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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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the prism of six extraordinary individual. one one what's the address of the workload it might. not like you are right. and you are changing color as america struggles to contain its worst ever drunk crisis four lines looks at the devastating impact it's having on the children from the left to pick up the pace of. heroines children of this time on al-jazeera.
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seeking new solutions to a crisis european leaders meet in italy to discuss the flow of migrants across the mediterranean. hello and welcome my name's peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up kurdish peshmerga forces say this stopping iraqi troops along more disputed territory. china enshrines president xi jinping as political philosophy and to the constitution. our assessment right now is it isn't crisis affiliated groups the u.s. says eisel this responsible for the deaths of four american serviceman and four soldiers from the jack. the european refugee crisis is on the agenda of a conference in italy the country has been the first port of call for thousands of
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migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa the two day meeting is being held by the organization for security and cooperation in europe according to the u.n. h.c.r. more than one hundred forty seven thousand people have crossed the mediterranean to reach europe so far this year the majority are from nigeria syria and guinea more than double that number more than three hundred sixty two thousand made the same journey in twenty sixteen but twenty fifteen was the peak of the crisis when more than a million people cross the mediterranean the u.n.h.c.r. believes more than eleven and a half thousand people died trying the crossing but of delphi me joins us live now from paloma where that conference is taking place what are they trying to achieve today. trying to find. out. for example that.
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agreement with. was one of the main reasons behind his. number. throughout two thousand and seven. the bad weather. would have anyway a minimal number of people. but. very. a bigger challenge. to three months. thousands of people arriving. if.
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you don't have anything. any boat. to. well either.
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we heard. many thanks. to them mentioning libya. for a second refugees and migrants taking advantage of instability in libya to attempt . to europe. from the capital tripoli. twenty year old testimony is waiting for voluntary deportation to head home. she's among three hundred living young judean women in this detention center in
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tripoli. they were arrested on a dangerous journey in the desert when the in the coastal city of. the paid people smugglers to reach italy but failed. because they lost. the nose. for me. around one hundred migrants from african and arab countries were recently risk by security forces and brought here they say people smugglers abused them and extorted money. have been detained here for more than a month they don't hunger strike demanding them broken government issues travel documents so they can return home. they put us into birds in the
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ocean for around two hours we were humiliated and the birds were so bad the water leaked inside we tried to get the water out so that it wouldn't capsize had it not been for god's mercy we would have died the international organization for migration takes care of migrants deportation with their consent but it takes a long time in many cases. we have african nationals from cote d'ivoire in sierra leone who have no embassies here in tripoli that's why their nationals have to stay here for a long period before they're voluntarily deported back to their home countries with the italian navy patrolling. the waters the number of migrants in the mediterranean decreased dramatically during the last few months but with the defeat of the groups illegal migration in the western coastal city of. the number of illegal migrants has recently increased again. detainee and government agreed to
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a request from the head of libya's un backed government of national accord to train and equip libya's coast guard. but with libya divided and in case it is expected to remain the most popular transit route for migrants to reach europe from north africa. to police. the u.s. is considering sanctions against me and for its treatment of the range of muslims the us state department says it may use a human rights law to target leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state more than six hundred thousand were injured have fled to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown on mass army denies accusations of ethnic cleansing the u.n. is under pressure to do more to ease the growing humanitarian crisis for the ranger in the camps in bangladesh aid agencies say the u.n.
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needs to get local groups involved to improve efficiency and cut costs the u.n. has raised more than three hundred million dollars out of the four hundred thirty four million it wants to raise for the relief effort. has more from cox's bazaar near the border with me and mark. looking for food every day by the nearly i've got a refugee is a major challenge they have to go out looking for really a distribution point in various camps and get dry food lentils rice and others are also places where international aid agencies set up a cooking kitchen this particular one set up by turkish cooperation and coordination agency which is known as has been providing for a month now in this particular kitchen between seven to ten thousand women and children hot meals like. rice lentils and potatoes on the like action for how god. created us international set up camps in various after the areas to provide hot meals this really helping out nearly close to three hundred forty thousand children
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among the new raf it is but food is a major challenge for nearly every refugee is buying those government international agencies are doing their best to provide their basic needs at current times the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the constitution cementing his status as one of the most powerful leaders in decades and i asked what was made on the final day of the communist party conference she thought follows in the footsteps of the former leader is said to him than done shopping she's described his concept to central to making china a quote great socialist country like twenty fifty. the chinese people in the chinese nation embrace brilliant prospects and a bright future living in such a great era we are all the more confident and proud and also feel the heavy weight of responsibility upon us we must have the courage and resolve to build on the
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historic achievements made by the chinese people under the leadership of the chinese communists generation after generation and create new accomplishments befitting of this great stride forward to an ever promising future and are thomas now with more from beijing. after their weeklong congress these are the members of the communist party pouring out of the great hall of the people behind me and getting on to buses and to go back and spread the message over china what is that message that's come out of this congress well first and foremost that president xi is an absolute control of his party not only is his name going to be in shrine into the communist party's constitution that was confirmed on tuesday his thoughts will be part of the constitution he's also standards authority on the personnel in the party there was a seventy percent turnover in the membership of the central committee of the communist party of four hundred members of that the overwhelming majority of the
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new appointees officially elected but appointees they are supporters on wednesday will find out the membership of the important politburo and the seven member standing committee that politburo again we can expect to see she supporters dominate. the next five years will be absolutely he is new era as he calls it. now there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline in the north the town of bor is close to iraq's borders with syria and turkey commanders say they stopped government troops advancing towards the south of the town stuff deca has more now from erbil. this is a. significant area it is along the border with syria the fighting took place around america of mahmoudiya it is tense this is an area around forty kilometers south of the fish border crossing the border crossing with iraq and syria lies of
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a strategic location because it's very close to also turkey so you have turkey iraq and syria another important element to that area is the oil pipelines that run through there particularly the akercocke sand pipeline that runs to turkey so this is something i think is significant to watch right now what you have is the kurds wanting to saying that they agreed on a deal to go back to positions they held before two thousand and fourteen that is of course when the fight against isis started what's interesting is that the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said the same thing just two days ago that this was all about taking positions that were held by both sides just before the fight against isis started with the iraqis seem to want is to return to territory held all the way back to nineteen ninety one when the blue line was imposed this is a no fly zone having to do with the gulf war preventing the kurds from being attacked by saddam hussein it is complicated but it's all about who controls what territory and now that all forces have sort of stopped fighting isis that quantum
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common enemy is gone they're now starting to turn their guns on each other and of course trying to get crucial and significant territory america's most senior general says he believes a group linked to was behind the ambush that killed eight soldiers in new jab he warned that i still is trying to establish a presence that as it loses ground in iraq and syria meanwhile the widow of one of the four american soldiers who died in the attack has made a t.v. appearance she accused president donald trump of being insensitive during a come dolan's phone call. as the story. the united states' top military officer said the families of soldiers killed in a chair deserve answers four american soldiers and four from nizkor were killed during a brazen ambush while on what was supposed to be a routine reconnaissance patrol few details are known a done forward said all sides are pointing to one group that is an isis affiliated group and i think what you bring up is what we're dealing with in many places is
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isis and al qaeda isis in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with the incident took place in a remote area of new jersey border with mali the region which also includes the neighboring countries of chad mauritania and booking a faso is facing an ongoing challenge against armed groups to help with this fight the u.s. has about one thousand troops uneasy there up from one hundred in two thousand and thirteen they mostly share intelligence and help trained local forces the incident in asia has caused political ramifications as well the widow of sergeant johnson's that president from was insensitive when he called to offer condolences to president. he found for body hers anyway. and now was it made me cry because i was very angry at the tone of his voice and
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how he said he couldn't remember my herd's when a something the president disputes he wrote i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant david johnson and spoke his name from beginning without hesitation now the pentagon has come under increased criticism from prominent lawmakers over the deaths of the u.s. soldiers and overall transparency of u.s. operations in asia where this is an endless war without band boundaries no limitations on the geography you got to tell us more currently the u.s. has about six thousand troops in africa the killings of soldiers and has prompted the pentagon to begin a full review of how the military conducts his joint missions in the continent. on al-jazeera. lots more still to come here on al-jazeera a failing grade from the u.n. as it assesses the state of education around the world plus. tension between absolute you know spain central government splits a border town in half. hello
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there it's rather gray and damp for many of us in japan at the moment this area of cloud is over the top of us giving us some rain but not a great deal of heavy stuff yet things are becoming more intense there when the system is popping up so we're likely to see some heavier downpours during the day on wednesday on wednesday there's also likely to be a fair amount of cloud out in the western parts well as well so we'll see that working its way over beijing may bring the old spots of rain as it gradually drift what used to it on wednesday and into thursday thursday there will be a brighter day in japan with tokyo seeing a maximum temperature of nineteen in the sunshine down towards the southeast and there's more in the way of sunshine here all along this coast of southeastern china there's a fine dry weather to be found it's not that warm the winds are feeding down from
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the north so we're looking at a maximum of around twenty seven or twenty eight in hong kong there on wednesday and on thursday maybe up to around twenty nine for the southeastern parts of asia where we do have all storm with this mass in the eastern parts of the but is intensifying the showers across parts of the philippines and across into vietnam as well so expect some real the shop showers out of this for the south there's more in the way of dry weather still some showers around but some sunshine coming through in between them to come out of there getting to around thirty two degrees and forcing kuala lumpur will also be thirty two. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of his progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to the disclosure and an investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our us to china but we have to
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remember that air travel around death by design at this time on al-jazeera. recapping our top stories of today europe's refugee crisis on the agenda at a conference in italy the country has been the first destination for thousands of migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa. chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference and next in one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades and the u.s. military believes and i still think the group was behind the band bush that killed
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four american servicemen and four soldiers from the asia general joseph dunford is warning i saw this trying to establish a physical presence there as it loses ground in iraq and syria. far right politicians have taken their seats in the german parliament for the first time in years the first session since september selection is now under way despite losing seats chancellor angela merkel's party came on top but is yet to form a governing coalition when it came from berlin. as germany's newly elected members of parliament gather here in berlin to take their seats in parliament they do so at a particularly nebulous time in german politics because for the first time in many many years openly far right politicians have won seats in parliament from the party called the alternative for germany or a f d more than one thousand of them with seats in parliament the issue for the f.t. will be can they be a coherent cohesive united force in parliament already one of the f.t.'s former
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leaders has said she will not take her seat alongside her colleagues we should say her former colleagues the f.t. is in opposition because nobody else will work with it also an opposition on the social democrats with one hundred fifty more than one hundred fifty seats and the left party of former communists mostly well they have sixty nine seats they're in opposition to form a government. you have to have three hundred fifty five seats in parliament and the only option of coalition that analysts say might work is one which involves angela merkel's christian democrats with more than two hundred forty seats still the largest party in parliament even though they lost many seats at the election were also there would be the free democrats or liberals with eighty seats and the green party with sixty seven seats but can those three parties thrash out their differences and find in agreement they're trying to do that the talks they're holding right now in this building just across the street from parliament they're
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trying to talk through these issues right now the question will be how do they bridge the gaps between them they were opposition candidates against each other in september and now they're trying to form a coalition in october austria's chancellor elect is to hold coalition talks with the far right freedom party sebastien kurtz's conservative people's party won thirty one point five percent of the vote in last week's elections they're well short of the majority required to govern only two parties the freedom party and the social democrats have enough seats to give him a majority because campaigned for a tougher immigration policy and cutting back on state spending at thirty one years old he's the world's youngest leader. spain's justice minister is urging the cattle and regional president to accept an invitation to attend parliament rafael khattala said it would be a positive step in finding a solution to the disputes madrid is moving to curb catalonia is autonomy following the secession vote earlier this month under simmons reports now from
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a town on the catalonian border with the rest of spain where residents are nervously following events. the easy going charm of san rafael del rio is under threat one side of the town is in valencia the other in catalonia while there may be hints of a political divide those who voted yes to secession are in a minority the catalan flag is looking as jaded as any appetite for conflict with madrid hundreds of farmers living on one side own land on the other jose beltran is one of them he's been enzian his wife his stellar is catalan there all of grove is in catalonia they both feel secession will be costly and unnecessary. if you. get what benefits really bring how badly really the. pain in there. the subsidies for our lives will they be affected. the lives of kaplan's and
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valenciennes have always been intertwined and this bridge doesn't just represent the border between two regions for years it's been a symbol of unity. the unity bridge theme is being promoted by the mayor who's a member of spain's ruling party even wears a wristband with the branding. just like us alone. but i know my wife is cattle and i've studied and lived there both sides need to make much more of an effort so that the people of this town don't fall out with each other this woman says she'll never change her vision of the future. when our independence is an opportunity to transplant the political system here this is about eliminating something that's rotten whatever the viewpoint the mood isn't as charged as in barcelona the main worry here and in many parts of the catalan region isn't so much conflict more
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a fear of the economic decline and the practical issues of breaking away from spain andrew simmons al-jazeera san rafael del rio. the incoming prime minister of new zealand's new center left government to sign a coalition deal after weeks of negotiations just in the ardennes labor party and the nationalists new zealand first party formed an alliance after the elections in september came to a stalemate their coalition deal includes a ban on foreigners buying homes and cutting immigration numbers by thirty thousand a year. to activists imprisoned in hong kong over protests pushing for a more open democracy have been released on bail joshua wonga nathan the warwick jailed in august for six months and eight months respectively they were found guilty of leading demonstrations in twenty fourteen in what came to be known as the umbrella movement both of appealed against those sentences. two women accused of killing the half brother of the north korean leader have been taken back to where he died as part of their trial the suspects were escorted to the scene to reenact
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what happened kim jong nam was exposed to a toxic nerve agent at kuala lumpur international airport in february the women say they were tricked into getting involved they could face the death penalty if their convict. media freedom activists are staging a protest in paris against an official visit by the egyptian president reporters without borders or against france signing agreements with president. sees government they say torture repression and unfair trials against journalists are common to countries of increased economic and military tries in recent years president mak wrong and presidency see due to make a joint statement later. the emir of kuwait. has warned against the collapse of the gulf cooperation council he made the comments at the opening of kuwait's national assembly saying if left unresolved the current gulf crisis could have a detrimental effect on all the g.c.c.
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states. well you know we're killing the king. we could only be against our hopes the gulf crisis is still unresolved we should be aware of the perils hovering around it if it is escalated it will be a clarion call for regional conflicts which will have a detrimental repercussions on all the g.c.c. states let it be known to all that kuwait's mediation in the gulf crisis is not a typical role played by a third party we are not a third party we are a party concerned a party keen on cementing our gulf domestic front to endure and prosper history will never forgive those causing all those fanning the dispute the gulf cooperation council is the beam of light amid the dark times our arab world is living and i call on all my fellow citizens to adopt the same course of action aiming at conciliation and unity. military police in brazil have shot and killed
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a spanish tourist in rio de janiero the police opened fire on the woman's car when it drove past a checkpoint maria esperanza jimenez rulers was taken to a hospital but died from her injuries investigators say those responsible will face justice what would you study what is what you tourists that were visiting rio de janeiro were shot and killed by a bullet this is unacceptable but you're going to work to identify and jail the person who did this cowardly act against the spanish tourist the report card for education around the world is out and it does not make for pleasant reading one in five children do not finish primary school and one hundred million cannot read in a school has given many governments an f. agreed for failed in charlotte tennis. just in the slums of nairobi this is the glorious academy at school a lower fee private school more than half of kenya's children attend them throughout the county now we're. told us they go to low fee
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private schools because state schools are too crowded and respected private schools are too expensive for me was. to wishing cost ten dollars a month but for that price could teach is a hard to come by and they can be up to sixty students in a class there is a motivating us and making us to meet a need to meet and when they need so we know that despite of them have been listed the classes are really listening for as and then they are essentially facing most of them take yunis goes annual assessment of global education says many governments are passing the buck to teachers and not taking accountability the report reveals there are no regulations on class sizes in almost half the countries of the world only one in six governments publish annual education reports and only one in five guarantees twelve years of free education as many as half or more of children
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around the world do not learn the minimum that is expected in terms of their skills in reading in mathematics either because they don't finish school or because they are in school. wide two hundred sixty million children is to mated not to be in school one hundred million can't marry the widening inequality is made worse by drop an age of education down six years in a row they teach us. to retain of them here yet we have the money which we don't have. solutions are needed beyond the classroom and this latest snapshot. global education says it's time to start at the top ballasts al jazeera.
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recapping our top stories for you the european refugee crisis is on the agenda at the conference in italy the country has been the first destination for thousands of migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa according to the u.n. more than one hundred forty seven thousand people have crossed the mediterranean into europe so far this year. i mean it has more now from palermo where the conference is taking place the focus of the conference is migration and security and it comes at the back of warnings from italy's interior minister that could be infiltrating europe once again now that it has lost its stronghold and. now. the number of migrants who have reached. libya in two thousand and seventeen about twenty five percent less than two thousand and sixteen but what we are witnessing is actually the revival of old route for example from. sicily the u.s.
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is considering sanctions against me for its treatment of muslims the u.s. state department says it may use a human rights law to target leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state more than six hundred thousand fled to bangladesh to escape another. us army denies accusations of ethnic cleansing. the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference it makes him one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades . there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline in the north of the town of fires couple is near iraq's borders with syria and turkey peshmerga commanders say they stopped government troops advancing towards the south of the town and. the most senior u.s. general says he believes a group linked to isolate is behind the ambush that killed eight soldiers in need jack he won that i still is trying to establish
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a presence there as it loses ground in iraq and syria. in austria the chancellor elect is to hold coalition talks with the far right freedom party sebastien kurtz's conservative people's party won thirty one and a half percent of the vote in last week's election well short of the majority required to govern he campaigned on a tougher immigration stance those are your headlines up next james here with inside story i will see you very soon. a political gamble that paid off since abbe's coalition election victory in japan and the prime minister is now a revision of the country's pacifist constitution but what would that mean for
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japan and this violence how we.


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