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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and all thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news live from doha i martine that is coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. secretary of state blames the saudi led lot of failing to end its full month standoff with cata. the e.u. rules out intervening in spain succession crisis as madrid prepares to impose direct rule long catalonia. find out why hundreds of thousands of iraqi kurds are streaming out of kirkuk days after baghdad regained control of the city. stuns me remember congress. obviously. absolutely stunned and president she herself gives an emotional defense of his boss's reported remarks to a grieving war widow. the and. now
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the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has criticised the four countries imposing an economic blockade on cutter for refusing to engage in talks to diffuse the crisis in june saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt i'm bahrain close their space and severed trade and diplomatic ties with cata last month u.s. president donald trump offered to mediate between the parties and sounded hopeful that the issue would be resolved quickly but now mr tillerson says there is little hope of a resolution and it's time soon he says there seems to be a real unwillingness on the part of some of the parties to want to engage it's up to the leadership of the quartet when they want to engage with cas or because qatar has been very clear they're ready to engage. well mr tillotson as you to visit the
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gulf in the coming days his the state department spokeswoman. we want to see these countries keep their focus on the areas of mutual cooperation that we have and that includes the fight against terrorism and other things of that nature so i think the secretary is certainly discourage that nothing has been resolved just yet he's talked pretty consistently although folks haven't haven't paid much attention to it recently about the disappointment that the nations haven't been able to do so of the g.c.c. crisis we hope that they will we hope that they'll sit down and have talks but it seems like they're not ready to do that yet or we can do it to our correspondent. in washington d.c. tell us more than about the state the secretary of state had to say about the dispute. here martine so what we heard in that interview that rex tillerson gave to bloomberg news today was a remarkable change in tone gone with the optimism that we had previously heard
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from the secretary of state back in july that's when he made his last visit to the middle east at that time he had expressed that his diplomacy going back and forth between doha and riyadh would result in some sort of progress but now that's been three months with little to show by way of progress and what we heard in that interview from rex tillerson was his frustration as he placed the blame for this stagnation in talks at the feet of the four blockading nations martine this comes just days before the secretary of state heads to this region first stop i believe is riyadh then coming to doha. that's right and he is expected to push once again to renew this mediation effort but he was very clear today that he has low expectations that anything well result in a quick resolution you know the u.s. has had a shifting reaction to this crisis since it began in june. as you
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remember when this first was announced by saudi arabia u.s. president donald trump was quick to land on the side of saudi arabia on twitter taking claim that this walk a day was a result of his visit to the region but since then the white house has been remarkably quiet or about this dispute letting the state department take the lead on negotiating a resolution and we've seen the intervention of the u.s. department of defense as well the joint military exercises between the u.s. and some of the arab nations were canceled because the u.s. said they wanted to encourage regional unity also we saw a surprise visit from u.s. secretary of defense john mattis to qatar last month in which he met with atari leaders martín all right heidi thanks for the. correspondent in washington d.c.
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well now we can speak to kenneth katzman who's a senior analyst at the congressional research service he's also in washington d.c. thank you for joining us what in your opinion is the reason for this dispute continuing way beyond three months now and. well i think really the blockading countries the saudi led bloc they want to cut or to really meet a lot of not all the thirteen demands but. they want to come to really to pledge once and for all to stop funding and supporting muslim brotherhood linked groups throughout the region i think that's really the core of the dispute is. qatar has supported groups political islamist groups that are linked to the muslim brotherhood and indeed. the culture is signed
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a very well publicized statement of moderation and a commitment to fight terrorism with rex tillerson and the cattery is seem to be offering. some form of engagement dialogue on a regular basis but it seems very much as though that's not enough is it for the blockading quartet. one wonders what they really want because obviously they know that catherine is not going to give up what it considers to be issues of its very self or n.t. well that's true and i think the you know cutter has come forward and said we're willing to negotiate the quartet has not been as willing to negotiate and so that's why i think you saw secretary of state tiller since. comments today be a little bit more critical i think he's getting frustrated with. the saudi led quartet. that they're not willing to enter into direct talks and find
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some sort of solution you know i think. there was there was already a riyadh agreement so there was a rededication to the agreement the twenty thirteen twenty fourteen and i think. you know what the quartet wants is a not only or rededication to it but some firm measures that they could be guaranteed it would be implemented they feel that the declaration was not implemented the last time there was a crisis that i think i think everyone will agree that right now the situation is going to require some creative diplomacy if you like as rex tillerson makes his way to this region does he have a peace leave given the hof of the pace the senior posts in the state department remain vacant well you know i think we should be trying to at least be optimistic i mean i think if tillerson did not see some opportunity or some avenue to pursue why would he be going he's going to saudi he's
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going to qatar and that signals maybe that he thinks there's some cause for optimism if there was no hope to resolve it he wouldn't be going at all right ok all right thank you for that kenneth katzman talking to us live from washington d.c. . now as the cattle answer session crisis escalates spain has won support from european leaders in brussels but the e.u. says it will not intervene in the dispute this one is prime minister mariano rajoy got the backing from the french president emmanuel mackerel as well as the german chancellor angela merkel they met ahead of a two day e.u. summit in brussels european council leader donald tosk has ruled out any european union role in the dispute between madrid and barcelona. of course for many reasons in the permanent contact with the prime minister mariano rajoy. hiding to the
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situation in spain is concerning but. position i mean institutions and member states are. clear the. room for and the kind of mediation. international. initiative action. well meanwhile the spanish government is preparing to suspend catalonia is autonomy after catalan leaders ignored a final deadline on thursday to drop their succession plans now the process will actually begin on saturday that's when madrid will decide which powers to take back from barcelona barca reports now from the catalan capital. spain's political crisis is deepening after failing to comply with the spanish government catalonia it will now be stripped of its autonomy more cylindrical i mock you for
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in the absence of a clear response we note that he has not answered our request and therefore we will continue procedure of triggering article one five five of the constitution to restore legality in catalonia the catalan president. had been given until thursday morning to clarify and revoke any independence claim last week he unilaterally declared independence and similar suspended it to allow for talks but instead of clarifying his position p.j. mom sent a letter to madrid calling for an end to repression and for dialogue. prime minister mariano rajoy has repeatedly refused to mediate with the secessionists we're now in uncharted territory article one five five has never been invoked in mainland spain before they could see devolved powers over the raising of taxes education health care in the police soon in madrid hands of the very worst you could see the suspension of the government and the arrest of its leaders it's hard to imagine any
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of these scenarios unfolding without more massive protests or perhaps even a change of tactics i think there's no possibility of following like taking arms phrasing arms and or even like. seeing the birth of a terrorist group i don't think that is a possibility at all but some kind of more aggressive i don't want to say by a land but more stronger organized an insurgency in terms of political insurgency and organization i think it's it's a problem. but madrid the show restraint and misty internationals urged the spanish government to avoid a repeat of these scenes on the day of the catalan referendum. they've also asked for two independence leaders jailed by spanish judge to be released the spanish government expects it to finalize plans for direct rule at a cabinet meeting on saturday. in response the catalan leadership say they'll now
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formalize independence with a vote of the regional parliament this tense standoff is entering a critical new phase. al-jazeera barcelona. about one hundred thousand kurds have fled the kirkuk area since it was retaken by iraqi forces just days ago the u.n. says it's worried by reports that civilians are being forced out of their houses and businesses looted and destroyed seventy deca reports now from bill in northern iraq. in a dusty abandoned housing project on the outskirts of erbil these are unexpected occupants. kurdish families who fled their homes in kirkuk and surrounding areas just a couple of days ago now scrambling for basic supplies. to man abdul kareem says she left because she was scared of shia militia fighters called her who arrived alongside the iraqi army. they weren't good with kurds they didn't treat us well.
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and imprison them even hit women my husband is dead all i could do is take my four children and run away we came to a build it is ours to get the bride was like routed iraqi prime minister hi there he has ordered all armed groups out of kirkuk with only the iraqi army and federal police remaining he insists. for the protection of civilians the men here tell us they won't return. just like. in his family he was a policeman in kirkuk until he fled two days ago. people are saying is safe now but it is propaganda and i they came out and beat the us they have burned houses that's why we got scared because of our families that's why we left a political party sold us out not all kurds are refugees this is all political. hinting at the internal divisions among the main two kurdish political parties the
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ruling accuse the p u k of colluding with the iraqi government leaders iran and turkey in orchestrating the takeover of the cook complex web of age old kurdish rivalries and interests geopolitical. thouse you might have seen it through her sixty seven years. ago. a lot happened to us we don't own our own house now we don't even know if we have a house or out every year there is a war this war then leads to this fight that leads to this war i. wish should we go now. what is life in iraq. since i was a child i've never seen happiness off to war she tells us. many warned that regaining territory captured by eisel would mean little in solving iraq's complicated territorial ethnic and sectarian tensions it seems they may have been right stephanie decker all jazeera. and kurds in syria celebrating the capture of
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the city of rock but the growing influence of syria's kurdish factions is raising concern in neighboring turkey. a report. on the syria turkey border. fighters from the popular protection units or white celebrating the capture of iraq . they are the most powerful kurdish group in syria. the wife e.g. is part of a coalition of kurdish factions known as the syrian democratic forces. i know that. the operation to liberate bracco was a strategic and ideological battle for our forces we participated in it in a commanding role side by side with our comrades in the syrian democratic forces and the people's protection units behind the job and fighters stands.
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and the jailed leader of turkey's main kurdish rebel group the kurdistan workers' party. and. it's a terrorist organization next to a post is a picture of a prominent command in the old female kurdish militia. with solid intentions and a will that hasn't been broken we have achieved our goal which was to pound the strongholds of terrorism in the city we have restored on a to use eighty women by liberating dozens of slaves who were taken from single and we've also freed a similar number of children. name roundabout is where isis fighters paraded in two thousand and fourteen when they took over iraq. it was also what opponents were murdered with isis gone these kurds operating on the same spot to a sense of a growing influence their territorial gains stretch from in the north east all the
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way to near the y.p. g.'s show force in iraq is likely to further stoke regional tension turkey considers the kurds rising role in syria as a threat to its national security and turkish leaders accuse the y.p. geo of being an extension of the p.k. k. on war force may be used against kurdish factions to stop that at the. we've got a lot more coming up on this. the british prime minister wants from her twenty seven colleagues we'll explain. security in afghanistan in the spotlight after taliban attacks one hundred twenty people have been killed in the space of just a few days. on paula in the netherlands norway is a women's football team is about to play the first world cup qualifier since they
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secured a historic equal pay deal with them at. the white house chief of staff has come to the defense of president trump reported remarks this week to the widow of the slain soldier the president is accused of being insensitive during a phone call to the widow of a soldier who was killed in an ambush in earlier this month a member of congress says she heard the president's comments told a white house news conference that he was broken hearted by the criticism of mr trump's effort to offer his condolences white house correspondent kimberly how it has more from washington d.c. . the white house is continuing to try and contain the controversy surrounding the president's condolence call to the widow of sergeant lead david johnson he is one of four u.s.
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soldiers killed in earlier this month the president's chief of staff made a rare appearance of the white house briefing room speaking with emotion he says that he told the president not to make that call but if he did he says he advised donald trump to tell the family that the soldier knew what he was getting into something that donald trump denied just one day earlier he knew what he was going to myself into because he enlisted there's no reason a list and list that he was where he wanted to be. exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his wife was taken that was the message that was a message that was transmitted it stuns me that a member of congress were to listen in on a conversation absolutely stuns me and i thought at least that was sacred now the democratic congresswoman who listened in on that call and who has been a critic of the president for some time fredricka wilson says in fact that it is
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her belief and she maintains that she believes donald trump did disrespect sergeant johnson in that call she knows the family well she has known him since he was a child mentoring him before he enlisted as a soldier still the white house is taking aim at the congresswoman saying that not only is her argument inappropriate in fact the chief of staff calling her actions selfish behavior. well the headlines in the u.s. have been pretty much dominated by this controversy surrounding the phone call but beyond that many people especially americans were surprised to learn that u.s. troops have actually been deployed in the air and other west african countries for years now say department correspondent roslyn jordan reports a widow's grief made public after her husband a u.s. soldier was killed on october fourth in the country of new share the pentagon is
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still trying to figure out who ambushed the joint us patrol near the border with mali nine soldiers four american five new cherian were killed. and the loss of our crew is under investigation in that department offense like to know what we're talking about before we talk and so we do not have all the accurate information yet released as rapidly as we get it. we are very proud of our troops if you know we investigate any time we have our troops killed whether it be in training accident or combat i don't care if it's in a car accident and we investigate the circumstances surrounding and she how we can address the very question you brought up about what can we do in the future the share is one of five central and western african countries struggling to defeat the islamic state of the sawhill and other armed groups the u.s. has been worried about that threat for years in two thousand and thirteen the obama
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administration deployed about one hundred troops tunisia to help shared intelligence with local forces that number is now up to about a thousand. the u.s. along with france and other countries is training these areon troops in combat tactics and it's expanding its drone surveillance capability in the country but unlike france the u.s. doesn't have fighter jets or attack helicopters in the region equipment that some observers suggest could have prevented the ambush one expert says this isn't the time for u.s. officials to point fingers i think it would be much more helpful if of what were to happen now would be to talk about well let's look at this training mission that we have any share is a sin effective thing that we're doing are we actually helping the share. do we just need to do more more of what or maybe we just need to be doing different things that i think is the debate that we absolutely need to be having here in the
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u.s. military is now investigating how the ambush happened and what can be done to better protect u.s. forces in the field whether it's findings and the growing questions about the u.s. as reasons for being in the share or anywhere else in africa is speculative. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington for saying in the u.s. and hundreds of protesters in the city of gainesville florida chanting go home nazis of trying to drown out a speech by white nationalists richard spencer at the university of florida it was his first public appearance since the white supremacist rally in charlottesville in maine which turned violent leaving one person dead hundreds of police officers were deployed outside the university. to ensure the event passed without violence florida's governor declared a state of emergency and he gallagher is there he sends us this update. from the moment that richard spencer stepped out on the stage here in the
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auditorium behind me he was basically drowned out by the crowd the protesters here way outnumbered anyone from the so-called all right but it's worth noting that this entire security operation here and it was fairly unprecedented these are kind of security measures that you would see on a presidential visit cost more than half a million dollars that's a very expensive unprecedented amount of money and richard spencer certainly isn't going to stop booking himself into venues like this because here's the crux of this argument it is freedom of speech versus hate the university of florida did not invite richard spencer here but they also could not stop him coming here because of the first amendment because of freedom of speech so he's going to continue touring around different institutions spewing his message of hatred and potentially if this model works other institutions will follow so it's going to be costly and remember richard spencer of the national policy institute only spent about ten thousand dollars booking this venue and they certainly got many headlines out of that kind
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of money. britain's prime minister has been urging european leaders to help resolve key issues over the brics it deal to resume was speaking at a dinner in brussels ahead of a crucial e.u. summit negotiations have been hampered by disputes over citizens' rights and the amount of money that britain has to pay in order to leave china how has more from brussels. tourism a has had the opportunity to address over dinner her fellow e.u. leaders here in brussels talking about what she described as concrete progress in brics and talks so far she had hoped until recently to be able to persuade them that sufficient progress had been made in the thorny talks around money the so-called rex's brakes a divorce bill to be able to move on to the next substantive phase talks about the future of trade relationship between for britain and the e.u. which of course big business in the u.k. is desperate to know about as it tries to plan for the effects of breaks it down the road well the e.u.
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is not convinced about sufficient progress they are not sold on britain's offer of meeting its outstanding liabilities and commitments to the tune of twenty billion plus dollars over a two year transition period the figure they have in mind is likely tens of billions higher than that so she's not going to get the breakthrough in talks the cheap hoped for but will the allow her to go away empty handed well the e.u. knows only too well how politically weakened she is at home they don't want to damage her any further that only makes talks even harder the hope exists i think that on friday after she's left they may offer some kind of an olive branch some kind of a concession which allows her to go home at least with a minor victory and the possibility of preserving what's left of her political office already. kenya's opposition leader says his decision to pull out of the presidential rerun the election on october the twenty six remains unchanged. made
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these comments following talks with top election officials earlier mr adiga said he may still contest the election if electoral reforms were carried out but the election board says a free and fair vote can't be guaranteed because of political interference the first presidential vote took place in august and president kenyatta won but it was announced by the supreme court. if you say that. if. you consider but no. comes under growing pressure every treatment of. people is
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a us weighs in on the crisis plus find out why one of canada's biggest and oldest retail stores as close. to the kremlin cup semifinal. allo much of the u.s. and eastern callen i was enjoying quiet settled warm weather but that's not true for the pacific northwest the first of what you would call a winter storm is a month is coming it is set in boating cold read the next and temperature in seattle is forecast to be twelve degrees in the blue suggests well it's subzero on the top of the mountains which means the potential for snow and that should be realized i think oregon montanna if you washington the far north of california i
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get up at hard rain on the coast and that study comes south but will be some substantial rain and coming out of this system to say it's quiet the south that's quiet from the gulf of mexico even that our world system is linked to cuba in jamaica is breaking up now just a few showers running through in the breeze the concentration the heaviest stuff is still from guatemala dancer costa rica towards colombia there's a hint of a circulation forming here which would suggest the rain we havea but we've had some significant spring weather further south in the constants of south america specifically in europe why where thunderstorms rattled through the night with the winds gusting enough to bring trees down that's the size of the hail storm that could be more to come in the same area. in slave abuse i'm longing for
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a day when the plight of too many nepalese guy after a lifetime of service a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force was allied. driven by her vivid recollections of subjugation but to me or my memory is my power to witness documentaries but this time on a. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and al-jazeera so goes the extra mile to use some of the latest you can regain technology to make sure these images are innovative to be viewed on legit is not just in behind the best it's about getting involved in the field. with the theme whenever needed. as a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories and of all kinds of timothy al-jazeera as a space for that. there
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with these are our top stories. has criticised the four countries imposing a blockade on kasa for refusing to engage in talks rex tillerson says there is an unwillingness on the part of the saudi led coalition to. despite katter being ready to engage european leaders a. catalan crisis escalates in brussels the prime minister mariano rajoy one support from the french president and the german chancellor but they say it will not intervene in the dispute between madrid and barcelona. the white house
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office come to the defense of president trump. this week to the widow of the slain soldier president trump is accused of making insensitive remarks during a phone call to the widow of a soldier who was killed in an ambush in the earlier this month. that taliban fighters have killed forty three afghan soldiers in an assault in the middle of the night in a military camp the group set off two suicide car bombs at a base in the my wand district of kandahar that was followed by hours of gunfight more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in a series of taliban attacks just this week well jennifer grass has more now from the capital kabul. the taliban attacked the afghan army base in southern afghanistan in my want near the helm on the border in the early hours of thursday morning killing forty three afghan soldiers there elsewhere in afghanistan at about the same time five soldiers killed five police killed the numers and six killed in
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northern bloc province that of course coming after earlier this week two separate attacks in eastern afghanistan borders impact and in gaza killed another eighty people as well most of them afghan security forces some of them civilians the gardez attack involving two suicide car bombs also wounded three hundred people security forces as well as civilians but the fact that these attacks have taken place in the north in the east in the south and the southwest show really that the breadth of. the taliban has across the country the fact that they are able to make launch these significant major attacks across the country and hold certain areas and also that they're willing to attack military posts and inflict large amounts of casualties shows that they really can still fight now afghanistan i think that's the message they're trying to send to the afghan government and to
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the international community particularly perhaps the united states government which is starting to send a several thousand additional troops here to afghanistan to support the afghan security forces and the and the american secretary of state saying that the united states will remain in afghanistan as long as the taliban don't come to the peace table that is the ultimate goal of the afghan government to make peace with the taliban or fight them so that they're no longer relevant so far that the taliban have shown really no indicate indication that they plan to come to the peace table and the fighting becomes more intense. right to try to go now with the opposition says three more people have been shot dead in the third day of anti-government protests at least four people were killed on wednesday demonstrators have been fighting police in the capital no may that demanding law changes to limit how long tigers leaders can stay hot president whole family's been in power for more than half a century and he could continue until twenty twenty on the current laws. a
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pakistani court has formally charged the ousted prime minister nawaz sharif his daughter and son in law with corruption opening a trial that could see the formerly did jailed the twenty sixteen panama pay has revealed the family had used offshore companies to buy expensive properties in london and their wealth did not match their income the sheriff's insist the proceedings a part of an opposition fueled conspiracy. supporters cheered on marian sharif and her husband mohamed saft are as they appeared in court in islamabad when they left they were formally facing corruption charges still sending a defiant message and denying the accusations. even if you know they should stop wasting their time and not so the country in the nation if they hand down a punishment then let them do it but they should stop making a mockery of the constitution or deprive the family of basic human rights
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a fair trial they should stop making a mockery of justice she is the heir to the sharif political dynasty her future complicated by the release of the panama papers the leaks showed she and her family had much greater wealth than reported which helped them buy elegant expensive homes in london that revelation led to pakistani supreme court judges disqualifying the prime minister his third time in office once again ended early. wasn't in court he's visiting his alien wife in europe but his daughter says he will return to face . the charges political analysts say prosecutors have a strong case against them in this case there is a case of corruption. corruption is just it's just a matter of thirty days if the procedure takes its natural course the family will be you know in jail and they will be they'll be jailed for. for a period of seven to fourteen years still his is
2:38 am
a powerful name and to many pakistanis the rightful leader. we have always shown our respect to the law of the country and even to all institutions we are here to peacefully support our leaders and to show our solidarity with them sharif previously was deposed by coups and then the courts for that he paid a political price but now facing a future with his very freedom on the line. al-jazeera. international pressure on the government of me and is growing over the violent repression of the range of people the united nations and the u.s. government hope the military responsible and a call of a stringent measures to deal with the crisis also a binge of age reports. tens of thousands of ranger refugees are coming to bangladesh every day they see their homes are being burned and they're
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being chased by buddhist mobs. they describe desperate conditions and having little to eat. military denies the allegations of abuse and insists it's going after what it calls terrorists but the international community doesn't believe the claims by the military. really hold the military leadership accountable for what's happening with the writing area what's most important is that the world can't just stand idly by. to the atrocities that are being reported in the area. that. there has been no letup in extrajudicial killings rights abuse rape and arson attacks the human rights chief told al jazeera that the international community must intervene if perpetrators of the violence are not punished this is still ongoing notwithstanding the claim that the military operations have largely wound down this does not seem to be the case but that could be conducted with impunity i
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think must be put behind us and then if. resistant. security council should consider other measures of course to be applied nearly six hundred thousand people have had to leave their homes and because many don't have any official status in myanmar there's very little prospect of return. how does it. could have how long temporary shelter and that's in bangladesh has been set up to help fifteen thousand people stranded along the border our correspondent . all this going to address it is in this temporary shelter crossed into bangor that's within the last two to three days now there are confinement a place call on human part about ten to fifteen thousand during those who are stranded there for the last three days they were not allowed inside one of the star trees because the bombing of the border guard confined them there not today the authorities decided to allow them in buying other starter is designate
2:41 am
a certain places for this nearly half of this to take shelter and we spoke to some of the range of refugees who never had their tales of atrocities similar to what the other refugees who came in recent days told us my mother in law got of blood. running a hundred thousand in ma you can't do any business work there anymore the security forces driven us out of our villages and told us go to bangladesh you're not from hand. this corroborates with the amnesty international latest report about it find me on my arm is systematic approach of driving the most women out from myanmar into bangladesh this plight all the international pressure and diplomatic pressure and i think since you have changed me and my army since to be determined to drive everyone in your muslim into bangladesh now massive fires engulfed a luxury hotel in million miles biggest city young gone at least one person's died
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two others were injured in the blaze it's unclear how the fire broke out the. palace is a traditional been building that's made out of food. at least eight people have been killed and twenty others have been injured in an explosion at an unlicensed factory in eastern india the authorities in a recess state are investigating the cause of the blast they say such accidents are quite common because of safety standards the blast happened just hours before thursday's deval e festival. presses in the celebrations. that israel has temporarily expanded the area where palestinian boats are allowed to fish off the coast of gaza but local fishermen say the extension will do little to improve their already incomes and at smith reports.
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it's sardine season in the waters off the coast of garza but along with high winds and heavy seas the fishermen here have one extra challenge that no other fishing community in the mediterranean faces they risk being shot if they stray outside a narrow zone imposed by the israeli navy. thirty i've been fishing since one nine hundred seventy i used to enjoy it we used to make good money now i don't enjoy it as you see we're sweating all night for nothing. the competition for the fishing has grown as the blockade of gaza has tightened with unemployment at around forty percent more men turn to fishing desperate for any source of income. there are no jobs so what i could do is help my father and i make six dollars a day to help feed my family. israel has expanded the fishing zone from eleven to seventeen kilometers from now until mid december twenty years ago this boat would only need to cast its next ones to catch up to eight hundred kilos of fish tonight
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the net is thrown out three times the total whole just eighty kilos was especially really want to be able to do this to sell out the. into the mediterranean where there's more valuable fish such as sea bass and shock one of the hopes that this palestinian reconciliation could be israeli military considerably relax these maritime restrictions. during israel's occupation of gaza the fisherman sailed up to thirty seven kilometers off the coast since the hamas takeover it's been restricted to eleven seven fishermen have been killed and more than one hundred wounded by israel's navy for allegedly straying beyond that. as long as we're under occupation i don't see there is any solution the israelis control everything it doesn't matter if the palestinian authority or hamas is in charge. the cost four hundred seventy dollars in fuel and ready to take this boat to see the catch gave
2:45 am
a profit of one hundred dollars share it between the crew of eleven burnet smith i'll just era gaza. about to the united states though in a bipartisan bill has been introduced in the senate which would require internet companies to reveal the identity of their advertisers to the federal election commission now this is the latest step in the an ongoing controversy about alleged russian influence in last year's presidential election she have a ton. of the sponsors of the almost ads to say the u.s. is political system is at stake our entire democracy was founded on the simple idea that the people in our country should be self governing. we don't want other governments influencing us and now two hundred forty years later our democracy is that risk russia attacked our elections and they and other foreign powers and
2:46 am
interests will continue to divide our country if we don't act now it's been reported that one hundred thousand dollars in rubles was spent on advertising on facebook between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen a company that's been associated with the kremlin quote appears and quote to have been behind the purchase according to the washington post most of the ads didn't specifically referenced the u.s. presidential election or a particular candidate many appeared off to the election facebook says they touched on quote divisive issues such as race gender and immigration senator mark warner admitted such numbers much when compared to the billions spent on advertising in last year's election but he says he has a feeling that more will be discovered its one hundred one hundred fifty thousand dollars i still believe that still may be just the tip of the iceberg a good number of these were the ads that were paid for. in rubles and we have not been able to sort through whether some of these same accounts may have been smart enough to actually use dollars euros or pounds the bill proposes that online
2:47 am
political advertising conform to the same rules as print radio and t.v. advertising internet companies would have to disclose who is paying for adverts to the federal election commission and such information along with ad content should be publicly available however there are still many questions not just about what russia is alleged to have done but the effect of any alleged interference what we have for all scientists know about the lads in general is that they tend to have a marginal fat that disappears over time so for people who've been looking at these ads and thinking this is the smoking gun the silverball that explains why trump was elected that's too strong a claim facebook google and twitter will send senior officials to testify in congress on november the first they are expected to fight any that this nation with the might of the lobbying power interestingly one of their key lobbyists was formerly a senior adviser to the hillary clinton presidential campaign in addition it's unclear whether the republican leadership of congress will want to bring this to a vote and stir up allegations of russian collusion in donald trump's victory any
2:48 am
further she ever turns the al-jazeera washington. now it's the end of an era in australia the last car factory closes on friday holden is shutting down its plant in adelaide after more than fifty years but as andrew thomas explains the loss of the domestic commoner factoring in this tree is not really expected to hurt the country's overall economy. in australia two thirds of people drive to work big distance road trip holidays a common classic car fare is a popular affinity with cars here is cultural and ingrained but after friday calls will no longer be made in australia it's lost car factory will close the company closing its general motors owned holden has been a fixture of australian industry and culture but decades holden is in likened to
2:49 am
a strike like the kangaroo in the make pies and i was brought up with the hole in cars my father bought one example is from holden brain you. holden's advertising played on there as being all of the cars they'll continue to sell cars in australia they'll now be imported from europe asia and the united states where production costs are lower a study is over on car industry was not a huge that is peak it made nearly half a million cars a year but that was when it was protected against imports at one point there was a tariff on them of almost sixty percent as tariffs disappeared and other countries made cars cheaper australia's car manufacturing suffered ford was the first big player to close its factories earlier this month toyota shut down production holden has held out just two weeks longer the end of australian made cars like this one is a sign of the changing nature of australia's economy but it's not necessarily
2:50 am
a sign of its decline. australia's unemployment rate. is low at five point six percent as manual work declines people are getting more skilled work in high tech manufacturing capitalism and economic evolution is a story of industries slowing down closing and evolving and the important thing is to concentrate on what needs to will volves cited that next twenty five years is as successful on the numbers as the last twenty five. holden says it will keep on hundreds of designers and engineers in australia and it will help its thousands of form of factory employees to find jobs under thomas al-jazeera said. it will be hit with this force in just a little while including a second badly treated as a mini night at the shelter food and. right
2:51 am
2:52 am
this character peter now for this one. thank you very much denmark so women's football team could be expelled from world cup qualifying after they cooled off their upcoming fixture with sweden due to a dispute over pay and conditions there seeking pay equality with the men's team something achieved by neighbors norway this week no way are currently in the netherlands to prepare for they will cup qualified pool resupport from amman. on a level playing field at last the norwegian women's football team training for a world cup qualifier against the netherlands have just secured
2:53 am
a world first off the pitch. becoming the first female national team to receive the same pay deal as their male counterparts first i was i was really surprised because i didn't know about it i read it in the newspaper so i was really happy and they really respect us and they want something where women's football hopefully more nations will well did the same and i and i'm really proud to know is the first nation today. the team's pay is set to almost double going up to seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a year there's also twenty five percent of revenue from major tournament that's less in women's football than in the men's game but no white women qualify much more often now not only is this field the first of its kind in the world it's also been very friendly while other countries such as denmark have been quite rich with their football associations over better pay this deal was suggested by the
2:54 am
norwegian f.a. and it includes a financial contribution from the men's team the players here say they feel an important sense of unity from norway's male internationals who volunteered seventy thousand dollars towards the agreement for the men's then to give us money to make it equal pay it was just. really gentle and it's just really really big esther jester from them and we are really thankful this is like just a really good thing to have on the way because you don't have to worry about the money is coming in or whether you should quit football or rather study so hopefully there will be more women playing football longer in norway and then we will have more really high level players so we can. norway's qualify in coning in as against the dutch side that one euro twenty seventeen a few months ago with the dutch men meanwhile failing to qualify for next year's world cup holland's women may help
2:55 am
a better deal may soon be on the table for them as well paul reese. in the netherlands staying with the topic of women's football and equal pay the former head of women's football at fifa hanny says the sport is still dominated by male administrators who have not yet grasped the commercial potential of women's football. i really think it's a lack of understanding of. the opportunities women's football nowadays it's a fantastic sport it's appreciated by the public by people on the street you can see that from the numbers of people watching the people women's world cup matches in the stands or following our t.v. social media you know huge numbers of people and this starts to drop the case in so many other countries and leagues it's only now if you will maybe it's the top but it's a really booming market and rights holders as well as sports organizations and basically the ones who run it seem to have not really understand or just don't see the
2:56 am
potential which actually exists in women's football it's probably the biggest women's sports in the world and it has a lot of. big commercialized required pay is a bit complicated to discuss them i mean obviously at the end of the day that's what we all want and what the young players should aim for in the cheap but right now there are so many other issues in women's football and it's really a lack of structure a lack of access to proper facilities a lack of support operations and clubs and even giving actors to girls in the club to play football so i think it's you know it's a complex matter and we should not only focus on equal pay it should be making sure players can have a double career make sure players have a proper safe and be the right medical support environment and all these things are so crucial part of future of the game so it's it's really a lot we need to work on and probably the best way to start is giving women access to that decision making level i think that that's the biggest challenge women's football still has the semifinals of the criminal cup in moscow have been set and
2:57 am
woman reassure opposers out there will be russians involved germany's julia good guess is the highest growing player left in the tournament the seventh seed beat lesieur to rinko in straight sets and will now face home to the time the victory and so over for a place in the final. and russian tennis is big for the future daria cus the keener also reached the last hole she beat alexandra sort of a shadow play even a camilli a big in the same views on friday. i it's been an injury strewn start to the n.b.a. season the day after the boston celtics golden haywood suffered a season ending ankle injury this happened to the brooklyn nets guard jeremy lin in their opening game against the indiana pacers then rhapsodies patellar tendon in the incident and the nets have announced that he too will miss the remainder of the season the pacers went on to win one hundred forty one hundred and fifty one.
2:58 am
doping is an issue that's been on the radar in recent months and it's made its way into dog slating most famous race the road several of the animals who participate tested positive for the banned substance amable of the competing the one thousand mile race in alaska in march officials have been given the names of the dogs they drive as involved as yes it's the first time in history dogs in the sport have failed a drug stays and that's all the sport another update coming up later. and the themes of the new don't go away i'll be back.
2:59 am
graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western
3:00 am
culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time.


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