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damaged but i believe the government will look after us this is seen as she didn't ping's legacy project and many people believe if he has the will and the resources to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way in the most heavily drugged country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been out war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians they exist in office and draw even they're not firing is still frightening because any moment they can bomb living beneath the drum but this time al-jazeera.
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i saw fighters execute civilians in a revenge campaign in syria. hello i'm adrian from again this is live from doha also coming up catalonia as leader is asked to appear before the spanish senate to explain his intentions on independence . accusations in the israeli media that the country's weapons sales are helping to promote conflict in other parts of the world and after a decisive election victory japan's prime minister says he will take a stronger stance against threats from north korea. details are emerging of what's being called a massacre in the syrian town of attain witnesses say that i still fighters carried out a revenge campaign in the town killing more than one hundred people before its capture
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by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings in central holmes took place over a fifty three week period iceland accused of the civilians of collaborating with syrian regime forces. they attacked us like animals they came to kill us they killed children and women broke the arms of the women and burned them before killing them they killed more than one hundred innocent people from the families of both civilians and militants from out zero up because in near turkey's border with syria. changed hands many times in the past last month it came under the control of i said but about a few days ago it was besieged by government forces and thousands of civilians concerned about their safety wanted to leave but they were barred from fighters from leaving now some of those people determined to leave were executed by isis fighters i was talking to so you an opposition civilians has relatives were killed
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in that massacre basically they say that this was an act of revenge by fighters by the same time they said that the government also in the past committed atrocities against civilians in the same town or. city and accusing them of collaborating with . the leader of spain's catalonia region has been invited to the national parliament for talks on thursday the invite comes after catalonia has regional government said that it would convene a session of its parliament to discuss moves by madrid to take control of the region's institutions on friday some m.p.'s in madrid will vote on whether to impose direct rule once that is approved the central government may install a representative to govern the region more now from tasha butler in barcelona. well this is very significant because it is the first time that the catalan president. has been invited for talks with the madrid we don't know whether or not he's accepted this is an invitation and whether or not he will go on thursday but what
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we do know is the senators want him to come and discuss his objections to article one five five now that is the article which will be used by madrid to try and impose direct rule on the region senators will be voting on whether or not to approve it on friday on thursday to we have m.p.'s right here in catalonia discussing the situation and trying to formulate their response a very tense few days ahead of us and it's really hard to see if they really will be any breakthrough because we've seen both sides really hard in their position madrid says it has to. gain control of this region it has to impose direct will because you simply can't have a region that decides it's just going to break away from its capital and on the other hand you have cattle and leaders saying here but they will not accept direct rule being imposed on them. the u.s. secretary of state has made a surprise visit to afghanistan rex tillerson met with the president of the chief executive of the background base just outside kabul it's his latest stop on
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a tool that's taken in riyadh and doha so far let's get more from i was it was kept pretty kohain who's with me in the studio rex tillerson had been in doha we were expecting him to go to baghdad today that he disappeared it's been quite a busy day was such a crazy day i always know where these people are because there's always media with them and we share information was like where's the x. he didn't show up at events but we could come on t.v. and say we've lost the secretary of state turns out it was all this elaborate ruse they told us all he's going to baghdad baghdad just can't tell you one percent security reasons so the reporters who were with him were told last night shot down in the lobby at four forty five at the hotel put into cars oh we're going to afghanistan but i can't tell you until we're back in doha i think this goes to show you the exact security situation in afghanistan secretary of defense to mattis was just there a few weeks ago rockets at the air air base they were going to take any chances the airport excuse me so they didn't and it's not unusual for them to basically say ok
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we'll let you know when he lands in a country or if it's really scary we'll let you know when he's taken off and he's in there this was a whole different level of secrecy where they said well let you know when he's landed back in doha what is the deteriorating security situation tell us about the trumpet ministrations policies towards afghanistan and whether they're having any impact and that's the thing there are not talking about the deteriorating situation afghanistan what two hundred more than two hundred people killed in just the last week in all of these attacks the taliban has great can control of a great part of the country the strategy is not all that different they've given more authority to commanders on the ground to launch airstrikes and whatnot and raids they're adding four thousand troops but those have been delayed believe it or not because of the hurricane but still they're saying that this is going to work they paint a very rosy picture of what's happening in afghanistan let's listen to the secretary. the president made it clear that you know we're here to stay until we can secure a process of reconciliation and peace it's not an unlimited commitment he's also
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made it clear it's not a blank check commitment that's why it is a conditions based commitment but i think if if you consider the current situation in afghanistan and we were talking about this a few minutes ago and you look a few years in the past what circumstances were afghanistan has come quite a distance already in terms of creating a much more vibrant. population much more vibrant government ok so after a day trip to afghanistan he's overnighting once again and then he travels back in the same direction to pakistan tomorrow what's he going to be saying to pakistan leaders about the situation in afghanistan is make you wonder if they can find a hotel room or he just likes to travel quite a bit he's going to take a hard line with pakistan a briefer spite in the relationship when the pakistanis were able to help them get that canadian american family that had been held hostage by the county network so they started saying nice things about pakistan but the entire time this instruction has been in place they were really pushing the pakistanis making threats cutting
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off aid and that's where this gets confusing the tillerson has basically said we gave pakistan a list of demands i had lunch with on the record conversation with pakistani foreign minister while he was in washington he said they didn't tell us what we needed to do which seemed like an unwinnable situation so obviously there's a lot of communication that isn't happening and somewhat mixed messages like we just heard from him on afghanistan that this is an unlimited but we're not ready to leave so if you know we'll see it could be tense or the rescue of those hostages could prove to be a breakthrough in the relationship but so far it's been a pretty tense one desirous protocol hane many thanks indeed. israel has been accused of sending weapons to miramar where the military's campaign against the hinges has been called ethnic cleansing by the un that's despite a u.s. and european embargo on arms sales activists stepping up efforts to expose arms exports to countries which have controversial humans human rights records is
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a look at some previous allegations made against israel last year a un panel found evidence that the war in south sudan is being fueled by arms suppliers in israel and eastern europe israel was also accused of defense exports to rwanda during that country's civil war and genocide in the one nine hundred ninety s. and it was blamed for supplying arms to the military government in argentina during the so-called dirty war when thirty thousand left wing activists disappeared israel's one of the world's major manufacturers of military equipment peter we've been is with the stockholm international peace research institute he says that israel uses the exchange of weapons to cement ties across the globe. it arms industry and so it was very important for israel primarily as a strategic resource it's something that israel has built up from the one nine hundred fifty s. one nine hundred sixty s. all words and have been very successful because israel of course wants to have independence from the. arms of the plies it has an occasion
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enough to conclude where. imposing arms embargoes on the drive itself now to sustain such an arms industry for such a small country it doesn't have really any other choice than to export arms otherwise it simply will not be economically viable to do so and then of course there are also other beatles namely there was a forward in security. policy meaning that we struggled and create demand tiny's with other countries in the region for example. as part of its overall security. but was for example create strategic links related to bases or to the possibility of using other countries as bases for military operations that's an example of such as security policy consideration for arms exports troops in the philippines are celebrating the end of fighting with eisel linked fighters in there
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are we earlier on monday the government announced the end of its five month battle against the armed group it captured the southern city in may ransacking banks and shops and taking civilians hostage the defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with his troops. this is not the last group. there were in the one building and so there were. there was a firefight a fight so there were finished number of the number of militants inside. despite the defeat of progress i saw fighters in but are we the threat from other groups remains as general allen dougherty reports. we traveled to a province in the southern philippines to meet one of its most controversial fighters. why didn't doc is the commander of the elite unit of the more islamic liberation front it is the biggest armed group in southeast asia that is
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negotiating with the philippine government for greater autonomy for the more people in the south. this is legal us and marsh a place which has suffered violent conflict for decades why he didn't talk and his men are taking us to a new territory they recently took over from pro isis and. we don't want what happened to happen here. but it takes more than just the m.i.l.f. the combat i see here we need cooperation from the military and even local government officials. but always a city in mindanao that has recently been recaptured by the philippine military from a nice little inspired group called the mounted months of incessant fighting has left ruins and hundreds of thousands of its people displaced. the m.i.l.f. says i saw brings with it and idiology they called fitna
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a radical set of beliefs they say that pits muslims against each other this is created divisions not just among fighters here but also family members some of these men admit they have fought against their own relatives fighters of the more islamic liberation front had to swim through the lilies in order to get through these trenches this area was the last stronghold of a pro i saw a group it was a close quarter combat that lasted for seven hours. these pro isis fighters belong to the bangsamoro islamic movement a group that broke away from the m.i.l.f. when peace negotiations broke down in two thousand and eight all this radical elements radical group. there is failure in the peace process and then radical elements from. trying to exploit this is.
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why did the. almost broke away from the m.i.l.f. out of frustration he has been the fighting for over thirty years he says and has seen too many negotiations fail. and it is most painful he says when he has to fight his own blood jim duggan al jazeera magadan no province southern philippines japan's prime minister shinzo has strengthened his party's stand against north korea after he was returned to power with a resoundingly lection victory his conservative coalition what a huge majority that will allow him to pursue his lifelong goal of reviewing the post-war pacifist constitution to try to strengthen the military sarah clarke reports from tokyo. it was the election result she had hoped for his liberal democratic party and coalition partner won three hundred twelve of the four hundred sixty five seats delivering them a two thirds majority in parliament. north korea played
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a central role in his campaign and by wants to strengthen diplomatic channels pledging greater international cooperation conflict sort of we will conduct strong diplomacy as tensions over north korea are increasing on the fifth of next month president trump is scheduled to visit japan kind they called me by phone already today and when he visits we will spend time discussing the issues of north korea and aim to confirm our close alliance voters weren't just focused on north korea in this election but some felt opposition parties failed to provide them with an alternative agenda to advertise that was worth voting for. opposition parties need to become stronger and the result reflected many people's wish to see that happen i mean. instead of supporting the liberal democratic party actively i think voters didn't have any choice. the newly formed party of hope which many considered was the major threat didn't get as many seats as expected the other new party on the
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block the constitutional democratic party has become the main opposition tripling the number of seats in the lower house since i will say this election victory as a strong mandate to deliver on his reform agenda and act on his lifelong mission to revise japan's pacifist constitution and give the country's self defense forces a more active role but the issue is controversial and voters are divided on a constitutional challenge with the escalating nuclear threat from north korea will be hoping it's enough to convince voters to back its campaign to allow japan's military to respond to direct threats but any change to the constitution requires approval first by two thirds of both the upper and lower house and then a public referendum sarah clarke out. tokyo we're going to weather a take next year i was here and there are all hinge a crisis the focus of a meeting of donor nations in geneva we'll tell you more. at argentina's president strengthens his hand in midterm elections it was also
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a good night for one of his rivals. welcome back the weather across much of central southern china taiwan is looking dry and fine at the moment so nice day in hong kong twenty seven is the maximus draw in northern vietnam certainly hanoi should see some sunshine further towards the west we've got showers affecting laos and me and my wet one in yang gone into wednesday those showers begin to decrease in frequency there are still some heavy ones around but those more eastern areas looking dry and fine taipei sunshine and twenty five degrees so move across into south asia the monsoon is now retreating away quite sharply we've still got some heavy showers affecting parts of the south as you can see there and that's where we're still going to see more showers across
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cairo and arctic and down toward shore lanka but central northern areas all looking dry and fine temperatures in delhi suspected to reach thirty two degrees so the humidity will increase props a little bit in the coming days finding crunch in pakistan highs of thirty three across into the arabian peninsula it's fine here in doha humidity still falling way temperatures not quite as high as they have been very pleasant nice day in abu dhabi two with a high of thirty three on the other side the planchette parts little bit lifted dust otherwise sunshine in mecca and heis here of thirty eight degrees. valued as a gem of africa nairobi has gone through many changes over the past decades. to al-jazeera travels to the kenyan capital to hear from those who witnessed the city's progress to becoming a metropolis and discusses where it's heading now at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again the top stories here on al-jazeera witnesses say that i saw fighters carried out a massacre in the syrian town of the carrier. at least one hundred people were killed before the town was captured by government forces last week. in spain there are signs the dialogue may finally take place between the catalan regional government and the dread the region's president has put you want has been invited
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to the national party but talks on thursday and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has made a surprise visit to afghanistan he met the president and chief executive of that country at baghran air base just outside kabul it's his latest stop on a tall that's taken in riyadh and doha so far. that international conference is underway in geneva with an appeal for urgent funds for the hinge of refugees the european union is co-hosting the event saying that the humanitarian situation has led to suffering on a catastrophic scale the e.u. is calling for an end to the violence and the military operations in rakhine state bangladeshi officials say that their country is now sheltering a million refugees the sheer speed size and scope. hanging a refugee crisis. as that's has occurred over the last nearly two months.
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has resulted in a shocking humanitarian emergency that is i believe unparalleled in this region and in many parts of the world the conference is being closely followed by people on the ground in bangladesh a report a town to choudary has more now from a camp and cox is bizarre. will depend on today's pledging conference to be held in geneva co-sponsored by the european union and u.n. agencies now things of considerably improving the refugee camps since the big late august when things were very chaotic it was the host community who were the first responders then the presence of a lot of aid agencies in these camps. trying to make field hospital sanitation and water facilities as well now despite all the good effort led by the aid agencies and bang of those government a lot of the basic and essential needs in this camps are still not been met we decided to talk to someone not knowing i refuges here this them if they know about
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the conference most of them have no idea about the conference but they say the food they are getting is not adequate there are nearly six hundred thousand new rohingya refugees in bangladesh according to a new un now most of them are woman children and infant at least sixty percent of them are children the aid agencies and bank of those government needs to have a long term strategy a sustainable strategy for the better living conditions schooling as well as health and security we know that most of these refugees are not going back to me and my dreadful about what is going on there any time soon unless there is a long term strategy many of them will suffer in the camps we have seen camps from earlier years haven't improved much hopefully in the donor conference they'll be a positive outcome to address the issue of refugees as well as members of the host community a high level meeting in senegal is aiming to end child marriage the african union
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government ministers religious leaders and the united nations all in the capital dhaka west africa has the highest number of age marriages on the continent nicholas hock reports now from the time they get to a. and there was twelve years old when her mother asked her to marry a man as old as her father. she ran away from school and hid in the village but her mother insisted on the wedding. ceremony was arranged and then they became pregnant before she ran away after abandoning her child and her thirteen year old worked as a prostitute. pregnant again she's now in hiding in a safe house in the capital. but. i'm not angry with my mother anymore she did what she could. she was young when she married my mother was just doing what's best for me young girls and marrying old men is the norm here twenty thousand under-age
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girls marry every day mostly in south asia and rural west africa says the world bank and save the children under age weddings are often organized by parents in the village when they grew up boys are seen as contribution to the family by farming or working girls do the same but they're seen as an extra mouth to feed and so few get to finish school instead they marry and become pregnant early hoping to give birth to a boy not year olds. so this is an days home she hasn't been back here for years just a few months ago she called her mother for the first time to tell her that she's sounding well but she didn't tell her her whereabouts so the money. then they asked for in days mother. so i went there she is. tells me she's ashamed for what her daughter did for cuba it's better to be married
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early rather than to deal with the shame of an accidental pregnancy little ritual and i don't regret it. by marrying her off. but the pain of losing her daughter is evident. horse and it's my daughter's she said i want her back. and. she's not ready to return home if she gives birth to a girl she'll call her after her mother she promises to guide her and help her choose the right husband if it's a boy he'll be free to choose whoever he wants to marry for end day life for girls is harder in unforgiving. human rights groups in france are criticizing an official visit to paris by the egyptian president they say that france should not support president fattah el-sisi
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politically or sell him weapons sell weapons to his government activists say the torture repression and unfair trials a comedy in egypt the french president's office responded by saying that it is vigilant about human rights issues. activists journalist earlier result under subjected to unfair trials brought to storm it was brute force and sometimes with french weapons center it is under growing surveillance and censorship and many are first disappeared tortured and executed at the hands of ships and security despite that security forces continue to enjoy complete impunity all of this is happening instead of countering terrorism strayer's immigration department says that more than six hundred asylum seekers and refugees are refusing to leave the menace island prison camp in papua new guinean access to drinking water food medical treatment and electricity will cease when the camp closes next tuesday refugees
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will be forced to move to accommodation centers near the main city of la wrangle a syrian policy is not to settle any refugee who tries to arrive by boat david manne is the executive director of the refugee legal center he says that refugees are matters of facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. they have pain many attacks on refugees are already on man asylum we also know that there is serious evidence of other forms of this trade been abused in the local community the local communities very hostile to the presence of refugees there's also been a real lack of a chance to build support for their presence there we also another man was murdered in two thousand and four st laurent a team should have a silent man who was saying asylum the real problem is that we are looking at a situation which is an imminent humanitarian crisis for these refugees and a strategy that does not have proper planning place yet the strategy it calls the
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label and moral responsibility for the face of these man sort of solomon astride you were forced out of new guinea to languish in limbo for years on that asylum and there is still no proper planning by is there a best western society as refugees and this is the real problem the us has a great sound some of these refugees under a settlement deal that my not include everyone and in the main harm is imminent crisis names that raise man will be forced into another very dangerous situation post that of the fans of that rain and then for the community to a situation where am i well place for the very serious risks to their site. argentina's president. governing coalition has emerged the clear winner in the weekend's midterm elections the vote was widely seen as a referendum on mockery and his economic reforms it also represented
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a return to the political stage. christina kasha who want to seat in the senate. a report from one of. the governing can be a coalition defied the poles and probably their own expectations by winning convincingly across argentina. they took seats in the country's five most populous provinces giving president macky greater strength in both the senate and congress to push through measures he says a vital to revive the economy. we can govern thinking about the things that we must do not just what is politically correct but what the people want our confidence has grown and now we are bearing the fruits of that confidence voting to replace half the congress and one third of senate seats was generally peaceful despite a tense election campaign with the country split and regular protests over of the body of activists. an issue president says will soon be resolved.
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he celebrating they're not the only political b.s. the wins out with all the parties over the next few days carefully scrutinizing the results to look for something anything. to load the two years from now. the former president cristina fernandez the kitchener has done that clinching a seat in the house or senate to represent one osiris province with hopes of again becoming president. we should be proud of what we have felt no other opposition has resisted the government as strongly as we have grown. but results in the rest of argentina one torched. i was hoping for that with the opposition fragmented into the governing can be most coalition that was celebrating the long into the night.
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one aside this. it is good to have you with us adrian filling in here in the headlines on al-jazeera witnesses say that i saw fighters have carried out a massacre in the syrian town of attain at least one hundred people are reported to have been killed before the town was captured by government forces last week the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings in central homs took place over a three week period from. the a turkey's border with syria the town of changed hands many times in the past last month it came under the control of i said but about a few days ago it was besieged by government forces and thousands of civilians concerned about their safety wanted to leave but they were barred from fighters from leaving now some of those people determined to leave were executed by isis fighters i was talking to so you an opposition civilians his relatives were killed
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in that massacre basically they say that this was an act of revenge by. the same time they said that the government also in the past committed atrocities against civilians in the same town. in accusing them of collaborating with. the leader of spain's catalonia region that's been invited to the national parliament for talks on thursday the invite comes after catalonia as regional government said that it would convene a session of its parliament to discuss moves by madrid to take control of the region's institutions on friday some m.p.'s of the trade will vote on whether to impose direct rule. the u.s. secretary of state has made a surprise visit to afghanistan rex tillerson met the country's president and chief executive of background airbase it's the latest stop on a tour that second in riyadh and an earlier the iraqi government accused tillerson of interference after he called for iranian backed fighters to leave iraq he said that the fighters should be the return to their homes or integrate into the iraqi
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army he made the comments in riyadh during talks with saudi king saudi arabia's king solomon and iraq's prime minister body that international conference is underway in geneva with an appeal for urgent funds for a hinge or refugees the european union's co-hosting the event bangladesh officials say their country is now sheltering a million range of refugees used great in just over twenty five minutes after talk to al jazeera. on counting the cost china to point out how president xi jinping wants to rebuild the economy with a high end robotics look at why hijack an all makes is causing tension along the river nile plus the u.k.'s e.u. divorce is brakes it failing counting the cost at this time.


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