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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:33pm AST

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this path leads to safety we would be struggled so much now we want to stay here live here and die here in bangladesh i provoked it or is it a lesson when our on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of a complex one but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a day stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. that people cannot accept this attack. after madrid moves to take control of
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catalonia as government hundreds of thousands take to the streets to protest. hello again my name's peter w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up japan votes in a snap election called by a prime minister hoping to become the country's longest serving leader since world war two. the u.s. secretary of state rex to listens in saudi arabia for another bid to end the blockade of cattle. also this hour a lost generation children in syria forced to give up school to help their families make a living. ok top story for you the catalonian president has accused the spanish government of attacking the region's democracy colors put them on said it reminded him of the
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days of franco hundreds of thousands of people rallied in barcelona yesterday in support of catalan secession after madrid move to take control of the region under simmons was their. street protest again in barcelona on a major scale shock instead of indignation now but defiance in the air. if you expected such severe moves from madrid aimed at removing the political leadership of this region and within the actions inside six months. anger was directed up above that spanish police helicopters repeatedly over flying the demonstration. occupation forces go out they shouted. earlier majano rahowa made history with a cabinet meeting of grim faces and the triggering of article one fire. i five it's
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destined to take power away from catalonia in less than a week it will be. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one hundred five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances back in barcelona president carlos pushed him all sacked by rome joined protesters and then moved on to make a television address. the people cannot accept this attack or these measures the spanish government is trying to life in catalonia and this is outside. the catalan parliament's president was even more damning about the action ability then. prime minister rouhani has shown political recklessness and exceeded all limits he has announced
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a coup d'etat but i aim is to put him into catalan institutions and to own them this is an attack on democracy in the twenty first century what's happening here by no means represents everyone in the loonier but the numbers here and the sentiments being expressed could indicate there will be problems ahead for mariano rajoy in getting what he wants but at the midst of it we're here because the spanish government made a coup without weapons against the catalonian people and their government in the sense of living here in the twenty first century we have other problems we can't hold on to a constitution which is forty years old and that's what they did today we want to speak if we have to change it let's do it the brinkmanship in this crisis has reached an ultimate phase the stakes couldn't be much higher for either side the referendum asking residents of the region if they wanted to break away from spain took place on october. with the forest where the cats allouni and will declare
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independence is still on. it will take less than a week before article one five five reaches the senate once that happens it's certain to be approved parliament here will be meeting soon few people still think there could be a solution without getting to know the ground. through simmonds al-jazeera possibly . sells is an associate professor at georgetown she says international mediation may offer a way to resolve this crisis the spanish government has argued that they will call for elections in periods of like six months so they're going to be new elections in the long. so that's supposedly what's going to be happening but it's unclear if that's going to be the case or not because the article basically allows for this intervention to occur until normality is restart in catalonia and feel
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the region goes back to legality and there's some element of subjectivity on this one way to get out of this is what would be getting some international mediation which could be not there like the like the european union the u.n. or perhaps some other non-governmental actor through the aid between these two actors the spanish government the cot the longer men and that could be dawn within the next week to avoid on the one hand the implementation of the article on friday but also to avoid that correction of independence by the spanish by the catalan parliament next friday because that is something that can happen. the u.s. has renewed efforts to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis but without high hopes of anything approaching a breakthrough the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia for talks aimed at ending the blockade of cattle now he's met the saudi king solomon it's now been four months in
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saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain suspended ties with cata iran and iraq as well as the conflict in yemen are also expected to be high on the agenda sure a senior lecturer in middle east politics and security studies at the university of exeter having just moved to doha now he's obviously going to have a central message of let's deflate this what kind of reception will that message get. i think up to a few months of the this crisis they may think it's right time to approach this but i think it depends a lot on what kind of pressures you would put because the first choice of the i think that leadership both in saudi arabia and the usa used to continue the crisis and to continue to be more pressure i think it's not exactly in the u.s. interest before that we had conflicting messages from the white house and the state department now we have almost the same message from the white house and the state department so you have a united united states if you wish and based on that i think this is the approach
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but the negative message that rex tillerson gave that he does not expect this to be . resolved any time soon i think it's giving its first putting the expectations lowering the expectations on one end but also is telling you how much cause that the u.s. have in terms of pressuring saudi arabia and the action how far can everyone involved in the g.c.c. crisis continue sustaining this. is had everyone knows this is a big financial impact on all the people involved in this g.c.c. crisis and yet say cats are now is as we speak building cow farms in the desert because they can afford to do it but you're smiling but it's true they brought in they brought in the resources from the irish republic they've got a cow farm that's going to be there they're going to be self-sustaining in dairy products in a year or two so you get that sense that that's kind of working to keep the whole thing going but we can take the hit i think if i think we have three issues here first this is a crisis by choice this is not a crisis by necessity so there was
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a specific choice made to they deceive and then trying to pressure her into a very specific direction in terms of foreign policy internal politics. that was met by significant resistance but also in many ways it is liberating in many ways in terms of self-sufficiency in terms of fighting old finding alternative. for transport in terms of more or less an independence from specifically from saudi arabia because by the imperatives of geography it was depended on to a certain degree on that country now it's moving in a very different direction and it's worth investing any if you wish war effort for liberation there will be costly and in terms of what it is lucky that it has the resources to liberate itself in many ways and be this and this dependent on some of its neighbors who was current leadership. showing a very hostile stance on the donald trump the us president has kicked the whole
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iran nuclear deal story on the line sixty days to congress they've got to decide whether to pull the plug on their involvement in the so-called one plus sixty who's driving with two listen in real who's driving to listen in the state department or donald trump i think to a certain degree you were talking here about dr because if you looked at the initial statements of president trump we are seeing more and more siding with saudi arabia and with the u.a.e. and more or less the blame for. now that has changed in a few months that has shifted significantly towards the stance of the state department which was from the beginning this is a question of necessity a crisis of choice things have to escalate and now deescalate and now we're seeing almost a blame they'd that saudi arabia and the and the two other countries are unwilling to compromise unwilling to negotiate but that is willing to negotiate and that message was quite a strong one in terms of where things are heading however as i said the cause of
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the u.s. are limited. needs and saudi cooperation in terms of counterterrorism they are strategic allies in the region against it on the trumpet ministration seems to have it on the on target at the moment and escalating with it so their ideal situation is to form a united gulf an american trump and administration approach a visa. it on that if that is not possible i don't think they will lose one partner for another partner so they will maintain all that allies even if these are lies are in conflict or in crisis or part of them are laying siege on one important for for the u.s. ok interesting times we'll leave it there thank you. central command is the arm of the u.s. military that handles all operations across the middle east its headquarters just outside doha a senior official has told al jazeera the gulf diplomatic crisis isn't affecting
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coalition operations against isis would all come. this is an order to do her base in qatar some military personnel considered the most important us air base in the world. its revise us central command with the facilities and equipment required for operations. the base is home to several different types of aircraft used in missions across the region these tasks range from strategic bombing flights to just stick support such as the ones provided by refuting turncoat planes you date is truly the nerve center of all the operations that we execute across the central command area of responsibility from the planning execution and assessment of the every day operations that we operate throughout the region is done right here without this base without the capabilities that we bring every day we would
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not be able to orchestrate the fight that we're executing today against isis and also in afghanistan which is another important area that we provide support to there are no diplomatic issues that are impacting our ability to operate every day from here on our counter isis mission this is the sensitive operation room called the combined operation center al-jazeera is one of the few media networks allowed into this place some screens were blurred to protect sensitive information many countries have joined the coalition to coordinate the complex operations in iraq syria and afghanistan. on the screens we can see the busy air traffic coalition aircraft along with military and civilian planes for both the coalition and our field level operators they work back through the commanding control system to provide us information we have near real time information where the aircraft are an operating and we can talk to
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a control agency who is able to talk directly to those aircraft and in many cases we can talk directly to the aircraft. more than twenty countries were here which is considered the commander of british and center called the. others as he had a holiday the air base in qatar. japanese voters are braving the high winds and heavy rain as they head to the polls in a snap general election now the prime minister shinzo up and called the vote a year earlier than had been expected he's asking people to stick with him in the face of what he's calling jule national crises that's an aging population and tensions with north korea one thousand one hundred and eighty candidates are running for japan's lower house of parliament his governing coalition is on track to win about three hundred of the four hundred sixty five seats this would allow him to change japan's pacifist constitution and to formally acknowledge the role of its self-defense forces one of bobbie's challenges is the tokyo governor you recall
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she launched the reformist conservative party last month to try to steer voters away from the governing l.d.p. but this former member of the l.d.p. is not running as a candidate sarah clarke is in tokyo sarah went to the polls close. we have listened to hours until the polls close at eight pm local time and as you mentioned the typhoon has played havoc across the country with regards to the voter turnout in the south and the southwest we've had a lot of flooding and evacuations are on some of the islands are some of the communities have been unable to vote simply because the ferries haven't been able to deliver the ballot boxes for those people to go to those polling booths so the last count we had looking at the numbers of turnouts were about twenty two percent other was early this afternoon we're still waiting on the next round of numbers that's on top of the fifteen percent who had voted before today's election so we're looking at under fifty percent by mid afternoon a couple of hours ago some may consider that disappointing i should state that
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voting is not compulsory in japan therefore and last election i believe about fifty percent of the eligible voters turned out this year a new rule it allowed for the eighteen year olds to vote so sort of the political parties and promises sheens or are they may have been hoping that those that demographic group may have bolstered numbers that will find out about p.m.'s or listen to ours when polls close and if mr squatty wants how does he change things. well as you mentioned earlier the two thirds majority. opinion polls are suggesting three hundred to four hundred sixty five seats it will deliver him him a mandate to tackle some of the divisive issues. and one of those is revising a pacifist constitution which could lead to addressing the issue of the military in particular has long wanted to china japan self defense force into an active
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military for the first time since world war two now this would obviously have foreign policy implications and it's also a sore point in japan despite being creating tensions with north korea still considered a controversial move and we'll wait and see the numbers but if he does get that solid majority victory that opinion polls are suggesting he could take steps there you'll keep us posted i'm sure in the meantime thanks very much still to come here on al-jazeera we'll tell you why the death of an activist is raising uncomfortable questions for politicians in argentina. howlers a bit of a backing off of the strength the shows in the lazy and indonesia the still of the sea from space good what top class assume march of one of the heaviest showers reported was on the on the timor kupang sixty five and which is the discreet white
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tops can give you that sort of right angle do that of the next day or so but they're pretty well scattered to be honest most of the energy in the atmosphere is bit further north at the moment the typhoon as was japan so in indonesia and even up in thailand is rather less rain and there was four or five days ago. south the equator we're well into spring now so the weather is warming up nicely or so temperature forecast in adelaide also got something going through the bike first of all it's twenty one degrees in the sunshine similar all around to brisbane queensland coast is now dry your notice purse is also relatively dry but take time to get to that position but i said water adelaide up to twenty seven the breezes coming out the interior thirty six in alice springs twenty seven adelaide but the same day and i was a cloudy day but a bright day very few showers around as you say and if we left australia for the shores of new zealand you might think should be better here too well it's a bit wet in north holland but on tuesday yeah it's better.
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short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time.
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we come back here with out to zero our top stories this hour catalonia as leader has denounced moves by the spanish government to take control of your thomas region as it goes against democracy and the rule of law. is under way in japan snap election the prime minister shinzo of a cold the vote earlier than had been expected he's asking people to stick with him through what is called into a national crises. now the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia as part of renewed efforts to end the gulf diplomatic crisis between capital and its neighbors he's also going to discuss iraq and tensions with iran. now as the war in syria continues a growing number of children are being forced to find work to support their families tens of thousands of children missing out on an education. reports now from a time in southern turkey. ham show is from a town in northern homes the area has been besieged for almost four years by
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government forces. plastic waste not to resell for recycling but to bed. cold days so that his family can survive harsh winter conditions. i want to go to school and become a teacher or maybe a doctor i just want to be with my friends. mohammed is a street vendor has the family's breadwinner mohamed and many thousands of children across syria dropped out of school so they can help their families you know a country ravaged by war. planes destroyed buildings i can't go to school i sell clothes so that i can help my parents and my brothers and sisters. has shattered lives in syria and destroyed entire neighborhoods but it's the children who are the most affected vulnerable and traumatized they all work long hours for low pay here people feel betrayed by the well
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activists and teachers are launching a campaign to send street children back to school. many of my students are always scared war has changed their lives this season posed by government forces and poverty explain why children stop their studies five hundred children have dropped out of local schools because they need to work to help their families for now many children find themselves forced to work they face abuse and exploitation and risk their lives on the streets to help their families they are victims of one of the longest and deadliest conflicts in the region child labor has also extended today in countries where millions of syria's. impoverished many send their kids to the streets raising concerns about the future of a lost generation of children in a country where war shows no signs of. southern turkey.
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somali intelligence officials say a turkish military base was the real target of a massive twin attack in the capital mogadishu last week more than three hundred fifty people lost their lives many more were injured some of the reports now on turkey's involvement in somalia. on a prime piece of land in the somali capital mogadishu is the newly opened turkish military base it's the biggest turkey military has outside turkey itself and a key plank in uncut us efforts to help the somali government to claim authority and restore order in that country. at least ten thousand somali troops will be trained here in the coming months this is a joint military akademi. air and land forces i think in the near future.
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be. so while the army. says this is. news that these base was the real targets of last week's massive bombing in mogadishu. the turkish ambassador in mogadishu says their. fight is well in the past. threats. on the ground but despite all this. we will continue. somalia is the biggest recipient of turkish aid in the world it all began in august two thousand and eleven when the then prime minister president. visited mogadishu. he met starving somalis and displaced people and help the hungry b.b.c. . he came at the height of the country's wast since one thousand nine hundred two
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and was the first african head of state in nearly two decades what i saw particularly as a business at the time they were the first to respond of course a lot of international community. came for what could be many many countries but. they are always there and it's out of kindness and humanity. talk you also haas its biggest embassy in the world is somalia the third at the dick location of somalia makes it attractive for foreign and interests in the horn of africa region yet turkish officials argue that their presence is somebody who has more to do with the interests of this country than there or. turkey may help prevent to be a strong ally in somalia state building efforts but it's also known to sic which really look at the interests with the war. but for now many don't seem to mind that mohamed atta while just mogadishu somalia the head of the world health
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organization is rethinking his the appointment of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador the u.k. and the u.s. both criticize that decision along with human rights activists and health groups they point to alleged human rights abuses in zimbabwe the w.h.o. as chief had earlier said mugabe deserve the honor because of his public health policies. five former u.s. presidents appeared together at a charity concert to support hurricane relief the one america repeal concert in texas is raising money for people affected by the hurricanes harvey and maria the presidents have already raised thirty one million dollars for hurricane relief but he urged americans to give more these were grievous storms back to back. there is still work to be you know hundred thirty two then in florida. and our friends in puerto rico and the american virgin islands have only begun to dig their
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way out of what could be still ok lambert is disaster but it can be a new beginning it was almost the only stays here tonight could not be prouder. of the response of americans. when they see their neighbors and they see their friends. they see these strangers in me american step up. well the current u.s. president donald trump wasn't there but he did send this video message presidents jimmy carter george h.w. bush bill clinton george w. bush and barack obama maloney and i want to express our deep gratitude for your tremendous assistance was staying in the states mr trump says he will not block the release of classified government documents about the assassination of john f. kennedy. kennedy's killing in dallas in one
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thousand nine hundred sixty three spawned numerous conspiracy theories from says he'll make them available unless law enforcement agencies provide compelling reasons not to. the maltese government is offering a one point two million dollar reward for information in the murder of an investigative journalist daphne was killed in a car bomb attack on monday she said she'd found links between multiple prime minister just at moscow and offshore accounts as revealed in the pentagon papers. people in argentina vote soon to replace members of congress and the senate but the election has been overshadowed by the discovery of the body of an activist who'd been missing since august daniel slime last morna from buenos ayres. these people were expecting to be at rallies to mark the close of campaigning for sunday's legislative election but one party's cancelled don't want to hear this week a body was found to be that of missing activist santiago. i believe it's all got to
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change because people can't go on disappearing like this there's a complicity between the repressive state forces which is repugnant. the police paid what happened and the justice system backed them up there was a government cover up it's all organized so they can do what they want. disappeared an organist for protesting for indigenous rights in the south of argentina his whereabouts dividing in nations where wounds are still war over the kidnapping killing of an estimated thirty thousand people under military rule in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's tension with the author still trying to establish the identity of the body a running high dominating debate in the days leading up to the election was he killed by police or did he drown opinion largely determined by which side of the political divide both are wrong and how much faith they have in state institutions other election issues or whether president mackie's government is
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a good thing i think she has trouble with economy back on track and holding inflation and tackling rising crime like all mid-term elections this is a test of the government and argentines will decide the makeup of congress which is important to the government if it's a pledge through important legislation and will test the comeback aspirations of former president cristina fernandez the kitchen still popular but she and many of her former allies fighting allegations of corruption. simply a for the opposition is how they regroup and present themselves for the twenty one thousand presidential election and who will lead the national proudest moment where all of argentina's parties are trying to present a bright future many voters are still coming to terms with their country's troubled past. one osiris.
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becoming a top story so far today catalonia as leader has denounced moves by the spanish government to take control of the autonomous region colors preacherman said it reminded him of the days of the former dictator franco now on saturday hundreds of thousands of people rallied and barcelona in support of catalan secession if you repent. are a rethink of how long. they will also be at risk in europe it will practically deciding the future of a nation is not a crime. these goes against foundations that you need european cities and through day diversity voting is underway in japan snap general election the prime minister shinzo abi called for the votes a year earlier than had been expected he's asking people to stick with him through what he calls quote jewel national crises. the united states has renewed efforts to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis but without any real high hopes of
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a major breakthrough the us secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia right now for talks aimed at ending the blockade against cattle he's met saudi king solomon has now been four months in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain suspending ties with cata iran and iraq as well as the ongoing conflict in yemen are also expected to be high on their agenda. the head of the world health organization is rethinking his appointment of the zimbabwean president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador the u.k. and the u.s. both criticized the decision along with human rights activists and health groups they point to alleged rights abuses in zimbabwe the w.h.o. as chief had earlier said mr mugabe deserved the on the because of his public health policies. five former american presidents appeared together at a charity concerts in support of hurricane relief the one america repeal concert in texas is raising money for people affected by hurricanes harvey and maria tens of
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thousands of people were displaced and billions of dollars worth of property destroyed after the storms hit us and the caribbean the former leaders have already raised thirty one million dollars donald trump wasn't there but he did thank his predecessors in a video message those are the headlines up next as a.j. selects adrian's here to help me out with the news i'll see after that of a. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.


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