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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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with detailed coverage when the mine close in one thousand nine hundred four many people lost their job scavenging is making money from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but people tell us that it only lasts for a day if you look around this is the only food available in this household. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of exposure and a job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will center us to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera.
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create a goodish and iraqi forces as they battle for control of the north. but also rather dissolves their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up the news says it's hammered out a united position on trade for negotiations on the u.k.'s exit. unwilling to engage the u.s. secretary of state blames the four arab countries blockading cata ahead of his visit to riyadh and doha. also russia wald's any breakup of iran's nuclear program could impact on the situation in the korean peninsula. welcome to the program and kurdish peshmerga are sending reinforcements to the front line north of kirkuk where they've been fighting iraqi forces
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a bridge was blown up near the town of capri the iraqi forces want to push the peshmerga further towards erbil the kurdish regional capital but iraqi state television says prime minister hydrilla body ordered his troops not to enter the city limits the kurds took up new positions on the road between erbil and co cork on thursday three days after they pulled out of the city and also withdrew from several other towns an oil fields as the iraqi army and shia militia advanced kurdish authorities estimate a one hundred thousand people have already left since the operation began in the baddies told his forces that they must protect civilians and their property and during friday prayers iraq's top shiite cleric ayatollah ali al sistani reminded the iraqi government of that duty. we call upon the federal government to do its best to reassure our kurdish citizens by protecting them equally with their iraqi citizens and their constitutional rights will not be
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detracted we call upon the kurdish leaders during night their ranks and work to overcome dickering crisis to corporation with the federal government upon a constitutional basis not a finding centered around art and corporeal as we said about forty kilometers northwest of kirkuk stephanie decker has more from the erbil highway. we've seen heavy military reinforcements along this highway which is the highway that leads. to per cook throughout the day so truck so that particular the last couple of hours a large convoy with peshmerga fighters in high spirits and some of their vehicles mattresses blankets that they were here to defend for the long haul the one of the commanders who told us that they didn't trust the hostile sabby these are the shia militias were fighting alongside the iraqi army and that they were going to do
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everything to defend our below their areas he also mentioned that he believed that the person who has been praised when they effectively pushed back myself for many of the areas here and saying that now the world has turned their backs on also there is a feeling of disillusionment here at the moment we understand the fighting has stopped but of course this is a fluid situation it's been ongoing since seven thirty friday morning and it leaves a question mark as to where this is going to go next a twenty one year old irish egyptian citizen has been released after four years behind bars in egypt the news of it was a release was welcomed by his family and the government to the island last night he was acquitted of charges including inciting violence and rising link to the demonstrations in twenty thirteen hundreds that were arrested. after protests against the military coup that ousted president mohamed morsy kind of all is an
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irish activist who's campaigned for her release she says many of the island for tirelessly for his freedom. is not trying. protester. right personally because i am married to an egyptian myself we have. to. be happy my son has. arrest us and and so when you do a prison for four years when this happened all the activist off behind your brain he. thought you must remember that there are options living here in arms a sweat and i am part of that community and i must admit that even that tiny community shaking. down the middle and you to see. the arab spring in egypt rather goes against brother here at heart and the irish
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activist were all on it to have even a name released and i said what he did was not proof that he was guilty and i think except that he was protesting peacefully the british prime minister told the leaders in brussels they do not need to worry about the u.k.'s financial obligations connected to brics it treason may try to kick start stalled brakes in negotiations she had sought to expand talks to include trade but other leaders wanted more progress on e.u. citizens rights and the border with northern ireland joho has more from brussels. the reason may knew in advance they'd be no major breakthrough fellow e.u. leaders made clear that insufficient progress had been made to move talk beyond the current deadlocked difficulties over money and to begin talking about future trade she instead issued what sounded like an appeal for help by a politically weakened prime minister who's come as far as she can and desperately
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needs something in return if we are going to take a step forward together it must be on the basis of joint effort and endeavor we must work together to get to an outcome that we can stand behind that works for people what she got in return wasn't much they were encouraging words from some e.u. leaders including the all important dangler merkel. we have made progress and it is perhaps the nature of the thing that we look at it step by step i have absolutely no doubt that if we are all focused and the speech in florence was a contribution that we can get a good result and there was an end of summit commitment by the other twenty seven members of the e.u. to begin preparatory talks among themselves about what sort of future trade deal they'd like to see. that means that at least some work will have been done on trade as the pluck takes down to bragg's it so that if the green light is given of the
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next council meeting on december fourteenth for talks to move on well they'll be just a little bit ahead of the game it is the very smallest of concessions by the e.u. where the bar for such minor victories has been set it's creamy low but in order for talks to move on the e.u. wants britain to go much further than its offer of over twenty billion dollars to meet outstanding commitments and liabilities that something the prime minister may not have the political capital to deliver jonah how al-jazeera brussels. catalans in favor of the session and started withdrawing their money from some of spain's largest banks some protesters made symbolic withdrawals of one hundred fifty five euros a reference to article one five five of the constitution the prime minister just mentioned which madrid is using to impose director all that on his present carla sputum or has threatened a regional parliament vote on independence of madrid goes ahead. spain's prime
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minister mariano rajoy has blamed the catalan government for forcing hundreds had his cabinet will begin the process of suspending the region's political autonomy on saturday well he says there's consensus with the main opposition about using the constitution to take direct control of catalonia after voters opted to cede in that controversial referendum. if you do the way they think. we will go ahead with article one five five tomorrow as decided at the council of ministers the government has made many attempts finding a way out we only asked for one thing which was for them to clarify whether or not there was a unilateral declaration of independence and they didn't want to answer that we gave them a deadline and then a second deadline we arrived at the present situation because that's what they wanted. the latest from barcelona. people may not be out on the streets right now but this crisis is escalating mariano rajoy is ruling party the p.p.p.
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has agreement would seem with the socialists to actually impose we general elections on catalonia in january that's according to a senior socialist politician who was speaking on television now furthermore she said that there would be a move under this new article one five five move to actually take away power from. imposed direct role to actually take control of the. regional police force here now that is a very controversial measure the police have been sympathetic to the referendum that was indeed suspended by the constitutional court of a to stage so now we have a situation where people are even more angry about this situation however there are many many other people who don't want to see independence or want to see some normality returned to barcelona this whole region. to the middle east the u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson has criticized the four countries imposing a blockade on qatar accusing them of refusing to engage in talks to ease the crisis he's kicking off for a week long overseas trip with stops in saudi arabia and qatar well in june saudi arabia and the united arab emirates along with egypt and bahrain closed space and several traded diplomatic links with qatar they accuse it of fostering terrorism charges strongly to noise one month later to listen to bob dodd his first shuttle diplomacy mission in a bid to shore up its to solve the dispute us president double trouble so offer to mediate pushing for a quick resolution but the u.s. state department now says there's little hope of any agreement soon. we want to see these come hundred keep their focus on the areas of mutual cooperation that we have and that includes our the fight against terror terrorism and other things of that
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nature so i think the secretary is you know certainly discouraged that nothing has been resolved just yet he's talked pretty consistently although folks haven't haven't paid much attention to it reece recently about the disappointment that the nations haven't been able to solve the g.c.c. crisis we hope that they well we hope that they'll sit down and have talks but it seems like they're not ready to do that yet but hydrogen castro has more from washington d.c. . so it's those comments in an interview with bloomberg news mark to signal. can change in tone gone was the optimism we heard three months ago when tillerson last visited the region instead he expressed his frustration saying there appear to be a real will unwillingness on the part of the quartet of blockading countries in. progressing with these talks in contrast saying qatar has been very clear that they're ready to engage now the fact that tillerson is returning to the region this
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following week and to push further these talks is a long ways from where the u.s. policy on the gulf crisis started back in june if you remember that's when u.s. president donald trump was quick to come to the aid of saudi arabia praising its leadership in initiating this blockade and trying to claim credit that was a direct result of president trump's visit to the region since then the white house has been more silent on this topic while the state department has taken a lead here which killers are returning again well still ahead here on al-jazeera we'll tell you why be just government still refuses to acknowledge a state that's a good fifty years old plus. here is day celebrations i've chatted by tension surrounding the presidential election that will be to. stay with.
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hello the weather looks pretty quiet across the good parts of china at the moment we've got a little bit of wet weather into these western areas over towards the southwest but for many years settled and sunny hong kong getting up to pleasant twenty nine degrees celsius similar temperatures as we go on through sunday but that rain further west will that will increase some heavy downpours certainly a possibility and notice some snow on the leading edge but down into southern parts as you can see is five and it is settled the showers on the other side there pushing over towards the philippines some showers too long spells of rain also affecting a good part of the have been gold northern areas of india bangladesh and also pushing into parts of myanmar some very heavy rain you can see in addition we had one hundred eighty millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours over two hundred millimeters of rain here has fallen over the last couple of days it will turn dryer
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and i'm pleased to say wetter weather this is circulation that's making its way up towards bangladesh and heavy rain there pushing into nepal snow again on the leading edge joining up with that snow that we have in central china but skies there as you can three through sunday we have got some rain just retching cross northern parts of entrepreneurs edition does look settled and sunny as is the case to the north. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile intent stream and one of their pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching of steroids the whole rob a reminder of our top stories it appears the fighting stopped between iraqi forces and kurdish peshmerga north of kirkuk iraqi government troops are now in control of the town of al to incorporate a bridge that was burned during the fighting. the british prime ministers told e.u. leaders in brussels they do not need to worry about the u.k.'s financial obligations connected to brics it really does hope to resolve issues about how much money the u.k. would pay to break from the blog but we're told that that will be finalized until the end of negotiations and catalans in favor of secession and started withdrawing
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their money from some of spain's largest banks it's in response to spain's decision to impose direct rule following a controversial secession referendum earlier this month. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has warned that abandoning the iran nuclear deal could undermine the chances of curbing north korea's nuclear ambitions he was speaking at a nuclear nonproliferation conference in moscow u.s. and north korean delegates are at the meeting u.s. president donald trump has been denouncing the iran deal while at the same time applying pressure on north korea over its nuclear program is a bunch of them initially with but in tackling the nuclear program on the korean peninsula we must prevent an armed conflict that would inevitably bring about a humanitarian economic and environmental disaster all parties must show restraint and reserve let me remind you that in every un security council resolution on the korean peninsula its side sanctions their statements about the need to return to
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negotiation at europe there is no alternative to a diplomatic settlement but north korea is ruling out talks with washington pyongyang's delegate told the conference that having nuclear weapons is a matter of life and death for the north he said they were necessary to repel a potential attack and that his country would respond to fire with fire fred where has more from the conference. what's been going on here in moscow is a fairly routine conference of brings together most of the specialists nonproliferation issues. from the whole world people from the military intelligence diplomatic academic career. to talk about the issues of the day and there's been a series of set piece speeches by many many experts. but it comes amid a real crisis in the nonproliferation world and especially regarding iran and north
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korea. a lot of people have expressed serious worries about the direction of it. and we heard from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who really worried about. the. appearance of the united states withdrawing from the. nuclear weapons treaty with iran and the ratcheting up of tensions with north korea and he. especially worried that if the iranian agreement should collapse in the coming months if if if if that would have a diary effect on the nonproliferation regime in general and on hopes of stabilizing events in the north and north korea in particular so it's an extremely extremely worrisome undertone that we hear today from the russians. and
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israeli officials says saadi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin visited israel in july according to the news agency f.p. is a saudi official denied on twitter that the crown prince had visited israel to promote a stalled peace process as israel's a communications minister. said that relations between the two countries are under the radar and unofficial because of the sensitivity of middle east relations. the white house chief of staff john kelly has defended the u.s. presence reported remarks to the widow of a slain sold soldier donald trump is accused of being insensitive to my issue johnson joining a phone call her husband. sergeant david johnson who was one of full soldiers killed in an ambush in niger this month a member of congress says she had trying to tell johnson's widow that her husband must have known what he signed up for kelly defended the president at a white house news conference on thursday. about one thousand u.s.
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troops are in need jad to help local forces defeat eisel linked fighters and other groups i was there as the state department correspondent was in jordan looks at whether the soldier's death will change their mission in west africa a widow's grief made public after her husband a u.s. soldier was killed on october fourth in the country of nis air the pentagon is still trying to figure out who ambushed the joint u.s. news jerry and patrol near the border with mali nine soldiers four american five nigerian were killed. and the loss of our crew is under investigation in that department offense like to know what we're talking about before we talk and so we do not have all the accurate information yet we will release it as rapidly as we get it. we are very proud of our troops if you know we investigate any time we
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have our troops killed whether it be in training accident or combat i don't care if it's in a car accident and we investigate the circumstances around and see how we can address that very question you brought up about what can we do in the future the share is one of five central and western african countries struggling to defeat the islamic state of the sawhill and other armed groups the u.s. has been worried about that threat for years in two thousand and thirteen the obama administration deployed about one hundred troops tunisia air to help shared intelligence with local forces that number is now up to about a thousand though. the u.s. along with france and other countries is training these areon troops in combat tactics and it's expanding its drone surveillance capability in the country but unlike france the u.s. doesn't have fighter jets or attack helicopters in the region equipment that some observers suggest could have prevented the ambush one expert says this isn't the
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time for u.s. officials to point fingers i think it would be much more helpful if of what were to happen now would be to talk about well let's look at this training mission that we have and you share is this an effect of thing that we're going are we actually helping me share. do we just need to do more more of what or maybe we just need to be doing different things that i think is the debate that we absolutely need to be having here in the u.s. military is now investigating how the ambush happened and what can be done to better protect u.s. forces in the field whether it's findings and the growing questions about the u.s. is reasons for being in the share or anywhere else in africa is speculative. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. these have been kurdish forces a drover's a lot of its former stronghold rocka of stress to the need for the city's residents to be in control of the rebuilding process the u.s. bank syrian democratic forces seize control of iraq on choose day ending three
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years of i still control most of the city has been rude to rubble and less than one percent of the pre-war population of three hundred thousand still live. but images of kurdish fighters in iraq i have angered turkey's leadership president resit their burdwan has criticized them for displaying a giant poster of the leader of the kurdistan workers party of dillard children who is currently in jail in turkey. here are you. in syria they're collaborating with a terrorist organization like the white b.g. to defeat another terrorist organization this kind of logic is unacceptable there waving the poster of the terrorist leader in iraq or how is the united states going to explain this. joint forces things that urban africa's region aimed at tackling the threat from fighters un security council member nations wanted to be based in mali the un has warned the sahal is descending into all out violence troops from
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booking a fast so charred mali mauritania and li share will be involved. hundred schools in the north and central region are closed because of security threats that means out of the fifty thousand children are out of school so that's an important sign that this election is held hostage to the conflict and some don't. we have some breaking news coming out of afghanistan at least fifteen people are being killed an explosion at a mosque in the capital kabul officials say a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside this year last a gunman opened fire there the exact number of casualties is still unknown there's also been a separate explosion at another mosque in the central gore province up to ten people have been killed well jennifer glass is our correspondent in kabul to specific events happening as we speak what more do we know at the moment jennifer. as you say there has been a market. well we seem to have lost jennifer
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on the phone we will try and get back to our correspondent in kabul for an update on those two explosions let's just move on to africa and at least five people have been killed in malawi after a supernatural scare triggered more violence in parts of the country now police have arrested one hundred forty suspected members of vigilante groups that have targeted people they say of vampires the attacks happened in four districts in the south where many believe in witchcraft the united nations pull stuff out of parts of the country over safety concerns. now the chief executive of kenya's election board has announced he's taking three weeks' leave for personal reasons the opposition has demanded the sacking of as richard before the presidential election is rerun next week the result of the election in august was an old by the supreme court because of voting irregularities katherine sawyer has more from nairobi. but this is
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a day that's supposed to be unifying kenya. and celebrate men and women new order of the country's independence those who fought for democracy in the one thousand nine hundred euro's who have the country in different ways but. the. people i deeply divided along ethnic lines politicians are speaking. on different and hard statement this week with the electoral commission chairman told saying that he cannot guarantee free and credible election and top on political and barak. between the president to looking out and. then he did maybe by loading i mean he wants the election postponed. electoral reforms carried out then he can participate in another election not at
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the price. not a. commission. minded and. the supreme court to seek guidance we also so far we've also seen. chief executive officer. he started in the election commission stepping aside he said he's taken the past leave and he's one of the people who the opposition has been pushing to have removed i had. stepped aside but then. supporters say that it is a little too late in the process has already been damaged they do not want an election held under twenty six. survivors of one of indonesia's bloodiest massacres are hoping to classify documents will shed new light on what happened the u.s. embassy documents suggest diplomats kept quiet on the killing of more than half a million indonesians who were accused of being communists in the one nine hundred
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sixty s. fifty two years old the indonesian government has yet to recognise the killings ever happened so bassem reports from jakarta. never before have indonesians been able to read in such detail about the mass killings that started in october one thousand nine hundred sixty five declassified us embassy cables and memos show not only how the massacres of alleged communist was august traded by indonesian military leaders but also how much the united states knew about it kept silent and even offered help that he had. these documents prove that the amount of people who were killed it was very very high these documents contradict the government's statements that only a few people were killed. and the mass killings began after the murders of six indonesian army generals in what was described as a failed coup general soeharto seize power and blamed communists for the murders the military supported by muslim groups went on a killer spree not only has the government yet to admit the massacre happe. and
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discussing the events of nine hundred sixty five remains dangerous fifty two years later. conservative groups recently attacked a gathering of survivors and i for this battle bombs student cries i will be asked we managed to escape unhurt on our behalf why do i have to be scared for telling the truth that's all i do when they attack and i thought i was going to die for exposing the truth every effort to address this dark chapter in indonesia's history has failed so far instead of providing justice and reconciliation to keep them safe and survivors the links facing threats and intimidation now you can only hope that these documents would be filled the power of the mass killings will stop this denial. of government sponsored symposium last year the first time survivors could openly tell their stories backfired the government refused to continue to
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reconciliation process after former generals nationwide and the governor's campaign john my took our people should not be willing to be like we need to empower our people to be able to ignore those lies about the comeback of darwinism that are being used for political purposes and. while the government and the military remain in denial about the past young indonesians are learning about the events in one thousand nine hundred sixty five steps fast and al-jazeera. your child has their arms a whole room of these raw top stories breaking news coming out of afghanistan the police fifteen people being killed in an explosion at a mosque in the capital kabul officials say a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside the shia mosque a gunman has also opened fire that the exact number of casualties is not unknown is still unknown there has been also a separate explosion on
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a shia mosque in the central province up to ten people are reportedly killed two. kurdish peshmerga sending reinforcements to the front lines of battling iraqi forces. the bridge was blown up near the turn of. the size exchanged mortar and rocket fire stephanie decker. kirkuk highway. we have smoke in the distance i'm just looking at the road really tell you a story a man's military reinforcements being sent by the peshmerga counterterrorism forces also a lot of trucks with ammunition checkpoint has been set up further behind us where there wasn't one before further towards a b. also of course they are defending their positions their concern of course is that the iraqi forces will push further up along this road towards the city of. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has criticized the four countries imposing a blockade on qatar for refusing to engage in talks to ease the crisis he's kicking
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off a week long overseas trip with visits to saudi arabia and qatar also the british prime minister trees in may has told the leaders in brussels that the u.k. will meet its financial obligations after exiting the union she's been seeking to expand talks to include trade but the other e.u. leaders are demanding more progress first on the e.u. citizen rights and the arrangements for the irish border more news in half an hour to stay with us. valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades. to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. and you're in the stream what's it like to be in the middle of.


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