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tv   Australias Mine Games  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2017 12:32pm-1:01pm AST

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and so to arabia and qatar in june saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and behind and closed airspace and severed trade and diplomatic links with qatar they accuse it of fostering terrorism charges doha strongly denies the state department says there is little hope of agreement anytime soon. we want to see these countries keep their focus on the areas of mutual cooperation that we have and that includes the fight against terror terrorism and other things of that nature so i think the secretary is you know certainly discouraged that nothing has been resolved just yet he's talked pretty consistently although folks haven't haven't paid much attention to it recently about the disappointment that the nations haven't been able to do so the g.c.c. crisis we hope that they well we hope that they'll sit down and have talks but it seems like they're not ready to do that yet you leaders are resuming meetings in brussels aimed at breaking a deadlock over breakfast talks british prime minister it's a reason may
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a sequel to expand negotiations to include trade but leaders want more progress on citizens' rights the u.k.'s financial obligations on the border with northern ireland the deadline for a final deal is march twenty nineteen. he has more from brussels. the reason i had the opportunity to address her fellow leaders over dinner on thursday night a fairly brief address just five minutes long it was but potentially quite significant to see tried to encourage them to allow the talks to breaks it talks to progress beyond the very difficult and some believe deadlock stage that it's in now over money the so-called brakes of divorce built on words to trade at least in parallel so that they can start thinking about talking about a future trade relationship between britain and the european union the e.u. doesn't seem ready to make that move as yet this was an address. to resume a gave with no new offers on the table no new concessions but also no new threats
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no threat to walk away from these talks with no deal if the talks don't go britain's way the tone was conciliatory it was in essence an appeal for help she said there is an increasing sense that we must work together to get an outcome we can stand behind and defend to our people that seemed like a pointed reference to her political difficulties of raising of a larger sums of money to meet britain's outstanding commitments as demanded by the e.u. clearly the twenty plus billion dollars that she's already offered to pay over a period of two years is not sufficient the figure is much much higher tens of billions of dollars higher potentially which is why they've decided sufficient progress has not been made to be able to move those talks on what reason may's message was pretty clear i think it was that she has come as far as she is able to politically alone without any concessions given in return by the european union she
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has appealed to them to come along with her she talked talked of a of a joint endeavor to allow progress in these talks to happen the process in group that catalan national assembly is calling on its supporters to withdraw their money from five of spain's largest banks it's a response. the spanish central government plans to suspend the region's autonomy on saturday catalonia as president's car less puja ma has threatened a regional parliament vote on independence if madrid goes ahead a twenty one year old egyptian citizen has been released after four years behind bars in egypt the news of him but he was released was welcomed by his family and the governments in ireland last month he was acquitted of charges including inciting violence and rioting linked to the demonstrations and twenty thirteen hundreds were arrested at the time after protests against the military coup that ousted president mohamed morsy the chinese president is set to have his own
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political theory incorporated into the ruling communist party's constitution chinese state media is reporting the so-called xi jinping thoughts will have fourteen principles but it's not yet known what they are the move is expected to further consolidate she's power putting him on par with mao zedong who founded the communist party adrian brown has more from beijing. we've had the chairman mao era the dung sharping era welcome to the xi jinping era state media has confirmed the president xi jinping name is going to be written into the constitution this means he's now in the same club as chairman mao who led the communist to victory in one nine hundred forty nine and dunk shopping who was the architect of china's many economic reforms but it took chairman mao decades for that to happen and also dung shopping's name wasn't added to the constitution until after his death she jinping has achieved that in just five years this is being the congress where he's been
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stamping his authority outlining his vision for china not just for the next five ten fifteen years but for the next twenty and he now wants to be around to ensure that happens and the fact that his political thinking is now going to become the party's guiding ideology will of course make it much easier for him to remain in power perhaps for another twenty years now the past few years of course have really been a period of political shock and awe here in china he has turned the communist party upside down tens of thousands of card rates have been purged in his anticorruption drive that drive has also extended to the military now it's expected that at the end of this congress which will wind up early next week we'll get final confirmation that we're now entering the xi jinping era still ahead on al-jazeera the head of kenya's election board goes on the tension surrounding the presidential vote rerun overshadows heroes day celebrations plus they're still spellbound we
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look at the magic inspired by harry potter twenty years on. however we've got more lively showers pushing in across the good parts of southeast asia where the system out there just on the edge of the screen as you can see that is typhoon land it's pulling away but a long shot of cloud coming in behind in malaysia where we see one hundred three millimeters of freight coming down in twenty four hours so a very active system this one the usual seasonal showers still pushing their way further south was a lot of the showers to into southern parts of vietnam into cambodia pushing over towards thailand bhutan a not quite as wet as it has been recently over that rain will pop up for southern parts of the country as we go through sunday same chain of showers they continue to
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push their way across into the philippines the low cloud down towards indonesia but hopefully these showers not quite as heavy as they have been recently when the heat of the day showers there never the last series of very heavy rain of course into queensland australia recently that's easing i'm pleased to say things a little drive a little quieter but whether they're you can see a little area cloud pushing its way through where sydney easing over towards the eastern side of a straight as we go on through saturday some more rain coming back into prison but not as wet as it has been recently as we get on into sunday it should be largely fine and dry that dry weather extending across a good part of the country. if mining companies really are build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza for an ecological disaster. at this time.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so many times when you go home i'll just bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera fighting has broken out between iraqi forces and kurdish peshmerga northwest of korku there are reports that peshmerga is battling militia in the same area and that a bridge has been blown up russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has warned that abandoning the iran nuclear deal could undermine the chances of curbing north
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korea's nuclear ambitions he was speaking at a nuclear nonproliferation conference in moscow the u.s. sectors they rex tillerson has criticized the four countries imposing a blockade on qatar for refusing to engage in talks to ease the crisis he's kicking off a week long overseas trip with stops in saudi arabia and qatar. the chief executive of kenya's election board is taking three weeks if leave just ahead of thursday's presidential election rerun. says he's taken a personal decision to take the leave the opposition was demanding he be fired before the rerun of the initial vote in august was an old by the supreme court citing irregularities it comes as kenya celebrates heroes. day a public holiday honoring freedom fighter is our reporter katherine sawyer joining us from nairobi with so much uncertainty surrounding the election and the celebrations now going on behind you do we first of all do we even know if the elections are going to take place. you're right so
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much uncertainty. is a day that is supposed to be you define kenyans when kagan the supposed to be celebrating men and women who have country in various ways but like you said there's a cloud of political uncertainty with a lot of people really wondering we are we able to have an election next week we hocked the chairperson all the electoral commission in felt coming out to say that there is no way that you can dorothy a free and credible election in this polarized follow right that barack people like you deeply divided along ethnic lines politicians are speaking for completely different ads for example who are looking at is already here to lead the celebrations of this hero's day. holding
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a pirate event in western kenya where they say they are moaning people who were killed by police during protests so a lot of problems created daryn and we've also seen like you mentioned the chief executive officer very see me up off the shoulder of the electoral commission stepping aside he's saying he's going for the past he's taking parts no days off he's been and i learned a lot of pressure to resign by the opposition they say he among others over so the last election which they say it was fraudulent but a lot of supporters of that say that he's not stepping aside and doing anything for them the damage has already been done all they want to know elections on the twenty sixth all right catherine thank you. more than two hundred journalists have marched in malta and on her front investigative journalist who was killed in a car bomb attack. died in the explosion on monday. the journalists have
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followed a court case to protect her sources charlotte bellus reports. walking in solidarity with their late colleague and friend murdered reporter definitely cut . these journalists want to judge to protect his sources contex on her phones and computers they could be unveiled in the inquiry into her days she really believed in what she was doing and she was right or wrong on each issue she believed in it she was always to positions and she wanted to root out whatever she thought was wrong and she she was driven by that by seeking the limelight most police have facing mounting pressure to ensure an independent investigation meanwhile investigators from the united states scotland yard and other forensic experts have been called in hostile. voices
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we asked for the assistance of the f.b.i. and dutch counterparts because on the scene we realize that we might have difficulties collecting certain evidence however i reiterate the investigation is being led solely by the multiple east carolina glitzier was the country's best known investigative journalist she was killed on monday in this car minutes after she left her home in malta police believe the bomb was attached beneath her car and triggered remotely the mother of three knew she was a target and in the last blog post on the day she was killed she wrote there are crooks everywhere you look now the situation is desperate two weeks prior she filed a police report saying she was receiving threats and the first bit of information that came out of the police force was a post on facebook by a police sergeant. celebrating this as
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a nation of the hour. and it took almost twenty four hours for that individual to be suspended. again had alleged corruption against the most powerful people on the island who reports went as high as the prime minister joseph musket linking him to the panama papers scandal who were triggered an early election and now her reporting has resulted in her death challenge ballasts. pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif has been indicted in a third case of corruption it's in addition to the charges that were laid against serif his daughter and his son in law on thursday in july the supreme court disqualified saree from office for not declaring the source of income the investigation was sparked by the panel of papers leaks which accused him with using an offshore company to buy property in london serif and his family denied the charges. the white house chief of staff john kerry has defended the u.s.
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president's reported remarks to the widow of a slain soldier donald trump is accused of being insensitive during a phone call to my johnson her husband sergeant david johnson was one of four soldiers killed in an ambush last month this month rather a member of congress says she heard the president's comments kelly defended the president at a white house news conference on thursday he knew what he was going to myself into because he enlisted there's no reason why list you list that he was where he wanted to be exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken that was the message that was the message that was transmitted it stuns me that a member of congress were to listen in on a conversation absolutely. and i thought at least that was sacred. about a thousand u.s.
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troops are in these air to help local forces defeat eisel linked fighters and other armed groups rosalind jordan looks at the impact of the soldiers deaths on the american mission itself in west africa a widow's grief made public after her husband a u.s. soldier was killed on october fourth in the country of need share the pentagon is still trying to figure out who ambushed the joint u.s. news gerri and patrol near the border with mali nine soldiers four american five the cherian were killed. and the loss of our crew is under investigation in that department offense like to know what we're talking about before we talk and so we do not have all the accurate information yet the relationship as rapidly as we get it. we are very proud of our troops if you know we investigate any time we have our troops killed whether it be in training accident or combat i don't care if
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it's in a car accident and we investigate the circumstances around and see how we can address the very question you brought up about what can we do in the future the share is one of five central and western african countries struggling to defeat the islamic state of the sawhill and other armed groups the u.s. has been worried about that threat for years in two thousand and thirteen the obama administration deployed about one hundred troops tunisia air to help shared intelligence with local forces that number is now up to about a thousand. the u.s. along with france and other countries is training these areon troops in combat tactics and it's expanding its drone surveillance capability in the country but unlike france the u.s. doesn't have fighter jets or attack helicopters in the region equipment that some observers just could have prevented the ambush one expert says this isn't the time
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for u.s. officials to point fingers i think it would be much more helpful if of what were to happen now would be to talk about well let's look at this training mission that we have in you share is this an effect of thing that we're doing are we actually helping the share. do we just need to do more more of watch or maybe we just need to be doing different things that i think is the debate that we absolutely need to be having here in the u.s. military is now investigating how the ambush happened and what can be done to better protect u.s. forces in the field whether it's findings.


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