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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 7:00am-7:33am AST

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each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series algiers erode those into tunisia's rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. micronesia coming soon on a jazzier. it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a province of myself. with rai left the smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera. our assessment right now as it is an isis affiliated group the u.s.
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says ourselves responsible for the deaths of four american servicemen and there's a. fellow on down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we have to continue the fight against the taliban and against others in order for them to understand they will never the battle will go on the u.s. vows to stay the course against the taliban in afghanistan. fighters carry out a revenge campaign in a syrian town killing more than one hundred civilians. last china's president prepares to address congress for the final vote on ascribing his name forever into the constitution. the u.s. is top general says he believes a group linked to icily is behind the ambush that killed four soldiers in this air
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he won that i still was trying to establish a physical presence there as it loses ground in iraq and syria meanwhile the widow of one of the fallen soldiers has made a television appearance where she accused president trump of being insensitive in a condolence call gabler's on the reports. the united states' top military officer said the families of soldiers killed in the share deserve answers for american and for nigerian soldiers were killed during a brazen ambush on what was supposed to be a routine reconnaissance patrol few details are known but dunford said all signs are pointing to one group as it is an isis affiliated group and i think what you bring up is what we're dealing with in many places is isis and al qaida isis in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with and so our initial assessment is these are local tribal fighters that are associated with isis
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the incident took place in a remote area new shares border with mali the region that also includes neighboring countries of chad mauritania and burkina faso is facing an ongoing challenge against armed groups to help with the fight the u.s. has around a thousand troops in the up from one hundred in two thousand thirteen they share intelligence and help train local forces the incident in the jerry has caused political ramifications as well the widow of sergeant led david johnson said president donald trump was insensitive when he called to offer condolences to president. gore but it hurts anyway. and now as it made me cry because i was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he thought he could remember my husband something the president disputes i
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had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant like david johnson and spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation from tweeted the pentagon has also come under increased criticism from prominent lawmakers over the death of the u.s. soldiers and overall transparency of u.s. operations in africa this is an endless war without band ballenger is no limitation on time and geography you got to tell us more the u.s. has about six thousand soldiers stationed across africa the killing of the troops in niger has prompted the pentagon to begin a review of how it conducts its missions across the entire continent gave rosendo does it your. the riedel emery's a consultant on security and political issues in the sale he says the us needs better links with local communities to help protect themselves. that's why it's
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very important to go and forward the u.s. are going to engage further in the area they have to be really careful on how the they work with not only local forces but also with local communities to gain their support because we have seen these groups while they are very good at building strong ties with local communities but they are also not afraid to carry exact associations against the local individuals and also armed groups who are supporting local and regional and foreign forces in the area and we have seen this many times especially in mali where u.s. and french forces are present now the last day of the chinese communist party congress is now underway in beijing shipping is expected to be confirmed as china's president for another five years members chosen to the body that approves all party decisions will also be unveiled at the end of the summit thomas joins us live now
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from chatham and square in beijing andrew just bring us up to date then with what's been happening inside the congress hall. well just in the last hour the two big developments of the compress neither unexpected but nonetheless they have happened first of all the central committee the four hundred members of the communist party who rule the country that from their number twenty five minute chosen all men and women are chosen to become members of the politburo won't know who they are until wednesday with the four hundred members they have been elected in the last hour appointed really and as expected the vast overwhelming majority of them are therm she supporters he has really used this congress the stampede of authority on the party in the grand hold the people behind me on of course on the government and on the country at large the other very significant thing again expected because it was trailed in the state media here that has now been passed by the members of the central committee in the whole behind me president she's thought
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will be enshrined in the constitution now that might sound a bit opaque a bit strange is phrased she's thought that it's very significant only chairman mao had his thought named in the constitution at the moment this country paying and other presidents who have been named in the constitution they've only had theories mentioned thought is seen as a much higher mr much higher level to have achieved in history do you think of achieved it while president and while alive is totally unprecedented matter how until after his death to get his name of confusion we now know we have it confirmed that using things name will be in the communist party's constitution that's very very important his oath or see here is absolute and andrew are we getting a sense then of what president she's brought a vision is for the country. well it is very broad he calls it socialism with chinese characteristics for
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a new era now the first boss of that we've heard many such as over a new era that implies there's been an old era in the past and we're now beginning the new era the she thing era what is that era well in economic terms he wants this to be a moderately prosperous country in his words by twenty twenty that means the complete abolition of absolute poverty already in the last five years sixteen million people living right out of policy that's one person every two and a half seconds hillary to up that high slightly so achieve his eye by twenty twenty and then by twenty fifty she didn't thing once they said to my mom country i developed country in other words in his long speech here in this congress three hours he told or he also talked more about a more assertive role in international effect he wants to be in his words in the driving seat when it comes to climate change he talked about free trade being very important and he talked about lending more assistance other countries a much more proactive chinese president than we've had for many decades and then of course there is whether this country will upon up in any way whether the chinese
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communist party will maintain its absolute grip on power whether the libya free media here whether n.g.o.s and people rights groups will ever get to upright the short answer to that is no time soon in his speech president xi that he would resist erroneous viewpoints in other words and he would view points that were not taught to the communist party i've seen a little glimpse of how controlled everything is here at this congress the majority of the time the discussions take place but only behind closed doors the media is only let in for a few minutes at a time and that looks likely to continue the communist party is an absolute control . and president xi jinping is in absolute control of it all right andrew thomas there in beijing andrew thank you. now you know such a state rex tillerson has been holding high level talks across the middle east he was in iraq on monday and met prime minister hideout a body that follows tension between the two countries about iranian backed militias in iraq to listen once they pop in a member nation forces to be sent home but how about of defending their own
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innocent old i made a brief stop in afghanistan to discuss the fight against the taliban we have to continue the fight against the taliban and against others in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory and there are we believe moderate voices among the taleban voices and they don't want to continue to fight forever they don't want their children to fight forever so we are looking to engage with those voices and have them engage in a reconciliation process leading to peace process and therefore involvement in participation in the government well tell us in his next stop is pakistan where the taliban is expected to dominate talks with the prime minister that attash going to name has more now on the complicated relationship between the two allies pakistan has been basking in rare international praise after it rescued a canadian american family earlier this month this is proof enough to me that.
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the. pakistanis are doing everything their utmost. is there. the family spent five years as hostages of the taliban linked network the united states gave pakistan and ultimatum if they didn't act on urgent intelligence it would send in their own troops to bring the hostages home the pakistani government's cooperation is a sign that it is america's wish that to do more to provide security in the region. the u.s. and pakistan are longtime allies but their relationship has been strained the u.s. says pakistan is creating safe havens for the taliban which is in the midst of a renewed campaign in afghanistan and pakistan denies that and says when the u.s. has provided intelligence it's acted u.s. and pakistan they have agreed to that it made engage in the future
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for the typical operation and lead to understanding each of this concerns. us secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first official visit to south asia he'll have talks with pakistani prime minister shahid khan abbassi who was elected in august then on to india where he'll meet with prime minister narendra modi. the truck administration hopes to expand its ties with india seeing it as a stabilizing force in a volatile region president trump and prime minister modi are committed more than any other leaders before them to building an ambitious partnership benefits not only our two great democracies but other sovereign nations working toward greater peace and stability a deepening of american and indian ties is a sensitive topic for pakistan india and pakistan are locked in
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a decades long stalemate over the disputed region of kashmir the u.s. is stressing both countries are crucial partners but u.s. president donald trump is seizing the momentum of recent cooperation by urging pakistan to help release other hostages and join in future counterterrorism operations natasha going to name al-jazeera. lots of also to come here not just there including. the. patients not passports put a stop to say new health care rules on sunday target markets plus tension between catalonia and spain central government puts a border town in the heart or not stay with us. by the springtime families of a mountain lead. to the sun snowfall on
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a winter's day. and i know that there's rain on its way towards the middle east it's not with us just yet at the moment on the charts we're just seeing a little bit of cloud drifting around the northern parts of om up but now we're seeing a little bit more just work its way into the northwest and that's what's going to give us some pretty heavy rain over the next few days on cheese day that rain will already be over the western part of turkey strong winds associated with that as well and that gradually is edging its way eastwards as we head through wednesday where we see some very heavy downpours some blustery weather as well but ahead of it drawing for now beirut that twenty six degrees and force in teheran will be at around twenty five now here in doha the temperature is on our side thirty five degrees will be our maximum on choose day and then if we head through into wednesday it'll be around thirty three or thirty four degrees at night we're dropping down to around twenty five but the south othella thirty nine degrees will be our maximum but here there will be more crowded around and there's a chance of seeing the thunderstorm with well particularly in a tone during the day down towards the some parts of africa the weather is quite
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quiet for many of us at the moment but they're all want to show is around particularly around parts of tanzania. these a live pictures now coming from the communist party congress the final day of the congress in beijing president xi jinping is getting his address listening to what he's saying. all of the arrangements and outcomes of this conference will definitely. my important role of a. decisive victory over mordor a stable prosperous society. and the. for the. chinese dream of the chinese the national rejuvenation.
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i mean. as representatives of these parties congress. we are holding the chorus mission and a strong response but i guess we should always remain true to our own regional aspiration and to how tight. that we are holding one and carefully they got nice. and the rose and. trying to implement this tradition. guideline. of building this modern society to fully implement the and uphold
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the party constitution. and be in the party central committee. and to have close relationship between party members and the general public and to reflect the voices of the party members and the people and corrected it correctly exercise their right and accept the supervision by the party and the people and to always take a. good example a role. cautiously implement the overall they moaned of the party beauty. to have a self their capacity. and i think raise. the. socialism of chinese characters new era and bring forward your own effort and for the party
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building and to be a good example for all the party members or not. we will live up to all of the expectations of the. people during this conference. different. democratic parties and peoples of the friend so. societies have a congregation so the party and the general public has also expressed a congregation congratulations to the court for not a new different way in various ways a lot over the. place and different peoples of different countries have sent their . correspondents. in the us so a lot of pictures coming here from beijing now the final day of china's communist party will rest approvals there for president cheney who's giving his closing
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address he's expected to be confirmed as china's president for the next five years . well catalans defense ministry has officially opened an office in washington d.c. the move comes at a tense time with cattle neighbors which cut ties with the gulf state in june governments hoping to up its game in washington to counter the influence of other countries in the region wasn't jordan was there. covering officials say that the opening of their new defense attache office here in washington is a sign of their country's deepening military commitment with the united states members of the pentagon the academic community and the defense industry joint diplomats and military leaders at the official opening on monday the purpose of the facility is provide more space and opportunity for us. to discuss military strategy not just in the middle east but to work on policy and economic concerns as well this is the press attache for the qatari military. latest signed.
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between the united states. and qatar for the f. fifteen q a and the apache helicopters the already in use javelin shoulder fired missiles and the hopefully. soon to be received patriot missile system which has already been signed for and supporting systems that is investing in here in the united states for its industry is quite vital for our military growth and for the industry here in the u.s. now it's not as if the u.s. haven't had a long standing military relationship the u.s. is largest military presence in the middle east is that arab. but it does come at a critical moment the u.s. has been caught in the middle of qatar's dispute with some of its neighbors in the g.c.c. and with egypt sometimes saying that perhaps qatar should be the subject of
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a blockade but as we're seeing right now with the u.s. secretary of state. there's also an effort to try to mediate the dispute if not to end it right this opening shows that no matter what happens between qatar and its neighbors it's still counting on washington for a critical national security relationship now the u.s. is considering sanctions against me in moffats treatment. muslims the state department says washington may use a human rights law to target leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state and six hundred thousand ranger have fled to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown. he denies accusations of ethnic cleansing. the leader of the spanish region of catalonia has been asked to appear at the national parliament for talks on thursday central government's moving to strip the region's autonomy following the session referendum early this month a town on catalonia is border with the rest of spain is watching events nervously
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under simmons reports from some that i failed. thanks easygoing charm of san rafael del rio is under threat one side of the town is in valencia the other in catalonia while there may be hints of a political divide those who voted yes to secession are in a minority the catalan flag is looking as jaded as any appetite for conflict with madrid hundreds of farmers living on one side own land on the other jose beltran is one of them he's been enzian his wife his stellar is cattle and their olive groves in catalonia they both feel secession will be costly and necessary. what benefits really bring how badly really the. pain in there. the subsidies for our lives will day be affected. the lives of capitalism valenciennes have always
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been intertwined and this bridge doesn't just represent the border between two regions for years it's been a symbol of unity. the unity bridge theme is being promoted by the mayor who's a member of spain's ruling party even wears a wristband with the branding. just like us alone when i write about i know my wife is cattle and i've studied and lived there both sides need to make much more of an effort so the people of this town don't fall out with each other this woman says she'll never change her vision of the future you'll never sang the independence is an opportunity to transplant the political system here this is about eliminating something that's rotten. whatever the viewpoint the mood isn't as charged as in barcelona the main worry here and in many parts of the catalan region isn't so much conflict a fear of economic decline and the practical issues breaking away from. andrew
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simmons al-jazeera san rafael del rio the u.k.'s making a compulsory for doctors to check patients immigration status before offering them free health care the new rules mean some migrants and visitors will be charged up front for treatment the government says it's to recover vital funds but critics say it may prevent vulnerable people from getting the treatment they need is one of the phillips. they say they trade to cure diseases check immigration documents retailer is a doctor who thinks the new rules requiring every chest workers to make sure patients are eligible for free care are other workable even if. she's based in a part of london with high immigration although most europeans and people needing emergency care or with infectious diseases don't have to pay she worries the new rules may prevent the sick from coming forward. then their conditions
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become worse and then they'll be and. necessary treatment which is the n.h.s. and the charges will be much more than the charges will have initially then and. can. in theory the n.h.s. has already been charging non eligible foreigners the difference now it's asking for money up front but how does that work in practice this indian woman told me she's been repeatedly asked for identification documents in n.h.s. hospitals in recent months it's actually not. immigration status it's just that. and that has a serious impact on. whether or not i decide to go in for treatment some time. so you say you're being racially profiled yeah definitely. but the. pressure on the british.
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as it struggles to cope with a growing. population. is. something. that the government did not grant us an interview but provided this statement it says that overseas visitors are welcome to use the n.h.s. which is paid for by british taxpayers and visitors must also make a fair contribution if we decide to spend the money on providing a national health service there's actually an international health service for the whole world and that's going to mean this isn't going to have less to do with cancer to deal with long term conditions to deal with so there's always going to be a cost. but how much money will the new regulations the protesters and even the government projections say they'll be worth a very small percentage of the overall and it just might it be phillips al-jazeera
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. the philippine government has announced an end to its five month battle against isolate fighters in the group laid siege to the southern city in may and took civilians hostage the defense secretary now says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with troops. in the one building. there was a firefight a fight so they were finished no more on the. well despite the defeat of fighters and other groups continued to threaten philippine security reports. we traveled to mugging down a province in the southern philippines to meet one of its most controversial fighters. why didn't doc is the commander of the elite unit of the more islamic liberation front it is the biggest armed group in southeast asia that is
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negotiating with the philippine government for greater autonomy for the more people in the south. this is legalized and marsh a place which has suffered violent conflict for decades. and dog and these men are taking us to a new territory they recently took over from pro isis and. we don't want what happened to happen here. but it takes more than just the m.i.l.f. i see here we need cooperation from the military and even local government officials. that are always a city in mindanao that has recently been recaptured by the philippine military from a nice ill inspired group called the mounted months of incessant fighting has left morale in ruins and hundreds of thousands of its people displaced. the m.i.l.f. says i saw brings with it and idiology they called fitna a radical set of beliefs they say that pits muslims against each other this is
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created divisions not just among fighters here but also family members some of these men admit they have fought against their own relatives fighters of the more islamic liberation front had to swim through the lays in order to get to these trenches this area was the last stronghold of a pro i saw a group it was a close quarter combat that lasted for seven hours. these pro eisel fighters belong to the band some are islamic movement a group that broke away from the m.i.l.f. when peace negotiations broke down in two thousand and eight all this radical elements radical group. there is a failure in the peace process and then radical elements from. trying to exploit the. why did the admits
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himself almost broke away from the m.i.l.f. out of frustration he has been the fighting for over thirty years he says and has seen too many negotiations fail. and it is most painful he says when he has to fight his own. jim duggan al jazeera magadan a province southern philippines now for a high stakes world record attempt in brazil two hundred forty five bungee jump us leapt from a bridge together in the city of hall to london. they kept the stunned secret until the last minutes and city workers couldn't stop it. guinness world record stillings to confirm that the attempt breaks the previous record and forty nine just.
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recap of the top stories here this hour the u.s. military believes an isolating to group was behind an ambush in israel that killed four american soldiers and four others and this month meanwhile the widow of one of the sergeants who died criticized president donald trump to being insensitive gentle condolence phone calls. it is an isis group and i think what you bring up is what we're dealing with in many places. in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with and so our initial assessment is these your local tribal fighters that are associated with isis the u.s. secretary of state has made an unannounced visit to iraq after a quick stop in afghanistan rex tillerson met iraq's prime minister and president but he's bought a rift after calling for iranian backed militias in iraq to end their operations the political philosophy of china's president xi jinping will be written into the
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constitution the addition was approved on the final day of the communist party's congress in the capital beijing she is expected to be confirmed as leader for another five years. the u.s. is considering sanctions against me in ma for its treatment of range of muslims the state department says washington may use a human rights lawyer to target leaders all groups involved in the violence in northern rakhine state more than six hundred thousand are injured have fled to bangladesh a military crackdown in mazar me denies accusations of ethnic cleansing. i suppose being accused of a revenge attack in a syrian town witnesses say fighters killed more than one hundred people before government troops took over ton on saturday and accuse the civilians of collaborating with syrian forces the syrian observatory for human rights says the killings took place over a three week period the suspects in the killing of north korea's half brother had been brought back to the scene of his death for
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a reenactment the two women are accused of smearing a nerve agent on kim jong nam at columbine airport on friday they say they were tricked into taking part the pair could face the death penalty. well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street station that's a watching live from. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. i.


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