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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am AST

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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from. dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes eisel is driven from its syrian stronghold of rocca a battle is won but the war is far from over. crimes against humanity
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amnesty international accuses me of miles military of carrying out a systematic and ruthless campaign against the revenger. cementing his authority china's biggest political event gets underway with president xi looking stronger than ever. last millions of women take to social media to protest against sexual harassment. bob let's start in syria where the u.s. backed opposition forces have driven i saw from its self declared capital rocka kurdish led syrian democratic forces raised their flag in the city's stadium after a four month battle from the tie on the turkey syria border whole bar report.
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kurdish fighters triumphantly into iraq they're celebrating the capture of the city which was eisel main stronghold in syria but taking iraq wasn't easy. the syrian democratic forces a coalition of kurds and arabs backed by the u.s. began the offensive in june i said fighters held ground for five months but the armed groups defense lines were eventually broken by a continual wave of strikes and shelling. we control rock up but as you know there are mines that we need to clear and we have to make sure there are a lot of fighters hiding in tunnels we are now clearing all the areas we captured civilians continue to flee to save areas this is a family that has just a refugee camp controlled by the. tens of thousands of people have been affected by
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the fighting there mostly live in poorly equipped camps north of the city. i heard the news of a cease fire and took my family but then we came under fire the journey was tough because we had to walk through entire areas reduced to rubble now that iraq is under their control fighters got the order to move south towards daters or i sells last area of control in syria. and advance that is likely to put the kurds on a collision course with the syrian army which is also launching an offensive from the southwest to capture the oil rich province the two have recently been competing to expand their military gains in iraq and there was over the counter rocket is a major setback for ice there which is now trying to hold ground in a vast desert area on the border with iraq by losing their thailand's and failed
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the group fire. deprived of crucial financial means gas perfectly needs of this critical moment and it was hoping to use syria and iraq as a starting point for its self declared islamic state. where the fall of russia leaves i saw without a major urban stronghold in syria while i saw linked fighters remain present in pockets throughout the country it's in full control of just one part of eastern syria that's the countryside outside the contested city of bear as or much of the north is in the hands of u.s. backed kurdish fighters central and western syria is disputed pro-government forces control large swathes of country while opposition groups hold territory in the south a much of italy a province that's also where the turkish military recently started a military operation well the u.s. played a key role in the removal of eisel from iraq or with president trump claiming credit
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for changing the attitude of the military but exactly what role the u.s. will take in the rebuilding of syria and indeed iraq is still unclear here's our state department correspondent roslyn jordan. four months of ammunition air strikes and bloodshed. the payoff isis so-called capital of iraq is practically in the control of syrian arab and kurdish fighters with a healthy assist from the u.s. led military coalition there still is fighting left there but there is also training that continues with iraq internal security force some of that training also includes you know very very aptly the counter i.e.d. training which is allowing them to help remove some of these explosive remnants of war u.s. president donald trump quickly claimed credit for the success of the campaign saying his guidance quote has totally changed the attitudes of the military i totally changed our military i totally change the attitudes of the military and
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they have done a fantastic isis is now giving up it seems that winning the war against eisel may turn out to be the easy part the obama administration would only support those syrian opposition fighters who were willing to fight i sold not take on the assad government and in iraq they were dealing with kurds who felt that they should get an independent state in exchange for taking up arms against the group now it's up to the trumpet ministration to figure out how or whether it should be involved in shaping the peace in both countries the u.s. has said before it's not in the business of nation building a point the state department spokesperson repeated on tuesday is to restore basic services that is our plan it's not the sort of the nation building that the u.s. government previously engaged in in other countries right now we see our role as getting the basics up and running and then eventually turning it over to some to
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other countries and to that host country if you will a long time u.s. diplomat says the trumpet ministration has both the will and the diplomatic and economic tools to help iraqis in. and syrians rebuild their countries but james jeffrey questions whether the white house will seize the moment as long as there is one isis jihadi fighters out there there will be a temptation to say let's continue doing what works rather than get into this very complicated other stuff where we don't have guidance from above and therefore as a same group of people are working on all of these things you tend to go with what's working doing the easy thing at a time when iraqis and syrians may be expecting the u.s. and its allies to help them do the harder thing returned their countries to being viable states rosalyn jordan al-jazeera at the state department ok additional says of relinquish more territory in northern iraq just a day after government troops took the city of kirkuk the iraqi prime minister
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hyderabadi says kurdish hopes for an independent state are now a thing of the past he's calling for dialogue charles traffic has more from. iraqi government troops and shia militia on the outskirts of kirkuk less than twenty four hours off the kurdish peshmerga forces withdrew from the oil rich city no one predicted the ease and speed with which iraqi government forces could take control of the oil fields and most of the remaining towns in the disputed areas of northern iraq peshmerga forces withdrew in some areas without even firing a shot the iraqi prime minister says they nord orders from erbil that's how i wanted to help what they went against your instruction and didn't cancel market forces exist as a list and many people who had fled kirkuk the day before began to return the lights and now we don't know anything yet we're about to enter but we don't know
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sipho not where else can i go i don't know where to go it's better to go back we're going back to our house and i think it was. some arab residents in this ethnically diverse region celebrated the arrival of iraqi government forces. and. now all of kirkuk is retaken and we are happy some of the peshmerga killed in the sporadic fighting which taken to a morgue in the kurdish region second city ceremony the regional government hasn't released figures yet on how many medical killed the lead up to and this is to let me know since last night we received twenty five corpses of troops killed in battles of kirk and its suburbs relatives of those killed in battles received twenty one corpses so far the bereaved relatives are gathering at the morgue to receive dead bodies of their sons you know bill many people say they are shocked and feel betrayed accusing the international community of siding with the iraqi
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government against them. it looks like there was an international betrayal of the kurdish nation and that is due to the fact that we had a plan to move towards into. unfortunately we are facing a situation where we lost everything that we had before all this loss is a result of the fact that the kurdish nation is not united evidence of factionalism and rivalry between kurdish groups and political parties is growing in a statement released by the k r g president and head of the katy p. party barzani said the withdrawal of peshmerga was because of the lateral decisions made by some officials the peshmerga general command is blaming this incredibly quick withdrawal of peshmerga fighters from these territories as being as a result of what it describes as historical treason by some senior members of the p u k party one former senior aide to the p k has called for a transitional government and says more constructive channels of dialogue should be
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set up with baghdad after the iraqi army has taken so much control of territory that the k r g was hopeful would be part of a future independent kurdish state president barzani is facing one of the biggest political crises of his life stuff at al-jazeera north of erbil. international has called on the international community to take action against what it calls crimes against humanity. its release a new report into the plight of the who fled to neighboring bangladesh in the hundreds of thousands to get away from the. campaign against wayne haven. the exodus continues this drone footage was shot on monday by the united nations refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. it shows crammed on to muddy banks after fleeing me and across the nephew river to
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bangladesh and misty international says there are escaping crimes against humanity being committed by the me and military it says security forces are carrying out a systematic organized and ruthless campaign against the ring joe based on interviews with victims and witnesses amnesty says soldiers are raping murdering and burning their way through villages in northern rakhine states the accusations of baghdad by recent arrivals in bangladesh spoken to by al jazeera. i am now security forces are burning all our villages and killing our people which is why escape to bang the danish they're taking all rwanda men into forced labor camps making them work without pay and beating them up they also looting our livestock and goods if we protest they beat us and even kill us. this round of violence began in august when running jet fighters attacked government security
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posts the response from security forces was a so-called clearance operation that they said came to an end on the fifth of september but latest satellite images show the burning has continued according to human rights watch the village at the top of this picture was intact after september the fifth now it's completely torched below it is a buddhist village that's been left untouched. me and government says it will investigate what's happening in rakhine state which the united nations calls ethnic cleansing it also says it will begin a process of verification and repatriation soon but for so many who continue to flee there is nothing to go back to and no faith in what the government says wayne hay al-jazeera. if i let speak to benjamin joaquin now who's an independent southeast asia and i see joining us live from bangkok thank you for talking to us this is a fairly comprehensive piece of work produced by amnesty international which given
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the level of detail in it could possibly form the basis for prosecution couldn't it well it could and it should i think what's most interesting about this crisis is that it isn't news right at the end of the day we've talked about ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity these of either a hinge or for at least years if not decades and yet once again we ask what is the international community really done about this other than the usual hand-wringing in western capitals. and are dying statements of islamic solidarity instead of talking about a proper and robust international response today we're talking about the report of an international ngo right i think that it's ok speaks volumes what would constitute a robust and appropriate international response as far as you're concerned. well the u.n. has something called the responsibility to protect which states clearly that when nations are there are unable or unwilling to prevent their people from grave
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international crimes namely crimes against humanity and or ethnic cleansing the international community has a responsibility to step in and to protect those people and certainly in this case you have myanmar as the perpetrator of these these international crimes internet amnesty international suggests targeted sanctions it suggests an arms embargo but it may be high time for some sort of more forceful response to be brought to bear as well because bangladesh obviously is is the country that is doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to providing sanctuary for these hundreds of thousands of refugees but the international community in the form of the u.n. is kicking in and these people are being provided with basic basic facilities now at least. right but this is this is from a purely humanitarian standpoint is frankly the bare minimum of the amount of money that gets short at the moment in terms of a and terms of being able to provide
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people's basic needs all of which have been taken away from the me and martha worries basically food clothing and shelter that shortage remains and something more preventative and indeed punitive is called for as well in addition to a humanitarian response and what do you make of the suggestions that have been circulating for some time now and that is that the u.n. itself has not been as robust as it might be with the me among government and in fact the world food programme. report sort of well food program report was shelved in order to kate the government. right what you've seen from front from the un's response is that from a humanitarian standpoint it's often a self-fulfilling prophecy that humanitarian agencies are more concerned about their access than they are about their mandates and are therefore very cautious and the result of course is that sometimes these needs aren't met whereas on the human
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rights side of the equation demand that the myanmar authorities have been very overtly obstructing human rights monitors and investigators into that the relevant areas so you've got both sides of the equation neither of which is either able or willing to do to do its job effectively all right benjamin zaki thank you very much indeed. for the last word to come in this al-jazeera news hour including the president of somalia for international help after the west bomb attack in his country's history. and the u.s. authorities charged two traffic is with imposing a drug that killed thousands of people every year. high tea with a view from count sound to his. team told him and he said we'll have the details in .
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the rescue operations are continuing in somalia's capital for those people who are still missing after the worst bomb attack in the country's history well than three hundred people were killed in saturday's attack somalia's president meanwhile has told out there that his country called fight alone and his appeal for international how mohammed. a huge crater at the point where the explosion happened rubble from collapsed buildings. the shells of vehicles skated around the block. these images should be familiar to the people of somalia in conflict is the one nine hundred ninety s. yet saturday's attack one of the most lethal anywhere in the world for years has meant. the way we have never seen anything like this this was a massacre of the weakest and poorest within our society. students were returning
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from school and. this changes mogadishu for ever. been hit by bombings and were sent to us but have been. here the suicide bomber chose the cities the rush hour of its busiest streets to deter the bomb rescue work. for bodies some they say may never be found. there's been no official claim of responsibility for the blast. so molly president mohamed up to life how about. it's the fight i thought they would claim but maybe they fear. this is a huge. responsibility too to be claimed but this is their fingerprint this is what they have done. strongholds are concentrated largely in southern somalia with significant presence in many little. somali troops
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and african union peacekeepers have been steadily taking back territory from al shabaab in recent years but the loss of territory has not been enough to stop the fighters from cutting out talks the president has this warning for the international community if they succeed here there are easier to. promote their. crazy ideology their political ideology to the youth. in the united states and in europe. for the difficult search for bodies and survivors under the rubble. investigators are seeking to establish the source of the military grade explosives. used in the talk another focus of the investigation officials say is whether help from within the security forces mohammed at all just. somalia.
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china's ruling communist party has kicked off its biggest political event of members of congress have gathered for the nineteenth session in beijing to choose the country's future leadership in his keynote speech president. says although china's prospects are bright the challenges are. long. when their eyes right now about the situation at home and abroad are undergoing profound and complex changes the prospects for china are great but there are also severe challenges ahead all members of the party must look ahead and be vigilant be courageous and stay innovative. who is a political and economic affairs commentator he is live in beijing china good to talk to you some people are describing this is the moment in which president xi is . elevated if you like to the status almost of emperor do you see it that way.
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well i think it's very tempting to look at this is kind of a soap opera and kind of reality game but the truth is communist party has a very long track record of planning everything that you see here is not something that they thought of as part of a political campaign or no reaction to public pressure these are plans that have been laid out for many many years so what you see here is she is making an exhortation to his troops to the economy as party members explaining where they are in history and what their role is what the role of the party is remember five years ago when he gave his initial speech he talked about the challenges that he was facing and i think today he's trying to show that he's made a lot of progress on those but there's still more to come he's also suggested that he needs more time than the traditional two five year terms this is the stasi of
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his second five year term should we be a visiting president xi lossing a lot longer it's possible. we will know in a few days but i think once again concentrating purely on him as one individual yes he's provided very very strong leadership going into this but you know the work report what are the goals and aims and means and methods by which china plans to steer its course in the future these are the things that are going to matter to people on an individual level i mean you have these people at the very top of the pyramid they're guiding things but there's you know ninety two million party members and huge government that it concedes that even that number which is administrating so these are the things that people should be paying more attention to rather than the dramatics this is not like american politics where the individual is going to rule all because effectively what does this congress do
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there are several layers of leadership out there that are now appointed for a five year term. yes what you have here are the delegates to the national level there they are elected in their own in the provinces by you know it's kind of you work your way up from the grassroots urban and rural they elect groups who go to the basically to the provincial or major city level and then they elect other delegates who we are now meeting in beijing they will act the people who will be the on the central committee and when the central committee is convened they will nominate and elect the people on the standing committee and after the standing committee has been elected then once again you will see paying or who are now obviously he'll be the center core he will address them and talk more about what the future has in store all right i know if a now thank you very much will leave you to to carry on listening to this speech
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because president xi is continuing to speak in the at this congress for now thank you very much. now let's go to west africa because of his issuance of offices in togo defying government restrictions on protests to demand the president's resignation they want to see constitutional reforms introducing clue doing a two term limit for presidents while the government has agreed to bring in the rule the opposition is skeptical about whether it will be applied retrospective lee they suspect that president phone nothing they will be allowed to run for office twice more mohammed el d.c. reports. swivel can danny is a hairdresser in togo's capital. he says police often crackdown on opposition supporters in bay neighborhood where he lives breaking into their homes and beating them and gunny along with hundreds of other told police have been calling for the removal of president for now they don't want to leave power and we are starving in
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the country now we are told and will move forward despite the fact that we are most of the time beaten by policeman. the protest ordered in august as togolese took to the streets to demand presidential term limits be reinstated at least two people were killed in september opposition in parliament protested a bill that would have limited presidential terms but would exempt the current president who was already on his third term the bill failed and the government called for a constitutional referendum protests erupted again leaving several dead. to reign in the spiraling crisis the internet was cut. the united nations has called on togo to address the demands of the people. it was the west african economic group that in a sim baker only heads has urged togo to set a date for the referendum but many say they don't want it. we will continue to fight we will protest on the streets towards the promises of us to tell them that
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we're not happy with them calling on the government to fix dates of the referendum which take do not want it's obvious that they are pushing the government the government has put conditions on where and when people can protest during weekdays we will make sure that protests will only be in one area peaceful protests public gatherings or meetings should be held at one specific place on weekends they can do is they used to marching on the streets followed by meetings back at the salon psuedo says that won't stop people like him. i am seeking something better for my country that it should be governed by other people not the same regime no matter what will happen no matter the circumstances i will always be there and he insists despite police harassment and government pressure he will continue to fight for the future of togo mohammed omar d.c. al jazeera. still to come here al-jazeera find out who's won the man booker prize this year. and on the road to russia he's able to tell you which european
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teams are being drawn to good see each other in laos just coming up in sport. with . three triangle review. i don't mean. it's an easy going to. hello there the weather is all quite quiet over the southeastern parts of china at the moment generally the winds are flowing in from the sea that's bringing a few areas of cloud a few showers here particularly around the coast of vietnam and that's what we're really going to see as we head through wednesday and thursday as well further north you can see this area of cloud over some parts of china that's really going nowhere in a great hurry for some thursday so still want to more showers to be found here now bit further towards the south you can see quite a distinctive swell out towards the east that's a developing storm and it's going to going to be tracking its way northward over the next few days and it is only throwing the weather further towards the west as
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well so do expect an announcement of the showers over the philippines and across towards parts of vietnam as well that system gradually pulling away north was there as i say but still bringing those showers with it even as we had three say for the south more in the way of drawing weather here but still one or two showers even as far south as java and in jakarta towards the west we'll see whether here in the southern parts of india and a few showers still making their way into the eastern parts of india as well and through bangladesh and this is really how things are going to stay as we head through wednesday and thursday towards the west largely dry and the temperatures easing a little bit so new delhi thirty four. the weather sponsored by cats race . news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife
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let's have a look at the top stories here of al-jazeera u.s. backed opposition forces have driven from rocka itself declared capital in syria kurdish led syrian democratic forces raise the flag in the city's stadium after a four month battle. and the sea international is calling on the international community to take action to stop what it calls crimes against humanity and nehemiah and any reports the group says minority are fleeing a targeted campaign of widespread and system. murder rape and burning carried out by the security forces china's ruling communist party has kicked off its nineteenth congress in beijing as members gather to choose the country's. president is laying out his plans for the next five years. of the philippine president has declared the
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southern city of liberated after a five month battle against i saw linked faces. the ripples of threat of volunteer extremism remains not just in mirali but across the mindanao region. to signal the end of a month long military operation to take back. an i saw inspired group called the mouth day had taken parts of the southern philippines city earlier this year even though the military admits there are still pockets of resistance. will be. there if we leave you we're going to give. you all started with the mounting arms raised its black flag over several government buildings last may amount to fighters wanted to set up an islamic state
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in the mindanao region. a hastily prepared event but the significance is not lost today has been liberated over a thousand people have died more than a hundred perished in the battle lasted for more than four months. for the soldiers his celebration is bittersweet. we did our brothers whom we lost in the fighting especially our marine soldiers who died trying to take the bridge of billowy that's where we incurred so many casualties. this means that our sacrifices have been the work that we can finally go back home and be in the arms with our families again i am happy that we survive it. this was a difficult mission the damage caused by the fighting is unprecedented even for
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a region long held back by poverty and armed rebellion. relentless airstrikes ferocious gun battles and displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians have turned my are we city into a desolate place this week to malta leaders were killed in a military operation the group's plans of setting up an iso inspired islamic state in mindanao have been shattered but in the region with many conflicts armed groups like the mounted do not remain without a leader for long the government admits it made mistakes and says it will go after local leaders who supported them out to group president that their day has promised to rebuild but are we city people here say they're grateful that they are now free from them out his theory. but they say they would like to know what freedom means to those now more fearful of an uncertain future.
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the southern philippines. catalonia is president. of a cabinet meeting in protest against the arrest of two separatists liza's the leaders of the national assembly and a minium that's a group dedicated to promoting the catalan culture were arrested on monday sanchez and are being investigated for alleged sedition for organizing demonstrations they held without bail. a judge has blocked president trump's latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries entering the united states the restrictions which would have taken effect this week talking to people from iran libya syria yemen somalia child and north korea legal experts expect a final ruling will ultimately end up before the u.s. supreme court but the travel ban fill applies to people traveling from venezuela
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and north korea the u.s. says the ban is in place to hurt foreign government policies that go against the u.s. tour is a boat ripples from caracas. supporters of president who will continue to celebrate the results of sunday's elections the results continue to be questioned at home and abroad. just as a travel ban by the united states that includes venezuela comes into effect and. the united states should be involved in its own problems and leave the rest of the world alone. he's a member of venezuela's constitutional assembly he's also on the list of the office of forming assets control of the united states when you travel ban affects him and his family. family with the country is divided and it's the perfect ground for intervention because we are small and we don't have the power like north korea that
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has nuclear power can be easily into being at a low cost. the trouble by members of government but also of the police military and intelligence services anyone that could have been involved in human rights abuses also the newly elected members of the constitutional assembly that the opposition considers illegal the united states government that the ban intends to hurt the government and not the venezuelan people. months of violent protests that left at least one hundred twenty five people killed having creased international pressure on the venezuelan government that is already struggling with a serious economic crisis. last sunday venezuelans headed to the polls to elect new governors and again the opposition denounced foul when the government in at least seventeen states. on tuesday. said he's not worried about u.s.
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sanctions. mr trump i am not a dictator the venezuelan people would never accept a dictator i am a man of the working class not a millionaire. the travel ban is not the first measure by the united states against venezuela the u.s. says it for members of government and banned u.s. banks from buying venezuelan bonds. analysts here say the government has a lot to worry about. the money of citgo the venezuelan subsidiary oil company in the u.s. cannot be repatriated for me this is one of the most serious sanctions because the government are short of cash. the government has been denouncing the u.s. attempts to put an end to his socialist revolution and in spite of the consequences many remain defiant to the u.s. latest threats to our what it is how. negotiations
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to update the north american free trade agreement on nafta now will not end in december as that implies and trade when this is from the us canada and mexico said on tuesday that they'll continue through to the first quarter of twenty eighteen castro reports from washington. the us delivered a strong rebuke of its north american trade partners and vice versa to conclude this fourth round of nafta talks citing the policy objectives of u.s. president donald trump to protect american manufacturing and to lower the trade deficit a top u.s. trade representative here said there was frustration at the unwillingness of mexico and canada to compromise we have seen no indication that our partners are willing to make any changes that will result in a rebalancing and a reduction in these huge trade deficit now i understand that after many years of
5:40 am
one sided benefits their companies have become reliant on special prayer preferences. and not just comparative advantage countries are reluctant to give up on fair advantage. expressing their own set of frustrations top ministers from canada and mexico accuse the u.s. of having a winner take all mentality they said there are at least two u.s. proposals that are nonstarters here one requiring north american made cars to have fifty percent of its of their parts originate in the united states another u.s. proposal a five year sunset clause to any renewed now after agreement now the fact that these negotiations have been extended and the deadline moved beyond the new year does show that there is some willingness and some hope for a compromise to be achieved but looming behind all of this is the u.s.
5:41 am
threat to walk away from the deal all together trade experts say that if that were to happen it would result in disastrous economic consequences for all of north america. for the first time the united states justice department has indicted two men for importing the deadly drug friend till it's all part of a wider afraid to come but. now reports. it's easy to find fentanyl drugs in america highly addictive they are killing thousands of people every year and now the u.s. government says they know where most of it is coming from but we believe that most if not all said no that's distributed here in the u.s. and in canada originates in china either manufacture there or manufactured with precursor chemicals that come from china the men behind the operation are legibly to chinese nationals shall being yen and john the u.s. says they ran at least two chemical plants in china which produced tons of that now
5:42 am
and other substances they are said to have used the internet to contact buyers and hard to trace bitcoins to sell the goods to those in the u.s. and canada have no extradition treaty with china but we are optimistic and hopeful that the chinese will take appropriate action. to make sure they're held accountable the number of drug overdoses in the us is on the rise last year drug overdoses killed about sixty four thousand people in america it's up twenty two percent from the year before the leading cause of death in overdoses is spent now killing over twenty thousand people last year this issue ation is so bad president donald trump is set to next week declare the opioid crisis a national emergency releasing more federal funds and other resources to try to combat it the opioid crisis is also claiming political victims on tuesday trump's nominee for the drug czar the person who directs drug control policy in the u.s.
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withdrew his name from consideration tom marino stepped aside suddenly after media reports emerged that he worked with the pharmaceutical industry to craft a law that weakened the u.s. government's authority to curb opioid distribution of dairy drug now at the center of the overdose crisis gabriel zonda oh how does it in new york three days of national mourning have begun in portugal off to forty one people died in wildfires emergency teams fighting the blazes were helped by rain and lower temperatures until. hundreds of thousands of women have started to use the social media hash tag me to to post about their experiences a sexual abuse follows revelations about the abusive behavior of top hollywood producer harvey weinstein reynolds reports. in the wake of hollywood's harvey
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weinstein sexual harassment and assault scandal women and some men around the world are coming forward on social media under the hashtag me to they've posted on instagram and the hashtag has been tweeted hundreds of thousands of times on twitter on facebook a viral message asks women to reposed saying if all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote me too as a status we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem leslie collar is one of the women who responded i posted that the first time that i was grabbed without my consent and a sexual manner i was in fourth grade and the person who grabbed me was not adult it was another student and so i think for me i i was realizing that the reader issue in terms of me had to teach that person and that was ok. some women posted longer messages about their experiences but others worry that the campaign
5:45 am
pressured women to reveal intensely painful episodes possibly reach romanticising them others question whether tweet sent posts have any real impact on stopping men from abusing women women and men as well are tired of being silenced or not recognized shamed. you were tired of not having a voice. when when incidences of sexual assault sexual abuse happens to us we were starving let's do it similar social media campaigns by the focused on sexual predation by men in positions of power erupted last year following broadcast of the infamous access hollywood tape in which then candidate donald trump boasted about groping women we think the stereotypical person the perpetrator looks a certain way and they don't. and some have been nuns my my. my
5:46 am
children's grandmother she was raped and boarding school by nuns. you know their neighbors their babysitters they work at churches there in schools we are elected electing folks who are perpetrators the countless online testimonials vividly illustrate a global culture of harassment assault and intimidation by men in positions of power commonplace in workplaces around the world robert oulds los angeles so to come in the european champions given a tough time at home in the champions league he said work with the.
5:47 am
5:48 am
now britain's most prestigious literary award has been long by an american writer george saunders or sees the man booker prize for fiction for his novel lincoln in the he's the second us all of us to win the prize catherine stanzel reports from london. lincoln in the bar. it was a book on the afterlife such in a washington graveyard during the american civil war that was bestowed with britain's top literary honor lincoln in the bardo sees u.s. president abraham lincoln trying to communicate to his dad eleven year old son who appears to be caught in a supernatural world between the living and the dead the story is told mostly in
5:49 am
dialogue by dozens of spirits in the graveyard with a grief stricken lincoln at its center george saunders says the idea first came to him twenty years ago and he had some doubts about bringing it to life if i go in knowing what the story is supposed to be about it will just be that thing in disappoint everybody whereas if i kind of going from another daury which for me is usually you know the sound of the language or in this case a lot of the structural things we're kind of talking to me then the story that gets produced is higher than the one i could have imagined in advance so that's kind of a leap of faith that you know you think it at fifty eight you should have some kind of mastery but i think the true master used to be willing to wade in this something and not be sure how it's going to turn out the novel was praised for its unusual format and writing style something that many of the shortlisted novels had in common we tend to think of the novel as being a certain thing that is fixed the cause is changed over the years and indeed in some ways it's still a relatively new art form
5:50 am
a new way of writing so it's inevitable really that it will change transform mutates experiment and so on some take on the political upheaval and societal changes in the world today all across the country people felt it was the wrong thing all across the country people felt it was the right thing like scottish author alys smith whose book is such against the backdrop of a post brags that britain in a city swarming by refugees but still mostly at peace. or at least not yet openly in war or most and hammett's novel exit west which highlights mass immigration oppression and the search for freedom this year's shortlist was made up of authors from the united states and britain some of them well established writers others newcomers to the literary world including a university student who wrote most of her book on her commute to work but for saunders he joins a distinguished group that includes salman rushdie hilary meant how margaret
5:51 am
outward and yann martel the negative an idea he said he had twenty years ago grown into literary gold catherine stansell al-jazeera london ride over to peter now for the. thank you very much the reigning european club football champions real madrid have had to come from behind to salvage a one one draw at home against english club tottenham hotspur in the u.a.e. for champions league on tuesday rail trail the one mil winner f.l. very put the ball into the two sides continue to battle it out before christiana and all those penalty level that matters before half time well now leading spurs in group h. only on goal difference over in england there was a two one victory for manchester city against stirling and gabriel jessa's put city in a two goal lead before the italians pulled one barrack men remain three points clear of the top of the group if there were eight matches in total across europe on
5:52 am
tuesday in group the liverpool hammered the meridor seven zero away from home spartak moscow were also big winners in group e. five one over severe there were also wins for shakhtar donetsk and rb leipzig. the draw for the european players for next year's world cup has taken place with eight teams in the running for four remaining spots of russia twenty eight team four time champions italy will continue to try to qualify for a nineteenth world cup they'll play sweden the first leg will take place between the ninth and eleventh of november with a return should do it for the following week here's a look now at the tires for you before matches in european qualifying for the world cup sweden italy as we mentioned northern ireland trying to get to the world cup for the first time since the one nine hundred eighty s. up against switzerland it's croatia up against greece and denmark versus the republic of ireland are reportedly willing takes a more detailed look at the draw. well we can't be surprised that italy ended up in
5:53 am
the playoffs because their ranking slipped and i ended up in the same group as a spanish team this regain its form and that's why it's really funny selves into the playoffs and having to place where you don't which is never easy i signed up when i saw them play the netherlands in amsterdam the way the guns they were unusually poor in the first half but by the second half they regain their composure and they always make it so difficult so it'll even sweden could be tight you would expect italy to find a way to throw all of these guys the time northern ireland versus switzerland the thing about the overall and is that actually were ranked higher than twenty three which sounds good doesn't it but if they're right where they were a couple of games ago they could have avoided switzerland and you think well actually so it's a lot the worst thing to play they're constantly under rated they were in the top eight seeds at the last four knows they have a brilliant record over the past few years and i would be favorites debate northern
5:54 am
ireland denmark versus the republic of ireland it's a difficult one to call and the last game between croatia and great side up i think croatia could do really well if they reached the finals but you never write off greece look what happened when people did that in two thousand and four and they won the european championship it's not easy to qualify for the world cup from europe much easier to qualify for the european championships and these players will demonstrate that. the national football league says talks about players kneeling during the national anthem before games have been productive team owners and players representatives are holding meetings in new york however no specific action has been announced as yet former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback collin cap'n it first sat down during the anthem last season before electing to neil others followed suit but the movement has been criticized by u.s. president donald trump and there has been debate on whether players should be made to stand kristen salumi has more from the meeting in new york. the n.f.l.
5:55 am
players' meeting will continue here in new york on wednesday but it looks like the issue of how to deal with players who refused to stand for the national anthem will take longer than that to resolve owners did meet with a group of players earlier on tuesday they were greeted by a small group of protesters supporting the players' right to take the need airing the national anthem this is a practice that started last season as a way of protesting police brutality in the united states and other minority injustices that players felt strongly about but increasingly they're coming under criticism and pressure to stop the practice coming from no less than the president of the united states donald trump who's got on the record saying he thinks the players should be suspended if they refused to stand for the national anthem this is put the n.f.l. in a tough position between both sides the commissioner roger goodell has said that he does think that the players should stand for the national anthem but he also says
5:56 am
he wants to help the players to promote these issues and move forward to make things better for the country so that's what the discussions have been about if there's another way that the n.f.l. can support players and maritime to change things for the better in this country their statement a statement was issued after the meeting saying that the talks are constructive and that they will continue just forty eight hours on from winning her fifty sixth title maria sharapova has lost on a return to her native russia playing in front of a home crowd at the kremlin cup in moscow for the first time in ten years sharp of a succumbed to wimbledon semifinalist magdalena. it marks the end of a fifteen year old season and she's played a tournament since coming back from a fifteen month long drugs ban. the route for the twenty eighteen two to france was unveiled earlier the one hundred fifty dishes of the world's most famous liking race will begin in the in the west of france on july seventh. chris froome be
5:57 am
looking to defend the title is won four of the last five years measuring a total of three thousand three hundred twenty nine kilometers it's the shortest course this century but includes a cobblestone section and twenty five mountain climbs before the traditional finish in paris on july twenty ninth six months after surgery on his back tiger woods has been given the green light to return to golf with no restrictions by his doctor woods posted this video on monday dropping his biggest hint yet that he's ready to step back up to the tee according to his agent the fourteen time major champion so is dr at the end of last week to get the good news no formal announcement yet on when he'll make his professional comeback though words hasn't played since withdrawing from a tournament in dubai in february woods won the ryder cup with the usa only once in eastern a career but he is unlikely to make the team of the defending champions at next year's tournament in france thomas bjorn and jim fear it will be the virtue as
5:58 am
captains of the european and usa teams they took part in a stunning photo op at the eiffel tower in paris hitting golf balls from its first floor and that is all the sport another update coming up again later pieces samet there with responses that's all from me for now as well which i will be here in this seat in just a minute or two today. the sky why should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right for all of us to go where we need to go to feel the things we want to fail . to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies
5:59 am
providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be apart. cats are always going places together. or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you care to address or if you join us on set i'm a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global
6:00 am
conversation at this time on al-jazeera facing realities the president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt here their story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. i saw was driven from the syrian stronghold the battle is won but the war is far from over. michelle carey the salad is here live from also coming up.


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