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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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and i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes you know practically reciting the future of a nation not a crime fighting talk from catalonia as leader as thousands protest against spain's attempt to take control. japan goes to the polls in a snap election russians are basics to become the country's longest serving leader since world war two. not giving up u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia for another bid to end the blockade against qatar. and some say it's a blot on the landscape of blood we explain how los angeles could become a blueprint for future city living. god only is regional president is denouncing moves by the spanish government to
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take control of the region carlos puts them on says it's an attack on democracy and the rule of law and who simmons has more from barcelona. an extraordinary day most would say for all the wrong reasons mariano rajoy said he had no alternative but to trigger article one five five which some say means repression catalonia. is one description he said what can he do when people in government here were breaking the law not engaging in any dialogue earlier on and why have dialogue now when there was no real solution it was the people who needed democracy whereas just the opposite was coming from politicians this is how things played out. street protest again in barcelona on a major scale shock instead of indignation now but defiance in the air.
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if you expected such severe moves from madrid aimed at removing the political leadership of this region and within the actions inside six months. anger was directed up above that spanish police helicopters repeatedly over flying the demonstration. occupation forces go out those shelters. early money on over a holy made history with a cabinet meeting of grim faces and the triggering of article one five five it's destined to take power away from catalonia in less than a week it will be a i've been you don't get the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one five five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances back in barcelona
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president carlos pushed him all sacked by rome joined protesters and then moved on to make a tie. vision address. the cats and people cannot accept this attack or these measures the spanish government is trying to own or life in catalonia and this is outside. the catalan parliament's president was even more damning about the action ability then. prime minister rory has shown political recklessness and exceeded all limits he has announced a coup d'etat the aim is to put an end to catalan institutions and to own them and this is an attack on democracy in the twenty first century what's happening here by no means represents everyone in the loony but the numbers here and the sentiments being expressed could indicate there will be problems ahead for monorail no real holding and getting what he wants but at the midst of it we're here because the
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spanish government made a coup without weapons against the catalonian people and their government in the sense of living here in the twenty first century we have other problems we can't hold on to a constitution which is forty years old and that's what they did today we want to speak if we have to change it let's do it it's the brinkmanship in this crisis has reached an ultimate phase the stakes couldn't be much higher for either side the referendum asking residents of the region if they wanted to break away from spain took place on october the first whether catalonia will declare independence is still on. it will take less than a week before article one five five reaches the senate once that happens it's certain to be approved parliament here will be meeting soon a few people still think there could be a solution or they're getting thinner on the ground. i don't listen fareed opinions
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on whether or not the triggering of article one five five could actually be held in its tracks by the governor. actually declaring its election now that could prompt. such as then declaring independence in a way the elections could be a sort of second referendum. the result could be. a new. government and this is a crisis. for the people. in many way. gelles is an associate professor in the government department a georgetown university she's also a specialist in conflict resolution and she's joining us now from new york thank you very much for being with us people are calling this
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a coup attempt by spain without weapons spain says is upholding the law which is correct. the spanish government is following the spanish constitution applying these article but at the same time the lonny of people perceive this as a violation of their self-government that's why they're calling it a cool but the government spain is. the prerogative that the constitution is giving them to. the government of. the government spanish government seems to be targeting the leaders of the procession this movement but it also seems to be targeting the police and also the television stations as well how significant is the fact that not only is it going after the session its leaders but it's also going after the media. the spotted
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you are going to have taken a soft approach to the one fifty five fifty five article but they have decided to take a very hard to approach implying the removal of the government also intervening the activities of the cartel in parliament and also intervening the police and the media so this is going to be perceived as a very very hard intervention. in catalonia what do you forgive there is no reason yet it's unknown please carry on items or not go ahead please i was simply going to want to quote do you think this means for the future of democracy in both spain but also particularly in catalonia this is that's a look very good in the sense that seven government is for now suspended at the long yeah. starting next week on friday when the senate approves this article of the constitution this implementation of the article of the constitution and the
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spanish government has argued that they will call for elections in periods of like six months so they're going to be new elections in cut the long. so that's supposedly what's going to be happening but it's unclear if that's going to be the case or not because the article basically allows for this intervention to occur until normality is restart in catalonia until the region goes back to legality and there's element of subjectivity on these colors has said that he is calling on the regional parliament to act against the spanish move to try to take over control within cuts alone you know this seems to be ramping up further and further as a conflict resolution specialist what do you see as a way out of this. one way to get out of this is with would be getting some international mediation which could be. like the
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european union the u.n. or perhaps some other non-governmental actor. between these two actors the spanish government the cut along government and that could be dawn within the next week to avoid on the one hand the implementation of the article on friday but also to avoid that duration of independence by the spanish by the catalan parliament next friday because that is something that can happen in light of what just happened today in respect to what happens in the short term if there is not a declaration of independence as you mentioned on friday does this mean that catalonia catalonia as hopes for independence or over or are we going to be talking about this is some point in the future and what form do you think that's going to take i think that this is very unrealistic to saying that these demands for independence are going to go away especially after such measure this is
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going to this is going to backfire very likely this is going to push people to support independence even more so assuming that this is going to war to solve the problem it's very unrealistic i think that the spanish government needs to realize needs to understand that there's a large majority of catalans who are unhappy with the current status school in the spanish state and they also need to i think observe the fact that around eighty percent of catalans would like to have a referendum for independence that will be legal and binding and that would have like real consequences for the future of the region. thank you very much indeed for your time. polling stations have opened for japan's snappin general election by musicians who are a shock to the country by calling the vote a year earlier than expected he's asking people to stick with him in the face of
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what he's termed the joule national crises of an aging population and tension with north korea one one thousand one hundred and eighty candidates are running for the lower house of parliament his ruling coalition is on track to win about three hundred of the four hundred sixty five seats that would allow the prime minister to realize his goal of revising japan's pacifist constitution to formally acknowledge the role of its self-defense forces tokyo governor and you'll recall. the reformist conservative party last month to try to steer voters away from the ruling l.d.p. but a former member of l.d.p. isn't running as a candidate well let's go to sarah clarke who's in tokyo for us sara just give us an indication of what's been happening. well as you mentioned the polls are indicating that they will return with i robust victory the polls have suggested as you mentioned three hundred of the four hundred sixty five seats will go to the
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ruling liberal democratic party and that would be a greater majority or treaters majority but a greater majority than what he had before he called this snap election you also mentioned that there were two parties of political parties that have launched in recent weeks that an issue some thought would pose a challenge to our base majority but one was the party of hope many thought that would be the biggest opposition to our by but polls have suggested that any popularity has faded over recent weeks simply because the tokyo governor popular governor who led that party she wasn't running and also what was on offer was not too much of a differentiation of what. i was offering so we have a prime minister by who probably returned to power but he's still not popular the polls have also indicated he's not a popular leader and his policies are popular it's simply a matter of. the best option on the table so there's a typhoon sweeping across japan at the moment is that going to have an impact on
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voting turnout numbers. yes there is a typhoon type inland it's sweeping across japan it's coming up from the south coast as we speak and the weather outside is deteriorating further authorities had called on the public to vote early. into account these weather conditions in the public seems to have listened already before today's official polling day around fifteen percent of the eligible voters have gone to the polls which is a boost to expectations that this may see a higher voter turnout than the last general election where about fifty percent of eligible voters went to the polls so that's certainly a promising sign at the moment voting also for eighteen year olds it's the first time they've been allowed to vote in the lower house so that could also bolster numbers but certainly the intensity of rain that you might be able to see behind me it is increasing so it my pro i determined for some to not go to the polls that i still have to wait and see sarah know we're going to check in with you as the voting goes on but for now thanks very much indeed says you know tucker she is a professor at the school of management and information at the university of
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shizuka he joins us by skype from japan thank you very much for being with us the strongest threat does seem to come from the governor of tokyo but it doesn't seem as though she wants to be prime minister doesn't this make things confusing in this vote. well you know only makes it confusing but in my opinion the biggest tragedy of japan is that we don't have any competition in the political scene. like in anything i can promise as companies you need competition to have healthy issues and innovations in investments but we don't have that at all and unfortunately i don't think quake is on any part of the hope really the has that gearing or palmer or this this wisdom and especially execution power to continue to become one of the major parties and right now what we're seeing is division within the opposition like constitutional democratic party democratic party party hope you know none of
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them really have any strong policies that really appeals to the public and that's one of the reasons why you know in spite of the fact that mr obvious popularity is lower than his unpopularity. he is going to have a landslide victory by most and so obvious liberal democratic party as you saying has been dogged by scandals in recent months and his popularity is low how do you think voters are going to be able to demonstrate their disapproval should they want to show it. well the big question is would you decide approve on some scandals or execution of economic policies i think that's a question i think most of the japanese public are obviously emphasizing the latter of course it is not good to have scandals it is not good to basically utilise your position to do you know things that are not allowed of course not but at the same time when it comes to the final point people would want to continue the policies to implement you know further prosperity in the economic scene now unfortunately
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that's what i mean when you know our opposition the not have any policies for example policies that came out from you know part of the hope which was the biggest hope for you know being strong competition coming up with totally useless you know imaginably non sense making type of policies which is purely based on populism so even a lot of voters are starting to realize especially looking at you know external factors you know we saw in britain and in united states populism really isn't catching up i think in this case here in japan right now of course this vote is taking place with the backdrop of a perceived threat from north korea and if i understand it correctly one of the significant elements of the of. winning a major factor in this vote is that he would be able to rewrite the constitution and change the emphasis in japan's self-defense forces how do you think going
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forward that is going to play out in japan's foreign policy in relation to north korea and in relation to the rest of the world. well i think i'll always see he's going to have to take steps but in order to sustain his popularity in conducting these issues that you just mentioned the one of the most important thing is he has to be the conduct of very steady a pace of economy at the end of the day that's the most important major factor in you know inducing and continuing with that is a popularity so obviously he will continue with the path that you just mentioned but there would be a lot of opposition even from l.d.p. inside so basically you have to take steps and very careful steps because you also have to take care about the external. basically voices that are going to come through as well so that's really a different dimension at this point i think it is like you suggest it is connected but it will take time so here in texas had to thank you very much indeed for your opinion. plenty more ahead on the news hour including
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a power play the show of force that's further stoked tension with north korea. the range of refugee children who escaped violence in myanmar face and use threats in bangladesh. and it. closes in on his first title victory since winning masters in april. ok let's go to iraq where it's been another day of angry protests by hundreds of kurds and bill for the second day in a row the demonstrators have gathered outside the u.s. consulate to express their frustration with the international community the protesters feel betrayed by the u.s. and the united nations last week iraqi troops seized control of all disputed areas in northern iraq including the city of kirkuk stephanie decker has more from erbil . there is a feeling of tension here in erbil people are not sure how this is going to play
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out certainly the protesters that took to the streets really rich orating there cools of the feeling that they've been stabbed in the back they've been abandoned by the international community by the united states saying that the peshmerga the kurdish forces the kurdish soldiers who fought so hard to push myself back within the last three years or so that was praised by the world and they now feel that everyone has turned their back on them of course the irony of this is that you have two forces now the peshmerga and the iraqi forces that were trained and armed by the united states they fought together just a year ago to push eisel out of mosul now they're pointing the guns at each other so certainly a real feeling here of the fandom and also an element of humiliation the fact that the had to retreat from these areas that the iraqi army moved into and the fact that they had no international support no one actually came out to say that this is not what would be happening so this is something that people are dealing with right
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now and again these are uncertain times which is why people in erbil are feeling so uncertain and certainly just seeing the movements on the streets far less people out and about as you would expect. fifteen soldiers have died in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital the taliban says a minivan carrying military academy or cadets in western couple it's been a deadly week for afghanistan at least eighty nine people died in two separate mosque attacks on friday jennifer glass has more from kabul. extra security guards started work at the mosque last month but they weren't enough to stop friday's attack the bomber entered the mosque before guards started their security searches . mohammad is a regular volunteer who helps clean the mosque he was knocked down by the blast then ran inside he says there was smoke and blood everywhere he helped the wounded and move the dead. they do this to divide as they won't be able to foreign hands
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behind such attacks and they do it for later benefits through their slaves why they come to attack this mosque of course they want to divide us and that's what. i saw fighters in afghanistan said they carried out the attack the shia mosque was about half full with three to four hundred worshippers the bomber waited for prayers to begin before he launched his attack first throwing hand grenades over here a curtain area where women and children were praying he then said himself over here in the middle of worshipers killing him mom and dozens of others workers have already removed the charred carpet and abandon possessions they say it will take a month before their clean up is complete and the mosque reopens among the mourners or relatives of eight year old mustafa husseini. the president is the father of this country and it's that is both ability of the father to bring peace in a country or in the family of the president to bring peace and to protect us from the afghan president ashraf ghani says this is attack and others across afghanistan
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are crimes against humanity and contrary to islamic values terrorist groups will never succeed in their sinister goals for divisiveness he says and will soon be suppressed and destroyed by the legitimate struggle of the afghan security and defense forces at least two hundred fifty afghans have been killed in attacks nationwide since tuesday the taliban targeted security forces in the east south southwest and north of the taliban on one hand and the islamic state on the other hand what they're trying to portray is that they have the ability to inflict damage not just to the afghan national security forces and the afghan government but as well as to the to its international counterparts wherever and whenever they want to on martyr's hill on the outskirts of kabul another victim of the mosque attack an elderly woman is laid to rest dozens have been buried here today as this bureau and another body arrives and the morning goes on jennifer glass al jazeera on martyrs
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hill kabul egypt's government says sixteen people have been killed in an ambush and security forces in the western desert but he's overseas were raiding a hideout. when they came under fire from a group of fighters funerals are being held for some of the officers killed egyptian security sources said the number of dead could be as high as fifty five no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. at least eight police officers have been killed in an attack on their base in west and several others were wounded near the town of yodel close to the border with mali earlier this month for us and four nigerian soldiers were killed in a raid near the nizam mali border. arrived in saudi arabia as part of a new push to end the gulf crisis but the u.s. secretary of state isn't making any optimistic noises saying he doesn't anticipate a breakthrough that's now for months in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt
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and bahrain suspended ties with qatar particle hand reports. he's back u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has landed in saudi arabia he was here in july then side of the memorandum of understanding with carter would be enough to end the blockade it didn't despite his shuttle diplomacy so now he's coming back trying a new tactic for the four blockading countries saudi arabia u.a.e. egypt and bahrain assigning blame and then in an interview saying qatar is willing to negotiate and the saudi led coalition is simply refusing to talk because he tried before he tried to try to be nice with everyone but took him nowhere. so i think that's probably. the time has come. analysts say there is a renewed hope they might be more willing to engage now has the president for example try to put pressure on the saudis in the u.a.e.
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to be willing to to meet. the resolve some of the sanctions and stop that they put on. the fact that the president house come out now and basically decertified the iran deal is that going to make the saudis more willing to work with the deal with the situation with god or u.s. president initially put all the blame for the crisis on cutter but after being pushed by his secretaries of state and defense he now says it's time for all sides to talk if i can help mediate between cutter and in particular the u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so and i think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly his own secretary. state is publicly disagreeing taking the trip while downplaying expectations crisis will end soon but he does during this trip could very well determine if that is true. al-jazeera. the turkish
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president isn't backing down in his criticism of the united states to one has slammed the u.s. for indicting nineteen people including fifteen of his security officials for a brawl with protesters during his visit to washington and they need a new america they say the united states is the cradle of democracy this can't be true this can't be democracy if the rest warrants are issued against my body guards in absentia without seeing them or getting to know them in the united states where i went upon invitation excuse me but i would not say this is a civilized country. still ahead on al-jazeera venice was once a wealthy republic some say it's now time to consider being independent again. time we need families who set up home in deescalation zones seeking sanctuary from the war in syria. and it's been a stressful day for the chelsea boss and he's going to explain why in sport.
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what's going on in the. world most of the italian riviera. hello there it's dry for most of us in the southeastern parts of china at the moment as you can see from the when the feeding down from the north so the temperature is all dropping shanghai there twenty two is a maximum on sunday on monday i don't think will quite get that high towards the west though lots more in the way of cloud of rain here and this is the system they gave us the flooding in bangladesh that's working its way towards the northeast but it's breaking up as it does so so monday is looking a little bit better than it should be less in the way of heavy prolonged rain i mean further towards the south and we've got a storm with us a land that's running away towards the north but it's intensified the rains in the northern parts of our map so that's a game where we're going to see some of the wettest of the weather as we head through the day on sunday to the south there is more dry weather here still a fair amount of cloud still a chance of one or two showers but just not quite as many as there are further north as that system pulls away that was his way towards japan you can see the
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showers return there as we head through monday so that's where we're going to see more in the way of weight whether if we had across towards bangladesh we've had flooding here all out of this system that's the one that's going to run away towards china but as it does so it is clearing up force in bangladesh i think is a dry hair still some rather beefy showers in the eastern parts of india but even the easies as we head through monday and then things are drier. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. the russian orthodox church is deep pockets and the rapid expansion may bear its crucial role and put into grip on power with some elevating the former k.g.b. officer to sainthood president putin is our leader that given to us good people in power investigates how after it's attempted elimination by the soviet union religion has returned to the hock to the russian state the orthodox connection at this time.
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with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour catalonia is later has denounced moves by the spanish government to take control of the autonomy this region alice praised
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them all says it goes against democracy and the rule of law spain plans to dissolve the regional parliament and call elections after catalonia held a session referendum. polling stations have opened for japan's snap general election by mr xi so obvious ruling coalition is predicted to win around three hundred of the four hundred fifty six seats in parliament. the taliban says it's behind an attack that killed fifteen soldiers in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital it's been a deadly week for the country at least eighty nine people died in two separate mosque attacks on friday. hundreds of thousands of syrians are leaving their war damaged towns and cities for the relative safety of deescalation zones there's owns one agreed on by turkey which supports the rebels and iran and russia who backed the government reported sin and cos he also has visited one in the province.
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and her two disabled sums arrived at the scamp specifically set up for children two weeks ago the boys were burned paralyzed live was tough enough but her boys lived in if. they survived i still and regular strikes. that camp is their sanctuary. nobody knows the future but to god we ask permission life from hell. a wobble rama was set up by turkey and qatar to protect vulnerable children to provide a safer environment than refugee camps could offer. these children are because of the five year long civil war in syria their fathers are dead and they have lost their homes they're trying to cling onto my three year waiting for things to change . the conflict has cost the syrians dear according to the u.n.
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six point five million syrians have been forced from their homes at this refugee metropole listen on the border with turkey three camps are merged into one almost seven hundred thousand syrians living here most are from the war ravaged cities of hama and homs. hama better get is one of those displaced syrians who mota at five years ago she lost her leg during a ridgy airstrike. out of the city right when i woke up i thought my legs were hot i could only think about my mom at that time rama's mother died in the attack along with other family members her father mohammad cerise a's thirteen children also died that day a deal brokered by russia turkey and iran has led to an end to the airstrikes mohammad also welcomes turkey's amended tarion efforts he's more of a wry of the recent arrival of turkish troops. i don't mind we hold they are
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not here for killing like others. these refugees battered by years of fighting years of struggling to survive still strive to achieve a sense of peace. trust will be hard to win however well intentioned the humanitarian efforts here seen em to al-jazeera northern syria. i was there home to rex it is for me i'm on nearly six hundred thousand people the spotlight is turning to children caught in the crisis the u.n. says more than fourteen thousand risk of dying from malnutrition in the basic camps they now call home in bangladesh al-jazeera visited a mobile health clinic and the battle calling a refugee camp on the border between bangladesh and me in long shot about us reports. already hinge your child's peers into a health clinic in the ballo camp inside side occurred to
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a mother of three teens to her youngest the little girl fell ill as they fled violence in the end i think it was where my child got sick with diarrhea and is also suffering from malnutrition so i brought her to this clinic for treatment several times that's been providing her with a nutritional pack she's getting better but isn't fully well yet. the u.n. says more than fourteen thousand children could die in these camps from malnutrition side his daughter can only manage a week cry she's been waves. thirteen thousand children have been screened and unicef has discovered there are high levels of severe malnutrition. at least a dozen mobile health clinics have popped up treating children under five with nutritional packs enough to bring back the hint of a smile for a toy fish. my child has been sick since we
5:36 am
escaped from miami two weeks ago this clinic is treating her with nutrition a medicine but she's still sick so i have to keep bringing her here. me en masse military began its systematic campaign of what the u.n. describes as if nick cleansing in neighboring rakhine state in august since then nearly six hundred thousand mainly muslim or hendra have fled to bangladesh more than sixty percent of children this is the staggering sprawl of the camp from above unicef has labelled its residents outcast and desperate is the sense that these children just feel so abandoned so completely remote and without. without a means of. finding support or help and in a sense it's no surprise that they must truly see this place as a hell on us there are hendra don't know where this road really where they will be
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able to crew harm until they do the sick children are fully dependent on their parents who are fully dependent on the charity of others shallot bellus al-jazeera . a giant u.s. aircraft carrier has completed a week of naval exercises with warships from south korea drills off the korean peninsula are ahead of president donald trump's trip to asia north korea has threatened to sink the ship called the ronald reagan which is leading the u.s. naval task force craig leeson has been on board in the port of. the giant warships me a prison in port is a stark warning of the firepower of the forces ready to confront north korea. u.s.s. ronald reagan has played a leading role in a week of intense military exercises off the korean peninsula in what some see as a dangerous game of brinkmanship. and u.s.
5:38 am
navy forces. have. by their actions demonstrate. our commitment result of an ability to defend the rock of korea and maintain security and stability on the korean peninsula the u.s.s. ronald reagan is a one hundred thousand ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier with five thousand sailors on board this week they perform nineteen f. eighteen super hornet saudis in the yellow sea and the sea of japan the mission here is almost complete but the message of these war exercises is loud and clear. my brother. north korea has condemned the exercises calling them a rehearsal for war at a nuclear nonproliferation conference in moscow a north korean diplomat said the united states would have to put up with its nuclear status as for the d.p.s.
5:39 am
this is the matter of life and death and the present situation for the strengthens believe they we should strongly hold to to the nuclear weapons to deter if possible u.s. attacks as the naval exercises wind up north korea's threat of what it called an unimaginable strike on the aircraft carrier appears for now at least to be more rhetoric propaganda always creates expectations on the part of the populace that the regime of the government is going to carry through on them to some extent so i would not be surprised at all if in the weeks ahead we do see a belated north korean reaction to these exercises ironically enough they tend to act up more when they're sounding peaceful there when they're making bellicose notion noises so i think the west should be on its alert as the standoff continues the allies are again discussing a possible diplomatic resolution through back channels donald trump is scheduled to meet allies in asia early next month he's to include stops in japan south korea
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vietnam and the philippines craig leeson al-jazeera busan south korea. head of the world health organization is rethinking his appointment of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador to the u.k. and the u.s. have criticized the decision along with human rights activists and health groups they point to alleged rights abuses in zimbabwe the chief earlier said mugabe deserve the honor because of his public health policies but now says he's listening to people's concerns security forces in cameroon have stopped a solidarity march in support of english speaking regions police end of the demonstration in the port city of douala which was planned by the main political opposition group. mainly french speaking but english speakers in the northwest and southwest regions want greater autonomy aid agencies say security forces have killed the dozens of pro independence demonstrators in the past few weeks. refugees
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from burundi have told their friends were killed by soldiers that account in the democratic republic of congo thirty nine people died and dozens were injured during a protest last month the congolese army and refugees blame each other for what happened reports from the town of commonly on. esperance i'm sure a man i says bullets broke the bones in her arms when soldiers shot her dozens around her died they're buried in this graveyard she says she was among a crowd of other refugees from burundi protesting peacefully here last month who said she was lucky to survive her chap lashing out there was i can't remember everything because i feel and conscious when i was shot but i remember people throwing stones at house and painting us and then soldiers started shooting. a community of refugees belongs to a unique catholic sect from the really they fled conflict at home to come to the neighboring democratic republic of congo their religion doesn't allow them to
5:42 am
process un food or to buy a metrically register in the u.n. system so they temporarily camp here outside a base of u.n. peacekeepers in the town of kemah yola they say that day they wanted the release of four men from their community has been arrested by congolese soldiers this camera phone video was taken as the crowd gathered and sang. when the shooting began but only when the refugees came down the road from this direction they say they met soldiers about where the blue truck is they say the soldiers opened fire without any provocation you can see bullet holes in the wall here they say the machine gun fire went on for several minutes but the security forces tell a different story. captain informed a kill him it was there he says the refugees overpowered him and other policeman stole a gun and used it to shoot him in the leg and attack the soldiers who then fired back in self defense one soldier was killed and they say they have never seen such
5:43 am
people were not afraid of bullets one kind of bible and they all kept singing and advancing. refugees deny they took a gun or attacked the u.n. says in any case the army should not have used lethal force the army told us they acted as any army would solve the new. game threatening and throwing store not yet in the host country what country can tolerate that there were. them but they didn't know what happened in nearly one hundred refugees were injured many are still recovering the government says an inquiry is underway. refugees meet twice a day to pray in the camp they say they were attacked after officials stirred up hatred against them because of their own usual religious beliefs congolese or thought if you deny it the refugees say they were persecuted at home then
5:44 am
persecuted here so there's nowhere they can be safe now come where al-jazeera in the democratic republic of congo. and still ahead on al-jazeera in sports we're going to look at whether the under seventeen world cups going to be a game changer for football in india. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth in the broch obama the way only do that and that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you giving the wrong didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute them you didn't show them to show them one so i joined that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera and under put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west
5:45 am
africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. one point two million dollar reward is being offered by multiple government for information on the murder of an investigative journalist that. was killed in a car bombing on monday she said she don't cover links between motos prime minister
5:46 am
joseph muscat and offshore accounts revealed in the panama papers leaks i want to believe he has family was asked to endorse that award but they refused saying they would only do so if the prime minister resigned there's been an anti-racism march in support of migrants in asylum seekers and italy's capital about two thousand people joined the rally in rome or trade unions and humanitarian organizations and he's cut the number of refugees arriving there by sending naval units to the libyan coast and italy is also split on a plan to allow italian born children of migrants to become citizens. and into these wealthy northern regions of long body and veneto are going to vote on whether to take more control over their own affairs they account for about thirty percent of eight of these g.d.p. some people there say they resent the amount of their taxes which is used to pay for services in the put herself reports. that survive
5:47 am
throughout the centuries reflecting at a time when venice was a prosperous state. before becoming part of. the future is a europe one of many different people not the only ones everyone has a right to decide it's only administration a culture has been forgotten children are not told the history of the republic of venice but a history that was never around. this is a strong sense of identity among the nations one of a region that remains of economic powerhouse providing about ten percent of italy's g.d.p. but ask anyone and they will say the region is not getting much in return and it's time for a better financial one they hope will come after taking part in a non-binding referendum that was approved by the constitutional court if you look around here you'd be hard pressed to know there's
5:48 am
a referendum taking place now the question voters will have to answer is not about independence but rather whether they want more from the central government during the night there was a mark a better ngo does hope to vote will help save the murano glass industry a cultural flagship of venice that has decreased by ninety percent over the past three decades his family business is one of the few still surviving because in a way the bullet the shell that will take care of they've invented the region they come from then it will drive the best. of the glass going on i love to be part of. the percent. but opponents see this vote as a shrewd political move by do nordin like the regional ruling party which had called for independence in the past in. the real issues are hidden the myth of us
5:49 am
providing for the rest of italy is not true we already have other regions. so each region calls for autonomy then there will be a clash of power centers and more chaos it will snowball so by saying no we try to put up a wall to stop this avalanche. if the yes vote succeeds it will give our popular mandate to do an orderly ahead of national elections next year and coming at the back of the catalan vote the long body and venator referendums are yet another signal of european separatist movements picking up steam again but at the venice i was time for the supporters and. thank you very much for manchester united unbeaten start of the premier league season. losing to want to huddersfield their first win over united since nineteen fifty two but after conceding just two goals in the legal season huddersfield scored twice in the first half to set up this famous win it has failed back in the english top flight for the first time in
5:50 am
forty five years united now five points behind leaders at man city they beat burnley three nil oh sure it is appointed and if i was. a manchester united's supporter not the manager but but the traditional supporter i would be really disappointed because. i think you can play and lose football matches because the opponents heads more quality than you you cannot lose football matches because the opponent had a better attitude than you defending champions chelsea came from two one down so eventually be watford four two it ended a run of three games without a win for chelsea the victory moving them to fourth in the table. and maybe voted for the commitment to vote. for both of them appear so but if. if we us me about the last the result of that i'm i'm not to be god's love to do
5:51 am
that. i think know what god's going to be a confirmation here of cities three no when are burning they remain unbeaten for the season at leicester they're out of the relegation zone thanks to a two one win at swansea city and possible and have maintained their four point lead at the top of the spanish league they beat bottom club malaga to nil gerrard telephone open the scoring just a couple of minutes in under arrest and yes they got number two in the second half catalans not increasing their lead in the table by with second place phelan superheating severe four nil. mali and england have made it through to the semifinals of the under seventeen world cup mali beating african rivals go on a two one will have trip from liverpool's ryan brewster helped england to a four one win there over united states is the first time india's hosted a fee for advance and while the home team went south in the group stages it's been
5:52 am
a huge hit with fans already more than a million supporters have attended games in the event is set to break the tournament record of one point two million fans set by china back in one thousand nine hundred five there are all signs of improvement at india's senior national scene earlier this month they qualified for the twenty nine hundred eighty cup it will be just their fourth appearance at asian football's biggest competition they're ranked one hundred five in the world that's their highest spot though in more than two decades in twenty fourteen they had a lot of one hundred and seventy one well earlier we spoke to vishnu press out a sports writer at the new indian express he says there's a lot speedo and if india is to become a footballing power. i mean biddy feel negative headlines about the tournament unlike the last time we hosted a major international event which was the commonwealth games in two thousand and eleven and the minute a few minor glitches but that's about today at a press conference brazil called scored a perfect one of them so it can happen that this event has definitely generated
5:53 am
a lot of hype and a lot of people have been paying attention before but what matters is what happens after this event is over that this type can be maintained but at this moment i'm there has been generated by the can be maintained over the next one. be it the government of the media or the spectators so a league football in india starts. one month after the tournament and so we have to see of all these people who are coming in now coming and coming from that of india participated in the event and they came up pretty much at the bottom so it's shown us that that is a long way to go that we have to do a lot of things the most important of which is getting kids to play football six or seven getting kids watching kids at that age don't think it's been there were thirteen but we've been doing now if you look at how this indian team it's been kind to they were given some of the best fortune in the world when they were
5:54 am
thirteen or fourteen they were taken all around the world to play expulsion games but this world cup has shown us that that is not enough to be able to start a lot on the up as one of very prominent grass roots but also sports once said it's like teaching a kid who does not have a grounding in basic mathematics at dance mathematics or it's you can't build on that because there's been a little bit off we've got a lot of people here in india so football really does not need to compete against cricket it's a competition the football is not going to win for a long long time but. football can develop without you know competing directly ago . pretty good don't you know there's one for that matter if you look at those. which i've never really competed against cricket but we've still got two olympic medals and. it's definitely going strong. how important both chances of development in india are aside months to pull off
5:55 am
a tense win of a wrestling ninety two of france in rugby champions cup months to winning fourteen seven to say second in their poll in european rugby is top club competition. this game scoreless to sixty minutes and so to put tries for the hunting but when someone has to be. with me. and mass to a garcia is closing in on a first title win since that picture don't guster in april garcia has a one shot lead going into the final round of the lucy of alderaan a masters tournament the spaniard himself organizes the thirty seven year old is second on the overall european money list for the year with england's tommy fleetwood leading the way. ok that is always sport finance. it's estimated that by the year twenty fifty about seventy percent of all the people on earth are going to live in cities so i've been on skates are going to need to be redesigned to sustain future generations robin as looks at an ambitious plan to revamp the heart
5:56 am
of los angeles. at the american landscape architects annual conference there is a focus on sustainability and designing for an era of global warming for example econ creek has developed a chemically unique waterfront building material that encourages growth of marine life in projects now underway from the middle east to new york harbor my creating how did that that is actually calcium carbonate base you creating a kind of a reef it's growing with time so it's becoming like and leaving water for the plants and marine organisms clinging to them actually make waterfront structures stronger and more resilient at a time when warming oceans are spawning more frequent more intense storms. los angeles is the site of one of the most ambitious landscape architecture and design projects underway in the country the revitalization of the l.a.
5:57 am
river the river was into md and concrete in the one nine hundred thirty s. much of it is a lifeless ditch surrounded by industry full of trash and mostly off limits it's a gash the river is a gash and intractable corner of the channel rail and fences and you know it just was the kind of place that was invisible this is what the river looks like now but plans are afoot for a transformation to this a living corridor for wildlife a gathering place for people and environmentally sustainable green space planted with indigenous grasses shrubs and trees in the heart of a city known for its freeways parking lots and strip malls there's biking jogging. there are pocket parks or smaller parts or you know
5:58 am
apartment buildings with terraces overlooking the river it's basically a space that we can. use and much more meaningful way to weave the city together the project will take decades and cost billions of dollars in public and private funding but with strong support from the state city government and businesses it is moving forward creating more grace in the city of angels robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. down jordan's going to hear in a couple of minutes by foot. why the sky why should be no borders up here why only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is
5:59 am
a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the exposure of the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly
6:00 am
environmental and health we think ok will center you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution traps around death by design at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things that working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know. the body but the killer because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live tell the real stories are just mended has to deliver in-depth enemies and we don't feel in favor to the audiences across the globe. that level that those. people cannot accept this attack.


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