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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. that he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time.
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the u.s. secretary of state blames the saudi led bloc for failing to end its four month standoff with qatar. again are not in there this year without his air live and also coming up rules out intervening in spain secession crisis as madrid prepares to impose direct rule on catalonia. addresses shout down a white nationalist leader at a us university plus. old isn't likely to strike like the kangaroo in the make. the end of the line while they're no longer making this classic in australia.
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but first u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has criticised the for countries imposing an economic blockade on cattle for refusing to engage in talks to diffuse the crisis in june saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain they close their airspace and they severed trade as well as diplomatic links with cata last month president drum offered to mediate between the parties and hoped the issue would be resolved quickly but now mr tillotson is saying there's little hope of a resolution anytime soon he says and these are his words there seems to be a real on willingness on the part of some of the parties to want to engage he went on it's up to the leadership of the quartet when they want to engage with cassar because qatar has been very clear they already to engage well mr tillis is due to visit the gulf in the coming days as the state department spokeswoman. we want to see these countries keep their focus on the areas of mutual cooperation that we
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have and that includes the fight against terrorism and other things of that nature so i think the secretary is you know certainly discouraged that nothing has been resolved just yet he's talked pretty consistently although folks haven't haven't paid much attention to it recently about the disappointment that the nations haven't been able to do so of the g.c.c. crisis we hope that they well we hope that they'll sit down and have talks but it seems like they're not ready to do that yet let's go live to our correspondent. in washington d.c. so the secretary of state is there focusing his attention on this g.c.c. crisis what else did he have to say from the from the exit that we we've already mentioned it was quite clear about who he thought was to blame for it. let's try to learn to sing gave this interview martine to bloomberg news in which it was marked
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a change in tone from the u.s. secretary of state you know back in july we heard optimism from tillerson as he went into his last round of meetings in the middle east he was practicing shuttle diplomacy between qatar and saudi arabia he expressed hope that the resolution would be reached very soon but that with three months ago and there has been very little progress to show and so today his statements to bloomberg expressed that frustration that tillers and has and in the words of the secretary of state laid the blame for this stagnation in talks at the feet of these walk hating nations or team and these was come of course just before he comes to the region first stop we understand to be riyadh you know they're becoming to. that's right and he is expected to once again push for some resolution to at least make some progress toward a resolution to this crisis but as you mentioned he has already whoa laid the expectations
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low saying that this likely will not come to a head anytime soon but this is the latest chapter in the u.s. as attempts at using diplomacy to resolve this crisis between its allies in the gulf region it's a very thin line the u.s. is trying to walk here and it's remarkably the point we are at now is a very different from where the u.s. stands started that in june when this was first announced if you remember president donald trump immediately tweeted that he supported saudi arabia in its decision to blockade and to leave this quartet in blockading qatar the president saying that this was a result of his recent visit to the region but very soon after the state department pushed back and forth and has since been the face of this attempt to resolve the crisis though the department of defense of the u.s. is also weighed in we saw last month that military exercises between the u.s.
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and some allies in the gulf were suspended in the name of supporting regional unity and secretary of defense jim matters made a surprise visit to doha to the u.s. military base there where he also met with qatari leaders all of which were seen these this activity at the cabinet level with little more said from the white house itself which again is in fact sizing just how difficult it is for the u.s. to try to maintain a neutral stance when wanting all of their allies in the middle east to basically get along. ok heidi thank you. now there support for spain from european leaders is the cattle and secession crisis escalates but the european union itself says it won't intervene in the dispute spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has the backing of the french president and the german chancellor they met ahead of a two day summit in brussels european council leader donald tusk has ruled out any
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european union role in the dispute between madrid and barcelona. of course for many reasons in the permanent contact with the prime minister mariano rajoy. hiding to the situation in spain is concerning but. position i mean institutions and member states. clear the. room for in the kind of mediation. international. initiatives or action. those pains government meanwhile is preparing to suspend catalonia is autonomy after a final deadline on thursday to drop its secession plan so that was pretty much ignored the process will therefore begin on saturday that's when madrid will decide which powers to take back from barcelona barca reports now from the catalan capital . spain's political crisis is deepening after failing to comply with
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the spanish government catalonia it will now be stripped of its autonomy in. mock you for in the absence of a clear response we note that he has not answered our request and therefore we will continue procedure of triggering article one five five of the constitution to restore legality in catalonia the capital and president. had been given until thursday morning to clarify and revoke any independence claim last week he unilaterally declared independence and similar suspended it to allow for talks but instead of clarifying his position sent a letter to madrid calling for an end to repression and for dialogue prime minister mariano rajoy has repeatedly refused to mediate with the secessionists we're now in uncharted territory article one five five has never been invoked in mainland spain before you can see devolved powers over the raising of taxes education health care
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in the police soon in madrid hands of the very worst you could see the suspension of the government and the arrest of its leaders it's hard to imagine any of these scenarios unfolding without more massive protests or perhaps even a change of tactics. i think there's no possibility of calling like taking arms praising arms and or even like going. and seeing the birth of a terrorist group i don't think that is a possibility at all but some kind of more aggressive i don't want to say violent but more stronger organized an insurgency in terms of political insurgency and organization i think it's it's a problem. but the great big show restraint amnesty international's the spanish government to avoid a repeat of these scenes on the day of the cattle referendum. they've also asked for two independence leaders jailed by spanish judge to be released the spanish
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government expects it to finalize plans for direct rule at a cabinet meeting on saturday. in response the catalan leadership say they'll now formalize a dependent with a vote of the regional parliament this tense standoff is entering a critical new phase. barcelona the white house chief of staff is defending the u.s. president's reported remarks this week to the widow of a slain soldier president trump is accused of being insensitive during a phone call to the widow her husband was killed in an ambush in the air earlier this month a member of congress says she heard the president's comments but john kelly told a white house news conference that he was broken hearted by the criticism of president trump's effort to offer his condolences our white house correspondent kimberly halkett has more. we're going to the white house is continuing to try and contain the controversy surrounding the president's condolence call to the widow of
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sergeant le david johnson he is one of four u.s. soldiers killed in earlier this month the president's chief of staff made a rare appearance to the white house briefing room speaking with emotion he says that he told the president not to make that call but if he did he says he advised donald trump to tell the family that the soldier knew what he was getting into something that donald trump denied just one day earlier he knew what he was going to sell for him too because he enlisted there's no reason a list in which he was where he wanted to be exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his wife was taken that was the message that was a message that was transmitted it stuns me that a member of congress were to listen in on a conversation absolutely stuns me and i thought at least that was
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sacred now the democratic congresswoman who listened in on that call and who has been a critic of the president for some time fredricka wilson says in fact that it is her belief and she maintains that she believes donald trump did disrespect sergeant johnson in that call she knows the family well she has known him since he was a child mentoring him before he enlisted as a soldier still the white house is taking aim at the congresswoman saying that not only is her argument inappropriate in fact the chief of staff calling her actions selfish behavior. protesters of greeted a white nationalist with chants and raise fists as he made a speech in the u.s. university it's richard spencer's first major public appearance since demonstrations in charlottesville turned violent florida's governor declared a state of emergency of a fears of more violence and he gallagher is at the scene in gainesville.
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the from the moment he took to the stage white supremacist richard spencer found himself at odds with his audience you know what i am going to be the world for you won't have something. to do now. was wheel us through to the e.u. oh no it wasn't the one that. was was for much of his speech chants of go home nazis echoed throughout the venue the university of florida didn't invite spencer but were unable to ban him because of freedom of speech laws following a state of emergency a huge security operation was launched some arrests were made and minor scuffles broke out but those that turned out to protest spencer and his racist views prevailed i just but it's really important for a person with probably in time why i'm straight to come out here and announce on
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hatred and bigotry and to show these people who advocate for cleansing and to anti-gay that there is no hate tolerate in our community and that we will fight against i mean to them that we are united i mean i've respect their right to free speech obviously the first amendment i think it's important to demonstrate that we don't tolerate that type of rhetoric and it's important for us i mean not only just people but students to show that and i think that's kind of ultimately why we're all out here. expenses first major public appearance since violence broke out in charlottesville virginia following a unite the right romney that he helped organize one protester was killed in scenes shockley us on the world richard spencer then didn't get quite the reception he might have hoped for protests as he had drowned out anyone from the so-called all right but it's also worth noting that this entire security operation cost more than
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haul familiar. in dollars if this is the model going forward handling people light spencer it's going to get very expensive for other institutions. spence's appearance here has reignited a debate about freedom of speech but it's almost certain he'll continue to tour the country on campus most are just happy the event was peaceful. and their message of resisting hate was loud and clear and gallacher al-jazeera gainesville florida. we've got a lot more to come still at his air including find out why hundreds of thousands of iraqi kurds are streaming out of kirkuk days up to baghdad to gain control. a more violent protests in turn demonstrators demond changes to the presidential term. from the waves of the selves. to the contours of the east.
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hello through the philippines the weather is really very active and wet but over china it's organized and quite even the breeze is light and so you've got twenty to thirty degrees running from shanghai and hong kong fairly low humidity and sunny skies that's right back up into the high right in western china event even vietnam looks pretty dry although the she's gone to the east in what is currently a thai food waiting to go up towards japan so enjoy your time in the rain just trying to come back by the start of the weekend now given that we've got that mass of activity of the philippines and you for the trial back of the dying summer monsoon front back towards thailand south of that sort of very few showers there are some obviously in the forecast but not that many because of the say you know the energy is gone but if you go back through thailand to myanmar still we've got a fairly active monsoon trough which is very becoming bit more active in the bay of
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bangor of the next day or so showers could be around in calling for singapore but generally speaking you got more chance of him having a dry day rather than a wet day now the bay of bengal it's obviously a circulation of cloud here affecting india and maybe bangladesh rather than the east and southern go which takes you into myanmar but it's a wet time anyway for the next two days. the weather sponsored by cattle and maize . and slave abuse. applies to many of these. after a lifetime of serving a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying forces. driven by her favorite recollection of something to gauge. my memory is my power with this documentary this time on a. that's
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a look at the top stories here in the u.s. actually it's a direct phillis and has criticized the four countries imposing a blockade on cattle for refusing to engage in talks mr tillotson says there was an unwillingness on the part of the saudi led coalition to negotiate despite being ready to engage your. brain as the crisis escalates in brussels prime minister mariano rajoy one support from the french president and the german chancellor. the e.u. says it won't intervene in the dispute between madrid and barcelona. the white house chief of staff has come out in defense of president trump's phone call this
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week to the widow of a slain soldier this is trump's accused of making insensitive remarks during a phone call to the widow of a soldier who was killed in an ambush in the earlier this month. now about one hundred thousand kurds have fled the kit cook area since it was retaken by iraqi forces a monday the united nations says it's worried by reports that civilians are being forced out of their homes and businesses are being looted and destroyed from the kurdish regional capital bill seventy ducker reports. in a dusty abandoned housing project on the outskirts of erbil these are unexpected occupants. kurdish families who fled their homes in car could consider rounding areas just a couple of days ago now scrambling for basic supplies. to man abdul karim says she left because she was scared of shia militia fighters called hostile shabby who
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arrived alongside the iraqi army. they weren't good with kurds they didn't treat us well. and imprisoned even hit women my husband is dead all i could do is take my four children and we came to a build it is ours to get the. iraqi prime minister. has ordered all armed groups out of kirkuk with only the iraqi army and federal police remaining he insists. for the protection of civilians many here tell us they won't return. just like. in his family he was a policeman in kirkuk until he fled two days ago. people are saying is safe now but it is propaganda and i they came out and be the they have burned houses that's why we got scared because of our families that's why we left a political party sold us out not all kurds are refugees this is all political.
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hinting at the internal divisions among the main two kurdish political parties the ruling. of colluding with the iraqi government leaders iran and turkey in orchestrating the takeover for cook the complex web of age old kurdish rivalries and geopolitical interests. through her sixty seven years. a lot happened to us we don't. have a house or out every year there is a war. leads to this fight that leads to this war i. wish should we go now. what is life in iraq. since i was a child i've never seen happiness off to war she tells us. many warned that regaining territory captured by eisel would mean little in solving iraq's complicated territorial ethnic and sectarian tensions it seems they may have been
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right stephanie decker. vises of killed forty three afghan soldiers in an assault in the middle of the night at a military camp the group set of two suicide car bombs at a base in the my wand district of kandahar followed by hours of gunfight more than one hundred twenty people have been killed in a series of taliban attacks this week alone that triggers opposition says three people have been shot dead in the third day of anti-government protests there demanding change to presidential term limits victoria gave him the reports. protesters fight running battles with the police in the capital they want constitutional reforms including a two term limit for the president whose family has ruled togo for fifty years opposition leaders say that instead of listening to the demands of the people the government has orchestrated a brutal crackdown. we have seen paramilitary forces spreading in large numbers of
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the place where the protests took place they were all. they came in make up trucks and they were attacking the demonstrators who were gathering. medical centers like this one a full of injured people who say they were attacked by the police. they parked our word her and started shooting we were not even protesting we were just standing there i don't know what they were taking about they started shooting at us . opposition activists have been demonstrating against president hu in a sim basin school guest but in recent days the violence has intensified protests to say police attacks on them are provoked and unjustified or just. today it is getting worse i just received a seventeen year old and i have fifteen year olds. how are we going to do this you're saying you want peace people in the streets we also want peace and for the
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normal constitution to be brought back and you know tear gas out of. this and they still has plenty of support in tokyo the government has put conditions on where and when people can protest it's also cut the internet to control what it calls hate speech and misinformation under current noses in bay could continue in office until twenty twenty protesters say despite police harshman and government pressure they'll fight to stop that happening victoria gate and be al jazeera. the us ambassador to the un has again criticised the organization for spending on progress . she says don't actually work in the not in america's interest the words by nikki haley come shortly after the country's withdrawal from you know and the defiance of a security council resolution which underpins the iran nuclear deal mike hanna has more it was supposed to be the quarterly security council discussion on israel and palestine we can't talk about stability in the middle east without talking about
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iran joining the us in disdainful defiance of today's agenda the israeli ambassador also made no mention of israel palestine or the. reign of terror penetrates entire continent it is near three d. got fact that some delegations didn't even mention the word palestine is something that gives us concern at the same time as the us uses some un institutions to unilaterally advance its policy it threatens to withdraw funding from others we've cut off seven hundred million dollars of the peacekeeping budget at the un but we didn't cut helping people we made them smarter we made them better i think you're going to see the following problem if funding for the united nations is cut and you go and try to work on reform you're not going to be listened to because you don't have the leverage. under president trump this leverage is aimed at advancing the
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policy of america first a policy in which critics contend human rights takes second place to the advancement of u.s. isolationist interests there's no doubt that every country has a duty to protect its own people we believe though that it has to be consistent with human rights standards and principles and not at the expense of human rights standards and principles because ultimately if you follow this logic to its eventual conclusion state degrades the great self during the u.s. electoral campaign you said tonight quote donald trump as president would pose a global danger any reason for you to have changed your mind of the last few months for many of us what seemed to be an erratic approach to human rights questions. made us feel uneasy and i said it was like being in the back of
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a bus or the driver who wasn't completely in control of the boss and careening down a mountain path the contention that in the trumpet section of america first human rights sign danger of being run over by the bus. or a united nations. new zealand has a new female prime minister she's the youngest for one hundred sixty years just in the arden will lead a center left coalition government with support from the new zealand first party and the greens the thirty seven year old's labor party came second in last month's election behind the incumbent center right national policy and is valid to address new zealand's housing and inequality ses feel extraordinarily honored and privileged to be in a position to form a government with a labor with labor it believes i want to thank all those who gave labor support
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throughout the election and through this period of negotiation we campaigned had on issues that we believe strongly on and now we take very seriously the responsibility that we have to deliver on them. it's the end of an era australia's last call factory closes on friday holden they're shutting down its plant in adelaide after more than fifty years but as andrew thomas explains the loss of the domestic manufacturing industry is not expected to hurt the country's overall economy. in australia two thirds of people drive to work big distance road trip holidays a common classic car fare is a popular affinity with cars here is cultural and ingrained but after friday calls will no longer be made in australia it's lost car factory will close the company closing its general motors owned holden has been
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a fixture of australian industry and culture but decades holden is in likened to a strike like the kangaroo in the make pies and i was brought up with the hole in cars my father bought one example is from holden brain you. holden's advertising played on there is being all of the cars they'll continue to sell cars in australia they'll now be imported from europe asia and the united states where production costs are lower a study is over on car industry was not a huge it is peak it made me hot a million cars a year but that was when it was protected against imports at one point there was a tariff on them of almost sixty percent as tariffs disappeared and other countries made cars cheaper australia's car manufacturing suffered ford was the first big player to close its factories earlier this month toyota shut down production holden has held out just two weeks longer the end of australian made cars like this one is
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a sign of the changing nature of australia's economy but it's not necessarily a sign of its decline. australia's unemployment rate is low at five point six percent that's my. annual work declines people are getting more skilled work or work in high tech manufacturing capitalism and economic evolution is a story of industries slowing down closing and evolving and the important thing is to concentrate on what needs to evolve so that next twenty five years is as successful on the numbers as i was twenty five. holden says it will keep on hundreds of designers and engineers in australia and it will help its thousands of former factory employees to find jobs and to thomas al-jazeera said.
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right it's time to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state has criticized the four countries imposing a blockade on qatar for refusing to engage in talks rex tillerson says there's an unwillingness on the part of the saudi led the quartet to negotiate despite kassab being ready to engage well mrs phyllis is due to visit the gulf in the coming days here's the state department spokeswoman we want to see these couple hundred keep their focus on the areas of mutual cooperation that we have and that includes the fight against terror terrorism and other things of that nature so i think the secretary is you know certainly discouraged that nothing has been resolved just yet he's talked pretty consistently although folks haven't haven't paid much attention to it reece recently about the disappointment that the nation's haven't been able to solve the g.c.c. crisis we hope that they well we hope that they'll sit down and have talks but it
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seems like they're not ready to do that yet. european leaders are backing spain as the catalan prices escalates in brussels prime minister mariano rajoy one support from the french president and the german chancellor the e.u. itself says it won't intervene in the dispute between madrid and barcelona. the white house chief of staff has come to the defense of president trump's call this week to the widow of a slain soldier present troubles accused of making insensitive remarks during the phone call to the widow of a soldier who was killed in an ambush in the air earlier this month taliban five is of killed forty three afghan soldiers in an assault in the middle of a night on a military camp the group set of two suicide car bombs at a base in the my one district of kandahar followed by hours of gunfire well the one hundred twenty people have been killed in the series of taliban attacks this week and that's been a month since mexico was struck by a deadly magnitude seven point one earthquake in which three hundred sixty nine
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people were killed the morals are set up near the thirty buildings which collapse in mexico city that day residents laid wreaths of flowers balloons and stood in silence to mourn those who lost their lives in the same month another massive earthquake struck mexico's southern coast at least sixty one people were killed in that those are the headlines coming up next here it out there it's inside story. it's going to take away. as the regional leader ignores the deadline. what's next for the cattle and.


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