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because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously who are you. going to feel a bit more confident to feel more energetic to feel more alive. the sun and the age old part of spanish culture no one i can stop thinking about today the bullies of my life others are explored and a symbol of central government by what we should and carry on something that goes against the morals of got along the side to visit from the capital a nationalist perspective the believe the present spanish culture that. catalonia has lost full fight at this time on al-jazeera wild.
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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up families escape as the battle for iraq and nears its end the last eisel fighters are expected to leave over night taking civilians with them as human shields. at least twenty people are killed in a truck bomb explosion in somalia's capital mogadishu. and the amman minister says the range of refugees may have planned the exodus to make it look like ethnic cleansing. and a canadian man held hostage for five years says taliban fighters murdered his baby right his wife. in sport english premier league champions chelsea suffer a shock defeats bottom of the table crystal palace score goals of the season to beat them to one.
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syrian forces backed by the us are on the verge of taking back full control of rocca i still self-proclaimed capital local officials say all remaining eisel fighters are expected to leave the city in the coming hours taking civilians with them as human shields it's part of a deal brokered by tribal leaders the u.s. led coalition says it's not involved in the negotiations but believes it will save lives around one hundred members of the armed group had surrendered in iraq in the last. well at the height of its strength eisold acquired rocka its capital it also swept across iraq seizing control of almost a third of the country a couple of years on its territory has been reduced to this the iraqi government is no inching an offensive to drive the group from the last area it holds there while in syria as well as being on the brink of losing rocka i still has just lost the town of dean. syria and its allies are also trying to drive it from the last pocket
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holes in dairies or city or syrians who've managed to escape to make shift refugee camps now face shortages of food and medicine are reports from hatay on the border between syria and turkey. and civilians have been waiting for years they are being evacuated from fighting iraq are staying home wasn't safe strikes have killed hundreds. in neighboring there also are thousands of syrians flee their homes as fighting intensifies i still fighters have regrouped in a mayor dean a city on the border with iraq before an expected push by syrian kurdish factions known as the to capture the city. north of rock was built to accommodate the internally displaced it's struggling with
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a growing number of refugees who have nowhere to go such as. well has just arrived from the us. we left home because of the farting in there it was a long journey before we got to the camp we spent a long sleepless nights and many days with nothing to eat and they're buried and my daughter is sick and she needs treatment we have been suffering since the start of war in syria kurdish factions control the. very few aid organizations manage to reach the area the camp lacks basic infrastructure services are poor a situation that is likely to worsen during the winter. time and. look at the tents they gave me in this camp i have nothing no cover my sheets nothing i'm a widow and i cannot look after my children on my own they told us go to the camp and you will get help i got nothing from them. many here have lost hope they'll
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never be able to return home to their villages the battles to recover to rock and dealers or have destroyed entire areas defeating i still may not be the end of war in syria as the s.d.f. advances the syrian army is on the move both competing to control more territory the syrian government is determined to recapture areas it lost i sell the rebels and the kurds a confrontation between the kurds and the syrian army may trigger an exodus of thousands of people towards the border with turkey as iraq had time. let's discuss all of this now with guni yield is a fellow at the european council on foreign relations thank you very much for coming in to speak to us so in the last two weeks you were in northern syria and you were in iraq a less than two weeks ago what did you see there i went to the city center where
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isis was surrounded and i saw the. headquarters of isis which was in national hospital building and i've seen that the building was intact it wasn't bombed by strikes because the as the air force assumed that there will be there were civilian civilians inside the place and i was shown a drawing pictures which shows the some of the civilians there were actually free to move around so they were held against their will apparently so that they might be isis the family members of isis fighters and so now we're hearing that a deal is being negotiated by tribal elders to allow the last remaining eisel fighters to leave with with civilians as so-called human shields what more do you know about this what is your assessment of this and. really how quickly is it likely to be wrapped up so isis was largely defeated when i was surrounded and was unable to move in my first day the start of
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a large scale attack to break the feature to them work at the second day they started an attack from outside it didn't work as well but this year forces couldn't move any quicker because they were. reluctant to harm the civilians there today i spoke to the rock a civilian council members who told me that it wasn't them but it was a tribal leaders of dignitaries who have negotiated isis and trying to persuade isis to leave the city with the civilians and to release them when they feel secure and so now that the city has been arrested for myself control what are the challenges in terms of fully securing governing it you know the s.d.f. is a very efficient fighting force i would say the most efficient fighting force on the ground. including the syrian army regime army but the post post-war situation brings with it some other challenges but i've also been to different arab majority towns on the as different or like tel aviv and member and i've seen the
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population of these towns were increasing so people feel secure enough to go back to their old towns actually many tradesmen from other poor moving to the members for example and the security in terms of security there are several security agencies like the s.d.s. there's why p.g. and there is the local police force and intelligence forces and lots of informers does that create some element of confusion and chaos in itself i think the you know the different these different agencies checking on each other and you don't necessarily see lots of people with weapons on the streets you generally for example traffic police officers who don't carry guns but apart from that you don't necessarily see how much communication coordination between them then there's you know the all the different areas on the rest of control is linked to syrian democracy council and there's also an under under underneath that the syrian northern syria democratic federation and the coordination is you know that there are different autonomous areas which are which have
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a coordination body on top of them and security agencies and p.g. and as the of also has the general command but they are also on the local control and of course as we see i still being defeated in terms of the physical territory it holds stary some very complex geopolitical and tunnel syrian dynamics around fighting forces like the s.d.f. but it isn't just them do you see this causing do you see the risk of more tensions renewed clashes as perhaps the white fiji's. territory expands i mean the from now on the main issue would be you know we have the free syrian army diminished didn't. cannot control a lot of space isis is being removed from the picture so we have on the ground as stiff the syrian army so the next thing will be we need to look at whether deuce two groups will negotiate peacefully or we might see some flashpoints clashes
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and some arab tribes sunni even sunni arab tribes might want to come back and some others joined with a city of strongly against the regime so you know it's a pretty president it's a situation we'll see whether she can rule out that there will be clashes with the regime and. clearly a yield is from the european council on foreign relations thank you well in other developments syria is demanding an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of turkish troops from northwest syria saying their presence there amounts to flagrant aggression turkish troops entered syria's northern province in a cross border deployment that began two days ago or than one hundred troops in twenty armored vehicles of crossed the border to join troops who are already inside syria they were inspected by turkey's top general before advancing into to enforce a so-called deescalation zone. well thousands of iraqi troops are locked in an armed standoff with kurdish forces in the disputed oil province of kirkuk and the
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kurdish peshmerga fighters say iraq's central government has ordered them to surrender key military positions within hours they've been given a deadline of two a.m. local time on sunday brief clashes also erupted between kurdish forces and shia militia backing the iraqi government tensions have been on the rise since kurds held a referendum on independence last month which the iraqi government said was illegal traffic has more from the west of kirkuk. we are at the western most peshmerga position from kirkuk and the tension here is frankly palpable ali to zoom out behind me there you'll be able to see the smoke on the background those are shia militia tanks kicking up that dust the peshmerga commander here says that around fifty tanks in that area you might ever see vehicles with flags on as well those. vehicles again shia militia armored vehicles those vehicles have moved up
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that road one would think around about one hundred yards in the last few minutes and as i say the peshmerga here are very nervous indeed they're also telling us that the pressure sorry the shia militias have approached from another direction on this position i mean as we've been reporting as the k r g has said around six thousand at least six thousand forces have been deployed to they say area and the area south of care cook these guys are basically would not be surprised if there was an attack at any time it's over see important to again reiterate just how important this area is around kirkuk this area was taken by the peshmerga taken control of by the peshmerga in two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi military fled and isolate fence of these peshmerga here the commander we've just spoken to says this is purely a defensive position but they are not going to with rule any any further back.
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my mentor other top story this hour two bomb attacks in separate parts of the somali capital mogadishu have killed at least twenty two people and caused widespread destruction the first explosion was a massive truck bomb targeting an area where many government offices hotels and restaurants are located at least eight people are still trapped under the rubble of a hotel and they fear the death toll could rise paul brennan reports. when the truck arrived at the busy intersection known locally as k. five it was a traffic jam dozens of motorists stuck in their cars hundreds of bystanders too and so the explosion caused carnage but i shall not uncover couldn't i have come out this was the biggest explosion i have ever heard the car exploded at the center of the busiest junction in mogadishu because huge destruction and some more than twenty dead people around the street and there may be more than that in the collapsed buildings i myself and honestly i've never seen
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a scene like this ever before all the buildings around here have collapsed there were close to two hundred people in these buildings i hope everyone is ok ok five is in a bustling commercial district of mogadishu with many shops hotels and businesses the blast happened outside the safari hotel not normally used by government workers and so it's not clear whether the hotel itself was the intended target or possibly the somali foreign ministry nearby it's emerged too that the police were actually following the truck at the time of the explosion come over two hours after the truck bomb blast a car bomb detonated in the city's medina district two people were killed there and the driver arrested the group al-shabaab frequently launches gun grenade or bomb attacks in mogadishu despite being forced from the capital six years ago by african union and somali troops the own going threat is a constant worry for many somalis paul brennan al jazeera.
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much more to bring you in this news hour east african foreign ministers travel to south sudan to help revive the two thousand and fifteen peace deal. final rallies ahead of an election which could turn also to the right and give it wells youngest leader. and in barcelona heading into the eye of a political and. yet myanmar government minister responsible for repatriating ranjoor refugees from bangladesh has told al-jazeera they may have planned the exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing and mars facing massive international condemnation for its actions in iraq and state more than half a million ranger a flight a military crackdown which began at the end of august. home has more from young
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gone it was meant to be an interview about repatriating mohinder refugees but then the minister responsible for their resettlement said this look i got a fling with the groups like you make the accusation that. maybe they systematically for that reason i'm saying it could be that i don't know it could be . they may have been planning for that they may be planning for that to make it come under the definition of ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing is the description used by the united nations for the military campaign which has seen more than half a million range of refugees escape to bangladesh since late august the un's latest report details indiscriminate killings rape and the burning of homes by security forces in a campaign designed to expel the rohingya and prevent their return a commission set up by the to find solutions to the underlying causes of the wreck and conflict has just break the un security council and called for the safe return
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of their huge are big it will only go back if they have a sense of security and confidence that their lives will be better and we in the recommendation indicated that they should not be put in camps they should be allowed to go back to the appalachians and they should be helped to rebuild and reconstruct government leaders in mainmast say they'll meet with their bangladeshi counterparts at the end of the month to begin a process to repair at least one hundred a day whose identity is much meanwhile government records we have i didn't find those who are correct so and then sent back to their homes the homes not so we were rebuilt by them so they have to live in the temporary. nationalist sentiment runs high here this rally in young gone organized by buddhists with right wing views is calling for their hinges to stay out the military operation in iraq
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hind state is very popular here but internationally condemned the military has launched an internal investigation into the conduct of its soldiers during the operation but a similar investigation into similar allegations of violence during october last year rejected any claims of wrongdoing. on al-jazeera. a committee. one man and his family a bank home off to being held hostage in afghanistan for five years joshua boyle says his american wife was right and his baby daughter mudded they were held by the haqqani network which is linked to the taliban caroline malone reports. back home in canada off to five years as a hostage on the border between afghanistan and pakistan joshua boyle spoke to reporters at toronto airport i apologize for the lateness of this opportunity we were delayed due to a medical emergency surrounding one of our children in the aftermath of wednesday's
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gun battle the pakistani military acting on u.s. intelligence rescued him along with his wife and three children who were born in captivity those who speak high and over islam and ideals are not going to simply raise our family you boil said one of his daughters was killed and his wife was raped three years ago. the stupidity and the evil of the haqqani network kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife engaged in helping ordinary villagers in taliban controlled regions of afghanistan was eclipsed only by the stupidity and evil of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter martyr boyle and the stupidity and evil of the subsequent rape of my wife not as a lone action by one guard but assisted by the captain of the guard and supervised by the commandant i will hard of a county network boylan's american wife kate and coleman were backpacking across russia kazakhstan to g.
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kissed on coast on in afghanistan when they were captured five years ago it was incredible and you know i've been waiting to hear that voice for so long you know taking your pregnant wife. to a very dangerous place to me and and the kind of person that i am unconscionable before he was taken hostage boyle was known to canadian media for a brief marriage to zainab cata sister of omar khadr he was captured by the us as a fifteen year old fighting with the taliban in afghanistan and taken to guantanamo prison kadar was released twelve years later and given a ten point five million dollars settlement by the canadian government boyle met coal money year after his divorce from zainab catarrh in two thousand and ten and remains sympathetic to the plight of afghans i was in afghanistan helping the most neglected minority group in the world those ordinary villagers who live deep inside taliban controlled afghanistan. where no and you know no aid worker and no
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government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary house boil says his focus now is to build a secure sanctuary for his three surviving children and to help them live a more normal childhood caroline malone al jazeera. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for two hundred ninety eight days is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny the same as repeatedly complained of mistreatment during his incarceration use arrested in december while visiting his family. and austrians will vote on sunday in an election that could see the far right freedom party enter a coalition government and give the world its youngest leader the election follows the breakdown of a grand coalition government in may with immigration dominating voter concerns freedom party could win enough seats to hold the balance of power. let's get more on this now from david chato is in vienna who is saying david it's the party of
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thirty one year old sebastian kurtz that is expected to win the most votes what have you been seeing there in terms of rallies and support for the different parties. miami is being very interesting here that there are so many issues a could have been discussed so many important issues in this run up to the election on sunday things like the debts for students the overall debt of the country unemployment taxes but actually what's happened is because this is a fight between the center right and the hard right the issues have coagulated if i might use that term around the the one point about immigration immigration and immigration that's what this whole fight has been about but i've been gauging the views and looking at exactly what's been happening in the the last of the rallies before the election starts tomorrow morning let's have
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a look. so bastion kurtz's called the austrian politics wonder of what see at thirty one he may be short on years but he's long on and vision of this t.v. broadcast with you people's party shows his eyes are set firmly on the chance that . the polls put it well ahead but he's done it by poaching some of the policies of the far right. i can also promise today that we will end illegal migration to achieve order and security in austria. it's the freedom party led by heinz christian structure that could be drawn into a new right wing coalition with the chancellor they draw their support from a working class educated by the waves of immigration. struck has said his near nazi
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links and hughes could now be dismissed he described himself then as stupid and naive you. know islam does not belong in austria and we do not want an islamic nation of our own homelands i think something needs to change it. australia it's either very strong to the left over very strong to the right and the middle needs to come back the middle class is missing. a ban on face veils came into effect here this month but opinion was divided amongst worshipers at friday prayers at the piano about what life might be like i don't you right wing coalition. from the right in this trouble and no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of the headscarf or what they are wearing their exteriors and i am afraid of that as i want to become a dr. king was to militant i mean the muslims are mature voters and we do not feel well let's protect them before australia has been largely successful in integrating
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its muslim minority but the islamophobia card is being played in this election and it's winning votes. the changing political landscape in australia is likely to add to the problems of the german chancellor angela merkel she will no longer find natural allies in government here. i'm picking up on the point that you're making there david if this right wing coalition goes as predicted what effect will it have on the european union. well i think after we saw the victory of man your macro from the center pushing the values of the european union and defeating the far right and marine le pen and the national front in that election extraordinary way there were hopes that there could be rebirth of the ideas for reform in the european union then of course we saw in the wake of the german elections the hard right entering the bundestag for the first time since the second world war so that
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really has set back all of these plans to try and reform the european union and now we're looking like we're going to get a right wing hard right wing coalition form a neo nazi in in that coalition perhaps even as the foreign minister and that will mean that angela merkel can no longer look on austria for immediate support and all the problems that she's been having with the wave of immigration and the refugees coming into europe and it's more likely that the foreign policy of austria will be geared towards the east towards poland and towards hungry those of the troubling twins for the european union they're the ones that haven't been behaving and they're being brought up before the courts because they're not following the e.u. rules and i think that we're going to see austria looking their way much more than they used to which was to try and help anglo merkel so i think this is going to put another obstacle another hurdle in the way of macro and merkel's ideas for
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reforming for each changing for reinvigorating the european union and that is going to be the main problem with this right wing coalition thank you very much david chaytor following all these developments for us there from the anna. now the academy of motion picture arts and sciences which organizes the oscars is carney holding an emergency meeting to discuss harvey weinstein's membership the movie mogul has already been suspended by the british academy of film and television this after he was accused of sexual harassment and rape by more than two dozen women including actresses angelina jolie. and rose mcgowan police in the u.k. and the u.s. are investigating the allegations which mr weinstein denies. bring you still this hour iran's president says donald trump's threat to tear up the nuclear deal leaves the u.s. more isolated than ever to bring you reaction from tech crunch. asia's biggest film
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festival is back on just a year off to political scandal threatened to destroy it. and roger federer sets up a title showdown with rafael nadal in shanghai. with a handy. hello there were more rain making its way across turkey at the moment it shows up on the satellite picture just as this little area of cloud to it doesn't look too significant but it's drifting its way south was bringing a few showers to the northern parts of turkey at the moment and it's going to develop as we head through the next day of say so on sunday then it will be the northeastern parts of turkey where we see some of the wettest of the weather but as it sinks its way southwards georgia and azerbaijan a lightly to see some pretty hefty downpours during the day to the south of that
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while it's still warm for now twenty six degrees in aleppo there but the winds are going to be flowing down from the north over the next few days who do expect the temperatures to drop off in the coming days even further towards the south and here in doha the temperatures will be easing over the next few days as well thirty eight degrees will be our maximum on sunday the winds will be easing as well so no massive change for monday so generally less wind but also less humidity as well further south maybe a little bit the clown just along the south coast of oman the but nothing too significant as we head down towards the southern parts of africa the wettest weather here is in the northern parts over parts of angola and working its way into the democratic republic of congo if you will shout was a likely here as we head through the next few days the further south last we draw it until you see the showers in cape town. with.
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with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. and discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the globe. powerful documentaries ever tell you that of hurting us this is literally killing off and we need to stop would you then listen to brains and discussions and you tell me the ones that you like the us to do and gauge and gauge ungated and not for more fuel on the fire challenge your perceptions.
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watching the news outlets take a look at stories making headlines syrian forces backed by the u.s. are on the verge of driving myself from iraq other groups off the plane capital tribal leaders say they brokered a deal for remaining eisel fighters to leave the city in the coming hours taking civilians with them as human shields. tension is high around her cook kurdish peshmerga fighters are saying that iraq's central government has ordered them to surrender key military positions before a deadline of two a.m. local time on sunday and a car in a truck bomb that exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least. twenty two people. or u.s.
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president donald trump's threat to tear up the iran nuclear deal has drawn criticism from international leaders russia china and european governments of all reaffirmed their support for the agreement iran's president hassan rouhani says the united states is isolating itself on the international stage and causing anger in teheran same bus romney has more on the reaction from iran. well most people will have seen the political theater the night before on their smartphones in iran newsstands are still a great place to get a check of the political atmosphere and the morning after divergent speeches from the presidents of the united states and iran headline writers had a lot to play with trump save the nuclear deal says one illiterate dictator says another and this one simply he's just nagging truman was awful you don't go i think the way he spoke was very rude and i don't think that it's possible to have any relations with the u.s. as long as he's president and that's a lot of money. in my opinion we shouldn't even talk about trauma because what he
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said was totally meaningless from a legal perspective it was unwise nonsense but. from a political point of view he knows nothing at all he's not a politician he's just a very rich businessman who sits at the top of power now he can't make political decisions properly for the future of the country i think response wasn't bad but he should have been tougher we need to really stand up against the u.s. so it would stop them thinking that they can dictate what ever they want us. iranian say trumps comments about their country are not only inaccurate but attacks against their national pride the american president has been trying to paint a picture of iran as a country living under one man rule a kind of dictatorship and while it is true that iran has a supreme leader who presides over the country the fact is he doesn't always get what he wants this country has elected officials who have a great deal of power there's a president there's a parliament and they have elections every four years and that means that public opinion really matters and no doubt public opinion is
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a concern for iran's leaders hammad mousavi is a professor of law and political science at the university he says when the nuclear deal was signed there was great optimism but government promises of jobs and foreign investment haven't been kept so even before this whole trump issue from the u.a.e. inside you have this disillusionment from the nukes. if things get worse then i think there would be very little incentive from the u.n. inside to you know keep up with this deal with the nuclear deal improved iran's public image on the global stage but here at home iranians are growing impatient to see its benefits zain bus robbi old jersey wrote to her on. a team of east african foreign ministers in south sudan trying to revive a failed peace agreement for more than two years ago fighting resumed soon after the deal was signed in august two thousand and fifteen millions of people have been displaced in the four year civil war and more than half of the population is struggling for food ever morgan reports now from juba the ministers arriving in
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south sudan not have got a tough task ahead of them to breathe new life into a peace deal time between president salva kiir and opposition leader rick my char in august twenty fifteen a deal which we'll soon after the two men put pen to paper our mission. is that. implementation of the revised for television process decided by the heads of states joining us. consulate in different parties or. so far. all the prophecies of the. fighting broke out in south sudan in twenty thirteen less than three years after the country's independence from sudan the greenman signed in august twenty fifteen was intended to end the war but less than a year later fighting broke out in the capital juba forcing my char who had
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returned as first vice president to make and since then the conflict has brought them to governmental authority for development also known as i guess one thousand and two the violent south sudan's government has expressed its readiness for the process but it has concerns we think that we should move forward if given over. to god is going to respond to some of the points of issues that are very technical questions which is why i'm just trying to assess because this commission of both military has ministry to the forces. millions have been displaced after the fighting in the capital last year a famine was declared early twenty seventeen in parts of the country more than six million people have of the population are facing food insecurity and the country's economy is hard hit by the war missing all the sides involved in the conflict is just the first step in revitalizing the peace deal the next step would be bringing them round
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a negotiating table and that's that may prove more difficult as more armed groups have emerged and they very much was signed. the government has made it clear that it isn't going to start a new peace process to include those new groups there is a limit to what i get can do at the end of the day the south sudanese would have. to bring peace to their own country nobody can make them the only thing that they've got and any other international party can do is to facilitate and bring them together. various groups who are in disagreement so that and how much out there are disagreements those disagreements have caused the lives of countless hours to the nice people i guess the magic effort is intended to end the suffering but ultimately it's up to the wording fashion's to put their guns down people morgan al-jazeera jubal provisional results from liberia's election show former football star george where is comfortably in the lead so far where has the nine point two percent while his nearest challenger vice president joseph barca is on
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twenty nine point six percent is likely to be a runoff next month because the winner must reach fifty percent. now zambia is economy was built on mining but children are feeling the after effects of the years of toxins polluting the environment they often ingest lead while they're playing as harmattan reports from come way. in the notice of sunshine meyer looked a little small for his age after blood tests were done a nurse at the clinic gave her the bad news he's suffering from lead poisoning. his condition hasn't changed he sometimes vomit says diarrhea and he's often tired because it doesn't have the right drugs last time i got medication for him was in january late is a new a toxin that's particularly dangerous to children they often ingest the poison dust while playing or doing chores a study done by the world back in twenty eleven found that in a fifty communities here lead in the soil was about ten times the u.s.
9:39 pm
safety limit some children haven't been tested so there are no official figures of how many are sick but community leaders say they know decades of mining lead and zinc have left a toxic legacy. very stringent for instance. it's quite poor. very very hard to believe. the warning signs don't seem to scare away the poor and desperate is still a valuable commodity used around the world the locals call the spit black mountain they can dig for hours looking for lead to sell they say there is no other work when the mine close in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their jobs gavin doing is awesome make ends meet even if it's dangerous work. angels are working with the government to clean up affected communities since twenty fifteen more than one hundred homes that had contaminated soil replaced with clean soil
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they get remember put it on the ground put some gravel and they get blocks or put it on top and plant grass so that the membrane only allows water to go downwards and not applauds a little is not just environmental health experts say after more than a century of mining camp will never be a live free town is too late for that but getting as many people as possible away from the exposure could help make this former mining town a little bit safer for future generations how do we toss al-jazeera cowboy zambia first commercial passenger flight to the remote south atlantic island of st helena has finally landed more than a year after the airport was built the opening was delayed after test flights often dangerous problems with the wind flights will arrive from south africa every saturday up until now the british territory has relied on a shipping service every three weeks it's hoped the service will encourage tourism
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police in guatemala say they've captured a leader of the notorious m s thirteen street gang and gabriel rares american was arrested in connection with a gun attack on a hospital in guatemala city in august that killed seven people and mess thirteen began in los angeles in the one nine hundred eighty s. and spread through central america. officials in colombia fear a peace deal between the government and the former rebel group the fark is being threatened by drug trafficking in the cultivation of coca six farmers were killed by police last week in a protest against government efforts to eradicate the coca plant a base in radiant of the truck again allison around p.s.e. reports. anger and resentment of farmers in the village of a in a token front colombia's vice president. that if you don't stop forced eradication what will happen they'll be more dead farmers this time was it says those who have you know we demand infrastructure education health not band
9:42 pm
aid solutions we want concrete things we do not agree with force eradication the was tensions remain high here after entertainer kartik police allegedly killed six farmers a week ago in an anti eradication protest. this used to be fired rebel territory it's the first time that a high level government official travels here to speak to people for whom this state has been synonymous with military force. the government doesn't come here to have a picture taken nor do we come here to say that our farmers are terrorists we've been clear in saying that illicit crops instead of making you rich have just kept you in poverty and are exposing you to more and more risks the government needs to protect you and the system you yet this community has not signed up to the
9:43 pm
government crop substitution program part of the peace deal with five gravels people here remain skeptical of the government's ability to help them. farmer but orlando's barber says he tried switching to call called. for charcoal but it didn't go well not too soon was one of them we tried we planted thousands of trees but for the lack of infrastructure it was more expensive to produce than what we made from selling it and we had to go back to coca the government says it will get rid of a hundred thousand ector's of call to leave this year fifty thousand by eradication and another fifty thousand by convincing people to switch to a different crop but while farmers cyr have seen thousands of policeman come in to wipe out the plant there are yet to receive any benefits to do that themselves many farmers continue to see the plant as their only means of survival and with drug gangs in far dissidence pressuring farmers to keep cultivating the crop to more
9:44 pm
confrontations will come alison that. asia's biggest film festival has opened in south korea a year after a political scandal almost threatened its future for president park geun hay had blacklisted artists critical of the government and some filmmakers boycotted last year's event in protest up with park now impeached and out of office the stars are returning to the red carpet as robin wright reports from her son. on the red carpet there were stars and glitz in abundance but the opening was still a little time for her this is the first busan film festival since the full extent of the so-called blacklist controversy was revealed. movie makers are still coming to terms with it all i believe no matter what happens the freedom of expression
9:45 pm
should not be controlled late last year it emerged then president park geun hay was operating a blacklist against artists she saw as hostile to her government a number of them in the film industry they were allegedly denied public funding and showing their work was discouraged. an investigation of the scandal has led to ministers and senior officials being prosecuted while parkas self is behind bars. the control of the arts was a historical regression. impacted the creative reel of the filmmakers and undermined artistic freedom. one of the highest profile victims was this documentary about the saywell ferry tragedy that killed more than three hundred passengers most of them schoolchildren in twenty fourteen the film laid a lot of the blame on government negligence supporters of president tried to stop
9:46 pm
the documentary being shown here festival when it was shown its place in the festival budget was the punishment leading some filmmakers to boycott this event they say with government interference. the festival has begun to recover helped by a new government in power and like any good plot the organizers see this as a life changing episode which makes it strong. the festival is suffered difficulties but in overcoming them we can take pride from not succumbing to political oppression we have pulled the festival together and move forward. hoping to emerge the hero and the happy ending macbride al-jazeera busan south korea. still ahead for us our person confronts the legacy of the architecture known as brutal as in that's divided the country for fifty years. the de ossie opens one
9:47 pm
of the world's most dangerous volcanoes to tourists so they can visit it spectacular law. and in sport a german footballers who decided to show their support for sportsmen on another continent and he's here with that story and much more. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb that's pretty sure it's just that they want to use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al jazeera this. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. for is it where they're online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours
9:48 pm
these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but with a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back now a huge how. bloc in the u.k. is being bulldozed to make way for more modern buildings but the demise of robin hood gardens is letting public opinion
9:49 pm
a sound that represent the ugliest of nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's concrete architecture known as brutal as in business reports for others it's the end of the utopian city dream. when robin hood gardens the state was constructed in one thousand nine hundred seventy two it was revered as a modernist icon it now faces imminent demolition the architects allison and peter smithson were part of a post-war movement of young idealists who wanted to build a new egalitarian society. the material chosen to express the vision concrete lots of it the new style was called brutal ism after the french brittle brute all bore concrete mess architecture speaks of the knowledge that said everyone should have a decent home and they should have health and education that those are the values of the ninety six days and nights and seventy's the architecture of the day says if you're rich or if you're not we don't really care very much for you whether you love all over the severity of brutalist and the states like this were designed as
9:50 pm
high quality housing for the city's poor recent years or the british government has claimed the design in the very fabric of these buildings for fostering crime but defenders of brutal ism say the poverty and neglect are more to blame the estate stands on valuable land next to gleaming new skyscrapers it's more lucrative for the castro local council to demolish the estate than refurbish it for some time some blogs need extra money and it's very difficult to kind of find the resources to bring a certain dog up to a certain standard. it will be replaced with this cheap and quick to build a mixture of social and private housing that can be sold for profit. it's far from the vision of botanists like renowned architect neve brown he blames nine hundred eighty s. capitalism for killing the brutalist dream we thought we were beginning to add to
9:51 pm
an organic growth of society that would continue and sort of becoming something that was in trouble with the developing culture it became an object from a previous historical moment in time but changing attitudes and politics mean brutal isms being reevaluated brown's buildings are all culturally protected they cannot be demolished other buildings have become fashionable style icons. here at the barbican paid houses sell for more than four million dollars of what's fashionable is frequently profitable the capitalist economy may end up being the savior of some of these are heavily socialist buildings but despite appeals problems story and leading architects it's too late to save robin hood gardens the dream that never was leave barker al-jazeera london. and he's here now with us for thanks so much marion will crystal palace of pulled off
9:52 pm
a big upset in the english premier league the bottom of the table side have beaten defending champions chelsea to one not only was it passes first one of this campaign is with their first goals of the season as well and i'm goal from safe as they got them going before wilfried zaha scored the winner chelsea now nine points behind leaders at man city for sure do they will be very difficult for me to sleep . yet but i think. we have a we must have. the same since. me and my players and to train to beat them in the next game to change and. impose a diva deserve this may be the situation city though are flying at the top after a seven to win against stoke the leaders have more than eighty percent of possession in this game and they're still unbeaten in the league this season i cannot deny today move. the person mentions arrow right here. for
9:53 pm
a long time so we played good forty five minutes we were. more than. they said to their actions and we have to learn about so in general we make a really good performance for everybody nothing international riggers always. but we would complicated but we do row well so it would be quick because we play simple . tottenham are third after a one zero win over bournemouth christian eriksen with a goal that gave them their first league win at their temporary wembley home arsenal were bateson to one away at watford watford up to fourth in the table while liverpool and manchester united played out and they'll draw at anfield was a perfect probably not otherwise we would have won but we had the big journeys plus a penalty it's too little so what do you hold which result do you want against manchester united so there are not a lot of games when you win
9:54 pm
a sleep ninety minutes and you can do whatever you want to do a different. is goal involved nine players in and around the box that's completely ok i don't judge his it's just that it makes our job a little bit more difficult on the i think you do well he didn't let the game break singling out and rush for those who were waiting for the game to be broken the game was never broken the kept always chan when alden and others and they did very well the press hard to recover the ball so acing they were very good by the difference of point of view good pressing very good team by the defensive point to do well in the spanish league christiane i scored the winner for rail against gets half a this game let's go madrid and barcelona just kicking off with the first time pass i have been in the capital since their region of catalonia voted in favor of independence from spain earlier spite of all right a simon harrison who says there's a split developing between the majority of pass
9:55 pm
a fantasy want independence and many of the clubs hierarchy would be against such a move. and it might even be a split boardroom level obviously after the game that you mention behind closed doors a couple of directors or alternately resigned after that decision to play and not incur the penalty that would come along with with not playing against. the definite i think it's just a question of values obviously the club they've got to do what they think is best in terms of marketing in terms of their global image and everything comes along with that but it is a point of contention between fans and the board is is is there going to be a balance you can be struck up will be interesting to see what happens. of german club have been showing their support for protesting n.f.l. players this team coach took a need before their game against the clubs that the gesture highlighted their belief in tolerance and responsibility some and fellow players have refused to stand during their national anthem to highlight claims of racial injustice
9:56 pm
roger federer and rafa nadal will meet for the third time in their careers and fourth time this year in the final of the shanghai masters federer was up against when martin del potro the semifinals of time beat him in the quarters of the u.s. open took the first set here. to report back eventually won three six six three six three. source from arkansas a third shanghai final. that i also pushed by my semifinal match of the world born coming through seven four seven six that shankar final will be the spaniards tenth of the season one hundred and eleventh of his career he's lost a federer all three times they played the ship at least twenty three fourteen in the pairs over head to head. m or a sharp over his advance to her first final since returning to tennis in april that followed a fifteen month drug span playing at the time when i've been in china share
9:57 pm
a part of a big third seed penn choice six three six one in the seventies the russian now faces teenage world number one hundred so every miscible lanka for the title should be bidding to win her first tournament since back in may twenty fifteen. ok but it's a sport is looking for now let's get back to mary in loved all right great thanks very much and your here's an unusual story for you mt is in the democratic republic of congo and is one of the world's most active volcanoes but it's also home to the world's largest lava lake the area has been plagued by conflict so tourism has been understandably quiet but it's now open for adventurous hikers including our malcolm webb who went up to check it out. we're perched on the rim of the crater of mount. which sits just outside the eastern congolese city of goma and down there inside the crater is it lava lake he lost the ruptured in two thousand and two and
9:58 pm
destroyed much of the city of goma as interrupted since then although access has been affected over the years by eastern congo has many conflicts but this area has been safe since about twenty fourteen after the government flushed out the rebel group known as m twenty three and since then so it's been coming up almost daily the popularity is growing yeah yeah people who want to walk up here and witness this extraordinary sight yeah it's an amazing view that's in the news hour but i'll be back with a full by listening just a couple minutes. news
9:59 pm
has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have this brain that good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry to the streets of magellan island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists. accompanied by foot nine percent penguin expert cloud able boy we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon fly the nest warmer ocean
10:00 pm
temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic also killing penguins in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on al-jazeera. presents a sky was the battle for a rough time is it as the last eyes of fighters are expected to leave of
10:01 pm
a knight taking civilians with them as human shields.


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