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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2017 7:00pm-7:33pm AST

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and if they have anything that they can bring to the saudis to the qataris to the rest of the blockade and say here's how we walk this back here's how everyone saves face but there's a compromise in the g.c.c. can be reunited so does d.c. have a plan we haven't seen any indication they do but then again often times that's what it's called diplomacy it's done in quiet and you don't usually know until something happens later and you can put the pieces back together and say that's what they did at that meeting usually they try to keep it quiet our job of course is to try and get him to spill the beans we hope to have a chance to do that just a couple of hours if anyone can you can patty we will talk to you again later on. let's go to my english are now though al-jazeera senior political analyst who's been watching the story from london you sent to him on first of all what do you make of what happened in saudi arabia today patty pointed out i guess you pitch to your audience don't you he's going to riyadh he's not going to go too hard on them re the gulf crisis. yeah but also came out
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because there was a larger issue in which i think it's becoming more like the context for the gulf crisis and that the issue of containing iran and more specifically the future relations between iraq and saudi arabia and that was the focus of secretary television's visit to the region it's not obligatory yard because it's very important following the trump speech against iran on the occasion of a certification or decide to pick a sheen of the nuclear deal that the united states doesn't follow up in the region in order to create the kind of alliances and coalitions both in the middle east in europe and internationally against iran and for that the main corner store in issue here was a new relationship or a renewed relationship between baghdad and riyadh so for secretary teller certain
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to contain iran and to fight terrorism you need to improve relations between prime minister our buddy who will be up for rerun in may twelfth two thousand and eighteen and saudi arabia as well as resolving the qatar issue or the qatar crisis or the gulf crisis because you cannot contain iran and fight terrorism while having this this unity in the gulf region so it's very important for the united states at this point in time to resolve the crisis crisis not only because i think qatar is on the right which apparently they do they think qatar is on the right and the other parties need to climb down the tree but they also think this is becoming a very central issue for the united states and its security interests in the region for this issue to be resolved and for. baghdad to be brought back into some sort of a coalition in order to continue on mowen do you think secretary tilla sin and
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his boss president trump are on the same page with the gulf crisis now because they've always sort of seem to us or not slightly different quite different angles or is that actually not even relevant. it's funny you mention that because you and i spoke when this thing first began and we thought we didn't know whether that rex tillerson and trump were playing good cop bad cop or were there was a disagreement in the administration apparently there was disagreement in and ministration and a newly elected president with total inexperience in the middle east was basically many permitted by abu dhabi and riyadh in order to convince him that qatar supports terrorism and so on so forth forcefully so and apparently he was so he sided with with abu dhabi in the beginning but that still are certain as everyone now knows as
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a former c.e.o. of exxon knows this region better than any other american diplomat present or past maybe since george shultz was secular state of the reagan administration as a former c.e.o. of back to work with major interests in the gulf region and would be that as it may rix dollars and secretary of defense mattis were able to convince trump that he was manipulated that in the end of the day i would not be notably and riyadh as an enabler was trying to create some kind of a regime change in qatar without coordinating that with washington at all basically going behind washington back in this very sensitive region during these very sensitive times and basically creating havoc in the gulf cooperation council and against carter now in washington apparently in that ramp and mr ation apparently including president trump there is a consensus in the foreign policy and the situation that so the arabia and the united arab emirates need to climb down the tree and that this issue needs to be
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resolved diplomatically not last but at least six records that are certain of course is adamant on this but withdrawn you don't know who knows exactly mon bashar thank you for that we're talking to you again later on in the evening is this news conference at. here in doha remember the cargo prices latest updates page is still very much alive and active your first stop to keep up with all the latest developments and you should check in there later when rex tillerson news conference happens here and i did also find interesting opinion piece here looking at how the state department actually operates under this administration here john muhammad said it's more like a business venture and a pretty lean one at that that when they were expecting a press conference maybe within half an hour but who knows with these things but as soon as we have that we'll have you back now and in the meantime thanks very much neal. now a u.s. rebel group says it has captured syria's largest oil field from eisel the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are in a race against russian backed syrian troops to seize parts of the oil rich region
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the d.f. have already pushed eisel from the areas main natural gas fields and the city of record after a four month campaign record was isis self declared capital. has more now from doesn't up near turkey's border with syria. by capturing the alarm our oil field which is one of the largest in syria. is definitely now going to have vital. financial resources to continue its quiet to continue expanding in there also financing it different operations like iraq where they have now where they are now in control but you know with the habitation of reconstruction you need more financial resources to be able to handle the situation this is quite a significant if it gives more strength more financial on the militarist for the u.s. the effort which is now emerging as one of the most powerful groups now operating in syria of the syrian army has crossed the euphrates and is also competing with
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the s.d.f. to regain the territory lost to i still the syrian government says that it is determined to continue the fight until we capture all the. other kurdish factions and other syrian opposition groups and this is something that could put the syrian army in collision course with the closing of the coming hours because the syrian army is just about a few kilometers away from the same oil field that was captured today with the as the u.s. so we're talking about still a very delicate situation now facing the. trying to cut some more territory from in the very oil rich province of the. hundreds of buddhists in miramar took part. in a mob state capital against government plans to repatriate nearly six hundred thousand range of muslims who fled to bangladesh several buddhist monks join the protests as guilty as illegal immigrants range of muslims fled or
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a kind states military began its systematic campaign of what the u.n. describes as cleansing in august. well ranger refugee children in bangladesh are at risk of trafficking sexual abuse and child labor that's according to the charity save the children we says is juge overcrowding lack of schooling and widespread desperation in the makeshift camps a report a ton of a child is that. the most vulnerable among the new refuge is there close to three hundred forty thousand children among the refugees according to units that nearly twelve thousand children cross with the referee every week from me amounting to bangladesh you can see a lot of this children will hang out in the street looking for are begging for money some time with their parents some time alone and they're playing by the states sometime he said never stopped at rest children actually selling stuff now they don't have much to do in the refugee camps a place that is really bad this desperation for hunger they're out in the state
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looking for something or other we have seen some one time in one of the refugee camps some time back a man tried to snatch a child from my mother and was beaten up by refugee mob obviously. according to save the children many of them at a high rate for sexual exploitation and child trafficking and child labor unless there is some sort of schooling set up here in the long run lot of this children with still be venturing in the state and will be at high rates of exploitation within this community in the refugee camp area. so you got me on the program egypt's president promises to tackle terrorism and funerals are held for the policemen killed in a deadly firefight on saturday. a tyrant or a national hero i mean exhibition tackles the legacy of the french leader.
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now again in china it looks like the northeast months in the winter monsoon is more or less tucked in the city breeze and it's still quite warm in shanghai twenty and not bad in hong kong at twenty seven with lower humidity of course in both places there's still the potential to build showers and the high ground the far west of china maybe the finals of vietnam and myanmar but down the coast of vietnam it's looking dry now in fact he's looking dry increasingly side it should be no it should be for weeks on end but of course we haven't quite got there yet the monsoon also over india and bangladesh has been receding other recently we had that little curl of cloud that is a lot of rain to bangladesh and men are that is also disappear go breaking up so actually the next day or so very little rain around and told out of bangladesh or india some but not very much the still a hint on the west coast short notice and more especially denser lanka but we should also be seeing the northeast monsoon trying to tuck in here as well as an
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entirely succeeded yet. the arabian peninsula should be also seeing a change a season committees already dropped there's no significant breeze anywhere there's no cloud in the sky the temperature is still up in the middle thirty's in kuwait qatar and the u.a.e. and just shy of forty still in mecca. an indian mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza or an ecological disaster. at this time on al-jazeera. al jazeera. and for us.
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again a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera and japan's prime minister shinzo abyei has swept to victory in such a snap election after promising to toughen his stance on north korea and revive the economy you have set your state rex tillerson is in the country capital of doha after a round of diplomacy in saudi arabia where there's been little sign of a breakthrough over the saudi led blockade. a u.s. backed rebel group has captured syria's largest oil field from myself kurdish led syrian democratic forces are in a race against russian backed syrian troops to seize parts of the oil rich and saw . egypt's president abdul fattah el-sisi has met with ministers and intelligence
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services and has vowed to fight what he called terrorism in the country this comes after policeman where attacked in a desert ambush southwest of car on saturday according to the egyptian government sixteen officers died but other sources say more than fifty five policemen were killed no one has claimed responsibility for the attack alexei prime as well. egypt is in mourning following one of the largest attacks on security forces. the egyptian interior ministry says sixteen security forces died in an ambush in the west indies it earlier security sources said more than fifty five were killed at a hot two hours drive southwest of cairo two police platoons were reported to be on their way to kill or a race to group of armed men in their days at hideout when there was shot with machine guns from every direction. there was a man who pointed out officers to be killed and soldiers to be fired at their hands or feet the moment the group arrived they ordered us to lie down on the ground and
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surrender our weapons they took the weapons officers received bullets in their heads the lapse in security is being questioned because security forces are on high alert and a state of emergency is imposed local media said the hilly terrain would have been ideal for an ambush analysts have explanations the operation is very sophisticated it's not the first of its kind it happened before happened in urban environments like the famous infamous one operation but this time i think it's was a very much more complex in a sense they were this is not you that the ministry of interior progressing is that they were actually. asked to go there because they thought of a camp that was going on training camp that was going on and while being on the offensive. and defended and killed them. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack leaving many unanswered questions and new concerns
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about security in egypt. and al-jazeera. spain's foreign ministers are people in catalonia not to listen to their regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of the region the two governments remain in political deadlock over catalonia as controversial referendum on secession on saturday the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy announced measures to suspend the cattle and parliament and hold new elections because lenny's president a callous political has accused madrid of attacking at the region's democracy. two of the riches regions in northern italy have voting for a bigger say in who controls their affairs and how much tax they pay the vinita region and neighboring long body account for thirty percent of italy's g.d.p. many taxpayers in the north really resent having to subsidize for the poor in the south result of the ballots will not be binding we'll have it reports now from venice. and ancient that survived throughout the centuries reflecting
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a time when venice was a prosperous suffering state that fry for over a millennium before becoming part of italy a bygone era some hoping to revive. the future is a europe one of many different people we're not the only ones everyone has a right to decide it's only administration our culture has been forgotten our children are not told the history of the republic of venice but a history that was never ours. this is a strong sense of identity among the nations one of a region that remains an economic powerhouse providing about ten percent of italy's jaideep but ask anyone and they will say the region is not getting much in return and it's time for a better financial one they hope will come after taking part in a non-binding referendum that was approved by the constitutional court if you look
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around here you'd be hard pressed to know there's a referendum taking place now the question voters will have to answer is not about independence but rather whether they want more from the central government during the night there was a market does hope to vote will help save the industry a cultural flagship of venice that has decreased by nearly ninety percent over the past three decades his family business is one of the few still surviving because in a way the bullet the shell that will take care of they've invented the region they come from then they will drive the best. of the glass going on i love to be barred. percent. but opponents see this vote as a shrewd political move by the northern league the regional ruling party which had called for independence in the past in moscow. the real issues are hidden the myth
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of us providing for the rest of italy is not true we already have other regions calling for referendums so each region calls for autonomy then there will be a clash of power centers and more chaos it will snowball so by saying no we try to put up a wall to stop this avalanche. if the yes vote succeeds it will give a popular mandate to denote elite ahead of national elections next year and coming at the back of the catalan vote they love the idea and then it will referendums are yet another signal of european separatist movements picking up steam make it but at that have venice. voting is underway in slovenia presidential election opinion polls are predicting an easy reelection for the incumbent or a whole the fifty three year old has been nicknamed the king of instagram in the eastern european nation his presence on social media for the. presidency is a largely ceremonial rights and argentina is holding mid-term elections polls
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indicate that the president coalition government could win close to forty percent of the national vote extending its control over congress by korea's seeking a mandate to overhaul the economy official results are expected on monday. the russian opposition leader alexina valmy has been released from prison he was jailed for twenty days for organizing protests against president vladimir putin there and he wants to challenge putin in next year's presidential election but a criminal conviction which he says is politically motivated him from standing. the head of the world health organization has backtracked on his appointment of zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as a goodwill ambassador and so after widespread criticism from international leaders human rights activists and health groups they pointed to allegations of human rights abuses in zimbabwe president mugabe has also been criticized for going abroad for medical treatment. privileged most fun heidi is
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a freelance journalist based in harare he says that the decision is an embarrassing one for mugabe yes court negatively it because i think maybe i would i would just need to court like what one of the outspoken government ministers you nap is and get his government professor jonathan morris you are saying that the for the appointment of prison in the garbage these should have mid or consult it and made their decision you know or somebody done to rush and appoint him and only to think if you days later that the with doing it from him so diplomatically it doesn't look well for the newly appointed looked at judgments so he'd want to look well also even coming from africa i remember in the end of august into september when zimbabwe lost that. african you know with ministers presumably he was praising him and saying that there we have all went off you can mend it fit
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meant to lead to their world health organization but then he says happens iran has opened its first ever claim for drug addicted mothers the facility is highlighting the government's shifting attitude towards drug users from treating them as criminals to realizing it's a larger issue of public health it's like the new batch of chewed will benefit some of iran's maybe two and a half million documented drug users and describing reports now from tehran. began smoking crystal meth when she was seventeen ten years later she says she wants a better life for herself and her baby. it was a very bad situation before i came here when my daughter was born i was addicted we had no money her father said let's leave her in the hospital but i took her and we fled the hospital without paying we had no money for work we were both addicted. because of her mother's drug use is little girl may have to deal with problems of
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her own while she seems healthy using meth during pregnancy can cause long term neurological and developmental problems in children. my daughter got taken away because of me when i quit and could get an identity card for her i was able to get her back it's been almost six months we've been living together. the clinic into her own name to rebirth has offered both mother and daughter a new lease of life. in the morning i take her to. we have a normal life like a normal person at least my daughter can play with her friends and grow up in a proper manner doesn't want to show her face or use her real name because in iran drug addicts are seen as a source of shame but her story is so common the you know the ration of this government run clinic was a publicized event among the v.i.p.'s were a government minister of vice president and a gaggle of t.v. news crews a sign perhaps of the changing attitudes towards the country's major drug problem.
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you kind of addictions show that it's not just about poverty and unemployment lack of psychological security is the main reason for being addicted in urban societies this is true all around the world including our country and a message to iranians that the government has started treating drug use less like a crime and more like a public health problem that has a cure. you know media should spread information so you can be informed and choose the right had many young people say they didn't know about impacts and harms of drugs we have to inform them that it is something that features. housed in a municipal building next to a park in the old part of the city the clinic gives parents a chance to get better and reunite with their kids. there's even an ambulance that patrols the streets in search of drug users to help. the women receive support from
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social workers and they're able to help each other it's a chance for these kids to retain their innocence and for their mothers to reclaim a little bit of theirs is in basra zero to one he's held a national hero by saddam and a tyrant by others but while he may be divisive there's no doubting that format needed napoleon bonaparte continues to be a source of fascination for the french a new exhibition is opened in the town of ara switch hopes to restore his reputation and get a new generation of people to fall in love with a leader one small talk about the reports from power. with his determined steely gaze and distinctive hat napoleon bonaparte is one of french history's most recognizable figures a brilliant general he forged his destiny in the french revolution crowned emperor thirty five he went on to dominate europe but while many french people regard napoleon as a hero others say he's a source of shame a tyrant and
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a cruel war monger curators hope a new exhibition in northern france will help restore his reputation as a military and political visionary if a killer people who. are probably rebuilt france after the revolution of course there are parts of history that are hard to accept poland's author of terror inside and his desire to conquer europe and if people have fallen out of love with the polian it's because these days we value peace and we're not accustomed to wars like people were in his time. napoleon transformed france he created many of its institutions and his napoleonic code still defined civil war across much of europe for visitors here his legacy is clear on the. pole it was a great figure of french history we owe him a lot our institutions and our schools. in troubled times he built an empire and restored order napoleon's tomb is under the sumptuous dome of lead in paris it's
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one of the capitals most visited sites testimony to his enduring appeal napoleons youth and ambition his love of symbols and his focus on europe have led many people in france to draw parallels with president emmanuel like napoleon presents himself as a man of the moment one who can restore french glory. france's youngest president also promises to transform france and restore its prestige historians say macros regal leadership style can be traced back to napoleon. or an embedded what an historian once called the myth of the savior in world war two shallow was seen as a savior let's see if we'd be one but there is no doubt french presidential elections focus on one person we can fix everything and that is part of lebanon's legacy the exhibition in ass is called images of a legend whether those visiting will see napoleon as a genius and
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a reformer or an ambitious autocrat will depend on their perspective but it's clear that more than two centuries after his death napoleon bonaparte continues to fascinate natasha buckler al-jazeera paris. all right let's take a look at the day's main headlines once again japan's prime minister shinzo abbé had swept to victory in saturday's snap election after promising to toughen his stance on north korea and revive the economy and exit polls put its ruling coalition on course to win between two hundred eighty and three hundred thirty six seats that easily surpass as a simple majority in the four hundred sixty five seat parliament three years extra state rex tillerson is in the cattery capital of doha after a round of diplomacy in saudi arabia where there's been little sign of a breakthrough over the saudi led blockade on cotton tennyson has met with king
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solomon and has also had a news conference with the foreign minister idle. a u.s. backed rebel group has captured syria's largest oil field from eisel to kurdish led syrian democratic forces are in a race against russian backed syrian troops to seize parts of the oil rich region. as more by capturing of the alarm our oil field which is one of the largest in syria. is definitely now going to have by telling. financial resources to continue its to continue expanding the syrian army is just about few kilometers away from the same oil field that was captured today with the as the u.s. so we're talking about still a very delicate situation now facing the. try and now to cut some more territory from. egypt's president abdullah fattah el-sisi has been meeting with ministers of intelligence services and has vowed to fight what he called terrorism in the country funerals have been held for the sixteen policemen who were killed in
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a desert ambush on security forces in the western desert on friday other sources say fifty five men were killed during the raid. spain's foreign minister is people in catalonia not to listen to that regional leaders as madrid moves to take control of the region the two governments remain in political deadlock over catalonia controversial referendum on secession. to the richest regions in northern italy voting for a biggest say in who controls their affairs and how much tax they pay the needs at region may bring long body count for thirty percent of italy's g d p alright you're up to date with all the headlines here on out there i'll be back with more news in just over twenty five minutes state you know for one hour one.
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remote northeast big plans are in the pipe. the largest coal mine in the country.


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