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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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gether one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking the threats let's gather saving lives it's dangerous job it's a vaccine so it's all i could go twenty four hours there are patients waiting for his mother's house for most of the day lives earth risk a week ago one of the gang stops on the cause of the road at that can do it with weapons risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera.
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tain massacre at least one hundred twenty eight people killed by ice ill as they were forced out of the syrian town. the children dying of hunger as eastern ghouta india's five years under siege. low on maryam namazie are watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up financial help from need to national community for short of its target as over a million range refugees remain in need of life saving a. u.s. secretary of state makes a surprise visit to afghanistan to meet the country's president. and loving arms artist promote peace battle against gun crime in the united states. i still has been accused of carrying out
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a massacre in the syrian town of o r e a ten witnesses say the group conducted a revenge campaign killing at least one hundred twenty eight people before the town's capture by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings in central homs took place over a three week period i still accuse the civilians of collaborating with the syrian regime troops recaptured the town from i so on saturday. how do we get sorted out in the attack just like animals they came to kill us they killed children and women they broke the arms of the women and burned them before killing them they killed more than a hundred innocent people from the families of those civilians and military. action isn't going on tap on the turkey syria border joins us live now ash and what more of you learned about this massacre. money i spoke with see him embers of the syrian opposition people have relatives in our party attend one of the last.
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seven members of his family in in the basket and he said basically that the syrian government laid siege on cutting town about two days ago and that thousands of civilians to leave the area for safety barred from moving by i said and when some of them were determined to go there were executed by i said the problem is that. telecommunications signals war john for quite some time in that area and people have been trying to get hold of their families and question about and ask them about inquired about their well being and they couldn't get more information except for those who managed to flee over the last forty eight hours as part of talking about the scope of the massacre al qaida getting in is a town that has changed hands many times in the past was captured by the i cell does the government took it back and then i still came back and activists say that both the government and i said in the past committed many atrocities against
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civilians each time whoever takes control executes people accusing them of collaborating with the other side so it's very delicate humanitarian situation. and also what about the wider humanitarian crisis still facing hundreds of thousands of syrians trapped in the fighting. very difficult money i mean just because we're talking about fighting which is blowing up different parts of the country particularly in the east. talking about entire areas. destroyed beyond recognition lives shattered by of a conflict and now you have in area's been seized by government forces to thousand and twelve particular places like the sun where more children are dying of hunger as we're going to see in this report. meet. a baby has only a glimpse of life was in a war torn syria born a month ago in beseech east and she suffered
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a severe case of money attrition at the better to a local clinic doctors trying to save her but it was too late and on sunday. died. yes this is our fifty round of c. each basic health and nutrition services we are facing many cases of among the truth we are understaffed but our biggest problem is that we can't get medicine and nutrition to save the children seven month old hussein is another facing mandatory . week and started to he has developed many serious health conditions and needs immediate treatment but doctors and charities are struggling to get him the right food and medicines if aid is delayed many like her saying may not live very much longer. so that is the how to lead we have serious cases here life threatening you know many children are suffering from malnutrition. panicking parents are rushing
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to the few hospitals still operating in east and. when they get there the fire and hospital staff struggling to cope and it's not only the children who are affected most pregnant women. are also under nourished and could face life threatening complications international aid organizations have been asking for free and continued access to mislead areas like is that something the syrian government would jacked saying those areas are not safe and although the u.n. and many countries have accused the government of starving people into submission no steps have been taken to under siege which is whitening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. international donors in geneva placed two hundred thirty four million dollars to
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help the ranger refugee crisis brings the total amount of money committed to three hundred forty million which is still short of the un's appeal for four hundred thirty four million dollars the u.n. says the money is needed to provide lifesaving aid to the one point two million refugees who fled violence in myanmar from bangladesh bangladesh officials say the refugee situation is becoming untenable as thousands of range of muslims cross the border every day tandi chaldee has more from cox's bazar in bangladesh things are considerably improving the refugee camps since the big late august when things were very chaotic it was the host community who were the first responders then presence of a lot of aid agencies and this comes. on a field hospital sanitation and water facilities as well now despite all the good effort led by the aid agencies and bring with us government a lot of the basic and essential needs in this camps are still not been met we
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decided to talk to someone not knowing i refuges here asks them if they know about the conference most of them have no idea about the conference but they're said the food they're getting is not adequate there are nearly six hundred thousand new rohingya refugees in bangladesh according to a new u.n. now most of them are woman children and infant at least sixty percent of them are children the aid agencies and then of those government needs to have a long term strategy a sustainable strategy for the better living conditions schooling as well as health and security we know that most of these refugees are not going back to me on my dreadful about what is going on there any time soon unless there is a long term strategy many of them will suffer in the camps we have seen come from earlier years haven't improved much. u.s. secretary of state has made a surprise trip to afghanistan after visiting saudi arabia and casler on sunday rice to listen that president musharraf's ghani and the chief executive of the
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background at base he says the u.s. is committed to keeping its presence in the country until it's more stable let's go live now to patty call hang who is in die hard and i passed it was a quick visit did anything and much from it well not really i think one of the most surprising things was that they were able to pull it off what they had done is told all the reporters who are here in doha off the record you can't say anything but he's going to baghdad then we couldn't find up and the one of their process the price of being a cabinet secretary or president i'd states is pretty much the media a small group of us anyway always know where you are we didn't know where he was from the time he left here around five in the morning to the time he returned just after three he spent about an hour and fifteen hour and twenty minutes with those two leaders for the afghanistan we didn't hear from the afghan leaders but we did hear from rex tillerson afterwards where he sort of sending mixed messages let's listen to what he had to say the president made it clear that you know we're here
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to stay until we can secure a process of reconciliation. it's not an unlimited commitment he's also made it clear it's not a blank check commitment that's why there's a conditions based commitment but i think if if you consider the current situation in afghanistan and we were talking about this a few minutes ago and you look a few years in the past what circumstances were afghanistan has come quite a distance already in terms of creating a much more vibrant. population a much more vibrant government. so the bottom line if you can read between the lines or he says the u.s. is here to stay with conditions or else basically will will help or else if you don't do what we want sending that message to the afghan leaders in person this is becoming quite a full stop trip for the secretary of state first as you mentioned saudi arabia that here in doha now to afghanistan back to doha next up well i guess we'll just
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have to wait and see right busy time for him thanks very much patty call hane following it all from doha so much want to tell you about on the program still. i'm not angry with my mother i think she did what she could. she was young when she married. a child bride story of what to run away from home. government for a failed revolution. welcome back the weather across much of central southern china and taiwan is looking dry and fine at the moment so nice day in hong kong twenty seven is a mix of it's dry in northern vietnam certainly noise should see some sunshine
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further towards the west we've got showers affecting laos and me a mild one in yang gone into wednesday those showers begin to decrease in frequency there are still some heavy ones around but those more eastern areas looking dry and fine taipei sunshine and twenty five degrees so move across into south asia the monsoon is now retreating away quite sharply we've still got some heavy showers affecting parts of the south as you can see there and that's where we're still going to see more showers across an article and down toward shore lanka but central northern areas all looking dry and fine temperatures in delhi suspected to reach thirty two degrees so the humidity will increase perhaps a little bit in the coming days finding crotch in pakistan highs of thirty three across into the arabian peninsula it's fine here in doha the humidity still falling way temperatures not quite as high as they have been very pleasant nice day in abu dhabi two with a high of thirty three on the other side the potential paths little bit lifted dust
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otherwise sunshine in mecca and highs here of thirty eight degrees. on counting the cost john to chew point zero zero how president xi jinping wants to reboot the economy with a high end robotics look at what i do it all makes is causing tension along the river plus the u.k.'s few divorce is gregg's it failing counting the cost at this time on a zero. zero zero zero this is the opportunity to understand the very different way we're there before something happens and we don't believe that.
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i come back you're watching our jazeera a quick recap of the stories making headlines this hour i still has been accused of carrying out a massacre in the syrian town about perry attain witnesses say the on group conducted a revenge campaign in the town killing more than one hundred people before its capture by government forces. international community has pledged three hundred forty million dollars to help arrange refugees during a conference in geneva nearly six hundred thousand refugees have fled violence in myanmar from bangladesh since august twenty fifth. and the u.s. secretary of state has met afghan leaders on a revisit to on a brief visit to kabul rex tillerson held talks with president ashraf ghani on american involvement in the country. heads of government religious leaders and child rights organizations are meeting in senegal to discuss ending child marriage and west and central africa and the list of the top ten offending
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countries six are from the regions almost two million under-age girls are married there every year and share is at the top of this list with seventy six percent of girls who tie the knot before their eighteen globally seven hundred million women were married as children age groups fear that figure could go up to one point two billion by two thousand and fifty nicholas haq reports now from the region of phatic in senegal and there was twelve years old when her mother asked her to marry a man as old as her father she ran away from school and hid in the village where her mother insisted on the wedding. ceremony was arranged and then they became pregnant before she ran away after abandoning her child to the thirteen year old worked as a prostitute. pregnant again she is now in hiding in a safe house in the capital. i'm not angry with my mother i mean she did
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what she could my dad beat her she was young too when she married my mother was just doing what's best for me. young girls marrying old men is the norm here twenty thousand underage girls marry every day mostly in south asia and rural west africa says the world bank and save the children under age weddings are often organized by parents in the village when they grew up boys are seen as contribution to the family by farming or working. girls do the same but they are seen as an extra mouth to feed and so few get to finish school instead they marry and become pregnant early hoping to give birth to a boy not year olds yet. so this is an days home she hasn't been back here for years just a few months ago she called her mother for the first time to tell her that she's sounding well but she didn't tell her her whereabouts so i'm going to. let mad then
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they ask for in days mother. so i went there she is. but tells me she's ashamed for what her daughter did for coombe but it's better to be married early rather than to deal with the shame of an accidental pregnancy. ritual little and i don't regret it i manage safety by marrying her off. but the pain of losing her daughter is evident. of course i miss my daughter she says i want her back. and they misses her too but she's not ready to return home. if she gives birth to a girl she'll call her after her mother she promises to guide her and help her choose the right husband if it's a boy he'll be free to choose whoever he wants to marry. for and day life for girls is harder and unforgiving. nicholas hawke al-jazeera good to ice and
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a go. iraq's prime minister has rebuffed to demand by the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson the iranian backed fighters quote to go home a body says the popular mobilization of forces which have helped baghdad defeat i still consists solely of iraqi nationals who are fighting to defend the country to us and made the comments on sunday off to holding talks with a body and saudi leaders in riyadh well iran's foreign minister has waded into the debate mohammad javad zarif has tweeted exactly what country is it that iraqis who rose up to defend their homes against i still return to he says it's shameful u.s. foreign policy is dictated by petro dollars well stephanie decker is in erbil in northern iraq and joins us live now clearly the situation is more complex than the comments from to listen in the tweet by jove odds are he suggests a what more are you hearing about this where you are. well it was confusing
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when state right susan first said it because he referred to iranian militias and foreign fighters and even journalists who were listening to that also for clarification of two is because what we're talking about here were people's thought are iranian backed militias the hostile shabby the popular mobilization forces who are iraqi they are iranian backed but that is the back and forth as you just mentioned about reaction from the iraqi prime minister's media office saying you know parties should be interfering in internal affairs and iran's foreign minister he tweeted but he also more specifically said things like iran is fighting for peace and stability in the region if it weren't for iran's help i still would now be in damascus in baghdad and here in erbil so i think we'll have to wait and see how this plays out but just briefly the background to that the popular mobilization forces the shia militia were formed under that umbrella in two thousand and fourteen to fight eisel so this is what to rex tillerson is referring to he said
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now that i salute largely. disbanded or pushed out of their territory it is time for them to go home or be integrated under the iraqi army. it's just perhaps it's so recent. i still has lost its territory and the government in baghdad is very much has the upper hand but i suppose they are still very much in need of u.s. support could this become a problem for them if tensions continue to develop with washington. so i think the americans have pretty good relations with they've been fighting a very close fight together over the last three years pushing nice allowed together with iraqi army and of course these particular shia militia the problem is you don't have shifting sands here everyone all these fighters the army you've got the kurds about the shia militias you've got the iraqi army are all sort of focusing on the next issue which we've seen unfold here over the last week in the main issue
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that if you talk to the kurds here in erbil will be that the shia militia. who were armed by the u.s. to fight were part of turning the guns on the peshmerga to push them out of just it's complicated but i think at the moment when they take it as a call because as we know with politics what is said what is done is always the same thing stephanie deck an air bill thank you. the russian foreign minister has won iraq's kurdish autonomous region that it could only pursue its desire for secession through dialogue with baghdad iraqi forces with iraqi forces now in control of cook province the country's interior minister is calling on the kurds left the region during last week's takeover to return home. and. communication between baghdad and erbil has not been severed we are not living in two states it is only one still we could have different views but talks are under way and yes you can be resolved there is no issue that is beyond resolution.


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