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tv   Scent From Heaven  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 4:00am-5:01am AST

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the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how is negotiations with him helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter. is iraq. or about us and oh how the top stories on al-jazeera catalona years later has denounced moves by the spanish government to take control of the autonomous region
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colors puts them out and says it goes against democracy and the role of law spain plans to dissolve the regional parliament and call elections after catalonia held a session referendum if you repent. are a rethink of how long. they will also be at risk in europe you know practically reciting the future of a nation is not a crime. these goes against foundations that you need european citizens through diversity polling stations have opened for japan's snap general election prime minister shinzo shocked the country by calling the vote a year earlier than expected is asking people to stick with them in the face of what is termed the dual international crises of an aging population and tensions with north korea so a clock has more from tokyo. after listen two weeks of campaigning today the
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japanese voters will go to the polls decide on who will be their next leader now at this stage the polls are indicating the liberal democratic party which is the prime minister shinzo our party he'll be returned to power with a solid majority that's two thirds of the parliamentary majority and if he's returned to power he's gamble to call the snap election early will have paid off now the polls have just dodged a bullet just opened i should say and vote isn't just start and casting their vote at this stage fifteen percent of people have turned out this is because of what's currently heating japan which is tough in land they've all been encouraged to make their vote early now despite suggestions in the polls indicating that she will be returned to power with i solid majority the polls also still indicate that he's not the most popular leader it's simply a case of untested inexperienced opposition that encourage voters to stay with the side option and but machines are. the taliban says it's behind a suicide bombing that killed fifteen soldiers in afghanistan's capital it's been
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a deadly week for the country at least eighty nine people died in two separate mosque attacks on friday egypt's government says sixteen people have been killed in an ambush on security forces in the western desert the police officers were raiding a hideout at the back of the oasis when we came under fire from fighters no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. or right wing billionaire businessman who's being compared to donald trump looks set to become the czech republic's new prime minister under about bush's euro skeptic a an all party one about thirty percent of the votes in saturday's parliamentary election he's been critical of the e.u. in the past but he now says he wants to take an active role in shaping the news policies and he's beginning to ochs to form a coalition government. not. we have extremely excited and we really want to thank you you've supported it in such numbers almost one and a half million votes something we did not expect would you put the confidence in
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his. information campaign that's been going on for almost two years. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia as part of a new push to end the gulf crisis but he says he doesn't expect a breakthrough it's now four months in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain suspended ties with qatar five former u.s. presidents are joining forces for the charity concert to support what it can relief the one america appeal concert in texas will raise money for people affected by how to consolidate and maria these are live pictures tens of thousands of people were displaced after the storms hit the u.s. in the caribbean president donald trump is expected to send a video recorder to the concert goers. and donald trump says he won't block the release of classified government documents about the assassination of john f. kennedy. the killing in dallas in one thousand nine hundred sixty respond to
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numerous conspiracy theories that have endured for decades congress set a deadline on thursday for the documents release says he'll make them available unless law enforcement agencies provide compelling reasons against it those are the headlines the news continues here the knowledge is here after sent from heaven by for. for as long as i can remember luke has been part of my life. the scent of this rare and special wood was present at home and the neighbors and in the mosque.
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nothing gives me a feeling of much of a study like this made up of good. but looking beneath the sadness of this incense what a community of new forethought and beautiful. the center of old is part of life not just in qatar what i know but in most of that i've been but it's a lot. more or does build here than anywhere else in the world. we call this or it's also called i got. this song cultures it comes mainly from india and southeast asia.
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yeah. what to you it might be weird but to me strangely good because i'm used to it since i can remember it's like your attempt there would have been a nice perfume. describe this no happiness yes it's so deep in my subconscious. when i use it now it makes me think that. everyone has their own associations with. but above all it's a community. to come to this kind of planets are. pushing. russian dictator and this really. the english. down here
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but the guy was. a better. life a lot more than a. little you know and he could have more you anything and a little would be written with another good one. rooted in the litany of what. i have is very good. i thought here. yet in recent years that story has been changing. these wooden ships have become incredibly expensive and each year the high quality cured with george will be there for ever one little girl the girl becomes harder to climb. down. this is now to help her through missing though i'm sure. says becoming rarer and rarer. i would say you know what i
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have to offer. so i don't want to come. i don't know an indian. why other. you know the one. who doesn't want us out of. rice and the shelf not left but of those of them that love. so basically all of this is below the average good food. which me and this is a bit off. but anyway i was murder. maybe i would like it part of the mystery of food is that it never smells the same twice its strength and quality depends on the concentration of oil in the wood but in the end it's all down to personal taste it's actually not bad but either way the endianness stuff is
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not for me. i'm used to the cambodian and the reason this is more intense and fruity the other one is more fresh and the other one with the type i like. the other so. one can judge me. even if you ask for their best stuff they will not give it to you right away you would have to try what they have first they would try to sell you what they have on disability. you don't get it they try to sell you from their bags that they have. you don't like and they go inside and drink every other vacs what better stuff. i guess we'll see. good how come body. brother comes here to kill. me.
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one hundred twenty thousand three oz is there to four thousand dollars which parakeet who is the current price of gold yeah this is much better. what's amazing about this will definitely stay in your clothes for days. however the price is too much and i can't afford it. someone who's been selling goods for decades is mohammed a name in this total listing is there is about one point five million dollars quarterly but where do people hope but you know they listen to what they listen to what you see. i can judge from listening. without seeing if i if i moved out one day i wonder from some plantation you would hear a different. tune. it's about how heavy the
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wood ok this is one thing has always some period going on down people they will. be out here now and they will test ok mine too much better than this is going to quantity how come the price trouble a few years from now demand in the market and the whole market people are using more even when i show and the gulf countries they use it more now they use it more i use that more but i don't know your use of what yeah i use at all everybody is using this. it was the recent surge in the price of oil that made me sit up and stop taking it for granted when i looked into it i found that the tree in the wind is very general extinction in many countries. and a vicious circle gets the more desirable it becomes driving up prices and creating
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a dangerous black market there are no people getting killed in the hunt. that's why i thought. maybe i should be looking to. find out what is it going to end in my lifetime and my part of the problem. i want to trace would probably end users to its source in the first. demand has been growing both east and west and my first stop is london where i was used to study. in london i discovered more dimensions of old. ode is a very hot fragrance so whenever i wear it it makes me feel warm. cotton and warm absorb the smell and keep it for a long time. one of the moment i remember walking to this university and the
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cold wind had my cloth then. i definitely enjoyed here much more than i joined it back home. for some years. garden conservation international has been working on brazil with the trees that produce wood he takes me to the head burial in the queue garden to show me how to. create so this is. so basic. genera which is akron area and which are the main. groups of plants that produce. when a tree. has open bark whatever. it can be insects it can be maybe a storm can be many different things so then it provides an entry for
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microorganisms. the counter-reaction of the tree years to produce the resin and it's this resin that then shows in the. black sports the sad truth is that the tree only becomes valuable when it's infected and generating antibodies in the form of a goat it is quite a rare occurrence naturally so that one one in ten trees as i said before is sort of usually shows signs of production while the other plants in the same population may not necessarily have and that's why it's a very rare a very rare resource where when you are in the field this is very difficult to see whether a tree has produced a good one or not so that's one of the reasons why they are often indiscriminately felt just to see whether they have it or not and this is one of the reasons why the
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species have become so threatened these days. the trees have been put on the list of the convention on international trade in endangered species cited. in some countries this has led to a ban on harvesting and then the rights to needing authorities certificate for export proving there would come from a sustainable source. can i should like to show you have also been established and yet in the wild trees population continues to decline. so as a consumer who are only uses while i go to what do you think i am a part of the problem. yes of course unless it's sustainably sourced and respect. within the export quotas of the different countries and less also the. regulations are abided by. and you are part of the problem.
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one of the things i have to find out is whether my wood is harvested sustainably or not but the demand for the wood far outstrip supply. in the last decade there's been no more winters there was for old boy the fuel oil for dinner a little can be overpowering to those not used to it. yet in small proportions it's a versatile ingredient as western perfume was has been realizing of the last decade . nearly all the major brands no haven't. but you know how the salon dot com there is a french company hurriyat that was looking with the long before it became fashionable. how much of this one hundred ninety four.
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when we get them. and how many beautiful. custom one could appreciate it. and how much does. two hundred for. an amazing. because it's something new to the western world sometimes the reaction can be overwhelming maybe it's something that is not familiar for them but as they come second time to try it they'll fail so you need one two times to smell it and you will want to. sell our love of. caves.
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the regime have been developing good perfumes for around thirty years but this is the first time they've opened a boutique for the public. there is daughter and there is also a perfume yeah i remember when i was a child with my sister and we were discovering the different roles and surprise of course because at first you can be surprised but if gaps are very trendy in the past ten years what do you think of when i look at this with residuals my new me that's so leave everybody discovered the beauty of this components for the for the forest of the trend and i was creating eureka not so do you think they're in this coming soon now what the other brands are doing which i cannot really tell that's my opinion. remaining in the natural cannot go this is the
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largest appreciation i master of the mass production so if we speak about natural wood of course there's an image there's really means. after smelling very just perfumes i want to meet them i'm behind them that means traveling to the south of france to the town across the perfume capital of the world. grass and the title thanks to the fragrant flowers that have been growing in the area of our center you're the jasmine that goes into an intimate life this picture from this field you are the town even has its own school a perfume i attend the lesson given by the next guy but i've been this french expert for noise as they are called who has brought together sensible you know shown governor and others. he gets his students to sign the old orders from different countries.
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india if. you're desperate yes. copies and. you're always missed something. that you as a person can be sweet little sweet little fruity and then you say ok. maybe some food maybe something with water and then after you know a. lot like my favorite here are two good revelry. and one man who's been working on a certain natural need smell for decades is or asia it is in this house where everything is done from perfect creation to distribution but i want to. it's not an
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easy product but it's a very very very very delicate product. and you need years of sensibility to do use this wonderful product inside our occidental perfumes and to reach to reach the sensibility of is a custom else ladies and gents who'd who'd like it it's an invisible communication of love between a product and the people you say i don't know if i explain myself here but it's very insulting so you're saying to. you about your the sixties yet it took twenty years to make it for us twenty twenty five years to to start to start mixing it in different problems and how many failure we have passed through our beef until we reach. you know it's it's not an easy product you put a rose in order it's was a smell immediately is wonderful three if you say oh it's
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a rose and. one month later two months later you spread it rose and as disappear would is a very powerful product and so it's hard to mix it with something else yes and you have to be patient with me would you have to be patient like a beautiful lady you have to be very patient and what is also the same as a symbol because you yeah already gives me a sniff of the oil at the base of his or her fields this is pure road or a few type of award next together or what is it exactly it is a different mix of movement because i want to reach the smell of the woods that was available twenty years ago yeah you see so i was thirty from that when because that was available twenty thirty years ago i believe i believe it is a different station you know the forest hill foods are all there all the cut so the
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wood we have today is not the same as before it was more animal so there was a more strong stronger and more of a smell the old would it was very sick it was so was so wild so sick so i mean molly you know and and today it is more sweet more soft. like a beautiful skin of a lady for instance she says that's it so happy you're saying we're all used to be wild and now it's tame. and now it's team yes yes you know. the high quality hold of memory seems to be fading into the must. but my research has taken me to their website oh i got a word consulting and the man behind it who lives near the grass the alamo have you hunts out the best food on the planet how did you know about. and i was introduced
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to it when my father and my mother where working for king for had it not do the edges of so would you rather when i was fourteen years old the king i gave some as a present to my father for his job and. i kept it trisha sleaziest thirty two to a. small piece by small piece and then yeah i was in love with the saying go with what is your profession. my profession and i would sell down and the other parts i work for are some special custom i would say to look for some very high grade i guess i would. as the sun goes down shows me some of his ways. i wrote you a few. projects a few simple from different quality to from various to this one is the last piece that they kept from the king my last bits from the king. and with
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this one know its. senator nunn fell yeah yeah so this is sinking grades from indonesia it is called the sinking grade because it's sinking into what term because of the oil come to and there's lot of corn on it's so this is supposed to be the best and it's not supposed it's the best grade off i got wood it's smell a bit like. my grass like a mushroom also allow. has a different way of betting that. it's a make up plates. and japanese people use it too so the heat will not be too. too high. and it helps to burn the wood properly and slowly there's more nuances. yeah smell like grass here yeah actually it's.
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it's very nice i mean. and that's made all so i can beat like that yeah i love seems to have the same knowledge and passion for the route as a simile it does for one. but he's not finished with it but this is the best ya got left the best but beyond the best there's something there's something ok and make sure are the best be on no way be on the best there's something not sure at around that we called tina it's the rarest wood on the house it's it's rare around and ten years ago and you know the teen a rare on that and i am on and we call it kinnaman it's i have one small canine here and it's not small actually because it's nearly impossible to find nowadays this one is kind of touching. i've never been lucky enough to smell.
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has the most prized of all who. this is a land's biggest find for a customer so far sixteen kilos or six hundred deal or good it took him five years to find ten to twenty one see what a staggering twenty million dollars the price of the kidney really skyrocketing it's like. can be for one gram ten so i was in us for one gram. in chung i they they sold a piece. sure three years ago it was eighteen million dollars. for two kilo of cocaine i'm so it's like nine one million crack you know. it's it's amazing that. in a week i land will be back on the hunt in southeast asia and we agreed to meet again there as it is also a time for me to frame my first visit to the countries that go through it. and
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hopefully find that you know what. provoking debate the corporate taxes not her job growth on the barack obama the well. tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture giving. birth challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them prosecute. join mehdi has sun up front at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. back. from. the street. and the story builds steam jobs much better marketing. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera
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has teams on the ground to bring the mole and ward winning documentary and live news on air and online as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the aspersion on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our us to china but we have to remember that air pollution traps around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. i'm rob matheson in doha the top stories in catalonia as leader has denounced moves by the spanish government to take control of the tone of this region colors push
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them along says it goes against democracy and the rule of law spain plans to dissolve the regional parliament and call elections after catalonia held a secession referendum if you repent. at. it practically citing the future of a nation not a crying. again foundation that you need european. polling stations are open for japan's snappin general election prime minister shinzo was shocked the country by calling the vote a year earlier than expected he's asking people to stick with him in the face of what he's termed the dual national crises of an aging population and tension with north korea the taliban says it's behind a suicide bombing that killed fifteen soldiers in afghanistan's capital it's been
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a deadly week for the country at least eighty nine people died in two separate mosque attacks on friday u.s. secretary of state regs telos ins in saudi arabia as part of a new push to end the gulf crisis but he says he doesn't expect a breakthrough it's now four months since saudi arabia the united arab emirates and egypt and bahrain suspended ties with katan five former u.s. presidents are joining forces for a charity concert to support holic and relief the one american appeal concert in texas will raise money for people affected by how to. and a very a these are live pictures from there tens of thousands of people were displaced and billions of dollars worth of property destroyed after the storms hits the u.s. and the caribbean president donald trump is expected to send a video recording to concert goers. all right wing billionaire businessman has been compared to donald trump and looks set to become the czech republic's new prime minister. is uta skeptic
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a an all party one about thirty percent of the votes in saturday's parliamentary election he's been critical of the e.u. in the past but he now says he wants to take an active role in shaping his policies and he's beginning talks to form a coalition government those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after sent from heaven by foot. bangkok thailand finally i mean the region what it comes right. for millennia would has literally associations for many cultures what it's more was said to hit contemplation. it may have first come to the u.s. with china's traders and today it's the chinese again lot having the biggest market . back in egypt when his hunt for clean up my land tells me about the boom in china
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you said why did the chinese a stark reminder go of what the rest of the world. it's up to two thousand. yourselves and your recently. because of. the economy yeah that's right there's more and more rich training and it's really fresh unable now they buy all the highest quality so the price is rising very very fast. every year and can be like twenty per cent of them depending on the quality more the highest quality. what do they use it for a. different. culture offering tree they like to put it on my splays when they're in their home. to impress yeah i guess or so and also as a traditional medicine. parents like us they burn it off but
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nowadays because of the value of the rising price skyrocketing price they also investing. like we can invest for example you my painting they invest in i go. people is a reluctance to part with the wood as investible as keen on is an obstacle. city comes. to show you need to to have kind of trust in these people you cannot come and put their money on the table they were not so. good about money if they know that i'm really involved in it and they really do it because it's a question. it is easier but take time. you cannot have a king i mean you cannot say ok next month i want to kim possible it's not like being a ferarri are it's easy to be
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a fairy as long as you have the money just going to show up ok on this one parking on the sheriff and you know what was discussed i cannot tell you about the key question and it's confidential it's part of the contract. but from where. chinese customer. has more than two hundred eggs i would contact in southeast asia his most trusted one in thailand is with someone who started out harvesting livelihood but has since changed his ways if we how with the tree from is wasting to cut down the creature. so i started doing plantation business. first because of money. and the second to safety net or a car with three or four of. you in the forest overexploitation has led to
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a ban on wide harvesting in thailand and across southeast asia there has been a blooming plantations growing cultivated. here and when they are induced into generating their precious resin through chemical injections. also uses his own concoction on trees or by farmers you news i will show you the tree that already done in the collation. i did it. i think almost two years. this is the hole that i drew the late trick. and i squeezed the liquid inducer inside the hole into the hole but what do you inject it with what is this this is how can it liquid anything is put great here but what's in it. i can't tell you everything because this is the secret formula
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you can see the ring. this ring is anybody to protect yourself from the irritation is a car would have you seen this before now is my thought all these are finished we're not you're saying yeah. it's this is how. this reformer you know it it's not the same like the healthy side there's this side is moister this is dry and how hard it yeah why do you tap the three i just want to hear the sound if any brands hollow yeah i mean it is time to how we're. yeah it's ready to harvest this one is good enough for.
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a normal great not a super great. after the egg or wood has been harvested it still needs to be separated from the healthy wood around it. this is a piece of the die hard carving out of the carving out of it how much time here it is to carve a piece like this i think about three pieces for day very slow right what about the big one. this he started covering without cutting a piece of wood yeah how do they cover the whole thing is piece take about two months to be done. it will take me a lifetime to do this one and i won't do it right it's. a piece like this will probably be sold as the creation. plantation chips tend not to be the best quality
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because those harvested after a few years or so meaning that is it is less concentrated than it is in the wild yet whatever the quantity of cuts made to do it in the near future it's maybe the only option available for those of us who aren't sure but i am i still don't go with that i'll ever get my dream of seeing a life three in the forest. but i do it so take me to a special news he had the community and. we're coming to this temple to see a huge and very old venture with a measure i got free i was older than two hundred years old. every year there will be later we are coming here to celebrate to this tree because
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. they believe there is a holy tree coming when one can be saved i want to go out but i don't want to go. and find them and run away. would you think this through you would deford your skin and force him his money for his. riches if you see this chick what. not just to set this tree house on the main street here just check this home for take this hold a tree and for a day there was said chick quite here too to prevent the drugs to go child and. all but of a is did anybody try to buy a very expensive. my and i my me there was you know what to make. people on he said seven his people. of for a while i wasn't. aware of all across.
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what soured tells me later that the offer was twenty three million dollars which might make this the single most expensive tree in the world. as for myself well i've just seen my first why do tree section an amazing feeling that. i don't doubt express my myself but i felt it in my guts. just beyond amazing. with the amount of money i know for it is hardly surprising that there is a huge black market why do it in southeast asia. this idiom bangkok has become known as so we are up or out of st if you want to it this is where to come. in you want to welcome us but. what are your friends ok i think for you. i think i'll eat from qatar.
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and i'm sure they're not bad. just like you're the one they are a bit like here he. saw the bubbles and all of them knowing he could not very think what they can smell very similar to tell. you who are the customer that how they try to get. somebody. i can tell you that's another week i would be saying he would never get very wide just used in cuts which is also kind of. that's why i like it i'm used to. when you change yeah. takes me back to. the loss of these shops that are chips properly being the salt from cambodia sri lanka were all countries where why the harvesting is bad. i doesn't come here i thought it's
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in there but nobody want to not tell the truth when i ask them to keep telling. make it legally. but when you ask about the government or how they have a. good way of getting through but don't have the people just. so you're saying that they smuggle it to get here. they must they must know somebody inside. i'm treading on system ground here i was born in qatar that poking down too much into it in southeast asia could be dangerous none of us. i need to talk on camera about trade. but eventually i find it either from the gulf likely to his face is the. pain that i would not know what he can put here. on my outside. the courtroom body. to drum up some mr monroe.
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and i'm going to come and go on. a good mormon and the system and been shot. in the. in the don't want me to talk the morphine was the most of us are. well off he had it at hand to go and not a jot to load my time share eleven deficit well of you but i don't know what. kind of morning you want. to. it's certainly something i didn't know about my old tends to come from indonesia but of course harvesting is a lot but i've also learned that qatar and other gulf states have effectively opted out of the scientists controls on i could not in case it i think straight. the different rules for different countries have created
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a kind of spider's web on which the black market. i think a secret camera. that. i am even invited into a private club where the best stuff is kept and other dealers are sifting through products. for. her. when it comes to getting than dude into a talent once. we have our connections another one said. you drive the police and eventually. achieve what you saw hierarchy of what he wanted to do his dirty business and when they were there come to. respect. and find out about. their cambodia or india simply get paid
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like monkey to keep quiet and let it. another person involved in the trade yes there with. you this is ok. if. you are. saying all of these shows are in bed with the from. even the few who sponsor money. to the. forest. we also bring. to cuba we know that you didn't see the story at all the way back to people the forest ranger. somewhere not everybody somebody somewhere. but everybody the corruption stuff in the forest you know and you see people. then an event in thailand reveals the human cost of why don't. this shows that dark side of that go with business for us got just got killed
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a few days ago by illegal porches i'm on my way to attend the funeral. macallan wanted was the journalist who brought this to a. stand in hong. kong look me up when he tell me that i would live a long time he counted. i would. yeah and do you know. that they did under his name was presaged kubel and his funeral is far larger than i could have imagined even the governor of the province turns up clearly the killing of a park ranger means something oh. that you don't sign for was one of proceeds colleagues can you tell me what happened that night.
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he said and if. you kill. anyone here. i have. got a. blow from. here you have. a bank a power on how much you have. to help and . you have a look song i would look. forward
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to the hunt for the poachers has been intense to the old one two hundred and personally told. to me i'm doing a book on who sued. to whom the whole song is i'm going to. look at it we've got a lady come to a place once on which i live called the one now. i was on off on when you. come in i am coming out of. i'll come from long what does the police find out need time to him what comic-con. i didn't get enough and yet i was. poor got. caught in yet all because monday knowing. back up i long to be holed up soon my house up mike locked all the. comics i got him a cat. so much of
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a new take on. my initial doing of suga no cheating the horse is most important. however after reeks of trying a calling finally he comes. and invited to many asia to see our new sustainable for harvest. before i leave thailand i managed to get my first taste of kenya i want to give it the respect that i learned has taught me and do it the japanese the fire the charcoal. come out of it enough so that the heat to. hide them get laid. in the you're. it's on you if you feel like that one thousand dollars in the wrong hit it on the price of gold. it's role it's and
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it's so and the magic is like that a good chunk of this spot is the best. definitely about tension. you're. in malaysia that is to you no one they're going to put a summit. on the scientists quarto two hundred thousand kilograms a new kind of export. is an organized one of the people of. mixed living from harvesting with force provided. some of those bridges these diseases known here as the heart.
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and it will kill you how do. and then it is the fans to have seen growing in the forest. and i have. found the here is already wounded like this. same you how did i do you see my tiny little euclid might end up getting ready to do it under the eye do you see. that you see the bus if you. will look up but he got in. a million
4:54 am
you see. yet about that and he will probably get to be i've got much any. idea because i'm a lot. more than politely i can get you much any time i mean i get you see you're having the other three like this enough for us because my father died because he thought. now we go. officially godly are only allowed to harvest wood for their own use but they also sell it on a man has had his run ins with the law and. how do. you need them has a neat. little gun to deal with on anything i just know you're going to have because. you can cut and cut and. you blink i'm going to get what he got that you and i don't. i see how you i was
4:55 am
how do. i be the leader when i see that listed america. again. do you think that three still out here which are here my set upon. did i do. more good where i lead filipina more dialogue. less i must do that must more than theirs and. my set upon by yeah your book opens up all. because i need that that is jumbled study i see. because. i don't know how describe that is. exciting and. also sad because it was really hard to see it. we walked for hours. how we didn't see any other three i got healthy or effective.
4:56 am
and eventually we saw only one three and infected one. local tribe one vote is harvesting the street slowly piece by piece. so to answer my ordinary question to my part of the problem. well yes i guess anyone using why you would be some part of the problem with the pressure put on it why people like who will buy western for a few years by chinese by us and the black market it's survival maybe you can point . the stocks in malaysia and indonesia which are said to still be viable supply just a fraction of that is not. the only hope i can see is plenty issues where that you can live long enough to use the kind of result that competes with that of the roi
4:57 am
but that will take time. until then all i know is that i would only buy you from sustainable sources. and that after this journey the center of heaven will never smell the same again. hello there we've got some very heavy downpours working their way through parts of the u.s. at the moment particularly in the northwest that's what we're seeing some of the wettest of the weather it's also affecting us in the west in parts of canada over
4:58 am
here quite a lot of that is turning to snow ahead of it there's another weather system that galloping its way across us that's giving us some heavy downpours and also dragging down the temperatures too so ahead of it still warm for now so new york they're clinging on to the sunshine even as we head through monday and temperatures should make it to around twenty one degrees which is seventy in foreign high a bit further towards the south and here that's what's of showers currently to care for cuba and jamaica that's where we're seeing most of them but they are easing i think as we head through the next twenty four hours or so so more sunshine in between the clouds towards the west that's where there is more in the way of rain that stretching from the southern parts of mexico all the way down towards columbia and this is going to stick around even as we head through monday say really does it fairly wet for some of us here there's also some heavy rain over parts of south america that stretches down into the southern parts of brazil now to the north of that system is fairly warm getting to thirty one degrees but then the system works
4:59 am
its way across us there's more rain in rio on monday and the temperatures will drop just to twenty three. on counting the cost china to point out how president xi jinping wants to rebuild the economy with a high end robotics look at why hydrogen all makes is causing tension along the river nile plus the u.k.'s. is breaks it failing counting the cost at this time. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. group or forest baby thirteen years ago dr jim lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system with a lot of fine to side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has
5:00 am
shown that forest front to side reduce stress hormones. in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest of medicine. a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. of valuable and. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs of i saw. a witness documentary at this time. this is al jazeera.


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