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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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to what they call a walking past to try to take. i lost my son. go i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking buses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. and. train girl as america struggles to contain its worst of a drug crisis four lines looks at the devastating impact it's having on the children left to pick up the pace and. heroines children of this time on al-jazeera .
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the polls close in japan as the prime minister shinzo up a six to become the country's longest serving leader since world war two. hello again i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera lifeline headquarters here in doha also coming up past. the people cannot accept this attack but standing their ground hundreds of thousands of catalans protest against spain's move to take control of the regional government. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in saudi arabia in a second bid to end the gulf crisis without high hopes of a breakthrough. and we investigate what the turkey was the target of the massive bomb attack in somalia.
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the polls have just closed in japan's snap general election people across the country braved the typhoon to vote in the poll which prime minister shinzo of a called a year earlier than had been expected he faces opposition from form a government spokesman and pacifist candidate. obvious seeking a fresh mandate for his agenda including so-called abba nomics in his trademark policy aims to it revives japan's stagnating economy is facing massive debts and slow wage growth as well as several corporate scandals defense has been a biggest who wants japan's military to play a more active role in conflicts it's a controversial point as japan has been constitutionally pacifist since world war two but it's an idea gaining popular support because of the missile threats from north korea his governing l.t.p. approved changes at its congress this year and i ring leaders up to three consecutive three year terms up from the previous two consecutive three year term
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limit our clocks in tokyo sarah how do we think this is going to play out. well if we are just waiting now for the exit polls to be released this is a tradition and generally this this poll gives us a comprehensive analysis as to what and who the media the local media believe will take powell will win and when governments now at this stage we have got some numbers through projected when they got there is coming out now that the liberal democratic party which is sheen's r.v. party they're expected to win the majority but this stage they yet to declare whether or not that will be the two thirds majority with the coalition partner which is what everyone's waiting to see if the liberal democratic party and its coalition party gets two thirds majority then it gives a lot more power to make constitutional changes now as i mentioned this the opinion polls have previously suggested that it will be returned with potentially as many
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as ten extra seats than what they had before he called the snap elections so we'll be waiting to find out if that super majority as it's been titled is given to him and his party we are monitoring pictures as we're having this conversation ciro are expecting to hear from mr rb or indeed from somebody very close to him in the next few minutes there is also this projection saying that his coalition has won a result ending victory in the japanese election just walk us through if he gets what we think he's going to get how does to change. well at this stage these exit polls a majority are yet to hear on the supermajority of the two thirds majority if he does get that if he is delivered that that will be considered a mandate it will allow his party to propose changes to the constitution and tackle various divisive and controversial issues that he has long wanted to change one of this could be revising the pacifist constitution which could lead to addressing the
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issue of the military has long held ambition is to turn japan's self-defense military into an active army and that would be the first time since world war two now this would take time but it could be the first step in addressing is that it would be considered a controversial move hence why the importance and why the media is now scrutinizing what that exit poll could indicate is it majority or is it a two thirds majority to get in achieve that two thirds majority he will need that junior coalition partner and we're waiting to see how many figures released from the exit poll on that and i should say that the polls have closed in and the official counting now begins in japan it will continue through the night and we expect the official results tomorrow we also expect she's our way to give a press conference tomorrow where he will obviously respond to whether or not he did achieve the majority or the two thirds majority as the opinion polls have suggested so the next few hours are crucial in determining who will take power whether it's with the strong majority or the robust victory that everyone's been
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predicting you keep across all the developments i'm sure sara to stay close. spain's foreign minister is urging people in catalonia not to listen to their regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of the region alphonso justice as the catalans no longer have the legal authority to make any changes because alone in president promised preachments has accused the spanish government of attacking the region's democracy under simmons is in barcelona. street protest again in barcelona a major scale shock instead of indignation. no but defiance in the air was few expected such severe moves from madrid aimed at removing the political leadership of this region and within lections inside six months. anger was directed up above that spanish police helicopters repeatedly over flying the demonstration the occupation forces go out those shelters.
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early majano rai made history with a cabinet meeting of grim faces and the triggering of article one five five it's destined to take power away from catalonia in less than a week it will be at the need of. the government has had to trigger article one five five of the constitution that was not our wish or intention it never was i think that most of spain society knows this article one five five is part of our constitution and it is only invoked in extremely extraordinary circumstances back in barcelona president carlos pushed him all sacked by rome joined protesters and then moved on to make a television address. the cats and people cannot accept this attack or these measures the spanish government is trying to overwhelm life in catalonia
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and this is outside. the catalan parliament's president was even more damning about the action ability then. prime minister rouhani has shown political recklessness and exceeded all limits he has announced a coup d'etat the aim is to put an end to castle and institutions and to own them this is an attack on democracy in the twenty first century what's happening here by no means represents everyone in the loonier but the numbers here and the sentiments being expressed could indicate there will be problems ahead some are real no real hoeing. and getting what he wants i mean if they want that we're here because the spanish government made a coup without weapons against the catalonian people and their government in the sense of living here like you are in the twenty first century we have other problems we can't hold on to a constitution which is forty years old and that's what they did today we want to speak if we have to change it let's do it the brinkmanship in this crisis has
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reached an ultimate phase the stakes couldn't be much higher for either side the referendum asking residents of the region if they wanted to break away from spain took place on october the first but whether catalonia will declare independence is still unclear. it will take less than a week before article one five five reaches the senate once that happens it's certain to be approved parliament here will be meeting soon a few people still think there could be a solution but they're getting thinner on the ground andrew symonds al jazeera bosler. the u.s. has renewed efforts to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis but there's little hope of any big breakthrough the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia for talks aimed at ending the blockade against cata he's met saudi king solomon it's now been four months in saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt and bahrain suspended ties with cata
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a fall from the gulf dispute mr tillotson will also discuss measures to counter iran's influence in the middle east iraq's also on the agenda with the secretary attend in the first meeting of a council aimed at boosting ties between saudi arabia and baghdad and after visiting doha later today he'll travel to delhi for talks and then on to pakistan. u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have captured syria's largest oil field from ice on the kurdish s.t.'s are in a race against russian backed syrian troops to seize parts of the oil rich to resort region against yes i've already pushed myself from the areas main natural gas field down the city of raka after a four month campaign rocket was i saw self declared capital. is on the turkey syria border hashim how significant is this. by capturing of the alarm our oil field which is one of the largest in syria. is
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definitely now going to have by telling. financial resources to continue its fire to continue expanding in their desire and also financing a different operations like iraq where they have now where they are now in control but you know whether habitation reconstruction you need more financial resources to be able to handle the situation this is quite a significant if it gives more strength more financial and military strength for the u.s. the effort which is now emerging as one of the most powerful groups now operating in syria how close are they to be able to able to say they've taken the entire region. that is going to be difficult for the simple reason that the syrian army has crossed the euphrates and is also competing with the s.d.f. to regain the territory lost to i still the syrian government says that it is determined to continue the fight until we capture all the.
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other kurdish factions and other syrian opposition groups and this is something that could put the syrian army in collision course with the kurds in the coming hours because the syrian army is just about a few kilometers away from the same oil field that was captured today with the as the air so we're talking about still a very delicate situation now facing the. trying to capture more territory. in the very oil rich province of their. passion thank you. still to come here on al-jazeera sailing into south korea we're on board an american floating fortress . and italy's rich northern regions feel shortchanged by the government's economic policies fighting back we'll tell you why.
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this is big weather time in japan it's been raining for about two days over a good part of honshu and that's ahead of the incoming typhoon and that typhoon has eased off a little bit in strength in the last few hours since you couldn't catch a moment the still gusting to two hundred forty kilometers per hour and the winds have whipped up the sea to twelve meters now obviously is going to be a severe problem with flooding but also battering of the shore with these big ways because the forecast track takes it right across the top of tokyo and that's within twenty four hours so there's more of the same getting worse wind wise staying much the same rain wise a good. part of honshu and a bit of her as well take you through overnight period so daytime it'll be off shore from honshu still be ready in tokyo but it be quieting down to the science of that after. things are much quieter in japan all this time for the korean peninsula in this part of china has been quite unsettled anyway in fact that's the story most
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of china fine looking weather now the northeast monsoons tucked in nicely twenty degrees and shanghai about twenty seven with low she miti in hong kong but we still got the potential drawing some showers in the mountains west of java on the border with vietnam. she was a society hostess in the nine hundred forty. people from the lebanese. make this work. and she spied for mossad in lebanon. it was such a big break as it would make. the baby. at this time.
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recapping the top stories for you here on al-jazeera with some live pictures first coming to us out of japan because exit polls are saying she has won the japanese election as polls close just fifteen minutes ago the close at the top people across the country braved the typhoon to vote in the election which the prime minister mr abbott called a year earlier than expected. spain's foreign minister is urging people in catalonia not to listen to their regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of that area catalonia as president has accused the spanish government in madrid of attacking the region's democracy. u.s. secretary of state rex to listens in saudi arabia as part of renewed efforts to end the gulf diplomatic crisis between cata and its neighbors but he's indicated
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a breakthrough is unlikely. now to italy where that country's wealthy northern regions lombardi and beneteau are going to vote on whether to take more control over their own affairs they account for around thirty percent of italian g.d.p. some people there say they resent the amount of their taxes that are used to pay for services in the poorer south of italy the result of the ballot will not be binding his order how do i meet. an ancient that survived throughout the centuries reflecting a time when venice was a prosperous suffering state that thrived for over millennia before becoming part of. a bygone era some hoping to revive in the future is a europe one of many different people we are not the only ones everyone has a right to decide it's only administration a culture has been forgotten children are not taught the history of the republic of venice but a history that was never ours. this is
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a strong sense of identity among the nations but ask anyone and they will say the region is not getting much in return and it's time for a better financial one they hope will come after taking part in a non-binding referendum that was approved by the constitutional court if you look around here you'd be hard pressed to know there's a referendum taking place now the question voters will have to answer is not about independence but rather whether they want. from the central government during the night there was a market does hope to vote will help save the glass industry a cultural flagship of venice that has decreased by nearly ninety percent over the past three decades his family business is one of the few still surviving because the bullet the shell that will take. advantage the region they come from they will
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drive the best. of the glass. i love to be part of. the percent. but opponents see this vote as a shrewd political move by the northern league the regional ruling party which had called for independence in the past and. the real issue for him providing for the rest of italy is not true we already have other regional referendum so each region calls for autonomy then there will be a clash a more chaos it will snowball by saying no we try to put up a wall to stop this avalanche. if the yes vote succeeds it will give a popular mandate to do an orderly ahead of national elections next year and coming on the back of the catalan vote. venator referendums are yet another signal of european separatist movements picking up steam again but at the venice.
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the right wing billionaire. businessman who's being compared to donald trump looks set to become the czech republic's new prime minister and euro skeptic a n o party won about thirty percent of votes in saturday's elections there he's beginning talks to form a coalition government he has been critical of the e.u. in the past and is against the czech republic joining the euro zone however he now says he wants to take an active role in shaping e.u. policy an opposition leader in russia is putting his feet up after release from prison alexina only was jailed for twenty days for organizing protests against the president vladimir putin novelli wants to stand against mr putin the next year's presidential election but a criminal conviction which he says is politically motivated bars him from challenging mr putin the maltese government is offering a one point two million dollars reward for information on the murder of an investigative journalist daphne was killed in a car bomb attack on monday she said she found links between multiple prime
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minister joseph my scouts and offshore accounts as revealed in the panama papers families refused to endorse their award saying it would only do so if the prime minister resigned. somali intelligence says a turkish military base was the real target of two attacks in the capital mogadishu last week more than three hundred fifty people lost their lives and many more were injured somehow to reports now on turkey's involvement in somalia. on our prime piece of land in the somali capital mogadishu is the newly open turkish military base it's the biggest the turkey military has outside turkey itself and a key plank in uncut us efforts to help the somali government to claim authority and restore order in that country. at least ten thousand somali troops will be trained here in the coming months. nearly a year and
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a force i think in the near future. or. so while the army. forces this is. news that these base was the real targets of last week's massive bombing in mogadishu has shocked officials. the turkish ambassador in mogadishu says their. fight is well in the past. threats. on the ground but despite all this. we will continue. somalia is the biggest recipient of turkish aid in the world it all began in august two thousand and eleven when the then prime minister president. visited mogadishu. he met starving somalis and displaced people and help the hungry.
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he came at the height of the country's. since one thousand nine hundred two and was the first african head of state in two decades what i saw particularly as a business at the time they were the first to respond of course a lot of international community have. came for what could be many many countries but. they are always in and out of meat and it's out of kindness and humanity. talk you also has its biggest embassy in the world in somalia the question of somalia makes it attractive for foreign and interests in the horn of africa region yet turkish officials argue that their presence is somebody who has more to do with the interests of this country than there or. turkey may help prevent to be a strong ally in somalia building up what's also known to seke which really look at
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the interests with the war. but for now many somalis don't seem to mind that mohamed atta while just mogadishu somalia security forces in cameroon stopped a solidarity march in support of english speaking regions on saturday the police ended the protests in the port city of douala which was planned by the main political opposition group cameroon is mainly french speaking but english speakers in the northwest of the southwest regions want greater autonomy aid agencies say security forces have killed dozens of demonstrators in the past few weeks the head of the world health organization is rethinking the appointment of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador u.k. in the u.s. criticize that decision along with human rights activists and health groups they point to alleged rights abuses in zimbabwe the w.h.o. as chief had earlier said mugabe deserve the honor because of his public health policies to iran now in the opening of the first of
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a clinic for drug addict mothers and their children it's hoped moms trying to get clean will be reunited with those children the clinics a sign of changing government policy as some of the iran's two and a half million documented drugs users are given help and not treated as criminals in bus robbery has that story from tehran. nora gives began smoking crystal meth when she was seventeen and ten years later she says she wants a better life for herself and her baby when it was a very bad situation before i came here when my daughter was born i was addicted we had no money her father said let's leave her in the hospital in philly but i took her and we fled the hospital without paying we had no money for milk work clothes we were both addicted so they took her away. because of her mother's drug use this is little girl may have to deal with problems of her own while she seems healthy using meth during pregnancy can cause long term neurological and developmental
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problems in children. my daughter got taken away because of me when i quit and get an identity card for her i was able to get her back it's been almost six months we've been living together. the clinic into her unnamed rebirth has offered both mother and daughter a new lease of life. in a morning i take her. we have a normal life like a normal person at least my daughter can play with her friends and grow up in a proper manner just doesn't want to show her face or use her real name because in iran drug addicts are seen as a source of shame but her story is so common you know the ration of this government run clinic was a publicized event among the v.i.p.'s were a government minister a vice president and a gaggle of t.v. news crews a sign perhaps of the changing attitudes towards the country's major drug problem. you kind of addictions show that it's not just about poverty and unemployment lack
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of psychological security is the main reason for being addicted in urban societies this is true all around the world including our country and the message to iranians that the government has started treating drug use less like a crime and more like a public health problem that has a cure. should spread information so you can be informed and choose the right path many young people say they didn't know about impacts and harms of drugs we have to inform them that it is something that. house in a municipal building next to a park in the old part of the city the clinic gives parents a chance to get better and reunite with their kids. there's even an ambulance that patrols the streets in search of drug users to help. the women receive support from social workers and they're able to help each other. it's a chance for these kids to retain their innocence and for their mothers to reclaim
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a little bit of theirs is in basra dizzier to her on nuclear power in south korea is to be phased out despite a survey showing sixty percent support for restarting work on two new reactors construction was stopped in june after the government said it would not let public opinion decide energy policy after safety concerns were expressed thirty percent of electricity is generated by nuclear power stations their president says the government is stopping all plans for new reactors to focus on natural gas or renewable energy instead of an american nuclear powered aircraft carrier has finished a week of exercises with warships from south korea the naval drills proceed president trump's visit to asian allies in two weeks' time north korea has threatened to sink the u.s.s. ronald reagan a reporter created leeson has been on board in the port of busan. the giant war ships me a prison seen bruce in port is
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a stark warning of the firepower of the forces ready to confront north korea. the u.s.s. ronald reagan has played a leading role in a week of intense military exercises off the korean peninsula in what some see as a dangerous game of brinkmanship. rather. and u.s. navy forces have by their actions demonstrate. our commitment result of an ability to defend the rug of korea and maintain security and stability on the korean peninsula the u.s.s. ronald reagan is a one hundred thousand ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier with five thousand sailors on board this week they perform nineteen f. eighteen super hornet saudis in the yellow sea and the sea of japan the mission here is almost complete but the message of these war exercises is loud and clear.
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my brother. north korea has condemned the exercises calling them a rehearsal for war at a nuclear nonproliferation conference in moscow a north korean diplomat said the united states would have to put up with its nuclear status as for the d.p. this is the matter of life and death and the present situation for the strengthens our belief they we should strongly hold to to the nuclear weapons to deter if possible u.s. attacks as the naval exercises wind up north korea's threat of what it called an unimaginable strike on the aircraft carrier appears for now at least to be more rhetoric propaganda always creates expectations on the part of the populace that the regime of the government is going to carry through on them to some extent so i would not be surprised at all if in the weeks ahead we do see. a belated north korean reaction to these exercises ironically enough they tend to act up more when
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they're sounding peaceful they're when they're making bellicose notion noises so i think the west should be on its alert as the standoff continues the allies are again discussing a possible diplomatic resolution through back channels donald trump is scheduled to meet allies in asia early next month he's toured include stops in japan south korea vietnam and the philippines craig leeson al-jazeera busan south korea. the us president donald trump says he won't block the release of classified government documentation about the assassination of john f. kennedy. kennedy's killing in dallas in one nine hundred sixty three for numerous conspiracy theories trump says he'll make them available unless law enforcement agencies provide compelling reasons against it.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories exit polls are saying prime minister shinzo r.v. has won the japanese election as polls closed about half an hour ago now people across the country braved the typhoon to vote in the poll which are being called a year earlier than expected. spain's foreign minister is urging people in catalonia not to listen to their regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of that area catalonia as president has accused the spanish government of attacking the region's democracy the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in saudi arabia as part of renewed efforts to end the gulf diplomatic crisis between cattle and its neighbors but he has indicated a breakthrough is unlikely he'll also be discussing iraq and tensions with iran. u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have captured syria's biggest oil field from ice all the kurdish led s.d.f. are in a race against russian backed syrian troops to seize parts of the oil rich region
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yes to get over it he pushed i saw from the areas me natural gas field and the city of raka after a campaign that's lasted for four months right here was i source self declared capital. to russia where that country's opposition leader alexina allen has been released from jail he had spent twenty days behind bars for organizing protests against the president vladimir putin not only wants to stand against putin in next year's presidential election however a criminal conviction which he says is politically motivated bars him from challenging mr putin. italy's wealthy northern regions of long body and benetton are voting on whether to take more control over their own affairs their current for around thirty percent of italian g.d.p. some people there say they resent the amount of their taxes that are being used to pay for services in the poorer south of italy the result of the ballot will not be binding. the head of the world health organization is rethinking his appointment of the zimbabwean president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador to the u.k.
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and the u.s. criticized that decision along with human rights activists and health groups they point to alleged rights abuses in zimbabwe the w.h.s. chief had earlier said mugabe deserves the honor because of his public health policies. you are right up to date with all the top stories so far here on al-jazeera adrian will keep you company in the coming hours i will see you at the usual time tomorrow up next inside story by. dozens of egyptian police are killed in a gun battle in the desert as a state of emergency remains in force how is the government dealing with recurrence
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attacks and is the security crackdown in egypt working as.


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