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tv   Catalonias Last Bullfight  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2017 4:00am-5:01am AST

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one of kirkuk calling the people of kirkuk excuse me to oh i'm saying that anybody with a weapon should take it up and defend the city there's also been a statement from the prime minister hyderabadi seemingly trying to calm the situation. and saying that this offensive was not against the kurdish people the people of kirkuk and cook should cooperate with the iraqi military but obviously a very worrying situation at the sea evening we've seen this build up all of iraq he foresees towards peshmerga positions over the last few days we understand according to the k r g that thousands of fact at least six thousand peshmerga fighters have been deployed to those areas the build up has been gradual but it's fair to say that this has not come as a surprise and i think you know it's important to look at a statement that was made
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a few hours ago by the iraqi prime minister queues in the k r g of moving p.k. k. fights is an organization the kurdish workers party that is considered a terrorist organization by iraq by turkey by iran indeed by the americans by the international community bodies saying that the k r g had moved fighters as part of that deployment in to kirkuk to defend kirkuk and saying that this was a declaration of war the k r g completely denying those claims but it does seem now as if there is yes some sort of military offensive going on to retake this strategic and very rich city of kirkuk that its course is a disputed city and has participated in that controversial referendum last month does it suggest that all negotiations off the table. well i mean let's look at the negotiations there hasn't been any face to face negotiations between the k r g president and and the iraqi prime minister it was earlier sorry
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yesterday where there was a meeting in silliman e between the iraqi president. president barzani of the k r g and members of the p u k but following that meeting there was a statement put out by the k r g here saying that they rejected any kind of stand any kind of push by the iraqi government to reject the results of that referendum they saying that the results of those ref to all that referendum on its own future secession still stands hold ninety two percent of the people that voted in that referendum said yes but they also called a full dialogue and they also said you know that we are prepared to talk and they should be a pretty a peaceful solution to this crisis but as we know the iraqi government to sit there will be no discussions with respect to this referendum until those results of my
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knowledge void but the kirkuk offensive it's important to stay this is seen as something completely separate this city is of huge importance to both sides there are many kurds here in the k r g that consider that city they actually call it their jerusalem and it produces it's believed to be around four percent of the world's oil seventy sorry has full percent of the world's old resources is one of the two main oil producing areas of this country the other one being in the south of the country around basra and the kurds say that they are not going to withdrawal from that city they see being very much part of the future independent kurdish state charles thank you. shock disbelief and sorrow somalia is in mourning after turn seventy six people were killed in a massive suicide bombing in the capital mogadishu the blast being described as the deadliest single attack on record as also left hundreds injured it's still not
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clear who carried out the carnage is government is blaming al shabaab but a senior member of the group has denied any catherine story reports from nairobi in neighboring kenya. the people in somalia's capital mogadishu are trying to come to terms with one of the worst car bomb attacks ever a truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at an intersection lined with government offices restaurants and shops hours later a second blast struck another business district in the city most of the buildings in those areas have been destroyed still being pulled out of the rubble president mohammed up to life visited the scene his government has declared three days of mourning. the target of these terrorist is not government officials but civilians as you see here there are no government buildings only civilians who are going about their daily life we have to come together and fight these monsters until we
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eradicate them from our country. speaking to al-jazeera the united nations deputy special envoy to somalia say despite such attacks the security situation around the country has improved a great efforts have been made by the government to secure the city but also other areas and in the country but nevertheless when one is desperate enough to get through these kind of things do happen and we've seen it yet again into mali unfortunately doctors are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the many people who have the injured dozens are in critical condition several have lost limbs so. what happened yesterday was in credit. i have never seen such a thing before and that death toll is uncountable corpses and no one could recognise them. attacks on soft targets like markets and restaurants have become common in somalia and what sets this one apart is just how large it was and the
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devastation it has caused right now people are in shock hospital supplies like blood are i did he needed many are wondering how someone was able to drive a year called packed with explosives into the heart of the city catherine saw al jazeera nairobi kenya. i. should say miley's have marched on the streets of mogadishu to voice their anger against the bombing some of them say they have lost faith in the state's ability to protect ordinary citizens so this bombing has been seen as an attempt to destabilize the government of president mohammed of delhi here from mars or he recently announced a military campaign against armed groups including al-shabaab the u.s. is supporting the effort with drone strikes against rebel fighters the head of the u.s. africa command met from marjah two days before the attack that meeting coincided with the surprise resignations of the defense minister and army chief of the
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ishmael summer tires a professor at the university of minnesota he says it's almost certain that al shabaab is behind the attack. i don't think the claim by al shabab is true because the threat came from a region of the country west of malaysia where they control and as you said there is nobody else who has those capabilities and chirac has done something like this but only small of form i was more in mogadishu in two thousand and eleven giving a lecture at one of the local universities when they blew another round of this kind but that one killed maybe a third or fourth of the population that is so in my mind there is absolutely no doubt that it's all shot i don't think we'll see any more than they have already done what needs to be done in my opinion is to provide the resources necessary to mobilize ten to twenty thousand somali security forces that are highly mobile that are professional in nature and who have resources unlike imus some of those people in my opinion will be able to drive
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a shabab into the sea but as long as the amazon forest african union force and the american sort of drones and all of that stuff shabab would be able to stay in power in the countryside where they run roughshod over everybody else. as just conservative leader sebastian curtis has claimed victory in the general election just thirty one this will make him the world's youngest leader these people's party won more than thirty one percent of the vote but he will need to form a coalition government as ever changing reports of results market shift to the political light. and emphatic victory for sebastian kurtz just thirty one years old and already the chancellor of austria in waiting his first call to party headquarters and i thank you to supporters he described as making the impossible possible. today the voters men and women in this country gave us a great mandate we must be aware of this opportunity the women and men are putting
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their hopes into this movement we will use all our strength and all of our fight to bring about change in this country i invite you to go on this path with us there is much to do to establish a new style a new culture a politics political analysts say his victory makes it clear the turbulent rise of right wing populism is far from over of course this is the thanks of course. saw and to strengthen up this would be. labelled the whiz kid join the campaign the leader of the conservative people's party achieved his ambition by being tough on what he called illegal migration curt's has been accused of ruthless opportunism by his former coalition partners stealing the clothes and the policies of the hard right. no one party has an absolute majority in the national parliaments or coalition will have to be formed but who will kurtz now choose as his partner. most
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bets are on the hard right freedom party led by heinz christian struck it's been more than a decade since they've been governing coalition but tonight they were celebrating a significant surge in support. but ok so the people called. this shows the tree as it looks who will be able to celebrate the best result in the history of the party and it also shows that the wish for change is strong in austria. that feeling might not be shared by austria's muslim community the card of islamophobia has been successfully played in this election leaving them more isolated and vulnerable chaytor al-jazeera vienna will barisan is a professor of sociology at cornell university in conducts research on nationalism in europe she joins us now from los angeles on skype very good to have you with us welcome why do you think you won what happened in the last year. well how.
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the last few the last few years more like it we have to refugee crisis in europe. we have. this general push to the center right if not part right across the continent. and we have the we the traditional center left parties. so he's in that sense it's not surprising that it is and you're right a candidate would actually win what's more interesting is the at least to me the position of the hard right. and the fact that. there was a great deal of celebration as it were in december when your third did not make it to the presidency of australia and people sort of had this feeling well when you know we've beaten that the the right wing challenge in austria and in the
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spring when it. got elected in france it was more of this kind of notion the hard drive is gone. but that was hardly likely to be the case because the hard drive is driven by a lot of problems that are not only unique to austria concerns about migration and concerns about actually terror concerns also so it's not totally surprising that a hard right party would actually the last time i looked and i'm actually travelling. hard right in that the left are actually fairly close so cursed will have a choice when he actually puts its coalition government to get rid of the look to as his coalition partners you think. what should he do and what he will do. you know he has a lot of positions the hard right. and certainly he wants
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controlled immigration. so in theory he could actually go for the center left. but the center left the idea of a center left and center right coalition voters in austria seem to be i'm interested in that particular coalition so he may actually go right i mean i don't have a. which would actually consolidate the general sort of nationalist turn as it were. but it's unclear to me exactly what he will do ok and going to you think the knock on effect will be in the u.s. i should imagine that trump probably agrees with this but it's also his neighbors. well as your neighbors germany just lection you know too it was a to reach the go with deep party came in well it came in third but the idea
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here in germany to have. the party actually come in there is really quite extraordinary and it will make people well one thing it will it will get rid of this notion that that. populist rage in europe ended when her defeated marine le pen but i think we knew that chile's ago and anybody who's been studying european politics the last couple of years should or should not it is that mccrone zbig sure it would and the far right in the in europe the u.s. . so sure that you know what goes on in europe matters all that much to. i haven't seen a whole lot of evidence that are right about there is and thank you you thank. still ahead on al-jazeera calling for loved ones one man takes on the task of
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reuniting ringgit children who are lost in the refugee camps in bangladesh. from the mites of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello and welcome back our typhoon that is continuing to make its way towards vietnam now it gives a very heavy rain across in china and hong kong is picking up outer bands of that system so pretty wet there through the course of monday as we head on through into choose day then it becomes vietnam's problem our computer forecaster caught the rain quite a long way north but it could well turn out to move further towards us so some more of a problem for central vietnam and then eventually lies about states and dry conditions for hong kong taipei's looking fine you also see a circulation just behind me that's bringing
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a lot of showers to coastal parts of b.m.r. so wet one in yang gone moving further south across asia it's looking pretty wet across parts of the philippines generally little bit of a dry spell across southern parts of vietnam and cambodia but across thailand the weather is looking pretty wet and generally at the moment coming southward through kuala lumpur and singapore we're going to few showers but i think generally here weather conditions are not looking too bad that had a across into south asia we've still got some heavy showers across more southern portions of india for central and northern arizona is all dry and fine pretty warm in delhi thirty seven and should be fine across in crunchy with a nice some temperature here of thirty three the weather sponsored by cat time. and age old part of spanish culture no one can stop thinking about the bullies in my life others are explored and a symbol of central government. we shouldn't carry on something that goes against
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the morals of got alongside to visit the capital a nationalist perspective of the present banished culture in. catalonia bullfight its time on al-jazeera wild. and again a quick look at the top stories the iraqi army is advancing north towards the kurdish held city of kirkuk state television saying that they have retaken vast areas in the oil rich region without any opposition from kurdish peshmerga forces and iraqi army colonel told reuters that the objective is to take an air base and oil fields. at least two hundred seventy six people have been killed in the largest
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suicide bombing in somalia's history no one has claimed responsibility for the blast in mogadishu on saturday conservative leaders sebastian kurtz's claimed victory in australia's general election to become the world's youngest leader but the thirty one year old will need to form a coalition to govern his people's party won more than thirty one percent of the vote. more than half a million rangar have fled since august when the military crackdown began across the border in bangladesh refugee camps are overcrowded and children are going missing could be a long campaign cox's bazaar. met one man who's trying to bring back lost relatives back together again. the time had come to try and make a difference. one day the morning i was going to work i saw one lady who was sitting in front of the gate and crying when i asked what happened she said my
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baby's been missing since last night and i can't find him after opening the office that day i was thinking about it and i was feeling very bad i was thinking how can i help it that was in late august just as the massive exodus of refugees fleeing violence in me and more was beginning since then more than five hundred thousand people have arrived in bangladesh. i'm gonna. come all himself or him to refugee who's lived here for years noticed that more and more families were getting separated in overcrowded camps so he set up a lost and found booth from behind this microphone at the code to prolong camp he makes announcements about unaccompanied children that have been brought to him as well as individuals who have been reported missing by their relatives he says that there have been more than fourteen hundred people reported missing and estimates that more than seven hundred families have so far been reunited and. i have family too i have kids too if i lost my own kids that i would feel very bad so until i'm
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able to give the lost children back to their parents i remain distressed when i can return children to their parents then i feel a pace kemal knows the chances of children being found increases when people can continue to communicate with each other that's why he's also set up a charging station where refugees can charge their mobile phones for free come out had been working as a security guard for an aid organization when he first got the idea for this initiative to use the money from his own savings to rent a microphone and start calling out the names of the missing and the lost now he is doing this full time. normal hamad was frantic when he couldn't find his two and a half year old son. my people told me that i should go to the booth with a microphone where a person named will announce my baby's name i searched all over for my son and still couldn't find him when i was about half of the way to the booth i heard that they were announcing that they had found a child then when i arrived i found my son. now reunited with his son mohammed
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tells us he's not just relieved but also extremely grateful to come out but for every happy parent we find there is a distraught one. my son has been missing since last night i searched for him yesterday all day and night as she waits for news alongside her other son mohammed aziz reaches desperation only deepens come all is all too familiar with this kind of suffering it's why he sits in this booth despite the heat it's why he works from early in the morning until late at night finding children helping adults making a difference one name at a time. at the could to prolong camp and cox's bazar on the bench preliminary results in kyrgyzstan presidential election have given a victory to an ally of the sitting leader so i am by gen because his promising
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a peaceful and democratic transition it would be a first for central asia for mr walker reports from. this presidential election has been a test for democracy not just for kyrgyzstan but for a region typically governed by strong men who cling to power voters used an electronic voting system designed to eliminate fraud and had a genuine choice eleven candidates with two front runners almost a bit of a youthful charismatic oligarch promised to kickstart a chronically impoverished economy. we will have the name of a new president and this name will be. sold on by the echo of the incumbent presidents chosen candidate promised continuity today i voted for consistency in power for the development of our country for the future of our country. incumbent
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president allmers back at him by a wants to be remembered as a leader who delivered the democratic first in the region a peaceful legitimate handover of power. that legacy however risks being undermined by the jailing of political opponents using state bureaucracy to influence the outcome of the election and attacks against the media this election boils down to new power versus power between a man who has spent millions of dollars of his own money on this campaign against and outgoing president term ins to make sure his chosen successor and his office. early results indicate a thirst round when that was unexpected groups of volunteers on sunday night pledged to keep the peace contested results not so long ago have led to revolutions democracy in kyrgyzstan is fragile in first year walker al
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jazeera bishkek. its well known ancient city of venice is sinking but it's also a shrinking fifty four thousand citizens are steadily leaving the city has been overrun by tourists some locals are hoping to change that. report. venice the timeless city that tourists seem to have little time for twenty million visit each year three quarters of them only stay for twenty four hours they follow the same route see the same sights the impact is devastating fed up residents and leaving for ever one thousand each year for them house prices are astronomically high the crowd unbearable italian city no longer caters for them they say here. called the fly and you can buy food now you can buy only like.
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these if mccain how is it possible to appreciate a city where citizens. shops only for. the craft. are not working in their shops. residents are protesting against the visiting cruise ships that dwarf the city a damage the environment you know is threatening to blacklist the world heritage site unless action is taken a campaign to enjoy and respect venice is under way police move on to us to sit on steps and encourage them to visit less popular attractions but there are no plans to reduce tourist numbers only we. we agree cruise ships shouldn't pass by sun marks but we need to keep five thousand jobs we are looking into a different road regarding day trippers we are working on a possible experimental closure of sun miles square tourists would have to book
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a free visit to try and encourage the right type of business in the city has also introduced by putting up these posters all over venice terrorists can be fined two hundred forty dollars for picnicking on a bridge like this one hundred twenty dollars for littering they can also be charged for holding too long which many of these birds would be guilty of generally . piero dream is one of few remaining making it steer the gondolas which helped make venice famous so if they want a lot of challenges to show them the real venice not because we want to create a museum there because we think that this is the most intelligent way to visit here and the only way to keep finance your life. but hoping for tourists who go with the flow is like venice battling against the tide charlie on to al-jazeera venice.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories the iraqi army is advancing north towards the kurdish held city of kirkuk state television saying that they have retaken vast areas in the oil rich region without any opposition from kurdish peshmerga forces and iraqi army colonel told reuters that the objective is to take an air base and oil fields kurdish leaders met earlier to discuss tensions with iraq following last month's secession river and they have rejected the iraqi government's demand to stop any push for independence. we are ready to start a dialogue with to solve problems between us your joke the use of weapons according to the iraqi constitution weapons can be used as a means to solve internal problems you hope that weapons will not be used in any areas including in kirkuk at least two hundred seventy six people have been killed in the largest suicide bombing in somalia's history no one has claimed
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responsibility for the blast in mogadishu on saturday. hundreds of somalis of marjah mogadishu to voice their anger at the bombing some say they have lost faith in the state's ability to protect ordinary citizens. consider a leader sebastian kurtz has claimed victory in austria as a general election to become the world's youngest leader but the thirty one year old will need to form a coalition to govern his people's party won more than thirty one percent of the vote. preliminary results and kerrigan stands presidential election of a given victory to an ally of the sitting leader so i'm by coffins promising a peaceful and democratic transition he's a former prime minister kyrgyzstan's the first two leaders since the fall of the soviet union were removed from office after rights. headline from news continues and i'll just say but first it is story.
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syrian democratic forces launch a major operation against eisel self-proclaimed the capital u.s. backed rebels say it's the final push for a so what's next for iso for syria and for thousands of civilians trapped in the conflict this is inside story. a welcome to the show i'm sam is
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a than now and i soul took control of iraq in two thousand and fourteen the syrian city became the first to fall under the armed groups full control i saw fighters went on a rampage of killings and abuses they also use the city to plan attacks. now three years later the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces of launch what they say is the final assault on iraq it's not clear how many eisel fighters are still inside the city and then as the spokesman says some myself appear to be withdrawing using civilians as human shields others have been allowed to leave after a deal was brokered by tribal leaders on saturday. about deal also called for the evacuation of dozens of civilians who'd been under ice and control. this powerful moment was captured on video and some civilians realized there were no longer trapped in being held by the armed groups let's bring our guests into the
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show now and we have joining us from beirut in lebanon sami neither director of the levant institute for strategic affairs joining us on skype from a man sanyo of course save the children's syria director and from edward so in italy joshua landis director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma welcome to you all if i could start with sami in beirut so local officials as you may have heard in iraq a civil counsel talk about a deal an evacuation deal that allows some members at least of eisel to leave does this mean we're not going to have that final bloody eisel standoff in iraq or. i mean this deed is very similar to what happened in like one month ago where the isis fighters have been evacuated through air conditioned buses going all through their resort so this i mean put into question why this
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now and why couldn't it be possible before saving all this destructions and death tolls all the more that among the international fighters that has been that have been evacuated they are where those responsible of this attack and responsible of terrorist. acts the second point i think were worth mentioning why i mean it's the final destination there is or that seems to be the nexus of or the pope the point of all equally been enormous when it comes to. war because it's about who will be controlling. iraqi borders who will be in charge of uprooting in his last editor the being there is also what is. very important maybe this. is
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the last battle or the one before the last battle and that second remark i think what kind of strategy will. resort to after this up to now hang on sam because you know you have nicely jumped ahead to a whole bunch of questions which we do want to get into but let's take them on a time and joshua if we can back up one more what kind of assuming here that there are so. to sort of last i guess you could say urban areas for eisold that's where they're going is that the case. we believe so you know it's not clear exactly where they're hiding out of course the big prize is can the fact that it is and. and that that people are guessing where he might be and so we'll see the towns are
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falling fairly quickly we saw in iraq the last town that fell almost a thousand two hundred fighters gave up and increasingly we're seeing these deals with isis fighters who are beginning to see that there is no valor enough in dying on the battlefield and are trying to escape probably getting out of syria altogether once they've left a place like iraq i don't think they're going to make a last stand in there is or any place else they're going to try to find a way to slip away in the night in order to fight again does this mean that the organization is being dismembered at this point joshua ole simply regrouping elsewhere where we don't know the american commanders are saying that it's in chaos that it's falling apart the command structure seems to be falling apart and we're seeing fighters taking decisions to leave on their own without without communication with central command and it's very possible that their communications have been cut off with kayla that daddy and that there is much greater decision
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being made in. the provinces so we don't really know what the state is and how organized that is but one would have meant that under this intense bombardment that is being subjected to brutally in iraq but in syria not only from the kurdish forces allied with the united states but also from the syrian army as well as the iraqi army that. things must be getting pretty chaotic sagna joshua mentioned that the intense bombardment we shouldn't forget this is still a city with a lot of civilians though now human rights groups were very critical of obviously eisel tactics but also some of the coalition tactics when it came to the operation to take mosul from the group lot of criticism about unnecessary civilian deaths on the part or caused by the coalition always seeing the coalition learn from that or are we still seeing unnecessary suffering caused by the coalition members. i think
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what you see is families and especially the children coming out of rocca is that they've been hit with two kinds of two different events which have really had a significant impact on their well being first of all they've been living under isis control since early twenty fourteen so the children we met are really just numb to violence right now they described witnessing the ending they describe seeing bodies lying around on the ground for weeks now and have been to school in three years they can't read or write it's hard for them to imagine a productive future when you talk to children they just showed a sense of really being now but then on top of that because of the intense bombardment that's happening you do see children as well that are just completely terrified of airplanes and bombs falling they have nightmares during the night they can't sleep when they do try to sleep they hear the sounds of people screaming so
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these children have just been through so much for the last four years but then the most more recent bombing has definitely had an impact on them as well or a josh i could see you wanted to get in there so let me give you a chance to come back in on some of these points. well i think it's a fairly balancing act for the for the u.s. army as we've seen with all these armies attacking they don't want their own men to be killed in street street fighting therefore they bombarded heavily they did and air power and artillery and we've seen that in every one of these battles how do you dislodge fighters that are willing to die and also the the instructions of mcgurk in the heads of the american coalition or the international coalition has been that isis is to dot and they're there not to be allowed to escape so these slightly but i guess the human rights groups like amnesty and so on which have been critical of some of the tactics would say how do you confront the
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well in a way which you don't use it doesn't cause massive million casualties. yet it's very difficult and clearly isis is also holding a lot of hostages and we've seen this over and over again in every one of the battles for the major cities that the these groups are holding tons of civilians because they know that there is intense pressure from that human rights organizations not to kill civilians and this paralyzes to a certain degree the attacking armies that want to use heavy airpower and just to blow blow them apart quickly talking about casualties and suffering it sammy is there a consensus about how what to do with iraq once this is over who's going to run it who's going to make sure there won't be another stage of chaos between other groups which takeover up to up to now in the modern was to
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put in place what the.


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