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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the kook club but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag stream and one of your pitches might make the next join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. fighting erupts in quetta cook as the iraqi army advances towards the kurdish held city.
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hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera lawyer from doha also coming up. anger and grief as nearly three hundred people were killed in the deadliest single attack in the somali capital. venezuela's president held an emphatic victory in regional elections but the opposition is crying foul plus. i'm jake wood in california in a moment i'll explain why the government is looking at smacking something my size into something that size to save the earth. we begin in iraq where simmering tensions of escalated into a fire exchanged between government forces and kurdish fighters cook iraqi army's advancing on the kurdish held city with state t.v. reporting the troops have already taken vast areas in the oil rich region which is news agency is quoting a senior iraqi officer saying the objective is to regain control of
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a key arab. oil fields to the west of the city but it comes as tension rises over the disputed region the peshmerga took control of quetta cook in twenty fourteen when the iraqi army was pushed out by eisel baghdad now wants it back in iraq's kurdish region held a succession referendum last month and its leaders are pushing for independence well kurdish leaders met earlier to discuss the crisis they've rejected the iraqi government's demands to know the outcome of the referendum and. we are ready to start a dialogue with bag to solve problems that we know we reject the use of weapons according to the iraqi constitution weapons can't be used as a means to solve internal problems we hope that weapons will not be used in any areas including in kirkuk chance transferred has more now from ed a bill in northern iraq. the iraqi military saying that this operation is being spearheaded by the ninth armored division the federal police and counterterrorism
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units they saying that the thousands of shia militias are very much in a supportive role we understand that this offensive is focused on oil fields to the north the west in the south of that oil rich city of kirkuk and also the k. one a military base k. one military base was taken control of by kurdish peshmerga in two thousand and fourteen after the iraqi army fled and eisel offensive to kirkuk is hugely important for the k r g and for the iraqi federal government is one of the two main oil producing areas of this country believed to have around four percent of the world's oil resources and it was taking control of by the peshmerga as i say after the iraqi army fled that are still offensive in two thousand and forty and it participated in the controversial referendum on a future session from iraq last month's kurdish forces in and around that city have vowed to defend it to the last man we hear that the kurdish governor of kirkuk has
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called people in the cities are saying anybody with a weapon should defend the city prime minister about the seeming to try to calm the situation by saying that the offensive was not aimed at the people of kirkuk and that they should cooperate with the iraqi military but a very worrying development it seems as if all diplomatic efforts have failed in the build up of those troops that we've seen towards peshmerga positions despite repeated dolls by the iraqi army that they were going to move on into the city and retake these oil fields it seems very much as if that is happening now somalia is in mourning off the two hundred seventy six people were killed in a massive suicide bombing in the capital mogadishu the blast described. as being the deadliest single attack on record has also left hundreds injured it's still not clear who carried out the bombing somalia's government is blaming al shabaab but
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a senior member of the armed group has denied any involvement in reports of nairobi in neighboring kenya. when people in somalia's capital mogadishu are trying to come to terms with one of the worst car bomb attacks ever a truck bomb exploded outside a hotel at an intersection lined with government offices restaurants and shops hours later a second blast struck another business district in the city most of the buildings in those areas have been destroyed still being pulled out of the rubble president mohammed up to life visited the scene his government has declared three days of mourning and you are the. target of these terrorist is not government officials but civilians as you see here there are no government buildings only civilians who are going about their daily life we have to come together and fight these monsters until we eradicate them from our country. speaking to al-jazeera the united nations
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deputy special envoy to somalia say despite such attacks the security situation around the country has improved a great efforts have been made by the government to particular secure city but also other areas in in the country but nevertheless when one is desperate enough to get through these kind of things do happen and we've seen it yet again into mali unfortunately doctors are doing their best with limited resources to deal with the many people who have been injured dozens are in critical condition several have lost limbs so. what happened yesterday was incredible i have never seen such a thing before and the death toll is uncountable corpses were burned and no one could recognize them. attacks on soft targets like markets and restaurants have become calmer. in somalia part is just how large it was and the devastation it has caused right now people are in hospital supplies like blood are i did he needed
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many are wondering how someone is able to drive you called packed with explosives into the heart of the city. the road to kenya. meanwhile hundreds of somalis have marched on the streets of mogadishu to voice their anger against the bombing some of. the state's ability to protect ordinary citizens. as well as opposition is refusing to recognize the results of regional elections electoral board says president nicolas maduro socialist party has won seventeen of twenty three state governorships the opposition's campaign chief is demanding a complete audit the do is having the result as an emphatic victory. one more victory under our belt a victory of democracy for it is not to slash and burn it is not violence the way forward is not economic or to make people angry at the prices the way forward is not to cut electricity it is to debate ideas and this is
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a sovereign right there is no king there's only one sovereign here and that is the people. who has more from the capital. what i think of those who have not voted for the government of course and for the government candidate carr are in shock we have spoken to people then in very low income neighborhoods that are saying. today some of them told me that. because they cannot believe that the government one in at least seventeen they cannot believe that the government had at least fifty four percent vote in the whole country of course this are the factors that have voted against the government and we know what we did against the government but there are many out there have voted for the government and government still have to. in many areas we have seen what the government has done when in some areas where they have lost in the past distributing boxes of food
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for example subsidized food among other things so most definitely this is a big shock for the opposition but for the government. in a way show that they still have around the country and it gives them something in a way that they have lost we would have to see of course what the opposition does next but it is legit timothy i mean the government is trying to prove that this is not a dictatorship that elections do happen here and elections happen the sunday minister . austria's conservatively this. victory in the general election just age thirty one this will make him the world's youngest leader his people's party has won more than thirty one percent of the vote but he'll need to form a coalition government as david schaper now reports the results marked a sharp move to the political right. and emphatic victory for sebastian kurtz just thirty one years old and already the chancellor of austria in way to his first call to party headquarters and i thank you to supporters he
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described as making the impossible possible. today the voters men and women in this country gave us a great mandate we must be aware of this opportunity the women and men are putting their hopes into this movement we will use all our strength and all of our fight to bring about change in this country i invite you to go on this path with us there is much to do to establish a new style a new culture of politics political analysts say his victory makes it clear that turbulent rise of right wing populism is far from over of course this is a course. so. labeled the whiz kid joining the campaign the leader of the conservative people's party achieved his ambition by being far from what he called illegal. kurtz's been accused of ruthless opportunism by his former coalition partners stealing the clothes and the policies
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of the hard right. no one party has an absolute majority in the national parliament circulation will have to be formed but who will kurtz now choose as his partner. most bets are on the hard right freedom party led by heinz christian straka it's been more than a decade since they've been in a governing coalition but tonight there was celebrating a significant surge in support for me to be vocal particular people see this shows the tree as it looks who will be able to celebrate the best result in the history of the party and it also shows that the wish for change is strong in austria. that feeling might not be shared by austria's muslim community the card of islamophobia has been successfully played in this election leaving them more isolated and vulnerable david chaytor al-jazeera vienna also to come here and al-jazeera including our hide in there if we keep trying to investigate the truth about issues
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in reclined states my life could be in danger in the line of fire how me and trying to muzzle the media for reporting on the range of prices and various finds of its popularity with tourists has a downside some residents are fighting back more and. welcome back as we take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia this area of cloud moving through the caucasus in towards the caspian sea so rain is returning across this region all the way from ankara on the southern side of the black sea through the mountains with some snow of sea at the higher elevations there through towards the caspian sea further. towards the south we still look at fine weather conditions of monday in beirut twenty seven degrees and we'll hang on to that as we head on through into choose the cherry temperatures are coming down
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across the region we're looking at highs of just thirty one in baghdad and thirty four in kuwait also no such stays with showers going through back and temperatures dropping quite considerably in maxima just fourteen here in the arabian peninsula we've had the blowing down through the gulf over the last few days it does he stand monday through choose day but temperatures still thirty eight degrees and with a lower humidity much more pleasant conditions same goes for abu dhabi on the other side of the plane sure we've got fine conditions there for mecca medina and i was seeing temperatures struggling to reach forty degrees or so in turning a little bit cooler here to into southern portions of africa we've got largely fine weather much as you'd expect but for far south towards cape town just looking rather cloudy chance of some showers at times and temperatures probably reached in a higher than fifteen. we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting
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a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country given a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back i'm out of the top stories here the south iraqi army on kurdish forces have exchanged gunfire near kirkuk iraqi soldiers are vance in on the kurdish held city with state t.v. reporting the troops have retaken vast areas in the oil rich region. at least two
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hundred seventy six people have been killed in the largest suicide bombing in somalia's history no one's yet claimed responsibility for the blast in mogadishu on saturday. and venezuela's opposition is rejecting the results of regional elections the electoral board says president nicolas maduro socialist party has won seventeen of twenty three state governors ships the opposition's campaign chief is demanding a complete over. the defense minister of the philippines has announced that two senior isolating commanders have been killed in fighting in the south of the country is the long happy long lead abu sayyaf which sees parts of the city of marjah we in may his fighters were assisted by the multi-group one of its leaders. has also been killed government forces have been battling for control of general allen to them reports them out of the city. is the lawn happy lawn was seen to be a leader basically all of the southeast asian caliphates of ice so he was the first
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group when he was here i would say after that was the first with the fledged allegiance so i should leave then move them around we were he joined forces forces with them out with a group what was used to be in fact a local militia that eventually merged with happy land and took control of several parts of malawi city here several months ago now the price to pay us here since the crisis began more than a thousand people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced their death signal that the conflict is almost over in terms of military operation there are quite a number of fighters left inside there are still in number of hostages inside believed to be about ten to thirteen seventeen others were released this morning and the battle be basically left now we've been just inside a very small part near the lake of land about one hundred meters from lakeland now . the
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exodus of range of from me and miles rakhine state to shock the world for journalists in the country simply reporting the story has led to harassment refusing to accept government propaganda some fearing for their lives not a good minute reports from younger. in a yangon cafe i made mean mean he's visiting from his home state of record time when he runs a monthly political magazine it's a risky business the twenty eight year old shows me photos of a bombing attack on his house last year which he says was due to his reporting in rakhine. if we keep trying to investigate the truth about issues in rakhine state my life could be in danger. coverage of stories about muslims during the recent incidents on monday or we had to be silent we almost don't cover it because we have to be very careful no. more than half a million rohingya have fled main mar to bangladesh since late august after a military campaign the united nations has called ethnic cleansing but you're
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unlikely to hear it reported that way in mean ma it comes to who and your issue. a traitor this reporter says he's been harassed online and even threatened in person for his reporting and reckon he doesn't want to reveal his identity because he fears for the public backlash and you're feeling more crammed and you know you feel crap when you're writing the news before it's published you you have this fear what would be the public you know response. will be swearing at me again online. directing a fact you know the journalist walk how does he or has spoken to about half a dozen journalists from maine on also say that facing some form of harassment even death threats for not telling the government line on the range of issues just to give you an example of what that narrative is this is one of the country's daily
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best selling newspapers and it says that authorities are saying they'll continue to fight with their holy terrorism in iraq and state government social media also run the line that burning their homes including posting a photo of this couple who were later found to be hindu. the burning of ranger homes was recently cited in a united nations report as being part of a campaign to expel and prevent the return of to me but the government says it's false and these kind of attacks are not happening these accusations are spreading throughout the world even though there has been no attack after the fifth of september and this is due to the media's role and this is very bad performance of the media i can say these media are bullying us i think it's fair to say that the government. on this entire issue has been absolutely dreadful and it's been something almost orwellian this story. an incredibly cheap and nasty mean mean war
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is not just for his country's future but that of his magazine he lost two of his six stuff this month because he wouldn't let them use the words bengali terrorist reports and he remains afraid of what else he could lose if he continues to search for the truth in. al-jazeera gone qatar's amir was in malaysia on the first leg of a three state visit to southeast asia to mean been hammered out fannie is aiming to strengthen trade and investment ties saudi arabia bahrain the us and egypt all cut diplomatic ties with cattle and imposed a blockade in june being accompanied by a business delegation cabinet members. early results in kurdistan's presidential election have given victory to an ally of the sitting leader so when they gen because it has won more than half the votes the outgoing president is promising a peaceful and democratic transition it will be a first for central asia as robin first year walker reports from bishkek this
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presidential election has been a test for democracy not just for kyrgyzstan but for a region typically governed by strong men who cling to power. voters used an electronic voting system designed to eliminate fraud and had a genuine choice eleven candidates with two front runners. but panel of a youthful charismatic oligarch promised to kickstart a chronically impoverished economy. we will have the name of a new president and this new. sort on by the echo of the incumbent presidents chosen candidate promised continuity today i voted for consistency in power for the development of our country for the future of our country. incumbent president allmers back at him by a wants to be remembered as a leader who delivered the democratic first in the region
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a peaceful legitimate handover of power. that legacy however risks being undermined by the jailing of political opponents using state bureaucracy to influence the outcome of the election and attacks against the media this election boils down to new power versus power between a man who has spent millions of dollars of his own money on this campaign against an outgoing president term ins to make sure his chosen successor and his office. early results indicate a first round win that was unexpected groups of volunteers on sunday night pledged to keep the peace contested results not so long ago have led to revolutions democracy in kyrgyzstan is fragile in first year walker al jazeera bishkek catalonia as president has less than twenty four hours to say
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whether or not he'll declare independence following the succession referendum if you says yes spain's prime minister may take the unprecedented step of removing the region's political autonomy so again i get reports from barcelona. facing up to the biggest challenge of his political career all eyes are on catalunya as president cutlass prejudgment the man who could be about to declare europe's newest state here remembering the life of the last man who declared an independent catalan republic. in one thousand nine hundred forty this was with form a castle and president. was executed by firing squad for a belling against the military rule of general francisco franco with only hours to go until just a creature god except for defies the order from the dread to end his drive for secession he gave no clue as to his intention. on behalf of the government and
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myself i want to reiterate our commitment to civility. and also democracy as the inspiration for the decisions we have to make. on the eve of the day when mr preacher want is expected to confirm or deny his declaration of independence his presence here. morial ceremony for a hero of catalan independence is not going unnoticed and many here are drawing parallels with that situation. there has been much emotion stoked here in the past few weeks but the attempt to frame this as a story of oppression of a wealthy region by the central government is not convincing the european union despite the violent crackdown by madrid on any attempt to push ahead with self-determination. army and that the. peaceful.
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position never use the balance to defend our arguments. the catalonia of today is different from the embattled place it was during the spanish civil war but for the. gabaa tear the specter of past heroes of the cause is never far away even if catalonia is pro independence politicians step back there's no guarantee that they won't pay the price for their part in spain's current constitutional crisis. al-jazeera barcelona. now it's well known the ancient city of venice is sinking but it's also shrinking its fifty four thousand citizens are steadily leaving complaining the city has been overrun by tourists some fed up locals are hoping to change that is challenging. venice the timeless city that tourists seem to have little time for twenty million visit each year three quarters of them only stay for twenty four hours they follow
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the same routes see the same sights the impact is devastating fed up residents and leaving for ever one thousand each year for them house prices are astronomically high the crowds unbearable italian city no longer caters for them they say here feel i want to call you could you fly in the you can buy food now you can buy only bags you live you see here we see these if mccain would be easily look how is it possible to appreciate this if you were running a citizens'. shops only for. the craftsmen are not working in their shops. residents are protesting against the visiting cruise ships that dwarf the city a damage the environment unesco is threatening to blacklist the world heritage site unless action is taken a campaign to enjoy and respect venice is under way police move on to us to sit on
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steps and encourage them to visit less popular attractions but there are no plans to reduce tourist numbers only we. we agree cruise ships shouldn't pass by saddam. but we need to keep five thousand jobs we are looking into a different road regarding day trippers we are working on a possible experimental closure of san marcos querrey tourists would have to book a free visit to try and encourage the right type of business in the city has also introduced by putting up these posters all over venice tourist can be fined two hundred forty dollars for picnicking on a bridge like this one hundred twenty dollars for littering they can also be charged for holding too long which many of these birds would be guilty of the generally. piano dream is one of few remaining artist making it steer the gondolas which helped make them famous so if they want
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a lot of i'm going to quiet i'm going to challenge us to show them the real venice not because we want to create a museum there because we think that this is the most intelligent way to visit here and the only way to keep the nancy alive but hoping for tourists who go more with the flow is like venice battling against the tide charlie and al jazeera let us know early this month an asteroid the size of a house passed close to worth it would have been devastating if it slammed into our planet and with thousands of objects passing through space scientists are now working on ways to avoid them check aboard reports from san francisco. space is not empty it's full of objects most of the ones that smack into earth are tiny and they burn up in our atmosphere but even small asteroids that get through have had devastating effects you may remember there was an impact over siberia three or four
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years ago that was caused by something that was only twenty meters in size or so in fact a private foundation is begin raising money to build a satellite the sentinel that can track smaller so called city killer asteroids these hit the earth about every hundred to two hundred years. so flip a coin that's the odds that somewhere on earth during your lifetime it's going to happen again nasa even has a department called planetary defense no really that's its name and the agency tracks asteroids larger than a kilometer across those big enough to end human civilization now the agency has greenlit the next phase of the dart project which will try to push a nearby asteroid called did it most be off course the asteroid they were talking about is about the same size as the ship you see behind me just shy of two hundred meters long and i am roughly the same size as the projectile they're going to smack
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into it now in this context that seems ridiculous right i mean for me to just kick as hard as i can is going to have no effect at all on this ship but in the vast openness of space and the slippery in this of a vacuum smacking me into the bad at something like three times the speed of a bullet well you get the effect you want basically it would be using a spacecraft to ram the incoming object and change its orbit so it would not hit. so this would be kind of a dress rehearsal for a first show we hope never to stage the test will take place in twenty twenty two here's hoping we won't need to knock anything off course in the mean time take aboard al jazeera san francisco. look at recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera the iraqi army and kurdish forces have exchanged gunfire cook the rocket soldiers are advancing on the cut is
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held city with state television reporting the troops have retaken vast areas in the oil rich region and each commander has told reuters the aim is to take an air base i don't feel it has more from an ability. we understand that this offensive is focused on oil fields to the north the west the south all of that oil rich city of kirkuk and also the k. one a military base k one military base was taken control of by kurdish peshmerga in two thousand and fourteen after the iraqi army fled leisel offensive kurdish leaders met earlier to discuss tension with iraq following last month's a session referendum they rejected the iraqi government's demand to stop any push for independence. at least two hundred seventy six people have been killed in the biggest suicide bombing in somalia's history no one has claimed responsibility for the blast in the capital mogadishu on saturday. and as well as opposition is
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rejecting the results of regional elections electoral board says president nicolas maduro socialist party has won seventeen of twenty three state governorships the opposition's campaign chief is demanding a complete ordered the defense minister the philippines has two senior eiseley in command as have been killed in fighting in the south is known to happen long lead abu sayyaf which sees parts of the city of matter we in may its fighters were assisted by the multi-group one of its leaders. has also been killed austria said to have the world's youngest lead it sebastian kurtz and his conservative party have claimed victory and the general election the thirty one year old we need to form a coalition to govern. and early results in kurdistan as presidential election have given victory to an ally the sitting leader so run by gen because as a former prime minister the outgoing president is promising a peaceful and democratic transition. the final assault has begun to root out the last i sold fighters in the northern syrian city of raka u.s.
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backed syrian opposition forces i almost all civilians and about twenty and some to five i still fight as i've left under a deal brokered by tribal leaders on saturday well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to wonder what that's what about. in the hash tag era when news coverage of looking for an easy solution we delve deeper from on citizen and challenge the status quo join me man in the hot sun for a new season of love from at this time. the camaro rouge once ruled cambodia its oppressive policies brought down the nation's rich culture performance a good band and most artists and musicians here. today a local circuits sparking an artistic revival by turning street kids into world class acrobat and at the same time.


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