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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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feet kicked in mind they tell us they arrived in bangladesh the day before the two returned to find the rest of their families who can make the journey that is the last bangladeshi border security post and beyond that where you see the smoke billowing it's me and mark now the journey between the two countries is just a boat ride across the river that takes twenty minutes which is why we've seen dozens of raw and joe made it to the safety of bangladesh trying to go back to say family members that left behind for norma hamad and his extended family this path leads to safety you know they didn't even thought should we struggled so much now we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh. us dark forces it's serious a very full control of russia places for one's self declared capital.
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clothes all rubble you're watching al-jazeera lifeboat headquarters here in doha also coming up kurdish flags are coming out of all tiled side of northern iraq are back in control of iraqi government forces. also israel is to approve of other bache acceleration of subtle but you did say that the occupied west bank plus. will a take a step dealing at a fellow's beat your to discuss the controversy surrounding a because most popular sport. welcome to the program to us but forces have driven out ourselves from itself declared capital of raka its syria in the past few hours the syrian democratic forces have raised the flag inside the city's stadium. battle to take the city from
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beisel because jews civilians have been to flee for weeks as the fighting intensified at the height of its straight does all declared rocket its capital it also searched across iraq sees a good troll of large swathes of the country a couple of years old it's totally has been reduced to this just last rocket syria has also been targeted by iraqi government forces across the border the group is also adore attacked by the syrian government and its allies in the last pockets it holds it dear as a city. taqiyya that's all the turkey side of the turkey syria border hugely significant development to these past few hours to get that use out of rack a real boost to coalition forces in the area. here is indeed this is an opportunity for the city after further expand the territory it
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controls we're talking about a coalition of kurdish. fighters who have been expanding from miss lee. the northern isn't part of syria all the way to. free and which is on the border with turkey is quite significant now for the it's a huge area on the euphrates it has thailand it's been one of the major strongholds for myself in syria it was a former self proclaimed capital of isis in syria now the we've been told by sources on the ground that the dia has handed over control of the city to the assizes which is a local kurdish police force. quite is have moved now south towards the being the last straw i said in syria the only problem with this pushed a couple after i said is they could now. the kurds on
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a collision course with the syrian military which is moving from the south to word . and the syrian army is saying that it definitely is it is definitely keen on taking over all the territory it lost whether to the rebels or to. the kurds to a certain extent tough control of most of this area how should they will speak about those eisel fighters at bay have escaped all splinter groups that might have crossed into different parts of the country if they haven't already focus their attention on. what we know so far so good is that it was definitely a few days ago between tribesman and i said fighters which paved the way for some of those fighters particular the syrians to hand over themselves to the to the kurds and they say that they will be interrogated about them they will be allowed to stay and live in iraq however we don't know about what happened to the foreign
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fighters or at a certain stage said that they won't leave and they want to fight to the death but we do understand that some of those firefighters manage to leave. during the last forty eight hours where have the gun we don't know what i mean for them if you look at the map there's absolutely no way for them to move east north or west the only. logic course for them is to move south towards their goals always has the. wishes i says last remaining stronghold the international led coalition has been saying that it won't allow for any freeze passage of the foreign fighters because it was concerned it would further resurface in other areas and start launching attacks against different groups well for the better we'll leave it there how should thanks for the update. takes a look back at isolates fight for iraq. the capture of rockabye i saw in two thousand and fourteen was hailed by the armed group as a major achievement back then i still said it demonstrated its strength as it
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continued to expand across syria and iraq it declared its capital in syria setting up courts prisons and other institutions but all of this was against the will of the people i saw as emergence in the cartels a huge blow to the syrian opposition and a free syrian army who had previously controlled the area their fighters were forced to retreat and president bashar assad was able to validate his claim that his troops were fighting what you call terrorists and not legitimate opposition in turn an international coalition was formed to fight the group led by the united states and in coordination with russia whose forces had been sent into syria to help prop up the flailing regime the coalition and russia launched hundreds of air strikes in a bid to defeat eisel but many civilians were killed in the process on the ground the offensive to expel eisel from iraq i was being led by the y.p. g a kurdish faction supported and armed by washington while they managed to make large advances that true was at the expense of the syrian opposition who accuse the
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group of expelling the indigenous arab residents in order to pave the way for future kurdish states. why p.g. has links with the kurdistan workers party or p k k n armed group in truckee which i care considers to be a terrorist organization some editor analysts believe that despite the y.p. g.'s success in expelling eisel from iraq the group will not be able to achieve its goal of autonomy and see that the kurds and the y p g definitely overstretched could buy an area that they constitute a minority of twenty five to thirty percent compared to seventy percent now that i saw has been pushed out from the many will declare the end of the armed group but others disagree we are witnessing the fall of the. but that doesn't mean i will be destroyed. remain purcell's in
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syria and lebanon i saw is not an ordinary group its methods are both horrifying and unconventional it doesn't have a membership process for example anybody who wants to kill or maim can do so and then attribute those attacks to the group and that's what makes defeating i saw seem so impossible now whilst expanding its members from iraq is significant the region need to deal with the root causes that push young men to join such a group. well kurdish forces in syria they be celebrating but over the border in iraq they suffered major territorial losses the push mirka have pulled out of several tiled the face of advance by iraqi troops the territory includes should just back war where. the child's were seized by kurdish forces in recent years after defeating eisel that are the control of iraqi shia militias government troops have also taken over all of the oil fields near kirkuk iraqi forces moved
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into the could tested city all but day it's part of an operation ordered by the iraqi prime minister to take back kurdish held areas outside their autonomous region the iraqi government's already dealt its plans for the oil fields that it's warning of legal action if kurdish officials have blocked access stratford possible from erbil in northern iraq. the iraqi oil ministry says it plans on boosting daily output from the kirkuk oil fields from the estimated six hundred thousand barrels of oil that was being produced under kurdish control to one million barrels per day an indication of just how important the vast great all reserves around kirkuk are the ministry also saying that any kind of attempt by the kurdish authorities to hinder this new output goal would face serious legal action and it
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also saying that it is going to involve foreign companies that are going to be very much involved in trying to boost this output we've heard in the immediate wake of the referendum plans by the iraqi government to open up an old pipeline to reopen a pipeline that was damaged by eisel that would circumvent kurdish the kurdish region of northern iraq so the oil could get out to turkey but these statements from the oil ministry today as i say an indication of just how important the oil is and how will how keen the iraqi government to capitalize on a gains around the oil rich city of kirkuk. the taliban says it's responsible for a suicide bomb attack that killed thirty two people at a police training said to in afghanistan's put. a call to the expenses was detonated outside the compound he was followed by a gun battle between authorities out the attackers at least one hundred ball were
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injured in the assault. sixteen killed in a bad collapse in southeastern turkey the country's biggest. province didn't have a valid operating license twenty thirty the government but by the safety risks. of the. survivors. the philippine president has declared victory in the southern city of. battle against fighters during a visit to his troops present. at the rory was what he called terrorists to rebuild the city but the philippine soldiers that are still fighting i salute forces in the last hold pocket of the royal we more than a thousand people have died in the conflict which is displaced at least four hundred thousand people.
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thank god has more for borrowing. it was the haiti really organized event we knew with that the liberation ceremonies of what are we going to happen this week and today we were told that we are going to be able to go to ground zero and witness a flag raising ceremony led by president of the good that they did together with forces from the philippine military but of course the significance of this event is not lost personally to those who suffered and those who have lost their properties and their lives since the siege began more than four months ago this has been one of the most difficult battle that the philippine military ever again since the crisis began more than four months ago much of what are we now in ruins over one hundred soldiers have been killed and hundreds of thousands more have been
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displaced now president of the good. to admit that there have been government lapses specially when it comes to intelligence and information sharing he warns local politicians that he will go after them with difficulty those who continue to support the mouth a group now the two leaders of the mouthy group have been killed this week now they are seem to be leaderless at the moment but history tells us that groups like this one do not remain leaderless for far too long so the government promises rehabilitation the graham government promised to address the root cause a rebellion here and radicalism which is basically inequality and the combination well still ahead here. the latest. three hundred people. doing.
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to get back into the workplace after having. hello the remains of tropical depressions tropical storms are always around the south china sea at the end of the season and we still got plenty of motion to come off the coast of vietnam but it's a fading feature so yes it still will be wet and there are still floods around but if anything is going to be drawing of the next day or so the same is true in the west china we get to the higher ground that cloud breaks but i'm here to say there's still spotty showers stuff around in sichuan but the line breaks for you get to shanghai it's dry and sunny from shanghai down to hong kong and right runs a vietnamese coast and the monsoon trough is still heading south through india did
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pulse back last week when up to good you're right at the moment it's showing itself near chennai but there's a possibility of a development in the by a bang goes in the forecast a slow circulation and is drifting north was towards bangladesh who suffered so badly of course with this monsoon season but this whole area in the northeast of india bangladesh suffered badly there's more rain all nice way takes away most of the input is further west it looks drier for chennai then going to ruin and new delhi thirty four degrees in the sunshine here still quite warm for this time of the year. in the arabian peninsula it's all dry and free of plan is a bit of a breeze flowing down the gulf so thirty seven still seems quite how high for doha but with low humidity. i provoked it oh is it allison when our on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.p.a.
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has to address or if you join us on say i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. bookwork you're watching after their eyes the whole robber biter vote up stories us but forces have drifted out high school from its self declared capital of russia syria in the past few hours the syrian democratic forces have raised their fly kid sized city stadium the battle to take the city from beisel to get
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a jew. also kurdish forces are suffering huge territorial losses in iraq the day after government troops leaves the door the city of kirkuk they've to withdraw from the tells of said job. as well as giving up several giving up control suffer all oil fields. the philippine president has declared victory in the southern city of herat we're after a five but battle against arsenal linked fighters during a visit his troops to his troops president to get to target said bradley was the free for what he called terrorists to rebuild a city. israel has little build all those two and a half stars the do subtle but housing units forty percent of that will be built east of the separation wall at the. occupied west bank let's go over to harry forsett our correspondent in the occupied west bank news of this settlement construction is not really go to sit very well with the palestinians door but of
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the international community harry. no all those who are looking for a two state solution between israel and the palestinians for them this is just more cementing of the key problem literally cementing in the settlement issue the illegal israeli settlement issue this is a two day process this meeting of the relevant committee which hands out the approvals for such plans at the end of the first day we have news that one thousand two hundred and ninety two housing units have been approved for construction or at some stage of the approval process for construction on top of that two hundred ninety six permits or other tenders have been approved fragile construction at the settlement the illegal israeli settlement behind me here in the occupied west bank the settlement of beit il so this does suggest an acceleration in the settlement process some things have changed of course we have
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a new president in the white house one which many on the israeli right especially the pros settler lobby were hoping would really take the brakes off as far as the relationship between united states and israel is concerned the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been trying to make the most of this recently saying that those single israeli settler would have to come out of the west bank in the future that no settlements would ever be uprooted in the future however there are those among the processor lobby who are critical of this saying that this is recycling of past numbers and past announcements they want to see the process accelerated still more that this doesn't even account for the natural growth they say of israeli settlements in the west bank of course from the palestinian perspective this is a worsening of the situation and an already fairly brink plus prospects for peace negotiations looks bleaker after this first half of what we're expecting is
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a two day series of announcements over there will leave it there without a. situation develops how we thank you. no u.s. military plane has loaded somalia's capital mogadishu carrying medical word humanitarian aid is the latest it did arsenal response to saturday's bob the worst in the country's history more than three hundred people were killed and hundreds more injured where they struck bob ripped through the heart of the city thirty five seriously injured victims have been flowed to turkey for treatment but here's the latest from these the capital mogadishu. what happened on saturday one of the busiest streets of mogadishu is been seen in these countries and all blame is pointing out they are the only group of things been carrying out the talks like this one loading trucks with explosives targeting government as well as. their targets so many people here have absolutely no doubt
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about themselves and. this is a nation still in mourning this is the. final day of a period of mourning declared by president mohammed of the life of a madrassa soon. many people dealing with the mock mission of looking for any survivors as well as the bullies of the people who are still under the rubble of buildings collapsed buildings within some buildings within two. kilometers radius of the collapsed and it is a huge task rescue workers are looking for the bodies as well as survivors they were really encouraged yesterday late in the evening when they found a survivor will seriously injured under the rubble of the one of the buildings collapsed so. the people are still in shock but immediately the mourning period is over with many questions some of them very difficult and one the
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government will be facing would be the question why is it unable to stop such kind of attacks. the. refugees who fled. to five hundred eighty two thousand it's really strange video to highlight the scale of the. bus exodus. to. state that has described the situation as ethnic cleansing the choudhry has been for us from coaxes bazaar the bangladeshi be a border. the u.n. a.t.r. aerial footage shows a large number of refugees on the other side of bother trying to cross into bangladesh now this is corroborated by our soldiers on the other side as well as bangladesh border god on monday at least fifteen ten to fifteen thousand refugees
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crossed over into bangladesh and shop where they bury and along all their land boundary area influx is continuous maybe not in staggering numbers sometimes but on average two to four thousand people crosses into bangladesh the fibrillation on the other side in myanmar is still very active and volatile what we hear from the refugees talking to them families and other members is that they are very scared to get out of the house that is no food at all the put shops are closed there's no aid agency distributing any kind of food specially in western russia there are kind stayed rather and they're trying to cross into buying that there's this take shelter in quite a steady hour filtered island in the not very bar and wait for the optimum moment to cross into bangladesh on the other side the bank of this government is not planning to set up a huge refugee camp which is supposed to accommodate up to eight hundred thousand people that is a staggering number of people in one refugee camp how they're going to manage this is a question yet to be seen this is a larger than the population of washington d.c.
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city one reason the government is trying to do that is that on one the royal refugees to scattered across bangor that they want to confine them in one area so they can have a better planning of distribution of relate aid and other emergency aid into one particular camp but most of this camp around the rule of shanty town to accommodate that many people in one concentrated area is a clear danger of spreading of infectious disease and also a very uncomfortable and i think many in a small concentrated area in one particular place this situation remains volatile and active in both side of the border as up now. to the u.s. where the n.f.l. t. voters will beat players and league officials of the next two days to try to fix some of the big issues plaguing america's popular sport. what to do about players protesting the national as well kristie. of course problems facing the n.f.l.
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it's a really big decisions to be buried. absolutely nothing has been consuming the n.f.l. like this controversy over kneeling during the national anthem it all started last year when san francisco forty nine ers quarterback collin cabernets decided to sit and then neil during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and the mistreatment of minors in this country an issue that has been burning in minority communities here other players later followed suit it's really divided teams it's divided coaches players and owners and fans in particular it's become a national controversy even with the president weighing in so the n.f.l. is hoping to put that behind them today when they meet at the hotel behind me later in the day the commissioner of the league roger goodell has said he wants players to stand during the national anthem many people see it as a sign of respect for the country and the league has been getting a lot of complaints from fans returned merchandise and the like but the
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commissioner says that he also wants to support players and their yearning for social justice in the issues that they care about so it seems like a compromise may be in the works where the league does something to support the programs and legislation that might help move these issues that are important to the players forward the players have been trying to come up with a similar sort of plan on their own since august this will be the first time that the league is officially getting together with the players and their representatives to discuss this but it's really a thorny issue right now there's no rule requiring the players to stand during the national anthem will that change will. the league try to impose a rule what if the player standing raise if this what if the teams say in the locker room during the national anthem all of these things are being discussed as possibilities and there's a lot of people with differing opinions that have to come to an agreement but either one of those people with that opinion is the president himself is you quite vocal of the subject but it sort of softened his stance in the last few i was.
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absolutely at the beginning of the season president trump weighed in and said that the leader should be firing players who stand during the national anthem. this actually prompted more players to protest and neil and other teams linked arms in a show of solidarity but it really high in the debate and got more of the fans fired up as well the president did soften his tone yesterday but only very slightly have a listen to what he said when you go down and take a needy or any other way you're sitting the sensually for great national anthem you're disrespecting our flag and you're disrespecting our country and the n.f.l. should have suspended some of these players for one game. not fire suspended for one game and then if they did it again it could have been two games in three games and then for the season you wouldn't have people disrespecting our country right now. so now the president saying players should be suspended not fired for nailing
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during the national anthem but still say you know a strong position one person that won't be at this meeting today is the quarterback collin copernic calling copper nickel started this whole controversy he has not been hired for a new role he's out of work no teams have been willing to pick them up and on monday he filed a complaint with the league saying that it was colluding against him to keep him out of football as a result of his taking the need during the national anthem. to crist of course through the day we get a divorce the n.f.l. has to say. well women who quit that job to have children to look after elderly relatives often find it almost impossible to get back into the workplace but i do both a little. bit brigade the professional life that just a couple of reports. constructing a super sewer to meet the demands of
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a growing with us. tideway is building the twenty four kilometer tunnel it's also building up its workforce of women with internships designed for women who've taken career breaks henry had to give particular time off to raise three children she wanted to go back but with a gaping hole in her c.v. companies weren't interested so she applied for a high level paid internship i felt quite confident when i saw. my goodness what am i doing i do. these questions so i think that's a natural way to feel probably when you're suddenly back in that situation the internship now a full time job was organized by women return they found many women needed support to get out of the house and into the office there is an erosion of self confidence and self belief that happens when you lose that professional identity and also just as importantly it's for a challenging to get in through the door and organization because if you send to
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sci fi in three traditional grades you tend to be dismissed as a risky candidate you go to the bottom of the pile the majority of internships become full time jobs but two thirds of them could be working below their potential even so it is creating a pipeline of experienced women is a game changer because we will never stop having people who take career breaks with me this is something that should happen in every organization every year across the country and it makes economic sense the impact on the u.k. economy of women being out of the workforce is estimated at more than two billion dollars a year. returning programs come at a perfect time careers are getting longer so makes sense to go back to work companies it could be the solution to a problem for twenty years we've talked about diversity getting women into management positions and nothing seems to happen. companies now have access to
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a resource that hasn't been tapped qualified returning women with experience could it finally be the elusive crack through the glass ceiling jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. there are these are all top stories u.s. bank forces have driven from itself declared capital of brocker its syria in the past few hours the syrian democratic forces have raised the flag good side the city stayed here to take the city from it to. kurdish forces are suffering huge territorial losses in the role of government troops the northern city of kirkuk. with the toes of sadr. as well as giving up control of several oil
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fields. of the deputy interior minister says at least fifty people have been killed in a series of attacks by the tell about forty people died in a suicide a good battle at a police training said. at least ten others were killed in violence in ghastly province. the philippine president has declared victory of the southern city of. the league fighters during a visit to his troops present roderigo to target said the raju was free for what he called terrorists about to rebuild a city. they did. my. always. good to. see you thank you u.s. military plane has landed in somalia's capital carrying that ickle and he better terry late is just the latest had to actual responds to saturday's bust of
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explosion which was the deadliest of the country's history the three hundred people killed and hundreds more injured when a truck bomb ripped through the heart of the city. but of course you can follow all of those stories by logging onto our website at al-jazeera dot called. the street. or. where ever you are. and you in the stream today what's it like to go undercover in the world of white supremacy we have extraordinary stories of people who post as racists tend to
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expose them.


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