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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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this has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain that good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera.
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tell the ritual to last but in five years they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the year being needed in a few hours spain is expected to unveil details of its planned takeover castle only is government. alone malcolm my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera live for my headquarters here in doha also ahead attacks on to mosques in afghanistan leave more than seventy dead. kurdish fighters say they feel betrayed as iraqi forces claim the whole of kirkuk province from peshmerga forces plus. a month after maria and puerto rico is still without power and the island is in ruins. in the next few hours spain's senate is expected to trigger article one five five
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of the constitution imposing direct rule over the autonomous region of catalonia the move follows weeks of political deadlock between madrid and the cattle and regional government but how did this crisis come about well on october the first catalonia held a referendum on secession spain's courts ruled the vote illegal and the national government tried to stop it still around ninety percent of those who voted back to session catalonia years leaders signed a declaration of independence but immediately suspended it for talks with madrid the central government demanded that the catalan president carter's putin want to clarify whether independence had been officially declared when he refused to do that the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy set in motion the process of revoking catalonia as political tanami and suspending its parliament meanwhile catalan separatists are now calling for a new kind of protest andrew symonds now reports from barcelona. and
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online message from a pro independence campaign group saying peaceful direct action shows the power of the people. the core was to take some money out of banks that are moving their registration out of catalonia in case of independence withdrawals of one hundred fifty five euro the number of an article in the constitution being triggered to impose direct rule on catalonia by madrid why because this spanish dictatorship is unbearable. i think putting pressure on is a good move with thousands of people doing the same thing as if there were. some ed symbolic the government still has no mood for any compromise. in catalonia there are movements that want revolution so they want civil disobedience today there was a call to withdraw money from banks. then came
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a message from the prime minister himself saying the crisis was at a critical point and his party in the main opposition were agreed on action. they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the european union they have deprived the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control and government imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me it would be a scandalous situation. article one five five from the one nine hundred seventy eight constitution will take power away from the regional government here it could mean elections it could mean a formal declaration of independence it might lead to public disorder in barcelona and now you really sense a fear of the unknown on both sides of the divide in this crisis shared by politicians and the people alike we fear that we are.
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so too near. the danger and that maybe we will not be able to push back when we are there and that's a feeling that they think we all are in barcelona how frightened. on saturday will hold he will hold an emergency cabinet meeting it's unlikely to calm the situation right now and there's a risk it could mean calls for peaceful direct action could turn into something more dangerous andrew simmons our jazeera boss alone now two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul this comes less than a day after ice all said it carried out one of two attacks targeting mosques which killed at least seventy people in one attack a man walks into a shia mosque in the capital kabul and detonated an explosive vest killing at least thirty nine people the mosque was packed with worshippers attending friday prayers the second attack happened in the central gore province where a suicide bomber struck a sunni mosque for the last joins us live now from kabul jennifer this claim of
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responsibility from my soul can we believe it. well we have no reason to doubt it peter it certainly follows the pattern that we have seen in attacks on shia here in afghanistan isis the islamic state claims that an attack on a shia mosque in august that killed forty people that was a very an hours long standoff this is attack on friday evening during friday evening prayers the attacker apparently came in settings of among the worshipers sprayed the worshipers with gunfire and then detonated himself the interior ministry says the death toll in that is now thirty nine with forty five injured with no reason to doubt that islamic state carried out this attack over there provided no proof so far now the police are saying there verted a major incident as well just a few days ago overall is it your assessment that the security situation is worsening there. well we know the security forces are working terribly hard they captured a potential truck bomb just
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a few days ago here in kabul and i was speaking to members of the international community here just over the last couple of days saying they think that averted a major attack we do see things the stepping up here in kabul and around the country the taliban claimed responsibility for that rocket attack at about six thirty this morning those two rockets landing near the international the nato headquarters here just about a kilometer that way the of course islamic state claiming responsibility for the attack on the mosque last night with no claim of responsibility for the attack on a mosque in central afghanistan but this week two hundred twenty people have died security forces and civilians in a number of attacks on military bases on billy's district headquarters around the country not just here in kabul but in the south in the east in the north and in the southwest of the afghan security forces certainly battling resurgent anti-government forces not just the taliban on the islamic state either the international community says there are eighteen anti-government forces here
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anti-government groups the largest really concentration of them anywhere in this region so it is a daunting task for the afghan security forces they're doing the best they can but clearly the attacks have been mounting certainly this week so in some areas we've got still claiming responsibility in all the areas we've got the taliban apparently coming back all the security forces then are reaching a situation where the perhaps over scritched. well there certainly taking punishing casualties we see that the united states pledging its unwavering loyalty to afghanistan and sending in several thousand more troops to support the afghan security forces we know that they have been taking terrible casualties all year it's been a very very difficult year also bad civilian casualties as well about twenty five hundred civilian deaths so far in the first nine months of this year according to the u.n. that's a little bit less than last year but up that the number of killed by non-government forces and by the fighting has has risen quite dramatically and so the afghan
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security forces yes very heart very very widely stretched and i think one of the problems is in the regions the taliban tend to attack remote outposts or places where forces are concentrated and trying to make big splash attacks with large amounts of casualties as they can but also we've seen some smaller attacks on checkpoints killing five policemen here or six policemen there as we see in this week so the afghan security forces certainly struggling and making really no bones about it they know they're taking punishing casualties but the afghan government is not backing down they say they will continue to fight the taliban that the taliban must understand that they can't win on the battlefield they say that's why they launch these attacks on static targets because they don't they're not willing to fight the afghan army on the battlefield jennifer thank you. iraqi forces have claimed control of the whole of kirkuk province after intense fighting against kurdish peshmerga forces there the army says it's captured the last time to include pretty near bill province with the help of shia militia stephanie no reports from
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the front line. a new front line opened early friday iraqi forces together with hash all shabbier shia militias move towards peshmerga positions now to peter in kurdish it's around thirty kilometers south of erbil on the road to kirkuk. yes they were talking it out and copra another talking from dbase also and there's nothing we can do about it on the coalition forces to come in and help as it hit the peshmerga no doubt we have martyrs that. a steady stream of reinforcements were sent throughout the day blankets and mattresses packed in with the soldiers ready to defend their positions many here feel betrayed by iraqi government leaders in baghdad some fellow kurds and the international community. in reality when we used to fight isis everyone used
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to play the peshmerga they are brave they are fighting for the world and now they have done this plan they are attacking us as i see right now everyone is turning their backs on us. mortar shells machine guns were fired throughout the day well it's going to everyone here is tense. there's a heavy presence of ambulances here waiting to take any of the injured. back to our . prime minister has ordered iraqi forces not to enter abele and to stick to what he called the two thousand and three lines this is all about disputed territories long standing on resolved issues between baghdad and are below about what the gained more territory since two thousand and fourteen is pushed out of many areas the iraqi army used to control and last month's referendum on secession seems to been the final straw for the iraqi government to neighboring countries who oppose
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kurdish independence the irony there were very similar scenes just a year ago as the peshmerga iraqi government forces and shia militias all moved in to ward a common enemy eisel but now their guns are turned on each other stephanie decker al jazeera on the road to kirkuk. the police in brazil have arrested more than one hundred people in a nationwide bust of a paedophile ring these are some of the suspects detained in the operation that reach most of the country and included the capital brasilia the charges against them reportedly include producing and sharing images of children over the internet more than one thousand police officers took part in the operation over a period of six months thirty nine people were killed when soldiers in the democratic republic of congo opened fire on burundi and refugees last month ninety four were also wounded in the violence that happened after a protest held by the refugees the congolese army says it began firing up to the refugees attacked its men but they deny this welcome web reports. esper also
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sherry mana says bullets broke the bones in her arm when soldiers shot her dozens around her died they're buried in this graveyard she says she was among a crowd of other refugees from burundi protesting peacefully here last month who says she was lucky to survive. i can't remember everything. when i was shot but i remember people throwing stones at house and. and then soldiers started shooting. community refugees belongs to a unique catholic sects from burundi they fled conflict at home to come to the neighboring democratic republic of congo where religion doesn't allow them to eat processed un food or to biometrically register in the u.n. system so they are temporarily camped here outside a base of u.n. peacekeepers in the town of cameron yola. they say that day they wanted the release of four men from their community and rested by congolese soldiers this camera phone
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video was taken as the crowd gathered and sang. when the shooting began the refugees came down the road from this direction they say they met soldiers about where the blue truck is they say the soldiers opened fire without any provocation you can see bullet holes in the wall here they say the machine gun fire went on for several minutes but the security forces tell a different story captain von the kill in may was there he says the refugees overpowered him and other policeman stole a gun and used it to shoot him in the leg and attack the soldiers who then fired back in self-defense one soldier was killed mazen is amazing i have never seen such people are not afraid of bullets one kind of bible and they all kept singing and advancing. refugees deny they took a gun or attacked the u.n. says in any case the army should not have used lethal force but the army told us they acted as any army would use all the new men. they came threatening and
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throwing stones yet they in the host country what country can tolerate that they were caned them but they didn't know what happened it happened. nearly a hundred refugees were injured many are still recovering the government says an inquiry is underway. the refugees meet twice a day to pray in the camp they say they were attacked after officials stirred up hatred against them because of their own usual religious beliefs congolese authorities deny it the refugees say they were persecuted at home then persecuted here so they know where they can be safe now come where al-jazeera come in the democratic republic of congo still to come here on al-jazeera as japan prepares to hold elections on sunday we'll take a look at the prime minister shinzo obvious popularity and his policies and a new report says more of us die every year from air pollution and water than all
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of the world's conflicts and natural disasters put together. we've got the storm clouds returning to western parts of europe big massive cloud streaming in from the atlantic and. brian it will bring some very wet some very windy weather and nothing like ophelia but it is set to cause some problems as we go on through the next couple of days and there are a cloud of rain that's making its way away from the low countries that allows bryant to come in with that very wet and that really windy weather adding to the problems of course that we have already seen across and as i said it's not going anywhere near as bad but it's coming at a time when the country is trying to recover so that can only cause further problems there are a cladogram level stretches way down across the low countries down into france and
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gradually sink this way for the south was at least was fresher air coming in behind a little bit of snow there over the output you'll see temperatures in london in paris and woman around thirteen degrees celsius so you'll notice that as things really start to freshen up a really or tom no feel coming through meanwhile we still got some sharp showers coming it is central parts of the mediterranean northern areas of libya could see some wet weather a little bit of wet weather just around the coast also affecting parts molds but elsewhere behind that it should brighten not warm sunshine coming back in behind or about with a high of twenty five. ok
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recapping our top story so far today on al-jazeera the spanish senate is expected today to trigger article one hundred fifty five of the constitution imposing direct rule over the autonomous region of catalonia now the decision follows weeks of political deadlock between madrid and the catalan regional government after catalonia secession referendum. iraqi forces of claim control of the whole of
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kirkuk province after intense fighting against kurdish peshmerga the army says it's captured the last time i'll turncoat pre built province with the help of shia militia. two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul this comes after i still said it carried out one of two attacks targeting mosques in afghanistan on friday at least seventy people were killed in the suicide bombings. candidates in japan have been making last minute attempts to convince the voters ahead of an election on sunday the opinion polls suggest the prime minister shinzo abi is on track to him if he does he becomes the longest serving leader in japanese history sarah clarke now from tokyo. it's kerry much as i was first foray into japan's political arena disappointed by the current government the harvard graduate decided to run for election and says the party of hope she stands for office a credible alternative. if basically just doing their part i think for the
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thirteen people not for all the public i think we have to change it and if people want to change it the governor. launched the party of hope last month pledging popular policies and a nuclear free japan the body was initially considered the most prominent rival to prime minister shinzo law is hold on government but on the eve of the general election polls show voter. support has filed to gain ground and any hope of challenging his parliamentary majority is unlikely body of hope doesn't have a policy platform is different from the current warming party on top of this governor created the party is not running for the prime ministership so it looks like a very strange situation prime minister abbott has played the strong and stable card in the wake of escalating tensions with north korea telling everyone to vote for
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experience analysts say that campaign strategy has also paid off. he's been lucky more than having played his cards right. when there's a national security crisis if you're only helps the incumbent government. on top of this the opposition party the democratic party were so weak that it ended up in prodi. despite polls predicting our by returning to power projections could still change forty percent of voters reported to be undecided which candidate or party backing mother who does the i haven't been able to decide at all taken on the night support stability of an administration but at the same time i wonder if everything should remain the same with. the latest opinion polls suggest that shinzo ruling coalition party could secure as many as three hundred of the four hundred sixty five states up for grabs plus a two thirds of the majority held before the election if that's the case his
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decision to call a snap election could pay off paving the way for him to potentially become the longest serving leader in japan's history sarah clarke al-jazeera tokyo. the french president emmanuel macross says talks on how much the u.k. will pay to leave the european union and even hof way through an e.u. summit in brussels the u.k.'s prime minister a series of major requested more cooperation from the leaders in the slow moving bricks it talks has joined a whole. to resume a new in advance they've been no major breakthrough fellow e.u. leaders made clear that insufficient progress had been made to move talked beyond the current deadlocked difficulties over money and to begin talking about future trade she instead issued what sounded like an appeal for help by a politically weakened prime minister who's come as far as she can and desperately needs something in return if we are going to take a step forward together it must be on the basis of joint effort and endeavor we
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must work together to get to an outcome that we can stand behind that works for all people what she got in return wasn't much they were encouraging words from some e.u. leaders including the all important angle or merkel. that one does this late on at will as we have made progress and it is perhaps the nature of the thing that we look at it step by step i have absolutely no doubt that if we are all focused and the speech in florence was a contribution that we can get a good result and there was an end of summit commitment by the other twenty seven members of the e.u. to begin preparatory talks among themselves about what sort of future trade deal they'd like to see. that means that at least some work will have been done on trade as the pluck takes down to bragg's it so that if the green light is given of the next council meeting on december the fourteenth for talk to move on well they'll be
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just a little bit ahead of the game it is the very smallest of concessions by the e.u. where the bar for such minor victories has been set x. remain low but in order for talks to move on the e.u. wants britain to go much further than its offer of over twenty billion dollars to meet outstanding commitments and liabilities that something the prime minister may not have the political capital to deliver jonah how al-jazeera brussels. the us. this is to shift its counterterrorism strategy to focus more on africa the defense secretary james mattis discussed the changes with congress members it comes amid growing pressure for the white house to be more forthcoming about the deaths of four u.s. soldiers in the two weeks ago lawrence korb is the former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says the needs to be more transparency about what happened in egypt. this is something that certainly the congress should have been
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made aware of it's certainly something that the american people should know because if you send their sons and daughters into battle we ought to know exactly what's involved and what other countries are we talking about i doubt that most people even knew we were in jr and according to the pentagon they were those troops were an advise and assist mission it was not a combat mission we didn't have any air power we had the french was supposed to come and help us out but they couldn't drop bombs so it was run very very chaotic lead there why did they not get all of the dead soldiers out you know the military is very strong about you leave no one behind you know how did how did that happen what was the role of contract is ended up a contractor not a u.s. military person or civil servant was in there and you know on how many of them are there i mean and how much are we spending on this we have an africa command why didn't they call him and tell us right after this happened what was going on. the
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u.s. secretary of states is on his latest diplomatic mission focusing on conflict in the middle east and south asia rex tillerson first stop is saudi arabia for talks on the ongoing war in yemen and the current gulf crisis he'll then go on to cata pakistan and india on thursday to listen said he had little hope that the gulf diplomatic dispute would be resolved soon blaming the four blockading nations for refusing to engage in talks. a month after hurricane maria hit puerto rico eighty percent of the island to still without power crews are working around the clock to try to fix hundreds of kilometers of power lines but the governor of puerto rico says it could be another two months before full power is restored alan fischer reports now from san juan. this is normally the convention center in san juan the capital of puerto rico but for the last month this has been the coordinating hub of all the rescue efforts across the island the federal emergency management agency
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the department of defense a number of local agencies and a number of charities are all based here trying to coordinate relief efforts but one month or one after the hurricane many people are saying they're seeing nothing nothing from any of these agencies coming into their communities to help them there are many people here still without food still without electricity still without drinking water there are real health concerns as well because people are turning to polluted water just to try and sleep their thirst or even doing simple things like washing their clothes in water that is highly contaminated so there's a real risk that there's going to be another health problem just a few weeks down the line that the people here aren't unrealistic they remember a hurricane one thousand years ago and said that they expected things would take some time before they even started to get back to normal but they're deeply concerned that it's taking longer than any normal expectation they are saying they expect to see a lot more of the government they realize that they can't just drive trucks here that you've got to bring things in by plane and by boat but they say they feel
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they're being neglected one example of that is that someone from fema said recently that they do so many blue tarpaulins key thing for the hurricanes in florida and texas there simply weren't enough to bring here to puerto rico and the people here believe they are being forgotten and they want that to stop and to stop no. pollution is killing more people than war and natural disasters according to a report in the lancet almost fifty international researchers were involved in a two year project michel ability. from civil wars to ethnic disputes from hurricanes to earthquake we old who are wary of the deadly impact of such atrocities but a new study has revealed a more devastating death toll in war and natural disasters combined. medical journal the lancet says pollution causes nine million premature deaths every year in twenty fifteen filthy air was linked to some six point five million
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deaths in contaminated water accounted for one point eight million the study blamed pollution for one in six premature deaths worldwide and twenty fifteen sub-saharan africa had the highest rated deaths per capita by somalia chad and central african republic but india had the highest death toll almost a quarter of all deaths there some two and a half million or blamed in part on pollution this is the air quality in new delhi nearly twenty times higher than accepted levels are common with. my eyes are burning as if someone put it chilly in them and i'm having difficulty breathing. it's the result of a night of fireworks celebrating the hindu festival of the wyly a ban has been declared on the sale of fireworks celebration takes precedence over pollution despite the ban of the government doesn't have
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a political will we need to do more because we can't afford to live in a situation like this. india has taken steps to reduce pollution limiting the number of cars on new delhi's roads and tightening standards for vehicle and factory emissions the root cause of most global deaths environmentalist say the crisis is preventable governments just need to take the issue seriously it's a shock to all of us when we saw the numbers and we need commitment national and local level to just get in and do it because the solutions exist. beyond the human cost pollution accounts for four point six trillion dollars each year in losses or six percent of the global economy this is the most comprehensive global study to date and research has concluded pollution threatens the continuing survival of human societies shallop ballasts al jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the spanish senate is expected to trigger article one five five of its constitution imposing direct rule of the autonomous region of catalonia the decision follows weeks of political deadlock between madrid and the catalan regional government after catalonia session referendum two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul this comes after i source said it carried out one of two attacks targeting mosques in afghanistan on friday at least seventy people were killed in the suicide bombings in one attack a man walked into a shia mosque in the capital kabul and detonated an explosive vest the second attack happened in the central gore province where a suicide bomber struck a sunni mosque iraqi forces a claim control of the whole of kirkuk province after intense fighting against kurdish peshmerga the army says his capture the last turn out to include pre the bill province with the help of shia militia the u.s.
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will shift its counterterrorism strategy to focus more on africa the defense secretary james mattis met members of congress on friday to explain the change it comes as the white house has been under pressure to be more forthcoming about the deaths of four u.s. soldiers in nis air two weeks ago senior republican lindsey graham talked about the new u.s. strategy. the war is morphing we're going to see more actions in africa and less you're going to see more aggression by the united states toward our enemies not less we're going to have decisions being made not in the white house but out in the field now support that entire construct so the rules of engagement are going to change when it comes to counterterrorism operation we're going to move to status based targeting so if you find somebody who's a member of a terrorist organization then we can use lethal force they don't have to present immediate threat it's been a month since hurricane maria hit puts
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a recurrent eighty percent of the island is still without power crews are working around the clock to fix hundreds of kilometers of power lines but the governor of puerto rico says it could be another two months before full power is restored due to a lack of money and workers the u.s. government has been criticized a lot of slow response to the crisis those are your headlines so far today more news on this channel in thirty minutes between now and then it's inside story all season. on counting the cost china to point out how president xi jinping wants to reboot the economy with a high end robotics look at why hijack an all makes is causing tension along the river nile plus the u.k.'s e.u. divorce is breaks it failing counting the cost at this time. is there a way forward in afghanistan taliban attacks this week have killed more than one hundred twenty afghans nationwide despite the u.s. air force flying more missions and dropping more bombs both u.s.
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strategy and the afghan government.


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