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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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and decide like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. the feel of the floor in the jets in the field or a life. in the most heavily armed country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been at war for four generations al-jazeera explains the reason those drones are there to assist the innocent civilians they exist in off a draw or even they're not firing is them frightening because any moment they can bomb living beneath the drum but this time of al-jazeera.
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our assessment right now is it is an isis affiliated group the u.s. says is responsible for the deaths of four american servicemen and. matheson this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up killing spree the group carries out a revenge campaign in a syrian town slaughtering more than a hundred civilians plus. we have to continue the fight against the taleban and against others in order for them to understand they will never be the battle will go on the u.s. has to stay the course against the taliban in afghanistan also. greening of the also contend the insult canceled at a palestinian film festival we'll tell you why.
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the u.s. is top general says he believes a group linked to isolate is behind the ambush which killed four soldiers in a news briefing john donne fode the chairman of the china stuff bereaved relatives to be patient as a senate investigation determines how the man died. it is an isis affiliated group and i think what you bring up is what we're dealing with in many places is isis and al qaida. in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with and so our initial assessment is these are local tribal fighters that are associated with isis dunford says the u.s. will maintain its military presence in the despite the deaths and at the same time there's more fallout over donald trump's condolence call to the widow of one of the
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fallen soldiers but he said johnson says she was i'm good at what she says were insensitive words from the u.s. president when he said the president yes the president. he knew what he sounded up for but he hers anyway. it made me cry because i was very angry at the way the tone of his voice and how he said he couldn't remember my husband they only way he remember my husband name because he told me he had my husband reporting for me and that's when he actually thing led dated. her or him. on one channel or me when i heard many. and that was hurting me the most because if my husband is out here fly into our country and he risked his life for our country why can't you remember his name. he is the founder of mabel a consulting firm on security economic and political issues in this hell region
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he's joining us live now from washington d.c. thanks very much for your time why do you think this particular group might have decided to carry out this attack at this point. i don't think it did they had a specific time to choose when to attack but i think when an opportunity comes they will they were on strike and i think it's still unclear if they knew that u.s. forces were present in that area when they conducted the attack or not remains to be seen so the this is they have been conducted previous attacks against nigerian forces and also on the mahdi and. forces on the other side of the border as well as invoking afonso so it's still still we still have to wait and see if i actually knew that the u.s. forces were present there and if they are actually responsible for the answered and
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not the al qaeda affiliated militant group the u.s. says that as a result of this is going to step up its actions in the region what do you think it means by that i think what do you mean by that is to to increase their support to local and regional forces and this is sadly engage in in fights and try to hunt down the militant groups. so i think they were going to maintain their policy to provide just supports or rather than engage in combat and fight in operations do you think that they were likely to see more opportunistic attacks like this one as i saw is pressured in both syria and iraq and in other parts. not just from what i saw affiliated groups of other groups we have seen incidents in the area that
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taken place not only in remote areas but also against soft targets and the capitals in what i do book enough are so bomb a comb ali and will the militant groups will try to find an opportunity to strike maybe in the air so the threats to remain is there and whenever the opportunity is there they will try to undermine the local and regional forces in addition to to western forces like the u.s. and french operating in the region and just very briefly what do you think the risk is to the civilians in the area these targets are not necessarily always going to be focused on military forces are they. you're right and that's why it's very important to go in forward if the u.s. is going to engage further in the area they have to be really careful on how the
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they work with not only local forces but also with local communities to gain door support because we have seen these groups while they are very good at building strong ties with local communities but they are also not afraid to carry exact assassinations against the local individuals and also armed groups who are supporting local and regional and foreign forces in the area and we have seen this many times especially in mali where u.s. and french forces are present good to get your thoughts on this read of the morning thank you very much indeed. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has made an unannounced visit to iraq to hold talks with prime minister that allow body the meeting follows heightened tension between the two countries about the role of the popular mobilization forces in iraq tell us and has called for the iranian backed militias to be sent home
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a body has defended their role there saying they helped to defeat it's been a busy day for tell us in which began with a separate trip to afghanistan i think ohayon has more. despite the fact that he left at the crack of dawn the u.s. secretary of state seemed quite excited from his perch at the front of the c. seventeen a quick and rabbit descent and he landed at begum airfield there to meet the leaders of afghanistan a short visit just about an hour and fifteen minutes and he told the traveling press he was confident in the trump administration's plan for afghanistan over the long term clearly we have to continue the fight against the taliban and against others in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory and there are we believe moderate voices among the taleban voices that do not want to continue to fight forever they don't want their children to fight so we are looking to engage with those voices and have them a gauge in
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a reconciliation process leading to peace process and therefore involvement and participation in the government. but this would not be his only trip to a country grappling with conflict in one day traveling to afghanistan and then in the evening iraq i think all differences can be addressed and the rights of all can be respected and iraq will have a very secure that across the future we have a an opportunity to share in an important event in saudi arabia the creation of a coronation council we think this is an important milestone in restoring relationships between iraq and the gulf the g.c.c. countries and saudi arabia is going to lead to very important the. developments in iraq as well one day more than three thousand kilometers all to send a message to the people here in the region and back home that america is committed to staying in the fight both of them. al-jazeera. details are
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emerging of what's being called a massacre and they said in town of alcalde attain what this is say i so fighters carried out a revenge campaign killing more than one hundred people before the town was seized by government forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings happened during a three week period i suppose accuse the civilians of collaborating with sitting in government forces. the attacked just like animals they came to kill and they killed children and women broke the arms of the women and burned them before killing them they killed more than one hundred innocent people from the families of both civilians and militants while the conflict continues in syria children are dying of hunger in the outskirts of the capital damascus the region's been besieged since two thousand and twelve few aid convoys a reaching people in need doctors warn hundreds of children are on the brink of starvation let me give you a warning about his report contains graphic images. meet
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. a baby has only glimpse of life was in a war torn syria born a month ago in beseech. she suffered a severe case of money attrition admitted to a local clinic doctors trying to save her but it was too late and on sunday. die. yes this is our fifty round of c. each basic health and nutrition services we are facing many cases of what we're understaffed but our biggest problem is that we can't get medicine and nutrition to save the children seven month old hussein is another facing an attrition we understand he has developed many serious health conditions and needs immediate treatment but doctors and charities are struggling to get him the right food and medicines if aid is delayed many like her saying may not live very much longer.
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so that is the how to lead we have serious cases here life threatening you know many children are suffering from malnutrition. panicking parents are rushing to the few hospitals still operating in east and. when they get there they find hospital staff struggling to cope and it's not only the children who are affected most pregnant women in eastern are also under nourished and could face life threatening complications international aid organizations have been asking for free and continued access to mislead areas like is that something the syrian government would jacked saying those areas are not safe and although the u.n. and many countries have accused the government of starving people into submission no steps have been taken to under siege which is whitening the lives of hundreds of
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thousands of people. still ahead and al-jazeera. patients not passports british doctors say new health care rules unfairly target migrants plus. i'm andrew thomas with tourists in the rural chinese village where a teammate changing paying spent his formative years although explaining why this place mats is president has at his policies congress. his grip on power. from the waves in the sand. to the contours of the east. hello that is mostly dry across the southeastern parts of china at the moment there when the feeding down from the north there it's not too hot either we're looking at twenty in shanghai and around twenty seven in hong kong there won't be
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a major change as we head through wednesday even towards the west a bit more in the cloud in the way of cloud to bringing us a fair few showers a chum do some of the shows could be wrong all the heavy now towards the south we've got some very heavy showers in the northern parts of borneo very beefy downpours here this crash may have broken up over the past few hours and i think as we head through the next couple of days going to be in the northern parts of alma where we see the wettest of the weather so stretching from the philippines across into parts of vietnam and into thailand i think that's where the wettest of the weather will be a bit further towards the south there will also be some showers here but in between the showers this should be long spells of sunshine across towards india and in the south where we're seeing most of the wet weather currently a few hours here those are in the east and i think we'll see a fair few more of them as we head through the day on tuesday so it's least in parts and say the southern parts where we see those shouts particularly during the day and then on wednesday they push a little bit further towards the north of course further north and this time of
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year it's fine enjoy in new delhi getting to around thirty two degrees here in doha where up at thirty five there with sponsored by qatar. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts. cabana dot. the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how is negotiations with him helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. military believes an isolated group was behind an ambush that killed four american soldiers and this month earlier the widow of one of the sergeants who died criticized president donald trump for being insensitive joining a condolence phone call. the u.s. secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to iraq after a quick stop in afghanistan makes tellus and met iraq's prime minister and president but he has provoked a potential rift with the leaders after calling for an iranian backed militias in iraq to end their operations. details are emerging of what's being called a massacre in the syrian town of al qaida ten witnesses say eisel fighters killed more than one hundred people before government forces seized the town on saturday as accuse the civilians of collaborating with syrian forces. china's president xi
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jinping will be confirmed in his position for another five years at the communist party congress in beijing this week she is at the center of the party's image the story of his rise to power has been carefully crafted highlighting his early years living with poor farmers in a rural village tourists flock to her to learn more about their leader our correspondent andrew thomas has been there too when she's paying lived in liang jaya her in the early one nine hundred seventy s. it was a rural village where people lived in caves and in poverty now people riding on electric shuttle buses most villagers have left their home turned into an open air tribute museum honoring the man who's now president. guy eat some very young tell a sanitized version of the she story what he learned here what he did here and how loved he was visitors see the bed in which the flea infested she is said to have
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slept they hear how he built dams and dock wells most groups are brought here by communist party workers and photographed in front of she's wise words. cheating thing was born the son of a senior communist party member in beijing but in one thousand nine hundred nine his father fell out of favor the family was banished by chairman mao during the cultural revolution at fifteen she was sent to remotely angle her he spent seven years farming in fertile land living and working alongside some of the poorest people in china they were his formative years she became a leader of the local branch of the communist party he'd go on to more senior roles all over china until becoming president five years ago she never forgot her returning for a visit two years ago the village has become an important part of who he is the president with the common touch here i'm happy and excited this is where uncle she
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started his long march all his hard work began to hear the official she story one of hard work honesty innovation and empathy means the president sounds authentic when he demands those qualities of party members and of the chinese at large this is essential thing park extension of the shooting paying bryant what these people have come to see for themselves is the setting for a story that hundreds of millions of chinese people are reading about daily in state media and learning about in schools at the entrance to the enjoy her workers are expanding the car park and building a grant to whole two and a half thousand people already visit every day but a lot more expected for many years to come after thomas al-jazeera liang jaya her central china. the sentencing of two white farmers in south africa who forced
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a black man into a cough and has been delayed until friday the suspects threaten to burn victim life they were found guilty of attempted murder in august i want to have reports from the ton of middleburg where the case is being hard. for friday when the judge made to hand. his mother in for. much more. i don't think. i think it's primarily.
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farmworkers where the family and the money which is in. the middle of the seventeenth century. has a wife. and. stern is immigration department says more than six hundred asylum seekers and refugees are refusing to leave them on a silent prison in papa new guinea access to drinking water food medical treatment and city will be cut when the calm closes next tuesday refugees will be forced to
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move to accommodation centers in the main city of long last year in papua new guinea ruled that holding people in the council was unconstitutional. the u.k. is making it mandatory for doctors to check patients immigration status before offering them free health care the new rules mean some migrants and visitors will be charged up front for treatment the government says it's to recover vital funds but critics say it may prevent vulnerable people getting treatment they want to be phillips reports. they say they trade to cure diseases check immigration documents retailer is a doctor who thinks the new rules requiring workers to make sure patients are eligible for free care are workable even if. she's based in a part of london with high immigration although most europeans and people needing
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emergency care or with infectious diseases don't have to pay she worries the new rules may prevent the sick from coming forward. then they become worse and then they'll be. treatment which. will be much more than the charges would have initially been. in theory the n.h.s. has already been charging non eligible foreigners the difference now it's asking for money up front but how does that work in practice this indian woman told me she's been repeatedly asked for identification documents in n.h.s. hospitals in recent months it's actually not about immigration status it's just about. and that has a serious impact on. whether or not i decide to go in for treatment sometimes so you're being racially profiled yeah definitely.
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but there are people. on the british. as it's. with a growing aging population and the government is. not paying their fair share the government did not grant us an interview but provided this statement it says that overseas visitors are welcome to use the n.h.s. which is paid for by british taxpayers and the visitors must also make a fair contribution if we decide to spend the money on providing a national health service there's actually an international health service for the whole world then that's going to mean this isn't going to have less to do with cancer to deal with long term conditions to deal with so there's always going to be a cost. but how much money will the new regulations raids the protesters and even
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the government projections say they'll be worth a very small percentage of the overall and it just might it be phillips al-jazeera . military police in brazil have shot and killed a spanish tourist in the rio de janeiro police opened fire on the woman's car when it drove past a checkpoint. was taken to a hospital but died from her injuries. tourists that were visiting rio de janeiro were shot and killed by a bullet this is unacceptable you're going to work to identify and jail the person who did this cowardly act against a spanish tourist a saudi court has cleared a construction company over the crane collapse that killed at least one hundred ten people in mecca in two thousand and fifteen it rolled the bin laden group and didn't need to come up compensate the victims or pay for damages to the grand mosque as the disaster was not caused by human tragedy happened as the city was preparing for the hives pilgrimage the farm is run by the family of the late al
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qaeda leader osama bin laden. human rights groups are denouncing an official visit to france by egypt's president they say friends who not support are the father of sisi politically or sell weapons to egypt activists say torture repression and unfair trials against civil rights advocates and journalists are common david schaper reports from paris the french president emmanuel macro has championed the value of the democratic freedoms at the heart of the european union but on the eve of a state visit by the egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi human rights activists in paris urged him to end what they called france's disgraceful policies of indulgence towards his repressive government. we have shown in our latest report that torture is done on a massive scale is systematic mostly by the national security agency and it could be considered a crime against humanity. listening in the audience the daughter of an al jazeera
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journalist arrested in egypt last december mahmoud a sane has now spent months in solitary confinement made out he was confused he was so depressed he was he was keeping from getting stuff because he spent his spend days and nights without anything anyone being allowed to get out of the very very tiny prison cell people have high hopes when countries actually champion liberal values but then when he decided to ignore them for political expediency it's extremely frustrating egypt is the number one customer for france's military industrial complex spending more than six billion dollars over the last two years including the purchase of twenty four raffle jet fighters. smaller man who is facing two situations his success will depend on how ill balanced those two situations are on the one hand and searing the cold from n.g.o.s and the arab
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street and on the other end satisfying the french business sector was easy the former president francois long did little more than express concern about the crackdown in egypt largely ignoring serious abuses this time the elysees say the talks will focus on regional security and willing clude the human rights situation but just how far up the agenda will they be david chaytor al jazeera paris a lebanese film and strong contention for the oscars is attracting attention but some say it's for the wrong reasons last month the director of the insult was detained and questioned in lebanon because he shot a previous film in israel that issue has led to his latest work being banned in the palestinian festival how do you foresee reports from ramallah. it's the last night of the palestinian days of cinema festival the biggest name arrives to a big reception palestinian actor. stars in what was to have been the festival's
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closing film the lebanese oscar contender the insult but the auditorium is empty the screen a blank space the showing has been banned by the local government then. under the occupation we've resisted all bans we've managed to bypass them or we've been to prison to say what we want to say we always do that there was stop us the insulters said in lebannon charting the escalation of a minor argument between two men of different arab communities into a courtroom battle that fixates a nation and its content isn't the problem the controversy surrounds it's french lebanese director ziad to airy and his decision to shoot his previous film in israel the attack told a story of a palestinian surgeon discovering that his wife has carried out a suicide bombing the b.d.s. movement which campaigns for boycotting divesting from and sanctioning israel says do aries continue defense of his israeli shoot means none of his work should feature at a palestinian film festival if a hollywood filmmaker would come to film in tel aviv we would oppose it very
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strongly so imagine a lebanese filmmaker crossing red lines crossing our picket line and coming to film in tel aviv this certainly in french on p.b.s. guidelines and undermines our nonviolent struggle for palestinian rights online opposition to the film has been mounting in recent days including implicit threats denounced by b.d.s. targeting the festival. municipal government decided to ban the screening on grounds of preventing civil unrest we don't believe the film still feels good citizen has the right to see it in his eyes and the side of his life the film is going to definitely we disappointed that we want to stand the fiction that the instability the love was there and while the insult has already won international awards and high critical acclaim. its director is feeling the heat last month he was detained in lebanon and questioned about his twenty twelve film the attack just as his latest work the insult was about to open now that film to
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a large extent about the palestinian experience in lebanon has been denied a place here at the most important festival of palestinian film. ramallah. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. military believes in islington group was behind an ambush that killed four american soldiers in this months earlier the widow of one of the sergeants who died criticized president donald trump for being insensitive joining a condolence phone call it is an isis affiliated group and i think what you're bringing up is what we're dealing with in many places is isis and al qaeda. in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with and so our initial assessment is these or local tribal fighters that are associated with isis the u.s.
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secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to iraq after a quick stop in afghanistan rex tillerson met the rocks prime minister and president but he's provoked a potential rift with the leaders after calling for iranian backed militias in iraq to end their operations details that are emerging of what's being called massacre in the syrian town of attain witnesses say i saw the fighters killed more than one hundred people before government forces seized the town and saturday accused the civilians of collaborating with syrian forces the sentencing of two white farmers in south africa who forced a black man into a coffin has been delayed until friday i suspect threatened to burn victim lots while alive they were found guilty of attempted murder in august. aside a court has cleared a construction company over a crane collapse that killed at least one hundred ten people in mecca in two hundred fifteen it ruled the bin laden group didn't need to compensate the victims
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or pay for damages to the grand mosque as the disaster wasn't caused by human error the firm is run by the family of the late al qaida leader osama bin laden human rights groups are denouncing an official visit to france by the egypt's president they say funds should not support the president of the politically or sell weapons to egypt activists say torture repression and unfair trials are common those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story of. a political gamble that paid off coalition. and the prime minister is not eyeing a revision of the kind.


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