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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for the good in this is that he is live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes as but dread moves to take control of catalonia as government local officials harden their positions. after a decisive election victory japan's prime minister says that he'll take a stronger stance against threats from north korea. we cannot force talks in bonn people are not ready to call a stalemate in the gulf high level meetings on the diplomatic rift with appear to go nowhere. and i'm sorry small have all the latest sports news including one with appleton is on the verge of a fourth formula one world title after victory in the united states.
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so we begin this news in catalonia leaders they're exploring their options after spain's government said that it would move to withdraw the region's autonomy the cattle and parliament is meeting in barcelona to consider its response to the spanish cabinet invoking article one five five of the country's constitution the central government has also said that it could appoint a single representative to govern the region let's take you live now to barcelona al jazeera is the tasha but is there so the tasha can we expect a form of response from the catalan parliament soon. well the executive board of the castle and parliament where i'm standing right now have been meeting today now what they say is that on thursday they will hold a full session of parliament and it will be in that session that m.p.c. will decide exactly what will be their response to madrid's decision to impose direct rule on the region now we've heard over the past few days from various
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regional leaders him including the regional president colors purge them all who have said to the majority decision to impose our will is outrageous please them all talking about slamming the door. dialogue going forward what we've also seen is hundreds of thousands of procession supporters on the streets very angry they want their voice to be heard as well but on the other side you have madrid saying look it simply needs to take control of the situation at least to take back control of this region and that this is a situation that can all go to war and we heard from spanish officials say no all the nation in europe would allow such a thing to happen it would allow a region just to break away off the holding an illegal referendum and that is why they are forging ahead wanting to impose direct rule there will be a meeting of the spanish senate to approve that decision on friday and is expected to go ahead so how easy or perhaps difficult would it be for madrid to impose direct role. i think there is no
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doubt that it will be very difficult indeed and everyone is aware of the cattle and foreign minister here in the region said himself earlier that some people here will simply not want to take orders from madrid and you're talking about madrid wanting to take over the civil service the police force possibly even a regional television station dissolve parliament sack ministers now at every single level you are going to have processions supporters who say that they don't want to take orders from the dreaded they will show their opposition so it's not going to be easy at all on the other hand you have many people in the region look with some relief that madrid is actually taking this decision because they want madrid to take back control they want order to be restored because there's a real feeling here as well but the longer this crisis goes on the more damage it will do both economically and politically politically to the region and to spain at
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large. many thanks indeed attention back to their lives in barcelona japan's prime minister shinzo abbay says that he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea following his election when his ruling coalition scored a major victory in the poll the liberal democratic party and the come a two party won more than two thirds of seats in the lower house of a says he wants to hold talks on north korea with us president donald trump will visit japan next month sarah clarke reports from tokyo. he called on voters during the campaign to choose him because it was a size diable experience government and today he renewed that pledge to seek and strengthen diplomacy to deal with north korea and the escalating tensions in this region you also said that he would strengthen japan's cooperation with the international community donald trump is visiting japan next month. i have spoken to donald trump today obviously to congratulate him on the election victory but
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they've also both agreed that on this visit to japan the tramp and our by world make this issue central to this their policy discussion so north korea has played a huge part in the election campaign and will no doubt continue to be a central policy platform for shinzo our by as he returns to power with what we've discussed is that the two thirds majority in parliament where everyone was waiting to see if they were able to secure the two thirds majority and this does deliver. and his ruling bloc the opportunity or the mandate or the visitation to move and make constitutional change they needed that two thirds majority to take that step he's made it his lifelong mission to try and revive as japan's pacifist constitution in particular he would allow to he wants to move and make japan's self-defense force a more active military the u.s. drafted the constitution and basically made the defense force here
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a self-defense force it can't act on direct threats are has long said that he would like to change this. iraq's government is accusing the u.s. secretary of state of interference after he called for iranian backed fighters to leave iraq rex tillerson says of the fighters should either return to their homes or integrate into the iraqi army he made the comments in riyadh during landmark talks with saudi arabia's king solomon and iraq's prime minister the body the u.s. hopes that the partnership between the two countries will stop iraq's dependence upon iran will tell us an east his trip to riyadh and lazy to doha to push for talks on the gulf diplomatic crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt broke off relations with cattle in june petty culhane reports. he talked tough on his way over blaming the saudi like coalition for the impasse but in the region the tough talk stopped meetings with the crown prince mohammed bin samana asked him to please and gauge the police and gauge in dialogue.
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there is not a strong indication that parties are ready to talk yet. and so we cannot force talks on people who are not ready to talk still us secretary of state rex tillerson took great pains to compliment the qatari significant progress has been made in a number of important efforts in our counterterrorism joint efforts including sharing of terrorist list terrorist financing we've participated in a number of counterterrorism technical sessions and training and significant steps have been taken to enhanced aviation security. he didn't criticize the blockading countries not even after the saudis seemed to publicly slight him by sending the deputy minister of protocol to the airport for his part that qatar foreign minister is clearly frustrated by the behavior of the four blockading countries assess them
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i also feel sorry to say that they are not ready to face this issue and to tackle with dialogue the reasons for this crisis these countries have resorted to undergo a magic methods that have nothing to do with modern diplomatic channels and this is no good secretary tell us and isn't leaving the region and he is expected to do one more press conference this time on his own here in doha so that means he has one more chance however unlikely to try and put some public pressure on the blockading countries to try to resolve this crisis as it begins to enter its fifth month. al-jazeera d'oh. let's get a few now from sultan barak out who is the director of the center of a conflict and humanitarian studies of the doha institute he's with me here in the studio what you make of this i mean rex tillerson leaving with with very little show for his time as far as the gulf diplomatic crisis is concerned in both riyadh . he says if they don't talk but i want to talk well to be fair to him ever since friday part of our wider visit to asia and the refocus in saudi arabia is about the
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cooperation council the cooperation between saudi arabia and iraq so that is really the main purpose of his visit saudi arabia so this was a diplomatic fishing trip if you like to see if you could if you can get the wheels turning trying and they must be trying all the time to call those parties into some kind of talks and few weeks ago when the they got the closest when the phone call between them. and man took place and that unfortunately ended up into a fiasco as to who said what to whom and it showed that really pride is at the heart of this conflict the issue here and the skill is in trying to get these two people two sides to. change their position without losing face and this is maybe what terrorism is now working on this no doubt about the fact that the trumpet ministration is extremely frustration with the situation here in the gulf where the
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trauma demonstration as you know is divided on days over the gavins getting narrower between the white house and the foreign office the foreign office and the ministry of defense have been clear from the very beginning as to the need for talks and they really came out more or less on the side of the qatari in this this exercise but the white house has a different position. we are five months into this and i think they started to appreciate more the losses for the united states particularly on the commercial deals the trade they cannot make losses that. happening as a result of this division what do you make of the way in which rex tillerson was treated when he arrived in saudi arabia met by the the deputy minister of from the department of protocol it's sort of his his saudi counterpart was that was that a snub or we are we reading too much into into what happened. i don't know the details but i mean i wouldn't be. in his position be offended i mean it depends on
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whether protocol the agreed the beginning and you know terrorism is very comfortable in saudi arabia and elsewhere in the gulf. i don't think it's a big issue all right so how long how long does the gulf crisis go on without a breakthrough i mean how long is this stalemate going to be talking months weeks or even years i mean the the time we've seen so far has proven that terrorism is rather resilient. shock that. saudi arabia and egypt had hoped for is not there anymore so the longer it goes the more resilient could become and more used to work without them which i think is rather dangerous move because ultimately they will have to turn to two other allies in the region and they would have to go for tentative routes particularly relation to heavy equipment and construction material to do with a twenty twenty two so it can go on for a long time the longer it goes the harder it is going to be to bring them back together and certainly the harder it is going to be to keep the council the gulf
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council together what is the next gulf cooperation council meeting actually go ahead or to go ahead without without what we read and i don't think so i think the fact that it was postponed it is meant to allow it to come in at some stage if it's possible and again then clearly it probably is the end of it ok always good to talk to you many thanks to you for being with us. the u.s. and british military say that they're committed to staying at the date abbes in qatar the facility has proved crucial in the fight against eisel its strategic location makes it vital for missions in the middle east and asia behold reports from a little date this is the heart of america's military power in the middle east. hosts everything from b. fifty two was fighter jets and a few linkers trouts but in order for these bombers to reach their targets they'd
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acquire an air base like and or date which is close enough to many areas in the middle east and asia with the ability to provide logistical support or a date is part of the american central command authority over the sponsibility this area extends from kazakhstan india north to yemen in the south and from pakistan in the east to egypt in the west if you look at centcom on a map. qatar falls roughly in the center of that now and so the capabilities here laois to reach out on order to any corner of the second region out of value did we strike or we fly aircraft across a range of capability so tankers airlift their medical back surveillance reconnaissance and strike aircraft so all those things are layered together through the orders of the combined air operations center to have those facts on target and the persistence to be able to go after isis on demand when the targets arise u.s.
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forces do not walk alone in a later date they are in a coalition of more than twenty countries one of them is the united kingdom. the erb ace has sophisticated systems and equipment installed to meet everyone's requirement it will be difficult to replicate just the complexity and sophistication of what we all have here at our leader because of investment over time the investment in money the investment in people almost a thousand people work in the air operations center twenty four hours a day on shift so you can't just as we would say in u.k. up sticks and then go in relocated somewhere else easily it's important in the investment that all of us americans u.k. coalition friends have put into the air operations and put into a new date tells you how important it is and we're here for the long haul. date has plenty of space for big bombers something that is not available in many cases in
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the region and the bases location was a factor in the decision to bring these bombers here. is considered a safe place for big bombers like the b. fifty two which operates from these bombers provide air power to the region. still to come on the program. the philippines declares its battle with ice linked fighters over. accusations in israel's media that the country's weapons sales are helping to provoke conflict in other parts of the world. and that goalkeeper the hard way that you should never celebrate too early. but. far will be here with that of the rest of the sport i don't know that.
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the philippine government has announced an end to its five month battle against islington fighters in the mount group laid siege to the southern city in may ransacking banks and shops and taking civilians hostages hostage the defense secretary says in the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with his troops this sunday last. in the one building and so they were. there was a firefight a fight so they were finished no more on the inside. well despite the defeat of pro i still find. the threat from other groups operating in the philippines remains general allen dog with us. we traveled to mugging a prob in the philippines to meet one of its most controversial fighters
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oh oh. why didn't doc is the commander of the elite unit of the more islamic liberation front it is the biggest armed group in southeast asia that is negotiating with the philippine government for greater autonomy for the more people in the south. this is legalized in march a place which has suffered violent conflict for decades why he didn't talk and his men are taking us to a new territory they recently took over from pro isis groups. we don't want what happened to happen here. but it takes more than just the m.i.l.f. i see here we need cooperation from the military and even local government officials that are always a city in mindanao that has recently been recaptured by the philippine military from a nice little inspired group called the mounted months of incessant fighting has left many ruins and hundreds of thousands of its people displaced the m.i.l.f.
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says i saw brings with it and idiology they called fitna a radical set of beliefs they say that pits muslims against each other this is created divisions not just among fighters here but also family members some of these men admit they have fought against their own relatives fighters of the more islamic liberation front had to swim through the lilies in order to get through these trenches this area was the last stronghold of a pro i saw a group it was a close quarter combat that lasted for seven hours. these pro eisel fighters belong to the bangsamoro islamic freedom movement a group that broke away from the m.i.l.f. when peace negotiations broke down in two thousand and eight all this. radical group. failure in the peace process and then
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radical elements. trying to exploit this is. almost broke away from the m.i.l.f. out of frustration he has been the fighting for over thirty years he says and has seen too many negotiations fail. and it is most painful he says when he has to fight his own blood. dog an al jazeera no province southern philippines. argentina's president. governing coalition has emerged the clear went up in the weekend's midterm elections the vote was widely seen as a referendum on bakri and his economic reforms it also represented a return to the political stage for his predecessor. to want to seize on the seller's reports from one of. the governing can be a coalition defied the polls and probably their own expectations by winning
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convincingly across argentina. they took seats in the country's five most populous provinces giving president macky greater strength in both the senate and congress to push through measures he says a vital to revive the economy. we can govern thinking about the things that we must do not just what is politically correct but what the people want our confidence has grown and now we are bearing the fruits of that confidence voting to replace half the congress and one third of senate seats was generally peaceful despite a tense election campaign with the country split and regular protests over of the body of activists. an issue president says will soon be resolved. he celebrating they're not the only political theater in town with all the parties over the next few days carefully scrutinizing the results were something anything.
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the two years from now. the former president cristina fernandez the has done that clinching a seat in the upper house or senate to represent one osiris province with hopes of again becoming president. we should be proud of what we have felt no other opposition has resisted the government as strongly as we have grown. but results in the rest of argentina one two. that she was hoping for with the opposition fragmented into the governing can be a most coalition that was celebrating her long into the night. and sure never to see it as one aside this. the leaders of italy's two wealthiest regions say they've got a mandate for more autonomy from the central government the originals ministrations in long body and but also want to keep more tax revenue and have more say over immigration security and the environment they held referendums on the issue on
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sunday and the results went in their favor the votes are non-binding but leaders hope that the results will give them more leverage in negotiations with room. i want to thank the three million lombards who went to vote according to our projections more than ninety five percent of the votes recovered from all the voting machines that we received are yes around three percent are no and the remaining are blank of these millions of lumbered citizens ninety five percent say yes we want more autonomy. israel has been accused of sending weapons to me and where the military campaign against the hinges has been called ethnic cleansing by the un that's despite a u.s. and european embargo on arms sales activists are stepping up efforts to expose arms exports to countries which have controversial human rights records let's take a look at some previous allegations against israel last year a un panel found evidence that the war in south sudan is being fueled by arms
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suppliers in israel and eastern europe israel was also accused of defense exports to the wind during the country's civil war and genocide of the one nine hundred ninety s. and it was blamed for supplying arms to the military government in argentina during the so-called dirty war when thirty thousand left wing activists disappeared israel is one of the world's major manufacturers of military equipment joining us now from stockholm by skype is a pita we've been who is the stockholm with the stockholm international peace research institute good to have you with us peter what do you make of these these allegations his arrest israel actually doing anything illegal under international law. you know what it is and immediately because there is no you are an arms embargo on out and myanmar or south sudan you can question if it's a good idea to sell weapons to those cookies but it certainly isn't against international law israel has not either signed to the international arms trade
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treaty and also there were tensions if they would have you could have found arguments against syria's to myanmar and south south sudan based on what the a.t.t. is but israel hasn't done that either ok give it given then that it's not doing anything illegal after this actual law during our investigations we found that efforts by human rights groups to shed light on israel's dealings with me and not been stymied frustrated by israeli authorities and the courts why why would they do that. i think there are several reasons for that one is that myanmar itself probably doesn't want to have this information spread out it doesn't want the world to know what it actually in calls in that detail and then israel the israeli arms industry supported by the israeli government for now is willing to give interviews demands and their original willing to share this information is not just uncommon in israel i have to say also i was where you will see that arms exports are
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consumed to often something relatively so you could simply wear often the argument is made that the buyer doesn't want to have this information out in the open all right so israel isn't the only country doing this how important is the arms trade to the israeli economy and what other benefits does it get other than that a boost to its bottom line. i think the arms industry itself was very important for israel primarily as a strategic resource it's something that israel has built up from the nine hundred fifty s. one nine hundred sixty s. all words and have been very successfully because israel of course wants to have a certain independence from the other form from its arms supplier the plight as it has and locations seen that countries where. imposing an arms embargo on these rather itself that to sustain such an arms industry for such a small country it doesn't have really any other choice than to export arms otherwise it simply will not be economically viable to do so and then of course
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there are also other reasons and namely those of forward security. policy meaning that israel can create cement ties with other countries in the region for example to to as as part of its overall security and cause the boat to for example create strategic ling's related to bases or to the possibility of using other countries as bases for military operations that's an example of such a security policy consideration for arms exports ok so wild legal action by human rights organizations to force the israeli government to disclose what it's doing might might be embarrassing it's not going to stop them it's it's not going to walk away from its from its arms in the street. you know it certainly is that well what may happen is and i think we have seen it already in recent years that when you time when this kind of information comes up there will be attempts by civil society
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groups to put more restrictions on israeli arms exports and i think there is some success and that we have seen that israel already has said that it probably won't deliver more arms to some saddam so civil society credit pressure has limited fact all the arms export policies of the israeli state ok peter really gets to you many thanks indeed for being with us. we're going to weather update next here on the news out with richard then. that will hinge a crisis the focus of a meeting of donor nations in geneva. making art from tragedy we'll take a look at an exhibit that highlights the polarizing gun culture of the u.s. . and later had support among groups costly for leaders at the venice marathon for will be here at around twenty minutes time. with. by the
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skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. well i'm pleased to say that typhoon land which hit japan as the equivalent of a category two hurricane is now on its way to cause damaging winds we have at least four fatalities but it's the rain which really quite remarkable one station reporting more than three hundred twenty millimeter rain in twenty four hours another one seven hundred millimeters of rain in the space of forty eight hours tokyo two also saw some pretty heavy rainfall and then the shots come from further north across a cardo in sapporo and on the outer arms of this system we had some snow fight the extent of the rain was something like two thousand kilometers wide so it really was a massive storm system so those are from a kind of the shots are from tokyo inning see the effect of the one hundred fifty millimeters of rain was a say the system now is just over the far north of japan so it's across
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a kind of more sort of central and northeastern areas at the moment and it continues to move its way out into the pacific so the rain across a poor with some snow a higher elevation still clearing quickly and then behind it the weather begins to settle down quite significantly but that's only a temporary situation because there is another storm development taking place in the pacific at the moment it's only a tropical depression called it twenty seven but it will eventually move its way towards japan in the coming days. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts folk abene dot. the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how is negotiations with him helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the
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count at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. and the story builds steam jobs much better marketing than. when people need to be heard they feel they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and world winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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and i guess it's good to have you with us adrian for the get here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera the top stories at spade leaders of the catalonia region of the meeting of parliament on thursday to respond to the central government's move to take control of friday the upper house of the spanish parliament will vote on whether to impose direct role tensions but high since catalan is suspicion the referendum lost by. japan's prime minister shinzo obvious says that he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea after winning the snap general election others . ruling coalition maintained more than two thirds of seats in the lower house and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says that saudi arabia is not willing to begin direct talks to resolve the the gulf diplomatic crisis his cousin recounted but sheikh muhammad bin of the law when all thirty expressed frustration over the behavior of the four countries blockading qatar it comes out to tell us and held high level talks in doha riyadh calling for a deescalation of tension. and international conference is underway in geneva
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calling for urgent funds for the hinge of refugees the european union is co-hosting the event saying that the humanitarian situation has led to suffering on a catastrophic scale the e.u. is calling for an end to the violence and the army's military operations in rakhine state bangladeshi officials have told the conference of the country is now sheltering a million. refugees our correspondent robert joshua has been watching this conference here in the studio right now just how urgent is this crisis mohammed and what are we hearing from humanitarian a government officials who who are there at this meeting in geneva so adrian the u.n. is asking for at least four hundred and thirty four million dollars they say that that is the amount that's needed to just meet the basic needs of the workers that are on the ground trying to help the ranger refugees who have fled violence in myanmar crossed over into bangladesh especially into cox's bazaar i'll give an
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example of just how dire the situation is a few moments ago i spoke with our cargo she's a spokesperson for unicef there at the pledging conference she says that up until yesterday unicef which is on the ground working in bangladesh trying to alleviate the suffering that they've received only eleven percent of the funding that they need for the next six month period she says that that shows just how much of an emergency this situation is sixty percent of the refugees that have crossed into bangladesh are children they are at risk of getting diseases they are. risk of cholera they are at risk of so many things and they are such a vulnerable population u.n.h.c.r. they've received only twenty six percent of the amount that they need for the next six months so it is a very difficult situation the aid workers really screaming from the rafters on this sounding every alarm bell they can say they need the international community to step up so that they can meet the needs of this very vulnerable population state stay with us i will ask you. this conference is being closely followed by people on
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the ground in bangladesh of course a report a town that choudhry has a report from a camp in cox is bizarre. will depend on today's pledging conference to be held in geneva co-sponsored by the european union and u.n. agencies now things have considerably improved in the refugee camps since the big late august when things are very chaotic it was the host community who were the first responders then the presence of a lot of aid agencies in this camp. trying to make field hospital sanitation and want to facilities as well now despite all the good effort led by the aid agencies and bang of those government a lot of the basic and essential needs in this camps are still not been met we decided to talk to someone not knowing i refuges here this them if they know about the conference most of them have no idea about the conference but they say the food they are getting is not adequate there are nearly six hundred thousand new rohingya
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refugees in bangladesh according to a new u.n. aid c r now most of them are women children and infant at least sixty percent of them are children the aid agencies and then of those government needs to have a long term strategy a sustainable strategy for the better living conditions schooling as well as health and security we know that most of these refugees are not going back to me on my own that dreadful about what is going on there any time soon unless there is a long term strategy many of them will suffer in the camps we have seen camps from earlier years haven't improved much hopefully in the donor conference they'll be a positive outcome to address the issue of refugees as well as the members of the host community. you have a job jim is still with us you're just back from. literally days ago and what what if we go to experiences on the ground you know adrian i've been covering refugee
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and displacement crises from various parts of the globe for going on seven years now what i saw in bangladesh was the worst that i've ever seen as far as conditions that people are living in that vulnerable populations are living and you're talking about more than six hundred thousand people that have fled man war and gone to bangladesh in the past eight weeks the camps most of them are unofficial their makeshift conditions there are appalling people that are trying to cope with the elements their heat and humidity and rain with just bamboo and tarpaulin basically that's all they have to withstand the bad weather conditions you're talking about people who don't have enough food enough water you know these camps when it rains the already extremely unsanitary conditions only become more unhygenic that's one of the reasons why they have been these massive immunisation campaigns that have started in the past few weeks and even with this going on still the aid workers we spoke with there are worried that epidemics that diseases will break out in these
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encampments because the conditions are so bad we must also remember bangladesh is an impoverished country the population there has been very generous to the influx of refugees that have come there but what we've heard also today at this pledge conference in geneva many government officials and many humanitarian groups pledging more aid trying to get more aid for the bangladesh government so that they can also try to deal with this crisis in a more humane in a more effective way so how quickly if that aid is is pledged at this conference how quickly could it get into bangladesh to be to be used on the grounds of to where the people need it most it's a very good question and right now you have a situation in bangladesh where the government is trying to cope with the influx they are trying to come up with plans there was one plan that was floated a few weeks ago by ministers saying that potentially they were going to try to move the refugee population to an aisle. and off the coast a lot of the aid workers i spoke with there didn't really think that was a realistic proposition so there's still everything is very much in flux the point is right now they just want to try to secure the funding so that they can build
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better camps so that they can get aid in you know when we were there we would routinely several times a day see lines that would thousands of people waiting in line trying to get food rations for the week and the people that we would see there in line despite the fact that the aid agencies were ramping up their response and trying to bring in more they were worried they had been waiting in those lines for six seven sometimes eight hours and they were worried that when they were going to get to the end of the line to the tent where the food was being distributed that there wasn't going to be enough left for them. houses but have a job jim many thanks indeed just back from coke's result. egypt's president. abdel fattah el-sisi is vowing to fight what he calls terrorism on friday policemen were attacked in the desert ambushed southwest of cairo egyptian government says that sixteen officers died but other sources say that more than fifty five policemen were killed no one's yet claimed responsibility for the attack but actually o'brien reports. egypt is in mourning following one of the largest attacks on security
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forces in years. the egyptian interior ministry says sixteen security forces died in an ambush in the west indies it earlier security sources said more than fifty five were killed at a one hot two hours drive south west of cairo two police platoons were reported to be on their way to kill or a race to group of armed men and they did not hide out when there was shot with machine guns from every direction. there was a man who pointed out officers to be killed and soldiers to be fired at their hands or feet the moment the group arrived they ordered us to lie down on the ground and surrender our weapons they took the weapons officers received bullets in their heads the lapse in security is being questioned because security forces are on high alert and a state of emergency is imposed local media said the hilly terrain would have been ideal for an ambush analysts have explanations the operation is very sophisticated
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it's not the first of its kind it happened before happened in urban environments like the famous anything from one operation but this time i think it was a very much more complex in a sense there they were this is not you that the ministry of interior is progressing is that they were actually. asked to go there because they thought of a camp that was going on the training camp that was going on and while being on the offensive. on men defended and killed them. has claimed responsibility for the attack leaving many unanswered questions and new concerns about security in egypt. al jazeera. al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein his been imprisoned in egypt now for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny
1:42 pm
repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while the sitting his family. the plight of christians living in the arab world has been a focus of a conference in qatar the numbers of fallen dramatically and their existence has been put under pressure by conflicts recently armed groups like i sort of been hunting them down one hundred volga reports. attacks on coptic churches in egypt and the forced migration of christians in iraq were among the issues discussed along with the age old issue of christian minorities living in the arab world. participants at the doha institute for highest studies included university professors political scientists researchers and writers they say it's in the interest of everyone including the muslim majority to address religious persecution but you can't just separate they show the question from the rest of the region the problem of the minority is actually the problem of the majority and that people
1:43 pm
don't have civil rights christians don't have. civil rights because muslims don't have civil rights still so actually there is a problem of democracy as are there and the reason christians have lived in the middle east since the birth of christianity two thousand years ago during that time they suffered several phases of inequality and marginalization the number of christians in the middle east has fallen during the last fifteen years and fought to constitute less than three to four percent of the population compared to twenty percent a century ago everyone here agrees there was no magic wand to solve the sectarian problem in this region but if democracy and the rule of law are allowed they can be used to redefine the role of religion in the affairs of countries. the conference constantly evoked the gold. piece during the autumn an empire when the state embraced the welfare of all religious groups on and. it led to the rise of
1:44 pm
christian nationalist leaders and the birth of nationalism in the first decades of the twentieth century we put that question first of all in just a. second. the question for the population in general including the question i summarize it in one word citizenship and democracy one of the conclusions of the conference for the arab world to begin to achieve social peace and economic prosperity and your pact is needed that circumvents religious distinctions and. values. summit is underway in senegal focusing on ending child marriage in west and central africa the region has six of the top ten countries with high rates of child marriage almost two million underage girls are married every year and it is at the top of the list with seventy six percent of women married before the age of
1:45 pm
eighteen. reports now from the town of get your wife in senegal and there was twelve years old when her mother asked her to marry a man as old as her father. she ran away from school and hid in the village where her mother insisted on the wedding. ceremony was arranged and then they became pregnant before she ran away. after abandoning her child thirteen year old worked as a prostitute. pregnant again she's now in hiding in the house in the capital. i'm not angry with my mother anymore she did what she could. she was young when she married my mother was just doing what's best for me. young girls marrying old men is the norm here. twenty thousand under-age girls marry every day mostly in south asia and rural west africa says the world bank and save the children under-age
1:46 pm
weddings are often organized by parents in the village when they grew up boys are seen as contribution to the family by farming or working girls do the same but they are seen as an extra mouth to feed and so few get to finish school instead they marry and become pregnant early hoping to give birth to a boy not their olds. so this is an days home she hasn't been back here for years just a few months ago she called her mother for the first time to tell her that she's sounding well but she didn't tell her her whereabouts so i'm going to. let mad then they i ask for in days mother. so i went there she is. but tells me she's ashamed for what her daughter did for cuba it's better to be married early rather than to deal with the shame of an accidental pregnancy little ritual and i don't regret it i manage safety by marrying her off.
1:47 pm
but the pain of losing her daughter is evident. of course i miss my daughter she says i want her back. and they misses her too but she's not ready to return home. if she gives birth to a girl she'll call her after her mother she promises to guide her and help her choose the right husband if it's a boy they'll be free to choose whoever he wants to marry. for end day life for girls is harder and unforgiving. nicholas hawke al-jazeera a good choice and a go. australia says that more than six hundred asylum seekers and refugees are refusing to leave the madness island detention camp in papua new guinea access to fresh drinking water food medical treatment and electricity will cease when the camp closes next tuesday refugees will be forced to move to accommodation centers
1:48 pm
in the main city of la wrangle but they fear that they'll receive a hostile reception from the local community that. the u.s. city of las vegas is looking to change its motto after a deadly mass shooting three weeks ago city tourism officials believe the the what happens here stays here slogan no longer feels appropriate meanwhile unique arctic submission across the country in new jersey is trying to take a new approach to america's history of gun violence gabler's on the reports. panic at a concert last vegas as a man kills fifty seven people in the worst mass shooting in united states in modern times the gunman own forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting night states america has a obsessive. attraction and love for guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together
1:49 pm
an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues on each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area so this is a tissue for a lot grows rodriquez they someone was murdered the day before the exhibit opened she was thirty eight years. the tissue you know evokes grief so to me it just kind of is a way of helping people it's a kind of thing that the human aspects of the violence in our society the artists at this exhibit are all from the local community their pieces take on different forms like this piece a fence with stuffed animals attached to symbolize a makeshift memorial at a crime scene but look closely and the message is clear while the exhibition is
1:50 pm
taking place in a church the reverend said stopping gun violence in the u.s. will take more than prayer simply praying i think as an institution it's not sufficient and so we have to work with other people of goodwill and to to model peace in our own lives and also to demand a change that we simply can't go on the way we've been going on the art exhibit is called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or embrace somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here that this world needs more love and less violence one church where trying to in gun violence has become an art form for peace gabriel's on doe al-jazeera jersey city. just ahead here all the news out of sport two kings of the track come together at boston for us
1:51 pm
here little details.
1:52 pm
i don't have time to support his far adrian thank you so much louise hamilton could be just one race away from clinching a fourth formula one world title the mercedes driver claimed a dominant victory at the united states free elise home and reports. lewis hamilton want off for the us grand prix by taking the lympics print king you sign bolt for a spin around a different kind of track that was probably the most fun passenger ride i've ever done i was on the limit we need to crash several times over the river that i
1:53 pm
genuinely was not ready but what about the donuts at the end of that was that were the foreign born there or the or over the scary. two men who are know what it's like to be the world's best but bolt wasn't the only celebrity trackside in texas to woody house and joined by former u.s. president bill clinton as formula one continues its push for visibility in a market dominated by nascar racing raising cattle that is not the only the greatest racing spectacle not why i know it's good. when it finally came to the race itself hamilton started from pole position on the to lose the lead on the photos turned to championship rival sebastian vettel. but the messiah driver recovered top spot on lapses.
1:54 pm
and he didn't look back from there climbing the rice when i had a vessel with ferrari's kimmie reichen and infos. i'm alton's now won five of the past six races and that's put him within touching distance of the old times who'd. been incredible. really enjoyed on the car i was not expecting to have the pace we had on sebastian this year i mean today the cardinal francis that we got the right balance at the start and still three to goes with three more to win. the most eighty's driver finishes no lower than fifth the next week's mexican grand prix he won't champion for a fourth time home and al jazeera. it was a super bowl ring match between the new england patriots and the atlanta falcons in the n.f.l. on sunday and once again it was the pats who came out on top tom brady three two touchdown passes as new england thrashed atlanta twenty three to seven the patriots
1:55 pm
pulled off the greatest comeback in super bowl history in february scoring the final thirty one points to win and they outplayed the falcons once again atlanta slipped to their third defeat of the season. where on sunday the dallas cowboys defeated the winless san francisco forty nine ers to end a two game losing streak at the green bay packers are feeling the effects of injured quarterback aaron rodgers as the new orleans saints beat them twenty six to seventeen the l.a. rams blank the arizona cardinals thirty three to nothing at twickenham stadium in london the rams are first place in their division for american football to english football here's the way things are looking after sunday's matches in the english prime really things stay the same at the top the manchester city are leading manchester united by five points taught them are now level on points with united after beating liverpool four one. arsenal are fifth now with a five to defeat at everton who are dangerously close to relegation they sit
1:56 pm
a third from the bottom. the team is on the performing. in a difficult situation. mentally confidence. are struggling and ok that's what we need to change and. i still personally i still believe that i can change the whole situation paris st germain forward neymar said he was targeted by marsay fans during their french league match on sunday the brazilian says food was thrown at him including baguettes it wasn't a great day for neymar he scored in the first half at the sad velodrome but was red carded in the eighty seventh minute the game finished two two. atlanta united has set a major league soccer record for attendance at a single game a crowd of seventy one thousand eight hundred and seventy four people turned out for their season finale against an atlanta georgia drano set
1:57 pm
a record of their own in the game sebastian coe scored in the eighty fourth minute to tie the game to two toronto now have the most points scored in an m.l.s. season at sixty nine being the previous mark sent by l.a. galaxy in one thousand nine hundred eight. they're going to finish with a couple of tales of how things can go wrong quickly in sport the pictures you're seeing here are from the venice marathon this is a little over half way into the forty two kilometer race and the group leading runners were following a motorbike that was traveling on the course route course so they thought the rider took a turn off the race path the runners followed for several hundred metres before being made aware of their mistake they were sent on a sharp turn back but it cost them about two minutes and that was enough to cost them the race as well a local runner who was about sixty seconds behind went on to win. without motorbike
1:58 pm
rider would be feeling bad but to spare a thought for this goalkeeper as well two teams in thailand were locked nineteen all in a tax penalty shoot out the goalie made to save learned the hard way that you should never celebrate too early as the ball tumbled into than that behind. unfortunately for me for now back to major in front of other things the. pietists here with the latest on the day's top stories just you know that's awesome.
1:59 pm
it. was. a new television station in afghanistan is turning the focus on women it's on t.v. they are on camera in the guest chair and in the control room the founder of zone t.v. says this project couldn't wait this theme is for those mothers on both the son and those wife living in afghanistan there's always talking about their vice but they didn't see anything in a nation where education was forbidden for girls as recently as two thousand and one and network just for women is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but be conscious that in
2:00 pm
the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country. a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. both valuable and found. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs of i saw. this documentary at this time on a. link . as madrid moves to take control of the castle and government local if.


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