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tv   Pricing The Planet 2015 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 4:00am-4:56am AST

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from the shawnees of the red sea storage a clean water act the global home management of the major battles but in georgia this team is changing to the pics of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this. solution is to save the world's most precious resource and the next episode of rice we look at what is being done to stem what's prices. at this time of al-jazeera. jane dustin i saw is on the verge of being pushed out of rocca the group's capital in syria officials say the remaining fighters are leaving the city taking civilians
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with them as human shields as part of a deal brokered by tribal leaders some about as more from an taqiyya turkey's border with syria. negotiations are still underway in iraq to convince foreign fighter to live the city i mean tribes and fighters from the have been have been trying to. convince foreign fighters affiliated with ice to leave in exchange for free passes now we're getting some conflicting reports about what is happening now some say that it's just a matter of time before everyone leaves that are others suggest that some of the battle hardened. i see the fighters say that they are committed to fighting to the death now the u.s. led coalition has been distancing itself from this deal saying that it won't tolerate to see those foreign fighters leave and then resurface in different parts of the country but this remains
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a very crucial moment. though remains confident that it's just a matter of a few hours before they can officially declare that iraq back in trouble if that happens is going to be a major setback for ice which in two thousand and fourteen declared iraq their stronghold now as the fighting intensifies and the push continues to evict. thousands of civilians remain still trapped in those areas of thousands more are fleeing to safety abandon they feel betrayed with nowhere to go to live and a very tough camp conditions syria is demanding turkish troops withdraw from its northwest province more than one hundred soldiers and twenty armored vehicles began crossing the border two days ago there to enforce a so-called deescalation zone which is brokered with russia and iran to reduce the fighting. two bomb attacks in the somali capital mogadishu have killed at least
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twenty people the first explosion was so powerful it brought down buildings in an area full of government offices hotels and restaurants police say people are still trapped under the rubble of the hotel kenya's opposition leaders are accusing the police of using excessive force after two protesters were shot dead on friday they urge ng followers to keep demonstrating despite a ban in major cities ahead of this month's presidential election we run but here number. it is clear the police are using the ground in responding to the most doubles the. strongholds. in addition to killing them maiming the police also in the mud the blood of looting. all part of the austrians are voting in a lecture and i could see the far right freedom party enter
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a coalition government the election is a year early after the government fell apart in may with the conservative people's party leading the polls auster could vote in the world's youngest leader the oscars academy has expelled film producer harvey weinstein he's accused of raping and sexually harassing more than two dozen women including actresses angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow police in the u.s. and the u.k. are investigating the allegations which was seen denies police in guatemala say they've captured a leader of than a tourist emmis thirteen street gang angel gabriela they are smarter ken was arrested in connection with a gun attack on a hospital in guatemala city in august seven people were killed emmis thirteen began in los angeles in the one nine hundred eighty s. and spread through central america. winds of up to seventy kilometers an hour fanning the fost spreading wildfire in the u.s.
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state of california thousands of extra five battling the blazes it's the worst outbreak of wildfires in the state's history thirty five people have died and more than one thousand have been evacuated those are the headlines uprising the planet is up next.
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a look at the problem of global warming what is getting. out by thinking that i'll be right that we're ready for them on the second massive street earth as we know it today will cease to exist and the information that reveals. nature is the eldorado of the twenty first century. a new economic sector with promises of huge potential investors banks finance corporation and state are attracted into it. buying weapons games for talking landscapes accumulating the landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. endangered species in
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place to treat it like financial products. can market succeed where politics of so far failed. but it won't break. that will prove we're not accounting for the losses because we're not accounting for the income the assets of those of the same problem economic invisibility of nature i wanted to be free nato was bad before we were in this to learn how to protect it and that should not have to do something on. the j.p. morgan chase is that merrill lynch is and bank of america all of these major banks they are the institutions that invest in the businesses that are doing the projects that are having an effect on biodiversity positive or negative. so that is who is behind the ecosystem marketplace who was interested in these markets in their potential and who sits on their boards and committees.
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well say. twenty years ago we still feel that nations and politics could save the planet one hundred heads of state attended the summit in rio the world's largest gathering. just a handful of corporations will present. at the time the idea of business companies helping protect the environment occurred to no one back in one thousand nine hundred two in that there are summit there were mainly representatives from governments and a few from civil society and they actually all thought that business was the reason for all our problems business was bad business was damaging the environment or whatever other negative implications there would be. there were business council first thing that will develop a group of some two hundred corporations many of them. very bad record on
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environmental issues like. creating one thousand two with the goal of influencing the region. in two decades multinational corporations have fashioned an effective lobby group. i think we're slowly but certainly moving to a state where it will become equal partners in the discussion i mean maybe i'm expressing a hope more than reality today but it's certainly a trend that i see happen only if we get business and governments as equal partners in this debate will we find the solutions and this to the solutions that the world needs. the better is paid off at the last summit the united nations rolled out the red carpet for the private companies.
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all these corporations met in a luxury hotel in rio oil chemical steel giants. themselves regularly accused of practices harmful to the environment. we do have to do with good management change explore risks and opportunities we have to understand our ecosystem. just to bring that of life a little bit this is the first great commitment you know deforestation i think we were the first major company to make this kind of commitment. and it was pretty clear to us the area that we really needed to think about was biodiversity an eco system. i think. the
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four young. men i can i go. to my former. exposed you know. bhopal in india is where a factory exploded in one thousand nine hundred four releasing forty tons of chemicals killing ten thousand and causing sickness to another three hundred thousand. the same companies that belong to this group in the real daily activities in their words government. looking for exactly the opposite i love him for. that benefit their commercial interests that don't affect their activities that they don't need to make any structural changes that they can keep on having devastating impact on communities and the environment. it
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only took twenty years for the banker. the politician. and the businessman the symbolic trinity to begin speaking in harmony about the environment. for economic history has been a very exciting time. because it's seen the emergence of the multinational corporation but part of that emergence and part of that success has been through. deregulation and the innovations in trade and capital markets so basically i do believe that i'm not talking about environmental interests and i'm talking about you industrial. so it's actually not about. thank you.
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so i do trust. i said economy come in. limited a little fast. it doesn't mean thirteen only meet us in limited is like capacity that they're looking at us human to planet. yeah mostly dell selling. them in there is to fix your particular necessity. but kill momentum we'll call it capital because not put is chrisette a must in capital. in that. you need a clean more progressive kind of a green economy an economy that is good for people business and the planet has been at the forefront of a community of economists development experts environmental experts social science
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that the united nations was converted to to a point that it's representative of the environment named. as its ambassador today it's a banker who embodies environmental protection in the name of all the nations of the world. less unison either cynicism to the system. in most prominent orders they'll invest in a plan it is to encounter the isidro filament element the start this has really done in america the let us unison here. in oregon i say which is indigenous peoples organization we're very concerned about this green economy. label we first thought well that sounds good that the economists of the world are starting to appreciate. the greenness of the world green economy are sound good but
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as we started to look at it we started to see that it was all about privatizing of nature. so the un business corporations bankers and politicians all in bed together. is there an international plot against nature. and what if this alliance was the only means of saving the planet. environmentalists like the nature conservancy are working with companies like dow chemical and many other companies sometimes people say to me mark why would you work with companies that have such a big environmental footprint and i say that's exactly why we should work with. ecological n.g.o.s. because protecting nature is expensive and donations are not
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enough. some have joined forces with multinationals and signed partnership deals. they now have board members coming straight from the business sector many corporations have also recruited former employees of environmental n.g.o.s. who is influencing. now if you're in the business that coca-cola is and it's pretty easy to help them understand that they should care about nature's ability to produce the clean water they need and of course they get it. they said what kinds of investments in forests will yield the biggest returns in terms of clean water now from an old fashioned environmental perspective you might think well that's kind of a crass question but if your goal is to mobilize industrial players
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like people in the beverage industry to invest more in nature it's very important to have answers to those questions i don't think there's a conflict there to me that's when when. they lend their name. they lend their contacts they lend their expertise. to the development of a market. but many of them also know. will not bring benefits to communities. we would however like to believe in this brave new world. believe that the bank and
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the business corporations have changed to. believe that they have faith and natural capital and are committed to protecting nature. so what if banks and corporations really have woken up to their impact on dependence on ecological investment. is it a metamorphoses. greenwashing. there i'm an ambitious guy you may have noticed i think we can do this change the rules of the game so i am really looking forward to the next ten years because it will completely transform the way we run our economy we will strike a balance between financial or economical success natural or environmental and
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social success and if we can do that then the vision that i've said before nine billion people all living well within the boundaries of the planet will become a reality because that's how we don't measure the way our economy performs. the promise of additional profits coupled with a desire to improve their image has certainly encourage some businesses to commit themselves to preserving the environment valley is a mining giant and a member of the world business council for sustainable development. it's train is an institution in brazil. every year from the heart of the amazon to the atlantic ocean the company transports one hundred million tons of i and all over five hundred miles the population benefits from this valley train as they call it. hello. my family is like you know what's going to come out of there and they're
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going to support it the best way to. bring their message the way of the place. valley operates in thirty eight different countries with a turnover of more than forty six billion dollars aware of its ecological impact the company committed itself to the green economy. it decided to reforest certain areas of the on isn't. it is already replanted over one hundred thousand acres of trees with a further four hundred thousand in the pipeline. bought a house here yes he is falling i have health. and yet in twenty twelve valley received the public eye award the prize for corporate irresponsibility. with these nominations some of the worst examples of
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corporate irresponsibility in the last year have been identified what is needed is not just a recognition of what is wrong with say there are environmental labor practices but systemic and prove that i hope that these awards will raise consciousness of some of the kinds of worst practices that are going on in the world today. what did ballet do to deserve such an award what did valley do to trigger the creation of an international victims organization while spending more than a billion dollars each e. promoting sustainable development. along its railway track are amongst other things five factories working twenty four hours a day transforming the all into cost ion in the process spitting out foul smelling and has a dismay and just below there's a village. for
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. one thing. i. going. to. be that.
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someone. may source and. die for that. boy solo or hear or say. watch those give them more our. man. yet in the eyes of the world the world of business and shareholders of course the valley has built a reputation for being green. in the heart of the amazon the multinational operates the planet's most important ion mine and even if it willingly plants trees to offset its impact it also knows how to transform its good deeds into profit to push as for sales on the markets these investments allow it to be listed on the sustainable development index of the stock exchange. yes if.
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you do. while claiming to replant the amazonian forest valley is only growing a single species of tree you can live tests. for next year is up there say objects are mad at me my advice and. use always come back right here i've read in the salting some soul photos. the solomons and i know are muslin and lager they're supposed to be a large but the solemnly when you're going to. are told do is see it's a process
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a key. it is there certainly is activated. a few miles away in a natural forest. but in the education center here you feel a little need to fit into the. premier to a chorus so you feel a scene that their home feel to divied amusement this is a biggie. you saw work huge fitting into the can i use. how easy daughter's face is blurred to you don't have borders my orders a cuny though you circular thornell sole. of your work you just saw. the observing i would have to. be. the eyes prick use me grogan is a person that i saw as i might there more to continue
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a akiva stuff for my little honey. in thirty is over land with you collectors will become barren until then the financial markets will have rewarded friday for their green investment. ultimately the multinational will make even more profit by selling its trees for biofuel. disguising a monoculture into a millennia old amazonian rain forest this is one of the great deceptions of the green economy a lie that consists in claiming that markets can protect biodiversity. biodiversity markets are not. an entirely new invention there are other types of markets with part of nature that we can look to to see how they function and who wins and who loses when those markets are put in place delegates from around the world gathered here by the hundreds to discuss climate change and its consequences
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global warming will be far more prominent in japan in december one thousand nine hundred seven a majority of countries signed the kyoto protocol they accepted the risks by climate change and committed themselves to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions one leading theory is that it's caused when carbon dioxide and other manmade gases are released into the air and trap heat much like a greenhouse science was telling us that we had a problem with carbon emissions in the atmosphere and we were starting to figure out the ways to solve those problems and of course for us planting forests maintaining forests and landscapes and sustainable agriculture activity is what people agreed was the cheapest and most effective way to abate which is to pull that carbon out of the atmosphere it really doesn't matter where it comes from or where comes out of so you can have a global trading platform for carbon that's perfect in terms of a global commodity market. to put in place market mechanisms to reduce the amount
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of carbon in the atmosphere. the treaty set a global emissions limit which could not be exceeded. each industrialized nation signed the treaty received a carbon quota these credits and then distributed to the policing industry is a company a doesn't use all of its carbon credits they can then sell them to company b. which is exceeded its quota. another possibility is for company b. to invest in clean energy sources in a less industrialized nation. what we're trying to do there is essentially just white people to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. and stabilize the plant giving them a financial incentive to do that and the offset system which for example allows for offsets because of the growth of forests is a way of rewarding. people for providing more natural capital.
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a family business handed down from generation to generation but when this funeral director return as will his son continue the tradition but i don't think he was actually built for just like i don't feel like i was actually built for a difficult choice for an al-jazeera producer caught between two worlds well it's really by tending to the dead to the living get better an intimate portrait of an industry most encounter only fleetingly al-jazeera correspondent death in the family at this time. the nature of news as it breaks recall in canada and generated our great. joy during the hurricane with detailed coverage this is what you mean when you go to find a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these i think it's forty in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw and they feel very let down by the
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baghdad government. the sun and age old part of spanish culture no one i can stop thinking of are the bullies in my life others are explored and a symbol of central government by what we shouldn't carry on something that goes against the morals of got along the sides it is a from the catalan nationalist perspective the bullies were present punished culturally and in catalonia last bullfight this time on al-jazeera wild. i'm jane down and the top stories on al-jazeera eisel is on the verge of being pushed out of iraq other groups capital in syria officials say the remaining fighters are leaving the city taking civilians with them as human shields it's part
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of a deal brokered by tribal leaders to bomb attacks in the somali capital mogadishu have killed at least twenty people the first explosion was so powerful poured down buildings in an area full of government offices her tells and restaurants kenya's opposition leaders are accusing the police of using excessive force softer to protest as was shouted on friday they urging followers to keep demonstrating despite a ban in major cities ahead of this month's presidential election rerun but here number. it is clear the police are using them. in responding to the most the most brutal. considered to be. strongholds. in addition to killing them aiming the police also in the mud the blood of looting
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. a property the oscars academy as expelled film producer harvey weinstein he's accused of raping and sexually harassing more than two dozen women including actresses angelina jolie and going of cultural police in the u.s. and the u.k. are investigating the allegations which weinstein denies. austrians are voting in an election that could see the far right freedom party enter a coalition government the election is a year early after the government fell apart in may the conservative people's party leading the polls austria could vote in the world youngest leader four people have died after a plane crash into the scene near the international airport in ivory coast's largest city abidjan six others on board the cargo plane chartered by the french military were injured the civil aviation chief says it crashed during a heavy thunderstorm winds of up to seventy kilometers an hour fanning the fastest
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spread it wildfires further in the u.s. state of california the worst outbreak of wildfires in the state's history thirty five people have died and more than one thousand have been evacuated pricing the planet is up next. thanks. thanks. kioto put in place market mechanisms to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. the treaty set
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a global emissions limit which could not be exceeded. each industrialized nation that signed the treaty received a carbon quota these credits are then distributed to the polluting industries if company a doesn't use all of its carbon credits they can then sell them to company b. which is exceeded its quota. another possibility is for company b. to invest in clean energy sources in a less industrialized nation. that's why western companies began investing in protecting nature planting forests and developing nations. from small businesses to huge multinationals such as microsoft disney. or even the giants of the oil industry. uganda has attracted some of these carbon investments.
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to get the podiums on the grounds of carbon that they have the need to measure the trees. like damaged as heights and then you get those values and feed them for the formula to get the carbon i want is the proof of. these men work in a profession that did not exist before the signing of the kyoto protocol on climate change. their carbon hunters might do is twenty point six. percent one point six. five point zero zero. eighteen point one.
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five point four each ton of c o two stored in the trees equals one carbon credit credits which the german company global woods offers to the international market on them and that is in the last one odds. so if you would still trying it here come under think. so another. office up talk compounds young on the ark to even buy parts with eyes not asking oceans for. carbon hunting continues to be a promising source of future wealth for those first pioneering investors but can these young trees save the climate can they absorb the pollution from western countries. and compensate for the over consumption of natural resources in any case it's the main solution offered by international politics and the markets to protect the planet for the developed nations pay to have trees planted rather than
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trying to change their ways of doing from thousand hectares pleasure of the. win in the fire i mean you want corn on dust and crazed. and see once by the in that i'm. in i mean you are in the. you know the thing is that you look at the bending and the colors from apple. the kind of. absolute. we really studied this and became alarmed because the numbers weren't bad enough. and it was just
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a false mechanism. that allows the polluters of the north to continue to expand the combustion of fossil fuels. but. there are. no good. budget.
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cuts. in the past this plantation land was used often illegally by the villages but in such a poor country these people grew just enough to eat or to sell at market or to feed their cattle but everything changed with the arrival of global war. vacances for forest security manager the jobs are to ensure that a forest plantation stays free of damage caused by illegal grazing abilities and qualifications trained in policing or army skills including martial arts. when mr.
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i'm talking about we started to use our trees are for specially in the global south in developing countries in the backyard of indigenous peoples who are brothers and sisters to use it as far as this big carbon market. how should land be used to live on and grow food or to replant trees. in order to protect the forests in various locations in africa the villages have been expelled and their homes burned to the ground. in honduras dozens of farmers have already died protesting against the sorts of expulsions.
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how can trees be worth more than people. are people are literally dying we are dying it is a form of of of genocide it is a form of genocide against our people. but for now nothing can stop the charge of the raging bull of wall street. it has barely a second thought for who it trampled underfoot when it finds new sectors in which to make money. they made a clatter. in essence of the few goes. the innocence of the gallows. when called i saw a bit at the bottom of the net when i got to ask you. about the latest i guess. i say the case is was as if you got the
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bug out of this mess. if you look at and they got a lesbian and we can use google to people but this is he says that he would they use speculation as as if it were a bad word right i don't necessarily see speculation is always a bad thing and basically what speculation is is people taking risks and hopefully the people who are taking the risks can assume the risks if they don't pan out already we've seen millions of dollars being invested in projects that protect forests why because people are hoping that they will be able to make money selling carbon credits in the future they're not making money now most of them are not making money now they're speculating. during my lifetime i've had plenty of stock market crashes so could these environmental markets be labile for crashes of the same sort eldritch yes in principle they could
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in fact we've actually lived through one of these recently. because the price of carbon on the markets has collapsed from around thirty dollars a tonne to less than three how can we entrust our future to a market that sometimes recognizes the value of nature and sometimes doesn't. the bank of america merrill lynch and the world bank have announced a plan to offer world bank balance to. major banks and businesses have offered green bones a monetary product invented by the world bank. they have already issued tens of billions of dollars worth of bonds in order they say to redirect finance to serve the environment. what is the guarantee that this so-called green finance benefit the planet. likelihood that banks traders. will be
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developing the hardware and software of this new market in a way that benefits them rather than benefits nature. will be to say. as was the case in the financial crisis two thousand two thousand. these financial derivatives financial products that were being traded very rapidly were not helping house owners to safely finance their home now they were developed and used. to increase the profits that bax could make. this is where the financial crisis started the banks played on the dream of owning your own home in the usa they used the promise of the solution to modest households with precarious finances. once the families were no longer able to repay their
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loans the house of cards collapsed leading to the subprime crisis that made millions of americans homeless. the world tipped into a social crisis. where we've seen the consequences of financialization we've seen the collapse of the street we are witnessing around the world this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems devastating the planet planet and for them to say that the reason. the planet has been destroyed is because there wasn't a price all we have to do is a map wherever there was a price the minerals have been mined. the earth has been raked when it was reverence and respect nature stands in her integrity the evidence is very clear
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price has lifted aggravation and destruction pricing and financialization is a disease that we have to overcome it's like a cancer on this planet and in the human mind. but what is the connection between junk bonds speculators and houses and forests in sex and around. in the past when people wanted to buy a property they went to the bank to ask for a loan. the bank would assess their ability to repay the loan the financial crisis made everyone realize that loans were no longer just the domain of banks in fact household debts are transformed into securities by investors then split up a mixed in with other debts to create derivatives more less risky therefore more less profitable and finally put on to financial markets one day too many homeowners
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were unable to continue paying back their debts triggering a flood of bankruptcies the world then discovered that some investors had speculated on the inability of homeowners to repay their loans. it's not that big a stretch of an imagination to use the same logic of dividing up the biodiversity credits and dividing up biodiversity innocence and saying you can now speculate. on. the future date of extinction of that species. was the duping the priests your and just don't use it as proof of this loopy first song. to the system to put you read this movie some people do this your house
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presently it is a space preserve it is a poster. a pretty good company this your house. and a damaged mess really conclude he's going to spend the first started to the. city put a lid on. it don't you see their best look gene. good to hear this was your that was oh so i showed you he's with. us she was very next door to the opium bust dose the net that you did you see the boss just does it undermine a fat person you want to not perceive and ask because you don't see your. land the discussion in a space where power. yes
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to cure decisions are sometimes bad and they lead to the financial debacle those are bad securitizations but securitizations also can be very very good doesn't mean there should be no securitizations that means we must work harder but just because there's a chance of something going wrong or just because there's a chance that someone might not like it should we stop and not do it i think that would be a fool hardy mistake. but if things were to go wrong with the consequences be this time around is there a level of acceptable risk. investment funds are already proposing species portfolios. you could choose fifty orangutan thirty fly all forty locus credits. the amazon rain forest is already listed on the world's first green stock exchange it's playing god
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it's pretending to play god and when we find out and when those who promote the concept find out that even today they can play god the damage will be done for me these fears are motivated for years and there are those who actually wanted to trade nature as and they would love to have the ability to buy and sell species as you say well that's too bad because that's not our job our job is to ensure that value is appreciated recognized internalised there are others who are politically elice pause towards any form of capital being recognized and for them it's a religion they will fight against anything that uses the word economics or capital . some people will say well that the this is not a conspiracy this is not going to happen this is not the purpose of nature accounting we don't want that but how will they prevent this kind of event once their methodology is either to start speculating to start trading
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biodiversity you provide strawman's and the use of those instruments will be out of your hands. at stake is our future on the planet. can we really mortgage that out and place it on the financial markets. lots of banks have committed to protecting species for just fifty years just enough time to make a profit yet just a speck of dust as far as the earth is concerned. do. economic good energy often or shit or for no is just more or for speaker or vogue polish savate when i push pure morphine i'm share that energy is sit twenty get if . me.
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and. it was. just.
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that. we need to learn to get out of the valuation on the market which is only price everything has a price and nothing has value to everything of nature having value. in price and finding other ways for humanity as humanity for most of its history. has done is not related to nature. the world of finance toyed with the homes and households of america sparking
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a crisis around the while. only a handful of experts foresaw the danger of the mechanisms we engender the the now we know the same recipes or a pint but this time they too late isn't a challenge is it a good idea to leave the planet to. the the earth. is going. to go and.
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hello most of the wet weather in the us is now in the midwest heading up across the border into eastern canada is quite south of that now though some clouds showing in montana and washington and oregon which might suggest a little bit of wintry weather is nothing showing up on the forecast come sunday nor is there prevailing breeze now we had briefly changed the breeze to more of a westerly which is helpful to. nothing there so for the weather is not going to help or hinder it's going to blue skies above north and south as well going there it is but the rain as it sets in is chucky and some cold air far east and south dakota's although trying to as a twenty one degrees that's how we get to monday we're down to twelve there's been a bit of a chill to change the weather type this parts of north america up and down the east coast a rain falling in washington and new york twenty one to get cold for you the day after dropping down to the gulf of mexico to the caribbean this to still time. but you could see. but they found of clouds coming up through central america suggests
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that's where the significant rain is likely and there we are in the forecast looks green but you've got to still of showers in his opinion or even the same is true for jamaica cuba the bahamas and florida. i think. if you can call it maybe. he was. he like to be. able to.


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