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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the european union. in
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a few hours spain is expected to unveil details of his plans to take over castle only is government. hello and welcome i'm watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up attacks on two mosques in afghanistan more than seventy people dead . kurdish fighters say they feel betrayed as iraqi forces claim the hold of kirkuk province from the passion. and more than one hundred people are arrested in brazil and what the police say is their biggest bust of a nationwide paedophile ring. our top story today in the next few hours the spanish senate is expected to trigger article one five five of the constitution imposing direct rule over the autonomous
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region of catalonia the move follows weeks of political deadlock between madrid and the cattle and regional government but how did the crisis come about well on october the first catalonia held a referendum on secession the spanish courts ruled the vote illegal and the national government tried to stop it still around ninety percent of those who voted back to session catalonia as leaders signed a declaration of independence but they immediately suspended it rather having talks with madrid now the central government demanded that the cattle and president. clarify whether independence had been officially declared when refused he. used to do that the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy set in motion the process of revoking catalonians political autonomy and suspending its parliament under simmons joins us live now from barcelona andrew this invoking of one five five potentially what might that mean. well this is the way it's going to play out
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peter it is unprecedented completely uncharted waters article one five five was introduced in the nine hundred seventy eight constitution for decades of democracy and now this direct powers are being taken by madrid to rule catalonia and the regional parliament behind me now the cabinet as we hear the ringing in of eight g.m.t. the parliament the parliamentary cabinet is meeting my honor or hoyer has a series of measures he hasn't revealed the detail yet measures attached to this article one five five which enables him basically to really do whatever or not whatever he wants but certainly repressive powers also elections possible but the mood here is one of trepidation certainly not excitement that could be independence declared by the president here but no people are quite wary
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they're protesting right now in many different ways right the way across the city. and online message from a pro independence campaign group saying peaceful direct action shows the power of the people. to take some money out of banks that are moving their registration out of catalonia in case of independence withdrawals of one hundred fifty five euro the number of an article in the constitution being triggered to impose direct rule on catalonia by madrid why because the spanish dictatorship is unbearable. i think putting pressure on is a good move with thousands of people doing the same thing. i mean some symbolic the government still has no mood for any compromise.
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in catalonia there are movements that want revolution so they want civil disobedience today there was a call to withdraw money from banks. then came a message from the prime minister himself saying the crisis was at a critical point and his party and the main opposition were agreed on action. they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the european union they have deprived the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control and government imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me it would be a scandalous situation. article one five five from the one nine hundred seventy eight constitution will take power away from the regional government here it could mean elections it could mean a formal declaration of independence it might lead to public disorder in barcelona and now you really sense a fear of the unknown on both sides of the divide in this crisis shared by
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politicians and the people alike we fear that we are going to need. so to me as a danger and that maybe we will not be able to push back when we are there and that's a feeling that they think we all are in barcelona half right now. on saturday will hold an emergency cabinet meeting it's unlikely to calm the situation right now and there's a risk it could mean cause for peaceful direct action could turn into something more dangerous and how would you sum up for us the tactics here being used by both sides. well really when you look at it mariano rajoy is playing for time to some degree because what's happening now the cabinet will pass this there's no doubt about that so he has the support of the socialists and other opposition parties and then it will be passed on to the senate they'll be
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some preliminary talks by the senate on saturday it will then actually go to a full discussion either thursday or friday of next week and then we'll see it rubber stamped it will be in place so the question now is. a list of issues that carlos pushed him on has and amongst those issues is does he say declare independence he has the backing of his party on this he has this result from a referendum that's been suspended by the constitutional court of spain does he do that now what's he thinking he hasn't spoken for ten days now publicly could he declare after one one a comes in place is it a case of the two big men wanting to blame the other for starting what is going to be a really really really big deal for spain it's going to really affect not only spain
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the european union as well the your opinion union has refused to mediate in this whole crisis and it's not been internationalized so raw hoary thinks he's doing the right thing he's got to be incredibly careful because there could be unrest there could be violence who knows both players have got a lot at stake as i say again you know this may be a slow motion convoluted procedure but this is deadly serious you know the biggest political crisis in spain in four decades of democracy peter andrews' you get the feeling that this slow motion procedure is actually now beginning to damage the country i mean. there's so much uncertainty in the political wind these days some of the banks have started relocating already surely it would be better to come up with some sort of resolution as soon as possible.
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to certainly i think you're representing a viewpoint of many spaniards many catalans as well they want some negotiations you ask anyone here what they want they want negotiations yet raw hoary they say has refuse. is in a position whereby he is now saying that the law has been broken here the law broken not just by parliamentarians as he's saying but also by the police the regional police here have supported their government and come into well not confrontation but more or less with the national police that's a pretty unusual situation in a european state it's still not resolved and it might be the case that this article one five five will be used to sanction if they have to police chiefs here force the police to adhere to the demands of madrid so this is really a case where by i think you could quite. honestly say that the people
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are in a position now of wanting independence many of them but unsure possibly of the way this could play out there is an unknown about it as we heard earlier on and it will talk later i'm sure thanks very much. two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul now that comes less than a day after i a source said it carried out one of two attacks targeting mosques which killed at least seventy people in one attack a man walked into a shia mosque in the capital and detonated an explosive vest the mosque was packed with worshippers for friday prayers the second attack happened in the central gore province where a suicide bomber struck a sunni mosque jennifer class has more now from kabul. the afghan capital awoke to two explosion just at just about six thirty local time two rockets landing not far from nato headquarters here in kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility for that the latest attack in
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a series here in the end here in the afghan capital and around the country the islamic state claimed responsibility for a friday night attack on a shiite mosque the in mom's i'm on mosque. here in kabul that killed thirty nine people according to the ministry of interior that attacker going in placing himself among the worshipers spraying them with gunfire before detonating himself killing thirty nine wounding forty five another attack friday prayers friday evening prayers at a mosque in central afghanistan in gore province killed thirty three we don't know who was responsible for that caps a very deadly week here in afghanistan more than two hundred twenty people have been killed so far in taleban attacks on military outposts and police headquarters across the country in the south in the west in the north and in the southwest of the afghan security forces facing a resurgent taliban the islamic state also weighing in a big challenge for the afghan security forces that they try and grapple back
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territory from the taliban who control or contest almost forty percent of the country it's a very difficult task for these forces who are taking punishing casualties in the continuing fight well my son is the former afghan ambassador to france and canada he says the attack show the afghan security forces are ineffective. she was becoming more complex there are more regional players in i think there are reports that the russians have a new agenda. now getting more heat from washington may also alter some of their agenda. and the pakistanis have had in many years which has not. prime stability and security. and what the afghan government is on what to make sure that there is better management and better leadership at the head of the security forces and also in middle management. the commanders need to make sure to
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protect their forces to protect their bases i think that is actually. in the same time the project of strengthening the african forces in order to protect afghanistan and to stabilize afghanistan to go on. iraqi forces of claim control of the whole of kirkuk province after intense fighting against kurdish peshmerga the army says it's kept at the last. bill problems with the help of a shia militia stephanie now reports from the front line. the new front line opened early friday iraqi forces together would have still shabbier shia militias move towards peshmerga positions not to appease the kurdish it's around thirty kilometers south of erbil on the road to cook. yes they're attacking it out and cooperate and they're attacking from dbase also and there's nothing we can do about it only slowly i'm urging the coalition forces to come in and help as it
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hit the peshmerga no doubt we have martyrs there. a steady stream of reinforcements were sent throughout the day blankets and mattresses packed in the soldiers ready to defend their positions many here feel betrayed by iraqi government leaders in baghdad some fellow kurds and. international community. in reality when we used to fight everyone used to praise the peshmerga they are brave they are fighting for the world and now they have done this plan they are attacking us as i see right now everyone is turning their backs on us. mortar shells machine guns were fired throughout the day well it's. everyone here is tense. waiting to take any of the injured. back to our. prime minister has
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ordered iraqi forces not to enter abele and to stick to what he called the two thousand and three lines this is all about disputed territories longstanding on resolved issues between baghdad and are below about what the gained more territory since two thousand and fourteen is pushed out of many areas the iraqi army used to control and last month's referendum on secession seems to been the final straw for the iraqi government to neighboring countries who oppose kurdish independence the irony there were very similar scenes just a year ago as the peshmerga iraqi government forces and shia militias all moved in to ward a common enemy but now their guns are turned on each other stephanie decker al jazeera on the road to kirkuk. michael bridge and his. forces he says the. hopes for an independent states might be a thing of the past. this is
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a very serious situation now i doubt is actually treating the kurdish population of iraq like they're there isis in a way they're actually conducting military operations against the peshmerga and they're still isis pockets in and around we. were mahdi so this is this is this is move laterally to to punish the kurds for this peaceful lot and then they're surprised that the united states didn't back them up and the k.g.b. barzani's party is surprised at the puke a case that would be that's not on a. kurdish regional government. encouraged cook you know federal forces we keep hearing federal forces are moving in but we need to find these kind of forces there counterterrorism forces and hospitals shall be hired you see back to melissa's not just sheer militias but commanded by consulate money lieutenant on a laundry and on many on one hand it's so how do we use counterterrorism forces
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against the kurds and then the u.s. state department says we're not taking sides well if you're not taking sides you're actually taking a side you're taking baghdad side and you're actually taking to iran side. brazilian police say they've busted a major paedophile ring i think one hundred eight people have been arrested they're accused of sharing and producing images of children on lying more in the thousand police offices what with the u.s. authorities in the six month operation in the home has more. one after another police lead away the suspects these are some of the more than a hundred people now in custody and what brazilian police say is their biggest operation yit targeting paedophiles reportedly among them a retired policeman civil servants people running football clubs for youngsters they're not just accused of sharing pornographic material of children over the
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internet some face charges of producing it to. pedophiles use different methods including storing illegal criminal photos in the computer of someone in another part of the country or in the world and often the person who is storing the content is unaware the operation ran over six months drew an eleven hundred police offices and extended to every state in the country brazilian investigators also worked with u.s. authorities they say they found around one hundred fifty thousand files containing disturbing images some of the suspects were described as using sophisticated techniques to evade detection but justice officials say others was simply caught with the images on the computers and mobile phones made in a honed al jazeera still to come here on al-jazeera. we'll tell you why one of the biggest carmakers is slashing production and what's known as the motor city in the
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united states plus. a mantri thomas in sydney all australians writes just a recent survey suggests as many as one in four people here are that's despite this country being on paper one of the most multicultural in the world. from the me on my points of asia. to the city never seems. hello there for some of us of course europe is pretty wet and windy at the moment and it's all thanks to a storm called bra and you can see it here gradually edging its way towards the east for some parts of aa then they could be gusts up to one hundred thirty kilometers per hour and that system is only slowly edging its way eastwards so during the day on saturday then it will be gradually tracking its way across the northern parts of england and then eventually on sunday working its way steadily
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eastwards but still very intense winds as edges its way eastwards away from the british isles is also affecting the weather rain wise as well as with some very squishy showers mixed in with that system you see this leading edge of the unsettled weather as well that stretches across the alps lots of snow here and the making its way down through italy as well to the east of that it is largely fine and dry but certainly a lot cooler than it has been to as a maximum there in moscow and i mean eight in kiev a bit further south there's also been some rather lively showers here particularly across parts of lots of lightning out of this system this one though is fading to make way for the next one that's working its way towards us so for some of us in area in the northern parts of tunis yeah they could be one or two well the lively showers there on sunday towards the west fine force in robot will be at around twenty five and cairo will see a maximum of around twenty eight. there with sponsored by qatar. news has never been more available it's
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a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have this rain good logical rational person crazy man and misinformation is right dismissal and well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening provides a critical counterpoint trying to bring mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching all of his era remind of our top stories so far this hour spain's senate is expected to trigger article one five five of its constitution imposing direct rule over the autonomous region of catalonia the decision follows weeks of
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political deadlock between madrid in the capital and regional government after catalonia secession referendum. two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul comes after eyes said it carried out one of two attacks targeting mosques in afghanistan on friday at least seventy people were killed in the suicide bombings. iraqi troops of claim control of the whole of kirkuk province after intense fighting against kurdish peshmerga forces the army says is kept at the last town elton could premier bill province with the help of a shia militia. the u.s. is to shift its counterterrorism strategy to focus more on africa the defense secretary james mattis discussed the changes with members of congress it comes amid growing pressure for the white house to be more forthcoming about the deaths of four u.s. soldiers in the two weeks ago lawrence korb is the former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says there needs to be more transparency about
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what happened in egypt. this is something that certainly the congress should have been made aware of it's certainly something that the american people should know because if you send their sons and daughters into battle we ought to know exactly what's involved then what other countries are we talking about i doubt that most people even knew we were in jr and according to the pentagon they were the troops were not advise and assist mission it was not a combat mission we didn't have any air power we had the french was supposed to come and help us out but they couldn't drop bombs so it was run very very chaotic leave there why did they not get all of the dead soldiers out you know the military is very strong about you leave no one behind you know how did how did that happen what was the role of contract is that ended up a contract or not a u.s. military person or civil servant was in there and you know on how many of them are there i mean and how much are we spending on this we have an africa command why
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didn't they call him and tell us right after this happened what was going on the u.s. secretary of state says on his latest diplomatic mission focusing on conflicts and security rex tillerson stop in saudi arabia for talks on the war in yemen and the gulf crisis he'll then go on to kassa pakistan and india on thursday mr tillotson said he had little hope the diplomatic disputes would be resolved soon he blamed the full blockading countries for refusing to engage in talks eighty percent of puerto rico is still without power a month after the caribbean island was devastated by hurricane rita despite emotions and crews working around the clock to fix hundreds of kilometers of electricity lines the governor of the u.s. territories says it could be christmas time before full power is restored many islanders say the u.s. government's response was slow and unacceptable following promises of help by the
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president donald trump. one of the world's biggest comic has is cutting production and jobs at a plant near the u.s. city of detroit's general motors g.m. says a change in buying trends and increasing automation behind the slowdown john hendren has a story. a slowdown in motown has general motors cutting back. auto sales in the u.s. it dropped nearly ten percent so far this year but it g.m. the fall is nearly double that this plant makes cars buicks cadillacs and chevy volt hybrid but it's s.u.v.s that are selling now so the detroit hamtramck assembly plant has gone from two shifts to one this month it's slowing down production. very quickly don't use of facilities and do what they want downtime to to deal with excess embittering so they're quicker to riyadh just. don't play with them one on nov twentieth this plant will shut down entirely until january while demand catches
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up with production when production restarts it will do so with two hundred fewer of its eighteen hundred workers alternative fuels may be the way of the future volvo is going all electric or hybrid by twenty nine teams and america is slowly working its way in that direction but americans love their big cars and they have cheap gas and as america goes so goes detroit. this was once one of the busiest plants in the u.s. but automakers have moved their plants from the detroit area across the u.s. and the world is cars have morphed into what are effectively rolling computers manufacturing is required fewer but more tech savvy workers with the demands that they're going to have for the. technical expertise i think the manufacturing is going to be more concentrated in the u.s. . simply because that's where the talent is i mean you need to produce the kinds of
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technology that they're working on now you have to have a very highly educated workforce. that workforce is set to bear the brunt of the cutbacks as g.m. and other automakers deal with an ever changing market that will see thousands of jobs being lost john hendren al-jazeera detroit the congress in peru has passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana the bill was passed by a big margin allowing the drug to be produced imported and commercialise the president had republicans since he proposed the move after police crackdown on a group of mothers making cannabis oil in a makeshift lab to treat their epileptic incredible. australia is one of the most multicultural countries anywhere on the planet yet latest figures show a quarter of the population is intolerant towards other cultures and ethnicities and or thomas explains from sydney. in one commercial
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a white man holds open the lift door for a white woman but lets the door close on a black one a white woman steps out discussed it in another a taxi driver tries to pick up a white passenger before an aboriginal's one has been waiting longer a white passenger refuses to jump the queue but does australia one of the world's most multicultural countries really need like these more than other places organizers call this the believe in bendigo picnic an annual day of inclusiveness in a country town when my kids were growing up. to the big market to say people of any other ethnic origin you know because they just want. to live here but the main idea is to hold an event which contrasts with another held in bendigo in late twenty fifty hundreds protesting against plans to build a mosque the ugly images tapped into
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a perception that australia is and australians are racist australia certainly has a racist he story with a colonial past and an explicit white australia policy on immigration until the one nine hundred seventy s. . today videos like the easy to find online. researches recently surveyed more than ten thousand people in australia they concluded that about a quarter also questions in a way that showed them to be intolerant of other cultures and ethnicities the same survey asked people if they'd experienced discrimination in the last year thirty nine percent of people originally from china and india said they hired sixty nine percent of people from c. done and fifty nine percent of indigenous australians in australia at the moment we don't even really want to acknowledge that racism exists institutionally systemically implicitly and explicitly but australian society is diverse and is
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getting more so net migration as one percent of the population each year one of the highest rates in the world twenty eight percent of australians were born in other countries with the biggest numbers recently coming from india and china surveys suggest about eighty five percent of australians think multiculturalism has been good for the country and the prime minister regularly called australia the most successful multicultural society in the world some though say that is a claim too far if you kind of crow about being the most successful it can kind of paper over the fact that there are problems as well bendigo small scale is going ahead it's difficult start to potentially positive opened up a conversation and that's something that was probably missing and then to go there for them nationally to an increasing conversation about racism could have a beneficial effect andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney.
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welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from doha top stories the spanish cabinet today expected to trigger article one five five of its constitution imposing direct rule over the autonomous region of catalonia and now the decision follows weeks of political deadlock between madrid and the cattle and regional government after catalonia session referendum two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul this comes less than a day after i source said it carried out one of two attacks targeting mosques which killed at least seventy people in one attack a man walked into a shia mosque in the capital kabul and then detonated an explosive vest the mosque was packed with worshippers attending friday prayers the second attack happened in the central gore province where a suicide bomber struck a sunni mosque the u.s. is to shift its counterterrorism strategy to focus more on africa the defense
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secretary james mattis discussed the changes with congress members it comes amid growing pressure for the white house to be more forthcoming about the deaths of four u.s. soldiers in the shed two weeks ago senior republican lindsey graham talked about this new u.s. strategy. the war is morphing we're going to see more actions in africa and less you're going to see more aggression by the united states toward our enemies not less we're going to have decisions being made not in the white house but out in the field and i support that entire construct so the rules of engagement are going to change when it comes to counterterrorism operation we're going to move to status based targeting so if you find somebody who's a member of a terrorist organization then we can use lethal force they don't have to present any media threat eighty percent of puerto rico is still without power a month after the caribbean island was devastated by hurricane maria despite emergency crews working round the clock to fix hundreds of kilometers of
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electricity lines the governor of the u.s. territory says it could be christmas before full power is restored many islanders say the u.s. government's response is slow and unacceptable well and promises of help from president from. those are your headlines another thirty minutes of al-jazeera news for you in thirty minutes between now and then the listening post. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to you. the producer harvey weinstein actually. coming up it was called russia out of the white stuff but when i think of the york times. with my. well.


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