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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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he says this project couldn't wait this tea was for those mothers some bills to sit on those wifes living in afghanistan as i was talking about their advice but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one a network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but the conscious sit in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop our solace and help bring peace and stability to our country.
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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up somalia declares three days of mourning after the most powerful bomb blasts to ever hit the capital more than two hundred people are reported dead. objections put austria sebastian kurtz on course to be the world's youngest leader to moving his party to the right. while the mental model of them are well worth. making a difference one name at a time the man who set up a lost and found booth to reunite separated ranger family. and wish you weren't here and its residents fight back against the terrorists they say a ruining nest city. in sport roger federer gets the better of his drake rival rough start repeating about for the fourth time this year when the shanghai master starts. was.
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a massive bomb attack in the center of somalia's capital on saturday is now reported to have killed more than two hundred people hundreds have been protesting on the streets of market to shoot voicing their anger at the attack it was the most powerful bomb blast to ever hit a city which suffers regularly from these types of attacks a residential district was also hit by a smaller car bomb somalia has declared three days of national mourning. it's still not clear who was behind these blasts senior members denied responsibility catherine sawyer reports from nairobi in neighboring kenya. when people in somalia's capital mogadishu are trying to come to terms with one of the worst car bomb attacks ever a truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at an intersection lined with government offices restaurants and shops
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hours later a second blast struck another business district in the city most of the buildings in those areas have been destroyed still being pulled out of the rubble president mohammed up to life from a jew visited the scene and his government has declared three days of mourning and you are the. target of these terrorist is not government officials but civilians as you see here there are no government buildings only civilians who are going about their daily life we have to come together and fight these monsters until we eradicate them from our country. speaking to our jazeera the united nations deputy special envoy to somalia say despite such attacks the security situation around the country has improved a great efforts have been made by the government to particularly secure city but also other areas and in the country but nevertheless when one is desperate enough to get through these kind of things do happen and we've seen it yet again into mali
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and fortunately doctors are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the many people who have been injured dozens are in critical condition several have lost limbs so. what happened yesterday was incredible i have never seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable corpses were burned and no one could recognize them. attacks on soft targets like markets and restaurants have become common in somalia this one apart is just how large it was and the devastation it has cost. right now people are in shock hospital supplies like blood are i did he needed many are wondering how someone is able to drive of year called packed with explosives into the heart of the city catherine so you are dizzy nairobi kenya. of war what's happening in somalia we can speak to david autor he's a counterterrorism and security consultant with t.j.'s intelligence consultants here in london thank you very much you're coming in to speak to us this attack has
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all the hallmarks of an al shabaab attack and yet they're denying it why aren't this is the mother of all bombs you know and you know are they in the most city of this just reminds of also what happened you know in one thousand nine hundred eighty when we had the twin bombs in the u.s. embassies of tanzania and so on and also in kenya so i think you know this is going to be one of the biggest ever bombs that you know the new civilian government you know has actually witnessed and reminds us of also the nine eleven attack you know in new york city so you know i don't know how you know they got a new government is going to cope you know with these kind of attack but you know it is really really devastating and the amount of lives that have been lost you know with even frightening a group like al shabaab to deny responsibility but i think you know it covers all the hallmarks of our if you look at the activities that they've been doing for recently weeks and months and how does it work with in somalia or
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are they a monolithic group or are they becoming more splintered more fragmented more decentralized as we've seen with i.c.l. and al qaeda in recent years of course if i were. there is a liberalization that split into two you know just about a year ago when i still came into being and you know some of the factions you know formed you know the slum extent of east africa and i was of which really wants to be kind of a somalia based organization despite the fact that he has links with with our qaeda core and works alongside with groups like this let me get my grip. very want to show that you know they are kind of you know assuming they are basic on those issues but they have different factions and say you know they've got their eyes who fucks you which you know is actually fighting against you know their kind of faction so you know it is a little bit difficult for us to determine which of the groups but this really bears the hallmarks because if you look at the recent attack that accord on the levels of september twenty seventh seen when i attacked you know somalia
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a military base also used similar tactics you know of using the car bomb you know to strike against you know we had targets so it it would be really difficult you know to deny these they've been operating in their region for over a decade now and what you're saying are they getting stronger of course you know are getting stronger because you know what you can see you know within somalia is you know you're have you know the recent president just change in you know his security achieves a war that has an effect is you have this gap where the new military chiefs you know would then you know be able to take over from the ones so this also creates a serious problem and as we know turkey has also introduced a new military base which was just to buy the fest and what that means is you know there is a plan by the somalian government to then pilot out which has been responsible for for fighting against all these different factions you know is kind of very very
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heavy on the hands of the somalian government which is better than the previous administration in terms of how it wants to talking but it is still weak right comparatively and i suppose this is this is a big problem now because now that the government in somalia has its fair share of challenges both economic and political if the government that is struggling to assert its control over the entire country what how then do they respond to a group like this two attacks like this one needs to change in a counterterrorism strategy of course you know there is much that needs to be done you know previously we've been able to keep. a lot of advice to you governments and how to tackle these issues where the most important thing is for this woman in government to understand that in order for you to try to solve the problem of. you know you have to really look at the right problems you know so we have put ourselves you know in positions where we work with local organizations that is more important for us to give confidential solutions to the government of somalia so if they're interested in actually having to deal with these issues there is
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a play turia of issues that needs to be done you know or think you know we would be able to advise the government on all confidentiality on the best way to go forward with this well thank you very much for sharing your analysis with us david autor thank you very much. when our exit polls in austria thirty one year old conservative sebastian kurtz on course to become the youngest leader in the world early indications show his center right people's party in the lead with thirty point two percent the once mighty social democrat party looks at the third place but is now projected for second place with twenty seven point one percent that's despite a series of blunders and scandals during its campaign that put science question struck as far right freedom party in first place on twenty five point nine percent but he may end up forming a coalition with curt's who stole some of his thunder by talking tough on immigration a current has declared victory and says he will fight for a new style of politics in austria believing they're not real and i mean today the
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very two men and women in this country gave us a great mandate we must be aware of this opportunity and women i know men are putting their hopes into this movement we will use all our strength and all of our fight to bring about change in this country i invite you to go on this path with us there is much to do to establish a new style new culture of politics in this country. well let's get more from david peoples party headquarters in vienna and so david atmosphere around there must be quite buoyant given that kurtz's is still on course for getting the most votes. that's right mariama essentially is no doubt now that the projections and the counting that's still going on does indicate an emphatic picture ie for a man who turns out to be the world's youngest leader only thirty one sebastian kurtz as he said in that short speech he gave here to his supporters has made the
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impossible possible this has a turning point in austrian politics and it actually means that we will see a whole new dimension in the politics of the european union as well as the domestic policies here in in syria itself now to analyze exactly what it means both for austria and indeed for the european union i have with me a political scientist professor hinds. now looking at this everybody thought perhaps that the wave of right wing populism was over it's clearly not it's clearly not an election shows. we have a party system and to sweep artist in is here to stay for the time to come including those as a right wing populist party but having said so of course this is a time because europe saw and to strengthen not disappear in time to come.
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we have a kind of checks and balances now which is three parties and none of them do have a constitutional majority of which is a group that's right hundred eighty three seats nobody can stand on their own because they don't have enough votes but at the moment everybody is assuming that the coalition will be between the popular party and the freedom party the hard right freedom party is that the way you think it's going to go that's possible it's likely but it's not the only option out option of course would be a continuation of the grand coalition of recess which by. the leader so that. option the least likely option would be the social democrats and freedom party it's still possible but that's not likely so now looking at the implications of this implications both here with the muslim community and perhaps indications on the
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european union side as a whole what was it do you think that swung it for the right here in austria. the party and the freedom party today for how she immigration laws i'm thinking islamist parties pose of time so if we have a government of the two of them we can expect. a loss as well. so that was one of the reason of course for their own party it's not the only reason because the freedom party was. already for the last decades i mean we didn't have to. concede so there are issues as well and to set. a conservative you know strip maybe in europe because all of our you want to social democrats are losing as well and briefly professor what does this mean for the future hopes of reform inside the european union because austria seems to be
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turning towards a visit grad group towards the east towards the troublesome twenty years old. but i remember she was telling me much shape for india opinion is not in question so there are sort of freedom projects that are going to play maine and. presidency . next year. of the european union and the freedom party doesn't want to be isolated so we will remain we seem to have opinion union but that might be some closing up and warming up is to be shaken up that's that's post. but it's not necessarily a bad thing to have close relations with a neighboring car departed should not be an identity of to the european union. professor thank you very much for that analysis so we've heard that the kurds it's about kurds who's celebrating what seems to be an emphatic victory tonight is still
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waiting for word from the president he's not being called on to launch talks for the government so we're still waiting to see exactly when that will happen probably tomorrow morning will be a great deal of change in the results of the counting continues it's just a case of exactly where the social democrats and up but it does look like the hard right to freedom party will be invited into a coalition at the moment with the world's youngest leader the chancellor in waiting at the whiz kid as they call him sebastian coe ok david thanks very much david. was more to bring you in this program venezuelans voting as well in regional elections over there which could hand the opposition another victory over president the duros catalonia as president calls for calm on the eve of spain's deadline for him to clarify whether he's declared independence or not and that in sports the dodgers make perfect start in their championship series and you will have that
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story much more. on now for the latest from syria where the final assault is underway to reach how i still fight is still holed up in pockets of the northern city of raka u.s. bank syrian forces say almost all of the civilians and about two hundred seventy five i sell fighters have left under a deal that was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday between two and three hundred mostly foreign fighters still thought to be inside the city. as update from an taqiyya in takis high. province. fighting in iraq is confined to a few areas in the center of the city the s.d.f. which is a coalition of kurdish fighters backed by the united states of america the shelling of those areas with the hope to try to evict eyes of fighters from from there there's been a little to back to buy at a time for
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a deal backed by tribes and you know how to convince ourselves why it is to withdraw but that didn't work some of the foreign fighters insist that they would like to stay and fight to the death but this is why the significant development of the centers that i sit is goosing ground is losing their self-proclaimed capital in iraq. but also in deals all of this suffering some major setbacks the loss the city of. pulling of towards areas on the border with iraq in two thousand and fourteen or fifteen i was hoping to use iraq as a platform to expand further towards. and let. that narrative is now being reversed. iraq's kurdish leadership has rejected baghdad's demand that it cancels the outcome of last month's a session referendum as a precondition for talks to resolve the dispute rockey president for my sermon iraqi kurdish president massoud barzani have met in so many a to discuss the recent
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standoff between their forces in the disputed city of kirkuk oil rich cook is claimed by both governments tensions have been on the rise since the kurdish the session on september twenty fifth that baghdad sees as illegal. a rebel the former governor of aden who's leading a movement for southern yemen secession says a referendum would be announced there. iris beatty set out his secession plans to thousands of supporters gathered on saturday in yemen his main southern city they were marking fifty four years since the october one thousand nine hundred sixty three uprising against the british so bady has previously declared a council that wants the south of yemen to secede from the north south yemen was previously an independent state from one thousand nine hundred sixty seven to nine hundred ninety when it merged with the north or catalonia as president has less than twenty four hours to say whether or not he'll declare independence following controversial secession vote there at the start of the month if carter's pretty
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month says yes and refuses to back down or in spain's prime minister precedented step of removing the region's political autonomy sonicare go reports from barcelona . facing up to the biggest challenge of his political career all eyes are on catalunya as president cutlass prejudgment the man who could be about to declare europe's newest state here remembering the life of the last man who declared an independent catalan republic. in one thousand nine hundred forty this was with former castle and president louis combatants was executed by firing squad for a belling against the military rule of general francisco franco with only hours to go until this depleted what except for defies the order for the dread to end his drive for secession he gave no clue as to his intention. on behalf of the government and myself i want to reiterate our commitment to peace
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civility serenity and also from the same democracy as the inspiration for the decisions we have to make on the eve of the day when mr preacher one is expected to confirm or deny his declaration of independence his presence here at memorial ceremony for a hero of catalan independence is not going unnoticed and many here are drawing parallels with that situation. there has been much emotion stoked here in the past few weeks but the attempt to frame this as a story of oppression of a wealthy region by the central government is not convincing the european union despite the violent crackdown by madrid on any attempt to push ahead with self-determination if the spanish government try to. our me i'm convinced that they can. answer them with a peaceful. position. never use the balance to defend our arguments.
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all of. the catalonia of today is different from the embattled place it was during the spanish civil war but for those gabbert. the specter of pasta heroes of the cause is never far away even if catalonia is pro independence politicians step back there's no guarantee that they will pay the price for their part in spain's current constitutional crisis. al-jazeera barcelona. well venezuelans are currently voting to elect new governors for all twenty three states it's a regional vote and it's the first actually since a new super body was created by the president nicolas maduro and that super body has powers to overrule the opposition controlled national assembly and amend the constitution. polls have put the opposition on course to win many of the state
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votes we're going to be live in caracas with all the latest on how that vote is going polls indicating that the opposition could do very well out of the state elections u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has denied accusations that president trump's threat to tear up the iran nuclear deal had weakened america's chance of reigning in north korea so listen has vowed the efforts to contain its nuclear ballistic missile drive through diplomacy would continue until the first bomb drops and a sharper turns your ports several members of the trumpet ministration of appeared on u.s. television on sunday to defend the white house's position. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley brushed off european criticism of the trumpet ministrations unilateral approach to what is a multilateral nuclear deal with iran specifically the german foreign minister is warning that should the u.s. withdraw the danger of war would return iran is not right now saying death to germany they're saying death to america and when you look at the ballistic missile testing when you look at all that they're done with arms sales and things like that
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they are not proportionate to what the concessions that we gave she also addressed reports of divisions in the trumpet ministration on iran notably between herself and secretary of state rex tillerson some have even suggested haley could soon replace tillerson that's so dramatic that that's so ridiculous no i think what you have is sometimes secretary tell us and i have different opinions but when we come into the n.s.a. everybody has different opinions also doing the rounds of the us on the talk shows the israeli prime minister if they want to save the deal then the european allies should start working with their the united states to actually correct its deficiencies and there are many they have to they're very clear and they have to be changed and it's an opportunity that president trump has created for them to fix this very bad deal i'm donald trump's national security adviser argued the president's position was already having an effect in europe they already are
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revisiting the terms of the deal on the implementation of the deal and our european allies the three they're called france germany and the u.k. are supporting much more rigorous enforcement of the jaish e p a way and monitoring however it was iran's foreign minister also interviewed on u.s. network t.v. whose position seems closer to the other signatories to the deal except the u.s. this is not a bilateral treaty between you know on and. you know the united states is a permanent member of the security council and if it's not going to oppose a resolution that not only. but its punch line. then there could be ability of the institution in the united states considers to be very important would be actually it will now be up to the u.s. congress to bounce what is the reef called domestic politicking the u.s. is international strategic interest she overturns the old user of washington well
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turning now to california fire officials say they've turned a corner with several of the wildfires that battling which of killed at least forty people thousands of firefighters are working with special aircraft to tackle sixteen major blazes in areas north of san francisco ninety thousand people have been displaced in five and a half thousand homes and buildings destroyed. year to date the state of california from january to last sunday had burned approximate two hundred forty three thousand acres from sunday to today two hundred fourteen thousand acres have burned statewide in sixteen major fires that's pretty stunning figure that the fact that we burned almost as much in a week that we burned all year long so it's a it's a fire season in a week but police have announced that they're investigating three further allegations of sexual assault made against the film producer harvey weinstein that date back to two thousand and ten two thousand and eleven and two thousand and fifteen officers were already looking into claims of two other sexual assaults weinstein was expelled from the oscars academy on saturday following allegations
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made by several women on both sides of the atlantic the filmmaker woody allen says he feels sad for him and his caution against a witch hunt towards other men. when i can use opposition a to royler dangar is held a rally in the city of mombasa where he's aged his supporters to boycott the presidential election all his days of violent protests despite a government ban to protest as were killed during clashes with police on friday as anger over increasingly uncertain rerun scheduled to take place later this month the media miller was at a rally in mombasa. opposition leader raila odinga maintains that should there be no reforms to the electoral commission and the way in which it conducts the polls then they won't be any elections at all a dingo withdrew from the upcoming rerun that's due to take place on october twenty sixth he says that he doesn't believe the rerun would be free and fair and there
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wouldn't be any credibility thousands of the supporters who gathered at a rally in mombasa agree with the sentiments saying that they don't trust the electoral commission the i.v.c. says that it's ready for elections in about ten days time it says that it's retrain some of its officials it's try to deal with some of the issues that the supreme court doubts were in its judgment when it's an old the august eighth election elections president a hurricane artist says that he's ready to participate in these elections in fact do you believe party says that it's sure it will get even more than the fifty four percent of votes it got in august before the time being there's a lot of confusion following a ding goes with to all that is uncertainty around if indeed the election will take place is basing his withdrawal and the call for fresh elections on a supreme court ruling from twenty thirty in his party says that there should be fresh elections and that the rerun in ten days time should be abandoned. when i
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tell you about this hour fears of unrest in the former soviet state of karega stan as people go to the polls to choose a new president. and the bigger problem in hong kong where a gathering of packer people from around the world is breathing new life into the city's indigenous culture. and it's gotten squashed double act from egypt making history at the us ok. how we got more clout in right making its way towards the black sea towards the caspian sea some rather lively sliding in here as you can see spilling out of northern turkey using a cross media azerbaijan and also georgia we're looking at some very wet weather
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here as we go on through the next day or so the northeast of turkey also catching a little bit of that very heavy are right on the northern flank you see mabel even see some snow over the high ground further south no sign of any snow here of course it's a pretty hot kuwait city getting up to thirty five degrees celsius and heart of snow across the arabian peninsula here in doha but have highs of around thirty eight degrees but i would probably get up to around thirty five celsius just one of two showers just down towards the fos south of oman but essentially i think it will be largely fine dry and sunny meanwhile fine and sunny for a good part of southern africa a few showers just getting across the southern cape from time to time a bit about well it's just coming in here rather breezy as well for the eastern cape as we go on through monday but for most it will be fine sunny and settle harari gets up to around thirty three degrees celsius antananarivo at around twenty eight but central parts of africa showers across central regions with more wet
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weather for west africa. in recent years the sawhill of north africa witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time on which is iraq. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in new york trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on being superior
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that you realize you've witnessed history in the making. a comeback quick recap the top stories now the death toll from the powerful truck and car bombs that exploded in the somali capital mogadishu on saturday is reported to have jumped to two hundred the government has declared three days of mourning. early predictions in austria put thirty one year old sebastian kurtz's conservative party in the lead with about thirty one percent of the vote to form a coalition government with the far right freedom party which is in third place
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behind the social democrats. and venezuelans a car in voting to elect a new governors for all twenty three states point and. life now is the capital crime has what to raise above has been monitoring all these developments and how's the voting been going so solitary. well i mean you're in an area known as i mean i don't that this is a school turned polling station and voting here has been going very very slow people have been complaining outside that they have to wait for hours to be able to go inside here and cast their ballot recently the situation has gotten a bit better and this is an example of what the opposition has been complaining about the relocation of voting center there's to polling centers that are working in one theme place and that's the reason why people have to wait for such a long period of time outside this is an area that traditionally the opposition has won and the opposition have been trying to but in spite of all the trouble to ask
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people to go out and vote this is the opportunity the opposition have to show that there's a trend is not wholly on the three with protest but also in the balance and also of course is an opportunity and a preview about what could happen next year if the if there's presidential elections where the government however they remain in very calm and very confident let's not forget that the government has. it declined it candidate they have a local guard from some important opposition figures like in pick up for example from running for office others have been incarcerated the government is saying that they're fighting an attempted coup that's what they've been doing this. to show that in venezuela there are constitutional orders and that elections are ongoing. let me quickly ask you in the last elections the constitution assembly there were accusations that fraud had been committed are there concerns that we could see the same thing this time around. well we have spoken who will
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members of the opposition understanding that of course they're not saying that nothing could go wrong except for what we've been seeing during the day but what they're saying that different from the previous election during the constitutional assembly that happened last july that basically the opposition boycotted the election and that they did not have any type of witnesses inside the polling centers that were able to control what was happening in the polling stations during the vote let's not forget that at the time in your life mark matic with in charge of the machines that are carrying all they hold they denounced that the machine had been that fraud had been committed well what they're saying now is that the witnesses the opposition witnesses that are here will be able to compare their papers that people are putting in the boxes with the national tally they also saying that the same fifth them was used back in two thousand and fifteen when the opposition won in the national assembly that has power has been now basically eroded by the by the constitutional assembly but they said that back in two
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thousand and fifteen the same for them where you and they won thank you very much to raise a bow is all the latest from caracas. now results in kyrgyzstan presidential election show a surprise first round victory for the former prime minister because he trailed a young and charismatic oil tycoon for much of the electoral campaign for his son's outgoing president has pledged a peaceful and democratic transition a first for the central asia region or been forced to walk or reports from bishkek . this presidential election has been a test for democracy not just for kyrgyzstan but for a region typically governed by strong men who cling to power voters used an electronic voting system designed to eliminate fraud and had a genuine choice eleven candidates with two front runners almost back but panel of a youthful charismatic oligarch promised to kickstart
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a chronically impoverished economy. we will have the name of a new president and his name will be bob another sort i'm by the echo of the incumbent presidents chosen candidate promised continuity today i voted for consistency in power for the development of our country for the future of our country. incumbent president allmers beck atom by a wants to be remembered as a leader who delivered the democratic first in the region a peaceful legitimate handover of power. that legacy however risks being undermined by the jailing of political opponents using state bureaucracy to influence the outcome of the election and attacks against the media this election boils down to new power versus power between a man who has spent millions of dollars of his own money on this campaign against
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an outgoing president term ins to make sure his chosen successor and his office. early results indicate a first round win that was unexpected groups of volunteers on sunday night pledged to keep the peace contested results not so long ago have led to revolutions democracy in kyrgyzstan is fragile in first year walker al jazeera. well liberia is heading for a ronald vote in its presidential election the former football star george ware and vice president joseph buckeye will progress to the second round after both failed to win more than half of the vote in almost all the votes counted where has thirty nine percent. is on twenty nine point one percent iberia's economy has grown rapidly in the last decade but many complain of poor public services and corruption . al jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist ahmed hussein who's now
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been in prison in egypt for two hundred ninety nine days is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and out zero strongly deny mahmood has repeatedly complained of mistreatment during his incarceration he was arrested in december while visiting his family. officials say wild elephants have attacked a new camp where ranger refugees were sleeping killing a woman and her three children in southern bangladesh as the number of refugees arrive in the country flaying an army crackdown in myanmar continues to rise the camps are becoming more and more crowded and that makes it easy for families to get separated and for children to get lost mama gem jim met one refugee at the could to pile on camp and cox's bizarre who started a lost and found service to help reunite them. number two of them i'm going to work i'm almost sane the time had come to try and make a difference. one day in the morning i was going to work i saw one lady who was
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sitting in front of the gate and crying when i asked what happened she said my baby's been missing since last night and i can't find him after opening the office or day i was thinking about it and i was feeling very bad i was thinking how can i help her that was in late august just as the massive exodus of room to refugees fleeing violence in me and more was beginning since then more than five hundred thousand people have arrived in bangladesh. himself or him to refugee who's lived here for years noticed that more and more families were getting separated in overcrowded camps so he set up a lost and found booth from behind this microphone at the could to prolong camp he makes announcements about unaccompanied children that have been brought to him as well as individuals who've been reported missing by their relatives he says that there have been more than fourteen hundred people reported missing and estimates that more than seven hundred families have so far been reunited and. i have family
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too i have kids too if i lost my own kids that i would feel very bad so until i'm able to give the lost children back to their parents i remain distressed when i can return children to their parents then i feel a pace kemal knows the chances of children being found increases when people can continue to communicate with each other that's why he's also set up a charging station where refugees can charge their mobile phones for free come out had been working as a security guard for an aid organization when he first got the idea for this initiative to use the money from his own savings to rent a microphone and start calling out the names of the missing and the lost now he is doing this full time. nur mohamed was frantic when he couldn't find his two and a half year old son. people told me that i should go to the booth with a microphone where a person named will announce my baby's name i searched all over for my son and still couldn't find him when i was about half of the way to the booth i heard that
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they were announcing that they had found a child then when i arrived i found my son with now reunited with his son mohammed tells us he's not just relieved but also extremely grateful to come out but for every happy parent we find there is a distraught one. my son has been missing since last night i searched for him yesterday all day and night as she waits for news alongside her other son mohammed aziz all marriages desperation only deepens come all is all too familiar with this kind of suffering it's why he sits in this booth despite the heat it's why he works from early in the morning until late at night finding children helping adults making a difference one name at a time. at the could to prolong camp in cox's bazar bangladesh. hong kong is hosting people from all over the world with one thing in common
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they're all haka a minority group of han chinese scattered across southern china and thousands of countries but their language and culture rapidly disappearing especially in hong kong to go on and reports. down through generations of the villagers fear they'll be the last to sing it there are few young people left in this village and paneling have gone to live alongside the dominant cantonese speakers leaving behind their ancestral homes heritage and mother tongue. culture hacking is a language full of which it would be a pity if it is gone seventy million hakka live worldwide but if you speak the language that's apparent the world hacker conference where english cantonese and mandarin are spoken of hong kong's past and present leaders opening the event it's
9:43 pm
the biggest gathering of the haka diaspora held every two years and this year an unusual scene a younger audience accompanying their parents and grandparents eager to rediscover their identity in single pop public environment very few people because so we don't have a chance to practice or hustling goal i have two. old here fifty heritage to my children to my grandchildren or maybe even now i cannot speak in half. i know some of the philosophy hong kong used to have hundreds of traditional haka villages most have disappeared and the remainder are only recognisable by their dissing to ancestral hall. the haka worship their ancestors and believe their always with them once the head of the family dies their name gets and waved in the hall for the next generation respect their lineage and never forget their roots the community was thriving until the one nine hundred fifty s.
9:44 pm
when hong kong government closed all schools where children for their indigenous languages dutch and fatah's among the first batch to be educated in cantonese hearing the language for the first time of the school the nuclear part of her college to her language you cannot be hard core your lowest feeling that you are really even grosser of the same course everything is the same as chemist except spin haka so i bring to revive is to reverse their language in the last century many families stopped speaking in the haka to avoid discrimination taking it to the brink of extinction experts say if the haka want to reclaim their vanishing heritage a push for revival has to happen now that hugo pollen arches era hong kong. so i had my ovaries back in the winter. or details on her success coming out late and. also. i'm just not in california in
9:45 pm
a moment i'll explain why the government is looking at smacking something mind size into something that size to save the earth. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. we know the church we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it
9:46 pm
united nations peacekeepers out there going on tyrol you know. we are challenging the forces were challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is going. welcome back it's well known that the ancient city of venice is sinking but it's also shrinking its fifty four thousand residents is steadily leaving because it's been overrun by tourists fed up locals i have been to change that with an anti terrorist campaign manager explains. venice the
9:47 pm
timeless city that tourists seem to have little time for twenty million visit each year three quarters of them only stay for twenty four hours they follow the same route see the same site the impact is devastating fed up residents and leaving for ever one thousand each year for them house prices are astronomically high the crowd unbearable italian city no longer caters for them they say. feel the one who call you cold to fly in the good life food and now you can buy only bags you live you see we became invariably like how was it possible to appreciate a suit running a citizens. shops only for. the craftsmen are not working in their shops. residents are protesting against the visiting cruise ships that dwarf the city and damage the environment unesco is threatening to blacklist
9:48 pm
the world heritage site unless action is taken a campaign to enjoy and respect venice is under way police move on to us to sit on steps and encourage them to visit less popular attractions but there are no plans to reduce tourist numbers only we. we agree cruise ships shouldn't pass by sand marks but we need to keep five thousand jobs we are looking into a different road regarding the trippers we are working on a possible experimental closure of sun miles square tourists would have to book a free visit to try and encourage the right type of business in the city has also introduced by putting up these posters all over venice terrorists can be fined two hundred forty dollars but picnicking on a bridge like this one hundred twenty dollars for littering they can also be charged for holding too long which many of these birds will be guilty of. generally . piero dream is one of few remaining
9:49 pm
making it steer the gondolas which helped make venice famous so if they were. going to challenge us to show them the real venice not because we want to create a museum there because we think that this is the most intelligent way to visit here and the only way to keep the nancy alive. but hoping for tourists who go with the flow is like venice battling against the tide charlie and al jazeera. thank you so much mary more roger federer has got the better of his face rival rafa nadal federer abasing it out for the full time the shots and win the shanghai masters title was still funded al he said afterwards he was struggling with and the injury far as small ripples. roger federer is the only man that can still stop brafman adele from ending the year as the world's number one player winning the title in shanghai would be the step in the right direction for the swiss star
9:50 pm
federer was quick out of the blocks breaking a doll in the opening game. i. federer beaten adele in the finals of the australian open in the miami masters and in the last sixteen at indian wells this season and he repeated that head to head dominance in china. and the thirty six year old beating the spaniard six four six three in seventy one minutes for his second it shining high crowned a ninety fourth crewe title for federer also sees him draw level with eve online dole in terms of titles won in the open era second on the all time list a great rhythm of the baseline my serve was working and then was able to mix it up as as i wanted to and then the second step was you know again a good start to the second set was able to keep graph on the defensive and then also some has pulled back and let him make an error of his own he played so well i think and. yeah i could do manning maybe some some things better
9:51 pm
but i did just. it led to what that's. that's my point of view the graduation to ride out the better is still behind nidal in the race to claim the top ranking spot i'll try and close that gap at tournaments and basel in paris but it could all come to a head at the season ending a role tour finals in london next month far as mild al-jazeera. maria sharapova has won her first title since serving a fifteen month drugs ban the former world number one defacing belarusian team. arena in straight sets to win the open so this was sharper the seventh of benson's returning from in april after failing a drugs test during the twenty sixteen australian open this title is the russians thirty six the first since winning the it's how you know back in may twenty fifteen she began the week ranked eighty six in the world this result will see her move up to fifty seventh. yeah so just first as special turn him in and victory for me one
9:52 pm
that i will marry her forever and i career you know sometimes you never know when it will all come together but it happened to me this weekend and so i want to thank everyone of you everyone of my. everyone of my supporters for really helping me get here but one of football's most fiercely contested darby's is just kicking off in some manner taking on ac milan this year china playing a key role in this historic italian rivalry both clubs and now chinese own chinese president xi jinping is a football fan and has revived his country's interest in the sport were bought by china's sitting commerce group for just over three hundred million dollars in twenty six days a big plays have been bought and the investors also hope to redevelop the san siro stadium which is shared with milan milan came into chinese ownership early this year quickly spent more than two hundred million dollars on new players chinese companies and individuals of stakes in fourteen clubs in england it's only france and spain and in plenty of other sides in europe and around the world earlier on i
9:53 pm
spoke to the independent china strategist andrew long he says there's no signs the country is about to reduce its investments in football at home or abroad. i don't think that there is any. any kind of backlash as far as the government officials are concerned because the at the party secretaries they play by the. directions all three of the center and of course each one is trying to point for promotion within the times political system and this is seen as me and i means to rally the people and also giving people a icon of that aspirations and it's also policy and part of china's national strategy and actually they're all going for it but you know terms of china's role as the money the the the kind of money even those huge sums you know to ordinary
9:54 pm
people they are relatively small by comparison with china's total economy and total financial. it's allays and has won the most so g.p. of japan that it can see ride edging out champs leader mark marquez in the final laps win by less than a second in some very wet conditions though with three races left in the season not to grow so i level points in the overall standings. the l.a. dodgers be defending world series champions the chicago cubs in their playoff opener. start on the night for the dodgers scoring an r.b.i. double and a home run away went on to the chicago five two the dodgers now three wins away from their first world series appearance in almost three decades. and history was made at the u.s. open of squash as a husband and wife became the first couple in sporting history so when major titles on the same day egypt farragut and noel sorry both triumphed over high ranked
9:55 pm
opposition at the events in philadelphia i'll tell you came from behind so when a follow except through either competitor it remains a will newly arrived followed up with a straight sets victory over another egyptian mohamed. these were the first major titles for the pair who got married last year. ok that's a sports looking for now let's get back to merriam in london all right andy thank you very much looking forward to your bit more support later on well now just three days ago an asteroid the size of a house passed close to earth nasa has a special office task purely with worrying about world ending asteroids and how to push potentially deadly space rocks off course jake aboard explains. space is not empty it's full of objects most of the ones that smack into earth are tiny and they burn up in our atmosphere but even small asteroids that get through have
9:56 pm
had devastating effects you may remember there was an impact over siberia three or four years ago that was caused by something that was only twenty meters in size or so in fact a private foundation is began raising money to build a satellite the sentinel that can track smaller so called city killer asteroids these hit the earth about every hundred to two hundred years. so flip a coin that's the odds that somewhere on earth during your lifetime it's going to happen again nasa even has a department called planetary defense no really that's its name and the agency tracks asteroids larger than a kilometer across those big enough to end human civilization now the agency has greenlit the next phase of the dart project which will try to push a nearby asteroid called didn't most be off course the asteroid they were talking about is about the same size as the ship you see behind me just shy of two hundred
9:57 pm
meters long and i am roughly the same size as the projectile they're going to smack into it now in this context that seems ridiculous right i mean for me to just kick as hard as i can is going to have no effect at all on this ship but in the vast openness of space and the slippery in this of a vacuum smacking me into the bad at something like three times the speed of a bullet well you get the effect you want basically it would be using a spacecraft to ram the incoming object and change its orbit so it would not hit. so this would be kind of a dress rehearsal for a first show we hope never to stage the test will take place in twenty twenty two here's hoping we won't need to knock anything off course in the mean time take aboard al-jazeera san francisco finally hundreds of wages with trays of drinks have been racing through argentina's capital and disappearance in the rice
9:58 pm
walk as fast as possible along a sixteen hundred metre course and when is iris they must complete it with all drink bottles and tanks. event. of the mail and. thousand dollars. for myself but my colleagues. with. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrath south africa's
9:59 pm
nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my prediction is just that they want to do use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al-jazeera at this time. and hundred forty twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. coveted beyond laos. taken without hesitation. for ten died for. our defines our.
10:00 pm
feeble and our investigation exposes and question needs they use and abuse of power around the globe. at this time on how does iraq. china's holding what appears to be its most significant communist party congress in decades with president xi jinping kinda consolidate his power but what does that mean for this country and indeed the rest of the world join me adrian brown for live coverage and analysis here on out of here. mogadishu in mourning the death toll after a massive bomb attack in somalia is reported to have risen above two hundred.


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