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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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unable to escape the. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel french i punch this side and decide like this and like that i would love to i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. don't you feel a bit more confident of voyager to feel a life. iraqi forces move into the town of sin jar a day after taking control of kirk cook from where kurdish forces have withdrawn.
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you watching al-jazeera lie from a headquarters and i'm dead you know also ahead the philippine president rhodri go to tears he says the city of morocco we has been liberated from an ice a linked group despite fighting still continuing. that leaving no stone unturned so mali rescuers look for survivors three days after the worst bomb attack killed over three hundred in the capital. escaping persecution the u.n. releases dramatic new video showing the scale of the road in refugee crisis. we begin with the latest developments in iraq. kurdish forces have lost even more
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territory iraqi shia militias have taken over the town of singe are in the northwest and that's after the withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga fighters earlier government troops took control of the contested city of kurd kook while tensions been mounting in the oil rich region since the currents held a referendum on succession last month for it is monitoring developments from erbil in northern iraq shia militia forces supported by iraqi federal government troops have taken control of the town of sin in the northwest of iraq now the town of unlike kirkuk does not fall into disputed territory it was taken control of by the patient in late two thousand and fifteen when the iraqi troops fled and i still a fence if we're beginning to see a pattern here it seems as if the federal government is intent on retaking control of all the areas that the peshmerga took control of in defending these positions
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against eisel in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen with respect to kill a cook military sources are telling us that there are plans now for the iraqi military to move forward and take control of another two oil fields close to the town of. we're also understanding according to those military sources that there are plans for those troops for those iraqi forces and the shia militia to move up to the last checkpoint which is around twenty kilometers north of kirkuk while civilians are fleeing self-proclaimed capital in syria as the final assault to push out its remaining fighters and gathers pace u.s. backed syrian forces say victory is near despite resistance it's not clear how many isis fighters remain inside the city. israel is set to renounce
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plans to build almost two and a half thousand new settlements housing units forty percent of that will be built of the separation wall in the occupied west bank carry far said isn't that my love that in the occupied west bank and has this update for you nonsense expected over the next couple of days should see some two thousand four hundred or slightly more approvals being announced for new housing units in illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank the number that was announced just a few days ago by the israeli government was more than three thousand seven hundred so the difference could be made up in the final tenders in retrospective approvals of some structures that have already been built there are two things of note about this announcement firstly there are four such announcements every year this one alone is a lot more hundreds more than the entire total for twenty sixteen so it shows a real excel aeration of settlement construction also a significant portion lie deep inside palestinian territory well away from the
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separation barrier well away from the nine hundred sixty seven border that the major settlement blocks there forty percent east of that barrier so a lot of these houses will be built and apartments will be built in isolated settlements making the prospects for those to be evacuated in any future two state solution all the more difficult all that has to be said there isn't much prospect of that much optimism for that here on the palestinian side of the equation at the moment this is a real celebration which we're seeing under the presidency of donald trump the israeli government feeling a bit more liberated at the same time part prime minister benjamin netanyahu is saying that he is to some extent having to restrain the expectations of his powerful settler bloc in his own coalition trying to restrain the construction process it doesn't feel like that on the palestinian side. well the taleban is saying it's responsible for a suicide bomb attack on a police training center in
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a gonna stans paktia province a car packed with explosives was detonated outside the compound a gun battle between authorities in the attackers appears to be continuing it's not known if anyone has been killed. a u.s. soldier held by the taliban for five years as pleaded guilty to endangering his comrades bowe bergdahl deserted his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine and was captured soon after several u.s. soldiers were seriously injured when they tried to rescue him he was released in twenty fourteen as part of a prisoner swap the only go see it under the obama administration bergdahl is facing life in prison. austria looks set to welcome a new leader thirty one year old sebastian kurtz official election results aren't expected until the end of this week but curt's is said to be seeking a coalition with his country's far right and to immigration party causing concern across the european union david cheater has more from vienna.
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a new start and a new image for austria the world's youngest leader in waiting is reported to be in intensive find the scenes negotiations with the hard right freedom party to whom the coalition government is political analysts say sebastian kurtz cleverly exploited his country's fears about another immigration crisis. migration is now the topic that all the politicians have and all political parties have to address in order to be successful in election complaints. instead of the defaced posters you usually see in the aftermath of many elections curses were plastered with stickers saying thank you we are behind us in the world but. i realize the shift to the right is happening in europe in general and that is i think a development which means that people are more insecure of the values on the right anymore. hinds christian strucker who leads the freedom party is expected to
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demand the foreign ministry as its price for giving kurds an absolute majority in parliament the international reaction to kurds is victory has been somewhat cautious and muted no doubt because the coalition talks are still going on. the german chancellor angela merkel praised him for running a very modern campaign but knows the immigration crisis could be even harder to handle with curt's as her new neighbor. today we have said and i say this time and time again we must solve the problems and we must look we have achieved and what we have not. the counting of postal votes has yet to be completed city official results of the election will not be announced until the end of this week no major changes are expected though the far right is about to enter the government for the first time in seventeen years if the coalition talks are successful. to
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al-jazeera vienna. well the philippine president says his military has liberated the southern city of morale we are a five month battle against isis fighters president rodriguez a terrorist say says the city has been freed from what he called terrorists but his military is still continuing the announcement came a day after two senior commanders of a local isolating group were killed more than a thousand people have died in the conflict and displaced at least four hundred thousand others. joining us from morocco itself and that is where the president was holding a flag raising ceremony with the military so certainly he's declaring the liberation of the city. i. apologize we apologies we seem to be having connection issues with
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we will try and get her a little later on in the program we'll move on to news out of somalia because we're hearing that rescue crews there are working to find survivors two days after the country's worst ever attack more than three hundred people were killed and hundreds more injured when a truck bomb explosion ripped through the heart of the capital catcha lopez hauteur young reports. it's a search to recover bodies and perhaps to find survivors rescue workers hope there's still life under these piles of rubble. twenty four hours after the explosion we found a young man who was alive the first thing i asked for was a phone so he could call his family he will continue to look for survivors for as long as it takes. more than three hundred people died in saturday's bombing attack in mogadishu scores are still missing. and his family were nearby when the car exploded he hasn't seen his brother since then. my brother and his wife very
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near the blast that is still. very about if they survive it we've gone to the sea and to all the hospitals but still nothing. many families are left with only questions not knowing whether to grieve or hang on to hope. my son had a pharmacy. where the tragedy happened we still don't know where he is dead or alive he had she wives and twelve children he was our sole breadwinner and for survivors international help has arrived military planes take these victims to turkey where they will receive specialized treatment with limited resources and medical supplies local hospitals are struggling. in my career as a doctor i've never seen anything like this they were burned bodies all over the place hundreds of fatalities were registered at medina hospital countless are
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injured. countries like kenya ethiopia and qatar offering logistical help locals are also doing what they can retrieving bodies from the rubble providing food and water for emergency workers. but they are also angry hundred suit to the streets to protest the attack they blame the armed groups fighting the government and. union peacekeepers inside somalia i thought. it was a massacre i've never seen anything like it in the last twenty seven years i saw a little boy's head lying on the ground it was shocking. no one has yet claimed responsibility but speaking to al-jazeera and al shabaab spokesman refused to confirm or deny responsibility the president who visited the scene blames would he calls terrorists targeting innocent civilians. the shock has now turned to anger pain and frustration as somalis deal with the deadly aftermath and all rising death
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toll. now dizzier well mohamad the know is joining us now from the somali capital mogadishu look as you heard in the report will have made no claim of responsibility of the finger of blame those squarely pointed at. itself are we any closer to finding out who was behind this. well as far as claiming responsibility no they haven't claimed and it is sponsibility for the talk. but the government has thoughts whatsoever that it's the same group that kind of talk the wost in somalia as history this is a country that has known so much of violence in most of the past three decades but what's happened on saturday only one of the busiest streets of mogadishu is never
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been seen in these countries and all that blame is pointing out that they are the only group up in spain cutting out the toxin like this one. trucks with explosives and targeting government as well as citizens as their targets so many people here have absolutely no doubt that it was al shabaab themselves so what kind of discussion then has now emerged in the country about the security situation . well this is a more this is a nation still in mourning this is the third and final day of a period of mourning declared by president mohammed of the life of a madrassa soon. caught many people stealing the show them a cup mission of looking for any survivors as well as the board beasts of the people who are still under the rubble of buildings that collapsed buildings within
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some buildings within to me to too much kilometers of radius of the cover and it is a huge task rescue workers us team looking for the bodies as well as survivors they were really encouraged yesterday late in the evening when they found a survivor will seriously injured under the rubble of the one of the buildings thoughts. so for now the people are still in shock but immediately these mourning period is over many questions some of them very difficult will be asked and want the government will be facing would be the question why is it unable to stop such kind of a tox series two thousand and eleven when i was kicked out of an issue by african union peacekeepers in national army this is a question the government would not have an answer to because the army the national
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army is in disarray it's not steal a professional army many of them go without sometimes for months they ease heat and security policy within the government so these there will be very tough questions asked but people are just waiting for this period of mourning time ok thank you for that updates still ahead on al-jazeera the cleanup begins after ireland's worst storm for hasa century that story and more coming up in just a moment. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. part of the reigns of former hurricane ophelia and a spinning of the scotland's that massive white cloud on its way to norway it's all part of a system slowly edging into western europe the white cloud against the bay of
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biscay through portugal and spain where some rain is falling out of it which is going to be good news because once more you probably know both portugal and spain have been hit by wildfires big ones once for the second time this year for portugal and they cover the loss of northern portugal and cliff here in northwestern spencer and in that comes out of that frontal system that's going to be help has been some rain and there is more to come but that's the only active part of that frontal system as it strings through north of all this is now a separate slightly cooler weather still quite warm with much warm weather still for new this is we're talking about temps in the twenty's as far north as low countries northern germany twenty one in berlin for example there is no weather to speak of within this big massive high pressure also around the edge windy weather of course of the remains of ophelia and wind and right of course more rain coming in through spain and portugal the next two days which has got to be even better news but it goes down to eighty however for a good part of the rest of europe enjoy the end of october because temperatures in
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excess of twenty as far north as the north sea it's most unusual. there with sponsored by cats on these. type of oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you must address or if you join us on sect. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al jazeera.
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the top stories on al-jazeera in iraq kurdish forces have lost more territory a day after a government troops took over the northern city of kirkuk they've now withdrawn from the towns of. as well as several oil fields rescuers are searching for people who are still missing after the worst bomb attack in somalia history more than three hundred people were killed in a truck blast on saturday the philippine president says his military has liberated the southern city of mirali after a five month battle against fighters president rodriguez the tears a says the city has been freed from what he called terrorists but his military says fighting is still continuing more on that story with jimmy o'loughlin dog and joining us from raleigh itself so as i'm saying the president was in the main battle zone where flag raising ceremony was held together with the troops so he's clearly saying that
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the city has been liberated. yes officially the flag was raised the national anthem was sung the always of loyalty was. read to the for the first time in many months since the battle began more than four months ago now but you know there are still pockets of fighting in different parts of what are we here that there is those several pfizer's still in the main battle zone near the lake that is still holding position in a few houses so the ceremony today was merely symbolic it was hastily arranged but its significance was not lost on the civilians of lost their homes and their loved ones and also on soldiers who have sacrificed their lives as you know more than a thousand people have been killed since the fighting began over a hundred of them are soldiers and two of the top leaders were killed in a military operation so what does this mean for the group itself does the signal
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the end of the group. well it was something that we asked the chief of staff yesterday he said that this me this means it's going to be a setback for them out a group that it will take some time before they're able to find a leader but if we look at the history of rebellion of armed groups armed groups in the philippines the deaths of leaders not necessarily mean an end to the presence of these groups in fact if you look at the leaders of the abu sayyaf the leaders of the more islamic liberation from the more national liberation front there was always someone who managed to seek their place and this is why peace negotiations with these groups are critical so it may just be a matter of time before them out a group are able to either evolved into a different group altogether or merge with other groups there are many areas you're being looked at now it's important to know that there are also so sympathizers for them out there but according to president rodrigo that there did the most important part now is rehab alliteration so that people here can begin building their lives
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back again ok jamila duggan's thank you. well the un has released drone video to highlight the scale of the mass exodus of refugees from take a look at it some more than half a million have crossed the border to bangladesh to escape the military crackdown in rakhine state most people have made the journey on foot the number increases the u.n. has described the crackdown in rakhine state as quote ethnic cleansing. joining us from. near the bangladeshi border with me are and when you take a look at that drone footage. that was released by the u.n. is there a suggestion then there is a large influx of refugees who are still trying to cross into bangladesh. very much so. we are getting from our sources as well as bangladesh broader god
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that on monday at least ten to fifteen thousand growing directly across the road to bangladesh from the shop from. the border point on an average according to bangladesh government aid agency at least two thousand to four thousand people crosses into bangladesh every day and a lot of those people coming from western region of iraq kind that take shelter in the poorest areas already in filtered island in and wait for the optimum moment to cross into buying of that because they're fearful of the buying of those border started me on my border police as well as there's no boats available in daytime because of some destruction imposed by the bangladesh got up for bringing the refugees in daytime i don't know exactly why but they wait for the late night to cross into bangladesh within the. bay of bengal area and in the not so the this is a continuous exodus of people maybe not as large
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a number in the month of august and early september but the continuous number of people crossing into it it's since like a. very active situation when you talk to they're going to have to do that telling the similar stories would not available there's no aid agencies present in western iraq. and that. security forces had asking them that very fearful of their lives they take shelter in the forested area their family and friends are telling them to come over to bangladesh at least you'll get security and some degree of food and shelter of this site and speaking of bangladesh itself and shelter specifically tell us about the government's plan there to set up supposedly the largest refugee camp in the world. disaster started a disaster and relief minister. came out with that statement saying that the plan to build a large refugee camp that could accommodate up to eight hundred thousand people
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that's a staggering number of people more than the population of washington d.c. now so proud of at least twelve got a big camp out on the long and. there was also a plan by the government a controversial plan rather to take all the refugees into a remote island on the coast of buying of that came under a lot of criticism i don't know if the plan still is on or the backboard out that due to heavy criticism from international agencies but the idea is to confined is. the political side to buying the government doesn't want a lot of their own just across into other districts of the country. a lot of opposition parties are saying that the government isn't doing it and. diplomatically pressure on me on my to take this and i think you know they want to confine them in one place so i have a central distribution for aid and relief for this refugee all right thank you. as the emir of kuwait has visited saudi arabia for talks to help resolve the gulf
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diplomatic crisis. mediating between qatar and the four arab states blockading the country saudi arabia the u.a.e. beheading and egypt cut ties in june accusing cats are supporting terrorism an allegation which doha strongly denies. wildfires have killed at least thirty six people in portugal and three in spain firefighters in portugal are struggling to put out about fifty blazes the government has declared a state of emergency in the northern part of the country and asked for international help fires follow an unusually hot summer and were made for a spice strong winds from. we cain ophelia the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has blamed the fires in his country on arsonists well the storm that storm ophelia has killed three people in ireland it's left three hundred sixty thousand properties without power schools have also closed down the irish government has the
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ploy the army to bolster flood defenses people in northern ireland are being warned to stay indoors as ophelia makes its way to britain barnaby phillips has more from the door and in donegal from space an omen a sight storm ophelia approaching an island at dawn in the skies about the southern coast of the crows knew something unusual was coming no longer a hurricane by the time she hit land but ophelia battered island's coast and inland the winds wreaked havoc knocking things over sending them flying even as if in rage a school's roof picked up and thrown we were further north in donegal where the worst of the storm didn't arrive until towards the end of the day. in this town as in towns all over ireland it's been a very unusual day streets all but deserted shops closed pubs close restaurants closed schools closed families waiting at home for the worst of ophelia it's
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a pos i was at the local shop this morning and it was like christmas eve it was packed with people. you know with and for the storm to sit. on the street. i'm looking forward to getting home. i think we're just in the brunt of it right now for the next couple of hours. meanwhile to the east over england calm but ophelia brought a strange glow to the sky not an impending apocalypse a scientists but sunlight filtered through dust pulled up from the sun harra in the forest fires in spain and portugal barnaby phillips al-jazeera on islands west coast al jazeera journalist mahmoud her saying has now been in prison in egypt for three hundred days human rights and media organizations have all joined the network in denouncing his the tension and are calling for his release of a name spoke to his family about how he's coping. in the three hundred days mahmoud
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hussein has been imprisoned his family says he's grown depressed he's accusing the egyptian authorities of denying him legal rights and medical treatment and providing inadequate food and clothing he is father to nine children my sisters and brother face social stigma every day in their schools everyone calls them that they are sons and daughters of petitioners. and they are not tool or flipping during egypt they are not safe each one of us is not safe young woman. hussein is an egyptian journalists who was based in qatar working for al-jazeera he was looking forward to going home for a vacation last december instead he was arrested in cairo egypt and authorities have charged him with what they call disseminating false news and receiving funds from foreign authorities to defame the state. has denied all allegations while
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human rights and other media organizations have denounced the accusations and are demanding his release we struggle to face the life without my father. it's a story of a man who was kidnapped by the government before being officially imprisoned. he was unjustly labeled as a terrorist by egyptian media hussein is the latest al-jazeera journalist to be imprisoned in egypt last year a former editor of al-jazeera arabic website was sentenced to death in absentia in two thousand and thirteen an international campaign was launched after the arrest of peter greste mohammed fahmy and baher mohamed the three spent more than a year in prison in all cases al-jazeera says their only crime was being a journalist natasha going to iraq.
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hello again the top stories on al jazeera kurdish forces have lost more territory a day after iraqi government troops took over the northern city of kurds they've now withdrawn from the towns of. as well as several oilfields tensions been mounting in the oil rich region since the kurds held a referendum on last month the philippine president says his military has liberated the southern city. after a five month battle against ice a linked fighters president of the territory says the city has been freed from what he called terrorists but his military says fighting is still continuing the announcements came a day after two senior commanders of the isolating group were killed. in dog and has the latest from. the official lead the flag was raised the national anthem with the all loyalty was. read to be for the first time in many months since the battle
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began more than four months ago now but you know there are still pockets of fighting in different parts of that are we hear that there are still several fighters killed in the main battle zone near the lake that is holding position in a few houses so this very morning to the with nearly symbolic. well the taliban says it's responsible for a suicide bomb attack on a police training center in afghanistan's paktia province a car packed with explosives was detonated outside the compound a gun battle between authorities and the attackers appears to be continuing it's not known if anyone has been killed rescuers are searching for people who are still missing after the worst suicide bombing in some all u.s. history more than three hundred people were killed in a truck lost on saturday thirty five seriously injured victims have been performed to turkey for treatment the u.n. has released drone video to highlight the scale of the mass exodus of for him to
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refugees from me and more more than half a million broken joe have crossed the border to bangladesh to escape the military crackdown in rakhine state which the u.n. says is quote ethnic cleansing those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next. hour. where ever you know. i'm femi ok and you're in the stream today what's it like to go undercover in the world of white supremacy we have.


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