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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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fierce battle is as kurdish fighters try to stop iraqi forces taking back the last
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district in kirkuk province. and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program spain's prime minister secures opposition support dissolve parliament and call new elections that . china's president further consolidate his power with his own political ideology. thought what is it. and the toxic haze darkens india's cities after the festival of lights despite a ban on the sale of. all right we start in afghanistan where i promise of target two mosques killing at least fifty people police say one bomber detonated explosives inside a shia mosque in kabul killing twenty two separate attack targeted
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a mosque in the line in provence and killed at least thirty people there the latest in a string of attacks across afghanistan in the last week let's go straightaway to jennifer glass who's standing by in kabul edge of it tell us more about what's been happening. well nic that attack here in kabul of the homes on mosque a shiite mosque the ministry of health now says of the death toll is at thirty two with more than forty wounded it happened in the middle of friday prayers we understand at the bomber was in the third row of of the prayer of the of the people praying basically in the middle of the mosque when he detonated himself a devastating attack here in kabul on a shiite mosque again and it's such a difficult thing because we've had a number of attacks on shiite mosques here in kabul in the last year or so and the second attack that you're talking about happening or province in central afghanistan now wasn't as attack of a quite of a different color now that we understand that killed thirty people but it was
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targeting a military commander there and his people so it didn't seem to be a sectarian attack but two terrible attacks during friday prayers here in afghanistan ok so the next question clearly is what about responsibility two separate attacks is it the same people these are the questions being asked i guess . we certainly don't think nic nic it will be the same people generally these attacks on shiite mosques here it has been the islamic state no one has claimed responsibility thus far but by and large attacks on shiite targets in afghanistan has been the islamic state in gore province in central afghanistan it really is anyone's guess there are very conflicting groups there are a number of conflicting tribal problems there are. a lot of anti-government elements there so whether it's now it's a government problem whether it was something against this military commander whether it was a militant thing we don't know but it really shows the kind of challenges the
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afghan security forces face here in afghanistan they face a number of militant groups now the taleban the controller contest almost forty percent of the country but also a number of anti-government groups from the islamic state to internal rivalries that they have to police here it's trying to build a rule of law in a country where it's difficult to do and so as we see just tonight in these attacks tonight but this week a devastating week across the country where more than one hundred forty people have lost their lives in taliban attacks we understand the kind of challenges the afghan government and the afghan military face in trying to build a rule of law here origin of the leader there for the time being a big problems are in afghanistan jennifer glass reporting.
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between iraqi forces and kurdish peshmerga at the border north of cook iraqi forces shelled kurdish military positions with kurdish fighters responding with rocket fire the peshmerga are reportedly fighting shia militia in the same area the kurds took up new positions on the road between bill and co cook three days after they pulled out of the city tensions have been high since last month's referendum take a look at how the situation in northern iraq has changed in the last week the kurdistan regional government claimed a vast area of the north from iraqi troops fleeing eisel in two thousand and fourteen that included province which accounts for oil revenue but iraq's army has now largely driven peshmerga fighters back to the four provinces officially under kurdish control. capri forty kilometers south of verbal for full control of province seventy deca has more now from the highway. heavy
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military reinforce. this highway which is the highway that leads. to kirk throughout the day also trying to protect the last couple of hours. with peshmerga fighters and highest spirits in some of their vehicles mattresses blankets they were here to defend for the. one of the commanders. of the shia militias were fighting alongside the iraqi army and that they were going to do everything to defend. their areas he also mentioned that he believed that the person who has been praised when they effectively pushed back. but of course this is a fluid situation it's been ongoing since seven thirty friday morning and it leaves a question mark as to where this. it's going to go. well kurdish fighters who help drive eisel out of records say the people of the city will determine its future u.s. backed forces have fully recaptured the syrian city which had been eisel self-proclaimed
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capital since two thousand and fourteen they formally handed over over control of rock to a council of local officials and tribal leaders and most of it has been reduced to rubble and less than one percent of the pre-war population of three hundred thousand still lives. the future of rocco will be decided by the people of raka this is quite important and family if the government will administer their affairs by themselves we urge every peace loving country and people to come and take part in the reconstruction the rebuilding of the city and its countryside yes actually a state regulus it has congratulated the syrian democratic forces for retaking raca for meisel control but turkey's leadership is the kurds presence in the city present recip type one has condemned the group for displaying a giant poster of the leader of the kurdistan workers party which turkey considers
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to be a terrorist organization a dollar or two and is currently in jail in turkey. in syria they're collaborating with a terrorist organization like the y. p.g. to defeat another terrorist organization this kind of logic is unacceptable there waving the poster of the terrorist leader in rocca how is the united states going to explain this to spain now and the prime minister there is accusing separatists in catalonia of violating the basic principles of the european union in their bid for secession my own a royal will announce measures on saturday to impose direct rule on catalonia andrew symonds has more now from barcelona. what you really sense here in barcelona right now is a fear of the unknown and that's shared by both sides in this crisis politicians and public alike people on friday were going out to protest in a very different way going to banks and withdrawing one hundred five fifty five euro as
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a protest of protest against two of five banks which have actually moved their main administrative registrations out of catalonia because of the fear of independence or what that might mean as far as article one five five goes it's never been used before it's from the constitution of one nine hundred seventy eight and it will mean direct rule from madrid this is what the spanish prime minister had to say. they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the european union they have deprived the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control in government if you imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me it would be a scandalous situation and also what happens next is entirely unclear article one five five will go before the senate after the cabinet meeting on saturday and then it will be considered and possibly by thursday or friday it will actually be agreed
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upon after that it's unclear what will happen will catalonia declare independence it's completely unclear no one is really quite sure but the risks for both sides are very high indeed french president a man well mccrum says talks on the u.k. so-called divorce bill for leaving the european union aren't even halfway through the e.u. summit in brussels britain's prime minister tourism a call for more cooperation from e.u. leaders in the slow moving brics talks and how has this. to resume a new in advance there'd be no major breakthrough fellow e.u. leaders made clear that insufficient progress had been made to move talked beyond the current deadlocked difficulties over money and to begin talking about future trade she instead issued what sounded like an appeal for help by a politically weakened prime minister who's come as far as she can and desperately needs something in return if we are going to take
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a step forward together it must be on the basis of joint effort and endeavor we must work together to get to an outcome that we can stand behind that works for or people what she got in return wasn't much they were encouraging words from some e.u. leaders including the all important angle or merkel. on this is. we have made progress and it is perhaps the nature of the thing that we look at it step by step i have absolutely no doubt that if we are all focused and the speech in florence was a contribution if we can get a good result and there was an end of summit commitment by the other twenty seven members of the e.u. to begin preparatory talks among themselves about what sort of future trade deal they'd like to see. that means that at least some work will have been done on trade as the pluck takes down to breaks it so that if the green light is given to the next council meeting on december the fourteenth for talks to move on well they'll
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be just a little bit ahead of the game it is the very smallest of concessions by the e.u. where the bar for such minor victories has been set x. remain low but in order for talks to move on the e.u. wants britain to go much further than its offer of over twenty billion dollars to meet outstanding commitments and liabilities that something the prime minister may not have the political capital to deliver jonah how al-jazeera brussels the european union. sent a protest letter to israel demanding compensation for payments it made towards palestinian buildings that were later demolished eighty you countries are asking for forty six thousand dollars if israel does not return seized equipment more than one hundred fifty palestinian owned buildings were seized or demolished in the occupied west bank between march and organise this year many were funded by the european union and israeli officials as
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a saudi prince visited israel in july for talks the a.f.p. news agency did not name the official or the prince in question but israel's communications minister says that relations between the two countries are under the radar and unofficial because of the sensitivity of middle east relations in september a saudi official denied on twitter that crown prince mohammed bin salomon had visited israel. are still to come this half hour two former u.s. presidents voiced concern about the current political climate and speech is seen as a veiled attack on trump's leadership plus. i'm alan fischer in puerto rico it's a month since the hurricane struck and many communities are still struggling with the aftermath and they're asking where is the government help that they were promised.
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hello the weather looks pretty quiet across the good parts of china at the moment we've got a little bit of wet weather into these western areas over towards the southwest but for many it's settled and sunny hong kong getting up to pleasant twenty nine degrees celsius similar temperatures as we go on through sunday but that rain further west will that will increase some heavy downpours certainly a possibility and notice some snow on the leading edge but down into southern parts as you can see is fine and it is settled the showers on the other side there pushing over towards the philippines some showers too long spells of rain also affecting a good part of the have been gold northern areas of india bangladesh and also pushing into parts of myanmar some very heavy rain you can see in addition we had one hundred eighty millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours over two hundred millimeters of rain here has fallen over the last couple of days it will turn dryer and i'm pleased to say wetter weather this is circulation that's making its way up towards bangladesh and heavy rain there pushing into nepal snow again on the
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leading edge joining up with that snow that we have in central china but skies there as you can three through sunday we have got some rain just retching cross northern parts of entrepreneurs edition does look settled and sunny as is the case to the north. from the showings of the red sea storage of more tactical and home on it. but in georgia this. is changing to the peaks of the himalayas where water conservation looks like. solutions to save the world's most precious resource and the next step is that at rights we look at what is being done at what price. at this time of al-jazeera.
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hello again a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera that suicide bombers have targeted two mosques in afghanistan killing at least sixty people latest in a string of attacks. there's been fierce fighting between iraqi forces and kurdish peshmerga or at the border to the north cook. and spain's prime minister is accusing separatists in catalonia of violating the basic principles of the european union in their bid for secession mariner a high it will announce measures on saturday to impose direct rule on catalonia. now the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is warning that abandoning the iran nuclear deal could undermine the chances of curbing north korea's nuclear ambitions
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he was speaking at a nuclear nonproliferation conference in moscow attended by u.s. and north korean delegates u.s. president donald trump has been denouncing the iran deal while at the same time applying pressure to north korea over its nuclear program. well the means of the should i mean usually with the but in tackling the nuclear program on the korean peninsula we must prevent an armed conflict that would inevitably bring about a humanitarian economic and environmental disaster all parties must show restraint and reserve let me remind you that in every un security council resolution on the korean peninsula its side sanctions their statements about the need to return to negotiations there is no alternative to a diplomatic settlement former u.s. president barack obama and george w. bush appeared to have taken swipes at president donald trump in speeches lamenting the current political climate although he the right did not directly reflect struck by name both commented on the growing divide within american society
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folks don't feel good right now about what they see. that they don't feel as if our public life reflects our best. instead of our politics reflecting our values we've got politics infecting our communities. instead of. looking for ways to work together and get things done in a practical way. we would go out folks who were deliberately trying to make folks say. to demonize people who have different ideas. our identity as a nation and like many other nations is not determined by geography or net or ethnicity. by so our blood. being american policy braces high ideals and sitting with sponsibility this means that people of every race religion
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ethnicity can be fully and equally american. it means that bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the american creed. all right let's bring in our white house president kimberly how could he joins us now live and kimberly a thinly veiled as we were saying it how unusual is it to have former president speaking out like this. it's really unusual nic what we've got essentially here is the political establishment a very elite club just forty five presidents in all including donald trump we've never really seen the sort of the elites like this turning on one of their own in this very elite group and you point out as thinly veiled but it's pretty clear who both barack obama and george w. bush were talking about it was the president who currently occupies the oval office even though he was never as specifically mentioned by name certainly these men felt compelled to speak out from george w.
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bush we heard about the concerns about nationalism distorted into nativism and from barack obama the overarching theme of his message was really to reject the politics of division and fear but you have to remember too it was donald trump who sort of fired the opening salvo against both of these men on the campaign trail so for them in many ways it's personal donald trump essentially invited all of this if you remember he repeatedly on the campaign trail called barack obama the worst president ever and also attacked the brother of george w. bush jeb bush i mean one of the kinder things he said was when he said that he was low energy jeb so certainly perhaps there's a little bit of personal element of wanting to speak out from some of the attacks that they both endured when donald trump is on the campaign trail and you can't believe any reaction from the man within the building behind you. not yet and i just checked social media just to be sure that i hadn't missed
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a tweet because of course donald trump often likes to respond on twitter but it doesn't look or appear like donald trump is even flinching from all of this you have to remember that donald trump is a man that essentially ran against the political establishment and won and donald trump certainly targeted these two men specifically because they have body exactly what he ran against and that many americans embrace so i think these divisions that both barack obama and george w. bush are talking about are just embodied in donald trump that are also reflection of where the american electorate is right now so well maybe some of the political establishment and even the media here in washington may find it abhorrent you have to remember there are a large segment of americans that embrace all of this and we also remember too that donald trump's now into the tenth months of his presidency his behavior is unlikely to change in fact it's really i think we have to look at as the new normal for now or it can really be there for the moment thanks very much indeed that's picture from the white house can be healthy. it's one month since president who was hit by
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hurricane maria yet much needed help promised by the u.s. government still has not arrived despite the president donald trump is applauding the government's handling of the crisis from when to when i go his unofficial. van human is good tired of waiting one month after hurricane maria struck his community was a mess so we called some friends we are in the process to clean up the creek because basically the crane was there. a real family so i guess the houses and around twenty blanco is a ninety minute drive from san juan the island's capital the people here feel that far away from the center they are far away from a company far from the belief that anyone is going to help the government is almost absent there is almost no coordination woman here just staying with someone. but their reality is right here we see sometimes and i see our guard just providing
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water but just a couple of patients are no more we ask and then we beg of them for at least two up some excavator to clean over. the area what we're being told is this isn't a one off but there are communities across this area that have asked for and waited for government help and now they're doing what they can where they can the hurricane they say it was a problem the greater tragedy is a lack of government action. not far away from here at the hurricane brought a flood that overwhelmed and destroyed the bridge that was a lifeline to a nearby mountain community so the locals built a pulley system which carries food and water and diesel for having heard. we are going to have a great we don't know anything. you know we are just disconnected. across the island people are putting in their own fixes to get what they need a local stream by the roadside suddenly with plastic piping becomes the only source
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of fresh water for clothes washing drinking and even some fun. there is no it wasn't well equipped to deal with a storm the size and intensity of maria one of the federal agencies here see few places are there's this island was pummeled by over one hundred fifty mile an hour wind what that does to. the infrastructure there is in excellent condition versus ordinary condition it's still the same it's highly destructive putting because governor disputes things here are slowly getting better in the fact he says the may be getting worse and many communities fear they are being forgotten after a storm none of them ever forget alan fischer i'll just point to blank or puerto rico. now then pollution is killing more people than war and natural disasters that's according to a report from the medical journal the lancet the study blames pollution for one in six premature deaths worldwide in two thousand and fifteen that's around nine million people in sub-saharan africa had the highest rate of desperate capital led
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by somalia chad and central african republic but india had the highest death toll almost a quarter of all deaths some two and a half million were blamed on pollution china was next with nearly two million well air pollution in india's capital hit more than twenty times the healthy limit on friday after a night of fireworks celebrating the hindu festival festival of the wyly it left a thick haze in the air. despite a court ordered ban on the sale of firecrackers and many in new delhi still set them off to celebrate the festival of lights residents complained of coughing and watery eyes. my eyes are burning as if someone put a chilly in them and i'm having difficulty breathing because of the supremes court order to ban fireworks it looks like the pollution has come down since last year but it is still so high that humans can't live here in any other part of the world
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if if i read quality index or have crossed three hundred the entire city would be evacuated or the entire city would be shut down we have to look at short term medium term and long term measures. the u.n. children's agency is calling for more funding to help improve conditions for rohingya refugees in overcrowded camps in bangladesh unicef says children fleeing violence in me and my are facing how on earth in the camps many of the almost six hundred thousand people who fled the military crackdown in raw and state are children members military denies allegations of ethnic cleansing saying its operations are targeting armed groups one hundred forty people have been arrested in malawi accused of hunting down people they say are vampires at least five people have been killed by groups after a supernatural scare triggered mob violence the attacks happen in districts where many believe in witchcraft united nations has pulled staff out of some areas over safety concerns the chief executive of kenya's election board has announced he's
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taking three weeks' leave for personal reasons the opposition has demanded the lower be sacked before the presidential election is rerun next week result of the election in august was an old by the supremes court because of voting irregularities the controversy over the election has overshadowed heroes day in kenya a public holiday honoring those who fought for kenya's independence from the british . china's president will have his own political theory incorporated into the guidelines for the ruling communist party state media is reporting that these so-called she thought will have fourteen principles it's not yet known what they are she's thoughts are expected to further consolidate his power putting him on par with the founder of the communist party mao zedong china correspondent evan brown has more now from beijing. it's the beginning of a new era in chinese politics the era of xi jinping thought. the language
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a throwback to the period when chairman mao tse-tung ruled in the one nine hundred fifty s. sixty's and seventy's it took decades for his name to be written into the party's constitution it's taken she just five years. analysts say this communist party congress represents his coronation when you talk about coronation is he an emperor or no i think he's reluctant amberg emperor in fact i think he embraces a lot of the stuff as part of necessity as opposed to something that is an extension of his ego so what exactly is she doing ping thought a detailed explanation will likely come after the congress sends on choose day some people we spoke to on friday seemed more in the dark than others. i don't really know i don't know what to say oh watch the news tonight get on with
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the war and the scenes and i think the president she gave us new faith was his anticorruption campaign he saved the communist party the news of she's elevation was announced by china's official shin more news agency on friday there's now little doubt it'll be approved at the party congress before it's incorporated into the party's constitution all across beijing you see motivational banners like this one often with clunking dialogue this one says unite under the central government and communist party led by comrade xi jinping and continued victory of socialism with chinese characteristics you will see a lot more of this sort of thing in the coming days weeks months and years she jinping already holds more titles than any of his predecessors including party chief and head of the military now that is thoughts are set to become the party's guiding ideology his place at the very top of chinese politics seems assuring not.
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just for the next five years but perhaps for the next twenty years adrian brown al jazeera beijing. it's on the international space station have been helped on a nother space walk and we're trying to repair a blurry camera on this that station's robotic arm and the camera is needed to spot soprani shipments which is due to write a good few few weeks time it will be the last place for portis your story. probably more of course on one side al jazeera dot com is the address address all the news we're covering there plenty of comment and not asis to al-jazeera dot com is the address. are just time for a look at the made headlines here on al-jazeera and suicide bombers have targeted two mosques in afghanistan killing at least sixty people the latest in
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a string of attacks in the past week three say one bomber detonated explosives inside a shia mosque in the capital kabul killing thirty two people a separate attack was in a mosque in gold province which has killed at least thirty people jennifer class has more now from kabul. it really shows the kind of challenges the afghan security forces face here in afghanistan they face a number of militant groups now the taliban the controller contest almost forty percent of the country but also a number of anti-government groups from the islamic state to internal rivalries that they have to police here it's trying to build a rule of law in a country where it's difficult to do there's been fierce fighting between iraqi forces in kurdish press moderate shared border to the north of cook iraqi forces are thought to have shelled kurdish military positions with kurdish fighters responding with rocket fire first mager reportedly fighting shia militia at the same time tensions have been high since last month's referendum. kurdish fighters
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who helped drive eisel out of rackets say the people of the city will determine its future u.s. backed forces have recaptured the syrian city which had been i sold self-proclaimed capital since two thousand and fourteen they formally handed over control of record to a council of local officials and tribal leaders. spain's prime minister is accusing separatists in catalonia of violating the basic principles of the european union in their bid for secession mariano rajoy will announce measures on saturday to impose direct rule on catalonia. pollution in the indian capital new delhi as hits more than twenty times the healthy limit after a night of fireworks celebrating the hindu festival of diwali despite a court ordered ban on the sale of firecrackers and many still to celebrate the festival of lights. all right up to date with all the headlines here on al-jazeera
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i'll be back with more news in just half an hour's time states tries examining some innovative solutions so what are shortages. in the himalayas. which is rising.


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