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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 7:00am-7:33am AST

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the fall of ice will self declared capitol rocker is near fighters are expected to . join this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. ahead of sunday's vote in austria which could see the country elect the world's youngest. hollywood producer harvey weinstein's expelled from the academy. of rape and sexual harassment plus. inside the crater. on a mountain mission we get close to one of the world's most active volcano. on
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the verge of being pushed out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria rocker officials say the remaining members of the armed group are leaving the city as part of a deal brokered by tribal leaders but the fighters are taking civilians with them as human shields one hundred rebels are rendered in iraq on friday the u.s. led coalition says it isn't involved in the talks but believe the agreement will save lives well eisel entered iraq in twenty fourteen and soon swept across iraq seizing control of a large swathes of the country a couple of years on its territory has been reduced to this the iraqi government's launching an offensive to drive the group from the last air it holds there while in syria as well as being on the brink of losing rocka i still just lost the town of dean syria and its allies are also trying to drive the group from the last pockets of holes in their eyes or city. turkey's border with syria. negotiations are still underway in iraq to convince. to live the city i
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mean tribes and fighters from the have been have been trying to. convince foreign fighters affiliated with ice to leave in exchange for free passage now we're getting some conflicting reports about what is happening now some say that it's just a matter of time before everyone leaves that are but others suggest that some of the battle hardened. i see the fighters say that they are committed to fighting to the death now the u.s. led coalition has been distancing itself from this deal saying that it won't tolerate to see those foreign fighters leave and then resurface in different parts of the country but this remains a very crucial moment the as the though remains confident that it's just a matter of a few hours before they can officially declare that iraq and that control if that happens is going to be a major setback for ice which in two thousand and fourteen declared iraq that
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stronghold now as the fighting intensifies and the push continues to evict i say. from dealers or thousands of civilians remain still trapped in those areas of thousands more are fleeing to safety abandon they feel betrayed with nowhere to go there live under a very tough camp conditions assyrians demanding turkish troops withdraw immediately from the northwest province more than one hundred soldiers and twenty armored vehicles began crossing the border two days ago they are there to enforce a scent called deescalation zone which was brokered with russia and iran to reduce the fighting. meanwhile kurdish peshmerga forces have projected a warning from iraqi troops to withdraw from an area south of the disputed or the province of care cook the contested position controls access to an air base and oil fields in the region tensions been on the rise since kurds voted overwhelmingly for succession from iraq last month john started reports from west of chemical two
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weeks ago these iraqi government forces were fighting eisel in this area now after their victory they are advancing towards kurdish peshmerga positions the vehicles you can see there in the distance are shia militia vehicles they have moved closer to that burnt to that wall in the last few minutes the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga are telling us are actually tanks they say there are least fifty tanks in that convoy the situation on this defensive position with the peshmerga is increasingly tense it was a similar situation to the southwest of this peshmerga position more shia militia and iraqi army that closed in the peshmerga say they will not withdraw. before the iraqi army were fighting i saw them and they didn't pay attention to us but now i still have been beaten and they have moved towards our position here we will not withdraw we will defend this position to the last we will not leave our
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position. the peshmerga took control of the disputed or oil rich city of kirkuk in the surrounding area in two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army fled and i saw a fence if. shia militia groups under the command of iraqi prime minister hyderabadi have threatened to take control of the oil fields peshmerga reinforcements arrived soon after the government troops advanced towards this position some of the more than six thousand patients deployed here in the last few days l.-a body denies his force he has had moved into the area to fight the peshmerga but he has warned the kurdish regional government not to obstruct iraqi military operations in the area the kurdish governor of kirkuk says there is only one way to prevent a potential conflict here for the iraqi army and has decided to go back to their places to go back to where they say they will go either way. it will not deescalate but it's the only way. these kurdish fighters fortune defeated are still in
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northern iraq in cooperation with the iraqi military and shia militia now they say they're having to defend their positions against them but al jazeera west of kirkuk in northern iraq. two bomb attacks in the somali capital mogadishu have killed at least twenty people the first explosion was a massive truck bomb that targeted an area with many government offices hotels and restaurants and they say people are still trapped under the rubble of a hotel and they fear the death toll could rise is paul brennan. when the truck arrived at the busy intersection known locally as k. five there was a traffic jam dozens of motorists stuck in their cars hundreds of bystanders too and so the explosion caused. by michelle and cover couldn't have come out this was the biggest explosion i have ever heard the car exploded at the center of the busiest junction in mogadishu it caused huge destruction some more than twenty dead
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people around the street and there may be more than that in the collapsed buildings i myself and i've never seen a scene like this ever before all the buildings around here have collapsed there were close to two hundred people in these buildings i hope everyone is ok ok five is in a bustling commercial district of mogadishu with many shops hotels and businesses the blast happened outside the safari hotel not normally used by government workers and so it's not clear whether the hotel itself was the intended target or possibly the somali foreign ministry nearby it's emerged too that the police were actually following the truck at the time of the explosion coming over two hours after the truck bomb blast a car bomb detonated in the city's medina district two people were killed there and the driver arrested. a group al-shabaab frequently launches gun grenade or bomb attacks in mogadishu despite being forced from the capital six years ago. african
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union and somali troops the ongoing threat is a constant worry for many somalis paul brennan al jazeera. kenya's opposition leaders are accusing the police of using excessive force against their supporters that's after police shot two protesters dead in c.i. a in the country's southwest the opposition are demanding voting reforms for a presidential election rerun this month after the supreme court and now the oldest vote. in addition to killing the naming. polls open in less than an hour in austria and
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a snap election that could see the far right freedom party enter a coalition government the vote is a year early after the government fell apart in may with a conservative people's party lead in the polls austria could elect the world's youngest leader david schaper reports from vienna. called the austrian politics. at thirty one he may be short on years but he's long on ambition and his t.v. broadcast which you people party shows his eyes are set firmly on the chance for shipping. the polls put it well ahead but he's done it by poaching some of the policies of the far right wing. illegal migration to achieve order and security in austria. it's the freedom party led by heinz christian straka that could be drawn into
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a new right wing coalition with the chancellor they draw their support from a working class aged eighteen by the waves of immigration. struck has said his neo nazi links and hues could now be dismissed he described himself then as stupid and naive that there is no islam does not belong in austria and we do not want. anything i think something needs to change it's a very strong to the left over very strong to the right and the middle needs to come back the middle class is missing. a ban on face veils came into effect here this month but opinion was divided amongst worshippers at friday prayers at the the end of mosque about what life might be like i don't you right wing coalition. this no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of the headscarf or what they are wearing their exterior and i am afraid of that as i want to become
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a doctor. i mean muslims are mature voters in vienna and we do not feel vulnerable let's protect them before austria has been largely successful in integrating its muslim minority but the islamophobia card is being played in this election and it's winning votes. the changing political landscape in australia is likely to add to the problems of the german chancellor angela merkel she'll no longer find natural allies in government here. al-jazeera. the film mogul harvey weinstein has been ousted from the open as nation which hands out the office the academy of motion picture arts and sciences says a two thirds of his board has voted to reject him weinstein's accused of rape and sexual harassment by more than two dozen women including the actresses angelina jolie and going to pull through his romance. girlfriend this could be one of the last times harvey weinstein will be seen in an oscars red carpet the academy as
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it's known which hands out the film industries highest award says it doesn't want him as a member any more this is the first time i've seen them do something like this and it does set a precedent and ask other questions about you know other members that have had scandals or different things in their personal lives and things like roman polanski like no gibson like bill cosby none of them ever never came up but it did with harvey and there was tremendous pressure as his power in the movie business has grown weinstein has been surrounded by beautiful people but there's been a series of sexual harassment allegations against him recently more actresses have been coming forward weinstein has apologized blaming his behavior partly on growing up in the sixty's and seventy's when he says the rules about behavior on workplaces were different but the academy of motion picture arts and sciences says the conduct
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described in the allegations is repugnant appalling and unethical and weinstein must mean i think this is a watershed for hollywood it's never gotten to this point before and that house casting couch as it were are those kinds of pain second a behavior has been going on as long as hollywood's been around quite frankly and it's hollywood's dirty little secret in some cases some very open secret the great moguls of hollywood founders ollywood. one way or another you just read the history of hollywood but this. and it's a different time and for the academy to take notice like this proves that eighty one films linked to weinstein's company helped won an oscar and those and many others have earned millions of dollars but he's been sacked from the company which bears his name though no formal charges have been brought against him the hollywood star of harvey weinstein continues to fall rob matheson al-jazeera time for
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a short break here not a zero when we come back why women in indian administered kashmir are being attacked for having long plus. where gathering up. around the world is braving the. skies by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello this is proper writing dragging through turkey again and that will prompt something of the coke system probably of the caspian coast of iran once again so in the forecast in the media on sunday it's turkey and maybe a little bit beyond but really we're still talking about dry whether i'm still hovering in the middle twenty's for tehran middle thirty's down in iraq with the wind not particularly strong and then come monday that rain spreads across the wind
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follows it it's cold enough behind a little bit more snow up in the caucasus once again so george armenia maybe and as a by john we haven't seen the showers come down to to iran that's probably a day later. not much in the way of sherry stuff further south in fact sunday doesn't show particularly strong shamar with the breezes still blowing down the gulf by this time the cloud around the amanti coast and slower isn't quite enough to bring the forty ft back but it is interesting to see cloud there this time of the year temperature wise western side of saudi was just dropped down below the forty mark about thirty eight or thirty nine mostly this is cloud free out i'm pleased to say that our violent weather on the eastern side of south africa just two or three days ago it's all gone quiet and temporarily sunny. the weather sponsored by cat time and place. in the. news
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coverage consists of. a five second sound bite and an easy solution. dellums says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me. for a new season of the show the frank. from. this time. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera eisel is on the verge of being pushed out of rocca the group self-proclaimed capital in syria officials say the remaining fighters are leaving the city as part of the deal brokered by tribal
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leaders members of the armed group attacking civilians with them as human shields austrians are voting in an election that could see the far right freedom party enter a coalition government elections a year early after the government fell apart in may but the conservative people's party leading the polls could elect the world's youngest leader. to bomb attacks in the somali capital mogadishu have killed at least twenty people the first explosion was so powerful it brought down buildings in the area full of government offices hotels and restaurants. now japan goes to the polls in a week after promise to hold an election campaigning picks up two new parties trying to win votes away from the ruling coalition franzl reports from tokyo where people away there are options. such as never used to give much thought to politics . until she had a child. that i was the kind of person who worked and worked to talk to having a child i began to see society through them politics is connected to our everyday
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life for example nursery or day care issues food and energy that realisation inspired her to set up a small organization called chorus which means living in japanese to create a space where people can take time out from their busy schedules to talk about society and politics among other things you don't want to run it i think it's important to know your position and have reasoning behind it i want to continue to shop my views through talking to many people. when prime minister called a snap election last month many voters questioned the timing given he's not required to go to the polls until december two thousand and eighteen he said he is seeking a stronger mandate to deal with the country's problems ranging from a north korea security threat to a rapidly aging society but he's also likely to be taking advantage of an uptick in approval ratings and an opposition in disarray several opinion polls suggest the ruling coalition is on track to retain its majority but these same surveys also say
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many voters still remain undecided part of the reason for that is the emergence of two new political parties the liberal left party the constitutional democratic party of japan. and the party of hope led by tokyo governor yuriko billed as a conservative alternative to the ruling party there are two opposing parties it's easier to decide where there are three it becomes more difficult to determine the deciding factor for your votes. says she's having a hard time deciding which party to cast her ballot for because as a young parent she now has to think about issues like education and reducing the national debt issues that will affect her children's future florence italy al-jazeera tokyo. the me i'm our government minister responsible for repatriating ranger refugees from bangladesh has told al-jazeera there may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing more than half
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a million range fled the military crackdown which began at the end of august yahoo milam has more from young on it was meant to be an interview about repatriating refugees but then the minister responsible for their recession it said this. by flirting with the groups like you make the accusation that this is ethnic cleansing maybe by systematically playing for that reason i'm saying it could be that i don't know it could. they may have been planning for that they may be planning for that to make it come under the definition of ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing is the description used by the united nations for the military campaign which has seen more than half a million range of refugees escape to bangladesh since late august the un's latest report details indiscriminate killings rape and the burning of homes by security forces in a campaign designed to expel the rohingya and prevent their return a commission set up by cita find solutions to the underlying causes of the wreck
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and conflict has just break the un security council and called for the safe return of the hinge or they can it will only go back if they have a sense of security and confidence that their lives will be better and we in their recommendation indicated that they should not be put in camps they should be allowed to go back to the appalachians and they should be helped to rebuild and reconstruct government leaders in mainmast say they'll meet with their bangladeshi counterparts at the end of the month to begin a process to repatriate at least one hundred ranger a day whose identity is much meanwhile government records we have i didn't find those who are correct so and then sent back to their homes their homes not so we were rebuilt by them so they have to live in the temporary camp. nationalist sentiment runs high here this rally in young gone organized by buddhists with right
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wing views is calling for their hinges to stay out of the military operation in iraq hindsight is very popular here but internationally condemned the military has launched an internal investigation into the conduct of its soldiers during the operation but a similar investigation into similar allegations of violence during october last year rejected any claims of wrongdoing yarber moment al-jazeera. women and indeed another minister kashmiri are being targeted for having long hair nobody knows who's doing it or why the attack has dubbed fandom baba's and break up as a causing mass panic and unrest so ok that explains. the females in srinagar city are scared they've been protesting every day against a series of mysterious attacks targeting them since september at least two hundred women have reported having their hair cut off by most the same. people asked me for water i was wearing
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a headscarf but one still managed to chop my hair off and another snatch my bangle then they threw me down on the ground. because some was at home when her attacker knocked her out with a roll she came round in a hospital but it was only then she realised how braided hair had been sliced off the song but she said. this is an attack on our honor this is how they have been terrorizing us this is the proof. many victims were left unconscious after being sprayed in the face with chemicals only to wake up to an unexpected surprise much shorter hair because when i came outside and i saw two men approaching they spray something in my face then i don't remember anything but my head was cut off was thinking sims are accusing the police of not doing enough to end these attacks and that's despite a ten thousand dollar reward to catch the culprits was scared of going outside even for buying vegetables the government has failed to provide security and safety for
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the women as of now only god can save us from these broad chop us but the police deny this and say widespread mass hysteria and panic is making the situation worse and needs to stop this bring i would operations and emergency operations this is helping the moment of other sources from one place to another because you know everybody's been so. yeah so much so that while the police haven't arrested and wrongfully attacks they've come down hard on vigilantes some of whom have been violently taking matters into their own hands but it hasn't stopped locals some patrolling the streets at night fear of being the stay can for a break is very real here with some people too scared to venture out without a call off ten p.m. . schools in universities have now closed as a precautionary measure to protect female students your. girls are so scared they
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won't go out they ask their mothers to accompany them to school long hair for kashmiri women is central to their identity holding their braids in their hands is a reminder that until the attack is a court every stranger is a suspect. four people have died after a plane crash into the sea near the international airport in ivory coast largest city abidjan six of us on board a cargo plane chartered by the french military were injured a civil aviation chief says it crashed during a heavy thunderstorm the plane was flying from the kenya fast as capital what to do group. one of the world's most active volcanoes is being opened up for adventure hikers in the democratic republic of congo is home to the largest lava lake on earth the air has been affected by conflict but tourists are now slowly returning as malcolm went down that. perched on the rim of the crater of mount near a gong which is just outside the congolese city of goma and. inside
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the crater is a larger lake he lost the ruptured in two thousand and two and destroyed much of this if you go much as interrupted since then although access has been affected over the years why eastern congo has many conflicts but this area has been safe since about twenty fourteen after the government flushed out the rebel group known as n. twenty three and since then so we've been coming up almost daily the popularity is growing yeah around yeah people who want to walk up here and witness this extraordinary sight winds of up to seventy kilometers an hour are fanning the fast spreading wildfires further the u.s. state of california is the worst outbreak of wildfires in the state's history forty people have died and more than ninety thousand have been evacuated. hong kong is hosting people from all over the world with one thing in common they're all hunka it's a minority group of han chinese gov cross southern china and dozens of countries
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the language culture is rapidly disappearing especially in hong kong as cantonese or mandarin become more dominant give it a pall report. now than. a love song passed down through generations of these villagers fear they'll be the last to sing it there are few young people left in the soccer village and paneling most have gone to live alongside the dominant cantonese speakers leaving behind their ancestral homes heritage and mother tongue. culture hakkasan language school of which it would be a pity if it is gone seventy million hakka live worldwide but few speak the language that's apparent at the world haka conference where english cantonese and mandarin are spoken of hong kong's past and present leaders accounting the event it's the biggest gathering of the haka diaspora held every two years and this year
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an unusual scene a younger audience accompanying their parents and grandparents eager to rediscover their identity in single pop public environment very few people because i so we don't have a chance to practice or hustling so i have to. share fifty heritage to my children to my grandchildren or maybe even though i cannot speak and have asked for at least i know some of the philosophy hong kong used to have hundreds of traditional haka villages most have disappeared and the remainder are only recognisable by their dissing to ancestral hall. the hard to worship their ancestors and believe they're always with them once the head of the family dies their name gets engraved in the hall so the next generation respect their lineage and never forget their roots the community was thriving until the one nine hundred fifty s. when hong kong government closed all schools where children spoke their indigenous
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languages. was among the first batch to be educated in cantonese hearing the language for the first time of the school. the parts of. which if you cannot be a. free man that you believe in us of the same course everything is the same as kant on this except the spirit so i think to revive it is to revive their language in the last century many family stopped speaking and to avoid discrimination taking it to the brink of extinction experts say if the haka want to reclaim their vanishing heritage a push for revival has to happen now if you go palin al-jazeera hong kong a german football clubs taking a stand against racism by showing support for protesting n.f.l. players. before their match against the club says the gesture. tolerance and responsibility and it help players in the us if used to stand. claims
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of racial justice. of the top stories here not just here i saw on the verge of being pushed out of the group self declared capital in syria officials say the remaining fighters are leaving the city taking civilians with them as human shields the exit is part of a deal brokered by tribal leaders syria's demanding turkish troops withdraw immediately from its northwest province. more than a hundred soldiers than twenty armored vehicles began crossing the border two days ago they're there to enforce a so-called deescalation zone which is broken with russia and iran to reduce the fighting. austrians are voting in an election that could see the far right freedom party enter a coalition government elections a year early after the government fell apart in may when the conservative people's party lead in the polls austria could effect the world's youngest leader to bomb
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attacks in the somali capital mogadishu have killed at least twenty people the first explosion was so powerful it brought down buildings in an area full of government offices hotels and restaurants police say people are still trapped under the rubble of the hotel kenya's opposition leaders are accusing the police of using excessive force after two protest as was shot dead on friday they're urging followers to keep demonstrating despite a ban in major cities ahead of this month's presidential election rerun right here . in addition to killing them amy.
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the oscars academy has expelled film producer harvey weinstein he's accused of raping and sexually harassing more than two dozen women including the actresses angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow police in the u.s. and the u.k. are investigating claims which weinstein denies. winds up to seventy kilometers an hour are fanning the fast spreading wildfires further in the u.s. state of california is the worst outbreak of wildfires in the state's history forty people have died and more than one thousand have been evacuated but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after upfront what you. china is holding what appears to be its most significant communist party congress. with president xi jinping keen to consolidate his. does that mean for this country and indeed the rest of the world join me brown for live coverage and analysis here . with fake news and russian trolls dominating the headlines the founder of
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wikipedia jimmy wales says the news is broken but he can fix it i'll ask him how.


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