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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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to start looking at other partners in addition to the united states we can look out there. and the credible sort of amanda of progress there in even south korea which is not to get of there has been some reports and improvements particularly on the security side notwithstanding some of the shuttle bus on the road between the two country but well beyond it also reaching out to international organizations like nato they do developing working very closely in combat. operations in the in the gulf begun and with countries like france and the u.k. where the fence and security corp has been substantially upgraded so this is all part of why the agenda of the janet is trying to be much more and bedded within the international community in order to tackle transnational planted issues as it could have been the candid paris effect immediate action but also to try to get attention
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all other actors towards east asian security challenges in this respect i think also a claim is the other has a personal sort of investment in trying to make the relationship with russia were a bit far the result as head of the mix there but in the other hand president putin has very little incentive to increase the relationship with japan but take you live in a context where but i do plan is been outside of the context of major european powers one of them a sort of implementors of sanctions against russia so that is a very difficult position to try to keep up the pace with the position of other was the balance and this was the same time showing the difficult relationship with russia richard any idea what donald trump is going to be saying to our base and then meet up in ten days time what's the conversation. there's it's clear they're going to talk about north korea as i think they did when trump congratulated me on
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this phone call they probably will talk about china since their relationship with both countries as in flux they may talk about russia for the reasons we went into if they talk about trade i'm not sure what kind of progress will cease i think the public space statements the public declarations are going to emphasize security partnership the looking forward to a close relationship between two countries as a traditional in a case well gentlemen thank you very much for talking us through what potentially could be a very different japan in the future a big thanks to i guess could tata rich advice and lisieux patel on thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story or me jane just in the recent teen vogue thanks for watching.
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high-pockets oh is it allison when they're on line me what in hurricane the winnings fall is almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york here has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of their pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera and under pointed one of. us and
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british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking these roads with cattle saving lives is a dangerous job it's a vaccine so it's on a cook a twenty four hours there are patients waiting because medicines who must be in pain lives are threads of a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road at that can do it with weapons they're risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera.
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you need to understand the you know very different way where there. is and we don't leave it. alone i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes u.s. secretary of state visits iraq as tensions mount between baghdad and washington of iranian backed fighters. korea tain massacre at least one hundred twenty eight people killed by ice so as they were forced out of the syrian town. financial help
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from the international community falls short of its target as over a million range of refugees remain in need of life saving a. and loving arms artist promote peace in the battle against gun crime in the united states. and sport the rivalry between christiane and our little messy and name is about to get personal beef is our new award ceremony appoints a kickoff last year it was renowned oh it was named as the world's best player. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has arrived in the iraqi capital baghdad the latest stop on his trip to the middle east and south asia earlier he made an unannounced visit to afghanistan meeting the president ashraf ghani and the country's chief executive at the background base to listen says the u.s.
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is committed to its presence in the country until the situation is more stable. well the president made it clear that we're we're here to stay until we can secure a process of reconciliation and peace it's not an unlimited commitment he's also made it clear it's not a blank check commitment that's why it is a conditions based commitment but i think if if you consider the current situation in afghanistan and we were talking about this a few minutes ago and you look a few years in the past what circumstances war afghanistan has come quite a distance already in terms of creating a much more vibrant. population a much more vibrant government well tennison is in iraq to me a prime minister a body for a second time in the past few days a body has criticized the secretary of state for comments he made in riyadh saying iranian militias must leave iraq a body says the iranian by popular mobilization forces which have helped baghdad
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defeat i still consists only of iraq international's also iran's foreign minister has waded into this debate mama job as tweeted exactly what country is it that iraqis who rose up to defend their homes against eisel return to he says it's shameful us foreign policy dictated by petro dollars. stephanie jack is an air bill in northern iraq and joins us live now and as you were saying stephanie this is the second meeting between rex tillerson and hydra a body in the space of a few days what rex tennyson's priorities in this meeting. what i think particularly as you say because is the second meeting in two days did you really need to come here while yes he did because there are a lot of important things developments that are going on particularly first and foremost i think they will be discussing the developments that have happened here on the ground particular when it comes to erbil the fact that the iraqi forces together with those shia militias you were talking about earlier have taken around
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twelve thousand kilometer squared of territory disputed territory between baghdad and erbil but from the peshmerga from the kurdish forces now that has not gone down well here with the government and i think this is going to be very high on the agenda on how to move forward i think particularly going to be focusing on how to move forward when it comes to dialogue baghdad has said it is open to dialogue initially it made some sort of dumond's it of course was were rejected from erbil in erbil today the prime minister coming out as well and saying that he was opened the government was open to dialogue that it was only going to be a peaceful way forward so that is something that i think is important of course he's in baghdad we don't expect him to come here to erbil and then the second issue just briefly that you touched upon also looking at the bigger picture of this trip they've just come from saudi arabia as well it wrong increasing role and influence in the region and not links to his dumond's or you know the statement he made of these militias the shabby now as it in his words going home or
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being pounded under the banner of the iraqi official forces. and of course we report suggests that rex tillerson is you saying is also going to meet the iraqi president ford soon occurred and we know that the u.s. was not in favor of the secession referendum taking place so a great deal of concern from the international community that it simply wasn't the right time for a vote like that to be carried out what is tellus unlikely to say how is he going to position the u.s. so that some kind of talks and negotiations can take place between baghdad and erbil. well i think he hinted at this in a statement he made in doha when he referred to iraq yesterday he said that they were against the referendum it was the wrong time and yes dialogue needed to go
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forward he said that basically what was happening was repositioning was his words of the iraqi forces to positions held before two thousand and fourteen and that's briefly the pressure basically moved into these areas because i still had come into those areas many of those iraqi forces that left behind pushed i saw out and then montagne in those positions it's controversial because there disputed territories but the americans made it clear that just because the federal forces were now in control of those areas this did not mean that the issue of disputed territories were resolved or he hinted at the front that the kurds still had to malls that were written in the iraqi constitution that need to be fulfilled and specifically it's complicated but this refers to one article article one forty of the iraqi constitution which means that the disputed territories should have been resolved by two thousand and seven ten years ago there should have been a census people should have been allowed to go back to you know their homes that they perhaps have been pushed out for fighting's or other reasons in the past that
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a referendum whether people want to be part of baghdad or part of an independent kurdistan or part of the autonomous region as a first step that hasn't happened and that's one of the arguments you will hear here from the government people we've been speaking to say well iraq the time it's in the constitution should have been done two thousand and seven it's ten years and we don't have time to wait so we went out and did it so all these things will be discussed and i think very interesting will be if anything gets agreed upon thank you very much stephanie deco watching developments from bill in northern iraq well just to pick up on the point that we were discussing now the russian foreign minister also speaking out about developments with the he's warning that iraq's kurdish autonomous region that it can only pursue its design for secession through dialogue with baghdad iraqi forces. now in control of kirkuk province the country's interior minister is calling on the kurds who left the region during last week's takeover to return home. and who are the go public communication between baghdad
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and erbil has not been severed we are not living in two states it is only one state it we could have different views but talks are underway and the issue can be resolved there is no issue that is beyond resolution so long as there is a bierce for negotiations and intentions are genuine. now to our other top story this hour i still has been accused of carrying out a massacre in the syrian town of el correa tain witnesses say the group conducted a revenge campaign killing at least one hundred twenty eight people before the towns captured by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings in central homs took place over a three week period i still accuse the civilians of collaborating with the syrian regime the troops recapture the town from i said on saturday photo of all that they attacked us like animals they came to kill us they killed children and women they broke the arms of the women and burned them before killing them they killed more than one hundred innocent people from the families of both civilians and military.
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correspondent national. border with syria. came under the control of i still about a month ago but then a few days ago the syrian government played this season on the city thousands of civilians concerned about their safety decided to leave but then they were barred by i.c.l. from moving of those who were determined to go were executed. because the town has changed hands many times in the past civilians say that the government committed atrocities against some communities accusing them of collaborating with i said now it's quite a delicate situation now in syria we're talking about fighting which is intensifying in places like the weather where the government and the kurds are trying to sell from their last remaining stronghold but in other places like the east on the border which is be seized by government forces it has been besieged by government forces for the last six years hundreds of thousands of people face uncertainty the
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most vulnerable the children face hunger but i would like to warn our viewers that our report contains disturbing scenes. meet. a baby has only glimpse of life was in a war torn syria born a month ago in beseech east and she's suffered a severe case of money attrition better to a local clinic doctors trying to save her but it was too late and on sunday. die. unless this is our fifty round of see each basic health and nutrition services we are facing many cases of among the truth we are understaffed but our biggest problem is that we can't get medicine and nutrition to save the children seven month old hussein mokhtar is another facing more nutritious week and started to he has developed many siri. his health
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conditions and needs immediate treatment but doctors and charities are struggling to get him the right food and better since if aid is delayed many like her seen may not live very much longer. so that is the how to the we have serious cases here life threatening you know many children are suffering from malnutrition. particular parents are rushing to the few hospitals still operating in is that. when they get the foreign hospital staff struggling to cope and it's not only the children who are affected most pregnant women. are also under nourished and could face life threatening complications international aid organizations have been asking for free and continued access to be sleaze areas like you saw something the syrian government reject saying those areas are not safe and although the u.n.
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and many countries have accused the government of starving people into submission no steps have been taken to under siege which is whitening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people how about i'm just gaziantep dr roger share harness and you tricia a specialist for unicef in syria she joins me now via skype from damascus thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us we were seeing there in our correspondent report the story of a baby who suffered from and then died of malnutrition what have you seen and heard of of other stories like this how how prevalent is this in east and go terror and elsewhere in syria. yes thank you very much first of all i would like to tell you that unicef is deeply concerned about the nutrition situation in eastern holed up so hard and more than one
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thousand one hundred children suffer trauma on the tradition unfortunately so what lost her life she was fighting with monitor soon but could not cope anymore but we still have more than one thousand children of them around two hundred and thirty two children are affected by severe acute malnutrition which is a very dangerous situation for children because it's making them not healthy not able to live anymore and their situation very dangerous and they can die easily such as the heart what are the prospects of we were just talking or would looking at images now from the send on the outskirts of the capital damascus which is where you are at the moment how much aid is getting through to the region right now and will there be more in the coming weeks and
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months. yes as children out of that by monday tradition you can see visibly the signs of monitresses clearly on that weak bodies such like so how much more inside is told up the humanitarian assistance unicef has provided him i'm certain this is a through interagency convoys which the last one of the since september to teach areas in east. of how to start. and also mr rob these early years with you humanitarian assistance but they were not enough to cover the whole of east that's why the problem is still continuous in southeast georgia. and we have a continuous problem and obviously doctors and charities are struggling to get the right sort of food medicines into the region even if that were possible to get more
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aid to those that suffering how difficult is it to reverse the effects the long term mental and physical effects of malnutrition once it gets so bad. month attrition is a progressing problem it starts by children who are. sick and then goes to moderate and then goes to severe and then goes to severe with complications and the complications of course lead to death the problem is we have to talk to children at the beginning of monday tradition so that you can save that lives when they reach to a very complicated state it's very difficult to treat them in simple facilities they have to have specialized facilities to treat them and. thank you so much for shedding some light on the situation there for us and best of luck with your efforts dr rajiv ashar ha nutrition specialist for unicef speaking to us there from
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damascus thank you so. much more to tell you about in this news hour from london to south african men await that sentence for an attack that exposes racial tensions. why many libyans blame the government for a failed revolution six years since the fall of moammar gadhafi. and install tell you about the tennis player has just won her first match as the new world number one. international donors in geneva have pledged two hundred thirty four million dollars to help the.


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