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provoking debate the corporate taxes not her job growth on the barack obama there will be only one that's not true chuckling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture maybe you giving me room big men but challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute them you didn't show them to show that one saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. china's most powerful leader in a generation and sets out his long term vision tackling corruption and climate change and consolidating his grip on power. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and i'm dating obligates also
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a heads i so is driven out of itself proclaimed capital a foot up in syria but the war against the armed group is far from over. a senior electoral official in kenya has resigned just days before the presidential election run rerun. and another legal setback for donald trump a court in hawaii stops the introduction yet again off his controversial travel ban . hello china's president appears to be consolidating his grip on power at the communist party's one thousand congress in beijing in a sweeping three and a half hour speech egypt paying laid out his political and economic plan for the next five years so he highlighted china's successes and vowed to further open its economy but he also warned of severe challenges like like death inequality on.
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corruption. corruption is the biggest threat faced by our party we can only get out of the historical cycle and ensure the long term stability of our party and our country if we persevered in the continuous fight against corruption to ensure that our government its officials and policies are clean while critics accuse she if using his anti corruption campaign to purge political opponents he's already seen as china's most powerful leader in a generation and the ruling politburo is expected to be stacked with his allies when it's named next week so it wasn't just clean politics she touched on but also the dangers posed by climate change saying china must cooperate with other nations to as he put it insert the survival of mankind adrian brown has more from the congress in beijing. while president xi jinping spoke for incredible three and a half hours which proves if little else he's in good health healthy enough to
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perhaps rule china for the next fifteen twenty years even president xi jinping outlined a number of important issues during his address he said that china remained committed to fighting climate change you also warned against independence for taiwan and on the economy rarely he warned that china face severe challenges in the years ahead he also said that socialism with chinese characteristics the formula that has underpinned china's economy for the last three decades was now entering a new stage he also warned that the campaign against corruption would continue that corruption has so far purged more than one point four million party members the party really has been through a very tumultuous time in the past few years and the our people is by no means over but on wednesday we got a picture of choreographed unity this congress of course is all about president xi jinping and the fact that he could emerge even. longer the party has been told that
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an important amendment will be made to the constitution which could possibly mean the thoughts and writings of xi jinping will become the party's guiding ideology in the future now we should know if that's going to happen next week when the party congress closes on wednesday and that's when the new leadership will also be unveiled but if she gets his way he will emerge as the strongest leader china has had since chairman mao who led the communists to power sixty eight years ago victor gao is the director of the china national association of international studies and he expects to have an impact on chinese politics for decades to come. there is generally expect asian that new amendments will be written into the communist party of china's constitution and it will include them are other things the major initiatives that president xi jinping over the past five years have. in china and
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on the global stage and we still need to wait until we see the final version of the amendments and whether they will be adopted by the party delegates as to for example where there will be major changes in the structure of the leadership of the communist party of china as well as for example the limitation of the terms of office for example and i would say the general believe is that these new amendments will enable president xi jinping to become a more effective leader not only in the coming five years but most likely probably beyond the second term and into the future years and possibly even decades six members of pakistan's elite police for a sounder civilian have been killed in an attack on a patrol car twelve other people have been injured in the blast in the city a quarter no one has claimed responsibility. the iraqi army says its achieved its goals in the operation to take back kurdish territory in the north it's now in
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control of areas around mosul in the province including the mosul down down kurdish forces pulled out of several towns and oil fields in recent days forced by iraqi military advance the towns were seized by the kurdish peshmerga over the past three years as part of the war against eisel well the iraqi offensive began on monday when iraqi troops moved into the contested city of kirkuk prime minister has ordered his forces to take back her shelled areas lying outside the autonomous region and now he says kurdish hopes for an independent state are eight thing of the past charles stratford has more from erbil. iraq a government troops and shia militia on the outskirts of kirkuk less than twenty four hours off the kurdish peshmerga forces withdrew from the oil rich city no one predicted the ease and speed with which iraqi government forces could take control
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of the oil fields and most of the remaining towns in the disputed areas of northern iraq peshmerga forces withdrew in some areas without even firing a shot the iraqi prime minister says they no orders from bill. they went against your instruction and didn't. listen that many people who had fled kirkuk the day before began to return to life and now we don't know anything yet we're about to enter but we don't know sipho not where else can i go i don't know where to go it's better to go back we're going back to our house and i think in. some arab residence in this ethnically diverse region celebrated the arrival of iraqi government forces. and. now all of kirkuk is retaken and we are happy. some of the peshmerga killed in the sporadic fighting with taken to
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a morgue in the kurdish region second city so many the regional government hasn't released figures yet on how many medical killed there related to and this is tell them since last night we received twenty five corpses of troops killed in battles of kirk and its suburbs relatives of those killed in battles received twenty one corpses so far the bereaved relatives are gathering at the morgue to receive dead bodies of their sons you know bill many people say they are shocked and feel betrayed accusing the international community of siding with the iraqi government against them. it looks like there was an international betrayal of the kurdish nation and that is due to the fact that we had a plan to move towards independence unfortunately we are facing a situation where we lost everything that we had before all this loss as a result of the fact that the kurdish nation is not united evidence of factionalism and rivalry between kurdish groups and political parties is growing in a statement released by the k r g president and head of the k d p party massud
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barzani said the withdrawal of peshmerga it was because of unilateral decisions made by some officials the peshmerga general command is blaming this incredibly quick withdrawal of peshmerga fighters from these territories as being as a result of what it describes as historical treason by some senior members of the p u k party one former senior aide to the p u k has called for a transitional government and says more constructive channels of dialogue should be set up with baghdad after the iraqi army has taken so much control of territory that the k r g was hopeful would be part of a future independent kurdish state president barzani is facing one of the biggest political crises of his life charles stuff at al-jazeera north of erbil well there have been jubilant scenes on the. streets of iraq where u.s. backed forces drove out of that self declared capital curtis lead syrian democratic
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forces raised their flag in the city stadium after a four month battle from the time on the turkish syrian border has some how about i reports. kurdish fighters triumphantly into iraq they're celebrating the capture of the city which was a main stronghold in syria but taking iraq wasn't easy. the syrian democratic forces a coalition of kurds and arabs backed by the u.s. began they are pensive in june i said fighters held ground for five months but the armed groups defense lines were eventually broken by a continual wave of strikes and shelling but. we control rocket but as you know there are mines that we need to clear and we have to make sure there are no us who fighters hiding in tunnels we are now clearing all the areas we captured
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civilians continue to flee to save areas this is a family that has just a refugee camp controlled by the. tens of thousands of people have been affected by the fighting they mostly live in poorly equipped camps north of the city. i heard the news of a ceasefire and took my family but then we came under fire the journey was tough because we had to walk through entire areas reduced to rubble now that iraq is under their control as fighters got the order to move south towards daters or i sells last area of control in syria. an advance that is likely to put the kurds on a collision course with the syrian army which is also launching an offensive from the southwest to capture the oil rich province the to have. competing to expand military gains in iraq and. the captain of the may just said is that
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which is now trying to hold ground in a vast desert area on the border with iraq by using for time and filled the group finds itself deprived of crucial financial means it desperately needs of this critical moment and it was hoping to use syria and iraq as a starting point for its self declared islamic state. a senior kenyan electoral commissioner has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote will be credible. says the commission has become a party it's a political crisis and is under siege she says her staff faced intimidation and threats the supreme court found irregularities in august's original vote which president of iraq i want sparking protests from opposition groups family that miller has the latest in the capital nairobi. the allegations made by the commissioner dr congo who's just resigned really are an indictment of the i see
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this is an electoral commission that's already struggled with issues around credibility and questions about whether or not it would be able to hold a free and fair vote dr converses this isn't the case that's what she believes she says that commissioners within the i.e. b.c. i'm making decisions based on individual political allegiances she says she's also fears for the lives of staff members over the last few weeks we've seen demonstrations against the i b c from people who believe that they wouldn't be able to hold a free and fair vote and she says that staff members are unable to work in this environment she's also calling into question whether or not the i.v.c. would be able to have an election at all in an environment that is as polarized and as tense as the political situation is in kenya at the moment now she also says that there have been last minute changes to technology and the how results will be
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transmitted and she says all of these reasons are why if she has resigned from the commission and she doesn't believe the commission would be able to hold a vote that kenyans would be able to trust in terms of the final result she says she's had no choice but to leave the commission because the commission should tell kenyans that it wouldn't be able to hold a free and fair election. still ahead on al-jazeera why israel has set down major t.v. provider is in the occupied west bank. and amnesty international accuses me in mars military of a systematic and ruthless campaign against the road. from long. island we. to an enchanting desert breeze you are. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now
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particular across more western parts of europe the weather is looking much more changeable now we've got a series of weather fronts moving in more central areas still dominated by high pressure and fine conditions here but that rain pushing in across the west and lowering temperatures certainly being good news for the firefighters battling the fires which still raging across parts of portugal as deadly fires so the conditions now looking much much better across this region so if you look at the forecast you see rain pushing through germany cooler conditions pushing across the iberian peninsula quite heavy madrid looks quite cloudy wet and just seventeen degrees as a mix sort of across more central areas though it's all looking fine warm weather extending into ukraine there with care for twenty one it's not as chilly in moscow has been with highs of twelve as you head on into service again the central is looking fine further towards the west we've got deep areas of low pressure pushing into wards the u.k. it's going to remain pretty unsettled here now on the other side of the mediterranean you can see this area of cloud from this frontal system taking quite a long way south into parts of morocco and algeria so the threat of some showers
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for algiers further along the coast it looks as though it should be largely fine in the gulf of loss the showers here and finding karl with highs of thirty one. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.p.a. has to address or if you join us on sect. one but. it will a good basis is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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top stories on al-jazeera china's president appears to be consolidating his grip on power of the communist party's nineteen congress and beijing in a sweeping through to how our how three and a half excuse me our speech jim ping laid out his political and economic plan for the next five years the iraqi army says it's changed its goals in the operation to take back kurdish held territory in the country's north it's now control of areas around mosul is in the very province the iraqi offensive began on monday in a blow to the kurdish administration's hopes for independence a senior kenyan electoral commissioner has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote will be credible rosalyn a company says the commission has become a party to the political crisis and is under siege. a judge has blocked u.s.
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president all trumps the latest bid to impose travel restrictions on citizens from eight countries a federal judge in hawaii order to freeze on most parts of the ban a day before it was due to. take effect policy targets people from iran libya syria yemen somalia chad and north korea as well as some venezuelan officials it's the third version of trump's ban to be blocked by a federal judge how came when sofie is president of the muslim association of hawaii and he says the ban is unacceptable and it's an american. this is a huge victory again we want to first. quarter be the muslim band version one and version two this is the version because quite frankly just the north korea in the news well that's not change that this is a clear discourage to people from no other reason been born or this country
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states i think we have won every challenge so. we were in future challenges it's very clear that the most. and the most of and does not supersede the laws and constitution of this great country israel has shut down three major media service providers in the occupied west bank for six months eighteen palestinians have been arrested including two journalists israeli accuses the service provider is off incitement harry fossett is following developments from that i'm not in the occupied west bank. well this was a major coordinated operation by the israeli army targeting eight offices of three palestinian media service provider companies in four cities in the occupied west bank they confiscated equipment they arrested two members of staff of the transmedia group and in some instances they sealed the offices with signs saying that they must not open again within six months now these are groups these are
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companies that provide services to broadcasters and media organizations they don't broadcast information and and programming themselves they provide services to companies such as c.n.n. b.b.c. france twenty four russia today and indeed on occasion al-jazeera as well but in this instance it seems the israeli army is targeting the arabic language networks affiliated to groups such as hamas islamic jihad and hezbollah certainly in the past the israeli army has targeted t.v. the hamas only channel saying that it brainwashes palestinian youth and celebrates the actions of attackers of israeli soldiers and civilians in this instance it says that it will continue to take action against incitement to violence the palestinian government says that is a lame excuse it should be seen this operation in the context of israel's insistence on attacking palestinians there are calls for protests as well in front of the united nations building the palestinian media watchdog says that the
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infractions against free speech by the israeli army increased slightly in september rising to twenty two and that there were four such actions by the palestinian authority as well mr internationals accusing security forces in myanmar of killing hundreds of muslim men women and children it says they're committing ethnic cleansing and it's a crime against humanity plain he reports. the exodus continues this drone footage was shot on monday by the united nations refugee agency u.n.h.c.r. it shows crammed on to muddy banks after fleeing me and across the nephew river to bangladesh and misty international says there are escaping crimes against humanity being committed by the myanmar military it says security forces are carrying out a systematic organized and ruthless campaign against the ring joe based on interviews with victims and witnesses amnesty says soldiers are raping murdering
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and burning their way through villages in northern rakhine states the accusations of baghdad by recent arrivals in bangladesh spoken to by al jazeera. i am now security forces are burning all our villages and killing our people which is why escaped to bang the danish they are taking all ruined your men into forced labor camps making them work without pay and beating them up they also looting our livestock and goods if we protest they beat us and even kill us. this round of violence began in august when running jet fighters attacked government security posts the response from security forces was a so-called clearance operation that they said came to an end on the fifth of september but latest satellite images show the burning has continued according to human rights watch the village at the top of this picture was intact after september the fifth now it's completely torched below it is a buddhist village that's been left untouched. me and government says it will
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investigate what's happening in rakhine state which the united nations calls ethnic cleansing it also says it will begin a process of verification and repatriation soon but for so many who continue to flee there is nothing to go back to and no faith in what the government says wayne hay al-jazeera. the emir of qatar is visiting indonesia for the last part of his tour in southeast asia so if to mean but how to son he has already been to malaysia and singapore to discuss trade and bilateral relations he also spoke about the gulf crisis saying dialogue is needed to resolve the dispute. and we spoke about the continuing embargo imposed on qatar and the humanitarian effect it's having on qatari society and those from the g.c.c. cats are as ready for dialogue to solve the g.c.c. crisis there are no winners in this we are all brothers and all losing out and so
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qatar is open to dialogue as long as demands and expectations are met for all parties involved and everyone sovereignty is respected. in malta this son of a journalist killed in a car bomb has branded the country as a mafia states. was one of the best known journalists for her blog highlighting alleged corruption amongst politicians on the island florence li reports. had said milton was being run by crooks those morning who agree. that gathered outside the law court in the capital of a letter the center of the investigation the journalist family has already succeeded in getting the head of that investigation changed she had herself been a target of his work. it is our obligation to ask the state to defenders the state did not defend the state did not do anything. whose car was
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blown to pieces had alleged widespread corruption and links between state actors the betting industry and the matthew in malta well it's a journalist and others express their outrage so to judas and the founder of wiki leaks he put a twenty thousand euro reward up for information that was a tribute to the european commission in brussels president. and the european commission. condemn this attack in the strongest terms possible. the right to free journalist to investigate. and for uncomfortable questions and report effectively is at the heart of our values and needs to be guaranteed that all the times. reported extensively on the panama papers the giant leak of information about how the global rich cover up their wealth in offshore shell companies in the biggest indication of how far her allegations went attribute came
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into from the maltese prime minister joseph muscat his wife had been accused by galicia of running a company out of panama muscat and galicia hated each other it is going to work bloody saving i condemn without reservation the barbaric attack on the person and against the freedom of speech in our country everyone knows carolina galicia was a harsh critic of mine both politically and personally but nobody can justify this barbaric attack in any way because he has work made her countless powerful enemies it is a fact that some of them now have to investigate a murder and do it properly gloriously al-jazeera. because haitians to rewrite the north american free trade agreements have been delayed talks due to end in december will now run into next year. reports from washington. the us delivered a strong rebuke of its north american trade partners and vice versa to conclude this fourth round of nafta talks citing the policy objectives of u.s.
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president donald trump to protect american manufacturing and to lower the trade deficit a top u.s. trade representative here said there was frustration at the unwillingness of mexico and canada to compromise we have seen no indication that our partners are willing to make any changes that will result in a rebalancing and a reduction in these huge trade deficit now i understand that after many years of one sided benefits their companies have become reliant on special prove preferences and not just comparative advantage countries are reluctant to give up unfair advantage. expressing their own set of frustrations top ministers from canada and mexico accuse the u.s. of having a winner take all mentality they said there are at least two u.s.
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proposals that are nonstarters here one requiring north american made cars to have fifty percent of its of their parts originate in the united states another u.s. proposal a five year sunset clause to any renewed now after agreement now the fact that these negotiations have been extended and the deadline moved beyond the new year does show that there is some willingness and some hope for a compromise to be achieved but looming behind all of this is the u.s. threat to walk away from the deal all together trade experts say that if that were to happen it would result in disastrous economic consequences for all of north america. the u.s. justice department has indicted two men accused of importing the drug sentinel into the u.s. . reports from new york. it's easy to find fentanyl drugs in america highly addictive they are killing thousands of people every year and now the u.s. government says they know where most of it is coming from we believe that most if
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not all said no that's distributed here in the u.s. and in canada originates in china either manufacture there or manufactured with precursor chemicals that come from china the men behind the operation are legibly to chinese nationals shall being yen and john the u.s. says they ran at least two chemical plants in china which produced tons of snow and other substances they are said to have used the internet to contact buyers and hard to trace bitcoins to sell the goods to those in the u.s. and canada to have no extradition treaty with china but we are optimistic and hopeful that the chinese will take appropriate action to make sure that they're held accountable the number of drug overdoses in the. u.s. is on the rise last year drug overdoses killed about sixty four thousand people in america it's up twenty two percent from the year before the leading cause of death
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in overdoses is spent now killing over twenty thousand people last year this issue ation is so bad president donald trump is set to next week declare the opioid crisis a national emergency releasing more federal funds and other resources to try to combat it the opioid crisis is also claiming political victims on tuesday trump's nominee for their drug czar the person who directs drug control policy in the u.s. withdrew his name from consideration tom marino stepped aside suddenly after media reports emerged that he worked with the pharmaceutical industry to craft a law that weekend that the u.s. government's authority to curb opioid distribution of barry drug now at the center of the overdose crisis gabriel is john doe. new york.
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the headlines on al-jazeera china's president appears to be consolidating his grip on power at the communist party's one thousand congress in beijing in a sweeping three and a half hour speech seen jumping laid out his political and economic plan for the next five years he also spoke of the need to weed out corruption in the country. corruption is the biggest threat faced by our party we can only get out of the historical cycle and ensure the long term stability of our polity and our country if we persevered in the continuous fight against corruption to ensure that our government its officials and policies clean six members of pakistan's of the police force and a civilian have been killed in an attack on a patrol car twelve other people have been injured in the blast in the city of quotes and no one has claimed responsibility. the iraqi army saying its sheaves its goals in the operation to take back kurdish held territory in the north it's now in control of areas around mosul as an invader province the iraqi
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offensive began on monday in a setback to the kurdish administration's hopes for a session. but there have been jubilant scenes on the streets of photographs where u.s. forces have driven iso out of itself declared capital kurdish led syrian democratic forces raise their flag in the city's stadium after a four month battle. a senior kenyan electoral commissioner has resigned saying next week's rerun of the presidential vote won't be credible. says the commission had become a party to the political political crisis and is under siege she says her staff faced intimidation and threats. a judge has blocked u.s. president donald trump's latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from several countries entering the u.s. the restrictions which would have taken effect this week target had people from iran libya syria yemen somalia and childs the latest court ruling does not apply to
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north korean venezuela which are also subject to restrictions those are the headlines the stream is up next stay with us ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily the start news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time. i'm femi oke i kind of does not hew inquiry into missing. is hearing from victims' family members this week and they're demanding justice for their loved ones but first the canadian government has settled with some indigenous survivors of a controversial policy known as the sixty's scoop i much of a deal that's today on the stream live on youtube.


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