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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we are threatened but be conscious that in the corner of our homes we have to go forward and develop ourselves and help bring peace and stability to our country. a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. both valuable and found. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs of i saw. this documentary at this time. as madrid moved to take control of the catalan government local officials harden
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their position. again my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up after a decisive election victory japan's prime minister says he'll take a stronger stance against threats from north korea. we cannot force talks on people who are not ready to talk stalemate in the gulf high level meetings on the diplomatic rift with cattle appear to go nowhere plus. some of the government that's inside. the philippines declares his battle with i sold into fighters is over. there we are here we go top story political leaders in catalonia will hold a meeting of parliament on thursday it's over. the central government's moves to
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take control of the region's institutions the spanish cabinet has invoked article one five five of the country's constitution which directory by madrid in catalonia the central government has also said it could appoint a single representative to govern the region tensions have been high since catalonia session referendum last month. has more from barcelona. well what we're seeing is a real hardening of positions on both sides we've just had a meeting of the cattle and parliament's executive body and what they've decided is that on thursday they will have a full session of parliament to try and formulate their response to madrid's decision to impose direct rule on the region but we've heard over the past couple of days from catalan regional leaders decrying this decision by madrid as outrageous saying that it slams the door to any future dialogue and we saw hundreds
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or thousands of process session supporters on the streets here in barcelona wanting to have their voice heard on the other side you have those in madrid officials the government to say something simply had to be done to control the situation they say that you can't just have a region of the country that decides it wants to break away we heard from spanish officials saying that simply won't happen in any other european nation and therefore it won't happen here that is why the government intends to plow ahead with its plans to impose direct will there will be a meeting of the senate in madrid on friday and will be at that meeting that we expect those plans to be approved. japan's prime minister shinzo ave has strengthened his party's stance against north korea after he was returned to power with a resoundingly election victory his conservative coalition won a huge majority and this will allow him to pursue his lifelong goal of reviewing the post-war pacifist constitution in japan to try and strengthen the military
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sarah clarke now from tokyo. it was the election result she had hoped for his liberal democratic party and coalition partner won three hundred twelve of the four hundred sixty five seats delivering them a two thirds majority in parliament. north korea played a central role in his campaign and by wants to strengthen diplomatic channels pledging greater international cooperation conflict sort of we will conduct strong diplomacy as tensions over north korea are increasing on the fifth of next month president trump is scheduled to visit japan kindly called me by phone already today and when he visits we will spend time discussing the issues of north korea and aim to confirm our close alliance voters weren't just focused on north korea in this election but some felt opposition parties found to provide them with an alternative agenda. that was worth voting for. position parties need to become stronger and
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the result reflected many people's wish to see that happen i mean. instead of supporting the liberal democratic party actively i think voters didn't have any choice. the newly formed party of hope which many considered was the major threat didn't get as many seats as expected the other new party on the block the constitutional democratic party has become the main opposition tripling the number of seats in the lower house since i will say this election victory as a strong mandate to deliver on his reform agenda and act on his lifelong mission to revise japan's pacifist constitution and give the country's self defense forces a more active role but the issue is controversial and voters are divided on a constitutional challenge with the escalating nuclear threat from north korea will be hoping it's enough to convince voters to back its campaign to allow japan's military to respond to direct threats but any change to the constitution requires approval first by two thirds of both the upper and lower house and then
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a public referendum sarah clarke al-jazeera tokyo. the iraqi government is accusing the u.s. secretary of states of interference after he called for iranian backed fights is to leave iraq ranks to listen says the fights a shitty the return to their homes or integrate into the iraqi army he made the comments in riyadh during a landmark talks with saudi arabia's king solomon and the iraqi prime minister hide the body the u.s. hopes the partnership will stop iraq's dependence on iran mr tillotson used his trip to riyadh and then later to doha it's a push for talks on the gulf diplomatic crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt recall for nations with cattle in june his political aim. he talked tough on his way over blaming the saudi led coalition for the impasse but in the region the tough talk stopped meetings with the crown prince mohammed bin samana asked him to please and gauge pleasing gaijin dialogue.
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there's not a strong indication that parties are ready to talk yet. and so we cannot force talks of on people who are not ready to talk still us secretary of state rex tillerson took great pains to compliment the guitar he's going to progress has been made in a number of important efforts in our counterterrorism joint efforts including sharing of terrorist list terrorist financing we've participated in a number of counter-terrorism technical sessions and training and significant steps have been taken to enhanced aviation security. he didn't criticize the blockading countries not even after the saudis seemed to publicly slight him by sending the deputy minister of protocol to the airport for his part that qatar foreign minister is clearly frustrated by the behavior of the four blockading countries. i also feel sorry to say that they are not ready to face this issue and to tackle with dialogue
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the reasons for this crisis these countries have resorted to under blue magic methods that have nothing to do with modern diplomatic channels and this is no good secretary tell us and isn't leaving the region and he is expected to do one more press conference this time on his own here in doha so that means he has one more chance however unlikely to try and put some public pressure on the blockading countries to try to resolve this crisis as it begins to enter its fifth month. al-jazeera. the government in the philippines has announced an end to its five month battle against i sold into fights in the rai the motes a group laid siege to the southern city in may ransacking banks and shops and taking civilians hostage the defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with his troops this side of the last group. they were caught in the one building and so they were. there was a firefight
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a fight so they were finished no more on the number of militants inside the well despite the defeats of pro eisel fighters in the rai the threat from all the groups operating in the philippines remains is jamila onondaga. we traveled to mugging a province in the southern philippines to meet one of its most controversial fighters oh oh. why didn't doc is the commander of the elite unit of the more islamic liberation front it is the biggest armed group in southeast asia that is negotiating with the philippine government for greater autonomy for the more people in the south. this is legalized and marsh a place which has suffered violent conflict for decades why didn't doc and these men are taking us to a new territory they recently took over from pro isis and. we don't want what happened to happen here. but it takes more than just the m.i.l.f.
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the combat i see here we need cooperation from the military and even local government officials. but always a city in mindanao that has recently been recaptured by the philippine military from a nice little inspired group called the mounted months of incessant fighting has left ruins and hundreds of thousands of its people displaced the m.i.l.f. says i saw brings with it and idiology they called fitna a radical set of beliefs they say that pits muslims against each other this is created divisions not just among fighters here but also family members some of these men admit they have fought against their own relatives fighters of the more islamic liberation front had to swim through the lilies in order to get to these trenches this area was the last stronghold of a pro i saw a group it was a close quarter combat that lasted for seven hours. these pro eisel fighters belong
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to the. movement a group that broke away from the m.i.l.f. when peace negotiations broke down in two thousand and eight all this radical element radical group. where there is failure in the peace process and then radical elements from outside trying to exploit this. and. why did the it's himself almost broke away from the m.i.l.f. out of frustration he has been the fighting for over thirty years he says and has seen too many negotiations fail. and it is most painful he says when he has to fight his own blood jim duggan al jazeera magadan no province southern philippines lots more still to come here on al-jazeera the range of crisis is the focus of
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a meeting of donor nations in geneva. and argentina's president strengthens his hand in midterm elections but it was also a good night for one of his wife. welcome back now thankfully typhoon lan is on its way as far as japan's concerned you see the circulation you'll see the massive cloud moving through very very quickly indeed just as well but it's not heading out into the pacific behind its legacy of vast amounts of rain causing significant flooding three hundred millimeters plus in twenty four hours well as we look at the forecast it's obviously much brighter situation through the course of chooser the whole of japan looking more or less dry with much much lighter winds it's fine across the korean peninsula it's fine for beijing and southwest toward shanghai plenty of sunshine there is not the weather
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system which is going to work its way up across southeastern parts of japan during the course of wednesday said tokyo's could see some wet weather arriving otherwise across the rest the region is generally looking dry and fine now as you head into more central parts of china and taiwan weather conditions here looking to refine that moment plenty sunshine for hong kong some showers across the philippines across indochina we've got fine weather for vietnam some showers across los and near mount still looking pretty wet for young gone as we head into wednesday that's likely to continue showers here further north of me and mark some showers are likely as we head into as bangladeshi should be dry thirty one in dhaka. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot . the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how is negotiations with himmler
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helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you with al-jazeera reminder of the main news headlines in spain leaders of the catalonia region will hold a meeting of parliament on thursday to respond to the central government's moves to take control on friday the upper house of the spanish parliament voted on whether to impose direct rule. the japanese prime minister shinzo avi says he'll continue
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to deal decisively with north korea after winning a snap national election of his governing coalition maintained in two thirds of the lower house and the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says saudi arabia is not willing to begin direct talks to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis his cattery counterpart sheikh mohammed bin armed iran and al funny expressed frustration over the behavior of the four countries blockading cattle. i still killed at least one hundred twenty people in the syrian town a car get tain in a revenge campaign before it's captured by government forces the syrian observatory group says the killings in central holmes took place over a three week period beisel accused the civilians of kurd liberating with syrian regime forces government forces recapture the town from i saw on saturday. is on the turkey syria border hashim is this now looking like
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a scorched earth policy if they can't have it nobody can. yes peter we spoke with different sources activists people who has relatives in at in town and also senior members of the syrian opposition and they say that this is what happened so about two days ago the syrian government made a siege on their town of attain and he was determined to retake it back this is one of the towns that changed hands many times in the past it was under the control of i thought the government took it back and then i thought came back again and recover so. when the civilians when they saw this season decided to leave because they were concerned about their safety especially as the fighting intensive why they were blocked from leaving the city by isis fighters and when they said that they were determined to continue their journey out of the town more than one hundred people. executive by by quiet as before they pulled out from the town which is now fully and the control of the syrian government do we know how
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much of this area is left habitable i mean how much of it would be recognizable if there's a point in the future when people return home. well for the time being many civilians are afraid for their safety so basically the problem with the house homes is an area which has been divided there are areas under under the control of the rebels areas under the control of the syrian government and the areas that. are still under the control of myself many people won't be able to come back to those places unless it's completely safe but then you have people up here to where the opposition who would never go back to be concerned about retaliation from the syrian government many activists have accused the syrian government in the past for committing atrocities against civilians in those areas that are part of the town or. the town of which have been completely destroyed in
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the fighting in the past between the government and i said but there are habitable areas but the problem now is as i said will people feel safe to go back to those areas to be seen question thank you. an international conference is now underway in geneva calling for urgent funds for the injure refugees the co-hosting the event saying the humanitarian situation has led to suffering on a catastrophic scale be used calling for an end to the violence and the me and military operations in the northern state of rakhine bangladesh officials have told the conference their country is now sheltering a million refugees the conference is also being closely followed by people on the ground in bangladesh our correspondent via choudhry has more now from cox's bazaar . will depend on today's conference to be held in jenin about course sponsored by the european union and u.n. agencies now things are considerably improving the refugee camps the big late
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august when things are very chaotic it was. the first responders then the presence of a lot of aid agencies in those camps there. twenty eight field hospital sanitation and water facilities as well now despite all the good effort led by the aid agencies and bangladesh government a lot of the basic and essential needs in this camps are still not been met we decided to talk to someone not knowing i refuges hear. them if they know about the conference most of them have no idea about the conference but the side the food they are getting is not adequate there are nearly six hundred thousand new rohingya refugees in bangladesh according to a new un now most of them are women children and friends at least sixty percent of them are children the aid agencies and then of those government needs to have a long term strategy as sustainable strategy for the better living conditions schooling as well as health and security we know that most of these refugees are
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not going back to me and my dreadful about what is going on there any time soon unless there is a long term strategy many of them will suffer in the camps we have seen come from earlier years haven't improved much. and that donor conference there will be a positive outcome to address the issue of refugees as well as members of the host community australia's immigration department says more than six hundred asylum seekers and refugees are refusing to leave the man asylum prison camp in tapia new guinea the authorities will cut off access to drinking water food medical treatment and electricity when the camp is shuttle to close next tuesday refugees will be forced to move to accommodation centers near the main city of. last year a court in papua new guinea ruled that holding people in the camp was unconstitutional australian policy is to not settle any refugees trying to arrive by boat. a summit is underway in senegal focusing on ending child marriage in west
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and central africa the region has six of the top ten countries with high rates of child marriage almost two million under-age girls are married every year and shares at the top of the list with seventy six percent of women married before the eighteen plus hike reports now from the time. in senegal. and there was twelve years old when her mother asked her to marry a man as old as her father she ran away from school and hid in the village and her mother insisted on the wedding. ceremony was arranged and then they became pregnant before she ran away. after abandoning her child and her thirteen year old worked as a prostitute pregnant again she's now in hiding in the house in the capital. i'm not angry with my mother anymore she did what she could. she was young when she
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married my mother was just doing what's best for me. young girls and marrying old men is the norm here twenty thousand under-age girls marry every day mostly in south asia and rural west africa says the world bank and save the children under age weddings are often organized by parents in the village when they grew up boys are seen as contribution to the family by farming or working girls do the same but they're seen as an extra mouth to feed and so few get to finish school instead they marry and become pregnant early hoping to give birth to a boy year olds. so this is an days home she hasn't been back here for years just a few months ago she called her mother for the first time to tell her that she's sounding well but she didn't tell her her whereabouts so nobody. then
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they were in days mother. so when there she is. tells me she's ashamed for what her daughter did for combat it's better to be married early rather than to deal with the shame of an accidental pregnancy. and i don't regret it. saved all by marrying her off. but the pain of losing her daughter is evident. of course i miss my daughter she says i want her back. and they misses her too but she's not ready to return home if she gives birth to a girl she'll call her after her mother she promises to guide her and help her choose the right husband if it's a boy he'll be free to choose whoever he wants to marry. friend day life for girls is harder and unforgiving. talk it out is the right to go.
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thirteen people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the north east of nigeria five others were injured in my degree a camp in the area provide shelter for people who fled because of the crackdown on the group boko haram about one point eight million people have been displaced by the fighting since two thousand and nine two white south african farmers are being sentenced for forcing a black man into a coffin and threatening to burn him alive in august a judge found them guilty of attempted murder last year a video was posted on the internet showing the victim begging for his life after he was shoved into the coffin but two farmers have pleaded not guilty to the charges saying the intention was to teach them on a lesson for trespassing on their property the case has drawn attention to post apartheid racial tension. the argentinean president but it's a mockery his governing coalition has and i was the clear winner in the mid-term elections there another vote was widely seen as a referendum on mr not create and his economic reforms it also represented
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a return to the political stage for his predecessor christina cuts not want to see in the senate reports now from buenos aires. the governing can be a most coalition defied the polls and probably their own expectations by winning convincingly across argentina. they took seats in the country's five most populous provinces giving president macky greatest strength in both the senate and congress to push through measures he says a vital to revive the economy. we can govern thinking about the things that we must do not just what is politically correct but what the people want our confidence has grown and now we are bearing the fruits of that confidence voting to replace half the congress and one third of senate seats was generally peaceful despite a tense election campaign with the country split and regular protests over this coverage of the body of activists. an issue president says will soon be resolved.
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he celebrating they are not the only political b.s. the winds out with all the parties over the next few days carefully scrutinizing the results to look for something anything that will push them. to the low the two years from now. the former president cristina fernandez to kitchener has done that clinching a seat in the upper house or senate to represent one osiris province with hopes of again becoming president. we should be proud of what we have felt no other position has resisted the government as strongly as we have grown. that results in the rest of argentina one hundred. she was hoping for and with the opposition fragmented it's the governing can be a most coalition that was celebrating for a long into the night. and sure never to see it as one aside this.
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year of the leaders of these two wealthiest regions say they've got a mandate for more autonomy from the central government the regent ministrations and lombardi and beneteau want to keep more tax revenue and have more say over immigration security and the environment they held referendums on the issue on sunday and the results went in their favor the votes on non-binding but leaders are hoping the results will give them more leverage in negotiations with road nobody ever thought of going up a cent of the chain i want to thank the three million lombards who went to vote according to our projections more than ninety five percent of the votes recovered from all the voting machines that we received are yes around three percent are no and the remaining are blank of these millions of lombards citizens ninety five percent say yes we want more autonomy. now in the u.k. drivers of the most polluting vehicles will now face extra daily charges to enter central london is being called the teach aaj the measure will hit those with older
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more polluting petrol and diesel vehicles they could be paying up to twenty seven dollars a day critics say this will penalize the poor disproportionately. the u.s. city of las vegas is looking to change its motto after the deadly mass shooting there three weeks ago city tourism officials believe the what happens here stays here slogan no longer is appropriate meanwhile a unique art exhibition across the country this time in new jersey is trying to take a new approach to america's history of gun violence is gabriel is on the. panic at a concert in las vegas as a man kills fifty seven people in the worst mass shooting in united states in modern times the gunman own forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting united states of america has a obsessive. attraction and love for
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guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues on each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area so this is a tissue for a lot grows rodriquez dame around someone was murdered the day before the exhibit opened she was thirty eight years on. the tissue you know evokes grief so to me it just kind of is a way of helping people it's a kind of thing that to the human aspects of the violence in our society the artists at this exhibit are all from the local community their pieces take on different forms like this piece a fence with stuffed animals attached to symbolize a makeshift memorial at
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a crime scene but look closely and the message is clear while the exhibition is taking place in a church the reverend said stopping gun violence in the u.s. will take more than prayer simply praying i think as an institution it's not sufficient and so we have to work with other people of goodwill and to to model peace in our own lives and also to demand a change that we simply can't go on the way we've been going on the art exhibit is called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or embrace somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here that this world needs more love and less violence one church were trained in gun violence has become an art form for peace gabriel is on doe al-jazeera jerseys.
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peter davi in doha with your top stories so far today in spain leaders of the catalonia region will hold a meeting of parliament on thursday to respond to the central government's moves to take control on friday the upper house of the spanish parliament will vote on whether to impose direct rule ones that is approved madrid may install a representative to govern the region tensions have been high since catalonia secession referendum last month japan's prime minister shinzo avi says he'll continue to deal decisively with north korea after winning a snap national election obvious governing coalition maintains more than two thirds of the lower house the u.s. secretary of state says saudi arabia is not willing to begin direct talks to resolve the g.c.c. crisis is cattery counterpart sheikh mohammed bin abdul rahman al thani expressed frustration over the behavior of the four blockade in countries it comes after mr
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tillerson held talks in doha and riyadh calling for a deescalation of tensions. the philippines government has announced an end to its five month battle against isolating fighters in morocco we the motor group laid siege to the southern city in may the defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with his troops this side of the last group that had less. days. in the one building and so they were. there was a firefight a fight so they were finished no more the number of militants inside. i still killed at least one hundred twenty eight people in the syrian town of al kut a town in a revenge campaign before it's captured by government forces the syrian observatory group says the killings in central holmes took place over a period of three weeks government forces recaptured the town from i saw on saturday. an international conference is underway in geneva calling for funds for
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the range of refugees the e.u. is co-hosting the event use calling for an end to the violence in the me and his military operations and rakhine state spangler desh officials have told the conference their country is now sheltering a million break in jeff you are right up to date with all the top stories up next jayne's here with inside story i will see you very soon. america's top diplomat is back in the gulf trying to heal the rift between its arab allies rex tennyson's playing down the chances of an early end to the crisis what you have taken to find a solution and does the saudi led quartet.


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