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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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elevating the former k.g.b. officer to sainthood president putin is our leader that given time good people in power investigates how afterwards attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the heart of the russian state the orthodox connection at this time on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks because you can see there in the distance shia militia vehicles that you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred four many people lost their jobs stabbing. from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but people tell us that it only lasts for eight days if you look around this is the only forward in this household.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure and this is that is from al jazeera live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the spanish capital needs to approve measures to take direct control of catalonia. attacks on two mosques in afghanistan leave more than seventy people dead. led to his first. take you know it's not like he was next to a stray as human rights commission tries and for ties into to change racist attitudes and i'm sorry small have all the day's sport including the astros put on a thrilling performance in the new york yankees and for thinking that in the american league championship series.
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spain's prime minister is meeting with his cabinet on ways to take control of catalonia and stop it breaking away the measures are part of article one five five of the constitution which would allow madrid to impose direct rule over the region the decision follows weeks of political deadlock between madrid and carlos put him on regional government after catalonia voted to secede from spain in a referendum here's a closer look at article one five five it's just two short paragraphs within the constitution of spain allowing madrid to use quote all necessary measures to prevent an autonomous region from breaking the law it has never been applied before the government's options include suspending the capital and government and removing leaders including the regional president madrid could also take control of the catalan police force which defied court orders to close polling stations for the referendum the central government's already said that it plans to call an election to replace catalonia as leaders in january al-jazeera as andrew simmons is live for
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us in barcelona andrew. well adrian it's certainly a charged atmosphere right now here in the barcelona with the government building behind me really you wouldn't guess the level of tension to look at it right now but certainly everyone is waiting with bated breath over there is not really wondering whether or not article one five five will be in vote for the first time in spain's history that's a certainty it would seem we've already seen mariano rajoy tweeting a picture from the cabinet meeting some grim faces around the table assuring everyone that this must be resolved through legitimate legal institutions that basically means that he will go ahead. with article one five. five
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a series of measures yet to be disclosed that could involve elections they could involve direct orders from the dread to the regional police force here they could involve a number of other things but the regional government says that this is effectively a coup d'etat on the whole system so it is uncertain how this thing will progress but what is for sure is that the government's cabinet orders will be passed through to the senate the senate will have a plenary session probably next thursday or friday more likely friday and then there will be a situation whereby this whole thing will pass into law and then we're into uncharted territory no one knows exactly what is going to happen but one person who will have a good idea of where things are going is historian here already can a useful a dock out please step this way a welcome to the news hour in your view how critical
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is this situation is a very critical situation it's a very critical situation because neither side has wanted to yield and now the intervention with article one fifty five of the constitution has the problem that its rules have never been worked out. the article simply says this will happen but it doesn't say how what to what degree and what way but his direct rule isn't it is some kind of direct rule. the very slow nature of the spanish art legal process that is to say as you were just saying. at the end of the week senate the conservatives have a majority in the senate by contrast to the chamber of deputies so that's going to pass there's no question that they have the votes but what will happen them and it's not at all clear what does direct rule mean does it mean simply that. somehow . catalonia and government departments are simply plugged into spanish ministries
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does that mean you send delegates to take this over. does it mean that you remove president puts them on as president of the generally what it does mean is probably going to be that the regional police force is going to be told to have played a lot of madrid is that yes but in principle it had already been told that no one is already doing there's a shadow is a real situation but now it's now it will be done and sharper when it does that the kernel of the spanish civil guard coordinating police here since before the. same for this is more of a political question the minister who question no i know but but what about the situation the risks on both sides the risks on both sides are very high. in madrid i think they have been convinced that there would be no real cost. if you lopped off a few heads better. situation could get very out of hand also new factor since the
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you now have a since the eighth of october spanish nationalists demonstrating in barcelona what will happen when two demonstrations meet will they clash no one knows but people are worried. thank you very much indeed for your insight there certainly right so there we have a situation whereby uncertainty certainly from both sides of this crisis the first time in four decades we've seen a situation like this in spanish politics it has a far reaching affects not only on the european union but other places as well we've even got reports now that many nobel prize winners are trying to pressure some sort of move towards trying to work as a go between for the european union the european union has ruled that out and also we've heard from the king of spain that he is adamant that this secession attempt
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should be thwarted through legal means so it really is a case now of when do we hear from catalonia as president he has been silent effectively from public announcements the past ten days will he declare independence could he possibly announce his own elections ahead of time because there is still time could this be a tactic on the part of our eleanor hall to play for time before the senate actually makes this go legal at the end of next week back to adam a thanks did under simmons reporting live there from barcelona two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul on friday two attacks targeted mosques in afghanistan killing at least seventy people i saw says that one of its fighters walked into a shia mosque in the capital and detonated an explosive vest the mosque was packed
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with worshippers attending friday prayers the second blast happened when a suicide bomber targeted a sunni mosque in central gor province in afghanistan jennifer glass has more from kabul. the afghan capital or worked to explosion just at just about six thirty local time two rockets landing not fire. from nato headquarters here in kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility for that the latest attack in a series i hear in the end here in the afghan capital and around the country the islamic state claimed responsibility for a friday night attack on a shiite mosque the in mom's arm on mosque in dusty bargee here in kabul that killed thirty nine people according to the ministry of interior that attacker going in placing himself among the worshipers spraying them with gunfire before detonating himself killing thirty nine wounding forty five another attack friday prayers friday evening prayers in a mosque in central afghanistan ingore province killed thirty three we don't know who was responsible for that cap's a very deadly week here in afghanistan more than two hundred twenty people have
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been killed so far in taleban attacks on military outposts and police headquarters across the country in the south in the west in the north and in the southwest of the afghan security forces facing a resurgent taliban the islamic state also weighing in a big challenge for the afghan security forces that they try and grapple back territory from the taliban who control or contest almost forty percent of the country it's a very difficult task for these forces who are taking punishing casualties in the continuing fight let's get a few now from the middle was what managing director of the peace training research organization he joins us live from kabul before we talk about the the wider security situation in afghanistan the politics of it what do you make of the fact that at least one of these attacks on friday was claimed by i saw this is literally the taliban operating in afghanistan i saw is that two.
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oh sir can you hear me. i think. i was just asking you what are we to make of the fact that i saw has claimed responsibility for one of these attacks in kabul. i think it's always taking the responsibility particularly when they're targeting most of the show. people here in afghanistan. so they. take responsibility of the big plot of. what happened in who has taken responsibility there but these are the tactics that they're using now . that's. in the south or impact here in kandahar
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or in the most i mean the one in kabul was clearly taken responsibility by the ice and the other ones. but we don't know what's happening. i mean the opposition is not now don't care about. getting killed but at least they're getting through to. the afghan government that they can inflict. i mean. and military structures so what does isis presence in afghanistan mean for future stability. could pakistan somehow use its influence to control the group. difficult to control because. most spectacular she is.
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susceptible to these kind of attacks. particularly in the east if you. get a grab from taliban they're all reportedly some clashes between taliban and isis going to take ground i think. to try to negotiate some of their commanders who are not trying to come they might shift their size to. other parts of the country all right good to talk to so many thanks david of us water in kabul. fifty three police officers have been killed six more wounded in an ambush in egypt it happened in the back area oasis in the western desert and security forces were targeted on a road around two hundred kilometers southeast of cairo they were carrying out a raid on a suspected hideout for armed fighters as get born this now from ghana who's under serious middle east analyst is with me in the studio. who i mean this is
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a big attack who might have been behind it. well this is the million dollar question because it's not the first and hopefully it will be the last but i don't think it's going to be the last one and the fact that the egyptian government have been maintaining secrecy about all these incidences. makes it very difficult to to detail and to point the finger so you say these instance i mean we were talking about what not only here in the southeast of cairo southwest of car we said but also in that in the sinai peninsula as well yes yes all of the same groups then that we're talking about here all over the country in the country have been witnessing such attacks since two thousand and thirteen and that leads us to the important question because since two thousand and thirteen and since the military the military regime have killed all the chances of democracy to exist all these incidences and attacks stalled and that is why we have to stress upon the
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fact that democracy is the best instrument the best weapon to fight terrorism actually democracy it's the best way to keep the tomorrows tyrants and terrorists from being born today. unfortunately the egyptian regime thinks otherwise what does that the fact that so many policemen were killed in this attack. what does that tell us about about intelligence failings to do the egyptian security forces even have the wherewithal to deal with this with groups that are operating in the country like this exactly what we can tell because i know that the polygraphy and the geography of that area where the attack took place i mean if you go through that the two that you would you would realize how grave how grave the the mistakes that have been taken that have been committed last night during launching that secure with your operation it's all b.s.
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that. battalion because it's almost a battalion women lead or misled into the fire trap and that tells us that this is both absence of intelligence from the security from the security the egyptian security and also it tells us that the who ever did this this time. maintains a high military combat military experience and this is very very grave and it's not a good indication for what's coming up again up ahead in egypt could still see many thanks indeed for being with us. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mark quarter same who's been in prison in egypt now for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny but has repeatedly complained of mistreatment during his
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incarceration he was arrested in december while visiting his family here with the news hour and al-jazeera still to come on the program the trail in iraq kurdish peshmerga fighters speak out as government forces claim victory on the battlefield and pollution kills how dirty air and water are bigger threats to health than wars and natural disasters a laser in sport lewis hamilton breaks a record as he closes in on the world championship the details coming up with. iraqi government forces and the shia militia say they control the whole of kirkuk province after intense battles with kurdish peshmerga forces fighting centered around the town of elton called pre about forty kilometers northwest of kirkuk al-jazeera stephanie decker reports from near the front line. the new front line opened early friday iraqi forces together with have still shabbier shia militias
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move towards peshmerga positions now to the kurdish it's around thirty kilometers south of erbil on the road to cook. yes they're attacking in out in copley and they're attacking from dbase also and there's nothing we can do about it i'm urging the coalition forces to come in and help as it hit the peshmerga no doubt we have martyrs there. a steady stream of reinforcements were sent throughout the day blankets and mattresses packed in with the soldiers ready to defend their positions many here feel betrayed by iraqi government leaders and by. some fellow kurds and the international community. in reality when we used to fight i saw everyone used to plays the peshmerga they are brave they are fighting for the world and now they have done this plan they are attacking us as i see right now everyone is turning their backs on us. mortar
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shells machine guns were fired throughout the day. everyone here is tense. but. there's a heavy presence of ambulances here waiting to take any of the injured. back to our . prime minister has ordered iraqi forces not to enter abele and to stick to what he called the two thousand and three lines this is all about disputed territories long standing on resolved issues between baghdad in or below about what the peshmerga gained more territory since two thousand and fourteen as it pushed out of many areas the iraqi army used to control and last month referendum on secession seems to be the final straw for the iraqi government to neighboring countries who oppose kurdish independence the irony there were very similar scenes just a year ago as the peshmerga iraqi government forces and shia militias all moved in
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to ward a common enemy i saw but now their guns are turned on each other stephanie decker al jazeera on the road to kirkuk hundreds of thousands of syrians are leaving that war damaged towns and cities for the relative safety of deescalation zones the zones were recently agreed upon by turkey which supports the rebels iran and russia which backed the government our correspondent. has been to one province. and her to disabled sums arrived at the scamp specifically set up for children two weeks ago. the boys were born paralyzed live was tough enough but khalidi and her boys lived in is stunned how they survived eisel and regular a year strikes the camp is their sanctuary. nobody knows the future but to god we ask permission life from him. a wobble
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rama was set up by turkey and qatar to protect vulnerable children to provide a safer environment than refugee camps could offer. these children are victims of the five year long civil war in syria their fathers are dead and they have lost their homes they're trying to cling onto my three year waiting for things to change . the conflict has cost the syrians dear according to the u.n. six point five million syrians have been forced from their homes at this refugee metropole listened on the border with turkey three camps are merged into one almost seven hundred thousand syrians living here most are from the war ravaged cities of hama and homs. hama better get is one of those displaced syrians to motor five years ago she lost her leg during a rigi air strike. out of the city right when i woke up i felt my legs were hot i
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could only think about my mom at that time rama's mother died in the attack along with other family members her father mohammad cerise a's thirteen children also died that day. a deal brokered by russia turkey and iran has led to an end to the airstrikes mohammad also welcomes turkey's amended tarion afaik he's more of a raw of the recent arrival of turkish troops. i don't mind we hold the are here for killing like others. these refugees battered by years of fighting years of struggling to survive still strive to achieve a sense of peace. trust will be hard to win however well intentioned the humanitarian efforts here seen him because al-jazeera northern syria. china
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is refusing to condemn me and over its mistreatment of or hinge or which the u.n. has called textbook ethnic cleansing five hundred eighty nine thousand scape from being martyred bangladesh in the past eight weeks they accuse me of mars army of rape torture and murder in rakhine state china is a long time alley of an ally of me and it says it supports its efforts to safeguard peace and the situation can be resolved without outside help turn their choudhry has more now on the humanitarian crisis that's unfolding in bangladesh and how it's affecting children in particular in cox is bizarre. desperate living condition waterborne disease malnutrition threatening over three hundred twenty thousand children according to unicef among the nearly hour i refereed to sixty percent are children a staggering number un report also side that over fourteen thousand children are risk of dying due to malnutrition mobile clinics like to run by unicef care and
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shared bangladesh up and brought up in several of the camps they have to trade people with children suffering from major malnutrition or acute malnutrition so over fifteen hundred children are in this program they've been given specially nutritional food to. take care of their nutritional problem despite all that effort by aid agency led by bangladesh government lot of the essential needs of the children are still not been met you can see among the children. and the quietness among them that not only traumatized that deprived of their childhood in the long run by members government and aid agency needs to address the issue of education health and security at daunting challenge indeed by any definition at least three people have been killed in a landslide of the building site in malaysia to say that the incident happened during the construction of two tower blocks in georgetown the capital of penang
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state in the city teams are searching for eleven workers believed to be trapped in the mud and rubble eighty percent of puerto rico remains without power month off the caribbean island was devastated by hurricane maria despite emergency crews working around the clock to fix hundreds of kilometers of electricity lines the governor of the u.s. territory says that it could be late december before full power is restored many islands the u.s. government's response has been too slow and he's on acceptable following promises of help by president donald trump and when fisher reports from san juan. this is normally the convention center in san juan the capital of puerto rico but for the last month this has been the coordinating hub of all the rescue efforts across the island the federal emergency management agency the department of defense a number of local agencies and a number of charities are all based here trying to coordinate relief efforts but one month on after the hurricane many people are saying they're seeing nothing
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nothing from any of these agencies coming into their communities to help them there are many people here still without food still without electricity still without drinking water there are real health concerns as well because people are turning to polluted water just to try and sleep their thirst or even doing simple things like washing their clothes in water that is highly contaminated so there's a real risk that there's going to be another health problem just a few weeks down the line that the people here aren't unrealistic they remember hurricane one thousand years ago and said that they expected things would take some time before they even started to get back to normal but they're deeply concerned that it's taking longer than any normal expectation they are saying they expect to see a lot more of the government they realize that they can't just drive trucks here that you've got to bring things in by plane and by boat but they say they feel they're being neglected one example of that is that someone from fema said recently that they do so many blue tarpaulins catering for the hurricanes in florida and texas
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there simply weren't enough to bring here to puerto rico and the people here believe they're being forgotten and they want that to stop and to stop no. pollution is killing more people than war and natural disasters the result of a two year study showed that pollutants are responsible for one in six deaths worldwide shallop ballasts reports. from civil wars to its neck disputes from hurricanes to where we are all too aware of the deadly impact of such atrocities but a new study has revealed a more devastating death toll in war and natural disasters combined. medical journal the lancet says pollution causes nine million premature deaths every year in twenty fifteen filthy air was linked to some six point five million deaths in contaminated water accounted for one point eight million the study blamed pollution for one in six premature deaths worldwide and twenty fifteen sub-saharan
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africa had the highest rated deaths per capita by somalia chad and central african republic but india had the highest death toll almost a quarter of all deaths there some two and a half million or blamed in part on pollution this is the air quality in new delhi nearly twenty times higher than accepted levels are common with. my eyes are burning someone put it chilly in them and i am having difficulty breathing. the results of a night of fireworks celebrating the hindu festival of the wyly a ban has been declared on the sale of fireworks celebration takes precedence over pollution despite the ban of the government doesn't have a political will we need to do more because we can't afford to live in a situation like this. india has taken steps to reduce pollution limiting the
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number of cars on new delhi's roads and tightening standards for vehicle and factory emissions the root cause of most global deaths environmentalist say the crisis is preventable governments just need to take the issue seriously it's a shock to all of us when we saw the numbers and we need commitment national and local level to just get in and do it because the solutions exist. beyond the human cost pollution accounts for four point six trillion dollars each year in losses or six percent of the global economy this is the most comprehensive global study today and researches concluded pollution thracians the continuing survival of human societies shallop ballasts al-jazeera. a weather update from weather staff next here on that is out there and. i markham where in the town of cameron you all are in the democratic republic of congo where last month thirty nine refugees from rooney was shot by soldiers following
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a demonstration will be talking to the security forces the surviving refugees about what happened. last japan goes to the polls on sunday we'll take a look at prime minister shinzo our base popularity and policies later in sport the u.s. under seventeen team tries to restore faith in football back home. from a fresh coast to bring these. two watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there certainly has been very wet in bangladesh over the past few days that like picture shows why this is a circulation here that's gradually tracking its way towards the northeast for the eastern parts of india and through bangladesh we have seen that system with us for about forty eight hours now and has caused quite a few problems it's called a lot of heavy rain the most we've seen in one hundred ninety six millimeters of
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rain and what does one hundred ninety six millimeters of rain look like well it looks like this flooded a lot of the streets in fact some people were saying the flooding is up to waist deep in some places so it has made some of the roads completely impassable other ones just possible with a fair amount of caution and that system is clearing away it's working away towards the northeast and it will continue to break up. even as we head through into monday so things there are definitely quietening down but instead we've got to watch another system this one is in the western pacific and you can see a very well defined eye that clearly is a very intense system and this is all super typhoon land that's gradually running its way towards the north now already there's a lot of cloud over japan and in tokyo it's already raining but this ystem here isn't expected to reach us until later on sunday maybe in the early hours of monday or it is easing as it does so that's the good news. with sponsored by the time.
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a journey both dark because if you know there's a very for everything and there's a lot of corruption and beautiful lake and beautiful lady you have to be very patient and audi's also the city has ascended he can see how i was introduced to in the when my father and my most aware working for the king for the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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again good to have you with us adrian for the get in here in doha with the news hour from al-jazeera the top stories spain's prime minister is meeting with his cabinet always to take charge of catalonia and stop it breaking away russia's a part of the constitution allowing madrid to impose direct rule over the region. two rockets have landed there the international military headquarters in kabul i still said that it carried out a suicide bombing in the afghan capital on friday it was one of two attacks targeting mosques at least seventy people were killed and fifty three police
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officers have died six ball wounded. an ambush in egypt's the security forces were targeting the western deserts behavior oasis during a raid on fighters. refugees from burundi have told out zero how their friends were killed by soldiers at a camp in the democratic republic of congo thirty nine people died and dozens were injured during a protest last month the congolese army and refugees blame each other for what happened malcolm webb reports from the town of common eula. esper also sherry mana says bullets broke the bones in her arms when soldiers shot dozens around her died and buried in this graveyard she says she was among a crowd of other refugees from burundi protesting peacefully here last month who says she was lucky to survive. i can't remember everything. when i was shot but i remember people throwing stones at house and. and then soldiers started
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shooting. community refugees belongs to a unique catholic sect from burundi they fled conflict at home to come to the neighboring democratic republic of congo where religion doesn't allow them to eat processed un food or to biometrically register in the u.n. system so they temporarily camped here outside a base of u.n. peacekeepers in the town of cameron yola. they say that day they wanted the release of four men from their community you're arrested by congolese soldiers this camera phone video was taken as the crowd gathered and sang. when the shooting began the refugees came down the road from this direction they say they met soldiers about where the blue truck is they say the soldiers opened fire without any provocation you can see bullet holes in the wall here they say the machine gun fire went on for several minutes but the security forces tell a different story kept informed of kill him it was there he says the refugees
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overpowered him and other policeman stole a gun and used it to shoot him in the leg and attack the soldiers who then fired back in self defense one soldier was killed there's an exam they have never seen such people were not afraid of bullets one carried a bible and they all kept seeing an advancing. refugees deny they took a gun or attacked but the un says in any case the army should not have used lethal force but the army told us they acted as any army would solve the new men. came threatening and throwing store not yet in the host country what country can tolerate that there were. them but they didn't know what happened in nearly one hundred refugees were injured many are still recovering the government says an inquiry is underway. refugees meet twice a day to pray in the camp they say they were attacked after officials stirred up
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hatred against them because of their own usual religious beliefs congolese or thought if you deny it the refugees say they were persecuted at home then persecuted here so there's nowhere they can be safe welcome where al-jazeera in the democratic republic of congo. the world health organization is being widely criticized for appointing zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador more than twenty international health organizations are dismayed by the decision they say that under the leadership zimbabwe has a long track record of human rights violations that you had of the world health organization says that mugabe deserves the honor because of his public health policies. the u.s. is shifting its counterterrorism strategy to focus more on africa defense secretary james mattis discussed the changes with members of congress and here's what senior republican lindsey graham said about the new strategy. the war is morphing we're going to see more actions in africa not less you're going to see more aggression by
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the united states toward our enemies not less we're going to have decisions being made now in the white house but out in the field now support that entire construct so the rules of engagement are going to change when it comes to counterterrorism operations and we're going to move to status based targeting so if you find somebody who's a member of a terrorist organization then we can use lethal force they don't have to present an immediate threat to the u.s. secretary of state is on his latest diplomatic mission focusing on conflict and security rex tillerson his first stop is saudi arabia for talks on the war in yemen and the gulf crisis he'll then go on to catch up pakistan and india on thursday to listen so that he had little hope that the gulf diplomatic dispute would be resolved anytime soon blaming the for blockading nations for refusing to engage in talks police in brazil say they've broken a nationwide child pornography ring retired policeman civil servants and youth
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football club managers are reported to be among one hundred eight arrests suspected of producing and sharing pornographic pictures of children online more than a thousand police took part in the six month operation in brazil detectives in the united. sates were also involved in the investigation in argentina the result of sunday's mid-term congressional election may well be influenced by the mysterious death of an environmental activist the body of santiago maldonado was found in a river in argentina two days ago his brother sergio maldonado says that he blames the government for his death while the mother disappeared two months ago provoking nationwide protests today allegations of police involvement political party suspended election campaigning when the body was discovered. politicians in peru say they've made history by legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes congress overwhelmingly voted to allow the drug to be produced imported and sought president
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bed republicans in ski proposed legalization after a police crackdown on mothers who are making cannabis oil to treat their epileptic children. today congress has taken a historic step towards a more just society today we've given an example of how empathy information and compromise can overcome fear and prejudice this is the great lesson of today a new phone app is making it safer for women to take a taxi in mexico city following a series of murders by men a start up company is recruiting female drivers only john heilemann reports. a new poll ranks mexico city is the fourth worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the arrival of ride has meant that many feel safer but
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the rape murder of. the year at the hands of her cabin driver dented that perception then this month another woman was killed this time by four men in a car registered with. the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you know very pretty young you feel unsafe threatened think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse. no money and he uses a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passengers only and drum by women drivers around a curve is one of the first. i picked up a girl that asked me can i sleep for a bit of course me so i said you can't do that with a male driver you think one of me says something or takes me elsewhere with a female driver. you know you can trust her. it's only eight months old but mile drive already employs nine hundred women and has been downloaded eighty two
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thousand times in the current climate business is growing in the double digits the apple for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers if they feel their risk . it's about perception as well what women feel when another woman is at the wheel . getting into a car with a man they don't know makes many women in mexico feel vulnerable after the bad experiences those we've talked to say those incidents of sexual harassment and definitely diminish but not stop with right feeling and when they do occur often companies don't want to take responsibility. snow now drive cost ten to fifty percent more the nuber and is currently available only in the capital that means that through geography and price is not accessible to the majority of mexican women the demand is so high that it's already planning to expand to more cities here and if that works other countries around the world join home and. mexico city
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astray is one of the most multicultural countries in the world to get latest figures show a quarter of the population is intolerant towards other cultures and ethnicities and thomas reports from sitting. in one commercial a white man holds open a lift door for a white woman but let the door close on a black one a white woman steps out discussed it in another a taxi driver tries to pick up a white passenger before an aboriginal's one has been waiting longer a white passenger refuses to jump the queue but does australia one of the world's most multicultural countries really need like these more than other places organizers call this the believe in bendigo picnic an annual day have. inclusive in a country town when my kids were growing up i stepped. to the big market to say people of any other ethnic origin you know because they just weren't those kind of people and so now that's changing and more people are coming to live here but the
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main idea is to hold an event which contrasts with another held in bendigo in like twenty fifty hundreds protested against plans to build a mosque the ugly images tapped into a perception that australia is and australians are racist australia certainly has a racist he story with a colonial past and an explicit white australia policy on immigration until the early one nine hundred seventy s. . today in videos like the easy to find online. research is recently surveyed more than ten thousand people in australia they concluded that about a quarter also questions in a way that showed them to be intolerant of other cultures and ethnicities the same survey asked people if they'd experienced discrimination in the last year thirty nine percent of people originally from china and india said they had sixty nine percent of people from c.
1:45 pm
done and fifty nine percent of indigenous australians in australia at the moment we don't even really want to acknowledge that. institutionally. implicitly and explicitly but australian society is diverse and is getting more so net migration as one percent to the population each year one of the highest rates in the world twenty eight percent of australians were born in other countries with the biggest numbers recently coming from india and china surveys suggest about eighty five percent of australians think multiculturalism has been good for the country and the prime minister regularly calls australia the most successful multicultural society in the world some say that is a claim too far if you kind of crow about being the most. successful it can kind of paper over the fact that there are problems as well bendigo small scale is going ahead it's difficult start to potentially the positive it opened up
1:46 pm
a conversation and that's something that was probably missing in bendigo before then nationally to an increasing conversation about racism could have a beneficial effect andrew thomas al-jazeera said. protesters in australia are demanding the legalization of same sex marriage just a week before postal survey closes the largest crowd was in sydney where thousands marched through the city calling for equal rights the latest update on the ballot showed almost eleven million votes have been returned that's around sixty eight percent of the total sent out the result of the poll is expected in november. in japan candidates have been making last minute attempts to convince voters ahead of sunday's general election opinion polls suggest the prime minister shinzo is on track to win if he does he'll become japan's longest serving leader sarah clarke reports from tokyo. it's kerry much as i was first foray into japan's
1:47 pm
political arena is appointed by the current government the harvard graduate decided to run for election and says the party of hope she stands for office a credible alternative current administration is basically just doing their point i think for the certain people not for all the public i think we have to change it and if people want to change it the governor of tokyo yuriko quake it launched the party of hope last month pledging popular policies and a nuclear free japan the body was initially considered the most prominent rival to prime minister shinzo law by its hold on government but on the eve of the general election polls show voters support has filed to gain ground and any hope of challenging his parliamentary majority is unlikely body of doesn't have a policy platform that is different from the current warming party on top of the governor created the party is not running for the prime ministership so it looks
1:48 pm
like a very strange situation prime minister abbott has played the strong and stable card in the wake of escalating tensions with north korea telling everyone to vote for experience analysts say that can. strategy has paid off. he's been lucky more than having played his cards right. when there's a national security crisis only helps the incumbent government. on top of the opposition party the democratic party were so weak that you're going to be up in loading. despite polls predicting our by returning to power projections could still change forty percent of voters reported to be undecided which candidate or party backing mother you did i haven't been able to decide at all. i'd support stability of an administration but at the same time i wonder if everything should remain the same. the latest opinion polls suggest that shinzo ruling coalition
1:49 pm
party could secure as many as three hundred of the four hundred sixty five states up for grabs plus a two thirds of the majority held before the election if that's the case his decision to call a snap election could put off paving the way for him to potentially become the longest serving leader in japan's history. al-jazeera tokyo wrestles for the state funeral of thailand's late king who passed away last year taking place in bangkok the funeral procession is expected to be attended by at least a quarter of a million more as a lavish event will sloss to several hours ahead of king cremation next week preparations taken almost a year to complete and of course the bigotry government some ninety million u.s. dollars. still to come here on the news out of spite several high profile exits russia will have a representative in the kremlin cup final the details just ahead with the.
1:50 pm
provoking debate the corporate taxes not job growth on the brought about other well . that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture giving the rule. but challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute them on sawing join that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. break. the streak. and the story belmont's. much better marketing. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new model and would winning
1:51 pm
documentaries and live news on air and online. for sport is far adrian thank you so much we start with major league baseball and the houston astros beat the new york yankees to force a game seven of their championship playoff series justin verlander was once again the star of the night for the astros pitching seven scoreless innings in houston shows it out today is how ron and. three r.b.i.'s also help the astros to a seven to one when this series is now tied at three games apiece the winner of the american league championship title will face the l.a. dodgers in the world series the decider is later on saturday in houston.
1:52 pm
i don't really even know how to explain i mean the best way for me to explain it is multiple times throughout the game i forget what anywhere and i forget what's going on around me and my only focus is to execute by pitch i mean i want to remember what batters coming out you know it's just. my sole focus is focusing on executing my pitches when i want to execute them the way we've come out in the way we bounce back in certain games you know we want all kind of different games we want some high scoring games we're going i think a wonder nothing it's a situation that our guys have been in a lot and i think you have to keep it in you know today's tonight's game in perspective hey we still have a shot to do what we want to try to do tomorrow. and put tonight behind you and move on let's be ready to go tomorrow football now and there are seven english premier league games taking place on saturday the early kick off sees defending
1:53 pm
champions chelsea host watford man united will play how do you feel united are just two points behind their city ride both although the leaders manchester city are also in action they host seven place in burnley and if city lose they could allow manchester united to take the lead and we'll see how we are going to react in that moment we are going to drop points. because the teams always do show we do but moments with other things who only we three four. ok too important but doesn't come too much. spanish lolita leaders in barcelona will face bottom of the table malaga later on saturday on malaga have won just a single point from eight league games all season bar so are looking to continue their eleven game unbeaten run in all competitions barson lead the table with twenty two points we normally go in
1:54 pm
a bad situation they are rock bottom with only one points under those circumstances the most joy to win any points they can for us it's another chance to win three points and continue in this positive way there are three more games taking place on saturday including surprise title contenders valencia who are second in the table they're looking for their fifth straight win as they host sylvia later on in the quarter final stage of the fever under seventeen world cup kicks off on saturday gonna will take on mali in go up first then later the usa will be hoping to continue their remarkable run in the tournament when they face and when the u.s. are coming off a comprehensive five victory over a pair of y. which has the countries under seven teams up staging the men's senior team who missed out on qualifying for the world cup in russia next year yeah i mean. the first team not qualifying for the world cup is a disappointment and we've talked about it within the team just trying to bring
1:55 pm
hope back to the to the u.s. soccer system and that the deeper round we go the more people believe that there is a future with u.s. soccer in the u.s. . when we come to an event like this already events we want to be as successful as we can miss it part of the the english culture and heritage have to be have a winning mentality entered to give it your best but it's also important to recognize that we're also building for the future and the long term aim is for the senior team to to win cup will cups and euros as we competed back in back in europe in the n.b.a. the boston celtics clinched their first win of the things then after losing their first two games the south takes were looking to turn things around against them without the a seventy six ers kyrie irving start on the night from boston scoring twenty one points while four four and added fifteen more as the celtics went out
1:56 pm
one hundred and two to ninety two winners. was hamilton is closer to another formula one world championship title the mercedes driver finished fastest in friday's practice ahead of qualifying for the u.s. and also broke the record for the fastest lap of the circuit of the america we were in while clinch his fourth title on sunday if he wins the race with ferrari sebastian vettel lower than six vettel was asked. moto g.p. world champion marc marc has is in pole position for the fourth year in a row at the australian grand prix the honda rider set the fastest time in qualifying at the phillip island circuit on saturday it's a major blow to the title hopes of championship rival andre devinsky also finished down in eleventh maverick run ellis will be second grade while johan darko finished third. well despite the elimination of several top seeds and hometown players russia will have a player in the final of the kremlin cop on saturday after all her name is daria
1:57 pm
catskin up on friday she faced arena camilla bang do in the semifinals the twenty year old defeated the romanian six two six three she's running twenty eighth in the world and already has the first singles title under her belt after a victory in charleston earlier this year. earlier region juli as yours put paid to any hopes of an all russian final yours was up against new tally of a high end save but it was the german who came out on top in this one and a top three set battle six two two six seven five. and that's all your sport for now will be back with more later but for now it's back to saudi thanks indeed we're expecting spain's prime minister mario. to work address the press in the next few minutes i will bring that to you live there with peter is here thanks so you get.
1:58 pm
right. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world
1:59 pm
we have gone so places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers i think really i'm tired no. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going across the breathtaking efforts to clean up the planet sat around the way in milan companies are turning to a radical solution biodynamics a mad toxic pollution so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with its environment earthrise trees it's the from to you know some of the battle for the environment trying to here in iceland a pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions.


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