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tv   Scent From Heaven  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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more than a thousand companies have moved outside catalonia most of the major companies in cut down on you have moved their headquarters and they employed so many cities and there has been these investment from abroad from spain there's been a drop in tourism which is so important for the catalonia which is one of the major factors of growth i mean. i don't need to go into five to detail you know all this information i would like to talk about some important issues but if that and you know where to become independent in spite of what's been told to look at to learn citizens get along we have would stop being a member of the european union and the world trade organization qatar never become a third party in terms of trade relations. and therefore the
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different. trade body as would apply. for and trade them. for catalonia to more than half of catalonia. you know patient it is all going to be held from the. could be removed that's why most of the. financial institutions have moved their registered offices from catalonia to other parts of spain and they're doing that to the fans their rights the rights of their employer years and those the rights of those who have their deposits in those institutions but only much. credit would also contract. the inflation. on consumption and investment is your good result in the impoverishment of the cut on
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the economy between twenty five and thirty percent of g.d.p. this would be unsustainable. one of the four four of detectives i mentioned. to continue restoring a new economy economy the recovery of the condom is something that spain has been doing over the years. which i repeat again the objectives. normality and. economic recovery and elections. the first measure. that my. the first measure the government is going to take is closely linked to the following objective and that is the celebration of elections in catalonia. if the senate approves paris. the government can be suspended and then.
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spanish government has the power to call elections which can be called within six months my will is to celebrate election to assume normality into additional manatee is restored which is one of our objectives. therefore. i think we should all try to restore into different mollett in calling elections is one of our objectives. the majority of which for that to happen and this is what common sense is telling us. a matter of opening early you period whereby the lot of. the rights of citizens are respected we have recovered coexistence of well being people and employment of people that the period we wish to initiate but now i'm going to briefly explain to all the other measures the most
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important ones here later on there's going to be a briefing to explain in part detail those measures. we are going to ask the senate. pursuant to all article one hundred five of the constitution. you know to protect the general interest in the interest of the nation authorized the spanish government to adopt the following decision and. but first. to suspend. the role is to suspend the role of the catalan leader and all the members of the cabinet. the role of official it's. will be. conducted by the ministers appointed by the spanish government
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during the period of this in this extraordinary period time. the only restriction of the catalan government pursuant to article seventy one of the started of autonomy united will continue functioning as the minister to have the office that carries out all the executive power as. of the time government you know. what the administration will be under any instruction of this or. thought it is created by the spanish government it. but i mean. parliament.
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presentation. will have to buy up the constitution. in order to get into this we are suggesting the following measures to be approved by the senate the president of the government. proposed a candidate for president of the catalan government and they cannot set of eight. plan it is haitian to invest that person. will be. established by the senate. and therefore no initiatives will be adopted that go against the spanish consideration or the started to vote on and we have got that on yeah. but it's upon us government. to veto any. these. are your most important although i'm going to.
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do a little. we will explain it on. something important that should be. me or the south. would those people that have. the government outside the constitution started. spending started of i know we have restoring it so the normal. existence of all cattle and only those proving that i don't know. well they should on rule of law having. fun democratic. respect. and sharing rights of people which. we have co-existed difficult tense. but we have a monitor for two years we have managed. within our.
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much different if we have had to go petition in one of the most decentralized states in the world. without them. all the checks and balances that part of any democratic society that's to their pain and the one you wish to continue existing about you and i'm telling you that we will all one. by. calmly democratic. to all desponding tone and. i would like to convey a message because her entity i am fully aware that we are a little bit at a difficult time but all together we will overcome this as we have done so before. when did and with very difficult times in our history. history that lasts for
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several centuries. asking. that no more companies leave catalonia the no more deposit leave. i think we can rest assured that this will be resolved on it and no one will because we will continue working to restore normal oddity to restore concord. for the good sister harmony between all of us. about all cattle and you know a lot of what they think or. feel so that they can feel united will. come and future projects. around the world and that project. is called spain's for many centuries thank you.
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elation look at that when you. look you know you've said that you're not. suspending those responsible of this situation. in the last. battle i mean. and. you will be appointing. members of the spanish government just finance ministry distinction made to. the institutions is that not suspending their autonomy. and if you know in history mr scientists were talking about calling elections forward to an already. last and yesterday in brussels or to present a question. that we need to make. use.
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of public media is that. the. golden heart public media will be conducted by by by the new body. by the spanish government. will be done within the six months are still the first question they insist on whatever they said at the parliament. many lives have been taken and therefore. the only thing we are asking for is for the government to observe the constitution under started by the me. not being respected as the constitutional court said. when i. went to get them. i thought. these measures are approved by the senate. but is
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there any room floor as you know mr. taking a position so that this measure do not materialize. well. the government will summit. the document that we will hand out to all of you and then all positions based on all these issues will be taken by the senate and no longer by the government despite his government. and i know you're concerned that mr swan's them on another person will not abandon the. office. and it's the measures they're doing. saying are you not concerned that this will cause a farther off point dependent moment. i
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think the only concern that we can have in a situation such as this one which is not is it is not to abide by and that's the only concern that we could tie up annoyed and. as i said before there is no. continuity world over to allow for that to happen. but if you. look at let's imagine that. in terminus someone decides to do this in not. in west northwesterly after. this but unacceptable. this is not part of it but you know normal one of the internet twenty of my only concern would be that i don't. really i don't. follow i have legations the others haven't done so. as
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a fan is going to they haven't decided to vote on a me i have to look to to follow one of them is to follow the no on that i has i was and i will do so as i said earlier on i've been very cautious and what i've come across something that you've never seen in all the years i've been in office. or in politics and i did not choose mariano rajoy the spanish prime minister they're taking us through what he thinks should happen next they are going to end up with article one five five that means in about a week from now once it's been signed off by the senate in the state capital madrid they will be able to take back powers from the regional council an administration under simmons is live for us in the barcelona will there be any immediate reaction from the catalan government we think under. eight isn't
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clear on that wall sol right now call us pushed of all i wasn't mentioned by name by mariano rajoy throughout this but he was referring to and undoubtedly have basically saying laying out the land in terms of what will happen next he listed the main points in invoking article one five five he said it. he wanted a return to legality they wanted to restore non-monetary they wanted to promote economic recovery a prediction there that there would be a crisis for cats of the if it went independent because it the europe european union would recognize that european central bank wouldn't businesses already withdrawing putting their headquarters elsewhere there would be a problem tourism down fifteen percent already according to the latest figures he predicted that the economy would be a major problem and then the key point now before elections he said the elections will be called within six months now the next thing in terms of what happens there
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to summarize is that the senate will consider a raft of measures passed on by the cabinet and that is likely to be next friday and that is something that will be the trip has already gone that would then institute the suspension of the catalonian government and then what would replace that is slightly unclear but the madrid would have direct role in the sense that it would be able to appoint ministers now what what's more it is that as far as madrid is concerned it will then actually stop paying the key figures the key figures being colors pushed of all who was mentioned by name and his ministers it was unclear as to whether or not they stopped paying all civil servants here but he also said that this was not this is slightly sort of. two meanings really he said
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he was not suspending the autonomy of of this government but he was taking it out on the people who have moved outside the law he went into great detail about about all of that but in terms of response there are a number of options for the president right now he's been quiet for the. last ten days no public statements could this be now the point when he formally actually declares independence could that happen could he possibly try and outmaneuver rory in a sense by calling elections himself or that might be seen as something of a weakness politically so we're not getting any immediate response we're only getting real feeling on the streets of confusion in some places anger that this has happened in some places concern about the unknown because this
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is unknown territory in terms of article one five five being invoked has never happened before in four decades of democracy in spain and no one is quite sure where it would lead where will this government take people will it will it if there is elections will there be results that's favorable to the government or not there is a lot of questions hanging over this and the primary war is whether or not the protests will escalate the pressure will will mount on the government a question or put that to him you may have heard it before coming to me and of course roy didn't really answer it he just said that you can't have a situation like this where you have a president who is working outside the law and not allowing his opposition a say in what's going on either and he also pointed to another factor he more or less accused directly. of all of of really. bringing it on
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provoking article one five five to be actually initiated and getting to this point andrew for the moment many thanks if you just joining us here on al-jazeera just get right up to date with what's going on mariano rajoy the spanish prime minister this basically saying they are going to invoke article one five five of the spanish constitution and are making the point. we are in uncharted political waters not just for catalonia not just for spain but indeed for the european union as a whole he said basically what's going to happen mr roy i mean we will suspend the catalan cabinet their jobs will be done centrally by the government in madrid but the cattle and region in the administration will carry out what it's been doing as an administrative body not as decision making financing body on soaring directly to madrid right at the beginning of his speech he said something very interesting he said the castle and one tid this situation to develop in the way it has developed
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he accused them of wanting article one five five to be triggered you'll have lots more on that with adrian at the top of the hour mining's be talking though i will see usual time tomorrow from everyone here in doha thanks for watching the season. the story that. would probably be the message. and we where there were no fanfare kind of thing on that's time to dismiss some of the story out
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of the story and. i like that too that i want to view it in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not fun but and you didn't miss any of the news or any of it this you can watch it on like. valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades. to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for you i.
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discover a wealth of i would winning programming from around the world paul full documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime the kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten and ten. it will be the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention spain's prime minister moved. to impose direct rule on catalonia. hello i'm adrian franken this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up at
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attacks on two mosques in afghanistan leave almost ninety people dead. led to his first. take you know it's not like straining his neighbor's rights commission tries advertising to change racist attitudes plus. i'm malcolm webb in the town of common in the democratic republic of congo where last month thirty nine refugees from rooney was shot by soldiers following a demonstration will be talking to the security forces and the surviving refugees about what happened. spain's prime minister has launched a scathing attack on catalonia regional government money out of a wholly has formally announced that his government has begun the process of suspending catalonia autonomy he says the separatists forced madrid to take
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unprecedented actions. i don't need. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one five five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances there was an occasion where we almost triggered the article during philippe gonzales government but it was never triggered in this occasion that wasn't possible and we have had to invoke that article because no government in any democratic country can accept that the law is ignored or changed this is done by trying to impose a criteria on someone else this article can be found in other european constitutions and the spanish constitution was voted on by or spanish citizens. let's get a few now from the lie how who is a historian an expert on cattle and nationalism and he's with us live in barcelona good to have you with us so we're in uncharted political waters right now but what
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happens next. it's hard to tell to begin with there is a wait until thursday or friday when the senate has to discuss and vote the measures that roy has announced these measures the. p.p.p. the popular party of has a majority in the senate and has no problem doing this but rather has acted as if this was not the case and that it was a institution free from the government and which would have no problem. deciding exactly what to do in other words in his talk he has suspended the cattle and the government has not suspended out tommy has not made clear exactly what's happening with the cattle and parliament except that the senate will decide and in six months
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at maximum elections for the catalan parliament will be held all right so he suspended as you said that that the cattle and cabinet but not catalonia has autonomy what does that mean showing that one of the same thing. exactly. well. how could i put it. from president of the united states but the united states constitution is not suspended if somehow trump were eliminated. ok i understand words the legal basis of time to me is not challenge all right what do we make of a prime minister who is accusation then that catalonia is a cabinet wanted. article one five five to be triggered all along this this that they wanted this is the result they wanted. it could
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be it could be so because. the. the. revolution that was done on six seven september which in other words to announce the catalan law was over was over and above any spanish law. was not backed up by any kind of force so the the logical solution from the point of view of the cattle of the coalition or the forces coalescing around the catalan government would be to ritualize its martyrdom to be. thrown out and as has happened to some political activists jail this would feed the backing that independent of some house and would satisfy supporters so how is the cattle and government likely to react now a will they perhaps use this as an opportunity to declare independence.
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they might very well it would play very well with their support and at this point it would mean nothing particularly different from what is already going to happen to them. you know basically. it's a has handed it to them on a platter. so what can we expect now in terms of reaction from supporters of cattle and independents are we likely to see street protests i would expect. very large ones i've already been told this morning that they were being. connected in organize people were using social media to convulse and gather and i would expect that barcelona will sadly for me
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unlivable for at least the next week. and probably more time still i mean to expand on that for why do you say that that it will be unlivable for you i take it that you're not because personally in favor of independence then. i'm not. i'm in favor of being you know a little of my own life liberty and pursuit of happiness not to many problems in the outside so but the point isn't here what happens to me the point is that if you have large scale daily amount of demonstrations the city doesn't function if you have them all over catalonia the whole community doesn't function if the. announced that none of the cattle and departments that can say yes. of the cattle and government would be touched they would function under ministries of the spanish
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government now how do you do that. just by phone or do you use standard spanish practice which is to send government delegates to preside over each department can will they be able to get in. to their offices or once in will they be able to get out i'm not making this up september twentieth there was a situation in which the civil guard went to the department of finance of the generally thought and the civil guards were kept in by demonstration for eighteen hours. so one thing is to announce something and say this is what's going to happen another is very different to make it really work in the street. and put this into a wider. perspective for us one of the implications of this for the european union for instance. well the really european union.
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the three presidents of the european union yesterday and with the king second the very strong speech of the king and said that the european union would in no way doubt the government of russia and its right to proceed as it wished today as it was going to announce that it would today so the e.u. is very for a. cause johnny we're all very firm on no e.u. support for catalan independence of any cut. i could still be so many things did on equal to light the cauldron historian an expert on cattle and nationalism well thanks much more to you very much we'll have much more on this this breaking story in the coming hours here on al-jazeera let's just remind you once again that spain's prime minister mario hoyer has announced that his government has begun the
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process of suspending catalonia as autonomy invoking article one five five of the spanish constitution he says that the quote separatists in catalonia had forced madrid to take these unprecedented actions. now we'll move on to work the other news for a while at least fifty five police officers have been killed and six others wounded in an ambush in egypt it happened in the back area oasis in the western desert the security forces were targeted on the road around two hundred kilometers southeast of cairo they were carrying out a raid on a suspected hideout for armed fighters al jazeera. is with us he's our middle east analyst. this is a lot of people killed in one single attack what happened here and who was behind it. yes but let me just add to the news that you just broke
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is the fact that there are reports that some of the offices are being held hostages by terrorists ok so the surviving offices of it being held his jacket well from what happened there and what what has been reported have been reported so far it's obvious that what happened is a big operation that that that have been subject to security preach the be the intelligence that the the the security officials based this operation launched this operation based on and on the on it told that there is a group of terrorists in that area the there are two ways to get the intelligence on the ground you get it from human sources and you compliment these this intelligence from from area of recon what's proven now is that there was no
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reconnaissance aerial reconnaissance whatsoever now the arguments raised by the official security off issues is that the stay in the end refrain from the aerial reconnaissance because they wanted to maintain the element of surprise now what happened is is that the the either the b. were misled by the human sources on the ground and led into this fire trap or somebody and inside a mall was in the security informed the terrorist in either case it's catastrophic and what's more catastrophic that it happened over the nova before and nobody was held accountable in egypt nobody is held accountable right says another security failing but again i come back to who are who are these people who carried out this attack well from from day one this over and over what happened we can tell that it's a highly trained group. there must be some former military elements who
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participated in this attack and what what we have the intelligence we have is that the group was led by a former elite forces officer and egyptian officer who was fired from the service. you know because of his affiliations or whatever and for other police high ranking officers who were fired as well four years ago and he joined that group or and that tells us how did they maintain such. military combat expertise what is it they want what are their aims well let's let's put it that way i mean big big the rule is in the country is that the violence is only license for the state troopers ended in the police and the military but in the in the meantime it's bad politics is banned from the military. and the
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civilians are the ones who are licensed only ones licensed to do to get into politics in egypt everything's confused the military has got into the politics and they banned this of billions to get into politics and that's why we ended up in this miserable situation the civilians started carrying on to justice into their hands and in the meantime the military they're not doing their job properly they should restrict themselves to their job which is the military and the police the shouldn't get into politics this is the real problem ok yeah many thanks indeed thank you. two rockets have landed near the international military headquarters in kabul at least eighty nine people are now known to have died in friday's mosque attacks in afghanistan eisel says that one of its fighters walked into a shia mosque in the capital and detonated an explosive vest the mosque was packed with worshippers attending friday prayers the second blast happened when
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a suicide bomber targeted a sunni mosque in central goal province of glass reports now from kabul. the afghan capital awoke to two explosion just at just about six thirty local time two rockets landing not far from nato headquarters here in kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility for that the latest attack in a series i hear in the end here in the afghan capital and around the country the islamic state claimed responsibility for a friday night attack on a shiite mosque the in mounds i'm on mosque in dusty bargee here in kabul according to the ministry of interior that attacker going and placing himself among the worshipers spraying them with gunfire before detonating himself another attack in friday prayers friday evening prayers in a mosque in central afghanistan in gore province killed thirty three we don't know who was responsible for that caps a very deadly week here in afghanistan more than two hundred twenty people have been killed so far in taleban attacks on military outposts and police headquarters
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across the country in the south in the west in the north and in the southwest of the afghan security forces facing a resurgent taliban the islamic state also weighing in a big challenge for the afghan security forces that they try and grapple back territory from the taliban who control or contest almost forty percent of the country it's a very difficult task for these forces who are taking punishing casualties in the continuing fight. to get a weather update thanks to you and i was here at then. the war is morphing we're going to see more actions in africa not less a shift in u.s. counterterrorism strategy following the deaths of four american soldiers in the share. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first.


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