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tv   Urmila My Memory Is My Power  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 9:00am-10:01am AST

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says this project couldn't wait this theme is for those mothers on both the son and those wifes living in afghanistan and is always talking about their rights but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one and network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country. on counting the cost china two point zero hour president xi jinping wants to reboot the economy with ai and robotics look at what i'd reckon all makes is causing tension along the river nile plus the u.k.'s e.u. divorce is brakes it failing counting the cost at this time.
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and all of the problem in doha with the headlines on al jazeera the iraqi army has claimed control of all of chemical provinces after intense fighting with kurdish peshmerga forces the army says they captured the last town album called play which is situated in the ad being with the help of shia militias stephanie deca reports from the front line with some peshmerga feel the being betrayed. the new front line opened early friday iraqi forces together with haskell shabbier shia militias move towards peshmerga positions now to the kurdish it's around thirty kilometers south of erbil on the road to kirkuk. yes they're attacking it out and cooperate and not attacking from dbase also and there's nothing we can do about it i'm urging the coalition forces to come in and help as it hit the peshmerga no doubt we have martyrs that. a steady stream of reinforcements were sent throughout the day blankets and mattresses packed in with the soldiers ready
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to defend their positions many here feel betrayed by iraqi government leaders in baghdad some fellow kurds and the international community. in reality when we used to fight everyone used to play the peshmerga they are brave they are fighting for the world and now they have done this plan they are attacking us as i see right now everyone is turning their backs on us. mortar shells machine guns were fired throughout the day well it's going to everyone here is tense. there's a heavy presence of ambulances here waiting to take any of the injured. back to our . prime minister has ordered iraqi forces not to enter abele and to stick to what he called the two thousand and three lines this is all about disputed territories longstanding on resolved issues between baghdad and are below about what the
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peshmerga gained more territory since two thousand and fourteen as it pushed out of many areas the iraqi army used to control and last month's referendum on secession seems to be the final straw for the iraqi government to neighboring countries who oppose kurdish independence the irony there were very similar scenes just a year ago as the peshmerga iraqi government forces and shia militias all moved in to ward a common enemy eisel but now their guns are turned on each other stephanie decker al jazeera on the road to kirkuk. eisel has claimed responsibility for one of two attacks targeting mosques in afghanistan one seventy people have been killed and one attack a man walked into a shia mosque in the capital kabul and detonated an explosive vest killing at least thirty nine people and injuring the dozens of others the mosque was packed with worshippers attending friday prayers the second attack happened in the central gorda province where a suicide bomber struck
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a sunni mosque more than thirty three people were killed including a rebel commander who was apparently the target of the attack. the u.s. defense secretary has told senators that the military's counterterrorism efforts will focus more on africa james matters was made in sen this is to discover the death of four u.s. soldiers in an ambush in the share of this month at least thirty police officers have been killed in a shootout in egypt the attack took place in our district and the giza government southwest of cairo the interior ministry says security forces who were hunting down fighters in the region were ambushed late on friday on a road to the away says police in brazil have arrested more than one hundred people in a nationwide bassed of a pedophile ring these are some of the suspects detained in the operation that reached most of the country and include the capital brasilia the charges against them reportedly include producing and sharing pornographic material of children over the internet it's been one month since hurricane maria hit puerto rico and
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eighty percent of the island is still without power crews are working around the clock to try to fix hundreds of kilometers of power lines but the governor of puerto rico says it could be another two months before full power is restored due to a lack of money and workers. i'll have more headlines for you in just under thirty minutes coming up next as witness thank you for watching.
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thank you we have a middle. name and i got home and i'm going me i mean might. be but i don't know when i'm not because of the move to me and my mother last month that when i did that must have been a mess and look i'm done with good and this rescue me that they knew him with and goodbye need and go about my life i want as an aside i remember i have it. on my mind about how to get it i mean and that's you. know i try.
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and get ninety that. i knew i. would have come had you i knew that i had. anybody but and yeah give that just to. a community of i had a guy that a product. by. the letter that i had that you know. that's what you must i mean as. yes. you know. i know many a get together some people anyone they know my name on a bus when i got there by signing when a guy went outside to get me to some i did not say he wanted my if i wanted him but he got a. little. bit
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if i didn't think it was. able to get out of it was that a letter. yes they. let however. let a little bit of help us a. little. bit what did a lot about it. to be a good. life . for me i mean. i'm going. to make
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sure i'm going to be good when i get paid i didn't deny me. about that maybe not. the. meaning. in the week you know we. need somebody to. believe anything in the community. by the way to plant the. land in the middle east find. the right. hand. lane on.
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a limited time good. if. what you want to show. is. an. imminent. threat. on thousand new was not easy it wasn't. must not and it wasn't pleasant and.
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must not and it wasn't. planned it. isn't and. that many. other. families. didn't plan win to win. you're. going. to want another one right here like that one that i knew that was. going to.
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give or take what you had the courage to do it if you look at it but in the face of it i mean you know. you have evidence and there's a. really interesting answer you get here i mean you some i did actually i was a newbie here and was like well you know i wonder did we have any. of these we can buy my little. ones and with them he was going to bring it. to me and that. didn't work so well when he was supposed to be. doing the digital. on. a label that might. be the way that was. so long as there was something was there but the most of this just because it is intentional is a. little bit but it's still there so. that's what this is about. there's
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nobody but it is a very thorough going to. give us a look. at some person. who was there and i think we lost the most i know. you know what we'll probably be on the likes of. you know. the political vulnerability here that you. love me just because i thought that no one can without you know it was i'm. because of. the same it's i was a beggar in the subway for you guys are the most people i look up. and when i look in there was a book with a person you would be looking down at the next. to . you.
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the. same. when i was coming out. i was not allowed to scream. if you said your most important when i think it is you do so and then i do everything my. own to be studied in our i have no condition and i have not my itself and i knock you down you know this when i'm. dead and i make. good use. of ever. ever found it. is because i'm. me but i did learn from but i'm good if you kissed them i'm not sure i'd make this in my eyes. and continue in my.
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mind good to see this will be good not. thank. you. did. we need.
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to. ask. you. about. that. and then. just go back you know for my kids on the phone i think you miss a lot higher education and i mean i use a credit card for going to the front. ranks and. i don't.
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so i'm sitting here. and. please you know i mean when. you. look at. my. bank you do this say. oh you know like i say oh. that's. good to me you know i want to assume that because and somebody. i want to do what i did i want. to see.
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me. you. get. mad and. you. get into. this joke. and i mean my. i'm in the. room. with those young guys. and use them.
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in the. am. i mean my progress on me ok. the medical bag in my case was. made about him again and i made a bad mom i'm living my life in the mustang i see my dad i'm like i'm going to put you. on board one of the most you can swing it seemed like you imagine that i. can have some need to know why get they get yours and damn you get it i'm not saying. and. it sounds
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again and listen if you could i did ones and then. again he wouldn't do this on the way to santa wayne's ok if you believe you've been buying that to me and it is it is in the next thing and by the way so i get that you've asked what would you. need . to get. me. on the plane on the night. nothing i tell you. but i love you. i love.
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kyla i feel. like. i need. to put it. away by the. place i'm in the has her in him and what have you how did you say mom didn't do well. and played into it could be done but that has. to play with. it today can. you. remember why you like buying.
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a home. you don't tear my books. you're. the rule. and the. and there. you go.
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you. keep coming made a. deal. thank
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you dan thank you. very much.
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that's what he required but. this guy like you some. of them. and. some i think. so much. so. you put up with the things you say you. do and i mean. i did not. i don't mean. to but. that this. is valid and if that happens they're going to do it it would embarrass anyone in you to get on it. just a lot somebody told him what i did. bang
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bang. bang. you. got it.
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oh. i mean. that's ok i'm.
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just. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the toughest job an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that therefore you should travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world covering could attack tragedies quakes and that was it but not sure how couple feel how they look how they think and that's what we do with. five and a half months of demanding a case
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a system that was introduced. in america as have the fill a void that needed to be filled. a journey both dogs have you know there's a very for everybody there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake the beautiful lady you have to be very patient and what is also the same as ascended is now as introduced to it though and my father and my most or our king fahd king for the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven this time on al-jazeera.
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hello ahmed is a problem in doha with the headlines on al jazeera the iraqi army and shia militias have claimed control of all of kirkuk province from kurdish peshmerga forces the army says they've captured the last town from complete which is on the road between kirkuk and a bill the u.s. is urging the iraqi government to avoid further fighting i still has claimed responsibility for one of two suicide attacks targeting mosques in afghanistan more than seventy people have been killed the attacks happened in a shia mosque in kabul and a sunni mosque in the central province of gordon. right after the cleric started the prayer as i was passing by the mosque and the explosion happened there was chaos amongst the people all the windows of the mosque were shattered the police from a nearby checkpoint arrived to try to control the crowd all the wounded victims in the shattered windows were taken to hospital by ambulance and the dead bodies were lying in. the u.s. is to shift its counterterrorism strategy to focus more on africa defense secretary
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james mattis that will members of congress on friday to explain the change the white house has been under pressure to be more forthcoming about the deaths of four american soldiers in the shit two weeks ago at least thirty police officers have been killed in a shootout in egypt the attack took place in body a district in the giza government southwest of cairo the interior ministry says security forces who were hunting down fighters in the region were ambushed late on friday on a road to the body oasis. place in brazil have arrested more than one hundred people in the nationwide bost of a pedophile ring the suspects were detained in the operation that reached most of the country and included the capital brasilia the challenge with producing and sharing pornographic material of children online more than a thousand police officers took part in the operation of the six months. it's been one month since hurricane maria hit puerto rico and eighty percent of the island is still without electricity crews are working around the clock to fix hundreds of
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kilometers of power lines but puerto rico's governance says it could be another two months before it's fully restored due to a lack of money and workers the u.s. government has been criticized for its slow response to the crisis. those are the headlines on al-jazeera peter davi will be here with a full news bulletin and just on the half an hour what miss continues next. yeah.
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the minute that baby please and is still going to go so still on the bus about me that i thank you but you put me in. my poor weather may be gone but. omitted they might not that's how i knew you me to d.c. what you but i didn't you writing about them by didn't you. what about the idea
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when you buy nothing. because the last seven years he has saved my. dream one by the by. your target i like what you. know and i think. that it is laced i'm going to live you suck i live when you have a good out and i seem pretty rotten.
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they study me again and you only have to go out. yesterday where you can say when they exclaim oh. yes they do i did before you satisfied man no one here to thank you good. morning is not a bank. with me just. go. ahead you know. this is. what. we did with the. stuff we're going to do to.
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do something what. was. it was. really no different the first thing that. week. has to be said. because i think you have to come out here. and write.
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that's. who i'm going to work. for the way it was said that i. was losing and. he knew that this little nugget for the day. is a thing i would do but i always thought that if i can do it i have just been
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a good friend here now is whether the time is which are times when the night. when the membership is like a man to the movies will probably lose anyway when you're. paid by the sack of money not much on the final moments of conquest you just as an outsider yes that wasn't done without a lot of money and doesn't help now from eight to five not washable now families. one hundred seventy five most of them so i thought about things out of indiana but i thought i was in with just a couple more that there was anything was wrong with the how would you know how it was time i guess i can figure out a. little trick of not always but sometimes money just to be alive and but i was having fun but there was something i got out of the giving up on when and where i was i'm with you but these are the teeth of the question of the right or the left. are you out of it that was how i should either know when you were. well because i'm
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jealous of what he's going to do with it he knew what he was. doing i was. like we're here. for the reason i was. here. he'd have you. back. you. already know. that. you.
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yes. really. i mean. why.
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would you want to. find out what iraqis are why do you write down what you say are my right. i mean somebody. muslim. by their what i might. yes i might be what i mean. when you're. we're .
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on the street is me and let's introduce a present in the cause of the mustang and good morning everybody hopefully here it is me would not so that he could be presenting the good stuff. they set up slave networks and with impunity. debased human beings and in fact some
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of the speakers here today and some of the ones that will be at the art of freedom form are three former slaves there are now abolitionists would need to show he was five years old when she was taken from her family and home and sold into slavery for eleven years she was exploited abused and forced to work without any compensation now freed she travels across nepal to free other girls. and i must say in our new biography good morning is no must gift and like to know must be everybody. my english is not good and i hope my life interfered just that he was good last year to use my voice and i would do is speak badly in ways it's ok to. get ready. and she could say freedom basically i look at the camera.
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on my sent me i want to walk in the gulf one due to feel i was fired from bus drives from my peers. i have to fly from every house while these two men at my house when i happy if i didn't then i was just beaten. i couldn't digest this roars. you are one of hundred twenty persons taking part in this project and obviously
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your story is very unique and strong so no one else from nepal is taking part in this project so we're very happy that you did you want to do this for us. and the people here that they use in lesson mandela dalai lama that there are so many. he doesn't enter into this project. in a good companion. project name is that we have a dream and we have to say this is george graham said your thoughts on your next you serious can i have a life so of course. you haven't had to ask you. yet i haven't do you know don't don't tell us what you think you think you know. so what's your game. read to me i was so out
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of my head. and nice guys nobody has like this can i move to the head. it's making. it more yes exactly. to. come. back to stay. here have. something to do much so that said no more. the serious about your happy marriage.
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yes. my.
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proof. very much.
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yeah i was. reading. that. you know. that.
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there's. still. that.
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we're. we're. we're.
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out. of. it is i live anyway so if you do you talk to me of that it's like humans have a need. datsun.
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the to.
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me it would sound like he class at the here and middle would know when the someone would ask them why in my life. and then i said and they said my way and they said it did from what they buy here i am not to much and knock knock out of been very good. advocates i would ask him for money. in. the.
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cloven let's just. get it. compact with me i feel what i'm going to exam goodness. it's. not as easy to do what's right. so good nothing is hardly new play and me being as i get my new school may end. barber goods you are some. of them are you good by you you mean. by. that you could destroy. them but of the much one by me i mean i'd not.
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think you said i think you disconnect. the good side is that our standing back here .
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a young mind a blank slate crying for the wonders of the world. valuable and found. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs over i saw. this documentary at this time. how about lots of places sunshine now across the middle east the chance of a little bit of cloud just spilling out of russia just pushing down towards the black sea towards the caspian sea which is one of two spots of rain as we go through saturday and sunday elsewhere the sun will continue to be down warm sunshine there in kuwait city thirty three celsius thirty three celsius thirty four karate so it's warmer than that's across the right in peninsula highs here in doha
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of around thirty seven degrees on saturday similar value as we go on into sunday so you can see the high sunshine continuing its present sunshine now if a little on the humid side as we go on into the evenings meanwhile a fair amount of sunshine into southern africa but a fair amount of rain as well just around the pushing up into southern parts of missouri up into southern areas of zimbabwe we've seen some very hot weather into zimbabwe recently easing a touch over the next day. on this we are getting up into the low forty's so that's something of a change from out of cloud there into botswana and also into the maybe a with a chance of some spotty right coming through meanwhile the showers continue across central parts of africa even further southwards a few showers for kenya and also nigeria. news has never been more available it's
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a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain that good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera.


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