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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the saga. crackdown the concluding part of the new kind of china's democracy experiment at this time on al-jazeera. and witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. says it's taken full control of kirkuk and it reportedly did it without any
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opposition from kurdish forces. looking like it'll be your watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we can understand this present and confusion the spanish government reminds catalan leaders they have until thursday to withdraw the bid for independence. thank you he's now the world's youngest elected leader the victories for austria sebastian signals the nation shot into the political right also in the bever sector this ridiculous horrible unfair most definitely last thing. attacks on sodas to help fight obesity is one of america's largest cities loses its face.
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breaking news out of iraq this hour the iraqi army says it's taking control of the city of kirkuk according to the security forces troops moved inside the government building in central kirkuk with no opposition from kurdish forces deployed in the city a dozen humvees from the u.s. trained counterterrorism service arrived at the building into position in that vicinity alongside the local city police let's take it straight to charles stratford who is in the bill charles what else do we know. she's saying lines from the iraq. stand. that seems to be the complete rout. the rocky. story the militia groups are in full control of the central issue see. no reports whatsoever of any kind of patient presence in that area when the standards they use to full control of the job of building the. government. before.
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parliament in september. iraqi parliament in september he be ousted. we saw a huge withdrawal of civilians. thousands of families leaving the city today. many many of them being fighters as well heavily armed leaving heading towards. quite surprising for everybody here just quickly. interesting thing to blame already being cheated by some members of the taylor gita could issue when. one of the senior aides to president bush and he has posted on his twitter account
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. one of the main street militia groups a group called i saw it. and then he didn't. actually. what he describes as members of the p a full cooperating. watch has been discarded this seems to be a complete withdrawal from the full season around and inside the city. going to be a lot of. again there is going to be a lot of questioning a lot of. such strong rhetoric but now that the remains you know. cost is anyone considering how long the iraqi forces will stay in the city for. very good question.
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carol to imagine the iraqi forces will be even in the city any time soon. because of the huge to. the iraqi government. one of these. kind of cool is a huge bone of contention that it was able to participate in the referendum the controversial referendum on the secession from happened last month. in kirkuk as being a tech to. speak to jerusalem. very angry. should come on the federal control. it seems very much. truly on the
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twenty four. the iraq into the tree exactly what they want to see what does this do to the referendum result though charles. it does nothing really to do with a referendum result meaning the referendum or result. more than ninety two percent of people who who vote you didn't. turn me loose on the iraqi government or the k r g about any face to face discussions. following the intimate trail g.b. of storage cliched that they will note the results for a nuclear war he government sees being completely illegal and unconstitutional an alternative view of all the governments. pretty much material has to be called.
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the americans. cuba coke very much so. really. being true that the future. is being. a long time since basically the constitution was written up in two thousand and five. and. happened. it. seems highly unlikely that. iraq even the tree full cities will be with. will keep us posted on children in the meantime many thanks. more civilians are fleeing eyesores self-proclaimed capital rocka the final assault to flush out the armed groups last
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remaining fighters continues u.s. banks are in forces say victory is needed despite fierce resistance husham has the story. of a group of men believed to be i.c.l. fighters surrender in iraq. they are mostly syrians who handed over themselves to local officials after the deal brokered by tribal leaders. who wish that you start a new life and turned a chapter of the dark times you lived in removed those ideas that were injected into your brains and which made huge harm to islam and to our country. the deal was not extended to foreign fighters who still remain in the city syrian democratic forces a coalition of kurdish and groups backed by the u.s. are on the offensive they are seen here demanding i sell fighters surround but i still is down for using snipers suicide bombers are trapped buildings to
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block that enemies from advancing i mean. i still will be defeated soon they launch attacks under the cover of the night they capabilities have diminished civilians caught up in the fighting are fleeing the area they have been trapped in iraq since i still took control of the city into thousand and fourteen. the s.d.f. accuses i.c.l. of using civilians as human shields. record is a big deal we were trapped for three years we tried three times to escape but couldn't because i saw snipers shoot anyone who's leaving the city taking control of iraq is crucial for the kurdish faction since the start of syria's conflict the kurds have expanded their influence in the region they now control an area stretching from the north all the way to a freend on the border with turkey the capture of rock is
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a major setback for i said which is losing ground in eastern syria the armed group is now retreating besieged from everywhere by the kurds the syrian army and constantly under threat from u.s. and russian. its presence in syria is now approaching and. the tie on turkish border with syria the government in spain's region of catalonia says it will not respond within three days i was asked by madrid to clarify whether it plans to declare succession spain's deputy prime minister had asked for clarity after catalonia as leader failed to do so early on monday in a letter to the central government the catalan leader colors put amount asked for more dialogue. it was supposed to be a monday deadline but the catalan president's response to the drugs demands that he clarify his position on secession lacked any definitive answers in his letter to
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spain's prime minister might enter a catalyst you once said that the suspension of the political mandate given by the polls in october first demonstrates our firm will to find a solution and not confrontation not exactly the yes or no response required by the spanish government before it decides whether to push ahead with suspending catalonia as autonomous powers that meant that going to pretend that i know that on such an import. we only asked for clarity to extend uncertainty will only favor those who wish to end peaceful coexistence and to continue with the poor project the government hopes that in the following hours up until the next deadline on thursday mr persia will give the clarity that all citizens demand and the rule of law requires we can understand his preservations and confusion and that he's doing that to meet the demands of the most radical groups the spanish government is maintaining it's tough stance on mr preacher moment but it has given away just a fraction on the question of the deadline the ball and the fact is back in the
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catalan government's caught with a constitutional crisis is far from over societies are getting exhausted for the public functioning and the normal running it's also affecting every day's life of people so it would be very positive for everyone if they could find a solution soon but it seems it's not going to. in madrid the head of the castle of police forces just. arrived at spain's national court to face charges of sedition he's accused of failing to enforce a ban on the october first referendum a vote madrid says it was illegal under the constitution it has angered many in catalonia for whom the up arrow is a hero to the region secessionist after his force took a much less aggressive position than the national police force they came under international criticism for their violent crackdown on voters. the crisis is once again being prolonged but there is little clarity about how this will end and which
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side will back down first and many here what ever the capital our government decides to do it will pay the price for holding the referendum in the first place so you go up barcelona now the israeli government has approved the construction of israeli settlement units in hebron in the occupied west bank thirty one units have now been approved the settlements are illegal under international law this is the first time the government has given official approval for construction of hebron in fifteen years or a force that has more now from hebron. well this announcement from the israeli government approving thirty one housing units will see another illegal israeli settlement building go up within the old city of hebron and that is something that is very concerning to activists here who say that given the nature of the settlements project inside hebron where palestinians and israeli settlers live at such close proximity separated by cages by fences by barbed wire and by israeli
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army checkpoints and a large israeli army presence that this is going to make life inside have run that much more difficult for the palestinian residents here it is also something which you have to see in context of a wider growth in the settlement project the palestinian government says that it's increased by eighty five percent within just one year this week we're expecting to see hundreds more housing units approved either in advance of their construction or retroactively and so it is something of a trend which is deeply concerning to palestinians who live here in the occupied west bank certainly the mayor of the palestinian miss party of hebron says he will challenge it both in the international arena trying to get pressure on the israeli government and through the courts as well he submitting a challenge to the israeli supreme court still to come here on al-jazeera or hide and if we keep trying to investigate the truth about issues and reclined states my life could be in danger in the line of fire is trying to muscle the media for
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reporting on the range of crisis. welcome back what was typhoon cannon is no gracia been don't grade and you see it was dissipating before your eyes on the satellite imagery so a tropical storm but it's lost the strength of the winds and the rain also has dissipating to some extent still some heavy rain around and it may cause a few problems across parts of vietnam certainly some rain is likely and hanoi on choose day and that system will continue to push further towards the west through wednesday so i think we'll see some rain get into parts of laos and some of it has to be pretty heavy that could be some disruption caused because of the rain but gerri not as bad as it was at one stage feared we were fine conditions for hong kong fine whether it stands up through fuzhou toward shanghai we got a circulation of low pressure in the bay of bengal and that's turning to push and
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showers through the coast of me and be fairly wet at times you can see that circulation as you move towards south asia giving the threat of rain across the eastern side of more southern parts of india and then six circulating close to chennai otherwise we've lost the rain from one poor now northwards all way through to delhi it's looking fine temps there of thirty five degrees far south cannot occur carol overseas some showers there bangalore and may pick up one or two downpours but otherwise looking fine fine across pakistan nice and warm and sunny and crunchy highs of thirty three. the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the bomb but some of my producers that they want to do use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declared talks to al-jazeera at this time. i really felt liberated as
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a journalist for my view about getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this job. ok quick recap of your top stories so far today the iraqi army says it's taken full control of the city of kirkuk according to the security forces troops moved inside the government building in central kirkuk with no opposition from kurdish forces deployed there. the government in spain's catalonia region say it will not respond within three days as asked by madrid to clarify whether it plans to declare secession spain's deputy prime minister had asked for clarity after catalonia as
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leader failed to do so early on monday. the first time in fifteen years the israeli government has approved the construction of israeli settlement units in hebron in the occupied west bank thirty one new units have been approved the settlements are illegal under international law. the philippines defense minister says two senior eisold and commanders have been killed in fighting in the southern city of murali is still on her pillow lead abu sayyaf which sees parts of the city in may his fighters were helped by the moti group one of its leaders oh mom out was also killed government forces have been fighting the group for control of morale we. has more from there. well the secretary of defense. on the has confirmed the deaths in the happy lawn and all more about what they both are leaders of the mouth a group they pledged allegiance to i still a few years ago and they raised a black flag over several parts of city the siege has been going on for more than
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four months now since the crisis began more than a thousand people have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been displaced now the brother they are out there was killed a few months ago also in a military led operation seventeen other hostages were also released today and the government admits that even though the conflict the fighting is not officially over there is still on on a delta five number of fighters and hostages right inside the small battle zone now according to the philippine bennett you there is expecting liberation to happen any time soon now the president is expected to show up this week where the philippine pride at the heart of what are we city will be raised for the first time in months at least two hundred seventy six people and after two attacks in the somali capital mogadishu on saturday the death toll is expected to rise.
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on sunday hundreds of somalis marched through the streets of the city choice their anger at the bombing some of them said they've lost faith in the state's ability to protect the people. at least seven people were seriously injured in the u.s. when an oil rig exploded in louisiana police say the explosion happened in lake ponchartrain north of new orleans people who live nearby say the blast shook the homes. the exodus of rangers from me and miles rakhine state shocks the world but for journalists in the country simply reporting the story has led to how respond. from a young girl. in a yangon cafe i made i mean mean he's visiting from his home state of mind where he runs a monthly political magazine it's a risky business the twenty eight year old shows me photos of a bombing attack on his house last year which he says was due to his reporting in record time. if we keep trying to investigate the truth about issues in rakhine
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states my life could be in danger if we reduced our coverage of stories about muslims during the recent incidents and we had to be silent we almost don't cover it because we have to be very careful. more than half a million rohingya have fled maine marta bangladesh since late after a military campaign the united nations has called ethnic cleansing but you're unlikely to hear it reported that way in mean ma it comes to who and your issue. a traitor this reporter says he's been harassed online and even threatened in person for his reporting in record time he doesn't want to reveal his identity because he fears for the public backlash and you're feeling more crammed and you know you feel crap when you're writing the news before it's publish you you have this fear what would be the public you know response. will be swearing at me
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again online. directing a fact and you know the journalist i'll just there has spoken to about half a dozen journalists from maine i also say that facing some form of harassment even death threats for not toeing the government line on the range of issues just to give you an example of what that narrative is this is one of the country's daily best selling newspapers and it says that authorities are saying they'll continue to fly with their holy islamic terrorism in right kind states government social media also run the line that burning their homes including posting a photo of this couple who were later found to be hindu the burning of ranger homes was recently cited in the united nations report as being part of a campaign to expel and prevent the return of brahim just to me but the government says it's false illuminate these kind of attacks are not happening these accusations are spreading throughout the world even though there's been no attacks
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after the fifth of september and this is due to the media's role and this is very bad performance of the media i can say these media are bullying us i think it's fair to say that the government's p.r. . machine. on this entire issue has been absolutely dreadful and it's been something almost orwellian dystopian. an incredibly cheap and nasty mean mean war is not just for his country's future but that of his magazine he lost two of his six dollars this month because he wouldn't let them use the words bengali terrorist in their reports and he remains afraid of what else he could lose if he continues to search for the truth in me. al jazeera gone. i mean been hammered al fani is on a two day visit to malaysia of the first time he was welcomed by the malaysian king prime minister and cabinet ministers the gulf crisis puts the predominantly muslim country in a tight spot it is close to both cattle and saudi arabia bahrain egypt saudi arabia
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and the u.a.e. cup ties with cats on june the fifth. hundreds of demonstrators invoking a fast so have demanded justice for the family of a revolutionary leader murdered thirty years ago thomas and carter was known as africa's shake of era he seized power in a military coup in one thousand nine hundred three just four years later he was shot dead his ones close friendly's couple later became president before he was thrown out of office in a popular uprising in twenty fourteen company henri blocked attempts to investigate some cars killing during his twenty seven year. to europe austria's conservative leader sebastian kurtz has claimed victory in the elections there at just thirty one he will be the world's youngest leader his people's party won more than thirty one percent of the vote but he will need now to form a coalition government as david chase or explains the results marcus sharp move to the political right. and emphatic victory for sebastien
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kurtz just thirty one years old and already the chancellor of austria in a way to his first call to party headquarters and i thank you to supporters he described as making the impossible possible be let in and then there today the voters men and women in this country gave us a great mandate we must be aware of this opportunity the women and men are putting their hopes into this movement we will use all our strength and all of our fight to bring about change in this country i invite you to go on this path with us there is much to do to establish a new style a new culture a politics political analysts say his victory makes it clear the turbulent rise of right wing populism is far from over of course this is at present a course. so anticipating pre-nup this would be. labelled the whiz kid joining the campaign the leader of the conservative people's party achieved his
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ambition by being tough on what he called illegal migration curt's has been accused of a ruthless opportunism. by his form a coalition partners stealing the clothes in the policies of the hard right to the . no one party has an absolute majority in the national parliament sir coalition will have to be formed but who will kurtz now choose as his partner. most bets are on the hard right freedom party led by heinz christian straka it's been more than a decade since they've been in a governing coalition but tonight there was celebrating a significant surge in support over they still need to be vocal political people see but also this shows the tree as it looks who will be able to celebrate the best result in the history of the party and it also shows the delish what change is strong in austria. that feeling might not be shared by austria's muslim community the cost of islamophobia has been successfully played in this election leaving them
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more isolated and vulnerable david chaytor al-jazeera vienna. soft drink companies in the us breathing something of a sigh of relief after a come county in chicago became the latest area to overturn a tax on fizzy drinks because john and. after two months chicago's soda tax has fizzled a citizen rebellion forced cook county home of chicago to repeal the two month old penny announced tax on drinks with added sweetener i think it's ridiculous people are going across the border and getting it anyway and it's robbing and everybody is upset about it some compared it to the boston tea party when a british tax prompted american colonists to dump into boston harbor helping to spark the american revolution it's the latest wave of syntax launched in two thousand and ten by then new york mayor michael bloomberg if we are serious about fighting obesity we have to be honest about what causes it and we have to have the
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courage to tackle it head on the sugary drink tax movement spread across liberal towns in the us from philadelphia to. i think a penny a penny announces and very much and if it gives back to the community and to the city i think it's a good idea but they are very very impactful and they're impactful on the people that they want them to be which are the younger kids if you're using it to raise money it's going to eventually lose its punch and its dollars but if you use it to have an impact you she's very impactful in the first five years pay happily it's probably a good idea because obesity in america is rising so that's one of us a several. take away from that some pay grudgingly i think via the logic is flawed personally if you just paid it it's a penny announce that looks like sixteen cents. a pack is going to happen but perhaps no one has paid more than bloomberg who reportedly funded it ten million dollars campaign on radio and t.v. advertisements like this one. drink soda pop they are getting
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a lot more than they bargained for because just one soda a day you can lead to an extra ten pounds of gear and that leads to some very serious health problems but the soda tax can make a difference reducing the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes the money helping to support cook county hospitals and health programs and that's going to help keep our kids a lot healthier. the movement toward drink taxes repealed in chicago defeated in santa fe new mexico has recently shown signs of going flat a victory for big soda which spent millions on ads like this this is one of the worst managed counties in all of the united states the can't budget period the better sex is ridiculous horrible unfair small step and the last thing i need this is not promoting healthier lifestyles it's angering people it really makes me angry it makes me angry because there shrinks up that have zero sugar zero calories that
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are still affected by this tax i think people should call their commissioner to have a beverage tax. find a way to balance a budget don't find a way to tax me for something. the drink tax was billed as a band that in the battle against obesity but complex rules have made that hard to follow these sodas with sugar or corn syrup text orange juice not text but some brands add sugar then they're taxed milk not text chocolate milk but text this starbucks coffee taxed this starbucks coffee prepared by a barista not text. the complexity of it all has many consumers scratching their heads and in many cases taking another sip john hendren al-jazeera chicago. with the headlines here on al-jazeera the iraqi army says it's taking control of
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the city of kirkuk according to the security forces troops moved inside the government building in central kirkuk with no opposition from kurdish forces deployed in the city more now from charles stratford bill. according to the sources various lines from the iraqi military on the stand out. it seems to be to complete rout we understand that the rocking but the tree and militia groups are in full control of the stretch of the city no reports whatsoever of any kind of patient their presence in that area where they stand at bay you say to full control look at just one hundred building rarely kurdish by the governor. before rocky military arrived. the government in spain's catalonia region says it will not respond within three days as asked to do by the government in dread to clarify whether it plans to close a session spain's deputy prime minister had asked for clarity after catalonia as
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leader failed to do so early on monday in a letter to the central government to the castle county is putin won't ask for more dialogue the israeli government has approved the construction of israeli settlement you can see in hebron in the occupied west bank thirty one you units have now been approved those settlements are illegal under international law this is the first time the government has given official approval for construction in hebron in fifteen years. the defense minister in the philippines says two senior eisold and commanders have been killed in fighting in the southern city of morale we is still on her pillow on lead abu sayyaf footsies parts of the city in may. his fighters were helped by the moti group one of its leaders oh mom out she was also killed government forces have been fighting the group for control of. austria's conservative leader sebastian kurtz has claimed victory in the general election just thirty one he'll be the world's youngest leader his people's party won more than thirty one percent of the vote but he will need to form
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a coalition government. on sunday hundreds of somalis marched through the streets of mogadishu to voice their anger against the bombing that killed at least two hundred seventy six people in the capital on saturday those are your top stories the news continues after talk to al-jazeera i will see you very soon. on counting the cost of a scandal made in japan kobe steel admits that it fakes data on components used by the world's biggest makers of planes trains and automobiles. troubled by the i.m.f. is signaling danger ahead for the global economy even as growth takes counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. you can. see. the stages now he promised himself to get rid of his country's apartheid system and
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its nuclear weapons program. those were the two.


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