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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile intent stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the people cannot accept this attack standing their ground hundreds of thousands
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protest against the spanish move to take control of the regional government. looking pieces over you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up at the polls open in japan where the prime minister shinzo obvious seeking to become the country's longest serving leader since world war two. revenge a refugee children who escape violence in myanmar face a new threat in bangladesh. and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia for another bid to end the blockade against cattle. catalonian president has accused the spanish government of attacking the region's democracy and his puja mom said it reminded him of the days of the former ruler.
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francisco franco hundreds of thousands of people rallied in barcelona in support of catalan secession off to madrid to move to take control of the region under simmons is their. fair street protest again in barcelona and i may just scale shock instead of indignation now but defiance in the air was few expected such severe moves from madrid aimed at removing the political leadership of this region and within the actions inside six months. anger was directed up above that spanish police helicopters repeatedly over flying the demonstration. occupation forces go out those shelters. earlier they are no real holy made history with a cabinet meeting of grim faces and the triggering of article one five five it's destined to take power away from catalonia in less than
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a week it will be. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one five five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances back in barcelona president carlos pushed him all sacked by rai joined protesters and then moved on to make a television address. the cattle people cannot accept this attack or these measures the spanish government is trying to overwhelm life in catalonia and this is outside their own little or the catalan parliament's president was even more damning about the action ability then. prime minister rahul he has shown political recklessness and exceeded all limits he has announced a coup d'etat the aim is to put an end to catalan and. situations and to our name
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this is an attack on democracy in the twenty first century what's happening here by no means represents everyone in the loonier but the numbers here and the sentiments being expressed could indicate there will be problems ahead for murray on the road holding and getting what he wants but at the midst of that we're here because the spanish government made a coup without weapons against the catalonian people and their government and seven pm here in the twenty first century we have all the problems we can't hold on to a constitution which is forty years old and that's what they did today we want to speak if we have to change it let's do it the brinkmanship in this crisis has reached an ultimate phase the stakes couldn't be much higher for either side the referendum asking residents of the region if they wanted to break away from spain took place on october the first but whether catalonia will declare independence is
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still unclear. it will take less than a week before article one five five reaches the senate once that happens it's certain to be approved parliament here will be meeting soon a few people still think there could be a solution for their getting thinner on the ground under simmonds al jazeera proselyte. was staying with a story liable sells is an associate professor at georgetown university she says international mediation mail for a way to resolve the crisis. the spanish government has argued that they will call for elections in periods of like six months so they're going to be new elections in catalonia. so that's supposedly what's going to be happening but it's unclear if that's going to be the case or not because the article basically allows for this intervention to occur until normality is restart in catalonia until
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the region goes back to legality and there's some element of subjectivity on this one way to get out of this is what would be getting some international mediation which could be. the like the european union the u.n. or perhaps some other non-governmental actor to. between these two actors the spanish government the catalog all roman and that could be dawn within the next week to avoid on the one hand the implementation of the article on friday but also to avoid that duration of independence by the spanish by the catalan parliament next friday because that is something that can happen. japanese voters are braving high winds and heavy rain as they head to the polls in a snap general election the prime minister shinzo avi called for the vote a year earlier than expected he's asking people to stick with him in the face of what he's calling jule national crises an aging population and tensions with north korea one thousand one hundred and eighty candidates are running for japan's lower
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house of parliament governing coalition is on track to win about three hundred of the four hundred sixty five seats that would allow him to change japan's pacifist constitution and to formally acknowledge the role of its self-defense forces one of our biggest challenges is the tokyo governor. she launched the reformist conservative party just last month to try and steer voters away from the governing l.d.p. but this former member of the l.d.p. is not running as a candidate so clark is in tokyo this r.v. is expected to win big serious of what policies do we think of convince the voters to stay with him. certainly the polls are indicating it will be a big winner a robust victory for. a and as you mentioned three hundred to four hundred sixty five seats if that's the case it would be ten more than he held before the election now people clearly a listening to his case that there should be voting for
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a strong experienced government at a time of international and domestic uncertainty in this argument of course was based on the escalating tensions with north korea is taking credit for keeping north korea and this deepening regional crisis and clearly this is paid off for him he's also pushed the success of his. reforms are big companies have benefited from some of his reform agenda but there's still criticism from the smaller and medium sized companies who are yet to rate the financial rewards from this economic change here's what some voters had to say at the polling both earlier about these two issues. such as and i do that but i support it and so are those polls seem not to yield to north korea i want them to take the strong position and to cooperate with you know states and south korea this is one of the key issues i watch carefully in the selection linking to the kyoto at the pension payment and salaries are not
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getting better and the sales tax is going up to eight percent and the consumer price is higher now i don't feel the economy is recovering at all. and sarah tell us is the typhoon that sweeping across the country is that likely to affect the turnout. look i highly likely it's affecting the turnout already i mean it's five pm local time here the latest figures that we had to have at two p.m. showed that twenty two percent of eligible voters have cast their votes now that's on top of the fifteen percent who have already been to the polling booths before today's official election based on the upcoming or the imminent typhoon which has arrived today so we have thirty seven percent of eligible voters who now cast their vote that's that certainly not a massive number we've got. a few hours left to caucus when the polls close at the top in a supposed problems i think on a number of fronts it still making its way towards tokyo we expected to hear later
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tonight but in the south and the southwest there's been a lot of flooding some islands didn't get a chance to cast their vote because the ferries were unable to deliver their develop boxes that we've got about three hours or less than three hours now until the polling booths closed so we'll see what happens that i am local time sarah thanks very much. stephen maggie is an expert on japan he says if mr abbott is reelected he doesn't only to focus more on rural japan. six quarters of economic growth three million jobs have been produced there's more women in the workforce part time wages are up for part time workers but this is all in the urban centers of talk your stockyard on the big cities that the rich rule areas are really struggling are struggling from an exodus of young people from elderly population from a business community which really it's from the one nine hundred seventy s. rather than the two thousand and ten so we have this dual track economy is creating huge terms of the direction of the japanese economy what i assume prime minister
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obvious going to do is double down on his of economics and i think he's received some support in july there was an i.m.f. report from japan saying he's doing the right things but he has to be more committed and i think receives a stronger it's going to push more structural reform and push more of a big. next you get that economic growth attacking cities to the rural countryside . it's not a threat to the he or a prime minister. liberal democratic party where the political threat comes from i think it's going to come from the liberal left the constitutional democratic party of japan rather run by its leader he's a principled leader he is stressing. enforcing and abiding by the constitution and turning law to the constitution i think this is a real attraction for japanese people the u.n. says more than fourteen thousand ranger refugee children are at risk of dying from malnutrition more than six hundred thousand granger fled me in last rakhine state
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since late august they're now in bangladesh al jazeera visited a mobile clinic in the kali refugee camp his shell about us. already and your child peers into a health clinic and the camp inside side occurred to a mother of three teens to her youngest the little girl fell ill islay fled violence in the end like it was my child got sick with diarrhea and is also suffering from malnutrition so i brought her to this clinic for treatment several times that's been providing her with a nutritional pack she's getting better but isn't fully well yet. the u.n. says more than fourteen thousand children could die in these camps from malnutrition side his daughter can only manage a week cry she's been waves. thirteen thousand children have been screened and unicef has discovered there are high levels of severe
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malnutrition. to. at least a dozen mobile health clinics have popped up treating children under five with nutritional packs enough to bring back the hint of a smile for a toy fish. my child has been sick since we escaped from miami two weeks ago this clinic is treating her with nutrition a medicine but she's still sick so i have to keep bringing her here me n. mas military began its systematic campaign of what the u.n. describes as ethnic cleansing in neighboring rakhine state in august since then nearly six hundred thousand mainly muslim or hendra have fled to bangladesh more than sixty percent of children this is the staggering sprawl of the camp from above unicef has labelled its residents outcast and desperate is the sense that these
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children just feel so abandoned so completely remote and without. without a means of finding support or help and in a sense it's no surprise that they must truly see this place as hell on earth there are hendra don't know where this road will lead where they will be able to cause harm until they do these sick children a fully dependent on their parents who are fully dependent on the charity of others shallop bellus al-jazeera. most ill to come here on al-jazeera including this one preparing for the world's mass migration from the countryside to the city of los angeles could become a blueprint for the future. from the clear blue sky of the doha moon. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of. not much doubt about it now autons broken through what was really
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a late summer of the clouds to lower dancer east and have certainly greece and turkey hanging on to some decent warm snow at this conference just the latest of many that brought stormy weather to the u.k. and a big change to most places in northern europe in the forecast is thirteen in paris which is bit more like it should be snow obviously covering the alps show the temperature at height vienna down to eleven degrees and that snow will last a day night day so we were into monday's forecast now by which time rain probably stormy rain were gone down through the igi in the adriatic and probably will just start to edge into western greece that's of course suggest potential for the south of this certainly has been over the gulf is it the libyan coast we saw three twisters that one three waterspouts now that's already happened in the cloud has moved on but it's quite possible given what's coming your way that the same thing could be repeats the next day or so so dragging frost the coast of libya that old
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frontal system probably sparking some thunderstorms temp has come down to the low twenty's now as a result ahead it is still twenty eight in caribou high end it's all settled down again temperature in rebounds on its way up your forecast on monday of twenty seven . the weather sponsored by qatar and face. value that is a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades. to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those. witness the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist but i joined up with getting to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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welcome back you're with al-jazeera live from doha your headlines today catalonia as leader has denounced moves by the spanish government to take control of the autonomous region colors preachment says it goes against democracy and the rule of law. voting is underway in japan snap general election the prime minister shinzo up a call for the votes a year earlier than expected he's asking people to stick with him through what he calls jule national crises. and the un is warning the more than fourteen thousand great danger refugee children could die from malnutrition in camps in bangladesh at least six hundred thousand range of escaped a military crackdown in neighboring me and man since late august. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia as part of a new push to end the gulf diplomatic crisis between cata and its neighbors but he
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has indicated a breakthrough is unlikely he'll fly to doha later on sunday to listen will also discuss the situation in iraq and tensions with iran practical hain has more. he's back u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has landed in saudi arabia he was here in july then signing a memorandum of understanding with carter would be enough to end the blockade it didn't despite his shuttle diplomacy so now he's coming back trying a new tactic for the four blockading countries saudi arabia u.a.e. egypt and bahrain assigning blame and then in an interview saying qatar is willing to negotiate and the saudi led coalition is simply refusing to talk because he tried before he tried to try to be nice with everyone but this took him nowhere and produced no results so i think that's probably. the time has come to some level
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analysts say there is a renewed hope they might be more willing to engage now has the president for example try to put pressure on the saudis in the u.a.e. to be willing to to to me to their resolve some of the sanctions and stop that they put on. the fact that the president has called out now and basically decertified the iran deal is that going to make the saudis more willing to work with us the deal with the situation with god or us president initially put all the blame for the crisis on cutter but after being pushed by his secretaries of state and defense he now says it's time for all sides to talk if i can help mediate between cutter and in particular the u.a.e. and saudi arabia i would be willing to do so and i think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly his own secretary of state is publicly disagreeing taking the trip while downplaying expectations crisis will end soon what he does
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during this trip could very well determine if that is true. let's get more on that joining us here in the studio sure is a senior lecturer in middle east policy. and security studies at the university of exeter let's kick off with the g.c.c. what can mr tillotson bring to this debate today that's that's unique perhaps i think the stance that he took before arriving saying that on one and part that he's willing to compromise in negotiations on the other hand for countries are not this is a bit of a strong signal there i think what he will be bringing is perhaps more pressure than compared to do lie where things were not very clear between the state and the white house at that time and now it seems to me that at least you have a united united united states at this point in time zvi this particular crisis and on the other hand the urgency of trying to reach
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a compromise with the escalation happening in iraq that point with the situation deteriorating in yemen with the whole this is this is this is becoming the core region that is relatively stable compared to all what's happening around it and the last thing the us foreign policy needs at the moment is another crisis in this whole region with a lot of its interests military bases oil and so on and so forth are placed here what are the chances will we get clear thinking on what the trumpet ministration really really wants to do about iraq. i think it wants a united front against iran from the gulf partners in particular and it wants a little united front against it terrorism between conditions and. specifically the particular. way that it is seeing this idea of. undermining the efforts of the us to contain one and i said on the other end iran but i think also what's happening is they are realizing more and more that they need more
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cooperation between the iraqi authorities in this audio thought of these on that matter so i think the second issue on the table is after the gulf crisis will be that arc saudi coordination council between nations ok at the risk of sounding like irony has died during this crisis does that mean that rex tillerson will be trying to calm down differing allegiances because of and contained within the g.c.c. crisis to bring those countries into line with what trump wants to do about iran when what trump wants to do about iran arguably was a non-crisis to start with anyway because everyone said the one plus six with iran the nuclear deal is not only the best deal it's a good deal and hello it's the only deal anyway and this is brings a lot of question marks on the leadership of mr trump but at the moment this is exactly i think what he's trying to do this brings us back actually to the conference back when he was planning the idea of the fifty muslim majority states
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and majority states to face it on so that was the initial plan and then the gulf rices happened and he supported one side in the beginning and then he changed that after a while to support sometimes some kind of a compromise to go back initially to the fifty states verses in iran i'm not sure how is that going to happen especially. the situation in iraq iran has a lot of influence in iran arguably one of its foreign policy slash military arms that was a. able to. more or less bring the iraqi authorities back to cook and other parts of kurdistan the u.s. has not been able to do that so much what how is this going to be helpful of iraqi saudia the nation chip on one end but also what kind of pressure and it will be pressure it will have to be pressure that he will exert on the saudi leadership to compromise on the crisis sure as a many thanks. italy's wealthy northern regions of lombardy and then it's going to
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vote on whether to take more control over their own affairs their country but thirty percent of italy's g.d.p. some people say they resent the amount of their taxes being used to pay for services in the poorer southern part of italy the result of the ballots will not be binding is. that survived throughout the centuries reflecting a time when venice was a prosperous suffering state. over millennia before becoming part of italy by gone era so hoping to revive. the future is a europe one of many different people we're not the only ones everyone has a right to decide it's only administration our culture has been forgotten our children are not taught the history of the republic of venice but a history that was never ours. this is a strong sense of identity among the nations but ask anyone and they will say the region is not getting much in return and it's time for
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a better financial one they hope will come after taking part in a non-binding referendum that was approved by the constitutional court if you look around here hard pressed to know there's a referendum taking place now the question voters will have to answer is not about independence but rather whether they want more from the central government during the night there was a market does hope to vote will help save the glass industry a cultural flagship of venice that has decreased by nearly ninety percent over the past three decades his family business is one of the few still surviving. the bullet the shell that will take care of the even then in the region they come from then it will drive the best. of the glass. i love to. the percent but opponents see this vote as
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a shrewd political move by the northern league the regional ruling party which had called for independence in the past when. the real issues are hidden providing for the rest of italy is not true we already have other regional referendum so each region calls for autonomy then there will be a clash a more chaos it will snowball by saying no we try to put up a wall to stop this avalanche. if the yes vote succeeds it will give a popular mandate to do an orderly ahead of national elections next year and coming on the back of the catalan vote. venator referendums are yet another signal of european separatist movements picking up steam again but at the venice. all right wing billionaire businessman who's being compared to donald trump looks set to become the czech republic's new prime minister and great babiche is here a skeptic
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a and opata the one about thirty percent of the votes in saturday's parliamentary election he's now beginning talks to form a coalition government he's been critical of the process and is against the czech republic joining the euro zone but he does now say he wants to take an active role in shaping e.u. policy. security forces in cameroon stopped a solidarity march in support of english speaking regions on saturday police ended the demonstration in the port city of the wallow which was planned by the main political opposition group cameron is mainly french speaking but english speakers in the northwest of the southwest regions want more autonomy aid agencies say security forces have killed dozens of demonstrators in the past few weeks. the head of the world health organization is rethinking his appointment of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador u.k. and the u.s. criticized the decision along with human rights activists and health groups they point to alleged rights abuses in zimbabwe the w h o's chief said mugabe deserved
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the ana because of his public health policies. now it's estimated by the twenty fifty about seventy percent of old people on the planet will live in cities so urban landscapes will need to be designed to support future generations brunell's looks at an ambitious plan to revamp the heart of los angeles. at the american landscape architects annual conference there is a focus on sustainability and designing for an era of global warming for example econ creek has developed a chemically unique waterfront building material that encourages growth of marine life in projects now underway from the middle east to new york harbor by creating a habit that that is actually counts in permanent. base you creating a kind of a reef it's growing with time so it's becoming like and leaving water for the
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plants and marine organisms clinging to them actually make waterfront structures stronger and more resilient at a time when warming oceans are spawning more frequent more intense storms. well santa list is the site of one of the most ambitious landscape architecture and design projects underway in the country the revitalization of the l.a. river the river was into md in concrete in the one nine hundred thirty s. much of it is a lifeless ditch surrounded by industry full of trash and mostly off limits it's a gash the river is a gash and intractable corner of the channel rail and fences and you know it just was the kind of place that was invisible this is what the river looks like now but plans are afoot for a transformation to this a living corridor for wildlife a gathering place for people and environmentally sustainable green space planted
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with indigenous grasses shrubs and trees in the heart of a city known for its freeways parking lots and strip malls there's biking jogging. there are pocket parks or smaller parts or you know apartment buildings with terraces overlooking the river it's basically a space that we can. use in a much more meaningful way to weave the city together the project will take decades and cost billions of dollars in public and private funding but with strong support from the state city government and businesses it is moving forward creating more grace in the city of angels robert oulds al jazeera los angeles.
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we should all be in doha with your top stories so far today catalonia as leader has dance moves by the spanish government to take control of the autonomous region karl is preaching on says it goes against democracy and the rule of law and reminds him of the days of former ruler franco on saturday hundreds of thousands of people rallied in barcelona in support of catalan secession. if you repeat the use are a rethink of how long. they will also be at risk in europe it will practically deciding the future of a nation not a crime. these goes against foundations that you need europeans he sent through day. voting is underway in japan snap general election the prime minister shinzo of a call for the vote a year earlier than expected he's asking people to stick with him through what he calls jewel in national crises an aging population and tensions with north korea the u.n.
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is warning that more than fourteen thousand ranger refugee children could die from malnutrition in camps in bangladesh nearly six hundred thousand rangers have escaped a military crackdown in neighboring me in mass in slate august the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia as part of a new push to end the gulf diplomatic crisis between cateye and its neighbors but he's indicated that a breakthrough is unlikely he'll fly to doha later today to listen we'll also discuss the situation in iraq and tensions with iran during his trip. the maltese government is offering a one point two million dollar reward for information on the murder of an investigative journalist daphne was killed in a car bombing on monday she said she'd found links between multiple prime minister joseph muscat and offshore accounts as revealed in the panama papers. a right wing billionaire businessman who's being compared to donald trump looks that to become the czech republic's new prime minister bibi she's euro skeptic a n o party one about thirty percent of the vote in saturday's parliamentary
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election he's beginning talks to form a new coalition government he has been critical of the european union in the past and he is against the czech republic joining the euro zone you know says he wants to take an active role in shaping the policy those are your headlines up next is talk to al-jazeera i will see you very soon by. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sound for up front at this time on al jazeera. welcome to talk to al-jazeera in the field with me barnaby phillips in the kenyan capital nairobi now this is a city that has played a big part in my.


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