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my father in my most aware of for king for how the personal story to discover the source of one of the most expensive commodities sent from heaven this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about it. fluent in world news. a victory for shinzo law as the japanese leader looks to reform his country's pacifist constitution.
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along down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we cannot force talks on people that are not ready to talk stalemate in the gulf high level meetings on the diplomatic rift with cattle appear to go nowhere plus. when the aggravate i just saw that they thought he was a vampire dozens are charged with murder in malawi after mobs stoned to death people they believe a vampire. and taking care of a drug problem we'll look at iran's first to make for substance abuse in mothers and the children. japan's prime minister shinzo abbott has secured a big win in sunday's election his ruling coalition has won three hundred twelve seats and that easily gives him a majority in the four hundred sixty five seat parliament to push through his
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agenda well obviously to change the constitution and develop a fully fledged army japan's constitution limits the military to being a self defense force after its defeat in the second world war so a clock has more from tokyo. resulting between the two thirds majority which has been titled the super majority in both the upper and lower house three hundred twelve of the four hundred sixty five seats that were up for grabs and and as you can see that the local papers they're reflecting this two thirds again we have on this headline this one won two thirds by to continue so i spoke to the media last night he said if you were flipped on these results with humility voters went to the side and i have to say i mean looking at the way he campaigned he used north career is as a key part of his the campaign foundations we had a very disorganized opposition parties we had the likes of the party of hope to need two new political parties which were launched in the last month the party of
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hope was launched by the very popular tokyo governor eureka. many had hoped she would pose a threat to its majority this didn't come through and she last night she admitted complete defeat she said she regretted many of the campaign strategies there was a surprise looking at one particular party which has become the main opposition party this is the constitutional democratic party led by you yukio edano he was the face of the fukushima. nuclear disaster a few years back and he went on to lead this party this party's offering completely different policies to what is offering so a couple of surprises in the the final results which have come through overnight but are resulting in robust victory for the lots of sheens are by and the liberal democratic party. partial results in argentina's mid-term congressional elections suggest gains for president the coalition is looking to extend control of the congress wants a mandate to overhaul the economy wins in key districts could give his coalition
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its first legislative majority since he took office in twenty fifteen donal surely has more from one of ours so with most of the votes now counted in the midterm elections it does look as though the governing can be a most coalition has won a substantial victories and in victories in provinces they hadn't expected to do that well in the most important provinces populous places like mentor so-called of the. i of course in one of cyrus in the capital one osiris where there can be has won more than fifty percent of the vote the other parties the opposition parties will be scrutinizing the results in the next few days none more so than the former president cristina fernandez. she finished in second place in the race a senate seat representing the one osiris province the most populous province in the country she will say it's some kind of victory but she finished a second second place behind the can be a more candidate is there were no voltage she will take that seat in the senate but
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is not quite the platform i think she was hoping for towards her presidential aspirations in the elections in two thousand and nineteen still being counted will be for some hours to come but it can be a more that can be a governing coalition who are celebrating in their headquarters in one hour cyrus talking about the band they now have to put forward policies with a stronger force in the congress and in the senate to push forward economic policies they say are necessary to boost argentina's economy. now despite hopes of a breakthrough it seems the gulf crisis that seemed kept on living under a blockade for nearly five months would drag on u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in the region but says the saudi arabian that bloc is not ready to talk well after meeting. been hammered out thirty in doha he called on all sides to deescalate tensions but said the u.s. couldn't force any discussions while tennyson flew from saudi arabia where he met
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king solomon but there were no indications of progress he also held talks there with the iraqi prime minister on a body and says he wants to counter iranian influence in iraq in reports from doha . he talked tough on his way over blaming the saudi led coalition for the impasse but in the region the tough talk stopped meetings with the crown prince mohammed bin samana asked him to please and gauge the pleasing gauge in dialogue. there is not a strong indication that parties are ready to talk yet. and so we cannot force talks on people who are not ready to talk still us secretary of state rex tillerson took great pains to compliment the qatari significant progress has been made in a number of important efforts in our counterterrorism joint efforts including sharing of terrorist list terrorist financing we've participated in
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a number of counter-terrorism technical sessions and training and significant steps have been taken to handsome aviation security. he didn't criticize the blockading countries not even after the saudis seemed to publicly slight him by sending the deputy minister of protocol to the airport for his part that qatar foreign minister is clearly frustrated by the behavior of the four blockading countries. i also feel sorry to say that they are not ready to face this issue and to tackle with dialogue the reasons for this crisis these countries have resorted to undergo a medical methods that have nothing to do with modern diplomatic channels and this is no good secretary tillerson isn't leaving the region and he is expected to do one more press conference this time on his own here in doha so that means he has one more chance however unlikely to try and put some public pressure on the blockading countries to try to resolve this crisis as it begins to enter its fifth
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month political haint al-jazeera. well jonathan crystal is a fellow with the world policy institute he says the u.s. could do more to push the situation forward the u.s. certainly has leverage and killers and claim that all we can really do is ask and can't force people together it's sort of laughable now there might be contexts in which that's true but in this case the u.s. has a lot of leverage over saudi arabia in terms of arms sales that haven't gone through yet that are sort of on board they're certainly much more diplomatic pressure there's financial pressure but it really has to come from the top or from a sort of unified administration speaking with one voice and if the saudis think they can go around telling directly to the president and they're probably right about that then why should they actually listen to him why should they agree to talks when they think that they can wait out the clock thirteen people have been
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killed in a suicide bombing in northeast nigeria five others were injured in my degree the area is home to a camp the people who fled the conflict with the armed group boko haram. zimbabwean president robert mugabe has been removed as a goodwill ambassador for the world health organization just two days after he was appointed it follows a backlash from international leaders and health groups who say jim bob ways own health service is collapsing god has been criticized for going abroad for medical treatment finally south african media activist michael reddy told us why there was so much anger among garbage appointment well he's very good at looking after his health care facilities well or griese and bubblin die in dilapidated hospitals waiting for treatment the healthcare system in the block where is collapsing because of economic collapse that is the result of zanu p.f. policies and the new politics this is a regime that spend ninety one percent of its tiny budget on paying salaries and
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yet cannot afford to pay nurses and doctors who regularly go on strike and if you recall in two thousand and nine there was a cholera outbreak that killed four thousand five hundred people or thereabouts and this is a preventable disease so this is all political. and it's a slap in the face for ordinary zimbabweans so it is quite hard to understand the supports and of course this it's not just about health care that the regime is one that is that is marked by brutality that rules with an alliance and that has left ordinary zimbabweans in a diet situation so it is hard to stand when the support from a go big does come from and he does have some support although. his legitimacy is certainly crumbling i think in order to really understand this one has to look at the complex legacies of colonialism and imperialism and neo would carry this through. hundreds of people have been protesting in spain's capital to show their
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support for catalonia the government's moving to take control of the autonomous region following a disputed secession referendum this month spain's foreign minister is urging catalonians to ignore their leaders and accept darrick rule catalan political parties will meet on monday to decide what to do next andrew symonds reports from barcelona. this is the center of regional government in barcelona in less than a week it's set to lose its power as president and his ministers sacked in spain's capital madrid the mood seem to be hardening both politically and on the streets when the government has responded very well but they should have been harder article one five five should have been applied much sooner all eyes are on catalonia as president carlos pushed him on now he gave little away after the government announced its action on saturday at a mass protests followed in barcelona. parliament is expected to meet soon a declaration of independence is still an option along with the possibility of calling
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elections one thing is guaranteed there will be more protest action we are not going to obey the one point five article. for we have a right for the nation and we are sure. that justice is on on our side in this one of the most decentralized countries in the world the spanish state and the regional government in barcelona i'm now more entrenched than ever before but what about the millions of people affected by all of this for some of them isn't as simple as choosing one side or the other parent who used to be a socialist party supporter he's been against independence but is now in a dilemma he says he's horrified by the action of mariano rajoy is government in taking power away from elected politicians they decided to apply the worst case
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scenario for is suppressing the self-government and tell to the people hey were you are going to vote again not to get what you want but when we expanded government one because now i'm feeling not comfortable at all with the spanish. government or solution but still not believe in what in the bend. saying that everything is going to be fast and fantastic i don't know what what what's going to happen next week and i think going to be worst than now. after the mass protests on saturday a contrast catalan coach will events all relating to nationalism. and outside the palace housing a regional government that wants independence an old catalan nationalist song is played its lyrics romanticize the struggle for independence in reality there's nothing romantic about the situation right now and drew simmons al-jazeera part of
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the. break here in al-jazeera when we come back. i'm not angry with my mother and she did what she could my dad beat her she was young when she married twenty thousand underage girls get married every day the fight to end the practice intensifies in west africa and dead in the water that's how cambodia's prime minister describes two decades old peace agreement and a civil war in that stems. from the clear blue sky. to the fresh breeze in the city. they were the remains rather disturbed across southern parts of russia just pushing down across the black sea the caspian sea a little more cloud coming in here but elsewhere across parts of the middle east it's fine dry warm and sunny thirty three celsius there for baghdad
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a city with similar temperatures as we go on into tuesday fighting fire across a good part of a little more cloud just coming out of turkey pushing over towards the caspian sea and again you can see the chance of a few spots of rain be a squeeze out of that but for many as i said it stays fine and sunny thirty three celsius there. karate with the warm sunshine sunshine to the right and potentially a daddy that a four degrees thirty six for doha pleasant sunshine coming through with the winds coming in from the northwest the direction if anything just swing round as we go on it's g.'s day so highs here of around thirty five degrees in the sunshine good deal of sunshine into southern africa but there's a little cloud there just coming out of namibia just running across botswana easing down towards the east and always the possibility of a little bit of light rain and patchy drizzle it will brighten up as we go wanted to choose day a few showers there into northern mozambique added to tanzania joining up with the heavy showers right across the hearts of africa. the weather sponsored by.
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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational. and misinformation is right dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera japan's prime minister shinzo on a slip to victory in a small collection pledged to toughen his stance on north korea and revive the economy. the u.s. state says the south in a group of countries blockading is not ready to negotiate in the region in the latest attempt to end the dip. mucha crisis. zimbabwean president robert mugabe has been removed as a goodwill ambassador for the world health organization that follows a backlash from international leaders activists and health groups who say zimbabwe's a health service is collapsing. but u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in the philippines where he's due to meet defense ministers from southeast asia security issues on north korea's nuclear and missile threats are high on the agenda and target has more from. the meeting of defense ministers north of manila is expected to last for two days according to security experts the role of president of the go dared to as chairman of asio and this year
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is seen to be critical according to u.s. defense secretary jim mathis they are also here to prepare for the upcoming visit of president donald trump the fit to the philippines in november he also congratulated the philippine military for its efforts in fighting pro i so groups in mindanao just last week the philippine government declared malawi city in the southern philippines liberated from a pro iso group called the mao day after more than five months of incessant fighting there are still other pro eisel fronts be faced now by the philippine military in partnership with another rebel group called the more islamic liberation front it puts and underscores the importance of this peace process with the biggest armed group in southeast asia but what is most likely expected to dominate discussions here is the north korean issue the us government is trying to rally and
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prepare for trilateral talks with japan and south korea to try to find a way to put a more united front when it comes to the issue of north korea and what also what many see here as a possibility of these three countries preparing for a conflict. now monday marks twenty six years since an agreement was signed to end fighting between vietnam and cambodia the paris peace accord was meant to bring democracy to cambodia as well as respect for human rights and a strong opposition but now prime minister hun sen says the agreement is dead in the water and there's been a crackdown on the opposition so an international commission is calling on the peace accord to be reviewed looking as the abbot is a senior legal advisor on the international commission of jurists he says the government is shifting away from human rights and the international community needs to step in what we're seeing at the moment after the government won the last elections by a narrow margin is a centralized policy of eroding human rights and the rule of law and also
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undermining representative democracy. we are calling upon the international community particularly the signatories of the paris peace agreements using a mechanism contained within them to reconvene to consider what steps can be taken and to bring external pressure on cambodia to respect its international human rights obligations i think that the the people within cambodia are becoming more and more aware of the situation of corruption within the country the allegations of human rights violations repression of civil liberties and i think that's in large part why the c.p.p. only won the last elections by a narrow margin i think if the situation were to continue in the same track then i think we're looking at a very negative outcome not only for cambodia but for the region more generally at least eleven people have been killed in a roadside bombing in somalia that minibus carrying mostly female farmers was hit just outside the capital mogadishu close to areas held by the group al shabaab it
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comes after more than three hundred fifty people were killed in two explosions in mogadishu eight days ago that attack triggered demonstrations against al shabaab. well one hundred forty people have been arrested in malawi charged with murder or inciting violence in their hunt for vampires mobs are attacking people in what's being called a modern day witch hunt eight people have been murdered in the last month shelling bullets reports. students run from a primary school in malawi second biggest city blunting yet they abandoned their classes after a rumor that vampires had come to the school. room is that vampires and living in malawi and preying on its people again around a month ago are now mobs are on a modern day which chant to find them this is the most recent victim of the vigilantes a twenty two year old man with epilepsy stoned to death at a small symmetry in the rule district of melungeon
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a residence gathered to remember two other victims mother and son christie and john paul no matter. my granddaughter was with her son who was carrying her back and had so many pockets and he was also carrying an inflatable mattress when the agra villages saw that and the drinking bottle he was holding they thought he was a vampire they started beating him and killed them back. in total eight people suspected of being vampires have been murdered since september sixteenth many more malawians as well as foreigners have been injured the un has poured out its stuff from several districts while the u.s. and u.k. embassies have imposed travel bans on their staff and issued warnings to tourists police haven't forced a curfew in southern allowing after villages formed vigilante night patrols to root out so-called vampires. this is
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a sad development because we're living in constant fear our movements are regulated we cannot walk in the night because even those that have been asked to patrol the villages are beating anyone they meet belief in witchcraft is widespread i'm allowing vampire driven violence also erupted in two thousand and two. allegations to do with me but after. should not be disputed. president. defense force to reassure villages and vampire hunters in places like to take suspects to the police and state of killing them. delegates are in senegal for a summit aimed at ending child marriage in the west and central africa the region has six of the top ten countries with the highest rate of child marriages in the
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world almost two million underage girls are married there every year at the top of the list seventy six percent of women are married before they're eighteen well globally seven hundred million women get married as children and it's fair that figure could go up to one point two billion by twenty fifty. of the jaywalk. and there was twelve years old when her mother asked her to marry a man as old as her father. she ran away from school and hid in the village and her mother insisted on the wedding. ceremony was arranged and then they became pregnant before she ran away. after abandoning her child thirteen year old worked as a prostitute. pregnant again she's now in hiding in the house in the capital. i'm not angry with my mother i mean she did what she could. she was young. my
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mother was just doing what's best for me. young girls marrying old men is the norm here twenty thousand underage girls marry every day mostly in south asia and rural west africa says the world bank and save the children under age weddings are often organized by parents in the village where they grew up boys are seen as contribution to the family by farming or working. girls do the same but they are seen as an extra mouth to feed and so few get to finish school instead they marry and become pregnant early hoping to give birth to a boy not their olds. so this is an days home she hasn't been back here for years just a few months ago she called her mother for the first time to tell her that she's sounding well but she didn't tell her her whereabouts so i'm going to. let mad then they i ask for in days mother. so i went there she is there that.
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tells me she's ashamed for what her daughter did for coombe but it's better to be married early rather than to deal with the shame of an accidental pregnancy little ritual and i don't regret it i manage safety by marrying her off. but the pain of losing her daughter is evident. of course i miss my daughter she says i want her back. and they misses her too but she's not ready to return home if she gives birth to a girl she'll call her goombah after her mother she promises to guide her and help her choose the right husband if it's a boy he'll be free to choose whoever he wants to marry for and day life for girls is harder and unforgiving. nicholas hawke al-jazeera get to i cynical. protesters are demanding the resignation of malta police chief after the killing of
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a journalist who exposed allegations of corruption. they've been demonstrating outside the police headquarters in the capital letter. was killed by a bomb in her car last week earlier thousands of people marched to demand justice. the leaders of italy's two wealthiest regions say they've won a vote for more autonomy from the central government between them lombardi and veneto generate thirty percent of italy's g.d.p. but many taxpayers in the north resent subsidizing the relatively poor south they want more say in how their tax revenue is used iran has opened its first clinic for drug addicted mothers the facility is highlighting the government shifting attitude towards drug users from treating them as criminals to realizing that it's a public health issue same azadi reports from tehran. began smoking crystal meth when she was seventeen and ten years later she says she wants
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a better life for herself and her baby. it was a very bad situation before i came here when my daughter was born i was addicted we had no money her father said let's leave her in the hospital but i took her and we without paying we had no money for work we were both addicted. because of her mother's drug use this is little girl may have to deal with problems of her own while she seems healthy using meth during pregnancy can cause long term neurological and developmental problems in children. my daughter got taken away because of me when i quit and could get an identity card for her i was able to get her back it's been almost six months we've been living together. the clinic into her name to rebirth has offered both mother and daughter a new lease of life. in a morning i take her. we have a normal life like
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a normal person at least my daughter can play with her friends and grow up in a proper manner just doesn't want to show her face or use her real name because in iran drug addicts are seen as a source of shame but her story is so common the you know the ration of this government run clinic was a publicized event among the v.i.p.'s were a government minister a vice president and a gaggle of t.v. news crews a sign perhaps of the changing attitudes towards the country's major drug problem. you kind of addictions show that it's not just about poverty and unemployment lack of psychological security is the main reason for being addicted in urban societies this is true all around the world including our country and a message to iranians that the government has started treating drug use less like a crime and more like a public health problem that has a cure. you know. we should spread information so you can be informed and choose the right had many young people say they didn't
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know about impacts and harms of drugs we have to inform them that it is something that. house in a municipal building next to a park in the old part of the city the clinic gives parents a chance to get better and reunite with their kids. there's even an ambulance that patrols the streets in search of drug users to help. the women receive support from social workers and they're able to help each other it's a chance for these kids to retain their innocence and for their mothers to reclaim a little bit of theirs is in basra zero to one. remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera japan's prime minister shinzo has set to victory in a snap election his ruling coalition has won two thirds of the seats in parliament a pledge to toughen his stance on north korea and revive the economy. also results
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in argentina's midterm elections suggest gains for president raise coalition he's looking to extend control of a congress and wants a mandate to overhaul the economy wins in key districts could give his coalition its first legislative majority since he took office in twenty fifteen. the us texas state says they sat in a group of countries blockading qatar is not ready to negotiate rex tillerson is in the region and the latest attempt to end the diplomatic crisis is that top level talks in qatar and saudi arabia. i did in my meetings with the crown prince mohammed bin samana asked him to please and gauge please and gauge in dialogue. there is not a strong indication that parties are ready to talk yet. and so we cannot force talks on people who are not ready to talk so there has been no invitation to the white house because it's not clear that parties are ready to engage but we're going
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to continue to work towards that dialogue and towards that engagement thirteen people have been killed in a suicide bombing in northeast nigeria five others were injured in my degree the target was a count the people have fled the conflict with the armed group boko haram zimbabwean president robert mugabe has been removed as a goodwill ambassador for the world health organization a little over two days after he was appointed follows a backlash from international leaders activists and health groups who say zimbabwe's own health service is collapsing hundreds of people have been protesting in spain's capital to show their support for catalonia the government's moving to take control of the autonomous region following a succession referendum this month and cambodia's prime minister hun sen says a twenty six year peace agreement to stop the country's civil war is dead in the water the paris peace accord was meant to bring democracy to cambodia but there's a crackdown on government opponents an international commission is calling for the
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treaty to be reviewed. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera also the listening post which of those watching. our jazeera. swear every us. hollywood producer harvey weinstein beat off actual wrath. to come back home it was told by sharon harvey weinstein's change by wednesday seventy york times reporter frantically congresswoman i want to take a while.


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