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damaged but i believe the government will look after us. ping's legacy project many people believe if he has the will and the resources to create a development here that's three times the size of new york then it should be within his power to do it in an environmentally friendly way in the most heavily drugged country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been at war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason those drones are there assist the innocent civilians they exist in office and even then not filing is then frightening because any moment taken by living beneath the drum. this time al-jazeera.
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and bangladesh signed an agreement to repatriate hundreds of thousands of the hinge of the questions about the details remain. a very unforgiving here and this is al jazeera live from doha coming up on the program catalonia as leaders say they plan to take their case against direct rule to the supreme court in madrid. kurdish peshmerga forces say they're stopping iraqi forces from advancing on more disputed territory. china has challenged lions president cheesey and pings political philosophy into the constitution. has signed an agreement with bangladesh which could see the repatriation of some of the hundreds of thousands of ranger who've crossed the border since august ministers from the two sides met in may and mass capital may put off earlier on
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tuesday the deal says that repatriation must take place in line with me and mass citizenship law which denies your rights six hundred thousand drew him to muslims of escape from the amount of bangladesh in the past two months they've been fleeing a military crackdown in rakhine state which was sparked by an attack by a ranger armed group against a mere man military outpost the ranger have reported rape torture arson and murder the un has described the crisis as textbook ethnic cleansing the mere mass government refuses to condemn the army one hour from florence lou it has any angle . now there are ten points of agreement covered under the memorandum of understanding signed between myanmar and bangladesh and tuesday and repatriation of refugees is one of them bangladesh is struggling to cope with the influx of refugees now unfortunately there's very little detail in the memorandum of understanding about how this repack creation is going to be undertaken but
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officials have said they want it to start as soon as possible now myung office shows however have said even before this memorandum of understanding was signed that any repatriation or verification process will likely be in accordance with the principles of a wood pattern agreement signed between myanmar and bangladesh in one thousand nine hundred ninety three now under that agreement there were one of three things that. could prove if they wanted to return to me and that is they either had to. hold a national identity card or some other documents issued by myanmar authorities or provide some other proof that they were resident in myanmar before they fled to bangladesh now with the myanmar military however on tuesday said that not only world the verification and repatriation process be done in accordance with this one thousand nine hundred three agreement but also in accordance with the nine hundred eighty two citizenship law and that is the law that has been used to deny india in
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myanmar citizenship so as you can see that's already a very difficult hurdle that refugees will have to go through. catalonia is regional government will appeal to spain's constitutional court of madrid's plans to take control of its institutions the spanish government says it will impose direct rule over catalonia from friday to counter what it calls an illegal bid for session the catalan parliament will meet on thursday to finalize its response to madrid let's take you live out of barcelona al jazeera as andrew symonds is that andrew what are we to make of this decision then to appeal to council to spain's constitutional court is there any point. good good point you raise there it was really predictable the government is insisting it's trying every knee possible every legal mind possible to turn over article one five five they claim it's no legal act of desperation on the
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part of the government and then tend to do that but at the same time there's another twist to all of this brinkmanship we're seeing as time runs by and that is the senate in madrid has issued invitations to call us to more of the captain and president also to mariano rajoy the spanish prime minister to have direct talks now dialogue is being called for by the catalans all along so they're in a position here there's been no ruling it in or no ruling it out the latest we hear from the council of governments here in barcelona is that they're looking at so many aspects to the whole thing that they come to me it's any shadow right now we don't have any all little consolation as far as law is concerned he's also in a slight difficult position because he's being categorical now that all the laws
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that have been broken. mean that what is the point in dialogue now and also there's another real killer blow to all of this and that is. the announcement from the spanish government that they will not countenance a snap election being announced by the regional government because that just won't stop the process of article one five five going through reminding everyone the article one hundred five is so the so called nuclear bomb in the constitution for catalonia because it takes all the powers away and it will mean the sacking of the counseling government and his ministers will be out of a job by this coming weekend and parties within the capitol and parliament by no means united over this issue of calling a snap election other. certainly not this is really put everyone at all that's why we're not seeing any quick response from the parliament
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they are working towards a plenary session it would seem but there's been no word on when that will take place that's a very big debate going on because there are so many things at stake here whether or not the elections take place which can't be county to actually give full backing to secession in the way the parties present it but then many people see it as a logical way for let's think about the people who had all the politicians a lot of people think that maybe a vote for the parties can go away rethink things and work out a solution the voters could all come out those who are full of secession and those who are against to vote for that party is that could be logical but then logic doesn't necessarily prevail in this crisis all right andrew many thanks indeed anderson instead live in boston. there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near
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a key oil pipeline in the north the town of. is near iraq's borders with syria and turkey. come on to say they've stopped government. troops advancing towards the south of the town let's take you live now to the whole al-jazeera stephanie deca is that stuff what's the latest on the fighting. as you mentioned there was an exchange of fire this morning around thirty kilometers south of the area you mentioned which is significant because it's a border crossing between iraq and syria it's also close to turkey and the oil pipeline the core cook fan or pipeline currently still or was administered by the kurds runs through that so you can imagine the significance of that area that area however has been under the control of the k r g since one thousand ninety one so this is the question what kind of maneuvering is going on on the ground the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said just the other day in doha that what was happening was the repositioning of forces to the lines before two thousand and
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fourteen a lot is when the fight against happened here and that's when a lot of these front lines change particularly the fresh matter taking and holding areas that the iraqi army had left behind earlier on so this is what we're seeing and i think even though there's these calls for dialogue and both sides say they're ready for dialogue it's not really happening officially yet and you have these tense points particularly the border area of course any borders always crucially important to any country involved and we've got another incident in mahmoud's a southwest of ad deal between fresh and we believe the shia power military forces the hash so again i think it's tense people are saying it needs to be negotiated but certainly on the ground the guns are still pointed at each other ok the kurdish regional parliament has been sessions they what's been discussed. yes they've convened they discussed two main things really the events of the last week which
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saw this region news around twelve thousand square kilometers of what is disputed territory but it's territory they had been holding for the last three years and of course which. it was a source of huge income for them through the oil revenues there of course also internal kurdish splits aging which make this even more complicated so they're going to have to go shader talked about that but i think the only thing that really concrete key came out is a vote on when to hold parliamentary elections and they've now decided to do that in eight months time it was supposed to take place on november the first but i think yes there are more pressuring issues certainly at the moment for them to address things like more kurdish unity at a time when people will tell you that the kurds are perhaps one of the weakest they've been they seem to have lost a lot of international support certainly with what's happened over the last week so i think as sort of regrouping going on as well to figure out the way forward all right stephanie thanks to stephanie decker that live in doha. europe's refugee
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crisis is on the agenda at a conference in italy the country's been the destination for thousands of migrants crossing the mediterranean from north africa the two day meeting is being held by the organization for security and cooperation in europe. according to the u.n. h.c.r. more than one hundred forty seven thousand people have crossed the mediterranean into europe so far this year the majority of them from syria and guinea. has more for us from where the conference is taking place. the focus of the conference is migration and security and it comes at the back of warning. here minister that could be infiltrating europe once again now that it has lost its stronghold of mosul and right now. crease in the number of migrants who have reached from libya in two thousand and seventeen about twenty five percent less than two thousand and sixteen but what we are
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witnessing is actually the revival of old route for example from tunisia. and that is. simply because it's completely unchecked for. if you go around the beaches here in southern. find abandoned boats that were carrying migrants but. happened on the libyan route they are no rescue operations happening there is no accounting of how many people are entering or arriving here who they are where are they going and where they coming from so this is certainly an issue that those at the conference will be talking to the ability of. realities on the ground continuously and what the challenges they have europe has with. partners and how also to be able to preempt the next move. china's president's name ideology have been added to the constitution
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cementing his status as one of the most powerful leaders in decades the announcement was made on the final day of the communist party conference she thought. follows in the footsteps of former leaders mao said dong and done shopping she has described his concept as central to making china a great modern socialist country by twenty fifty. the chinese people in a chinese nation embrace brilliant prospects and a bright future living in such a great era we are all the more confident and proud and also feel the heavy weight of responsibility upon us we must have the courage and resolve to build on the historic achievements made by the chinese people under the leadership of the chinese communists generation after generation and create new accomplishments befitting of this great stride forward to an ever promising future more from outer
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thomases in beijing. after their weeklong congress these are the members of the communist party pouring out of the great hall of the people behind me getting onto buses and to go back and spread the message over china what is that message that's come out of this congress well first and foremost the president is an absolute role of his party not only is his name going to be enshrined into the communist party's constitution that was confirmed on his thoughts will be part of the constitution he's also standards authority on the personnel in the party there was a seventy percent turnover in the membership of the central committee of the communist party of one hundred members of that the overwhelming majority of the new appointees officially elected but appointees they are supporters on wednesday will find out the membership of the important politburo and the seven member standing committee that politburo again we can expect to see she supporters dominate. the next five years will be absolutely new era as he called. security
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has topped the agenda of a meeting between egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi and his french counterpart of money on back from the two men of just held a news conference in paris but c.c.s. visit is controversial reporters without borders are against france citing any agreement with president sisi they say that torture repression of unfair trials against journalists a common. the first battle that we have together is the fight against terrorism egypt like france has been suffering in the last few years and president sisi and security forces have to cope with the scourge because their security is also our security i would like to offer my condolences for the people who have been killed several days ago in a fight between your forces and terrorists in your territory this fight is something we want to continue together for you out the region as you bring it forward in the egyptian territory we have talked about the situation also in libya
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and syria and now wish is to be partners act closely together in order to fight against those who are active in the framework of what i sell and terrorist actions in the region live out of paris as a series david chase at the palace david did president raise the issue of human rights with the president. this was the one thing we were trying to find out whether he would be very strong on this agenda and indeed he was he said so at the press conference he said that. president . sisi to conduct this fight against terrorism within the framework of law shielding human rights and shielding n.g.o.s and shielding civic society now he made that plain he said at the press conference he said he expressed those concerns to the egyptian president and the egyptian president of course in his soundbites
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were saying that his most important fight was to stop the proliferation of terrorism that was the most important thing security of both egypt and of the region as a whole and of course they have been suffering from attacks in the sinai peninsula and also attacks in the western desert so he made it very plain that he thought as far as human rights are concerned human rights are. also involved the right to education the right to housing and so he continued to deny there was a widespread campaign a human human rights abuse within egypt he said that he didn't mind there was an epidemic of torture within gyptian prisons as human rights watch and amnesty international was saying only yesterday and he seemed to say that in the end the fight for security was the most important one so he seemed to turn his back on the idea there were any human rights abuses within egypt and he said the long term aim
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is to establish democracy and that is one thing that the french president also agreed with him that that was the most vital thing but was saying it has to be within the framework of the rule of law the operations of n.g.o.s and civil liberties david many thanks to david chase of their life in paris we'll get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then why kenyans fear for their future ahead of thursday's disputed presidential election rerun. and the u.s. says is the state of education around the world an issues an f. or fail grade we'll tell you why.
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hello there there's plenty of fine settled weather to be found across the southeastern parts of china at the moment the winds are all feeding down from the north so it's not feeling too hot and we're looking at a maximum in shanghai of around twenty one degrees and for us in hong kong around twenty eight plenty of dry weather here but in a bit further towards the west we are seeing more clouds around the province that will be thick enough to give us a few showers and it looks like the wetter weather will turn increasingly heavy as we head through the day on thursday. meanwhile if we had out towards the west and we've still got the monsoon with us in the southern parts of india but it's fairly subdued at the moment so there's no really a great deal of cloud showing up on our satellite picture the cloud is all being reserved for sri lanka here now over the next day or so we are going to see the showers begin to come back again so expect more of them over the southern parts of india and again over sri lanka and no massive change as we head through thursday so still rather showery hit towards the north a fine and settled for us and it's also going to be dry for most of us in bangladesh as it should be across many parts of pakistan as well actually they're
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getting to around thirty two degrees in the sunshine i mean while towards the west and here in doha we're all noticing that it's not as hot as it was the temperatures are gradually easing so we're expecting a maximum of around thirty three or thirty four on at night we're down to twenty six. i provoked it all is it alison whether online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat. but we struck up a relationship that is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the election join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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again the top stories on al-jazeera has signed an agreement with bangladesh which could see the repatriation of some of the hundreds of thousands of who've crossed the border since august but the deal says the repatriation must take place in line with me and my citizenship which tonight is right. there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga iraqi government forces this time of the up the outside face cut or iraq's borders with syria and turkey according to an iraqi military official there are negotiations to allow the withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga from the area. and china's president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference makes him one of
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the country's most powerful leaders in decades. an eleventh hour court challenge in kenya could delay thursday's presidential election rerun kenya's supreme court will hear a case filed by activists arguing that kenya is not ready for the vote because an old president a hurricane yet has victory in the first vote in august an opposition leader. says that he won't take past nor recognize the result of the rerun catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. kenya. or at least on a stage at a capital nairobi this is a rehash. showcasing the country's political uncertainty over the presidential election and what's at stake. the most sought after. democracy i respected regional economy things the director.
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comes out to show. us to be. ectomy mission out in the real world many people are equally concerned about what's going to happen after the election most kenyans even those in the rural areas are very much aware and engaged in the politics of the day many say they've lost confidence in the ability of the electoral commission today live off free and fair election but when you ask people whether or not they are going to vote the opinion is largely divided along partisan lines in kisumu in the west of the country almost everyone is fiercely loyal to opposition leader raul odinga they say they will not vote here the governor visits the family of a seventeen year old boy sage who have been shot by police he says he'll pass a million sure no election happens in his region when you have a government. which is in course it's really on the people we're all the people
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monday. the people have a right to rebel. who are looking at the supporters are keen to vote for this concern about their lecture commission itself the commission has resigned the c.e.o. has taken a leave of absence and the chairman says the commission is under siege from outside influences and he cannot guarantee a credible election in the current colorized environment and fortunately what we have now is essentially a dialogue of the deaf both sides are talking at each other rather than with each other the most ideal situation would be for a party especially the electoral commission to go back to the supreme court and seek a binding authority advisory many people including religious groups civil society politicians and even the electoral commission have asked for dialogue between president to group king arthur and dr dean but the guy says the election must be
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postponed and reforms carried out kenya time sists it must go one can. austria's chancellor electors to hold coalition talks with the far right freedom party sebastian because his conservative people's party won thirty one of the half percent of the vote in last week's election well short of the majority needed to govern outright campaign for tougher immigration policy and to work on down on state spending thirty one years old code says the world's youngest leader at far right politicians are taking their seats in germany its parliament for the first time in years the first session since september's election took place on tuesday having lost a significant number of seats reelected chancellor angela merkel is yet to form a governing coalition. there are reports that the gulf cooperation council meeting set for later this year is likely to be delayed the g.c.c.
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is facing its biggest crisis in decades after a saudi led bloc cut ties with cattle in june kuwait has been mediating between the two sides but there's little hope of a breakthrough anytime soon and curates amir is warning against the collapse of the council. against our hopes the gulf crisis is still unresolved we should be aware of the perils hovering around it if it is escalated it will be a clarion call for regional conflicts which will have detrimental repercussions on all the g.c.c. states let it be known to all that mediation in the gulf crisis is not a typical role played by a third party we are not a third party we are a party concerned a party keen on cementing our gulf domestic front to endure and prosper history will never forgive those causing all those fanning the dispute the gulf cooperation council is the beam of light amid the dark times our arab world is living and i
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call on all my fellow citizens to adopt the same course of action aiming at conciliation and unity to activists imprisoned in hong kong over protests pushing for a more open democracy have been released on bail joshua wang and nathan law were jailed in august for six months and eight months respectively they were found guilty of leading demonstrations in twenty fourteen of what became known as the umbrella movement both have appealed their sentences. to women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader have been taken back to where he died as part of the trial the suspects were escorted to the scene to reenact what happened to kim jong nam was exposed to a toxic nerve agent at kuala lumpur international airport in february the women say they were tricked into getting info. of them could face the death penalty if convicted. for the trip police in brazil have shot and killed
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a spanish tourist in rio police opened fire on the woman's car when it drove past a checkpoint but the esperanza human error through is was taken to a hospital but died later from injuries investigators say those responsible will face justice what were you studying what you what you were tourists that were visiting rio de janeiro were shot and killed by a bullet this is unacceptable but you're going to work to identify and jail the person who did this cowardly act against the spanish tourist the incoming prime minister of new zealand's do you sense left government assigned a coalition deal after weeks of negotiations to send a labor party or the nationalist new zealand new zealand first party formed an alliance after september's election ended in stalemate the coalition dealing kluges a ban on foreigners buying homes it also wants to cost immigration numbers by thirty thousand a year. the report card for education around the world is out that it doesn't make for pleasant reading one in five kids doesn't finish primary school and one hundred
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million of them can't read worldwide unesco has given many governments an f. grade as charlotte dallas reports. in the slums of nairobi this is the glorious academy and school of low fee private school more than half of kenya's children attend them. what we found now. they go to low fee private schools because state schools are too crowded and respected private schools are too expensive for me was. to wishing cost ten dollars a month for that price could teach is a hard to come by and they can be up to sixty students in a class. to get to me then when they need. them i have been listed. they really listen then they're essentially facing most of that.
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eunice goes annual assessment of global education says many governments are passing the buck to teachers and not taking accountability the report reveals there are no regulations on class sizes in almost half the countries of the world only one in six governments publish annual education reports and only one in five guarantees twelve years of free education as many as half or more of children around the world do not learn the meaning of that is expected in terms of their skills in reading in mathematics either because they don't finish school or because they are in school in binocular more why two hundred sixty million children is to mated not to be in school one hundred million can't raise the widening inequality is made worse by a drop an age of education down six years in a row they teach us. to retain them here. we have to follow the
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money we don't have. solutions are needed beyond the classroom and this latest snapshot of global education says it's time to start at the top shelob ls al jazeera. it is good to have you with us adrian from going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera manned mars signed an agreement with bangladesh which could see the repatriation of some of the hundreds of thousands of ranger who have crossed the border since august ministers from the two sides met in may and mass capital naypyidaw earlier on tuesday but he'll says the repatriation must take place in line with men citizenship law which denies that all hinge or rights. catalonia is regional government will appeal to spain's constitutional court over the drug's plan to take control of its institutions the spanish government says that it will impose direct rule over catalonia from friday to counter what it calls an illegal
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bid for session the catalan parliament will beat on thursday to finalize its response to the three. there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces this time it was outside the face car door near iraq's borders with syria and turkey according to an iraqi military official there and go see a shift to allow the withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga from the area. security top the agenda at a meeting between egypt's president abdul fattah el-sisi and his french counterpart emanuel. during a joint news conference live cross said that egypt's fight against armed groups must respect human rights cc's visit to france's controversial reporters without borders don't want france to sign any agreement with president sisi they say that torture repression and unfair trials against journalists are common in egypt china's president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution
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on the final day of the communist party conference it makes him one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades austria's chancellor elect is to hold coalition talks with the far right freedom party sebastian kurtz's conservative people's party won thirty one and a half percent of the vote in last week's election and well short of the majority needed to govern out right kurds campaign among other things for a tougher immigration policy and those are the headlines more news right after the street next. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera. and for me ok i'm doing the strain live on al-jazeera and. at the same.


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