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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 290  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2017 10:32am-11:01am AST

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sunshine again twenty degrees it's down to about thirty just a bit above in baghdad so the whole of the iraqi plane is cooling down as you might expect so today twenty eight in beirut remarkably warm you might think of the winds coming out from the south and that swine fact there is a fairly persistent breeze there in dance of the gulf now of the next two days which has dropped humidity as certain amount in bahrain and qatar carry on doing that of course and then turns around the arabs are obvious from the n.t. quarter of the western side of saudi and that has to warm things up again so we're holding on to forty meca and not much less than that at medina so that a variation there little cloud left night still to build in yemen either so it's dry sunny fill in stay with dropping humidity now we saw some passing showers last essay running through the western cape and the potential of seeing one or two showers here but actually if you look at all of southern africa india are congress as would you be hard pressed to see anything other than big open blue skies.
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oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you must address or if you join us on sect. one but we struck up a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. a journey both dark. there's a very forever there's a lot of corruption and beautiful like the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and. has ascended i was introduced to. my father and my most
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or our king for how the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven this time on al-jazeera. deadline day for catalonia leader is facing a spanish government's ultimatum to drops a session aims or risk losing autonomy. to watch al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha and also ahead the un's human rights chief warns of security council intervention if the perpetrator is off atrocities against him earmarks are
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not punished iraq's government admits civilians were attacked during the operate. province from kurdish forces and a canadian retail giant with a loss of twelve thousand jobs. hello spain has warned it will suspend catalonia as autonomy if the region's leader doesn't abandon his. within the next hour catalonia has its own language on culture and enjoyed wide autonomy before the spanish civil war in the one nine hundred thirty s. it's separate identity was repressed under general francisco franco what followed autonomy returned almost forty years ago under spanish democracy catalonia leaders say their region puts more into the spanish economy than it gets back and called the secession referendum earlier this month madrid's government declared the poll
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illegal sending in the riot police to disrupt voting hundreds of people were injured in the violence the central government has given catalonia as president carlos an ultimatum to abandon plans or risk losing its autonomy barker reports from barcelona. catalonia as independence movements looking increasingly desperate they're reaching out for help it concerns to each and every european citizen but slick campaign videos won't and the tense standoff with the spanish government. earlier this week protests at barcelona against the jailing of two independents leaders by spanish judge the catalan president call a speech of almost call them political prisoners last week a unilaterally declared independence and civil tasty suspended it to allow for talks but prime minister. says his government won't mediate with secessionists he.
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given puts him on until thursday morning to clarify revoke any independence claim if he doesn't back down the spanish government could take an unprecedented step and impose direct rule put him on and his entire government could be suspended or even jailed this is high stakes political brinkmanship of mr preacher man seems ready to risk everything he believes he's honoring the will of more than two million people that voted in favor of independence in a referendum that isn't recognized outside catalonia if the madrid government decide to impose direct rule the independence movement says the response will be seismic i think it will be tremendously unwise to interfere in catalan autonomy because i know my country people will be an enormous response by most of the people in schools and television in the media are we talking about people taking to the streets again on mass of course we've been doing that for seven years
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we've had millions of people going to the streets and we would have that again in protest of course but the spanish government knows the regions defy did some catalans want secession now others are hesitant and large numbers hate the idea of these risking his career he's risking his liberty his freedom he is risking a stab i mean our society. is divided into two parts and i thing if he goes farther on it will be. with time running out which of all has little option but to push for talks with the whole way wearing out the desire for independence against the possible loss of everything he and others here spend years trying to achieve. and we'll get an update now from neves joining us from barcelona so it's deadline day for the catalan government to clarify its position on independence how likely is that to happen needs.
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right now is looking very unlikely this is the worst political crisis here in spain since the country immersion dictatorship in one nine hundred seventy seven it is on the verge potentially of getting even worse the deadline is looming for callers put them on the catalan leader to declare whether or not independence a has indeed been claimed by the region the reason why there is so much confusion is because last tuesday he temporarily declared independence simle tameness lee withdrawing it saying that he wanted to hold talks with the spanish government the response from prime minister mariano rajoy has repeatedly been that he will not mediate secessionists instead the spanish government to saying that they will impose the nuclear option article one five five that would strip this region of its sort ptolemy so what we are now expecting is some kind of response possibly in the form of a letter from colors put them on as was the case on monday that was the first deadline
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for him to initially clarify his position that deadline passed without any clear cut definition of his intentions already it looks as if the similar situation will happen this time around which means that the ball possibly in a few hours time will be back in madrid scored to work out exactly what the next step will be so how serious then will the route repercussions been for catalonia for not complying with madrid's demands. well the consequences and the implications are incredibly serious there is no historic precedent for this here in spain article one five five was very briefly invoked over a dispute with the canary islands but it didn't get very far not even beyond the first stage before things were sorted out then we're into unknown territory in the short but it could mean a host of different things there's a lot of speculation about what it would mean on the ground here worst it could
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potentially mean the suspension of the entire government here in catalonia it could also mean the potential arrest of colors pushable it is within the prime minister's powers to do that whether or not he will go that far though it's very difficult to say ok we could see the government here being replaced by a technocratic government by space fellows who are just keeping things going for the time being but the future right now is very very clear we are likely to see a host of different scenarios being discussed behind the scenes in madrid but it's very hard right now to imagine any of those scenarios not being met by mass demonstrations here in barcelona all right and even we'll speak to you as the day goes on thank you for the time being. well presser is intensifying on me in mar over the violent repression of revenge and widespread atrocities just in the past day the united nations the u.s.
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and human rights groups of all condemned the violent crackdown in rakhine state the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says that his country holds me in mars' military leadership accountable for the violence now amnesty international has accused me and mar security forces of crimes against humanity alleging that they are engaged in the systematic rape as well as the murder of hundreds of. almost six hundred thousand had to flee to neighboring bangladesh to escape the violence as you can see where the un human rights chief is threatening to seek the security council's intervention in the perpetrators are not punished them hussein spoke with al-jazeera mike hanna. the attacks by the american salvation army was met by a very methodical and well planned well organized response that did not seem to us
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to be anything remotely like counterinsurgency but a wholesale displacement of people from northern iraq to cox bazaar and bangladesh and so it had all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing now what monitors had made clear as well as that it's not just the enforced removal of people it's also the destruction of their homes to prevent them from brittany i mean the confirmation of this will come in two forms one is harmony they're willing to accept back if it's only a trickle then this confirms the ethnic cleansing cleansing hypothesis and the second of course is that all of this would have to be confirmed when one day surely those who have committed or perpetrated these atrocities are holed up before a court and answer to a judge so that the victims can sense that to a certain extent justice will be served in particular for many years have asked
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that we not just have an office in young gone but they will be given unfettered access to northern rakhine whenever we feel when deem it necessary and this second part was not forthcoming when we made it an explicit request of uncensored she in october last year to send in investigators at a time she was telling the international community that the military had completed its operation in the wake of that attack last year satellite imagery made very clear that they had not yes and today. they received further information that what we're seeing in northern rakhine is still continuing what we have been. still continuing reports of extrajudicial killings reports of sexual abuses of the most horrific kind of course including rape this is still ongoing not withstanding the claim that the military operations have largely wound
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down this does not seem to be the case but the idea that this could be conducted with impunity i think must be put behind us and and then if. it is a myanmar resistent then security council should consider other measures of course to be applied well with a week to go until the presidential rerun kenya's electoral commission has admitted it can't guarantee free and fair elections the commission's chairman says there has been political interference in its operations this comes as a senior commissioner quit and fled to the us alleging intimidation and threats to her life from a general or as more from nairobi it looks as if things are falling apart at kenya's electoral commission headquarters rather than a combat one of seven commissioners has resigned alleging political interference she says threats have been made on the lives of staff members including her own
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commissioners are serving political interests and they've been last minute changes to technology and electronic transmission of results hours later the commission's chairman gave a stern warning without critical changes in. this . function without. the chairman's appeal was also aimed at the kenyan public hoping to regain their trust but the damage has been done the electoral commission is already starting with its credibility the chairman's admission that the commission is split and that conditions wouldn't allow for free and fair elections has only echoed an earlier supreme court ruling. last month the cotton old august presidential elections it says the commission had not been transparent and there
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were illegalities in the telling of results that named incumbent president a work in the art of the winner a rerun is planned for october twenty six opposition leader raila odinga has withdrawn saying as long as the electoral commission does not reform the polls would be a sham but this week the ruling jubilee party said elections would take place within the sixty day limit set by the court and that the opposition is stalling we have absolutely no problem and we told you be very clearly that whatever they agree with our competitors they don't have to be fired wife. can you want to is campaigning around the country while the opposition looks will public support for electoral reform questions around the electoral commission's ability to do its job of only added fuel to increasing confusion around just how next week's election will take place for al-jazeera nairobi. well after
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weeks of political uncertainty new zealand has a new center left government and prime minister thirty seven year old labor leader just in the order and will be the country's third female leader the new zealand first party which held the balance of power following september's election has chosen to form a coalition with the labor party and the greens that ends the conservative national party is nine years in power still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you why indian plans to build one of the world's largest coal mines is facing opposition in australia and after i saw was pushed out of the white house flags a new phase in its mission against the on bridge. and all the excitement over the remains of feet of disappeared into the ether now
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across scandinavia we've still got plenty of cloud in western europe now but it's your standard frontal cloud it's done some good in portugal and spain has had to help dampen down the fires are no longer a significant problem but that strong up frontal system in close is what is really becoming a very warm area it's nearly twenty in northern germany much the same in london and even the other side of that cold drugs still talk about seventeen in madrid and that's light of warm up i think in the next day or so but the rain on the front itself will age in to that western side of mediterranean southern france the riviera included but notice the wind southerly so the water is still traveling north with it back out through belgium towards probably holland you have around the twenty mark there until the cow digs in a bit more even then it's not cold sixty seventy the real warm to sitting down and remain your bug area and greece where we see temperatures slowly rising up into the middle twenty's with the sun in the sky now it's not much of
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a wind on the eastern side of the meds is fine and sunny not too hot twenty four in benghazi so a bit more unsettled with the word i think use of morocco and algeria wet and breezy.


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