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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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i remain high president trump in a box on a five nation tour to asia november on al jazeera. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the kind of exposure on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. after a decisive election victory japan's prime minister says he'll take
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a stronger stance against north korea. so again i'm peter watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up more on the moment that's inside. the philippines declares his battle with isolating fights is over. stalemate in the gulf high level meetings on the diplomatic rift with cats appear to go nowhere. that we simply can't go on the way but going on and loving alms and aptly named exhibition on u.s. gun violence becomes an art form for peace. welcome to the program top story japan's prime minister shinzo ave says he'll continue to deal decisively with new. career day after winning national elections his governing
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coalition scored a major victory at the polls the liberal democratic party and cami to a party maintained more than two thirds of the lower house mr abbott says he wants to hold the debates on north korea with the us president donald trump who's visiting the next month sarah clarke is live for us in tokyo this north korea what did he have to say. a look at yes i did that has taken credit for japan's position number strong position against north korea he called on voters during the campaign to choose him because it was a size diable experience government and today he knew that playing to seek and strengthen diplomacy to deal with north korea and the escalating tensions in this region he also said that he would strengthen japan's cooperation with the international community now you mentioned that donald trump is visiting japan next month. i have spoken to donald trump today obviously to congratulate him on the election victory but they've also both agreed that on this visit to japan the tramp
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and i are by world to make this issue central to this their policy discussion so north korea has played a huge part in the election campaign and one night out continued to be a central policy platform for shinzo obviously returns to power with what we've discussed is that the two thirds majority in parliament and looking purely at the domestic picture for a second how does the center of gravity of japanese politics change and shift if at all. well the interesting thing is it that way everyone was waiting to see if they were able to secure the two thirds majority and this does deliver. his ruling bloc the opportunity or the mandate or the visitation to move and make constitutional change they needed that two thirds majority to take that step he's made it his lifelong mission to try and revive as japan's pacifist constitution in particular he would allow to he wants to move and make japan's self-defense force
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a more active military the u.s. drafted the constitution and basically made the defense force here a self-defense force it can't act on direct threats are has long said that he would like to change this this is his last chance if he does remain in power to do this and as i mentioned it needs a two thirds majority he also needs to hold a referendum so it will take time to convince the public to come on board it's a controversial issue and it divides the nation but certainly it will be central to one of the key positions of policy platform as he moves on the domestic front in japan sara thanks very much. well many verses in japan cast their ballots early because of a powerful typhoon as that was approaching the storms now hit central japan killing two people and injuring more than ten others the body of a seventy year old man whose boat developed engine troubles was found on the beach another man died after a high winds knocked down scaffolding at a construction site. the government in the philippines has announced an end to its
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five month battle against i sold into fighters in the royal we the motor group laid siege to the southern city in may ransacking banks and shops and taking civilians hostage the defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with his troops. this of the last group. there was a fire fight a fight so they were finished number of the lovable it. is in manila for us the fight is apparently over what happens next. well the most difficult part here peter is how to make sure that more almost half a million people have been displaced are going to be able to return to their homes any time soon after more than five months of fighting we largely the city is in
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ruins largely destroyed by relentless airstrikes from the philippine military as you know the philippine military claims that they have already erased the presence of them out a group inside me are we city but not in surrounding areas there are still sympathizers not just around the area we city but all across the province of landau those soar and this is the difficult part because at the same time they are the philippine military so also fight a war on so many fronts there is still fighting a war against the communist party of the philippines there is still another area in mindanao where pro iso groups are also continuously battling it out against the philippine military so yes the leaders of the mouth a group may have been killed the presence within morale we city may have already been erased but the ideal idiology itself and the presence of the mouth is not yet finished so the difficult part is just about to begin another story we're following for us is the. can we expect from that.
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well as you know it's going to happen in the next couple of days the role of a president of the good that there it is chairmanship of the assay and it's critical there's so many issues on the ground that earlier the u.s. secretary of defense has already congratulated the philippine military for its war against pro eisel groups it is security at discussions and security will most likely be on the agenda but will is what is expected to dominate the talks are the issue of north korea as the u.s. government tries to rally a more united front with south korea and japan in order to find a united front to deal with north korea many security experts here say peter that this is actually this attempt to try to do trilateral talks might also be a preparation for a possibility of armed conflict how do you see mr tillotson in gauge with the idea or mr mattis rather how do the with the reality of this idea that the philippines
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has demonstrated over the past couple of years slightly shifting its allegiances within the region and the philippines leader is friendly to everyone on the face of it well yes definitely i mean when president of the good that there was sworn into office he actually asked u.s. troops to leave mindanao he said he was breaking away completely from the country's relationship with the united states but clearly here what we're seeing here is that the president's words did not become automatically policy nothing has changed on the ground the involvement of the united states in mindanao has never been bigger they had troops on the ground involved in surveillance and counter-surveillance in the city they had the marine special operations group there they are in different parts of the philippines so what clearly shows this peter is that the relationship between the philippines and the united states goes beyond and if you know president jamilah thanks very much. now the gulf crisis that scene casts are living under
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a blockade fanie five months looks like it will drag on the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in the region but says the saudi arabian led bloc is not ready to talk to the sins held high level discussions in qatar and saudi arabia calling for a deescalation of the tensions pascoe hain reports now from doha. he talked tough on his way over blaming the saudi led coalition for the impasse but in the region the tough talk stopped meetings with the crown prince mohammed bin solomon i asked him to please and gauge please and gauge in dialogue. there is not a strong indication that parties are ready to talk yet. and so we cannot force talks upon people who are not ready to talk still us secretary of state rex tillerson took great pains to compliment the qatari significant progress has been made in
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a number of important efforts in our counterterrorism joint efforts including sharing of terrorist list terrorist financing we've participated in a number of counterterrorism technical sessions and training and significant steps have been taken to enhance aviation security he didn't criticize the blockading countries not even after the saudis seem to publicly slight him by sending the deputy minister of protocol to the airport for his part that qatari foreign minister is clearly frustrated by the behavior of the four blockading countries. i also feel sorry to say that they are not ready to face this issue and to tackle with dialogue the reasons for this crisis these countries have resorted to undergo a magic methods that have nothing to do with modern diplomatic channels and this is no good. secretary tillerson isn't leaving the region and he is expected to do one more press conference this time on his own here in doha so that means he has one more chance however unlikely to try and put some public pressure on the blockading
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countries to try to resolve this crisis as it begins to enter its fifth month political al-jazeera d'oh. the argentinian president of some cruise governing coalition has amassed a clear winner in mid-term elections and the vote was widely seen as a referendum on machree and his economic reforms it was also a return to the political stage for his predecessor christina cut who won a senate seat. from when osiris. the governing can be a coalition defied the polls and probably their own expectations by winning convincingly across argentina. they took seats in the country's five most populous provinces giving president macky greatest strength in both the senate and congress to push through measures he says a vital to revive the economy. we can govern thinking about the things that we must do not just what is politically correct but what the people want our confidence has
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grown and now we are bearing the fruits of that confidence voting to replace half the congress and one third of senate seats was generally peaceful despite a tense election campaign with the country split and regular protests. of the body of activists. an issue president says will soon be resolved. he celebrating they are not the only political b.s. the wins out with all the parties over the next few days carefully scrutinizing the results with something anything. to load the two years from now. the former president cristina fernandez the kitchener has done that clinching a seat in the house or senate to represent one osiris province with hopes of again becoming president. we should be proud of what we have built no other position has resisted the government has strongly as we have grown. but
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results in the rest of argentina weren't what she was hoping for with the opposition fragmented it's the governing can be a most coalition it was celebrating along to the night. before i notice here that one aside this. still ahead here on al-jazeera leaders in spain and catalonia refused to budge in the deepening political crisis. and killing vampires white dozens of charged with murder in malawi. we got plenty of cloud of rain piling in across western parts of here pat the moment spilling in from the atlantic you see the next weather system just knocking on the door that will feed some of the wartime the weather if
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a wintry weather down into central passes lot of cloud that we have coming out of scandinavia down across the eastern side of here through poland down across the balkans however in some other lives showers longer spells of friday once again then notching their way a little further eastward temperatures behind vienna struggling to get to around ten degrees celsius i went to weather over the outskirts covering of snow sunny possible to hear quite a few centimeters likely over the next couple of days more clout of the rain spilling in cross see british isles temperatures picking up though for london at around sixteen thousand highs of around fifteen and paris and a touch modest still as we go on into tuesday a south westerly wind coming in but a fair amount of cloud and right with all of this time here it does mean rather gray skies grey skies down towards southern parts of the balkans easing over towards that eastern side of the mediterranean we see some lively downpours coming . into greece over the next dials a little bit about whether to affecting the fall north of libya once again may well
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behind that it turns fine and dry. right.
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you with al-jazeera are your top stories japan's prime minister shinzo obvious says he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea the day after winning a snap national election his governing coalition maintained more than two thirds of the lower house. the government in the philippines has announced the end of its five month battle against eisold and fighters in morocco the defense secretary said the final forty two fighters were killed in a shoot out with his forces. and the gulf crisis that seen cats are living under a blockade for nearly five months looks like it will drag on the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the saudi arabian led bloc isn't ready to talk. the foreign affairs spokesman for catalonia says only catalans have the right to change their institutions in the spanish capital madrid hundreds of people protested to show their support for catalonia the central government is moving to take control of the region following
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a disputed referendum on secession spain's foreign minister is urging catalans to ignore their leaders and accept direct rule under simmons is there. this is the center of regional government in barcelona in less than a week it's set to lose its powers president and his ministers. in spain's capital madrid the mood seem to be hardening both politically and on the streets the government has responded very well but they should have been harder article one five five should have been applied much sooner all eyes are on catalonia as president carlos pushed him on now he gave little away after the government announced its action on saturday at a mass protests followed in barcelona. parliament is expected to meet soon a declaration of independence is still an option along with the possibility of calling elections one. thing is guaranteed there will be more protest action we are not
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going to obey the one point five article. we have a right for. and we are sure. that justice is on our side in this one of the most decentralized countries in the world the spanish state and the regional government in barcelona i'm now more entrenched than ever before but what about the millions of people affected by all of this for some of them this isn't as simple as choosing one side or the other parent who used to be a socialist party supporter he's been against independence but is now in a dilemma he says he's horrified by the action of mariano rajoy is government and taking power away from elected politicians they decided to apply the worst case scenario for is suppressing the self-government and tell to the people hey were you are going to vote again not to get what you want but when we expanded government
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one because now i'm feeling not comfortable at all with the spanish. government or solution but still not believe in what the independent is saying that everything is going to be fast and fantastic i don't know what what what's going to happen next week and i think going to be worst than now. after the mass protests on saturday a contrast catalan coachable events all relating to nationalism. and outside the palace housing a regional government that wants independence an old catalan nationalist song is played its lyrics romanticize the struggle for independence in reality there's nothing romantic about the situation right now and drew simmons al-jazeera. the leaders of italy's two well. yes regions say they've won a vote for more autonomy from the central government in rome the authorities in
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lumber venator want to keep more tax revenue and have more say over immigration security and the environment the votes are non-binding but leaders hope the results will give them more leverage in negotiations with the government. of the chain i want to thank the three million lombards who went to vote according to our projections more than ninety five percent of the votes recovered from all the voting machines that we received are yes around three percent are now and the remaining are blank of these millions of lombard citizens ninety five percent say yes we want more autonomy officials in australia say more than six hundred asylum seekers and refugees are refusing to leave the menace island tension camp on papua new guinea and the authorities will cut off access to drinking water food medical treatment and electricity when the camp closes next tuesday refugees will be forced to move to accommodation centers near the main city of la but they fear they will
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receive a hostile reception from the local community thousands of people have rallied in me in mass capital in a show of support for one son suchi she has been widely criticised by world governments and the un for handling of the range of crisis almost six hundred thousand range of muslims have fled to bangladesh since late august that's when mars military launched a crackdown in the northern state of rakhine. the un says much more work has to be done to bring stability to sri lanka nearly a decade after the end of the civil war there the u.n. is conducting a review to find out what is blocking reforms as melvin enders explains victims' families after scrapes heat with long delays in securing justice. rather nice on the rajah's moving again a process that brings back painful memories she was asked to move out days after her husband stephen was abducted by uniformed military personnel on the market when the a motorbike blocked our vehicle in traffic and
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a white van pulled alongside they held a pistol to the driver's head and said stephen get out and bundled him into their vehicle that was more than eighty years ago there's been no trace of him since hundreds of families like the other have joined protests demanding. they see a government that won the war against the tamil tigers must be able to find out what happened to their loved one. hope prompted many to vote in the government of mighty policy to say one two thousand and fifteen it has been working with the international community and has made progress including the return of some private land and the establishment of an office of missing persons but two years on many feel it's not doing enough we ought to proceed. on the assumption that a great deal for a reason to be done they both used to be.
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institutionalized but that they continued interest in doing so degrees has spent the last two weeks in the country to monitor what sri lanka has and has not done he hopes what he calls positive conversations will translate into action that will strengthen the rights of all citizens but rather was not convinced . that high profile people keep coming here but this is of no benefit to us they're just talking about their views but not doing anything. is echoed in the north where people surrounded the. president when he was a tad last week. he demanded the release of what they see as political prisoners and concrete action on ensuring justice after the war the president told protesters he's willing to discuss their concerns come to grief stricken mendacious will be
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closely scrutinized by government leaders in colombo they have repeatedly insisted that they won't allow direct international involvement in any war crimes investigation the ministry of foreign affairs in colombo says it's not the government to decide whether the rapper's recommendations are beneficial to the people and whether to consult him further whatever the outcome rather than a says she won't give up hope of finding the truth about what happened to her loved one. al-jazeera colomba. two point south african farmers are being sentenced for forcing a black man into a coffin and threatening to burn him alive in august a judge found them guilty of attempted murder the two farmers have pleaded not guilty to the charges saying the intention was to teach the man a lesson for trespassing on their property the case is one attention to post apartheid racial tensions. one hundred forty people have been arrested in malawi charged with murder or inciting violence in their hunt for vampires mobs are
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attacking people in what's being called a modern day witch hunt eight people have been murdered in the last month in charlotte but us. students run from a primary school when malawi's second biggest city blunt here they abandoned their classes after a rumor that vampires had come to the school what room is that then pi is a living in malawi and preying on its people again around a month ago are now more on a modern day which chant to find them this is the most recent victim of the vigilantes a twenty two year old man with epilepsy starting today. at a small symmetry in the rule district of milan j residents gathered to remember two other victims mother and son christi and john paul no matter. my granddaughter was with her son who was carrying a bag he had so many pockets and he was also carrying an inflatable mattress when
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viagra villages so that and the drinking bottle he was holding they thought he was a vampire they started beating him and killed them. in total eight people suspected of being vampires have been murdered since september sixteenth many more malawians as well as foreigners have been injured the un has pulled out its star from several districts while the u.s. and u.k. embassies have imposed travel bans on their staff and issued warnings to terrorists . haven't forced a curfew in southern i'm allowing after villages filmed vigilante night patrols to root out so-called vampires and is that because i wonder if this is a sad development because we're living in constant fear our movements are regulated we cannot walk in the night because even those that have been asked to patrol the villages are beating anyone they meet belief in witchcraft is widespread i'm allowed vampire driven violence also erupted in two thousand and two people
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allegations to do with her after. she would be disappointed can be taking us. forward. with. this woman. fit on the ground right president reka has seemed to in the malawi defense force to reassure villages and as vampire hunters in places like. to take suspects to the police and state of killing them. thirteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in the north east of nigeria five others were injured in my glory the area is home to a camp for those who fled the conflict with boko haram around one point eight million people have been displaced by that fighting since two thousand and nine a unique art exhibition inside a church in the u.s. state of new jersey is trying to highlight the country's gun culture it comes just
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weeks after the mass shooting in las vegas has gabriel elizondo. panic at a concert in las vegas as a man kills fifty seven people in the worst mass shooting in united states in modern times the gunman own forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting united states of america has a obsessive. attraction and love for guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues on each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area so this is a tissue for a lock rows read greek is they someone was murdered the day before the exhibit
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opened she was thirty eight years on. the tissue you know evokes grief so to me it just kind of is a way of helping people it's a kind of thing that to the human aspects of the violence in our society the artists at this exhibit are all from the local community their pieces take on different forms like this piece a fence with stuffed animals attached to symbolize a makeshift memorial at a crime scene but look closely and the message is clear while the exhibition is taking place in a church the reverend said stopping gun violence in the u.s. will take more than prayer simply praying i think as an institution it's not sufficient and so we have to work with other people of goodwill and to to model peace in our own lives and also to demand a change that we simply can't go on the way we've been going on the art exhibit is
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called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or embrace somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here that this world needs more love and less violence one church were trained into gun violence has become an art form for peace gabriel is on doe how does it jersey city. one of the last surviving letters written by a passenger sailing on board the titanic has been sold for more than one hundred sixty thousand dollars the letter was written by an american salesman to his mother in one nine hundred twelve just a day later the ill fated vessel struck the iceberg alexander. was among fifteen hundred people who died in the disaster.
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the headlines from al-jazeera japan's prime minister shinzo obvious says he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea a day after winning a snap national election this rbs governing coalition maintained more than two thirds of the lower house he says he wants to hold a debate on north korea with the us president donald trump was in japan next month came back sort of. ties them all now with the support from people extended to us we will conduct strong diplomacy as tensions over north korea are increasing on the fifth of next month president trump is scheduled to visit japan you kindly called me by phone already today and when he visits we will spend time discussing the issues of north korea and aim to confirm our close alliance the philippines government has announced the end to its five month battle against isolating fighters in the group captured the southern city in may run sacking banks and shops and taking civilians hostage the defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a shootout with his troops this side of the last group. they
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. were caught in the one building. there was a firefight a fight so they were finished no more on the number of militants inside. the gulf crisis the scene casts are living under a blockade for nearly five months looks like it will continue to drag on the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says the saudi arabian led bloc isn't ready to talk. the foreign affairs spokesman of catalonia says only catalans have the right to change the way they are governed in the spanish capital in the droid hundreds of people protested to show their support for catalonia secession the central government is moving to take control of the region following the disputed referendum spain's foreign minister is urging catalans to ignore their leaders and to accept direct rule officials in australia part of me will get you another version of that story a little later last more news of course when you want it on the web site zero dot
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com up next inside story. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. america's top diplomat is back in the gulf trying to heal the rift between its arab allies rex tennyson's playing down the chances of an early end to the crisis what you have to take to find a solution and does the saudi led quartet even want to talk this is inside still.


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