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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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refugees moving from north korea into alaska or anywhere else in the united states if things fall apart so this the these issues are pretty complicated but it's clear that you know you cannot says say it's one side's fault if there's no talk no trust there will be no resolution ok i know something let me just not just ask you this follow up question how much influence do you believe beijing has of a north korea could they change north korea's behavior if they wanted to not really if you think back every time that she jingping has been near an international microphone for some reason this is the perfect time to fire off a missile or explode a nuclear bomb you can just check that and you'll see that that is the case she has is a very controlled person he does not react to donald trump he does not react to kim even though these are open provocations the chinese people are not happy about it chinese government is not happy about it face is an important issue here and young
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kim seems to delight in making sure he puts she's face in the mud every opportunity ken ok that isn't ok are you shaking your head a bit there very quickly you'll view on that. i think china as we we all agree is one of the world's most powerful countries and if china were to decide that it wanted to push regime change in north korea or if it wanted to get kim to stop with this missile tests it has the ability to do so again massive country north korea has always been in its sphere of interest of influence china just doesn't want to do that because it doesn't want the costs that would be associated with pushing north korea to change but i don't think we want to just blindly swallow the party line that china doesn't have any sway over north korea or that this is an issue just between the united states and north korea china is a very important partner in everything involving north korea job in quickly from
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you last thoughts on how much is the issue of north korea going to dominate now for the forseeable future us join the relations. well let me take the middle part and i think china is not without influence under narco and at the same time i think that not koreans also know just how much to do to stay under the red line as far as china stands and i think they're not good in communist party that we congratulate achieve on this but it look honest so i there is a limit to which not korea will go. under and i also don't see at the same time well all the reasons that it will mention in the beginning that because of the trust deficit between not korea and the united states . that not clearly and will see their provocations the chinese certainly don't want
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american troops on their borders they certainly don't want to not reduce the collapse so i think what myspace might be they're not going to regime survival is just as important to our national security and sufficient for the chinese outcome and your brain just think jobim thank you very much thank you to all our guests are now tongue in job in jacob and isaac stone fish remember if you're not near a television set you can still watch this program any time on a computer tablet or phone at our website out zero dot com for further discussion of the issues around china go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story or you can make your thoughts known on twitter we're at a.j. inside story for me on the team until next time bye for now.
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the russian orthodox church is deep pockets and the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role in putin's grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to saying to president putin as our leader that given twelve good people in power investigates how after its attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the heart of the russian state the orthodox connection at this time on al-jazeera news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera.
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deadline time for catalonia as leader is facing a spanish government's ultimatum to drops the session aims or risk losing autonomy . you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and i'm dating obligato also ahead the un's human rights chief warns of security council intervention if the perpetrators of atrocities against me and more are not punished iraq's government admits civilians were attacked during the operation to retake earth kook province from kurdish peshmerga forces and a canadian retail giant is to shut with the loss of twelve thousand jobs.
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but first to some breaking news out of afghanistan that's where at least forty two soldiers have been killed in an assault on a military camp in kandahar and the taliban is being blamed behind the attack more on that story a little later in the program. well castle odio is regional government ignored a final deadline which has just passed in fact from spain to clarify whether it will drop its secession plans it's been three weeks since the region voted in favor of the session in a highly controversial referendum the central government in madrid has threatened to suspend the region's autonomy on monday the council on president's car less had called for further dialogue with madrid but the details of a letter to madrid have been released in the past few minutes where the catalan president says the regional parliament could vote for
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a formal declaration of independence that's if those talks happen live now to the barker joining us from catalonia is capital barcelona's as we're saying the deadline has just passed just a few moments ago in fact what's next they've. it's very difficult to know if feels as if the goalposts are being continually shifted in this back and forth between madrid and barcelona or it seems very much to be a game of who will blink first initially before the release of this letter the assumption was that if catalonia did not clarify its positional independence the assumption in madrid would be that independence had been claimed in the article one five five revoking the region's independence would be an issue. what we have in response is the catalonians saying well look if article one five five is triggered then we will declare unequivocal independence i think right now
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it's a case of neither side wanting to show that they are worsening the situation they are triggering a chain of events that could end up with mass protests once again here on the streets of barcelona and of course elsewhere in spain but you're right in saying that this letter has now been produced a letter from color spectrum on to the madrid government setting out a series of new demands and reiterating some old ones that first dialogue is absolutely vital and important another demand calling for an end to all repressions the release of two key independent leaders without that kahless bridgeable has indicated that they could now take steps in the catalan parliament to formalize independence what happens then it's very difficult to say we now wait for the madrid government to respond to this clearly we can already assume that they're not going to be happy they have been repeatedly frustrated i think it's fair to say
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over the last few days they've been looking for clear cut answers from barcelona and those haven't come as yet but wonder where that frustration will lead to need because how serious are the repercussions of not complying with madrid's demands what's at stake here for catalonia. an awful lot is at stake here article one five five has never formally been invoked there is no precedent for it it was briefly discussed over dispute with the canary islands but didn't get very far before the situation was resolved we are very much into uncharted territory could mean a whole host of different scenarios the possible suspension of the government here at worst the arrest of colors putting all our other leading figures in the catalan government we could see a technocratic government come in and replace this one possibly the deputy prime minister of spain taking the helm temporarily or indeed other political parties based here in catalonia who are against independent temporarily being in charge for
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a short period of time but another possibility is the takeover of the council and police service here they could be a financial squeeze is the strict the region of the ability to raise taxes there are a whole host of possible scenarios but it's very difficult to imagine any of those making people here voyage wanting to come out onto the street of mass once again for huge protests ok we've barker thank you. well pressure is intensifying on myanmar over the violent repression of and widespread atrocities just in the past day the united nations the us and human rights groups have all condemned the crackdown and were kind states the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson himself says that his country the u.s. holds me and military leadership accountable for the violence amnesty international has accused me and more security forces of crimes against humanity alleging that
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they are engaged in the systematic rape and murder of hundreds of. almost six hundred thousand fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape the violence in may in mar well the un human rights chief is threatening to seek the security council's intervention that's at the perpetrators are not punished. spoke with al-jazeera. the attacks by the american salvation army was met by a very methodical and well planned well organized response that did not seem to us to be anything remotely like counterinsurgency but a wholesale displacement of people from northern iraq to cox bazaar and bangladesh and so it had all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing now what monitors had made clear as well is that it's not just the enforced removal of people it's also the
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destruction of their homes to prevent them from brittany i mean the confirmation of this will come in two forms one is harmony they're willing to accept back if it's only a trickle then this confirms the ethnic cleansing cleansing hypothesis and the second of course is that all of this would have to be confirmed when one day surely those who have committed or perpetrated these atrocities are holed up before a court and answer to a judge so that the victims can sense that to a certain extent justice will be served in particular for many years have asked that we not just have an office in young gone but they will be given unfettered access to northern rakhine whenever we feel when deem it necessary and this second part was not forthcoming when we made it an explicit request of uncensored
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she in october last year to send in investigators at a time she was telling the international community that the military had completed its operation in the wake of that attack last year satellite imagery made very clear that they had not yes and today. they received further information that what we're seeing in northern rakhine is still continuing what we have been. continuing reports of extrajudicial killings reports of sexual abuses of the most horrific kind of course including rape this is still ongoing not withstanding the claim that the military operations have largely wound down this does not seem to be the case but. be conducted with impunity i think must be put behind us and then if. resistant. security council should consider the measures of course to be applied. so
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a few moments ago we were telling you that we have breaking news out of afghanistan that's where at least forty two soldiers have been killed in an assault on a military camp in kandahar and the taliban is being blamed straight to jennifer glass who's joining us from the afghan capital kabul to tell us whether the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack jennifer and what exactly happened what are you hearing about the death toll. the taliban have claimed responsibility for this attack on an afghan army base in my wand that's in western kandahar province on the border with helmand that base home to sixty afghan soldiers in the middle of the night just before three o'clock this morning it was attacked by taliban forces we understand that they detonated an armored vehicle of some sort there and fierce fighting ensued in that fighting forty three of those afghan soldiers were killed nine were wounded six are still missing and two escaped
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and injured ten taliban the ministry of defense tells al-jazeera were also killed in that attack a brutal attack in the middle of the night now as i say. some sort of armored vehicle was used in that attack of the two zero five afghan army corps which is in charge of much much of southern afghanistan is now investigating the incident and how it could have happened it's really been a deadly week in afghanistan jennifer has that there's been a string of attacks just this past week alone. that's right not just this attack in kandahar in the early morning hours but on tuesday in paktia province a taliban attack two huge car bombs one a police vehicle another humvee an army vehicle attacked a police headquarters as well as a police academy and in that attack sixty were killed more than three hundred wounded. a v a police vehicle
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a humvee in that attack of those the dead more about forty of them were police i include ing the police chief president ashraf ghani did attend his funeral on wednesday and he said that the taliban must come to the peace table if they do not extend their hand of peace then the clerics the people the people the army the military will stand united against them but of course we had this attack today and then another attack in gaza earlier this week in and or killed twenty and fifteen of those police attack on the district headquarters also by the taliban's or brutal week here in afghanistan the taliban clearly stepping up attacks around the country while the target of those attacks that have been police and the afghan military civilians many civilians have died as well and just brings me to my last and final question and just briefly then why is it that the police and security forces have been the target of these latest attacks. well it's unclear it's you know the united states is putting more pressure on pakistan
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to try and bring the taliban to the peace table the afghan government keeps saying it's the taliban's last chance to come to the peace table perhaps the taleban wish to show that they were are still going to be strong on the battlefield it's been a very very punishing year with the taliban fighting afghan security forces this latest attack in kandahar province and my one that happened in the middle of the night these soldiers really stood no chance most of them would have been sleeping on their outpost on their base but certainly the taliban stepping up attacks on the afghan security forces i think to show that they can attack the show that they do have strength here and of course we're looking at the beginning of the the winter season before the snows come they may be trying to want to use whatever ammunition and explosives they have stepped up a fight before the snows come and could slow the fighting all right jennifer glass thank you. well with a week to go until the presidential rerun kenya's electoral commission has admitted
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it can't guarantee free and fair elections the commission's chairman says there has been call it a call interference and it's operation it comes as a senior commissioner quit and fled to the u.s. alleging intimidation and threats to her life from either miller has more from nairobi it looks as if things are falling apart and kenya's electoral commission headquarters rather than a combat one of seven commissioners has resigned alleging political interference she says threats have been made on the lives of staff members including our own commissioners are serving political interests and they have been last minute changes to technology and electronic transmission of results hours later the commission's chairman gave a stern warning with good political changes in. miniature . this. function without. the chairman's
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appeal was also aimed at the kenyan public hoping to regain their tranced but the damage has been done the electoral commission is already starting with its credibility the chairman's admission that the commission is split and that conditions wouldn't allow for free and fair elections has only echoed an earlier supreme court ruling. last month the cotton old august presidential elections it says the commission had not been transparent and there were illegalities in the telling of results that named incumbent president a work in the art of the winner a rerun is planned for october twenty sixth opposition leader raila odinga has withdrawn saying as long as the electoral commission does not reform the polls would be a sham but this week the ruling jubilee party said elections would take place within the sixty day limit set by the court and that the opposition is stalling we have absolutely no problem i'm told you be very clearly
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that whatever they agree with our competitors they don't have to be fired one. can answer is campaigning around the country while the opposition looks for public support for electoral reform questions around the electoral commission's ability to do its job of only added fuel to increasing confusion around just how next week's election will take place for media millar al jazeera nairobi. still ahead on al-jazeera after weeks of political uncertainty in new zealand has a new center left government and prime minister will tell you go that is that's coming up in just a moment's.


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