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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2017 6:00am-6:34am AST

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noir then we have to. say your most the most about this about this thing if you got there was some was going on with the money end up but of course again with josephine this could end up with this you're just privileged autos. cumbia well if you're lucky you're not alone we've got that alone yeah. we believe the last how will it last knowing doesn't seem time will soon. we're lucky i'm going to fit into the problem and i would look at the moon but i see through. my you know the i still feel the. i want to be on the list of people they want to kill the way they're still there with you on this. earth also know what out and put fish focus here my of the well if you like the or put out of government of the cocoa if you must be. there with nothing but i mean talk because you're almost all of us quickly us. allow one to listen with us and we all should be oh so much and not put into that in picking up a month in the midst of people that give you that going to post an email is
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somewhat. more than one hour needle so if you see in the past without guns they are not legal political at the moment there are still politicos per se for them but their deal was stuffed up with isa cosi on noir that must have been practical ok yeah. you can still feel it have it at it if i am. on the left me as. i think i mean that i might. start power that when he said that i don't like chafee i mean to look at some women for fear that you know a lot of women for that if it. that's for. their choice you know make you a much much less important i mean to them last one that i said that i don't think when i mean. satellite. i mean at the moment on our.
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staff said while. at the moment and on. and on i thank you and i mean you know. that on the dollar. and. the but i mean one of the. many if any one of.
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these are some of these no but i mean i. meant is that a good mediator. with. the . but i want to know those on your team vietnam well familiar with. what i mean i think i thought it was nothing that i was. yeah you don't i'm not gossip i mean they know me but a bottle of but i go one the other night by the combo yes yes yes i've got them but i've been i mean the yes and then i go on and on but then we just don't become you know.
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but i buy them and then i think they're thieves she simon almost how many get up i don't know why don't. you know we're on the topic of you know but i don't see in the fleet in there are going to look at it. or get a diamond democratic and it got one hundred in info to go on the say i. get up when mother is have atomic or north anything of a hundred. other words the most are pretty lucky you can be real funny if you want to know when the host on a. time when one morning they want a minute i don't normally i think of the how can i watch them. evolve how many felisa. you get press him with but i'm. at there said but it ought to address every month and i don't want to see on your story about so long no more you know it oh yeah i'm
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pretty out there now realizing i was yours but all of them are yours she or they are all there family me up with any i'm just you and i so like her. as you're sitting here the last thing that you. get when the going to set foot on the podium with your mate was tough but i mean i see them as i know my. heart i mean look at dorothy. but i almost at the end i know someone is in harmony though. i don't really look at their best they bring down your profit i know at the end and my bit in the. you know they're not there in the on your front office and. over their head but i'm not. up and i'm told they don't come on my side they're on the last stony chicken and don't have a lot of my luggage so you have a lot of oil until you're better get down to san road hoskin my house it's time i got it but i looked up at tony. and a little man off oh yes this was also not i mean the model is that my silent other
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poll also looked at all no matter what if you know it then everybody had a fair guess so markets are lonely well on it by now i guess so much and then on and on and on company from. the mafia now that you missed him for the oh good then what is there or what not then i was told that i pose a sneeze and not the number two in c. or no you know why you have anyone see theo. probably much taller somebody with a lot of. blood no yellow skin color your family if you feel it was on the net oh. yes they buy that in the last forty i don't know her story for them the laws are a lot of cash in a manner you never want to. set up with both the national medical system or shut down dossier you get it for days at the until. it almost hourly and i like it all but i must you know be stunning with little to get i said that i don't because they are known to say when i was in obese and i want to be sorry if you get a sense but it will get more muscle total if you think i know you have one issue
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you are looking to get it right done for. the new model shoe fit in the ram and it would be a stain or a shallow blot said blair i thought they were in this one for you though many of them in full force and you're walking down the final. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been praying that good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on
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al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks. down anyway. i would like to destroy during the week with detailed coverage this is what remains of an eager to finally raid by the nigerian army hundreds like these i think is forward in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw they feel very let down by the baghdad government. a family business handed down from generation to generation but when this funeral director retires will his son continue the tradition i don't think he was actually built for just like i don't feel like i was actually built for a difficult choice for an al-jazeera producer caught between two worlds well it's really by tending to the dead to the living get better an intimate portrait of an industry most encounter only fleetingly al-jazeera correspondent death in the
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family at this time since slave abuse and mommy. the plight of too many of these. after a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force was. driven by her favorite recollections of subjugation. my memory is my power to witness documentaries of this time on a. and i'm joined at the top stories the iraqi army and coalition forces have exchanged gunfire near kirkuk iraqi soldiers are advancing on the city was stating a vision saying they have retaken vast areas in the oil rich region the military commander told reuters that the objective is to take an air base and oil fields
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traffic has more from air built. on the stand and that this offensive is focused on oil fields to the north west the self all of the oil rich city of kirkuk and also the k. one military base k one military base was taken control of by kurdish peshmerga in two thousand and four after the iraqi army fled leisel offensive kurdish leaders had met earlier to discuss tension with iraq following last month's a session referendum they rejected the iraqi government's demand to stop any push for independence. we are ready to start a dialogue with to solve problems between us we were just the use of weapons according to the iraqi constitution weapons can be used as a means to solve internal problems we hope that weapons will not be used in any areas including in kirkuk. at least two hundred seventy six people have been killed in the largest suicide bombing in somalia's history no one has claimed
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responsibility for the blast in mogadishu on saturday. the bodies of twenty six people thought have been killed in an ambush last week have been found in eastern democratic republic of congo the victims disappeared after they were attacked by fighters in north kivu the final assault has begun to root out the last i saw fighters in the northern syrian city of raka u.s. backed syrian opposition forces say almost all civilians in about two hundred seventy five i still fighters have left rocka and the deal brokered by tribal leaders on saturday twenty two and three hundred mostly foreign fighters are still thought to be inside. set of the world's youngest lead us a best in kurt's and these conservative party of claim victory in the general election but the thirty one year old will need to form a coalition to govern. and to me results and presidential election have given
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victory to the sitting. gen because as one more than half of the votes of the headlines let's go back to zero. bullfighting has been banned in the got a region of the north east of spain since january twenty twelve. it came about largely as a result of an animal rights campaign but some commentators believe it also has a political dimension that the law new has a strong identity separating it in the minds of people from the rest of spain and many saw the glory that the bullfighting show as a relic of the old redeem of general franco. got the law he's also one of the
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wealthiest regions of space generating considerable tax revenues for the government but even it has not been immune to the effects of the two thousand and eight doable recession austerity policies have hit the economy and both fighting is an entire industry comic downturn and the ban have had a domino effect on the breeders on transport and even on matador cost to make because. they know. it is. this will blow air gay and. as she left office thought oh my life i mean you have to look at i wonder but as a guy now that he has as a father those. of us in politica.
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see i was lucky that out of necessity out of it i would stay out of it going to families a car on the road but i was in several of the nationalist banja. that actually said . that almost out of course at the preventer at the prison there and you know now it's those that live in a cathedral gig it is your brothers you had they don't lie now there are a whole and is to begin to have an idea who might be sort of the word for it by now nobody out of no no if you just respect a lot of winners of the maneuverability for the army as if you're only five million me seahorse but i need glasses and i am in b. there. are a lot of interest of control and normally the. only man might not be
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a guy or girl guys unless that argument that they don't know much i didn't say and not all those some of those are now mentors and why listen i get out of control of it that is not yours and you dial yours and say. i didn't do that mental mobile mobile get an email or combine yeah i get better so now i don't have. yes i get you up for that we were there. in the lot of them over but i don't want to.
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talk about. this talk about ok have a look. up all that maybe i just got to pull this look at them i still have to get it within a foot of it. and they've got i don't know what i can know what up on their. enemy mitchell said on many you know. these have been a couple and said last. night this boy here and i thought i saw what i. said but i thought you know i thought i. favored a don't lot of thought a lot but i'm the boss so much on message but i thought of the off but i will be going up with someone maybe a subtle and little boy locust i've got about on that here by. and. and i get that some
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of them were just i said what with that fish he got me and then he got more and for that bum face so i could go to bed more. you know a bush i was already i don't trust. you fashion. more yes. and i would well yes i mean that he had i'm. just not enough but they come in to tell me that when i'm going to set the record of the review. i mean yes if they do see it through with you know two and. a. cameo in a book called by my see you've got my head know what i mean i. mean
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i've already died i mean for maybe that. maybe the idea was in thought a door we gave of course d.n.a. so going to make i'm sure that any government of course we're going to be have no. doubt it opens for business just like you see do with it that they don't hand over you know the flip inside i mean for the face you know you know i mean i see maybe the knowing and time i think would have been grabbed day. maybe that's what i mean when those sort of i mean if not for my maybe we didn't know. and which i think it. was. i mean want to eat. it quite old or. go into either bed or better because you're going to be until you're. done i got there
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with under the him for maybe in the you know in the city and i think what i mean. and i've played it was awesome i love you don't know if was a dud. because it got more to do with the money put to better case he needed. me god's will but if somebody will be pushed. out of it you're going to feel bad. because you tell us everything if you don't want to get up i think the more you
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know what. in them i was. going over some of them but i will tell you no i don't. pursue duplicate nothing you can get them when you're. going to cost them with something money least us from des moines political cut that you know something you know status quo to katie to the young kid us about i've said all but they in a funny because got on his kids about i got along i was buying a bullet on the k. must have been you're going to stay out of it but i said so in the spectacle my you know if you if you believe in hispania up what i thought in football and. pushed as a whole is that if anybody can so let me put anybody selling bush took a sickle with any spine yeah. so i mean to put it put
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a lead up to something when the mean is it would a sort of ending. but it is a loss to those on the home team and this woman as well that has an economy has been you know. that i want to think it.


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