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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we def will be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten can challenge your perception. al-jazeera. a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. valuable. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. i saw. this documentary at this time. with. al jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian finnigan this is that he is live from al-jazeera headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. and bangladesh discuss the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of the hinge but continue to deny the muslim minority citizenship rights. kurdish peshmerga forces say they're stopping iraqi forces from advancing on the more disputed territory. china enshrines president xi jinping has political philosophy into the constitution. and the un issues a failed grade as it assesses the state of education around the world. has signed an agreement with bangladesh for the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of her him but is still refusing to recognise the muslim minority as
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citizens government ministers signed a memorandum of understanding in the capital naypyidaw a short time ago but it contains a clause which says the repatriation must take place in line with citizenship law which has been used to deny the right here. ger writes six hundred thousand range of muslims of the scape from me and martyr bangladesh in the past two months they've been fleeing a military crackdown in rakhine state which was sparked by an attack by a armed group against me in my military outpost the ranger have reported rape torture and murder the un has described the crisis as textbook ethnic cleansing but government refuses to condemn the army lived out a yank on al-jazeera is florence louis is there florence what exactly does this memorandum of understanding say. i think we have a problem here with florence who is unable to hear me say with my trying again or
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going to move on for the moment florence ability to hear me i mean you can good what is exactly does this memorandum of understanding say. well unfortunately we still don't have very many details about this memorandum of understanding we do know that it is a ten point agreement and there are a range of issues in in that agreement ranging from border security drug trafficking and repatriation of refugees is one of the issues in this memorandum of understanding now the officials at the press conference said that didn't give a lot of details except to say they hope to start the repatriation process as soon as possible so we still don't know how this repatriation process is going to be conducted but going by statements that previous officials have that of previously made including myanmar state councilor and the country's de facto leader aung san suu kyi that it is very likely that the repatriation process could be carried out
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in accordance with a. ration agreement that was also signed between myanmar and bangladesh in one thousand nine hundred ninety three now that nine hundred ninety three agreement said refugees would be allowed to return if they could prove one of three things that they have a national id card or some other document issued by myanmar authorities or that they could prove that they were arrested and in myanmar before they fled to bangladesh but unfortunately this also has to be taken with what the myanmar military has said in a statement issued on tuesday then the myanmar military said that any repatriation would have to be done in accordance not just with this nine hundred ninety three agreement but also in accordance with the nine hundred eighty two citizenship law and that is the law that has been used to deny many. citizenship that has made them victims of persecution in this country so really these are the principles that man
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ma government is going to use to decide who can be a little and allowed to return back to myanmar and its proper probably quite safe day that very few people will pass those tests or its effects or be minimized military is is inserting care of us into this agreement between we're miles government and the government of bangladesh. well i didn't. foresee i've lost the rest of your question but i can tell you thirteen a little bit more about you know the practical difficulties of the partition process when it is eventually carried out because you have to understand the people who fled and there are about six hundred thousand who fled since the twenty fifth of august they've got horrifying accounts of what they lived through what they had to witness of friends and families and relatives being killed being tortured the first question we'll have to ask is how many people will want to will want to voluntarily return to myanmar and even if they do return what will they be able to
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return to hundreds of villages have been burned to the ground razed to the ground the images we've seen from rights groups say that the damage is possibly far worse than what we originally thought and also what guarantees do we have for the safety of the population if they do return to myanmar not only do they face persecution but there are accounts of people who fled to myanmar in recent weeks and months that it is not just the non-monetary who are carrying out attacks against the revenger population but also rakhine mobs rakhine being the main ethnic group in rakhine state towards many thanks indeed charles louis there live in yangon the un is coming under pressure to do more to ease the humanitarian crisis that the rangers are suffering in camps in bangladesh aid organizations say the u.n. should get local groups involved to improve efficiency and to cut costs the u.n.
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has raised around three quarters of the four hundred thirty four million dollars that it needs or it says it leaves for relief efforts has more for us now from cox's bazar in bangladesh near the border with me about. looking for food every day by the nearly i've got a refugee is a major challenge they have to go out looking for really a distribution point in various camps and get dry food lentils rice and all those are also the places where the international aid agencies set up a cooking kitchen this particular one set up by turkish cooperation and coordination agency which is known as has been providing for them in this particular kitchen between seven to ten thousand women and children hot meals like . rice and potatoes and the like action for how god. created us international set up camps in various areas to provide hot meals this really helping out nearly close to three hundred forty thousand children among the new raf
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it is but food is a major challenge nearly every refugee barn of those government international agencies are doing their best to provide their basic needs at current times the u.s. is considering sanctions against me in the military for its treatment of the state department says it may use human rights to target leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state washington has withdrawn invitations to see the a military officers to visit the u.s. it is bob government forces in rakhine state for deceiving u.s. assistance it's the strongest u.s. response to the crisis so far benjamin zaki is a southeast asia analyst he says that sanctions on me and haven't been effective in the past so it's unlikely they'll work again. one needs to keep in mind there was a broad set of economic sanctions in place for over a decade through october of last year that was initially ineffective in eventually counterproductive to the kind of economic opportunities that myanmar had with india
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with china it with other players in the region i think the targeted sanctions that are being suggested today are far more appropriate but again there are a month late there simply being proposed as opposed to being fully and acted and if they're not effective if they if they don't in fact have a punitive effect on these generals they need to be strengthened and widened and or something by way of military force projection should be considered as well for the first and foremost an arms embargo would be effective against the military moreover it's interesting that these these sanctions are being limited to the generals who are considered to be the most proximate cause of these crimes against humanity of the ethnic cleansing of their hinges whereas on song suchi for example is not as not being looked at as a target of these sanctions and although it is true that constitutionally she is removed from having a lot of power over the military her attitude toward the ethnic cleansing has been has been one of near contempt and of denial now for for a month the u.s.
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should certainly consider widening those sanctions beyond the generals. there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline in the north the areas just south of face couple in iraq's border with syria syria and turkey to come out and say that they stopped government troops advancing towards the south of the town let's take you live now to. stephanie deca is the stuff they tell us more about this is facing. major let me just update you on some news that we've been getting in the last twenty minutes or so about another fight between the peshmerga and iraqi forces in the area of mahmoud southwest of air below promote we understand according to iraqi military sources that three iraqi forces have been killed twelve injured and i have made a number of arrests now one of the peshmerga actually streamed this live on facebook so it gives you a sense of the tension there's also reports that the peshmerga have taken over the
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main checkpoint we're trying to confirm these details at the moment it's just happening but it gives you an indication of the tenseness of the ground here and then just coming back to your question yes earlier today around the area fish mahmoud sorry that the border in the in the north of of of iraq which borders syria and turkey which is why it's so important and also as you mention it has that all pipeline well there was fighting in an area around thirty kilometers south of there mahmoudiya right now it's calm according to what we understand there are some form of negotiations going on but it all has to do with reclaiming or retaking really holding territory that is disputed but the kurds will tell you that that checkpoint that borders those three countries is not disputed in their eyes the iraqis say they want to the kurds have held it since one nine hundred ninety one a lot of complications a lot of difficult questions and you know all the while you hear the american saying that there needs to be dialogue i think these indian incidents highlight the
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complexities of solving it and certainly the dialogue is not have. winning at the moment certainly when we look at those kinds of incidents the kurdish regional parliament is in session at the moment what's being discussed. they met earlier today parliament was convened they were discussing particularly what has happened here over the last week but more specifically they were going to vote and they did vote on when to hold the next parliamentary elections they were supposed to be held on november first they didn't happen that was counseled about two weeks ago there was rumblings that it wouldn't go ahead even before that because of the situation on the ground and various other factors well they've now agreed to postpone it by eight months so we're looking at the summer of next year but again adrian you know this is people will tell you that the kurds are in one of their weakest positions and they've been for a very long time they seem to have lost their allies they've lost twelve thousand square kilometers of territory taken by the arche army and this shia militias that fight alongside it so they really do need to get you know get their act together
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when it comes to kurdish unity to try and understand how to move forward and how to try to how to deal with the situation that they're finding themselves in at the moment stephanie many thanks to zero stephanie decker that live in the. most senior u.s. general says that he believes a group linked to eisele is behind the ambush that killed eight soldiers in that he warned that isolates trying to establish a presence there as it loses ground in iraq in syria meanwhile the widow of one of the four american soldiers who died in the attack has made a television appearance she's accused president donald trump of being insensitive in a condolence call as diane reports. the united states' top military officer said the families of soldiers killed in a chair deserve answers for american soldiers and four from nizkor were killed during a brazen ambush while on what was supposed to be a routine reconnaissance patrol few details are known but dunford said all sides
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are pointing to one group that is an isis affiliated group and i think what you bring up is what we're dealing with in many places is isis and al-qaeda isis in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with the incident took place in a remote area of new jersey border with mali the region which also includes the neighboring countries of chad mauritania and booking a faso is facing an ongoing challenge against armed groups to help with this fight the u.s. has about one thousand troops in there from one hundred and two thousand and thirteen they mostly share intelligence and help train local forces the incident in asia has caused political ramifications as well the widow of sergeant johnson's that president from was insensitive when he called to offer condolences to the president. for body hers anyway.
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and now as they made me cry because i was very angry at the way the tone of his voice and how he. he couldn't remember my has been a something the president disputes he wrote i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant david johnson and spoke his name from beginning without hesitation now the pentagon has come under increased criticism from prominent lawmakers over the deaths of the u.s. soldiers and overall transparency of u.s. operations in asia where this is an endless war without band ballenger is no limitation on time and geography you got to tell us more currently the u.s. has about six thousand troops in africa the killings of soldiers and easier has prompted the pentagon to. begin a full review of how the military conducts its joint missions in the continent. al-jazeera here the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. i'm andrew thomas with tourists in the rural chinese village where teenage paying spent
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his formative years i'll explain why this place matters to president xi as that his party's congress by using its grip on power. plus seeking new solutions to a lingering crisis european leaders meet in italy to discuss the flow of migrants across the mediterranean. and in sport the countdown is on the flame for next year's winter games in pyongyang has been lit at the birthplace of the ancient olympics. china's president's name and ideology have been added to the constitution cementing his status as one of the most powerful leaders in decades the announcement was made on the final day of the communist party conference she's in ping's thought follows in the footsteps of former leaders not said dong and deng xiaoping see she has described his concept as central to making china
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a great modern socialist country by the year twenty fifty. the chinese people in the chinese nation embrace brilliant prospects and a bright future living in such a great era we are all the more confident and proud and also feel the heavy weight of responsibility upon us we must have the courage and resolve to build on the historic achievements made by the chinese people under the leadership of the chinese communists generation after generation and create new accomplishments befitting of this great stride forward to an ever promising future from under tell us in beijing. after their weeklong congress these are the members of the communist party pouring out of the great hall of the people behind me getting on the buses in tiananmen square to go back and spread the message oh i over china what is that message that's come out of this congress well first and foremost that president xi is an absolute control of his party not only is his name going to be in shrine into
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the communist party's constitution that was confirmed on tuesday his court will be part of the constitution he's also standards authority on the personnel in the party there was a seventy percent turnover in the membership of the central committee of the communist party of one hundred members of that the overwhelming majority of the new appointees officially elected but appointees they are firmly she supporters on wednesday will find out the membership of the important politburo and the seven member standing committee that politburo again we can expect to see she supporters dominating that so the next five years will be absolutely his new era as he calls it the specifics well this congress was very light on what that is but this will be she's era so an important time perhaps to take stock of where she has come from particularly the religious right but he says turns him into the man he is today. when she lived in the early one nine hundred seventy s.
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it was a rule village where people lived in caves and in poverty now people riding on electric shuttle buses most villages have left their home turned into an open air tribute museum honoring the man who's now president. some very young tell a sanitized version of the she story what he learned here what he did here and how loved he was visitors see the bed in which though flea infested she is said to have slept they hear how he built dams and dock wells most groups are brought here by communist party workers and photographed in front of she's wise words she's young thing was born the son of a senior communist party member in beijing but in one thousand nine hundred nine his father fell out of favor the family was banished by chairman mao during the cultural revolution at fifteen she was sent to remotely angle her he spent seven
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years farming in fertile land living and working alongside some of the poorest people in china they were his formative years she became a leader of the local branch of the communist party he'd go on to more senior roles all over china until becoming president five years ago she never forgot her returning for a visit to years ago the village has become an important part of who he is the president with the common touch here i'm happy and excited this is where uncle she started his long march all his hard work began here the official she story one of hard work honesty innovation and empathy means the president sounds authentic when he demands those qualities of party members and of the chinese at large this is essential thing park extension of the shooting ping bryant what these people have
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come to see for themselves is the setting for a story that hundreds of millions of chinese people are reading about daily in state media and learning about in schools. at the entrance to the enjoy her workers are expanding the car park and building a grand hall two and a half thousand people already visit every day but a lot more expected for many years to come andrew thomas al-jazeera learned john her central china austria's chancellor elect is to hold coalition talks with the far right freedom party subversive cosas conservative people's party won thirty one of a half percent of the vote in last week's election well short of the majority needed to govern outright only two parties the freedom party of the social democrats have enough seats to give kurds a majority because campaigned for a tougher immigration policy and on cutting state spending at thirty one years old
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he's the world's youngest leader. there are reports of gulf cooperation council meeting set for later this year is likely to be delayed the g.c.c. is facing its biggest crisis in decades after a saudi led bloc cut ties with cattle in june q waits has been mediating between the two sides but there's little hope of a breakthrough and kuwait severe is warning against the collapse of the council. against our hopes the gulf crisis is still unresolved we should be aware of the perils hovering around it if it is escalated it will be a clarion call for regional conflicts which will have detrimental repercussions on all the g.c.c. states let it be known to all that mediation in the gulf crisis is not a typical role played by a third party we are not a third party we are a party concerned a party keen on cementing our gulf domestic front to endure and prosper history
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will never forgive those causing all those fanning the dispute the gulf cooperation council is the beam of light amid the dark times our arab world is living and i call on all my fellow citizens to adopt the same course of action aiming at conciliation and unity the report card for education around the world is outs and it doesn't make for pleasant reading one in five children doesn't finish primary school and one hundred million around the world can't read your asco has given many governments an f. grade for fail shall a palace records. in the slums of nairobi this is the glorious academy and school of low fee private school more than half of kenya's children attend them. what we found now. they go to low fee private schools because state schools are too crowded and
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respected private schools are too expensive. and me. too wishing cost ten dollars a month but for that price good teachers a hard to come by and they can be up to sixty students in a class they're. making us to be don't need any they need so we know that this bit of them have been. the classes are really policing then they're essentially facing most of them. eunice goes annual assessment of global education says many governments are passing the buck to teachers and not taking accountability the report reveals there are no regulations on class sizes in almost half the countries of the world only one in six governments publish annually to cation reports and only one in five guarantees twelve years of free education as many as half or more of children around the world do not learn the meaning of that is expected in
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terms of skills in reading in mathematics either because they don't finish school or because they are in school and not. move why two hundred sixty million children are is to mated not to be in school one hundred million. the widening inequality is made worse by a drop an age education down six years in a row they teach us. to retain them here. we have a lot of money which we don't have. solutions are needed beyond the classroom and this latest snapshot of global education says it's time to start at the top shelob ls al jazeera the united nations early signs of a possible genocide in central african republic as fighting intensifies between rebel groups un secretary general antonio on tuesday and once more peacekeepers nicholas reports from the capital. the streets of benghazi at first
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feel like any central west african town bustling with activity but if you scratch beneath the surface and start talking to people you realize this is a deeply divided country just days ago hundreds of muslims were killed by a militia group led by christians and animists in this part of the city people now fear that muslims will attack them such is the level of distrust between the two populations this you see was that the building was enormous he scared of muslim s.m.s. in mom was shown up out of do. not give in to fear us to. the court dawn to people in sixty seven. he's saying that muslims he's afraid of them that they kill people and they have no respect for
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anyone here now if you were wearing a skull cap if you show any outward sign of your muslim religion here then you risk being lynch until you get terrorists it wants more troops on the ground he's calling for nine hundred extra troops in order to help the twelve thousand u.n. peacekeepers here to try to protect the population but it's not without controversy because some of these troops have been accused by human rights organizations of sexually abusing the people that they are supposed to protect notably young children and women that are displaced until you get your a says that he has zero tolerance for this yet no one has been prosecuted yet and so many here in central african republic are hoping that he would put action to his words and help this country from for the sliding into chaos whether now in the news michel is just stuff going to all weather stuff she's down in these parts with us and everything but the kitchen sink in the u.s.
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at the moment i wouldn't be surprised if we did see. the kitchen sink so we've got everything there you're right adrian let's take a look at what we've seen them from this weather system here this one as it works its way eastwards has been giving us some of our most destructive weather was in an awful lot of rain from it in the carolinas we saw. eighty nine millimeters of rain there that was in north carolina and in neighboring south carolina we had scenes like this there's a lot of destruction there but it's very localized so that's usually a whole mark sign that it was a tornado they will be looking for signs of some twisting winds there before the national weather center actually do say and confirm that it was her twister but their system anyway is moving its way way towards the east and still there is the risk of seeing a few more twisters up in the northeast there the new england further south it's largely moved away from the coast so for many of us here the temperatures will just be dropping so fall washington d.c. will be around twenty three and then down to sixteen as we head through the day on
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wednesday so drop for us much cooler but for more in the way of sunshine towards the west the temperatures are also slightly dropping for some of us here but not too much for los angeles it's incredibly hot of the moment compared to what it should be where around thirty seven on wednesday maybe up with thirty nine today has one hundred two in fahrenheit and we should be near twenty four which is seventy five adrian. follow stuff on twitter at weather staff many thanks indeed still to come here on the news on how refugees in france of left behind the jungle but it's still sleeping in makeshift camps. through social and political turmoil al jazeera looks at the stability of the u.s. stock market at install all eyes maybe on the world series in the u.s. but we'll tell you about a place where baseball is flourishing away from its traditional home.
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short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. where every year.
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it is good to have you with us adrian for going to hear. but the news hour from al-jazeera our top stories may or not has signed an agreement with bangladesh for the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of or hinge or but it's still refusing to recognize the muslim minority group as citizens the deal says the repatriation must take place in line with myanmar citizenship law which denies the hinge or rights. has been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces this time it was outside facia car door their iraq's border with syria and turkey according to an iraqi military official there to go see actions to allow the
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withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga from the area. china's president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference that makes him one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades. europe's refugee crisis is on the agenda of a conference in italy the country has been the first port of call for thousands of migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa the two day meeting is being held by the organization for security and cooperation in europe according to the un agency are more than one hundred forty seven thousand people have crossed the mediterranean into europe so far this year the majority of them from nigeria syria syria and guinea or many of them are taking advantage of instability in libya to attempt the dangerous sea crossing to europe. had reports now from libya's capital tripoli. a. twenty year old testimony is waiting for
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a voluntary deportation to head home to the nature. she's among three hundred any living young canadian women in this detention center in tripoli. they were arrested after a dangerous journey in the desert when the ended up in the coastal city of. the paid people smugglers to reach italy but failed. because the laws with the nose. for me. like it's one. around one hundred migrants from african and arab countries were recently risk by security forces and brought here they say people smugglers abused them and extorted money. eighty six
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have been detained here for more than a month their own hunger strike demanding the broken government issues travel documents so they can return home. they put us into birds in the ocean for around two hours we were humiliated and the birds was so bad the water leaked inside we tried to get the water out so that it wouldn't capsize had it not been for god's mercy we would have died the international organization for migration takes care of migrants deportation with their consent but it takes a long time in many cases. we have african nationals from cote d'ivoire in sierra leone who have no embassies here in tripoli that's why their nationals have to stay here for a long period before they're voluntarily deported back to their home countries with the italian navy patrolling libyan territorial waters the number of migrants in the mediterranean decreased dramatically during the last few months but the defeat of
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groups which combat it illegal migration in the western coastal city of. the number of illegal migrants has recently increased again. the turkey in government agreed to a request from the head of libya's un backed government of national accord to train and equip libya's coast guard. but with libya divided and in case it is expected to remain the most popular transit truth for migrants to reach europe from north africa. tripoli just want to show you something that's happening right now france and egypt increased economic and military ties in recent years particularly over libya and egypt president fattah el-sisi is in paris at the moment meeting with france's president emanuel. the two leaders following their talks are now briefing the press let's just listen in for
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a moment before we speak to our correspondent in paris bring it forward on the egyptian territory we have. talked about the situation in libya and syria and. to the partners who are close together in order to fight against those who are active in the framework of. terrorist actions in the region. and we want to act together. on these different areas of crisis in our diplomatic relations. in order to bring forward regional stability and to eradicate the terrorist movement. our engagement against terrorism must not be limited to military. action but.
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you know in spite of the challenges that we've seen if france wants to bring forward a climate of peace and sissie or security then it has to be with in a framework that respects human rights and this is also something we have talked about in the fight against. terrorism in order to protect a civil situation a rich diverse. that is shielded against the murderous madness of the terrorists that we fight against and together with presidency we need those shields more than ever all these challenges which we see today are challenges of egypt to maintain her security and the fight against terrorism and violent fundamentalism and i hope that the president says he could bring forward this basis can bring forward this ambitious work and there again france stand
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at the side of egypt beyond security is stability also. an element of a factor of stable economies and sustainable economies and we talked about social reform programs that the egyptian government has been carrying out over the last two years and france takes place her part here in helping egypt in terms of these challenges. intangible friend. projects all for development in key areas which are defined as priorities by the egyptian authorities such as energy or social protection. we looked at a very positive balance of two billion euro in egypt and france
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will continue her activities there but we also wish to do more. together with presidencies see i share the wish to have economic is changes between our countries and to further them in all sectors and in order to. keep listening to that speech by in paris i will report on anything that that is newsworthy and indeed we might come back. when as in when the president. begins to speak media freedom activists have been staging protests in paris today against the visit by the egyptian president let's speak to were serious david chaser who is in paris says as president back or raise the issue of human rights david with egypt's president. well this has been a very difficult path for a man your macro he started off his presidency by saying that at the heart of
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french foreign policy would be the values of the heart of the european union democracy freedom of speech freedom of the press and so everyone is listening very closely what he's saying now because he did say just in that clip you are using that security was the most important thing for egypt strengthening the ties between france and egypt so you could contain the fights both in the west and east of the country against eisel affiliated armed groups particularly in the sinai but we've also had attacks on the western side as well which might well be linked with the vacuum of power in libya that is very important but he did say that one phrase that these measures against terrorism should be within the framework of trying to protect human rights now very very clearly we had a press conference here only yesterday by human rights organizations which said that the human rights abuses and what human rights watch called an epidemic of
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torture by egypt's national security agency are creating a climate in which the the youth of that country are being radicalized they don't because of the crackdown on the on freedom of speech they don't have any way into the streets in expressing their opinions no legitimate way because there's also been a law passed against the non-governmental organizations a huge use of the military courts in. and as i said an epidemic of torture within those prisons so he hasn't really addressed it so far in that speech nor have we heard from the president yet about what actions he will take to try and moderate to modify the human rights abuses being carried out under his orders now he said this morning. president that there were no arrests of political activists in egypt now this would astonish most observers clearly his definition of political
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activism is entirely different to the one that we would use in the democratic heart of of europe so there's still a lot to answer exactly what is he going to do about the human rights abuses the confinement the torture of those the people who have disappeared and the courts and the death sentences that have been passed because this is breeding a very radicalization the france is trying to help egypt to stop in the east and the west of the country so these answers this have not been answered so far either by president michel and we've yet to hear from the egyptian president ok david many thanks indeed as i said we'll keep listening to what is being said there in paris will report anything newsworthy that comes out of that. a twenty one year old irish egyptian man has arrived back in and after four years in prison in egypt.
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last month abraham was cleared of inciting violence and rioting during demonstrations in twenty thirteen hundreds were arrested after protests against the military coup that ousted president mohamed morsy al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's been in prison in egypt now for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which both he and al-jazeera both strongly deny mahmoud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. court challenge in kenya could delay thursday's presidential election rerun kenya's supreme court will hear a case filed by activist arguing that kenya is not ready for the vote because an old president of kenya asses victory in the first vote in august opposition leader says that he won't take part nor recognize the result of the rerun catherine sawyer
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reports from nairobi. kenya is on sale or at least on a stage at a theater in the capital nairobi this is a rehearsal of a satirical play showcasing the country's political uncertainty over the repeats presidential election and what's at stake. just. the most sought after values peace democracy are respected regional economy things the director says are being put at risk in a double down to. the lessons. comes out. now and has to be affected by. out in the real world many people are equally concerned about what's going to happen after the election most kenyans even those in the rural areas are very much aware and engaged in the politics of the day many say they've lost confidence in the ability of the electoral commission free and fair election but when you ask people whether or not they're going to vote the
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opinion is largely divided along partisan lines in kisumu in the west of the country almost everyone is fiercely loyal to opposition leader. they say they will not vote for governor visits the family of a seventeen year old boy said to have been shot by police he says he'll pass a million sure no election happens in his region when you have a government. which is in its will on the people with all the people. the people have our rights to rebel. who are looking at the supporters are keen to vote for this consign about their mettle commission itself the commissioner has resigned the c.e.o. has taken a leave of absence and the chairman says the commission is under siege from outside influences and he cannot guarantee a credible election in the current colorized environment unfortunately what we have
4:46 pm
now is essentially a dialogue of the deaf books aides are talking at each other rather than with each other the most ideal situation would be for a party especially the electoral commission to go back to the supreme court and seek a binding authority advisory many people including religious groups civil society politicians and even the electoral commission have asked for dialogue between president two group king atta and dr d. but in the fed the election last be postponed and reforms carried out the king at a time cyst it must go on catherine sawyer al-jazeera and i will be still to come here that is our sport of doping scandal escalates of the world's most famous dog sled race for i will be here to explain.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
well again there are at this time of the year one thousand years ago the worst stock market crash in u.s. history was about to begin the picture now though is very different u.s. stock indices more than tripled over the past eight years as kristen salumi reports . with a nuclear armed north korea making threats international trade deals on hold and revolving door for white house staff u.s. politics have been anything but predictable under the trumpet ministration. nevertheless stock prices have been steadily climbing recently passing twenty three thousand for the first time defying conventional wisdom that the market craves
4:49 pm
stability. since president donald trump selection the dow jones industrial average has shot up twenty six percent and shows little sign of slowing there are some signs of some cracks and some of the most of a forecast but generally still looks like we have further run particularly because markets are a little bit fixated on what so far has been a strong earnings season and some positive notes about possible tax reduction the market also continues to benefit from low interest rates and a policy of quantitative easing that started under president barack obama seven years ago starting the market on its current upward climb but if history is any guide this child won't last forever. and whether it's the stock market selloff that led to the great depression in one nine hundred twenty nine. or black monday in one nine hundred eighty seven the superstitious point out that the greatest market drops have take. in place in october some warned that safeguards meant to stop such
4:50 pm
slides not kept pace with modern technology. do i think that something like that could happen again i mean anything's possible i think that with the advent of computer technology and the speed at which that technology is transfer on the market i think it's very possible i think it would be a very quick move for now however with the possibility of tax cuts on the horizon the market continues to skyrocket hold on tight for the ride christian salumi al-jazeera new york time now for sports has for a major in thank you so much the final countdown to next year's winter olympics has began the flame for the twenty games has been a lit the birthplace of the ancient olympics the torch relay is one of the most traditional aspects of the games dating back to ancient times the ceremony taking place at the two thousand six hundred year old temple of hara in olympia in greece rain met the flame couldn't be lit from the usual mere instead it were personal
4:51 pm
flame was used to light the torch the relay well now travel two thousand kilometers around greece before arriving in south korea on november first the journey will culminate at the opening ceremony and chang on february ninth next year. christian are in although has equal little messy by being named the world's best man's footballer for the fifth time their outward star was a crowd at monday's fifth awards in london at least homan reports. no shortage of star power for an event in just a second edition football's governing body had split with the french magazine behind the ballon d'or award that's existed since nine hundred fifty six creating instead the best fee for awards. rinaldo messi and neymar was side by side as they vie for the best men's player but the best women's player wasn't present at. the lake in martin's in camp with the netherlands change she led
4:52 pm
to european glory this year the boss alone and made to feel that was presented her award by dutch grace markov on boston. we know he is. anything is either the real madrid boss was named as cards of the year for the first time after steering rail to a second straight champions league title brazilian grade for now though paired with maradona to present the key men's award of the evening and they were in is it is their no no no no. he scored twice in last year's champions league final and help from madrid to that trophy along with the spanish league title enjoy the moment the moment is great i feel happy. when. i win the best player in the world so i'm so glad happy. the next year i don't know what's going to happen i just tried to focus in a moment the moment is brilliant and i'm glad. we're not
4:53 pm
on this now muchly no messing with five player of the year try feats with the players now thirty two when dougherty respectively some are asking how much longer the pair can continue to dominate world football leagues homan al-jazeera. major league baseball fans have been waiting all year for this in game one of the world series gets underway on choose a with l.a. host the l.a. dodgers hosting the houston astros this is useless first appearance out a world series since two thousand and five when they'll be hoping to fare much better after being swept by the chicago white sox for nothing twelve years ago the dodgers on the other hand are seen as the slight favorites heading into the series having won the pennant a total of six times so far this is the first time they've reached the world series since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight alys clayton kershaw will be the starting pitcher for game one. you know i think. they meant a lot more and chicago were saying we get to go world series that's a special thing we're now you know we're a foot in the switch
4:54 pm
a little bit and we're trying to figure out how to win four games and you know after the season's over look back on our than hopefully you know have ruled series trophy to celebrate but you know we'll wait til the reflection stuff so i can see the baseball may have its home in the united states but is also flourishing outside its heartland the netherlands are twenty two times european champions and two finishes just behind the traditional powers at the world baseball classic suggests that the dutch are on the rise paul research reports from the netherlands. most stories in baseball may be on the world series but in this small town the focus is firmly on the future. the netherlands is a successful outpost of this all-american sport the national team has a hard core of holland born players boosted by talent from dutch caribbean islands like curacao where baseball is in the blood we represent the netherlands but also
4:55 pm
we represent curacao i think. i have it as a mixed feelings because my dream was always to move to the major leagues since i've been the may get started thinking playing with the national team here and i've been going into the olympics up with a world championship. i never dreamed of playing it so you don't have only to make it to the major leagues baseball but you can play for the national team here and also megan and i would like the loss of a limb pick baseball after two thousand and eight was a blow to countries like the netherlands it's reinstatement is a big chance for them to step up. now baseball isn't and i just sports in the netherlands but they do have major league is in the national team the dutch have also batted well above their average with fourth place finishes and at the world baseball classic now in the sport back in the olympics they're hoping they can hit even higher heights at twenty twenty. the dutch may have the best chance in
4:56 pm
the history of a medal in japan with the pedigree of players like ken lee young son currently playing in the world series with the l.a. dodgers but this is a team that has learned to slug it out without stars. never known as we all can that we all get along. with each other for such a long time is feels like just being with the boys and those guys are very excited to play in the olympics as well and i feel we have a good team to make it happen and i think we can go a long ways in the olympics and transfer medal also if. not many ambitious teams would answer no to that question but performances suggest that for the dutch it may be more than just hits and. all race al-jazeera. in the netherlands in the n.b.a. golden state steph curry has escaped a suspension but has been fined fifty thousand dollars for throwing his mouthpiece at an official during their game against memphis over in denver the nuggets were
4:57 pm
defeated by the visiting washington wizards on monday bradley beal was a top scorer for the wizards with one point just want to five players three to double figures on the on the team and washington went on to beat denver one hundred nine two hundred four they remain unbeaten this season. adopting scandal that's had the world's most famous dog sled race has escalated it was revealed last week that four dogs had tested positive to the pain reliever tramadol during this year's annual i did a rod race in alaska and northern canada the handler of the dogs was identified on monday as four time champion dallas seavey but officials say they can penalize him because of a rule that requires them to establish intent with doping so even though isn't happy responding with a seventeen minute you tube video in withdrawing his name from next year's race in protest. i have done nothing wrong i have never knowingly broken any race i have never given any banned substance to my dogs but yes i did the blue i can be
4:58 pm
thrown under the bus this quick bite you did wrong and they will do nothing to protect you i've been the rest of my life looking at me and knowing that i backed down when i did nothing wrong. and that's all your sport for now. thanks. for this news hour but don't go away i'll be back in just a couple of moments on al-jazeera with more of the day's news and the latest on that. on that speech the president. getting in paris. just didn't have to have him. we wanted to bring that's our.
4:59 pm
jump on the truck. all of the one today. this time on al jazeera it's called the pearl of the north the largest freshwater lake in northern china it's about to be transformed into an urban mega region to ease pressure on nearby beijing president xi jinping has taken a personal interest in the project this area relies on hunting ground water like human consumption and aquaculture and groups like green peace are concerned about the impact of millions more people moving here on the lakeside restaurant and guest house she says she is concerned about what the future holds but has faith in the government if you have more people you have more garbage and the environment could be damaged but i believe the government will look after us this is seen as she didn't ping's legacy project and many people believe if he has the will and the
5:00 pm
resources to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way in the most heavily armed country in the world. if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been at war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason those drones are there to assist the innocent civilians they exist and offer a draw even they're not filing is them frightening because any moment they can bomb living beneath the drum this time al-jazeera. and bangladesh signed an agreement to repatriate hundreds of thousands of or.


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