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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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in the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the site. for. six years up to the death of gadhafi. al-jazeera the world travels to libya. to hear from some of those who for his regime contributed to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this time on al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such a poor people a problem for us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team into that . u.n. chief and tell me a good tailor survives in conflict or in central african republic where he'll call
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for more peacekeepers on the ground but the un's legacy there is tainted by scandal . all of them telling we don't know this is sound you see we're live from london also coming up strengthening ties the french president holds egypt's leader abdel fattah el-sisi in paris human rights groups though are not impressed. sending a message washington announces its withdrawing military aid for me and maher over its treatment of range of muslims plus. a mentor thomas with tourists in the rural chinese village where to evade changing take spent his formative years old explaining why this place matches two presidents house of his policies congress. his grip on power. if they're warm welcome to the program in the last hour the u.n.
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secretary general has touched on in central african republic it's his first visit there since he took office in january until no good terrorists this is this it is to draw attention to violence there which he says is often ignored by the world's media in august the un's aid chief or the violence in the country could soon become genocide well let's go live to nicholas sarkozy in the capital bangui hi there nicholas so the u.n. secretary general wants to see more boots on the ground. that's right julie in fact he's asking for nine hundred extra troops remember julie the budget of the u.n. peacekeeping operation to mean you guys it's called here is up for renewal in november so the timing of this visit is crucial in order not just to get the attention of the world on what's happening in central african republic but most importantly on donor countries remember countries big donor countries that fund u.n. peacekeeping operation like the united states wants
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a flash the funding in this would be detrimental to say the least for countries like central african republic who completely depend on the united nations for its security but also for its humanitarian response half of the population here depends on u.n. aid for their food and their survival and there's twelve thousand troops here but that's not enough there are region julie here the size of austria that are in the hands of rebel groups where aid agencies are not able to go in so with their eyes once more boots on the ground that's controversial for human rights groups that who say that many soldiers here are abusing their mandate and are sexually abusing people that they're supposed to protect we met some of these victims of abuse take a look at this report. that. the days it was thirteen years old when her family
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took refuge by a french military camp to escape the violence in her neighborhood. one of the soldiers to ask her to fetch some water inside the tent thinking she was safe she did as he asked two things soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth when they would die and they let me go. human rights organizations believe several children both boys and girls were raped by french soldiers who were there to protect them some were forced to have sex with dogs and even took pictures of the act friends opened an investigation but prosecutors dropped the case is saying there was not enough evidence to charge the soldiers involved the french troops left in late two thousand and sixteen since the violence and the displacement of people has intensified it's left to nation peacekeepers alone to bring to this country with one mandate protecting the
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civilian population. but a un investigation revealed that some peacekeepers in central african republic are violating their mandate and sexually abusing girls daniela not her real name says she was gang raped by three congolese peacekeepers in june. i don't feel good i feel guilty i'm scared to talk about it i don't trust them anymore. human rights groups fear there are many cases of sexual abuse by soldiers that go unreported. the new secretary general says he has zero tolerance for abuse the un is investigating cases and putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again but so far no one has been arrested or charged if countries old denies ations that claim to defend human rights and rights of women on able to bring justice the miss will bring irreversible damage and may break the trust people have in these organizations there's some comfort from it as from her father it's not your fault
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you're not to blame he says we love you some day we will get justice. well both in the damage and daniela were too scared to go to the police station to lodge a complaint in fact there is no functioning justice system i talked into there just father and he was just frightened to complain to the friends themselves as they were involved in the buz now talking to some of the people from the civil society here they were baffled by the way the french handled the investigation three french investigators from paris came here earlier this year to meet some of the victims of abuse they lock themselves three elderly men log themselves up we with young children asking them about the abuse that happened with translators these children didn't have access to their lawyers while they were talking to these investigators
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and many of many of the people from civil say i speak here are really astonished that the french would would use such a process as when handling case that involves children one of them telling me if it was a french child abused by african soldiers in paris would there be the same level of scrutiny would there be the same level of justice so a lot of people upset about the handling the united nations on the other hand are least that thing up to the plate that they've set up the whole process in order to try to counter these these cases of sexual abuse from peace peacekeepers in fact recently amnesty said that there was one mauritania and that was accused of raping a young girl in the region of bunbury mauritanian investigators as we speak are on the ground talking to the victim of abuse these are more judges women that are talking to the victims of abuse here so that you're not really trying to do
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something about it until you get tara's has said since he's come into his new post that there will be as zero tolerance towards abuse because you n.p. . keeping is so important to this country but so far no one has been charged and no one has been prosecuted for all these alleged cases of sexual abuse julie nicholas hoult there live from bungay nicholas. egypt's president has met his french counterpart in paris where the two have pledged to strengthen economic and military ties abdel fattah el-sisi and emanuel mccall also discussed escalating violence in libya as well as security in the middle east their meetings been heavily criticized by activists groups with protests being held forces with the book without borders are against france signing agreements with egypt claiming the government uses torture oppresses journalists
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and holds on the fair trials david chaytor is in paris. present a manual macro and did make it clear that the press conference after the long lunch with adoption counterpart that he thought human rights must be protected that the fight against terrorism and the the idea to protect security inside egypt and beyond egypt had to be fought within a framework of laws protecting things like the operation of non-governmental organizations protecting civic society and making sure that human rights who are suspected and he thought that the egyptian president should lead his country on the path of this fight against terrorism within the framework of those laws and those rights but the egyptian president himself i responded by saying that his main concern was to fight what he called the proliferation of terrorism within his country he also denied that there was an epidemic of torture by his security forces
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which was plainly said within the reports of the human rights watch and amnesty international at a press conference only yesterday so he turned his back on the idea that there were severe abuses of human rights and he said that also human rights in egypt's also included things like having the right to education having the right to housing having the right to a job so he he turned his back slightly on what present a man you're marking was saying and it seemed to be saying that the situation within egypt is not as bad as the human rights organizations were saying so they've signed a corporation agreement alliance between france and egypt scenes as strong as ever and it must be remember of course that egypt is the number one customer for france and its military industrial complex. today conference is underway in sicily focusing on what's been described as the world's deadliest migrant crossing the
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organization for security and cooperation in europe says despite the risks people are still making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean to get to europe often on overcrowded unstable falls or the one hundred forty seven thousand people i thought to have crossed the mediterranean into europe so far this year if we look at the tragic situation in the mediterranean last year over five thousand people died or went missing in the desperate attempts to cross the mediterranean in two thousand and seventeen the death toll remained an exceptionally high with almost two thousand eight hundred raked him. in addition to that nobody can say how many people died while taking the similar dangerous man route through the. against this backdrop it is clearly in the interest of all parties concerned not least of migrants themselves to prevent irregular migration well the migrant crisis has
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transformed parts of sicily some areas on the italian island are now a reminder of the risks that people face trying to reach europe as hoda abdel-hamid reports the landscape of some of sicily's most secluded beaches is changing since the middle of the summer there are more and more abandoned boats coming from across the mediterranean. is an environmentalist who now spends his time documenting their arrivals of these migrant boats. ninety nine percent of the boats arrive from china zero those on board are mainly north africans so they are economic migrants who have no chance of getting residency that's why they arrive in this way that it want to be recognized we know little about them and they have total freedom here. eighty boats are now stranded here including this one that could have never made it across the sea alone authorities suspect a large mothership somewhere at sea this patching migrants in smaller numbers
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people here call these the goes boat it takes twenty four hours from the minute they leave tunisia to when they're arriving here in sicily and during that time these boats go completely undetected the minute they're arrived on shore the people on board this person as quickly as possible and nobody knows how many they are who they are where they come from or where they're going to. this is the usual pattern running along the beach towards the hills and from there onward to the mainland all this trying to evade security forces but with little or no control there is concern that i still could be using this route to infiltrate europe i think it's. quite plausible that these fighters will go somewhere either they will go home or they will go elsewhere i think we better be attentive law enforcement agents will
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have to cope with this specific challenge and that and that's a huge challenge there is no doubt about it security is also a concern for people like capello who lives near de beach and often sees groups of migrant walk by her home and most of it it's very worrying there are more and more people should be doing background checks to identify them the revival of the came after italy and libya reach an agreement to stem departures from the libyan coast underlying the challenge for europe to face smugglers who continuously adapt to new realities on the ground but at the sicily. you're watching a restaurant to come on the program the virtual reality revolution a lets a surgeon any you k. operate on a pension in india seventy five then kilometers away all that more when we come back.
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hello there we're seeing some very heavy rain over parts of turkey at the moment you can see why on the satellite picture we've got this huge area of cloud is gradually trying to edge its way eastwards as it works its way eastwards though it is beginning to break up so for turkey then that's where we're seeing the wettest of the weather during the day on wednesday but as it tries to work its way eastwards it is breaking up so for beirut there doesn't look like there's going to be any wet weather we're told in fact we'll see a couple of showers around the coast of egypt and a few more around the coast of turkey there for thursday but elsewhere does look more or less drawing towards the east fine unsettled time for many of us here on monte struggling to get to ten degrees as a maximum but for terror on we'll be getting to around twenty six a bit further towards the south and here in doha the damages are gradually easing but it is a slow process so we're looking at a maximum of around thirty three thirty four as we head through the next few days
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so in the southern parts of oman there's a little bit more in the way of cloud and that could give us one or two showers around the lala as we head through wednesday and into thursday down towards the southern parts of africa more wet weather hey you can see it on the satellite picture stretching for among go lead down through namibia and we're seeing a couple of showers around botswana and then that works its way into the eastern parts of south africa more showers are expected here as we head through wednesday. with. with with. with
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. mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera the united nations secretary general antonio good terrace has arrived in central african republic for a four day visit he's supervising efforts to keep the peace between rival factions . in the christian and muslim populations. the french and egyptian government's approach to strengthen their economic and military ties during a visit to paris by president abdel fatah. it's a two day conference to find solutions to europe's ongoing refugee crisis. often the first port of call for those making a desperate journey from north africa.
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now the u.s. says it's considering sanctions against me and was top military officials over there targeting a bridge in jammu claims washington also says it's withdrawing military aid from me and more army units and officers involved in the violence and that want to live senior security officials to attend u.s. sponsored events mian mas army of ethnic cleansing the military denies the claims. well as the range of crisis deepens international humanitarian groups and aid organizations in bangladesh are sounding the alarm bells and asking the international community for more help. in cox's a bazaar the lines for food and other forms of aid distribution only get longer. with more than six hundred thousand rohinton refugees having fled to bangladesh from me and more since late august and already dire situation grows more critical
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by the day on monday at a pledging conference for the or hinder refugee crisis at the united nations in geneva the hope was to raise at least four hundred thirty four million dollars there were ten year refugee situation clearly represents the humanitarian situation that currently cries out the loudest for help by day's end it was announced that international donors had pledged a total of three hundred forty four million dollars funding u.n. officials say will be used for medicine water food and more let me also as i think we should all do join you in thanking bangladesh and their leadership of its prime minister for having given an example to the whole world. now for keeping board there's open to a population affected by very serious violations of human rights and protection
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issues officials in bangladesh have called the situation untenable. just one of the reasons why bangladeshi n.g.o.s are calling on the united nations and other international aid agencies to utilize them or in their response to the crisis all we need is that they involve local is local and walls will go but it's in the label but if you know that. this. that's why we will kill and this is what isn't going to be very low and you have a. very high. as conditions at makeshift camps for him to refugees have gone from bad to worse bangladeshis government has been searching for solutions one proposal that has been floated would entail moving the refugees to a camp that would be built on an island off the coast of bangladesh but even in its early stages many don't see this idea as viable though the island is not to their
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level so until or unless the the place is not suitable for them we can not use them in their t.v.'s because they have their own interests we have to consider that so yes but for now it is basic shelter and supplies that are needed most as the exodus continues more aid is finally arriving but far more will be needed mohammed i'm doing just here well russia has brought fear in from extending an investigation into one of syria's deadliest chemical attacks and they say eighty three people including children were killed in a suspected chemical attack on the rebel held town of concha could in northwestern syria in april and was crimes investigators said they have evidence the syrian government forces were behind it kenya's top court is going to hear a last minute demand to suspend thursday's re one of the presidential election it comes as kenyan police fired tear gas and warning shots to break up
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a group of opposition protesters in the capital nairobi activists say a free and fair election can't be guaranteed after opposition leader rioting and i'm just he would boycott the vote unless electoral reforms are present place. that was surgeon at a london hospital has made medical history by using the latest technology to operate on a patient with the help of experts over seven thousand kilometers away colorectal specialist shop fiamma had worked with surgeons in mumbai to remove bowel cancer tissue from a patient and now they were able to view the procedure in real time leasing special headsets and appeared as avatars in the operating theatre to offer help to the lead surgeon. or shuffle off when joins us live now from the world free hospital here in london chef a very warm welcome to the program i know we're all fascinated to hear more about this just explain how the technology works. so the way the technology
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works is that we were connecting with differences across the globe using. like this for example is the whole loans the computer that this person you heard about is you to see images in what's called or mentored or virtual reality in front of you we can see images of clint quotes also people from another part the world made up of avatars who can speak towards you connect with you and offer a connection in the virtual space and shafique can this be used anywhere or do both parties have to have the technology and the headsets. for this particular project of course both parties have to headsets and we actually had four people in four parts of the world in the same headsets connecting and i guess once you've got a headset on you're seeing the other members of the people in that sort of project in different parts of the globe together yes so shafie what kind of support does this mean that you can give each other and thinking in terms of you know training
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that might not be available in some parts of the world you know what's the potential. sure that we know that in the quarters of health care around the globe we know that people need opinions from experts on a constant basis this allows that first democratize health care i think so for example if your in the most operation somewhere other part of the world you want to advise quickly one up ahead with the best minds around the world and get the best opinions similarly if you want a patient you don't want to discuss in what's called a multi disparate team meeting wanted to virtually just be there physically and really elaborate and expand the way we treat our patients and train surge across the globe chaffee just explain what it's like i'm just imagining you guys you know you're all hooked up this you know many surgeons medical professionals around the world so what's it like when you all gets up and you're in that kind of operation space where you kind of discussing things openly how does that moment work.
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when you first start it is a bit unusual a bit different i guess but obviously what you're doing is about human interaction and this is redefining the way we try to grab the humans actually the few minutes of being in that virtual space it becomes quite normalized is have a conversation with people around you who also are moving who are gesturing towards you or sharing common things that the scans and patients just discussing it openly seems quite real actually despite the fact that secondly the avatars that have blue in color early the thousand miles away suddenly becomes quite normalized in a couple of minutes and i actually had a really lucid conversation is that those people are actually right next to me in my operating theater which was amazing and sadly what do you hope the potential of this this equipment this technology might be. rocking those lots where the quote is in health care around the globe in terms of teaching education shared knowledge and of course clinical practice is carter knowledge is
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will get. easier to use more cheaper more fordable and suddenly we're going to the world of different ways so that health care becomes universe would become like which of all of my hope of these things suddenly would change the way we prod health care to all the places around the world shuffle off my joining me there live from london that was fascinating thanks very much for joining us. thank you very much now the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the constitution cementing his status as one of the most powerful leaders in decades the announcement was made on the final day of the communist party conference the vote to establish thought on socialism as one of the country's guiding principles is that any move to challenge him will now be seen as a threat to communist party rule and to thomas has more now from beijing. after their week long kong these are the members of the communist party pouring out of the great hall of the people behind me getting onto buses and to go back and spread the message of
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a china what is that message that's come out of this congress will almost that president xi is an absolute control. the only is his name going to be in shrine into the communist party's constitution that was confirmed his bolt will be part of the house he's also stamped his authority on the personnel in the hall there was a seventy percent in the membership of the central committee of the communist party the four hundred members of that the overwhelming majority of the new appointees officially elected appointing his. supporters on wednesday will find out membership is real important. and the seven member standing committee again we can expect to see for. the next five years will be absolutely he's new era as he states the specifics well this congress was very light. but this will be she's a hero so an important time perhaps to take stock look at where she has come from.
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the really. turns and the man he is today. when she's paying waved in liang jaya her in the early one nine hundred seventy s. it was a rural village where people lived in caves and in poverty now people riding on electric shuttle buses most villagers have left their home turned into an open air tribute museum honoring the man who's now president. some very young tell a sanitized version of the she story what he learned here what he did here and how loved he was visitors see the bed in which those flea infested she is said to have slept they hear how he built downers and duck wells most groups are brought here by communist party workers and photographed in front of she's wise words. cheating thing was born the son of a senior communist party member in beijing but in one thousand nine hundred nine
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his father fell out of favor the family was banished by chairman mao during the cultural revolution at fifteen she was sent to remotely young guy her he spent seven years farming in fertile land living and working alongside some of the poorest people in china they were his formative years she became a leader of the local branch of the communist party he'd go on to more senior roles all over china until becoming president five years ago she never forgot her returning for a visit to years ago the village has become an important part of who he is the president with the common touch. it i did i'm happy and excited this is where uncle she started his long march all his hard work began here the official she story one of hard work on a state innovation and empathy means the president sounds authentic when he demands those qualities of party members and of the chinese at large this is essential
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thing park extension of the shooting ping bryant what these people have come to see for themselves is the setting for a story that hundreds of millions of chinese people are reading about daily in state media and learning about in schools at the entrance to the enjoy her workers are expanding the car park and building a grant ticket hall two and a half thousand people already visit every day but a lot more expected for many years to come andrew thomas al-jazeera liang jaya her central china well you can find out much more about the stories we're following on our website it's all at al-jazeera dot com. a quick reminder now of our top stories on al-jazeera the united nations secretary general antonio the terrace has arrived in central african republic for
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a four day visit he's supervising efforts to keep the peace between rival factions roughly split between the christian and muslim populations egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi and french president a man will not call have a firm their economic and military cooperation during cc's visit to paris reporters without borders are against france signing agreements with sisi citing evidence of torture and repression by his regime but the french president says the leaders do have common goals. the first bottle that we have to give aid to fight against terrorism egypt like france has been suffering in the last few years and president sisi and security forces have to cope with the scourge because their security is also our security a two day conference is underway in sicily focusing on what's described as the world's deadliest migrant crossing the organization for security and cooperation in
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europe says that despite the risks people are still making the dangerous journey across the mediterranean to get to europe it's estimated about one hundred forty seventh i was and people have crossed the mediterranean so far this year. russia's vetoed a u.n. proposal to extend investigations into the use of chemical weapons in syria the oversight mechanism was created in twenty fifteen and extended last year but it expires in november eleven countries back the proposal china abstained. the u.s. says it is considering sanctions against myanmar as top military officials over their targeting of range of muslims washington also says it's withdrawing military aid from me and mar army units and officers involved in the violence the un's accused me in mars' army of ethnic cleansing the military denies the claims. kenya's top court is going to hear a last minute demand to suspend thursday's we one of the presidential election comes as kenyan police fired tear gas and warning shots to break up
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a group opposition protesters in the capital nairobi activists say a free and fair election can't be guaranteed after opposition leader and raul a didn't get an answer he would boycott the vote unless electoral reforms are put in place. go up today those are your top stories stay with al-jazeera up next it's inside story see you later. pakistan gets a warning from the u.s. do more to stop aiding groups secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first visit to islamabad at a time when the u.s. is considering giving india a role greater.


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