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tv   Counting the Cost 2017 Ep 42  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 7:32pm-8:00pm AST

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rockey army and of course these particular shia militia the problem is you don't have shifting here everyone all these fighters the army you've got the kurds. are all sort of focusing on the next issue which we've seen unfold here over the last week in the main issue that if you talk to the kurds here in erbil will be that this shia militia who are arms by the u.s. to fight were part of turning their guns on the peshmerga to push them out of just it's complicated but i think at the moment when they take it as a call because as we know with politics what is said what is done is always the same thing stephanie dechen air bill thank you. the russian foreign minister has won iraq's kurdish autonomous region that it could only pursue its desire for secession through dialogue with baghdad iraqi forces with iraqi forces now in control of kirkuk province the country's interior minister is calling on the kurds left the region during last week's takeover to return home. communication
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between baghdad and erbil has not been severed we are not living in two states it is only one steered we could have different views but talks are underway and yes you can be resolved there is no issue that is beyond resolution so long as there is a business for negotiations and intentions are genuine. spain's deputy prime minister sun's to santa maria has said that the catalan leader will be out of a job as soon as this weekend a comments come off to carlos pushed him on to was invited to the national parliament for talks on thursday meanwhile catalonia is regional government has said it will convene a session of its parliament to discuss moves by madrid to take direct rule of the region. human rights groups in france are denouncing an upcoming visit to paris by the egyptian president they say france should not support present. politically or sell weapons to egypt activists say torture or oppression and unfair trials against civil rights advocates and journalists a common french president's office has responded by insisting it's particularly
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vigilant about human rights issues. present micron should not continue to scandalous policy or french tolerance towards the repressive government of l.c.c. and should not pretend that the human rights question will be evoked drawing his visit without acting on this means that the demands of the suffering of egyptians will be swept under the carpet. japan's prime minister has promised to tackle the challenges of both north korea's military actions and the economic obstacle of the country's aging population after his decisive election victory shinzo are they also vowed to spend more on education and childcare even if it means failing to balance the national budget ruling coalition maintained a two thirds hold on the lower house after sunday's snap election it means he could become the country's longest serving prime minister. the philippine government has declared victory in its five month battle against isis a link fighters in the southern city of murali the offensive left more than one
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thousand one hundred people dead and sparked fears of ice or gaining a foothold in the region the country's defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle against his troops this of the last group or stragglers of war this. there was a five firefight so they were friends number on the level of thirds inside the. it's the sixth anniversary of the death of libya's former gadhafi but chaos and conflict still plagued the country despite the un's efforts to end the crisis many libyans hold the current politicians responsible for derailing the revolution. has more from tripoli. this is how some libyans greeted the end of the death his four decades in power in oktober to eleven
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o'clock and mohammed was an opponent of good death and was imprisoned by the regime over the last six years he's watched as hope of a bright future has turned into despair. the fact that gadhafi himself is gone is a victory to every oppressed person repaid dearly to recapture our freedom it took too much blood and too many souls but unfortunately excessive freedom took us to far in the opposite direction. the country has slipped in to kill us also shaking the stability of neighboring countries many people celebrated the fall of gadhafi regime six years ago now as a country is plagued by internal fighting division and financial collapse the international community relies on efforts by the united nations to bring the warring factions together. are you pushed to mediate between revell factions has so
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far resulted in a stalemate with military rule in the east under any gate commander really for have to and an internationally recognized government controlling the west the country is awash with arms last year the united nations was told there were twenty million weapons in a country of just six million people and that there are still being smuggled in and out lawlessness has led to a complex and lucrative trade in people smuggling which is draining the political and social fabric of the european union and the killing of u.s. ambassador chris stevens in twenty twelve by an armed group dodged the career of then secretary of state hillary clinton up until and during her campaign for your presidency now the talk is of the definite family members and supporters returning to politics. a political activist says only those who have not
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committed political economic or world crimes can be tolerated. a number of ministers at the un backed government of national accord are remnants of the gadhafi regime in fact some of them are accused of corruption crimes before and during the revolution ironically the united nations mission in libya knows that transitional justice should be served first. six years since the death of moammar gadhafi libya remains diverse teated the diplomatic struggle to restore political order has a stalled and the old guard is just waiting for an opportunity to return. tripoli. now doctors say a pair of can join twins born in the gaza strip are in a stable condition but will need treatment abroad the girls are joined at the abdomen and pelvis but have separate heads and lungs palestinian hospitals lack the
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equipment and expertise required to separate the twins doctors are now trying to arrange a transfer of the girls to hospitals in the u.s. or saudi arabia the u.s. city of las vegas is looking to change its motto after deadly after deadly mass shooting three weeks ago city tourism officials believe that what happens here stays here slogan just doesn't feel appropriate any longer meanwhile unique and unique art exhibition across the country and new jersey is trying to take a new approach to america's history of gun violence as reports talked panic at a concert last biggest as a man kills fifty seven people in the worst mass shooting united states in modern times the government owned forty seven guns and had twenty three of those firearms with him at the time of the shooting not states of america has a obsessive. attraction and love for
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guns in a way that other countries just don't have and that's why she helped put together an exhibit at one church to help raise awareness to gun violence through art and in this piece tissues on each piece of tissue a name and age of someone killed by gun violence in the area so this is a tissue for a lot grows read greek is they someone was murdered the day before the exhibit opened she was thirty eight years. the tissue you know evokes grief so to me it just kind of is a way of helping people it's a kind of thing that to the human aspects of the violence in our society the artists at this exhibit are all from the local community their pieces take on different forms like this piece a fence with stuffed animals attached to symbolize a makeshift memorial at
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a crime scene but look closely and the message is clear while the exhibition is taking place in a church the reverend said stopping gun violence in the u.s. will take more than prayer simply praying i think as an institution it's not sufficient and so we have to work with other people of goodwill and to to model peace in our own lives and also to demand a change that we simply can't go on the way we've been going on the art exhibit is called loving arms of course it's a play on words arms being what we used to hug or embrace somebody but also arms being weapons as well the message here that this world needs more love and less violence one church where trying to indigo unveilings has become an art form for peace gabriel's on doe al-jazeera jersey city.
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so that's up to even on the top stories this hour i sill has been accused of carrying out a massacre in the syrian town of all korea ten witnesses say the group conducted a revenge campaign in the town killing at least two hundred twenty eight people before its capture by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings in central homs took place over a three week period isolate cuse the civilians of collaborating with the syrian regime the troops recapture the town from my sil on saturday. the attack just like animals became to kill us they killed children and women they broke the arms of the women and burned them before killing them they killed more than one hundred innocent people from the families of both civilians and military. well now international donors in geneva have pledged two hundred thirty four million dollars to help the written joe refugee crisis this brings the total amount of money
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committed to three hundred forty million but it still falls short of the u.n. target the u.n. is saying that the money is needed to provide lifesaving aid to ranger refugees who fled violence in me in ma for bangladesh as well as other range are already living across the border bangladeshi officials say the refugee situation is becoming untenable as thousands of ranger muslims across the board it daily the u.s. secretary of state has met afghan leaders on a brief visit to kabul writes to listen held talks with the president ashraf ghani on how to end american involvement in the country it's his first trip there since becoming secretary of state and is part of a tour that has included riyadh and doha. spain's deputy prime minister says catalan leader karl has pushed him on to could be out of a job as soon as this weekend it comes after mr bush was invited to the national parliament for talks on thursday made threats from madrid to strip catalonia of its
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autonomy tensions have been high. referendum last month. and japan's prime minister has promised to tackle the threat of north korea's military action and the economic challenge of japan's aging population after a decisive election victory. and more on education and child care even if it means failing to balance the national budget ruling coalition maintained a two thirds hold on the lower house after sunday snap election it means he could become the country's longest serving prime minister. we're counting the cost is coming up next i'll be back with more news after that in about half an hour's time .
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hello and hasn't seeker this is counting the cost on engineer your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week china two point zero why president xi jinping wants a future based on things like artificial intelligence. also this week hydro economics why it's pitting egypt against ethiopia and stirring up tension along the knowledge base plus confusion over what the u.k. wants from its e.u. divorce is braggs it failing. china's president xi jinping is looking to the future and it is one built on things like electric cars an artificial intelligence of the next five years he wants to create what he calls a country of innovators the latest call to action was laid out of the communist
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party conference china is home to the world's largest online population but beijing maintains a tight grip on the internet through new technology and is still closing off markets to foreign competitors adrian brown has more from beijing. this is the party congress where president xi jinping is stamping his authority by mapping out his vision for china for the next thirty years shining the banner of socialism with chinese characteristics is now flying high for the world to see it will be an era that is china moving closer to the center stage close to the great hall of the people where the party congress is taking place is an exhibition detailing china's technological achievements jewing the president's first five years in office the showcase offers clues to his ultimate quest to bring about what he calls the rejuvenation of the great chinese nation at the heart of that strategy
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is the creation of an economy built on homemade innovation with a particular emphasis on robotics and electric cars. these efforts with her wired power for support for building china's strength in science and technology product quality aerospace cyber space and transportation and for building a digital and the society president xi jinping zanti corruption campaign has purged the party of many of his real or perceived enemies and rivals but one enemy remains the internet something the president recently described as a dangerous double edged sword and ultimately a threat to china's national security china has more than seven hundred and fifty million internet users and she is keen that china should become a cyber superpower when it comes to innovation and commerce but not at the expense
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of party discipline. as a result censorship is being tightened twitter google and facebook are already blocked by the so-called great wall of china now the messaging service whatsapp appears to have gone the same way surveillance is growing here with the government making a huge investment in technologies such as facial recognition the use of which is growing china's vast security network is also harnessing artificial intelligence it's another symbol of what president xi truly stands for control when joining us now from hong kong is reuben mann the jargon is an associate professor at the city university of hong kong thanks very much for being with us so china very much shifting its focus to technology to boost its economy. what do you make of that strategy is that going to help it become the world's technology powerhouse
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. you know that china is shifting from a manufacturing exporting economy and they want to make their growth dependent or more ally allied with consumption and digital technology is one of the ways and it's doing actually wonders for example the way that i live. and all of this other online shopping are delivering goods to the peoples of the consumption is really increasing through this digital economy that the chinese do and it. is not if this is just the beginning and i think everything will really go towards that and also because it makes consumption easier prices are lower middle middle man costs are eliminated accessibility is is faster so then that's that's really good for what china is aiming at and i think the
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there's however there's a flipside to that these digital economy also means that everybody is inside the net the information out of china and the online and he has to leave open the possibility for the government to look into what what is happening so in short.


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