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all of us to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be apart. going places together across the globe breathtaking efforts to clean up the planet sat around the way in milan companies are turning to a radical solution biodynamics a man to talk. to this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with its environment earthrise visits the from two years of the battle for the environment trying to here in iceland a pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions earthrise look for new ways of preventing air pollution.
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u.s. secretary of state rex to listen holds talks with the iraqi prime minister who rejects his call to send the popular mobilization forces home. and they're enjoying it all this is al jazeera on live from london also coming up and i saw massacre in central syria kills at least a hundred and twenty eight people. and the next calls on me in march to allow a million range of refugees to return home as international donors pledged three hundred thirty five million dollars and eight. on the lebanese film is in the race for the oscars but is seen as an insult palestinians. here secretary of state rex tillerson has made an unannounced visit to iraq to hold talks with prime minister hyder all of body missing follows heightened tensions
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between the two countries over the role of the popular mobilisation forces and their walk to listen has called for the iranian backed militias to be sent home while the body has defended their role there saying they helped defeat i still it's been a busy day for to listen with a separate trip to afghanistan earlier classical hain as well. despite the fact that he left at the crack of dawn the us secretary of state seemed quite excited from his perch at the front of the c. seventeen a quick and rapid descent and he landed a big room airfield there to meet the leaders of afghanistan a short visit just about an hour and fifteen minutes and he told the traveling press he was confident in the trump administration's plan for afghanistan over the long term clearly we have to fight against the taliban and others in order for them to understand they would never be a military victory and there are we believe matter. voices that do
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not want to continue to fight forever they don't want their children to fight so we are looking to engage with those voices and have them a gauge in a reconciliation process leading to peace process and therefore involvement in participation in the government but this would not be his only trip to a country grappling with conflict and one day traveling to afghanistan and then in the evening iraq i think i have differences can be addressed and the rights of all can be respected and iraq will have a very secure and a proper future we had i an opportunity to share an important event in saudi arabia the creation of a coronation council we think this is an important milestone in restoring relationship between iraq and the go the g.c.c. countries and saudi arabia is going to lead to very important economic development in iraq as well one day more than three thousand kilometers all to send a message to the people here in the region and back home that america is committed
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to staying in the fight both of them political hay in doha well tell us is calls for uranium backed militias to leave iraq are a sign of the changing landscape covered be in the middle east and that's according to the c.e.o. so consulting almost some of he said washington is worried about was my fill the vacuum of power left by i still. the u.s. administration is using diplomatic political tools after a lot of rhetoric on war and military operations in action that has been taken and as we see the end of i.c.l. as we have known it so far i think that the americans are very concerned about how the jew political science and of the region was is going to shift and what kind of new alliance are going to emerge in the middle east and especially given the very
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precarious situation they exist in iraq given the kurdish situation given the fact that. an isis is is winning in probably. not a factor anymore they want to make sure that iran not only is curtailed but also that it will not play a role from here on so i think that. the focus right now from the american perspective is sorely on the iranian role that will be played in the future isis been accused of carrying out a massacre in the syrian town of al carrier ten witnesses say the group conducted a bench campaign killing at least one hundred twenty people for the times captured by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings in central holmes took place over a three week period i saw the queues the civilians of collaborating with the syrian
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regime the troops we captured the time from i saw on saturday fortunately. they attacked us like animals they came to kill us they killed children and women they broke the arms of the women and burned them before killing them they killed more than one hundred innocent people from the families of both civilians and military well our correspondent is in gaziantep near turkey's border with syria with the latest. came under the control of i still about a month ago but then a few days ago the syrian government played this season on the city thousands of civilians concerned about their safety decided to leave by then they were barred by i.c.l. from moving of those who were determined to go x. a queue to buy because the town has changed hands many times in the past civilians say that also the government committed atrocities against some communities accusing them of collaborating with i said now it's quite
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a delicate situation now in syria we're talking about fighting which is intensifying in places like the weather where the government and the kurds are trying to evict i sail from their last remaining stronghold but in other places like the east on the border with his be seized by government forces it has been besieged by government forces for the last six years hundreds of thousands of people face uncertainty the most vulnerable the children face hunger but i would like to warn our viewers that our report contains disturbing scenes. meet. a baby has only glimpse of life was in a war torn syria born a month ago in beseech east and she suffered a severe case of money attrition admitted to a local clinic doctors trying to save her but it was too late and on sunday. died. yes this is our fifty round of c.
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each basic health and nutrition services we are facing many cases of among the truth we are understaffed but our biggest problem is that we can't get medicine and nutrition to save the children seven month old hussein is another facing monitor. we understand he has developed many serious health conditions and needs immediate treatment doctors and charities are struggling to get him the right food and medicines if aid is delayed many like her saying may not live very much longer. so that is the how to the we have serious cases here life threatening you know many children are suffering from malnutrition. panicking parents are rushing to the few hospitals still operating in east and. when they get there they find hospital staff struggling to cope and it's not only the children who are affected most pregnant
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women. are also under nourished and could face life threatening complications international aid organizations have been asking for free and continued access to bases areas like it's not something the syrian government would jacked saying those areas are not safe and although the u.n. and many countries have accused the government of starving people into submission no steps have been taken to under siege which is whitening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. international donors in geneva have pledged total of three hundred thirty five million dollars to help the injured refugee crisis but that's still short of the un's appeal for four hundred thirty four million dollars says the money is needed to provide lifesaving aid to the one point two million refugees who fled finds meanwhile off of bangladesh bangladesh officials say the refugee situation is
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becoming untenable a stuyvesant of range of missions cross the border daily tempi a child who has more now from cox's bazar in bangladesh things of considerably improving the refugee camps since the big the late august when things were very chaotic it was the host community who were the first responders then the presence of a lot of aid agencies in various camps. trying to make field hospital sanitation and water facilities as well now despite all the good effort led by the aid agencies and bang of those government a lot of the basic and essential needs in this camps are still not been met we decided to talk to some of the rowing i refuges here asks them if they know about the conference most of them have no idea about the conference but they're said the food they're getting is not adequate there are nearly six hundred thousand new rohingya refugees in bangladesh according to
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a new un now most of them are woman children and friends at least sixty percent of them are children the aid agencies and then of those government needs to have a long term strategy a sustainable strategy for better living conditions schooling as well as health and security we know that most of these refugees are not going back to me and my dreadful about what is going on there any time soon unless there is a long term strategy many of them will suffer in the camps we have seen come from earlier years haven't improved much. he gyptian president abdullah fattah el-sisi has arrived in friends for a three day visit he's already held talks with the french defense minister and on tuesday he's due to meet france's president in the home he weighs groups of condemned his visit and say mccall shouldn't support the government or sell it weapons activists say torture repression and unfair trials against civil rights advocates and journalists are common. david chaytor has more from paris
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the french president emmanuel macro has championed the value of the democratic freedoms at the heart of the european union but on the eve of a state visit by the egyptian president abdel fatah of sisi human rights activists in paris urged him to end what they called france's disgraceful policies of indulgence towards its repressive government. we have shown in our latest report that torture is done on a massive scale is systematic mostly by the national security agency and it could be considered a crime against humanity. listening in the audience the daughter of an al jazeera journalists arrested in egypt last december mahmoud a sane has now spent months in solitary confinement meant that he was confused he was sort of brass he was he was keeping from getting stuff because he's ben to spend days and nights without anything anyone knows about being allowed to get out of the very very tiny prison cell people have high hopes when countries actually
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champion liberal values but then when he decided to ignore them for political expediency it's extremely frustrating egypt is the number one customer for france's military industrial complex spending more than six billion dollars over the last two years including the purchase of twenty four rafael jet fighters. all over the world nice man who is facing two situations his success will depend on how ill balanced those two situations are on the one hand and searing the cold from n.g.o.s and the arab street and on the other end satisfying the french business sector. the former president francois long did little more than express concern about the crackdown in egypt largely ignoring serious abuses this time the elysees say the talks will focus on regional security and willing clude the human rights situation but just how far up the agenda will they be david chaytor al-jazeera
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paris. still to come on al-jazeera the widow of a fallen american soldier accuses trump of insensitivity after he called talk to express condolences. to south african men await their sentence for an attack that exposed racial tensions. with. hello there is mostly dry for us in australia at the moment some of us though are likely to see just want to shout as you can see this area of cloud in the southeast that's bringing us a little bit of what weather there to adelaide in a couple more showers are likely on choose day they were going gradually drift their way towards melbourne late told during the day and so wednesday we're likely to see a fair few more showers here as well as when you get some showers that will also be
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dragging down the temperatures so from melbourne won't get any higher than around seventeen on wednesday where we don't mild and not forcing brisbane and here the showers should clear for us for wednesday should be a brighter day twenty seven. but western australia when say something like quite a quiet day with twenty degrees in perth now over towards new zealand the weather here is far more active this ystem here is given to some very very heavy rain but it is now trying to clear away so for the north island should be a lot calmer as we head through the day on choose day more wins for the southwestern parts and that is what we're bringing in a little bit more cloud a little bit more in the way of unsettled weather there as we head through wednesday further towards the north and of course we've had all storm that worked its way across japan that's now created and things are looking a lot quieter here we're seeing a fair amount of cloud there that will pop up as we head into wednesday so tokyo is likely to see some more outbreaks of or all the heavy rain. with.
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in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking these roads risk saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine takes on a good twenty four hours where patients played it because mothers have to most of the. lifestyle and threats of the recruit go one of the gang stops on the causal role but that kind of good luck for. risking it all guinea at this time on al-jazeera. our mind our top stories there are no to zero us i could just state has made an unannounced visit to baghdad wakes to listen mitt iraq's prime minister and
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president but he's provoked a potential rift with the leaders up to calling for arabian backed militias in iraq to end their operations. isis been accused of carrying out a massacre in the syrian town of al kut a a time when a society on good adopted or of edge campaign in the time killing more than one hundred people for its capture by government forces. international communities pledged three hundred thirty five million dollars to help or hinder refugees during a conference in geneva and a six hundred thousand refugees of ny fled violence and million more for bangladesh since late august. the u.s. president is being criticized for allegedly being insensitive joining a phone call with an american soldier's widow but if she had johnson says donald chum appeared to have forgotten her husband's name and told her the sergeant quote knew what he'd signed up for the david johnson was one of four u.s. soldiers who were killed when their patrol in the chair was ambushed earlier this month the president denies mrs jones' account and says he was respectful well ross
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jordan is following developments from washington. even though the so-called war of words between the us president donald trump and the widow of us army sergeant david johnson continues over what was said during a condolence call late last week there's still an investigation being conducted by the u.s. military into the deaths of sergeant david johnson and three other staff sergeants from the u.s. military in the country of new share on october fourth the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joe dunford said that this is important to get to the bottom of exactly what happened while the u.s. forces were on a joint patrol with new cherian forces in the northeastern part of the country. i think first and foremost in this particular case we owe the families as much information as we can find out about what happened and we owe the american people
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an explanation of what their men and women were doing at this particular time. when i say that i mean men and women in harm's way anywhere in the world they should know what the mission is and what we're trying to accomplish when we're there and sure those are all fair questions in my judgment i mean you know the words were out here today is to take your questions and we're going to is much information as we have the only thing i'm asking for today is a bit of patience to make sure that what we provide to you when we provide it is factual even though a number of u.s. senators have complained that they didn't know about the u.s. mission in the air and complained that the pentagon hasn't been forthcoming in details about that mission general dunford said the mission's been underway since two thousand and thirteen that said mindful of the fact that it's civilian oversight that essentially keeps him in his job he promised to increase the amount of information sharing with members of congress of course that depends on whether they actually attend briefings where he and other military leaders are sharing
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information as well as whether they're listening to members of their own staff who are responsible for monitoring what the u.s. military is doing overseas. three suicide bombers have killed more than a dozen people in the know the nigerian city of my degree it's attacks come after weeks of relative calm. in the nigerian capital abuja. rescue workers picking up bodies and parts of bodies after one of the blast most of the victims are closing their businesses for the day they're tired targeting a crowded area for maximum damage. emergency workers arrived at the scene almost immediately and there was a threat of more bombings as of yesterday read that night up to the top of the studio. devised one of the most hard to decide players because there are more suicide bombers. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack
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but book or army suspected sources say the attackers sneaked into my degree hours before the blast but there are fears the group may have sleeper cells in the city the money area with its market and bus stations was hit several times they say well . it's been seven weeks since the last suicide bombing in my degree the latest attack came after increased military activity in the northeast air raids and ambushes on both quote i'm left several fighters dead but the group was always responded increasingly targeting a city it has repeatedly failed to occupy since it began its campaign ages ago. al jazeera. in south africa the sentencing of white pharmacy force a black man into a coffin has been delayed until friday the suspects threatens a burn victim of alive guilty of attempted murder. in the town of middleburg where the case is being hard. supporters of. the young man who was
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shot into a coffin last year by crime white farmers are planning for friday when the judge made to hand down the sentencing of his mother broke in fortunately it was an aside the family had been through an ordeal example of one closest to me out. of the maximum of think about what they must not be doesn't. think i'm going to. some people in south africa who are appalled by the video that appear on social media and the internet as a result of material on racism for some analysts some level and it's much more complete. i don't think it's primarily about race i think it's primarily about the approach of farmworkers where the from us and the from my mates which has been going on in. the middle to seventeen sell through people most of the white
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farmers in the community came to the court and if they feel that their team are being found guilty. they say that they feel they be under treated this as a white father they are the ones in danger. and that's not. funds that have been. promised to be given. to. the escalating crisis between spanish and catalan authorities hardened opinions on both sides but as events in one time this is just in between catalonia and the region of a worried that secession could make life difficult for them anderson is reports now from san rafael so we'll. thank you easygoing charm of san rafael del rio is under threat one side of the town is in valencia the other in catalonia while there may be hints of
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a political divide those who voted yes to secession are in a minority the catalan flag is looking as jaded as any appetite for conflict with madrid hundreds of farmers living on one side own land on the other jose beltran is one of them he's been enzian his wife estella is catalan there all of grove is in catalonia they both feel secession will be costly and unnecessary. if you. get what benefits really bring how badly really the. pain in there. the subsidies for our lives will they be affected the lives of capitalism valenciennes have always been intertwined and this bridge doesn't just represent the border between two regions for years it's been a symbol of unity. the unity bridge theme is
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being promoted by the mayor who's a member of spain's ruling party even wears a wristband with the branding. my wife is catalonia i've studied and lived there both sides need to make much more of an effort so that the people of this town don't fall out with each other this woman says she will never change her vision of the future. when our independence is an opportunity to transpire in the political system here this is about eliminating something that's rotten. whatever the viewpoint the mood isn't as charged as in barcelona the main worry here and in many parts of the catalan region isn't so much conflict more a fear of economic decline and the practical issues are breaking away from spain andrew simmons al-jazeera san rafael del rio a senior figure in the european central bank has warned the european and british banks don't have much time left to prepare for the u.k.'s exit from the european
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union buttons to you to leave the euro in march twenty one thousand and there's been a lot at the prospect of the country crashing without a deal but in spite minister has told members of parliament she still confident of reaching in the chilly beneficial exit agreement with us. but i believe that by approaching these negotiations in a constructive way in a spirit of friendship and cooperation we can and will deliver the best possible outcome that works for all our people and that belief was shared by other european leaders mr speaker we are going to leave the european union in march two thousand and nine to. delivering on the democratic will of the british people. of course we are preparing for every eventuality to ensure we leave in a smooth and orderly way but i'm confident that we will be able to negotiate a new deep and special partnership between a sovereign united kingdom and our friends in the european union that is my mission
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that is this government's mission and i commend this statement today. doctors say a pair of can join twins born in the gaza strip are in a stable condition but will need treatment abroad girls are joined at the abdomen and pelvis but have separate heads and lungs palestinian hospitals lack the equipment and expertise required to separate the two and doctors are trying to arrange a transfer of the girls to hospitals in the us or saudi arabia. well it may be an oscar contender but the leaven is film of the insult continues to attract as much controversy as it does critical acclaim last month this director was detained and questioned in lebanon over his decision to shoot a previous film in israel the film's been banned from being screened at a prominent palestinian film festival are a force that explains now from ramallah. it's the last night of the palestinian days of cinema festival the biggest name arrives to a big reception palestinian actor. stars in what was to have been the festival's
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closing film the lebanese oscar contender the insult but the auditorium is empty the screen a blank space the showing has been banned by the local government there then. under the occupation we've resisted all bans we've managed to bypass them or we've been to prison to say what we want to say we always do that no more will stop us the insulters said in lebannon charting the escalation of a minor argument between two men of different arab communities into a courtroom battle that fixates a nation and its content isn't the problem the controversy surrounds it's french lebanese director ziad to airy and his decision to shoot his previous film in israel the attack told a story of a palestinian surgeon discovering that his wife has carried out a suicide bombing the b.d.'s movement which campaigns for boycotting divesting from and sanctioning israel says do areas continue defensive israeli shoot means none of his work should feature at a palestinian film festival if a hollywood filmmaker would come to film in tel aviv we would oppose it very
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strongly so imagine a lebanese filmmaker crossing the red lines crossing our picket line and coming to film in tel aviv this certainly in french on b.d.'s guidelines and undermined our nonviolent struggle for palestinian rights online opposition to the film has been mounting in recent days including implicit threats denounced by b.d.s. targeting the festival. municipal government decided to ban the screening on grounds of preventing civil unrest we don't believe that the palestinian audience instance because it has the right to see it in his eyes and the cycle is like the film is going to definitely we disappointed but we want to stand the pressure that was submitted to the law was there and while the insult has already won international awards and high critical. claim its director is feeling the heat last month judge where he was detained in lebanon and questioned about his twenty twelve film the attack just as his latest work the insult was about to open now that film
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to a large extent about the palestinian experience in lebanon has been denied a place here but the most important festival of palestinian film ari force it out ramallah now for a high stakes record attempt in brazil a group of two hundred forty five bungee jump as of leapt from a bridge in the city of horror to lum via in an effort to join the guinness book of world records when the joke was kept secret from local authorities of the very last minute so he could prevent it from happening or up strong enough to hold over three times was use of the jumpers wood into the air in this is not yet confirmed. you find out much more about the stories on our web site head to al jazeera dot com . let's take another quick look at the day's main headlines the u.s. secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to baghdad but still isn't met
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iraq's prime minister and president but he's provoked a potential wish to believe this after calling for rainy and backed militias in iraq to end their operations baghdad this week but the remarks but to listen said any differences could result. i think i have differences can be addressed and the rights of all can be respected and iraq will have a very secure and a prosperous future. we had a an opportunity to show an important event in saudi arabia the creation of a correlation ok we think if an important milestone in restoring relationship between iraq and the go the g.c.c. countries in charlie arabia is going to lead to very important economic development in iraq as well isis been accused of carrying out a massacre in the syrian town about cutting a tame witnesses say the armed group conducted a revenge campaign in the town killing more than one hundred people before its capture by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the
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killings in central holmes took place over a three week period islip used the civilians of collaborating with syrian government forces the troops recaptured the time from eisel on saturday international donors in geneva have pledged two hundred thirty four million dollars to help the wreckage a refugee crisis when is the total amount of money committed to three hundred thirty five million still short of a u.n. target u.n. says the money is needed to provide lifesaving aid to almost six hundred thousand range of refugees who fled violence in the in march for bangladesh as well as more people already living cross the border. inside africa the sentencing of two white farmers who forced a black man into a coffin has been delayed until friday the suspects threaten to burn victim all welsh why our lives were found guilty of attempted murder back in august egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi arrived in france for a three day visit it's already held talks with the french defense minister when
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choosing his due to meet france's president manuel mak all human rights groups have condemned the visit and say back home should not support the egyptian government or sell it weapons activists say torture refreshen unfair trials against civil rights advocates and journalists are common on the c.c.s. rule now next stop looking into a hospital in guinea with risking it all any hope seize it. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera.


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