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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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the man who negotiated the dismount tides and scrapped the south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my pretty sure it's just that they want to do use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al jazeera as. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm come out santa maria welcome to the newsgroup. itself proclaims capital
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but perhaps not for much longer the syrian democratic forces backed by the united states have the city center surrounded and believe they'll have total control of iraq to within days or even hour it's does it mean the end of. grip and as what happens to the everyday syrians who once called rock the home. both on the ground south sudan peace has been hard to come by ever since it can't its independence in two thousand and eleven but in east african mediation group is in juba trying to reestablish political case and maybe ease some of the suffering of south sudan's people and in venezuela an election twenty three of them actually to appoint governors right across the country but with venezuela as a whole still an economic crisis this will inevitably become about the popularity of president of the road and whether he has the political capital. fountain of right only to someone on their knees and in. and i'm going to fix kashmir now women
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are being attacked on the streets hundred their homes to find their long packets head chopped off his during it and wind nobody knows and it's causing panic and i'm right. here with the news with my money and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com all of those stories to come but we're going to start with some breaking news from somalia there has been a bombing in the capital market issue the latest word is twenty people have been killed these pictures came in thirty five minutes ago also showing absolute destruction on the street there and we've seen some of the pictures showing the huge cloud of smoke going up over the somali capital fortunate to have mohammed don't in the studio with us is of course covered somalia extensively want to talk us through what you're hearing at the moment. yes the safadi hotel is. in the busy kilometer five junction which is lined up with government offices shops
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restaurants and hotels and it's a very busy shopping it is the truck that we saw in the picture is the one that had been loaded with explosives and list of the civilians. bears the hallmarks of al shabaab outs hoch they forced newton into the truck of the gates of the hotel before about fall men got into the hotel and say to be engaged in a firefight or so on going yes. what strikes me and you and i talked about this a little bit earlier is that al shabaab technically was driven out of mogadishu six years ago two thousand and eleven and yet this keeps happening as you say it's the hallmarks of them it's very likely to be them how do they keep doing. well first of all it points out the wickedness of the opponents of the government as well as the twenty thousand more than twenty thousand african union peacekeepers who have been unable to take the bundle off milly's she's. only been.
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able to operate in that little envious of somalia since two thousand and eleven they have lost all their albums from what it says about that is that they have lost their strongholds the group has not been weakened they continue to carry out such brazen attacks and what is also says above the government is that it's a lot to do to come but effectively this group and one of the things that's just talked with analysts say is paying their soldiers because sometimes they go for months with just this morning the government forces left the tunnel but even fifty kilometers from going to few hours later it was taken by al-shabaab ok mohammed thank you for bringing us up to date with that these the latest pictures out of mogadishu that is where twenty people dead after a bombing which as mohammad says bears all the hallmarks of al shabaab and an
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ongoing firefight at a hotel there as well we will keep you well up to date that story and the rest of the news of course i saw is capital the center of that so-called caliphate which may only be hours from falling the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they now control ninety percent of raka and are now waging quote the final battle they've also been reports of about one hundred i still find is actually surrendering after they were boxed into just one small area in the city center is a battle for iraq a began back in june street by street fighting plus an strikes from the u.s. led coalition it has dragged on for four months but losing if and when it happens is seen as a major strategic blow for eyes so that after is undoubtedly important eisel is really just holding on there when i say they are boxed into just a small area. this is what we're talking about all that yellow area is the s.d.f. it's just this one area of black eye so area in the mint in the middle of rock if i go in even closer you can see the detail there it's close to
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a government compound here there are military bases up here they are entirely surrounded there and as we say the s.d.f. talking about maybe only a matter of hours well certainly days until it is secured let's go to antakya now on the turkish syrian border hash is live for us there has been focus through the latest is what you're hearing. dozens of. mostly foreign fighters are taking positions in some of the buildings at the center of a. deal that was reached between tribes and. those eyes of fighters that would pave the way for them to leave tonight and then in exchange the city will be declared under the control of the kurdish factions the u.s. coalition has distanced itself from the statement saying that it won't allow this to happen and then see the foreign fighters resurface in some parts of the country
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but however it looks like this is the beginning of the and for i still and i said is still losing ground in different parts of the east and syria they've lost now in a while ago and they are retreating south towards come out on the border of iraq we're talking about a vast desert landscape which is totally exposed the can no longer send reinforcements or drive in convoys or large numbers because they can easily get themselves intercepted by the u.s. coalition and as the fighting intensifies thousands of people are still trapped in those areas and thousands are fleeing their homes they feel traumatized abandoned with nowhere to go and they live under a very tough conditions. civilians have been waiting for years they are being evacuated from fighting iraq staying home
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wasn't safe strikes have killed hundreds. in neighboring dales or thousands of syrians flee their homes as fighting intensifies i still fighters have regrouped in a mayor dean a city on the border with iraq before an expected push by syrian kurdish factions known as the to capture the city. north of rock was built to accommodate the internally displaced it's struggling with a growing number of refugees who have nowhere to go such as. well has just arrived from the us. we left home because of the farting in there it was a long journey before we got to the camp we spent a long sleepless nights and many days with nothing to eat and they're buried and my daughter is sick and she needs treatment we have been suffering since the start of
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war in syria kurdish factions control the. very few aid organizations manage to reach the area the camp lacks basic infrastructure services. a situation that is likely to worsen during the winter. time and. look at the tents they gave me in this camp i have nothing no covers my sheets nothing imo and i cannot look after my children on my own they told us go to the camp and you will get help i got nothing from them. many here have lost hope they will ever be able to return home to their villages. the battles to recapture rock and dealers or have destroyed entire areas defeating i sill may not be the end of war in syria as the s.d.f. advances the syrian army is on the move both competing to control more territory
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the syrian government is determined to recapture areas it lost or i sell the rebels and the kurds a confrontation between the kurds and the syrian army may trigger an exodus of thousands of people towards the border with turkey has. had time to get a good idea of the conditions certainly that people are under having had to leave iraq and we want to talk however more about the military operations going on there now we've got address creagh to do that good friend of the program an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london what do you think andres there saying maybe might only be a matter of hours or certainly days until this happens. just a matter of time. as it is one of these many questions that we've asked on these on this program and many other programs on al-jazeera you know we talked about it when most of fell we talked about it in aleppo and you know we're talking about is probably soon and girls are as well you know is it it's always going to be
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a matter of time and yes the coalition is making progress and a lot of the large areas of land that were once controlled by the islamic state of now been recaptured or are in the process of being recaptured but it doesn't mean it's the end of isis it might be the end of the islamic state i think it's the end of the caliphate it's the end of this social political project that this group was starting to to unravel in two thousand and fourteen but it's obviously not the end of the narrative and the ideology of isis which has now moved from more insurgent into a terrorist organization and i think many of the people who will survive those fighters who survive rocka and those who survive the old sure will regroup in the desert and fight another day if not in syria then possibly in iraq and they're not doing this as a state but they're doing it as an undercover terrorist organization embedded with the civilian population you know you've actually reflected what one of our viewers a sense in a facebook live comment to me jumbo who said the movement of eisler around the
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world can't be overcome or conquered as far as well as many things but as far as the mysterious mystery surrounding who sponsors them is still unknown yet they've been fighting for years now and have managed to keep going all this time. and clearly will still have funding from wherever it is to keep as you say going elsewhere. i mean they don't really have funding it's not like there is a foreign body that fund vices i mean isis is for the islamic state for has been for a very long time self sustained you know they've ruled territory they extorted money from people they traded with oil and other goods illicitly and you know they they they raise taxes and so on and so forth to really i mean the islamic state as such will disintegrate and thereby it will deplete their resources those people who still hold out have not much they don't have an allotment munitions they have hand fire weapons small arms they don't even have r.p.g. they don't have tanks they don't have armored vehicles like they used to have they are very much it's down to the bones of what is left now so just really quickly
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hundreds then the actual battle for iraq are we we talk about it is there as a symbol of the so-called counterfeit if it falls when it falls are you saying then that in the end it's it is that symbolic. it is very much symbolic i think it's a narrative that's going on here so the coalition is trying to say look we're we're finally getting this and to this point in iraq of being in a very symbolic for the islamic state that was their capital you know it has some historic roots for for muslims in general going back to the golden age it is a country you know the liberation of iraq a was a it was something that happened with a lot of fanfare in the media they really made it a media spectacle the islamic state so now the coalition is trying to make it a media spectacle as well saying look we liberated it but in the end of the day it's not a victory because if you look at the humanitarian cost of it you know loads of people have been dying and what they conquer is a is of huge piece of rubble and that's all it is really it's nothing more it's not
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really a victory even though the islamic state might have been pushed out rocker has ceased to exist their good perspective there from indra's craig always a pleasure thank you for joining us if you've got me thoughts on syria on any of our stories coming up in touch with us is the hash news grid with twitter facebook or whatsapp we're running through the details really quickly at a.j. english on twitter we do put a call out there just before the show there you can reply to the thread put the hash tag in as well we'll look for your replies at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid the live feed is up and running you can comment and react as you watch or you can send us a message on whatsapp plus nine seven four five or one triple one four nine not just your comments and questions but any contributions any pictures you can send us video pictures to help us tell the story do that as. we're on now a team of east african foreign ministers is in south sudan trying to revive the peace agreement there this was a deal signed back in twenty fifteen but fighting really resumed very soon after leaving millions displaced and more than half the population facing food insecurity
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morgan has our report now from juba. the ministers arriving in south sudan know dave got a tough task ahead of them to breathe new life into a peace deal signed between president salva kiir and opposition leader rick my char in august twenty fifth scene a deal which failed soon after the two men put pen to paper our mission. is that. implementation of the rebuy for television process decided by the heads of states joining us about. on something different are these peace agreement so far. all the processes of the. fighting broke out in south sudan in twenty thirteen less than three years after the country's independence from sudan the greenman signed in august twenty fifteen was intended to end the war but less than
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a year later fighting broke out in the capital juba forcing my char who had returned as first vice president to flee again since then the conflict has spread the intergovernmental authority for development also known as i gad once an end to the violence south sudan's government has expressed its readiness for the process but it has concerns we think that we should move forward with given over. to god is going to respond to some of the points of view she's a. very technical questions which is why i'm just trying to assess because this commission of both military has noticed political forces. millions have been displaced after the fighting in the capital last year a famine was declared early twenty seventeen in parts of the country more than six million people half of the population are facing food insecurity and the country's economy is hard hit by the war. missing all the sides involved in the conflict is
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just the first step in revitalizing to. the next step would be bringing them around to negotiating table and that's that may prove more difficult as more armed groups have emerged. the government has made it clear that it isn't going to start a new peace process to include those new groups there's a limit to what i get can do. would have. to bring peace to the country nobody can make them the only thing that and any other international party . is the facilitator and bring them together. groups who are in disagreement so that disagreement those disagreements have caused the lives of countless hours to the nice people i guess the magic effort is intended to end the suffering but ultimately it's up to the working factions to put their guns down people morgan out of their juba in washington d.c. first now is a political analyst the executive director as well of the african immigrant caucus
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nice to see you again i think the most important thing i heard there in his report was when she said this group. can only do so much and that's the case here isn't it they can talk they can suggest what but this really is up to the groups in south sudan whether they want. well i happen to think that i can do a little more but also with the support of the international community the security council the united states because you know the south sudanese they are responsible the leadership there on both sides are responsible for this horrendous senseless war that has descended into ethnic cleansing you can yes they are responsible but like like about my rig they need outside help to do what needs to be done so i actually put a lot of the hope and pressure on each guy because they have been divided they have
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been backing different sides they need to get the act together also the international community you know again it is true that the south sudanese have to do a lot by the arms they don't manufacture arms obs our fluorine the international community has had great difficulty in stopping the arms floyd so i agree with him about that a lot of lives in the hands of the south sudanese but i also think the international community and eager itself they need to do much more and i've been arguing in washington that the new ashington administration when it has good relations with what they got members see they get one relationship we've got to have good relations with uganda with you know with ethiopia i want washington twisting in the arms of the eeg odd members to get their acts together because i said next in the south sudanese engage you know war the economy of themselves the outsiders need to push out and that's my opinion is it just me is it just about
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power in the end i wonder if. you know an outsider looking in on this would think why would either of these sides want this to carry on people are suffering there is a famine there there has been war for so long no one is winning. it is true and it is present and i'm not sure i have i have announced that because i look at the same thing i mean you have got political elites in juba and i run the country who you think will be concerned about the suffering of their own people but for some reason they don't seem to be able to do it the biggest victims the most intensely affected victims sounds sudanese and you one does see these people who are really leaders of the at the the political class how is it that the suffering doesn't touch them but he goes back to my point that these seem not to get it so they need outside help. thank you for your thoughts on the situation in south sudan
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we do appreciate that. as i said before there are no clear winners in south sudan's war and those are actually the words here of our own correspondent catherine sawyer wrote this piece in al jazeera dot com back in april she has been on the ground she's spoken to people a lot of whom actually resent the idea of being you know boxed into the camps of by the government all rebel supporters it is an al-jazeera reporter notebook which you will find under the more menu at al-jazeera to come we're jumping off the grid early today sars here with the story out of indian administered kashmir which well you heard about this online you brought it to amazing and we all sort of went. really come on actually it sounded so crazy we questioned if it was even true but bright chalk was all wrong the loose and city that's in administered kashmir and no one knows who they are or why they're doing it but it's scaring women. now women to get the cars in the last two months at least two hundred females have
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reported having the head cut off by mouth attack and they've been protesting since now many of the women were left unconscious off to the assailants sprayed them in the face with chemicals only to wake up to a rude surprise sure has. now our team spoke to several victims including a woman who was just attacked a few hours ago. two people asked me for water i was wearing a headscarf but one still managed to chop my hair off on another snatch my bangle then they threw me down on the ground i'm not sure what happened after that because when. i came outside with the rubbish bin i returned here and saw two men approaching they sprayed something on my face then i don't remember anything but my hair was cut off. i was headed to class when my grandmother called me then someone throws
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a stone at my head i fell and i was taken to hospital that's when i found out that my hair had been chopped off i've been depressed ever since i was a victim but tomorrow my sister could be a victim too. scared of going outside even for buying vegetables the government has failed to provide security and safety for the women as of now only god can save us from these brave choppers now that signals are accusing the police of not doing enough to end these attacks and last aspire round to ten thousand dollar reward to catch the culprits now we asked should a gaza inspector general about this and he says the investigation is ongoing and now includes forensic analysis but he also added that the mass hysteria and panic is making the situation worse this is putting i would operations and emergency operations this is hampering the movement of other sources from one place to another because you know everybody's been suspect. so the moment has
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become difficult right but yes this kind of situation is going to they're going to be national and the social element. now the great shopping situation has now snowballed into actually a bit of a political crisis because pro independent groups are accusing the government of being behind the attacks now they believe it's a point to instill fear and divert attention from those human rights violations by the indian troops now schools and universities have closed as a precautionary measure to protect female students but some people are still apprehensive. if. i don't feel this shutdown will lead to a solution the government should speak about this issue and take some steps to end it because closing schools will only lead to the loss of our education it's not a solution to you that they do you girls are so scared they won't venture out they ask their mothers to accompany them to school but how can parents be with their
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children all the time and take them to school. now the police haven't arrested anyone for the attacks what they have to earn is arrest local vigilantes taking matters into their own hands violently and that's because locals have been patrolling the streets especially at night some people are too scared to walk off to ten pm prefer ring to drive instead now for fear of being mistaken for a brave shopper suspicion is really high at the moment so much so that a few days ago a group of young tourists were briefly detained by vigilantes on suspicion of being the brave choppers now this is a story that we're going to keep an eye on it's an ongoing one we have a lot of followers in india. and we'd love to hear from all of you you can tweet me . the hashtag is a genius good thanks or you do get in touch with us it's just an extraordinary story that one isn't it and as you say you can tweet star directly use the hash tag and also facebook twitter and what's all up and running now if you are watching us
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on facebook live well done good choice we're going to show you how one woman is fighting back against street terrorism that's coming up in a few seconds and then the final day of election campaigning in austria ahead of a snap election leading the polls the far right and the immigration freedom party we will be in vienna looking at the influence of immigration on the country's future. hello there were more rain making its way across turkey at the moment it shows up on the satellite picture just as this little area of cloud hit doesn't look too significant but it's drifting its way south was bringing a few showers to the northern parts of turkey at the moment and it's going to develop as we head through the next day of say so on sunday then it will be the northeastern parts of turkey where we see some of the wettest of the weather but as it sinks its way southwards georgia and azerbaijan
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a lightly to see some pretty hefty downpours during the day to the south of that while it's still warm for now twenty six degrees in aleppo there but the winds are going to be flowing down from the north over the next few days who do expect the temperatures to drop off in the coming days even further towards the south and here in doha the temperatures will be easing over the next few days as well thirty eight degrees will be our maximum on sunday the winds will be easing as well so no massive change for monday so generally less wind but also less humidity as well further south maybe a little bit a clown just along the south coast of oman the but nothing too significant as we head down towards the southern parts of africa the wettest weather here is in the northern parts over parts of angola and working its way into the democratic republic of congo if you will shout was a likely here as we head through the next few days but further south largely drawing until you see the showers in cape town. with. can bone and circuses on
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a mission to help local children break the poverty cycle one of the least follows their journey of sacrifice become top class performers. when used at this time and how does are. you responding six continents across the globe. i would use yours correspondents live and breathe the stories they tell you that this was. never the less you know. we're at the mercy of the russian or palestinian but i'll just zero food in world news on counting the cost of a scandal made in japan kobe steel admits that it fakes data on components used by the world's biggest makers of planes trains and automobiles plus a bubble trouble why the i.m.f. is signaling danger ahead for the global economy if that's growth to expire
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counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. the be . the big. headlines from al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well it now. one that story of the couple recently
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released by the taliban revealing that their child was killed and the wife right in custody it's an extraordinary story no surprise to see that the top of the listen and plenty more for you on iran on ice so more on the iran deal if you're looking for something new something interesting something different you'll find it what's trending at al-jazeera dot com. this is a trend we've been watching across europe election campaigns where far right and immigration parties give the traditional parties a real run for their money the next one we're watching austria this is where again the issues of immigration and refugees have led to pretty brutal campaigns actually now the people's party has shifted from centrist to right wing positions and is leading the previous polls and then you've got the anti migrant freedom party which is also polling well the voting starting on sunday here the basics courtesy of the environment team without zero dot com six point four million people eligible to
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vote out of a total population of eight point seven million they will elect one hundred eighty three parliamentary seats through proportional representation that means very simply you vote for individual members of parliament but you also vote for a party and depending on how much of that fota party gets they can acquire further seats and this is what happens when smaller parties can get more representation in the parliament and quite often leads to coalitions anyway here's david our correspondent in vienna who's been out talking to voters. like all the other elections so far this year in europe this one here in austria is being closely watched by analysts to find out how far the wave of populism will go the leading candidate here is sebastian kurtz just thirty one years old and he looks set according to the polls to be the chancellor monday after the elections so exactly what are his policies they seem to have taken on much more right wing huge this is essentially a battle between the center right party led by sebastian kurtz and the the
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far right party which is led by a form a neo nazi hans christian striker he said that his neo nazi links in the past were part of his youth he was stupid and ignorant of the time and that time has gone but it looks likely that the election will form a coalition of the right wing as a result and these policies have been deeply disturbing to the muslim community here in austria they feel they're being increasingly isolated and they fear that there will be in many measures taken against them within this right wing coalition . and this no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of their headscarf or what they are wearing their exterior and i am afraid of that as i want to become a doctor. the pollsters are all predicting
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a victory for the new people's party and sebastien kurtz but the polls have been wrong before we've seen in the united states and france victory we've seen in the brics that result that they can get it wrong seem very constant presides over the last three months and this is that this tickle me very weird let's put it like that that we don't see any variation so this brings up the assumption a little bit the pollsters probably also do not get results right that we might get to see a big surprise the fear in brussels is that if this new right wing coalition does take hold in vienna it will cause problems with trying to get a common policy inside the european union on such vital issues as immigration and refugees full coverage of that one tomorrow on al-jazeera meanwhile fareed half is political scientist at georgetown university reckons it all straight the problem is not the far right party he thinks it's a swing to the right by a series two main political parties you can read his full post to down to zero dot
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com in the opinion section have a look for austria far right you'll find one pretty easily. against a backdrop of poverty rock bottom economy and anger and that the present venezuelans are going to the polls on sunday to vote in regional elections and with the months of violent antigovernment protests there is a real feeling the opposition may be able to snatch up some more seats in the polls as well being seen as a test of president nicolas maduro his popularity this report from to raise about. opposition leaders in venezuela are crying foul they've just been told that more than two hundred voting stations for sunday's local elections have just been. really done that they are closing many voting centers around twelve percent of the people in this state have to go somewhere else and they were only just notified the center was open until last night the voting machines were here the military came now it's closed. this is part of
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a strategy to discourage people in the state of that has traditionally voted for the opposition to head to the told on sunday. these elections are long overdue they should have taken place in december last year. has been taken to the streets to demand elections accusing the government of dismantling venezuelan institutions to hold on to power. government rejects the accusations told international observers that everything is on track for the vote. relocating voting centers is completely constitutional nobody is breaking the law it was announced by the electoral council is that in the places where there were incidents in the past. and that is legal precedent. that the governor selected on sunday will have to be sworn in and subordinate themselves to the constitutional assembly
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a five hundred member legislative body that was elected almost three months ago he also said that those who are face to acknowledge it could face dismissal but. only . because it's election with field with irregularities. for the opposition. to win some governorships and the ground. scheduled for next year. the government is aware the world will be watching. they using them to. their elections this is not a dictatorship and there is no hunger here when. the government insists the election will be free and fair. the opposition will be hoping for some big wins any doubts over the way the vote is run and demonstrators. take to the streets again. so that was to raise about we're going to talk to her in
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a moment live in caracas but first just a bit of a refresher if you like on the issues playing in this election venezuela was that once latin america's richest country home to the world's largest oil reserves but when the price of oil crashed in twenty fourteen its economy crumbled and it now holds the title of having the highest inflation in the world's add on to that the shortages of food medicine and basic services like electricity and people are really suffering and so the movements to have president nicolas maduro step down really stepped up protests turned violent as he relied on the military to maintain rule when at least one hundred twenty feet five people have died in those protests since april his crackdown on the opposition and the installation of a new pro constituent assembly attracted international condemnation of the u.s. that venezuela would sanction as well it is increasingly isolated so let's talk to raise about as promised she's live in caracas for us andres at what you tell us
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first of all about where you aspecific lean what people have been telling you there . well let me tell you what's been happening. for the past week we've been seeing the country deal with every day protests. protests between the opposition and against forces that were happening almost daily that completely changed over the past few weeks. and the government has been focusing on the that are happening someday if the big government. and. the. round about what will happen if. the country next year and also. one of the largest in the well then what's been happening here is one of the reasons why the government have lost everything when you talk to people here. and there's for example but
6:39 pm
there's no flour no industrial i mean we. import. about crime about shortages of medicine and many of them we were just witnessing how many of them we. fish which are basically aid by the government and they were basically told that they have to go out and vote on sunday. and one of the main reasons why is many are going to head to the polls but they're not. really energized about trying to understand how influential twenty three governors across the country is plenty of opposition ones do when those seats. they have against the central government. many questions about me going to happen here on monday it depends on the recall of
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sunday's vote if. many. and what the government will do a bit. governor here. because let me be very clear. here that the governors elected on. what elected almost three months ago. and we have. several several members of the opposition understand that they won't be sworn in and. they will be they have to be sworn in in congress controlled by the opposition. and about what we're facing here and how really problematic the people wait. on monday more extraordinary times coming i think in venezuela thank you to reza we're talking to you again in the next few days now you may not know this but al jazeera is producing a regular called the debris from one of the most recent is about venezuela of got
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it here for you it's called no money mo problems it is the oh apparently you can't see my i pad anyway i'll tell you about it it's hosted by jasmine bomi and featuring a latin america editor to see in human you can either listen to it directly on the website podcasts in the more menu but you can also subscribe to spotify google plus that you're all of these sorts of places and they are very much well with a listen. now the government minister who's responsible for repatriating ranger refugees from bangladesh has told out zero they may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing remember more than half a million range refugees have fled over the border after the military crackdown in rakhine state has more now from young it was meant to be an interview about repatriating the hindu refugees but then the minister responsible for their a settlement said this. by flirting with the groups like you make the accusation
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that this is if the cleansing maybe they systematically flaying for that reason. i'm saying it could be that i don't know if. they may have been planning for that they may be planning for that to make it come under the definition of ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing is the description used by the united nations for the military campaign which has seen more than half a million one hundred refugees escape to bangladesh since late august the un's latest report details indiscriminate killings rape and the burning of homes by security forces in a campaign designed to expel the rohingya and prevent their return a commission set up by citta find solutions to the underlying causes of the wreck and conflict has just break the un security council and called for the safe return of the hinge or they can it will only go back if they have a sense of security and confidence that their lives will be better and we in their recommendation indicated that they should not be put incomes they should be allowed
6:43 pm
to go back to the appalachians and they should be helped to rebuild and reconstruct government leaders in mainmast say they'll meet with their bangladeshi counterparts at the end of the month to begin a process to repatriate at least one hundred a day whose identities match meanwhile government records we have i did a find those who are correct and then sent back to their homes the homes not so we were rebuilt by them so they have to live in the temporary camp. nationalist sentiment runs high here this rally in young gone organized by buddhists with right we views it's calling for their hinges to stay out of the military operation in iraq kind states is very popular here but internationally condemned the military has launched an internal investigation into the conduct of its soldiers during the operation but a similar investigation into similar allegations of violence during october last
6:44 pm
year rejected any claims of wrongdoing yarber moment al-jazeera yangon. now on friday we were talking about the harvey wine steen scandal thank you to iranian news editor for correcting me on the pronunciation i was saying once time anyway the story was how twitter temporarily blocked the account of rosemarie down as one of the actresses accusing him of sexual assault which led to a sort of solidarity movement online a hashtag called women boycott twitter sarra you have an update for us this is changed now in the space of twenty for us i do actually come all in fact so much so that some people are women that we have actually some of them have changed their mind and instead of being silent for twenty four hours they decided to actually speak up and us comedian a killer boycotted twitter for twenty minutes but then came back online because of another course she felt was more important now an online campaign which was cool w c affirmation that stands for affirmation of women of color it's quickly becoming
6:45 pm
a worldwide trend and that was started by this activist and social media influencer april ryan who's known for starting social media campaigns like the viral hash tag oscar so why it was of course is to do the oscar awards last year but this hash tag here let me just show you this one w.c. affirmation was use hundreds of thousands of times as social media uses like erica here celebrating women of color by sharing their accomplishments and appreciation of themselves and also other people now new can a call when perry. one of those people is she says i'm allowed transgender woman of color who's also a marine corps veteran and i fight for the rights of our community and i'll just try to up a bit there so you can see a better photo of nicole than now this picture also if i go to him has been shared several times and so it's of harriet jacobs a self published writer who wrote a memoir on her life as a slave and went on to open a school in spring that picture there you go good old fashioned the home white
6:46 pm
folks say now quite a few women of color posted pictures of them working in the tech or science industry stem this one shows pictures of women all scroll through those so you can see it's a look that has one. so if we can go through them. of course young people of color in all those pictures and they're saying that they're transforming their lives and they're the future leaders in the tech and stem industry now quoting to the u.n. seventy three percent of women have suffered from some kind of online abuse with black women saying they're especially talked to and in the meantime to to see jake dorsey he announced the platform will change its policies to now he tweeted if i show you here today we saw voices silencing themselves and speaking out because we're still not doing enough so new roles he says will tackle unwanted sexual advances nonconsensual nudity hate symbols violent groups and tweets that glorify
6:47 pm
violence while we've all been nice one of us has been subject to all sorts of discrimination on social media and if you're one of those people we want to hear from you get in touch a.j. news group is the hash tag. that's our once again if you want your facebook live an extra little story for you coming up we're taking you to brazil where the future of street recyclers is up in the air and after that sport with them. in the final part of a six part series from. the people who still fight. is in prison. on the ground. crackdown. china's democracy experiment this time.
6:48 pm
i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like the general assembly of the united nations has so many nationalities. just you know different places but it's one that gives. us the ability to identify with the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. and
6:49 pm
is here to talk sport politics and sport don't mix i thought we knew that over now really isn't the case in practice bassline are heading into the eye of a political and sporting storm that's taking on. richard and their first visit see the spanish capital since that disputed independence referendum in catalonia was the region's most famous exports they know my skin color could well receive an even more intimidating welcome from their flexcar friends than usual catalans political leader house signed a declaration of independence but stopped short of implementing it and now talks with madrid are ongoing. but beyond that we're not kidding ourselves this is a game between two rivals for the league titles that the atmosphere will be in ted but it's just a football game football is for people's enjoyment hopefully the found will go to the stadium to have a good time cheer the team and suffer with them i can't see beyond that fact we'll
6:50 pm
just have to see how it goes. well barcelona played their last game behind closed doors in protest of the conduct of spanish police the central governments have declared the cattle on a referendum illegal around ninety percent of those who voted were in favor of independence the spanish government that's where politicians for police violence or boss learned offender gerard piqué was booed by fans during a subsequent training session with spain he's publicly backed the catalans right to a vote saying why can a journalist or a mechanic express themselves but not a footballer let's talk now to football writer simon harrison is based in spain he joins us from bilbao some great stuff you on would it be fair to say there's a bit of a split developing in barcelona but barcelona between the fans who are largely in favor of independence and those running the club who are perhaps a bit more nervous about the prospects. of that and the think also it it's worth
6:51 pm
mentioning it might even be a split boardroom level obviously after the game that you mention behind closed doors a couple of directors or alternately resigned after that decision to play in and to not incur the penalty that would come along with with not playing against. the definite i think it's just a question of the values obviously the club they've got to do what they think is best in terms of marketing in terms of their global image and everything comes along with that but it is a point of contention between fans and the borders is is there going to be a balance you can be struck up will be interesting to see what happens. if independence was declared would barcelona have to leave the spanish league and what sort of league would that leave behind if barcelona left in. well it goes without saying that without barcelona leg i mean it would be tough to market something where you could see real madrid probably walking at most years. i think that you would probably they would probably have to leave i mean have you have us has come
6:52 pm
out to the president in in the past and he has said that they would have to go by the letter of the law but he would hope that it would consider i think at the moment it's a lot of a lot of gray there's not a lot of black and white and i think for a marketing standpoint the pay that would really really hurt from losing barcelona wouldn't just be a one way thing it would just be part of that with their would struggle without being in the league or so i think it's been said that playing the game behind closed doors it was a bit of an exceptional circumstance and i could definitely see the being you know another case of something just exceptional that maybe is out of the norm just to make sure that both parties can can kind of coexist because the leader without barcelona i mean. you know what chip in actual and just quickly simon do you think the fans will push publicly change the topic change in presidents at the club . i think before even any of the talk came out of the work the titians
6:53 pm
started up with the idea of getting a job as mayor but now to step down and i don't think i think that this will really just more fuel to that particular fire in the past i mean come now we have already heard you know a chance for him to for and step down there was even more confusion when when he said that under any yesterday so close to contact with the club then iniesta was asked in in the media and he said he had no idea what what that particular room was about so bottom even before all of this independence talk he was under fire and i think that when it comes you know when the clips call values come into question and there's just confusion between whether he's doing the best by the club the best by business maybe rather than the political side of things i think that he finds often quite the carrot position both in terms of you know that the sporting side of things and also from whether he's making the right decisions for the identity of the club simon thanks very much so good to have you on thank you so much for that
6:54 pm
insight a lot of chatter about this game and social media very few barcelona fans will be in attendance the metropolitan or stadium usually contains around sixty five thousand people at let's go they have only given barsa two hundred fifty tickets for the game a reminder that there is actually a football game a bouncer to break out at some point at let's go haven't won in the last fourteen league games against barcelona boss also going for their eighth straight win in the league this season and of course the man returning to action lino messi the patron sights of argentina he scored a hat trick for argentina in midweek when they beat ecuador and that saw them qualify for the world cup he's been really driving barcelona this season as well let us know what you think get in touch with us hash tag a.j. news director with me on twitter at and they are under school sports i'm back with more sports in the eighteen hundred g.m.c. news hour but for now let's get back to camilla. thank you for that and they were going to take you somewhere pretty special now play the top of an active volcano.
6:55 pm
is located in the democrat republican congress just near a wonders border home to the world's largest late but the area there has been plagued by conflicts the tourism has been understandably quiet however it is open for the adventurous hike is including malcolm where malcolm yeah that's right we are perched on the rim of the crater of mount near gone go just outside the city of goma and down here you can see the lava lake inside the crater and this last the rock did in two thousand and two it destroyed much of the city of goma killed about one hundred people it hasn't rocked it since and it's now a tourist destination of growing popularity access over the years has been affected by the many conflicts that have plagued eastern congo but in this particular area it's been safe since about twenty fourteen when the congolese army defeated
6:56 pm
a rebel group known as n twenty three and since then so it's been coming up every year. almost every day so people from around the region from congo itself a port up here by guides that camp here at the top and visitors get to see this spectacular sight of a small touring large lake is extraordinary malcolm tell us about your journey to get up there how long did it take you. talked about five hours we're about three thousand four hundred meters above sea level here and we started about one point two kilometers below. so we had to walk through what was initially sort of jungle rain forest and in the plant species change on the way up as you move into higher altitude we also walked up what was clearly a lot of a stream coming down the side of the mountain in the last eruption and now made a fairly helium foot part of rock that larger of course long since that as you get
6:57 pm
higher up of course it gets colder and colder quite exposed up here it's quite cold but frankly we can feel the heat coming from down here and you can smell the sulfur as well. will be staying up here overnight but thankfully there will be a bit of warmth coming from that to stop it being too cold just quickly miles and how many people with you in the team and all the gear you've had to bring up. there are clues for people there are a group of about twelve tourists that we came up with. ranges from the national park is within a national park this particular volcano and i know a crew of about fifteen porters who are people from the local community of course. so there is an industry the small tourism industry small but growing is very beneficial because of the massive shortage. so of course any work that can be provided by this small but growing sector is invaluable for the communities around
6:58 pm
the volcano how cool is that. in the democratic republic of congo a fantastic way to end saturday's news grid here's how you get in touch with us of course you've been a bit quiet today but it's saturday i understand that. twitter facebook or any of those platforms whenever you want to get in touch with us we're looking for your feedback and we will see you right back here in studio fourteen. hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. a
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