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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise it's safe and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. the nature as it breaks. during the week with detailed coverage this is what you mean when you go to find a raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these i think it's forty in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years bullying i saw and they feel very let down by the baghdad government. some faces leave rucka as part of the deal but others vow to fight on as the battle for the syrian city enters its final stages.
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hello i'm adrian for the good this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the search for survivors under way after at least twenty people were killed in a truck bombing in mogadishu plus. this no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of the headscarf and what they are wearing immigration and islam become a major issue says polls open in austria's snap election is a live pictures from vienna also. where a gathering of people probably around the world is. into the. i saw appears to be on the verge of being pushed out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria rocka local officials say that some myself isis have been allowed to leave
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the city after a deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday it's not clear how many faces are still inside. the city kurdish backed syrian rebels have said that the battle could take hours or days and take you live now to our series hashem is following developments for us from an attack here on the turkish syria border what is the latest fashion on the fighting in iraq are. dozens of foreign fighters to occupy fewer buildings in the very center of the city of the problem fighters face of this particularly. further advance to words the. many narrow alleyways that lead to the area we're concerned about suicide bombers booby trapped buildings snipers or will be trapped. cars there they are trying to move very slowly and carefully this to try and convince the remaining of foreign
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fighters to leave the area but it seems that some of them have decided to continue the why. to the this explains the confusing reports that we've been getting over the last twenty four hours about whether iraq has been fully liberated or not but many top officials now inside the rock from the which is the alliance of different factions backed by the u.s. say their announcement is going to be made today question i just want to remind people that ice will enter draka in twenty fourteen it's control though soon spread to areas of iraq in the armed groups seized control of large swathes of both countries three years later its territory has been reduced to the iraqi government launching an offensive to push it from its last stronghold there as well as being on the brink of losing rocker in syria i saw has just lost the town of mayor dean syrian government forces and their allies are also trying to drive the armed group from the last areas it holds in the city so how significant would rackers
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capture be what does it mean for eyesore. it's a major setback for i said because in two thousand and four feet fourteen when they swept through who use ways of land in syria and control most of the eastern part of the country. this is their capital and syria and they were hoping to use it as a platform to further expand the provinces like homs. and lattakia that won't happen any more now. for many is the beginning of the end for ice in syria. yesterday the last seen in there and. for them from an economic perspective because it has most of the oil fields in syria and when i said took over those fields it used the money it generated from from the exportation of the. fields to finance its war machine not only in syria
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but also in iraq to get more weapons and to recruit people from different parts of the world now those resources have been drained and i said is that just confined to a few areas. like a book about on the border with iraq if the rock falls today as the the syrian army the russians the international coalition led by the u.s. with further consent trade their final push towards the south to control all of the areas that were under control of isis in syria. many thanks to their lives on the border between turkey and syria kurdish peshmerga forces have rejected a warning from iraqi troops to withdraw from an area south of the disputed province of kirkuk the contested position controls access to an airbase and oil fields tension has been on the rise since kurds voted overwhelmingly for a session from iraq last month john strafford reports from west of kirkuk. two
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weeks ago these iraqi government forces were fighting eisel in this area now after their victory they are advancing towards kurdish peshmerga positions the vehicles you can see there in the distance are shia militia vehicles they have moved closer to that burn to that modern wall in the last few minutes the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga are telling us are actually tanks they say there are at least fifty tanks in that convoy the situation on this defensive position with the peshmerga is increasingly tense it was a similar situation to the southwest of this peshmerga position more shia militia and iraqi army that closed in the peshmerga say they will not withdraw. before the iraqi army were fighting i saw them and they didn't pay attention to us but now i still have been beaten they have moved towards our position here we will
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not withdraw we will defend this position to the last peshmerga we will not leave our position the peshmerga took control of the disputed or oil rich city of kirkuk in the surrounding area in two thousand and fourteen when the iraqi army fled and i saw a fence of. shia militia groups under the command of iraqi prime minister hyderabadi have threatened to take control of the oil fields peshmerga reinforcements arrived soon after the government troops advanced towards this position. some of the more than six thousand patients got deployed here in the last few days everybody denies he is force he has had moved into the area to fight the patients but he has warned the kurdish regional government not to obstruct iraqi military operations in the area the kurdish governor of kirkuk says there is only one way to prevent a potential conflict here for the iraqi army and has decided to go back to their places to go back to where they say they will go either way. it will not deescalate
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but it's the only way. these kurdish fighters fulton defeated i still in northern iraq in cooperation with the iraqi military and shia militia now they say they're having to defend their positions against them what chance is not a big deal in northern iraq and joins us live as we've heard rumors about deadlines and threats against the kurdish forces what what's really going on. well sadly according to the iraqi government the government spokesperson for d.c. he's flatly denying any such rumor about a deadline. we've heard as a say conflicting reports a lot of these reports coming out of the k r g. commanders saying that they've received deadlines from the shia militia groups and at least one report of a placement a commander saying that the line had come from the iraqi government itself but as i
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say they rocket government flatly denying these rumors but what's interesting is the kind of language that's being used here is well subtle how do you see the government spokes person has previously said and i'll read the statement out he said that the government has a mandate from parliament to impose federal all sorts of on disputed areas those areas around kirkuk and this was a vote that parliament got in the wake in the immediate off tomorrow controversial referendum last month as we know the kurdish peshmerga took control of these areas in two thousand and fourteen after the iraqi army fled and as we saw in that report there has been a large troop build up from the iraqi military and shia militias in that area we spoke yesterday to a commander in that area to come out kill cookies head of the west and come on a large contingent of peshmerga troops and west of kit
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a cook and he said that they would continue to defend those positions and demanded that the hotshoe the xabi the shia militia and iraqi forces withdraw all to what he described as the sort of historic boundary for the kurdish area of northern iraq which is the hum rina manson's. but the government as i say denying that there is any real kind of offensive and they saying that this is just part of a standard redeployment off to the battle against eisel in that area around. it was one in the last ten days or so chance many thanks for the live below. two bomb attacks in somalia's capital mogadishu have killed at least fifty three people the first explosion was a powerful truck bomb that targeted an area that has many government offices hotels and restaurants police say that people are still trapped under rubble and they fear the casualty numbers could rise paul brennan reports. when the truck arrived at the
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busy intersection known locally as k. five it was a traffic jam dozens of motorists stuck in their cars hundreds of bystanders too and so the explosion caused. the woman to show them cover couldn't they have come a look this was the biggest explosion i have ever heard the car exploded at the center of the busiest junction in mogadishu it caused huge destruction and some more than twenty dead people around the street and there may be more than that in the collapsed buildings i myself and i've never seen a scene like this ever before all the buildings around here have collapsed there are close to two hundred people in these buildings i hope everyone is ok ok five is in a bustling commercial district of mogadishu with many shops hotels and businesses the blast happened outside the safari hotel not normally used by government workers and so it's not clear whether the hotel itself was the intended target or possibly the somali foreign ministry nearby it's emerged too that the police were actually
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following the truck at the time of the explosion come over two hours after the truck bomb blast a car bomb detonated in the city's medina district two people were killed there and the driver arrested the group al-shabaab frequently launches gun grenade or bomb attacks in mogadishu despite being forced from the capital six years ago by african union and somali troops the own going threat is a constant worry for many somalis whole brennan al jazeera. a weather update next here on al-jazeera then we'll tell you why security is tight as kircus town holds its presidential election today i will look at why women at it did administered kashmir being attacked because they have long hair.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha mooney. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of iraq. stormy weather streaming up the western side of europe now the your eminence of failure pulling away from the azores this all links up with this area a cloud that we have just pushing up towards the northwest of the continent they will see increasingly wet and windy weather coming in over the next couple of days but with the storm pushing in from the atlantic with with dragging out very warm southerly winds temperatures getting up to twenty two celsius in london on sunday not a bad day for london but the rain already starting to gather for sunday at least as we go on into monday there we go a fairly a very close to that western side of all of them pushing in some very very strong way in scout force winds hurricane force winds in fact pushing up across that's a western side if you're well in that sense of one hundred kilometers per hour but twenty three celsius the waters there for london and paris temperatures should be
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around fourteen degrees in london at this time of the year also west logic clear and dry across much of central europe a cattail of sunshine in many places getting well up into the twenty's and because of our storm clear skies meanwhile across northern parts of africa will see temperatures well friends say badly as spatz getting up to around twenty seven celsius that bad a similar temperature for cheney and a touch warmer the current. the weather sponsored by the time he's. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my pretty sure it's just that they want to use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al-jazeera at this time.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera eisel appears to be on the verge of being pushed out of itself to claim capital rocka in syria local officials there say that some i still fighters have been allowed to leave the city after a deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday but it's not clear how many i saw members are still in iraq or. iran has closed its border with northern iraq is kurdish region tension has been rising between the kurdish regional government and its neighbors iran and turkey since last month's secession vote from iraq kurdish peshmerga forces have rejected a warning from iraqi troops to withdraw from an area south of the disputed province
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cook at least fifty three people have been killed in two bomb attacks in somalia's capital mogadishu the first explosion was a powerful truck bomb the targeted an area that has many government offices hotels and restaurants. well underway in australia's snap election that could see the far right freedom party enter into government as part of a coalition the elections being held a year early after the current government fell apart in opinion polls suggest that the conservative people's party is leading which means that australia could today elect the world's youngest leader david schaper reports from the area. called the austrian politics. at thirty one he may be short on years but he's long on ambition at this t.v. broadcast with you people's party shows his eyes are set firmly on the chancellor ship. the polls put it well ahead but he's done it by poaching some of the policies
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of the far right. on the. illegal migration to achieve order and security in austria. it's the freedom party led by heinz christian straka that could be drawn into a new right wing coalition with the chancellor they draw their support from a working class aged eighteen by the waves of immigration and euro struck has said his neo nazi links and hues could now be dismissed he described himself then as stupid and naive that there is no islam does not belong in austria and we do not want to. own homelands i think something needs to change it's a very strong to the left over very strong to the right and the middle needs to come back the middle class is missing. a ban on face veils came into effect here
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this month but opinion was divided amongst worshipers at friday prayers at the mosque about what life might be like under you right wing coalition. and this no i'm afraid to be living in a country where the women are suppressed because of the headscarf or what they are wearing their exteriors and i am afraid of that as i want to become a doctor. i mean muslims are mature voters in vienna and we do not feel vulnerable well let's protect them before austria has been largely successful in integrating its muslim minority but the islamophobia card is being played in this election and it's winning votes. the changing political landscape in australia is likely to add to the problems of the german chancellor angela merkel she'll no longer find natural allies in government here. al jazeera. in kurdistan
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a presidential election is underway none of the candidates is expected to win outright but many analysts predicting a runoff between two former prime ministers but security has been high due to where previous political violence in the country kyrgyzstan's first two leaders since the fall of the soviet union were removed from office following riots robin for i see a walker is in the capital bishkek. this is an election unlike any other to have taken place in central asia in over twenty five years and the reason it's so special is because the president of kyrgyzstan i almost make atom by is standing down according to the constitution and that means that whatever the outcome of this election kyrgyzstan will have a new president who isn't there because the incumbent died while in office or through some kind of political revolution and kyrgyzstan has seen two of those in the last twelve years the other reason it's important is that kyrgyzstan is have
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a real choice there are more than twelve candidates on the ballot paper although there are two front runners saddam by. and a man called on the back of now mr sort of boy jim bianco of is the president's chosen successor he's from his political party he's a seasoned politician a man in his sixty's mr band of is much younger he's in his forty's he's considered young dynamic he's an entrepreneur he made a lot of money kyrgyzstan is being offered a choice on the one hand they're being offered security and stability by the presidents chosen candidate more of the same the last seven years have at least been peaceful in kyrgyzstan there was a violent political revolution here in twenty ten all they could choose mr but by and of who is promising to inject some energy some vitality into the curious economy the curious electoral system has undergone something of a revolution of its own in the last few years digital voting system designed to
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eliminate fraud amongst voters and in accounting process whoever can get more than fifty percent will win this election if they don't they'll be a second round runoff in november. iran has warned that the u.s. is isolating itself on the international stage by deciding to decertify the iranian nuclear deal russia china and the e.u. have all reaffirmed their support for the twenty fifteen agreement same bus ravi reports from. well most people will have seen the political theater the night before on their smartphones in iran newsstands are still a great place to get a check of the political atmosphere and the morning after divergent speeches from the presidents of the united states and iran headline writers had a lot to play with trump save the nuclear deal says one illiterate dictator says another and this one simply he's just nagging. formed oh i think the way he
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spoke was very rude and i don't think that it's possible to have any relations with the u.s. as long as he's president and that's what i meant. in my opinion we shouldn't even talk about trauma because what he said was totally meaningless from a legal perspective it was unwise nonsense. from a political point of view he knows nothing at all he's not a politician he's just a very rich businessman who sits at the top of power now he can't make political decisions properly for the future of the country i think response wasn't bad but he should have been tougher we need to really stand up against the u.s. so it would stop them thinking that they can dictate what ever they want us. iranian say trumps comments about their country are not only inaccurate but attacks against their national pride the american president has been trying to paint a picture of iran as a country living under one man rule a kind of dictatorship and while it is true that iran has a supreme leader who presides over the country the fact is he doesn't always get what he wants this country has elected officials who have
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a great deal of power there's a president there's a parliament and they have elections every four years and that means that public opinion really matters. and no doubt public opinion is a concern for iran's leaders hammad mousavi is a professor of law and politico. science at the university he says when the nuclear deal was signed there was great optimism but government promises of jobs and foreign investment haven't been kept so even before this whole trend issue from the u.a.e. inside you have this disillusionment from the nuclear deal if things get worse then i think there would be very little incentive from the iranian side to you know keep up with this deal the nuclear deal improved iran's public image on the global stage but here at home iranians are growing impatient to see its benefits. to her run at least forty people are now known to have died in wildfires in the u.s. state of california more than ten thousand firefighters are battling blazes and what is the worst outbreak of wildfire in the state's history more than ninety
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thousand people have been forced to leave homes and as many as six thousand houses have been destroyed since the fires began last sunday. this morning at three o'clock my daughter was inside and she came out and she could see the flames coming all over the side of the hill so she told us to get out and leave then we had our trailer with the so we came here to sears point that here about the pretty place in guatemala say that they've captured the leader of the notorious m.s. thirteen street gang angle gabrielle as matter was arrested over a gun attack on a hospital in guatemala city in august seven people were killed in that attack and as thirteen began in los angeles in the 1980's and spread through central america women in the administered kashmir are being targeted for having long hair but nobody knows who's doing it or why the attacks of causing panic set a high that's report explains. the females in srinagar city are scared they've been
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protesting every day against a series of mysterious attacks targeting them since september at least two hundred women have reported having their hair cut off by most thank. you why do people asked me for water i was wearing a headscarf but one still managed to chop my hair off and another snatch my bangle then they threw me down on the ground. some was at home when her attacker knocked her out with a roll she came round in a hospital but it was only then she realised how braided hair had been sliced off you know. this is an attack on our honor this is how they have been terrorizing us this is the proof. many victims were left unconscious after being sprayed in the face with chemicals only to wake up to an unexpected surprise much shorter hair because when i came outside and i saw two men approaching they spray something in
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my face then i don't remember anything but my head was cut off was thinking sims are accusing the police of not doing enough to end these attacks and that's despite a ten thousand dollar reward to catch the culprits was scared of going outside even for buying vegetables the government has failed to provide security and safety for the women as of now only god can save us from these bank shoppers but the police deny this and say widespread mass hysteria and panic is making the situation worse and needs to stop. putting i would operations and emergency operations this is helping the moment of other sources from one place to another because you know everybody's been so. yeah so much so that while the police haven't arrested any long for the attacks they've come down hard on vigilantes some of whom have been violently taking matters into their own hands but
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it hasn't stopped locals some patrolling the streets at night fear of being the stay confront break is very real here with some people too scared to venture out without a call off ten p.m. . schools and universities have now closed as a precautionary measure to protect female students you. girls are so scared they won't go out they ask their mothers to accompany them to school you don't have to kashmiri women is central to their identity holding their braids in their hands is a reminder that it's until the attack is a court every stranger is a suspect. i'll just. a german football club has taken a stand against racism by showing support for protesting n.f.l. players in the u.s. how to berlin's team and coach kneel before their match the club says the gesture highlighted the belief in tolerance and responsibility some players in the us of
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refused to stand during the national anthem to highlight racial injustice hong kong is playing host right now to people from all over the world with one thing in common they are all haka which is a minority group of han chinese language and culture is rapidly disappearing especially in hong kong as cantonese and mandarin become more dominant pollen ports . down through generations the villagers fear they'll be the last to sing it there are few young people left in this village and paneling most have gone to live alongside the dominant cantonese speakers leaving behind their ancestral homes heritage and mother tongue. the language full of ways it would be a pity if it is gone seventy million haka live worldwide but few speak the language
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that the parents of the world haka conference where english cantonese and mandarin are spoken of hong kong's past and present leaders opening the event it's the biggest gathering of the haka diaspora held every two years. and there's an unusual scene a younger audience accompanying their parents and grandparents eager to rediscover their identity in. very few people because we don't have to try. so i have to. hear this heritage should i tell my grandchildren or maybe even though i cannot speak in hard. place i know some of the. hong kong used to have hundreds of traditional haka villages most have disappeared and the remainder are only recognisable by their dissing to ancestral hall. the hard to worship their ancestors and believe they're always with
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them once the head of the family dies their name gets engraved in the hall so the next generation respect their lineage and never forget their roots the community was thriving until the one nine hundred fifty s. when hong kong government closed all schools where children spoke their indigenous languages in fact was among the first batch to be educated in cantonese hearing the language for the first time of the school. the clear part of college to which you cannot be a. feeling that you are leaving us of the same course everything is the same as head on this except that we speak so i think to revive it is to revive their language in the last century many families stop speaking and haka to avoid discrimination taking it to the brink of extinction experts say if the haka want to reclaim their vanishing heritage a push for revival has to happen now if you go pollen al-jazeera hong kong.
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have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha with the top stories islip is to be on the verge of being pushed out of its self-proclaimed capital in syria. local officials say that some is a bit allowed to leave the city deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday but it's not clear how many of the group's members are still inside. reports from turkey syria border. as the fighters in iraq say that those who left took with them civilians as human shields and some very few remaining occupying two or three buildings at the very center of however i've just spoken with some people in iraq and they say that they are confident in the two or three hours from now they will make a final announcement saying that iraq is finally and control iraq has closed its
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border with northern iraq is kurdish region tension has been growing between the kurdish regional government and its neighbors iran and turkey since last month's secession vote at least eighty five people have been killed in two bomb attacks in somalia's capital mogadishu but truck bomb targeted an area that has many government offices hotels and restaurants armed men that attacked a hotel and fought a gun battle with police a second blast at the city's medina district austria is voting in a snap election that could see the far right freedom party enter into government as part of a coalition the election is a year earlier after the current government fell apart in may opinion polls suggest that the conservative people's party is leading the polls which means that austria could today elect the world's youngest leader voters in kurdistan are heading to the polls in a presidential election there none of the candidates is expected to win outright
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with many analysts predicting a runoff between two former prime ministers security though has been heightened right across the country. there's the headlines i'll be back with more news for you right after talk to al-jazeera next. al-jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. you will. see. the stages now he promised himself to get rid of his country's apartheid system and its nuclear weapons program. those were the two.


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