran donald trump has for now taken little action ceding that responsibility to the u.s. congress to. take the next steps or not at all kimberly help al jazeera washington iran's president is insisting his country will remain committed to the nuclear deal as long as it's in an attack iran's interest to do so hassan rowhani added trump speech was full of insults and fake accusations from one is. are you worried about
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iranian missiles what about those weapons you give every day to aggressor countries i know targeting of the oppressed people of yemen with planes and bombs that you built yourself you don't have any protest about those weapons and that aggression and you targeted our oil platforms you are always the aggressor in this region our weapons our missiles of defending ourselves we have always been determined and today we are more determined to defend ourselves. i mean mark government minister responsible for patrick ating rangar refugees from bangladesh tells al-jazeera they may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing more than half a million refugees have fled across the border after a military crackdown in iraq and state. has more from young on. it was meant to be an interview about repatriating the hindu refugees but then the minister
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responsible for their way settlements said this now that i've got my fling with the groups they can make the accusation that this is ethnic cleansing maybe they systematically playing for that reason i'm saying it could be that i don't know it could be. they may have been planning for that they may be planning for that to make it come under the definition of ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing is the description used by the united nations for the military campaign which has seen more than half a million or a hundred refugees escape to bangladesh since late august un's latest report details indiscriminate killings rape and the burning of homes by security forces in a campaign designed to expel the rohingya and prevent their return a commission set up by unk sons who cheat or find solutions to the underlying causes of the wreck and conflict has just break the un security council and called for the safe return of their hinge or they can it will only go back if they have a sense of security and confidence that their lives will be better and we in their
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recommendation indicated that they should not be put in comes they should be allowed to go back to the have relations and they should be helped to rebuild and reconstruct government leaders in mainmast say they'll meet with their bangladeshi counterparts at the end of the month to begin a process to repatriate at least one hundred raheja a day whose identities match mean mark government records we have i didn't find those who are correct and then sent back to their homes the homes not so we were rebuilt by them so they have to live in the temporary camp nationalist sentiment runs high this rally in young gone organized by buddhists with right wing views is calling for their him to stay out or is live in yangon for us so you are a face of it sounds like he's saying that i have managed to for all of this the un
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all the international human rights organizations that documented what they call ethnic cleansing was the un had to say about that. well we've yet to hear really from the u.n. about these claims are still waiting to hear from them there the un's political chief is currently in the young gone he's here for the next few days to discuss the ro hinder crisis but i think it's really important to point out here that when the minister made these claims that. somehow all got together and planned to leave on mass to create the appearance of ethnic cleansing that he didn't really have much evidence to back up his claim except to say that the military operations ended on the fifth of september now this is an assertion that's also been previously made by the chief but the un maintains that the conflict in rank. is ongoing
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and it's calling for an immediate end to military and security forces operations there i think as was talking about the breaux hinge or planned exodus or planned. appearance of ethnic cleansing the minister also went on to say that the un is unlikely to get access to rack and state anytime soon to deliver humanitarian aid and he said that it this was because of a perception of bias from the buddhist community there on the un's part in favor of the rohingya community now these are all issues that the un's political chief jeffrey feltman and top men have said that he wants to be discussing while he's here in maine mum but given the government's position on these issues it's unlikely he's going to have much success while he's here or are you out of
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a mole home there thanks for the. well it's more still to come on al-jazeera clothing what goes around comes around why these are the concrete buildings and not just what people want to be watching. one of the world's most isolated places until today good news for people on this remote island in the south atlantic. we've got quite a bit of rain a rich pan at the moment thanks to this wandering front that's edging its way towards the east and many of us in one choosing a lot of heavy rain currently more still to come over the next couple of days for the north well here with clear skies mostly looks like there's going to be a problem with frost over the next day you say towards the west and generally fine and dry for us here beijing getting to around eighteen degrees the temperatures
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nicely dropping off before the towards the south you see plenty of clouds here and within this system is all tropical storm that's working its way steadily towards the west but as it does so is generating plenty of heavy rain across this whole region you can see the cloud extending all the way up towards the eastern parts of china taiwan seen the worst of the weather so far three hundred seventy seven millimeters of rain reported in the south eastern parts of taiwan and there's more wet weather still to come the system is only moving very slowly it looks like it's going to gradually work its way eventually making landfall for a second time in viet nam but it will take a good few days before it reaches us here so between now and then we've got a lot of heavy rain across this whole region including again for us in taiwan and for the eastern parts of china that sticks around for sunday and as we head into monday to.
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we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this destroy people to stabilize the country by giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching out is there a time to recap our headlines u.s. banks syrian forces of launch what they say is the final push to drive myself from
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rocka the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say the battle could take hours or days world leaders are criticizing the u.s. president's decision to decertify the nuclear development deal with iran iran's president has that rouhani says donald trump is making delusional allegations. mainland government minister responsible for a padre to a range of refugees from bangladesh tells al-jazeera they may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing. a canadian man and his family have arrived back home to tell of their five year old deal in afghanistan they were held hostage by the how that took which is linked to the taliban calum alone reports. back home in canada off to five years as a hostage on the border between afghanistan and pakistan joshua boyle spoke to reporters at toronto airport i apologize for the lateness of this opportunity we
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were delayed due to a medical emergency surrounding one of our children in the aftermath of wednesday's gun battle the pakistani military acting on u.s. intelligence rescued him along with his wife and three children who were born in captivity and those who speak high and over his line of ideals are not going to simply raise our family you boil said one of his daughters was killed and his wife was raped three years ago. the stupidity and the evil of the haqqani network kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife engaged in helping ordinary villagers in taliban controlled regions of afghanistan was eclipsed only by the stupidity and evil of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter martyr boyle and the stupidity and evil of the subsequent rape of my wife not as a lone action by one guard but assisted by the captain of the guard and supervised by the commandant i will hard of a county network boylan's american wife kate and coleman were backpacking across
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russia kazakhstan to g. kissed on coast on in afghanistan when they were captured five years ago it was incredible and you know i've been waiting to hear that voice for so long you know taking your pregnant wife. to a very dangerous place to me and the kind of person that i am unconscionable before he was taken hostage boyle was known to canadian media for a brief marriage to zainab cata sister of omar khadr he was captured by the us as a fifteen year old fighting with the taliban in afghanistan and taken to guantanamo prison kadar was released twelve years later and given a ten point five million dollars settlement by the canadian government boyle met coal money year after his divorce from zainab catarrh in two thousand and ten and remains sympathetic to the plight of afghans i was in afghanistan helping the most neglected minority group in the world those ordinary villagers who live deep inside taliban controlled afghanistan. where no n.-g. o.
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no aid workers and no government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary how boyle says his focus now is to build a secure sanctuary for his three surviving children and to help them live a more normal childhood caroline malone al jazeera a plane has crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff from the international airport in ivory coast largest city abidjan it was heavy rain and lightning at the time of the incident there are reports of at least four dead. as economy was built on mining but children are feeling the after effects of years of toxins polluting the environment they often ingest lead when they're playing us how to what are some reports from cub way. moraine which in the notice of sunshine meyer looked a little small for his age after blood tests were done a nurse at the clinic gave her the bad news he's suffering from lead poisoning. his condition hasn't changed he sometimes vomit says diarrhea and he's often tired the
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clinic doesn't have the right drugs last time i got medication for him was in january flared is a new a toxin that's particularly dangerous to children they often ingest the poison dust while playing or doing chores a study done by the world back in twenty eleven found that in a fifty communities here led in the soil was about ten times the u.s. safety limit some children haven't been tested so they are no official figures of how many are sick but community leaders say they know decades of mining lead and zinc have left a toxic legacy. very stringent for instance. is quite poor and. there is really hard to believe. the warning signs don't seem to scare away the poor and desperate is still a valuable commodity used around the world the locals call the spit black mountain
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they can dig for hours looking for lead to sell they say there is no other work when the mine close in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their jobs gavin doing is awesome make ends meet even if it's dangerous work. engineers are working with the government to clean up affected communities since twenty fifteen more than one hundred homes that had contaminated soil replaced with clean soil they get. put on the ground put some gravel and then they get. put on top and plant grass so that they remember only allows water to go downwards or not upwards and then there is no dust environmental health experts say after more than a century of mining will never be allayed free town is too late for that but getting as many people as possible away from the exposure could help make this former mining town a little bit safer for future generations. zambia the first commercial passenger air service to the remote british island of st helena in the
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south atlantic is about to land the flight from the south african city of sin of johannesburg take off every saturday up until now the british territory had relied on a shipping service the island is famous for housing napoleon during his years in exile in the u.k. some blocks of flats are being bulldozed because residents think they're only another relics of a controversial form of architecture known as brutal ism are protected from demolition they fuck reports. when bob in hood gardens the state was constructed in one thousand nine hundred seventy two it was revered as a modernist icon it now faces imminent demolition the architects alison and peter smithson were part of a post-war movement of young idealists who wanted to build a new egalitarian society the material chosen to express their vision concrete lots of it. the new style was called brutal ism after the french breton brute all
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bore concrete mess architecture speaks of the knowledge that said everyone should have a decent home and they should have health and education that those are the values of the ninety six days and nights and seventy's the architecture of the day says if you're rich or if you're not we don't really care very much for you whether you love all over the severity of brutalist and the states like this were designed as high quality housing for the city's poor recent years or the british government has blamed the design in the very fabric of these buildings for fostering crime but defenders of brutal ism say the poverty and neglect are more to blame the estate stands on valuable land next to gleaming new skyscrapers it's more lucrative for the cash strapped local council to demolish the estate than refurbish it but sometimes some blogs need extra money and it's very difficult to kind of find the resources to bring a certain dog up to certain standards. it will be replaced with this cheap
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and quick to build a mixture of social and private housing that can be sold for profit. it's far from the vision of botanists like renowned architect neve brown he blames nine hundred eighty s. capitalism for killing the brutalist dream we thought we were beginning to add to an organic growth of society that would continue and sort of becoming something that was into a go where the developing culture became an object from a previous historic moment in time but changing attitudes and politics mean brutal isms being reevaluated brown's buildings are all culturally protected they cannot be demolished other buildings have become fashionable style icons here the barber can paint houses sell for more than four million dollars of what's fashionable is frequently profitable. the capitalist economy may end up being the savior of some
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of these in heavenly socialist buildings but despite appeals from historians and leading argue tanks it's too late to save robin hood gardens the dream that never was the park al-jazeera london now asia's biggest film festival has opened in south korea a year after a political scandal almost threatened its future for president park geun hye had blacklisted artists critical of the government some filmmakers boycotted last year's event in protest but with park out of office the stars are returning to the red carpet as wrong with bryant reports from busan. but on the red carpet there were stars and glitz in abundance but the opening was still a little time i this is the first to sound film festival since the full extent of the so-called blacklist controversy was revealed. movie makers are still coming to
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terms with it. i believe no matter what happens the freedom of expression should not be controlled late last year it emerged then president park geun hye was operating a blacklist against artists she saw as hostile to her government a number of them in the film industry they religiously denied public funding and showing their work was discouraged. an investigation of the scandal has led to ministers and senior officials being prosecuted while parker's self is behind bars . the control of the arts was a historical regression least impacted the creative reel of the filmmakers and undermined artistic freedom. one of the highest profile victims was this documentary about the say well ferry tragedy that killed more than three hundred passengers most of them schoolchildren in twenty forty the film laid
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a lot of the blame on government negligence supporters of president tried to stop the documentary being shown that here best of all when it was shown its place in the festival budget was the punishment leading some filmmakers to this event they say with government think the player. the festival has begun to recover helped by a new government in power and like any good plot the organizers see this as a life changing episode which makes it strong. like that at the festival or suffered difficulties but in overcoming them we can take pride from not succumbing to political oppression we have pulled the festival together and move forward i. hoping to emerge the hero and the happy ending mcbride al-jazeera busan south korea .
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and time to take you through some of the headlines now the u.s. backed syrian forces of launch their final push to drive i saw out of iraq the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say the battle could take hours or days the fight to retake the city began in june with the backing of the u.s. led coalition also in syria state television is reporting government forces now allies have retaken the eastern town of the mayor dean for myself as mayor the inn was one of the last remaining pockets in eastern syria still held by the group world leaders are criticizing the u.s. president's decision to decertify the nuclear deal with iran iran's president says donald trump is making delusional allegations chaumont it's about are you worried about iranian missiles what about those weapons you give every day to aggressor countries i know targeting of the oppressed people of yemen with planes and bombs
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that you built yourself you don't have any protest about those weapons and that aggression and you targeted our oil platforms you are always the aggressor in this region our weapons our missiles of defending ourselves we have always been determined and today we are more determined to defend ourselves the me and my government minister responsible for patrick ating rangar refugees from bangladesh tells out there syria they may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing a plane has crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff from the international airport in ivory coast the largest city abidjan it was heavy rain and lightning at the time of the incident there are reports of at least four dead. rescue workers are worried about the number of people still missing in the u.s. state of california and while the fires have killed at least thirty two people it's believed to be the deadliest series of blazes in the state's history thousands of homes have been destroyed emergency service workers are focusing on
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a destroyed mobile home park as they search for survivors thursday headlines the news continues here and right after inside story you can all get the news from our website stay with us. turkish troops crossed the border into syria ankara says it's to enforce a deescalation zone deal with so many foreign forces in the country though this is the only means for the unity of syria and the prospects of peace this isn't science or.


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